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08 October 2018
Term Four, Week One         ‘st James School Community Is Committed To The Victorian Child Safe Standards.’
Dates to note...
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Dates to note...



Tues 9     Science Incursion - Yrs 3 & 4

                   P & F Meeting   7.30pm

Wed 10    Division Athletics - (selected Yrs 4 - 6)

                   Parent Information Evening - 'Respectful Relationships' 7pm @

                   St Benedicts, Burwood

Thurs 11    Bike Ed Program - Yr 4B

Fri 12       Bike Ed Program - Yr 4C

                  Parent Information Evening - 'Readiness for Sacraments'

                  7.30pm  SJM

Sun 14   Prep Level Mass  9.45am, 11.15am  SJM

Mon 15   District Hot Shots Tennis

Tues 16   Excursion - Yr 6 - Immigration Museum

Fri 19       School Disco

Mon 22   Twilight Sports

Fri 26       World Teachers' Day

Sat 27    Year 1 Level Mass  6pm  SJM

Sun 28    Year 1 Level Mass 11.15am  SJM

Mon 29   2019 Prep Information Evening   7.30pm

Wed 31    Orientation Session 1 for 2019 Preps











St James Community Calendar

(Please be aware that dates can change....always check the dates on the left for confirmation)

Principal's Post

Welcome back to St James after our two week holiday period!

I hope all families found some time to relax and switch off from the routines of school life. I was lucky enough to head up to Byron Bay on a 10 day road trip with my family. I then spent a few days in at school last week meeting with Carmel, some other staff members and a few tradies. Finally, I spent the weekend in sunny Shepparton at a Netball tournament with my wife and 15 year old daughter.


Yes, I was disappointed at the Magpies losing the Grand Final but experienced the joy of attending the previous week's win over Richmond.  Congratulations to the West Coast Eagles. In our human graph, of footy teams supported, that we made on our footy day last term, the WCE were one of the least supported teams here at St James. 

We are also disappointed that the Melbourne Storm produced their best form prior to the Grand Final.



Staffing 2019

Congratulations to Carmel Foster who has been re appointed as the Deputy Principal here at St James.  Carmel's leadership has had such a positive affect on the St James community for many years. She has certainly been a great support to me in settling into St James and I know Carmel can count on the continued support from all parents. 

Parish Fete Saturday 17 November

Last year at the fete I witnessed a very engaging and vibrant St John's Parish community event. I know all St James families support our parish fete in many ways. With less than six weeks to go, please give of your time and resources to assist this great event.  Keep a look out on our parish fete section of the newsletter as well as on our skoolbag app and in your children's actual bags.

Tomorrow, we plan to send home the raffle tickets. This is an easy way for our school to make money. The fete committee donate 75% of all tickets sold by St James families straight back to the P & F. That means if every family sells their 10 tickets at $2.00 each we will receive $15 x 217 families for a total of $3 255 towards our P & F fundraising efforts. If any families sell more than one book, then this amount will obviously increase. 

Because all raffle books must be accounted for, families who do not return raffle books will need to provide a statuary declaration stating the reason for the non return of tickets. I urge you to return your ticket stubs and the $20 for book sales to the school office ASAP. Any families who are able to sell more than one book can ask for additional books at our school office.

Classlists 2019

As a staff we will soon be commencing the process of placing students into their 2019 classes. Although it is not encouraged, any parents who wish to make a special request are asked to do so in writing by Tuesday 30 October.  Requests submitted after this date may not be considered. 

This is definitely not an opportunity for "teacher shopping."

I would expect that any requests  made are in relation to the wellbeing needs of your children.

All requests must be addressed to myself and accompanied with good reason. Email         [email protected]

Term Four Highlights

Term Four promises to be full of extra curricular activities to compliment all of the classroom learning that will take place. Here's a sample of what we have to look forward to ...

The Parish Fete, Twilight Sports, Yr 4 Bike Ed, Yr 5/6 Hooptime basketball finals,  Yr 5/6 Division then Regional athletics, Prep - Yr 6 Swimming Program, Yr 6 End of Year Dinner, P & F Disco night, 

Mass Attendance during October

If you are attending a parish mass during  October, take the time to browse the display in the Narthex … the Expo of our Parish groups…  and to stop and  buy a coffee from “Mister Green’s" coffee van outside the church.

The Parish Life and Ministry evening with Elio is on Tuesday 9th October at 7.30pm in the Coghlan Centre. Followed by wine and cheese… All Welcome!

Prep Level Parish Masses Sunday

This weekend all Preps are invited to either the 9.45am or 11.15am parish mass at our St John's church to celebrate mass together.

Education in Faith

Readiness for Sacraments
​October 25th, 7.30 pm

Is your child  ready to celebrate Reconciliation and Eucharist in 2019?

Is your family ready to support this young person?

At St John's Parish, we focus on 'family readiness' when children are preparing for sacraments. We believe the best process to engage parents and children in the sacramental journey is for parents to decide when their child is ready and if the family is in a position to support that decision. As our change involves moving away from school year levels and focusing more on readiness, we encourage some families who have younger children to think about whether or not their child might be ready to take this next step in their faith. If you feel your child is ready to celebrate the Sacraments in 2019, then come along and join us on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25TH at 7.30 pm in the Coghlan Centre where we will unpack the concept of 'readiness' for sacramental preparation. Parents will also be provided with a family activity book to support the learning that takes place at school.

Please feel free to contact Maree on [email protected] or phone 9873 1341 at the Parish Office if you have any queries or concerns about readiness and enrolment for Sacraments.

Celebrating our Faith, our Community and our Future

As part of our Parish Stewardship Renewal Program we are celebrating with an 'expo' of parish groups in the narthex of the Church over the month of October. For those looking to be more involved, this will also be a chance to sign up and become part of any of these groups. Our Time and Talents sheets will be available for you to complete.

Save The Date: TUESDAY OCTOBER 9TH, 7.30 pm

 Fr Elio Capra will be presenting, 'Parish Life and Ministry' in the Coghlan Centre, followed by a wine and cheese supper. Elio is an extremely engaging and entertaining presenter and so it promises to be a great night.

Term 4 Friday Prayer Services 9am

 You're invited to join us as a school community to celebrate ...

19th Oct- Yr 3 hosting

16th Oct- Yr  4 hosting

9th Nov- Yr 5 hosting: Remembrance Day

30th Nov- Yr 2 hosting

14th Dec- Years 1 and Prep: Christmas

18th Dec, 2pm- Yr 6 hosting: 'Moving On' 

Term 4 Thursday 10.20am Parish Mass

All are welcome to join us in the Community Centre....

11th Oct- Yr 1 attending

18th Oct- Prep attending

25th Oct- Yr 3 attending

1st Nov- Yr 4 attending

8th Nov- Yr 2 attending

22nd Nov- Yr 6 attending

29th Nov- Yr 5 attending

Thanksgiving Mass...

At last year's 2018 Parish Planning Day, it was decided that our Thanksgiving Mass would be celebrated at 9.15am on Thursday 13th December in the Community Centre. The Mass is an important occasion to celebrate and give thanks to our Parish School Community. Following the Mass, we will continue the tradition of asking families leaving the school to come forward for a special blessing. Although most of these families will remain very much a part of our Parish, it is important to acknowledge their contributions to our school.

Spotlight on Learning

What has been happening in Year Four?

The Year Four students had a very busy finish to Term 3! We were writing complex narratives, conducting debates, script writing, performing, graphing data and learning lots about arrival of the First Fleet. We even wrote our own script! 


Click on the link below to see a snapshot of what we learnt about. 



In the coming few weeks the Year Fours look forward to learning about narratives, pattern and algebra, the sun, moon, earth, timescales, sundials, erosion and Mary, the Mother of God.



Kindness Cards

Congratulations to all our wonderful kind students whose small acts of a kindness made a huge difference. We have reached our target of 1000 Kindness Cards. As recognition the students are being rewarded with a movie session, The Preps-2’s will watch Trolls and 3-6’s will watch Wonder. Both these movies explore themes of friendship and kindness and are a perfect way to celebrate together.


Term 4 Value - Persistence

This means showing a determination by doing your best and not giving up. Ways we can support our children in developing persistence is:

  • Help Learners Develop a Growth Mindset - Learners need to know that they have the ability to grow and change, and that effort is the key. Praise them when they focus their efforts toward specific, clearly defined goals.

  • Push a Little Bit – and Know When Enough is Enough - Sometimes children just need a little bit of encouragement to get past a hurdle. On the other hand, they may need to know that it’s okay to take a break and come back to a particular task when they are feeling less frustrated. In that case, it’s important that the they really do come back and complete the work to get the experience that they truly can “do more” with persistence.

  • Model Persistence - Most children love to hear personal stories from their parents. It also models for them how to overcome those feelings and reach a goal – without coming off as preachy.

  • Teach Positive Self-Talk - Giving child specific wording, like, “I know I can do this if I keep at it,” or, “If I’m really stuck I can for help,” can begin to change the way they think and act when faced with a challenge.

  • Expect More - Let children know that you have high but achievable expectations and that you have confidence that they can meet those expectations. Be sure they have access to the tools they need to be successful, and that they know how to use them.

  • Repeat, Repeat, Repeat - Strategies like modelling persistence, connecting effort to achievement, and pushing children to do a little more than they think they can aren’t a one-time deal. But when repeated over time, the cumulative effect will likely be increased stamina, improved persistence, and intrinsic motivation for ever greater learning.


Buddy Run

Join The Alannah & Madeline Foundation’s Buddy Run this October at the first annual Buddy Run and say NO to bullying.

The Fun Run is a family based event including a 1km fun run for children, will promote inclusion, respect and say no to bullying. The event will raise awareness and much-needed funds to help protect our children against bullying and cyberbullying.

You can raise funds as a family by asking friends, family, colleagues and your community to help support the cause leading up to the day.

After the run, visit the “Event Village” where kids will be entertained with loads of fun-filled activities.

Click here to register


Parent Hub

Growing Resilient Kids
A Parents Building Solutions Program for parents of children aged 3-13 years. This is an opportunity for parents who would like to:
·         Help their child cope in a chaotic world
·         Improve their child's confidence and self-esteem
·         Help their child to cope with change
·         Develop strategies to manage anger
·         Talk so your kids will listen
When:  Wednesdays, 24th October – 21st November (5 sessions)
Time: 10am – 12pm
Where: CityLife Community Care, 1248 High Street Road, Wantirna South
To book: Bookings essential. Please contact Helena at Parentzone on 9735 6134 or 0488 501 204
Cost: Free of charge

 Other Resources

Parentline 13 22 89

Parentline is available 8am to midnight, 7 days a week. It is a confidential and anonymous phone counselling service for parents and carers of children and teenagers in Victoria.


Click here for access to CatholicCare

It is a social service agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne, they offer a range of programs and services that aim to build and strengthen relationships.


Click here for access to the Student Well-being Hub Website 

It includes sections for parents, teachers and students with practical strategies and resources to support your child's well-being.


Click here for access to Parenting Ideas Blog

It includes articles, testimonials and practical tips on a wide variety of topics.


Click here for access to Parent Shop Blog

It includes interesting articles and testimonials on a wide variety of topics.



Literacy and Numeracy

Learning Multiplication Tables at Home

There are so many ways to help your child learn their multiplication tables. Here are 10 helpful hints. 

1. Start with the easiest and work up

2. Have fun with counting patterns

3. Display the multiplication tables somewhere in your house

4. Look for counting patterns in each time tables, e.g. 5 times tables always end in 0 or 5

5. Tick off or colour in the ones you know - you'll be amazed how many you already know!

6. Don't try and learn all at once - Pick 5 to learn each week. 

7. Listen to multiplication songs

8. Play multiplication games e.g. BUMP -

9. Use drawings and objects to help 

10. Have fun with them


At a glance!


20 Minutes or 3 Books a Day!
A Reading Family takes the time to read together for 20 minutes, or 3 books a day.

' If parents understood the huge educational benefits and intense happiness brought about by reading aloud to their children, and if every parent - and every adult caring for a child - read aloud a minimum of three stories a day to the children in their lives, we could probably wipe out illiteracy within one generation' .

'.......experts tell us that children need to hear a thousand stories read aloud before they begin to read for themselves.  A thousand!  That sounds daunting.  But when we do the sums it isn't as bad as we might think.  Three stories a day will deliver us a thousand stories in one year alone, let alone in four or five years prior to school.  We can do it!

What is important is that a child is read three stories a day, and it doesn't even matter if the same story is read a thousand times over' .


From Mem Fox's Reading Magic 

Mem is author of the classic Australian story Possum Magic and many other favourite children's books.  She was South Australia's nomination for Australian of the Year 2004.


Quick ways to grab 20 minutes of reading time a day.

  • Read on the go.  On car trips, make it a game to read interesting billboards, road signs, shop names and so on.
  • Be prepared.  Take a few favourite books in a bag when you are out, waiting for an app
  • Better than TV or any other screen time.  Read a good action story or adventure as a serial to replace an evening screen program.
  • Look and Listen.  Listen and read along with a book that is on tape.  
  • Labels everywhere.  Stick labels on items around the house to read.     


Getting Started

Establish a reading routine, e.g. read two picture books just before bedtime.

Find a favourite spot to read - bed, bath or cosy chair.

Keep books or other reading materials handy around the house, or with you when you go out.

Talk about the book, the illustrations, what might happen in the story as you are reading. 

Five Reasons to be a Reading Family

Reading together builds a lifelong  bond  between the readers and listeners that both parties will cherish.

Reading stretches imaginations and encourages independent thinking.

Reading to your child promotes good listening skills and builds vocabulary.

Reading to your child at home gives your child an advantage at school.  Children become better learners by reading and being read to.

Helping Your Child to Choose a Book

Start with your child's interests.

Find books by favourite authors.

Read a little bit of a book to see if your child likes it.

Ask what your child's friends and school mates are reading.

When choosing a reference book, ask yourself;

  1. Is the book current, accurate and comprehensive?
  2. Does it have a bibliography, clear text and good graphics?
  3. Is it too easy or too hard for my child to read?

Where can you find the right books for your children?

Give books as gifts to your children and encourage others to do so as well.

Join your local library.

Select books from the Scholastic Book Clubs.

Go to Book Fairs at your child's school and encourage children to shop for their own books with direction and encouragement.

Help your child become involved in fund raising activities that involve raising funds to buy books for their school or for underprivileged children and schools.

Extra Curricular

Swimming Program

What better way is there to prepare for summer other than having swimming taught in November. Safety is always a priority at St James. Mark these dates in your diary; details will come home closer to the time:

  • Prep - Year 4 Intensive, nine day swimming program at Knox Leisureworks starts Monday 19 November
  • Year 5 Inland Water Program - facilitated by Life Saving Vic- Thursday 22 Nov
  • Year 6 Beach Day - facilitated by Life Saving Vic - Wednesday 28 Nov

Walk to School Month a VicHealth Initiative

Vichealth’s Walk to School month (8th October to 2nd November 2018) encourages primary students to walk, ride or scoot to and from school throughout October to build healthy habits for life.

St James will join hundreds of primary schools across Victoria for a fun month of walking, riding and scooting to and from school. By participating, we have a chance to win some great prizes! So every time our local families walk, ride or scoot to and from school during October, you increase our school’s chance of winning!

By joining the Walk to School program, students learn healthy habits, it also reduces traffic congestion, saves on parking, helps us connect with family and friends and saves the environment! With some great prizes up for grabs, Walk to School is free, easy and fun!!!!

Part way is okay! If you can’t walk the whole way, why not try parking the car a few blocks from your school and walk, ride or scoot the rest.

Below is a map of the surrounding streets of St James. If you live outside the highlighted boundary you are encouraged to park up and walk the remaining distance. This might require some extra planning and time management to support your children in this healthy and active initiative.


Physical Education News


ON Monday 22 October we have our annual Twilight Sports at Bill Sewart Athletics Track. All the students are looking forward to it. At the end of last term information went home about the event. It should be a fantastic afternoon. The students have been practising their skills and are looking forward to participating in the events. Just a reminder the students will be taken around the events by their classroom teacher and family members can cheer students on.


Please remember to bring water, a healthy snack and asthma medication if required. Children can also wear their either their team coloured shirt or their St James sports top. (students in St James Sports polos will be given a sash/bib to run in so that their coloured house team may be identified.


I still require some helpers for the rotational events so if you are able to help please send an email to [email protected] .



This Wednesday we have a group of 32 students for grades 4 to 6 competing in the Division Athletics. We wish them all the best!


Year 6 Parents - End of Year

Year Six parents who would like to be involved in  the planning of celebrations for their children finishing primary school at the end of the year are welcome to gather next Thursday at school, starting at 2.30pm, to start the ball rolling!

Marathon Club

Marathon Club starts on Wednesday 24 October at 7.45am.


Bike Ed

Bike Ed Program happens this week for Year 4B on Thursday and Year 4C on Friday.

Online Music

Music concert is on Monday 15 October at St James

Lemon Stall

Save The Date!!


6th Annual Lemon Stall

28 October From 2-4pm

At 37 Halls Parade Mitcham


Proudly Supporting Cancer Council Victoria



Thank you to our holiday helpers; great job!

THIS WEEKEND - Oct 13/14th:



                        WE ARE DESPERATE FOR 


If you can look after our chooks for a weekend, please email.....


 [email protected] 


Eggs can be ordered by sending money in a named envelope to Wendy in the library. 








$5.00 per dozen is a bargain for guaranteed fresh, free-range eggs. 

Place your order now; they're delicious!

The teachers who tuck the girls in at night are currently enjoying all the eggs!!!

P & F Newsletter

Welcome back to the last term of 2018, it’s hard to believe the year is nearly over! We hope you all had a lovely time over the school holidays. We have a busy few weeks coming up with some wonder P&F events. We need heaps of volunteers. Maybe you have some time to spare 30minutes or an hour to volunteer?


P&F Meeting  

Our next P&F Meeting will be held this Tuesday the 9th of October at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. We are now starting to prepare for 2019, maybe you are interested in taking on one of our many vacant positions?


After the success of the year level champions this year and last year we will be continuing with this model.  Thank you to all those who are continuing on or have already signed up for a position. 


We are still looking for a couple of people to take on the team leader positions.  Over the years we have developed fantastic events and fundraisers and implemented some great systems, which have improved year to year, thanks to our past and present committee members.  At this stage we are not introducing anything new for next year.  So when you sign up for a champion or coordinator position, there are always people around who have done it before who will be able to help and guide you in the right direction. 


We have an awesome community and P&F at St James, let's keep it up for our new families in 2019. 


If you would like to volunteer for a co-ordinator or volunteer position, please visit


If you are interested in the Team Leader Position please email the P&F at [email protected] or make contact with Jen Everett or Daniella Migliorati


Bee Green Reusable Food Wraps Fundraiser
Round 2 - Back by Popular Demand!
Bee Green Wraps are a reusable, plastic free, chemical free, sustainable, biodegradable food storage solution! Bee Green Wraps are great for storing/covering/wrapping fruit, veggies, sandwiches, cheese, bread etc. 50% of all profit will be donated to St James Primary School. Designs will vary.


More info available at


Place your order at  


Orders are due by 19/10/18.


Food Day Thank You

Once again our Food Day Co-ordinator Kylie did an outstanding job of organising yummy tucker for our kids. A huge thank you also to her volunteers Sandra Alkemade, Katrina Van Vuuren, Deborah Vukic, Ash Vienna, Emma Rodda-Hopkins, Diana Lim, Angela Brown, Rochelle Mosca, and Rachelle Perera for their magnificent help on the day.


Special thanks to Sandra for helping Kylie make almost 250 chocolate balls and Sheleigh for regularly helping to count the money!  Big thank you to Kylie for organising


End of Term BBQ

Thank you so much to our End of Term BBQ volunteers Nicole Spezza, Lynette Ryan, Christine Lagos, Darrin Spezza, Sarah Cleary, Kath McMahon, Mick McMahon, Sandra Alkemade, Fiona Collins and Ash Vienna. Another magnificent job!


Twilight Sports BBQ – Monday, 22nd October

The St James Twilight Sports will be held on Monday the 22nd of October. Our Grade 4 Champions will be running the  BBQ this year.  We require volunteers to cook and serve the food. You should have received the timetable for each event from school last term.  Last year each event ran for about 20 minutes, which may help you to pick out a good time to volunteer. 


We also need helpers to sell raffle tickets, this can be done while you walk around watching your kids. 


Please sign up at



Icypoles will be on sale on Friday’s at afternoon playtime. Cost is 50c.  We will also be selling our leftover Lamington fingers. We require volunteers for 30 min each Friday to sell the iceypoles to the kids. 


Please sign up at  


St James School Disco – Friday, 19th October

Our school Disco is coming up on Friday the 29th of October. You can buy your kids tickets at


We need 26 more volunteers including some cooks.  Many of the jobs are only 30 minutes long. Volunteers are required at the start or end of the Disco only.  Please sign up to help at  


Please read the attached flyer for further information.



After the success from last year we will be selling Mangoes again this term.  We have reduced the cost to $25 per tray. The Mangoes are packed in a single layer tray, approximately 7kg per tray. The number of Mangoes per tray depends on size of the fruit. Quantity may vary from 12 large Mangoes up to 23 small Mangoes.


Order as many trays as you like. Family, friends and workmates are welcome to place orders too, but they need to be collected from school. Expected Delivery Date - week starting 26 November 2018


Please your orders at




Fete News

Fete News

It's only 9 weeks until the Parish Community Fete.  Please read the following news - 


Useful Forms



Community Information


St James Newsletter
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Performing our First Fleet Scripts
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