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Upcoming Dates

10 March

Intermediate Sport - Make up Round

13 March

Labour Day

14 March

Mornington Campus Swimming Carnival (rescheduled due to bad weather). 

Year 9 Compulsory; Years 10-12 Optional.

15-17 March

(T) Year 7 Camp Geoghegan and Cardijn

15 March

(R) School Tour 9.15-10.15am


Parent Group Community Cooking Night

16 March

(M) School Tour 9.15-10.15am


Senior Sports - Make up Round

17 March

Swim Relay Carnival Frankston 5.00-9.00pm

20-22 March

(T) Year 7 Camp Doyle and McCormack

21 March

(R) Immunistions Year 7
HPV Dose 1 and Chicken Pox


(M) School Tour 9.15-10.15am


Year 7 2019 Enrolments Open

22-24 March

Year 12 Retreat

23 March

(R) School Tour 9.15-10.15am


Senior Sports - Make Up Round

24 March

(T) School Tour 9.15-10.15am


Intermediate Sports - Make up Round


27-29 March

(M) Year 7 Camp - Blue/Gold Houses



27 March

(M) School Tour 9.15-10.15am

29-31 March

(M) Year 7 Camp - Red/Green Houses

31 March

End of Term One


Mid-Semester Interim Reports available via PAM


(R) Stations of the Cross

Key Dates


From the Principal

Dear Parents & Students

Educational Strategic Plan & Master Plan Parent Info Evenings

I am very pleased to announce that we will be holding information evenings at each of the campuses early in Term 2 to outline to our school community the Educational Strategic Plan that was developed last year for implementation over the next two years; the Master Plan for the Mornington Campus as well as Schematic Plans for the first Stage of the Master Plan which is a new 2.5 storey Year 10 – 12 Learning Centre. Parent Information Evenings have been scheduled to commence at 7.00pm at each of the campuses as follows:

  • Mornington Campus – Monday 1 May
  • Rosebud Campus – Tuesday 2 May
  • Tyabb Campus – Wednesday 3 May

I am looking forward to sharing these new developments at the College with all members of our College community.


Family School Partnerships

Last week we were privileged to have Mr George Ortero work with a number of our staff and parents. George is world renowned for his expertise in Family-School Partnerships and he spent a day with members of our school community discussing how we can further develop the relationship between the College and home for the benefit of our students. I wish to thank Mr Michael Harrison (Vice Principal of Faith, Mission and Community) and Mrs Anne-Marie Houlihan (Family-School Partnerships Leader for the Western Port Cluster) for their work in arranging and co-ordinating this event.





Swim Camp & Swimming Sports

This week 66 students from across the campuses attend the Annual Padua College Swim Camp. This camp is great preparation for the SIS Swimming Carnivals to be held later this Term and in Term 2. I thank Mr Emilio Di Paolo, along with a number of other staff for their time and preparation in the swimming training sessions and the Swimming Camp. Please note that the re-scheduled Mornington Campus Year 9 – 12 House Swimming Sports will now take place on Tuesday 14 March.


Year 7 Camps

Next week Year 7 Students from the Tyabb Campus will be attending their Camp. My thanks to Mrs Natalie Beattie (and Mr Rob Knight – currently on Long Service Leave) for their work in preparing our staff and students for the Tyabb Campus Camp. I am looking forward to visiting the camps and seeing the students enjoy this wonderful experience.


Year 7 2018 Enrolments

Please be aware that enrolments for Year 7 2018 were conducted last year with the Grade 5 2016 students. If you have a current Grade 6 student who is not already enrolled or not on College waiting lists, you should contact Ms Christine Mose, Enrolment Registrar, immediately.


Year 7 2019 Enrolments

For Year 7 2019, the Grade 5 2017 students’ enrolments will be open from Tuesday 21 March and closing date for receipt of applications will be in Term Two on Friday 19 May 2017. If you require an application package, please contact the College Registrar, Ms Christine Mose.





Staff News

Condolences and Best Wishes:

We remember in our thoughts and prayers the following:

  • Condolences to Mr Peter McKenzie (M) on the passing of his father recently.
  • Our best wishes go to Mrs Gabe Noonan who is on Long Service Leave for the remainder of Term 1 – we welcome Ms Rebecca Horne as her replacement for this period of time.

We also welcome back Mrs Jacinta Griffin who, along with Mrs Peta Daher, will be replacing Mrs Bernadette Young while she recovers from recent knee surgery.


Anthony Banks


Prayer for Overcoming Indifference

For the sin of silence,
For the sin of indifference,
For the secret complicity of the neutral,
For the closing of borders,
For the washing of hands,
For the crime of indifference,
For the sin of silence,
For the closing of borders.
For all that was done,
For all that was not done,
Let there be no forgetfulness before the
Throne of Glory;
Let there be remembrance within the
human heart;
And let there at last be forgiveness
When your children, O God,
Are free and at peace.

Chaim Stern

Year 11-12 Campus

Save the Date!

Parent Information Nights for the presentation of the Educational Strategic Plan, Master Plan and Stage 1.

  • Monday 1 May – Mornington Campus

More information regarding venues and bookings will soon be published.

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning

We congratulate Ryan Vincent on being offered and accepting a building apprenticeship with Chris Kelleher of Mt Martha. Ryan began working with Chris Kelleher in 2016 and in the same year completed Certificate II in Building Construction. Ryan received excellent reports from his boss and developed a range of building skills through his VET course and work placement. He is looking forward to working full time and earning an apprenticeship wage. Ryan's long term goal is to own his own business.


Self Defence Classes

As part of the Year 11 VCAL Term 1 theme “Fitness and Wellbeing”, students will be undertaking a Self Defence Program with Steven O’Connor (Partner SAFE International Melbourne). This course will focus on personal protection and place emphasis on how to be aware of, and avoid potentially dangerous scenarios.

At the start of Term Two, Year 12 VCAL students will experience a seminar on mindfulness and empowerment with Fiona Skene (Wise Self Defence) who is a fully qualified Taekwondo Instructor and black belt.


Project Based Learning

This year our VCAL programs have been enhanced to focus on Project Based Learning (PBL). PBL is increasing in popularity among leading Australian educators. It involves students in real world learning and gives them opportunities to learn entrepreneurial skills, leadership and team work skills.

Our Year 11 students are currently working in teams to plan and organise their Wilsons Promontory Camp at the end of Term 1. Their teachers are acting as facilitators who encourage students to learn from mistakes, collaborate and find solutions to challenges.  

Our Year 12 VCAL students have produced Business Proposals, some of which will be enacted during the year. Students whose Business Proposals are approved by the class will act as employers and interview other students who wish to work on their project.


Important 2017 VCAL Dates & Reminders

  • 6, 20 and 21 March – Year 11 VCAL Self Defence Program
  • 27–29 March – Year 11 VCAL Wilsons Promontory Camp
  • 24 – 26 July – Year 12 VCAL Urban Camp
  • 23 October – VCAL Presentation Evening

Katrina Greenwood

VCAL Co-ordinator


Singing Lessons Mornington Campus

There are vacancies available for individual and shared singing lessons with Ms Tania Edwards on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Experienced and beginners most welcome.

For further details please contact Ms Renee Kuffer in the Music Office on Tel: 5976 6336 or email [email protected]

Renee Kuffer

Music Secretary

Mornington Year 7-10 Campus

Deputy Principal's Report

Term one continues to bring great blessings and opportunities for our students to show their leadership, talents and care for others and our environment.


Year 7 Music Information Evening

On Tuesday evening our Music Department provided our new families with an opportunity to see first-hand all the possibilities within our Music Program. We were fortunate to have a number of older students, and even ex-students, showcase their skills having benefited from the expertise of our Music Department. We are blessed to have Mr Mark Mannock and his team providing so many opportunities for our young Paduans. As usual, the evening was presented in a unique and entertaining manner with this year’s theme being Clarry Potter and the Tuba of Secrets.


Clean Up Day

Coinciding with Clean-Up Australia Day, a group of volunteer students and staff completed an extensive clean-up of the College. The positive attitude from this group and genuine concern for our environment was extremely impressive. These students understand the link between our local issues with litter and waste and these same issues on a global scale.

Congratulations to Mrs Barnhoorn (Frayne House Co-ordinator) for her work in leading our Sustainability Group. We remain hopeful that the innovations that this group initiates will help us to keep our College grounds looking the absolute best and, more importantly, make a positive contribution to our local and then global environmental impact.






Students arriving on Public Buses via the Nepean Highway

This year has seen a number of changes to busing arrangements for a number of our Padua families. One impact we are aware of is the increased volume of students alighting from public buses on the Nepean Highway.

A number of students appear to be taking the option of walking down Oakbank Road on the north side, as indicated in RED and then crossing Oakbank Road as traffic permits. Obviously this is quite dangerous. Can I ask families to support the College in discussing with their children the issue of pedestrian road safety in general but specifically the correct way to travel down Oakbank Road on the south side, as indicated in GREEN.

Thank you for your support,

Stephen Veneris | Deputy Principal

Head of 7-10 Campus - Mornington


Save the Date!

Parent Information Nights for the presentation of the Educational Strategic Plan, Master Plan and Stage 1.

  • Monday 1 May – Mornington Campus

More information regarding venues and bookings will soon be published.

Pancake Day 

On Tuesday 28 February, the Romero and Kolbe House cluster celebrated Pancake Day. Pancake day is also known as Shrove Tuesday. Traditionally pancakes are eaten during this very special day to use up all the left overs before fasting commences. We all gathered around a table having pancakes with jam, sugar, maple syrup and to top it all of whipped cream on top. Over all it was a great morning to start the first day of lent off.   

Written by: Sam Triandafillou, Year 9 Romero

Singing Lessons Mornington Campus

There are vacancies available for individual and shared singing lessons with Ms Tania Edwards on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Experienced and beginners most welcome.

For further details please contact Ms Renee Kuffer in the Music Office on Tel: 5976 6336 or email [email protected]

Renee Kuffer

Music Secretary

Maths Tutorials

This is a wonderful opportunity for Year 7 and Year 8 students to receive further support in Maths.
Every Monday and Thursday from 2 March to 23 November 3:30 - 4:30pm in MJ11

(PS Bring a snack and a drink)
What can be done?
Independent or assisted study, including:
• Maths Homework
• Get extra assistance with that difficult question
• Revise what you have learnt
• Practise Study techniques
• Create Summary/Rules sheets
• Accessing technology

Val Hardie

Rosebud Year 7-10 Campus

Deputy Principal's Report

Some years ago a Year 10 lad was in my office and we talked about his 'up and down' behaviour at school. During our conversation the boy said: “Mr Smith, I wish my parents would say 'no' to me.”  It make me think about what 'tough love' is. Perhaps the following dot points might be a reasonable summation:

  • Not giving in to keep the peace.
  • Accepting there are times when a teenager needs to be given a reality check.
  • Valuing/making family time.
  • Staying strong to your decisions.
  • Have boundaries, expectations and nurture resilience.
  • Love that is unconditional, inappropriate behaviours that are not.
  • Use the word NO.

The angel that walks out the front door is not always the same angel that walks through the gates of any school. Teenagers are programmed to think differently to make mistakes and to challenge. Every teenager (in their own way) is finding their place in the world. Teenagers like having boundaries. Why? Because teenagers want to feel secure. They will not admit it and are quick to sound out their rights in their ‘mature speak’ but most prefer the security of knowing their family values are sacrosanct. Teenagers will raise the ante in protest and so on, but they do like mum and dad to maintain ‘standards’ as they also want from teachers when on their school turf.

Teenagers are strong on injustice, whilst sometimes neglecting their own inefficiencies – perhaps they are more like we adults than we think. Teenagers still have their L plates on and like travelling on the roads they will learn from impulsiveness, near misses and by those who guide them, whether in the passenger seat or in the classroom. A sometimes complicated world can be a harsh judge for teenagers, hence all the more reason to ensure we not only build a well-grounded teenager but one who certainly can see that failure is also an opportunity. Oh what a journey!


Padua Rosebud Happenings

Our Photography Visual Arts elective students were blessed to have three very talented ex-students speak to their classes and show off the quality of their craft. We welcomed Harley Kingston and Marissa Alden (Photography) and Justine McNamara (Artist). The students were enthused with what is possible if you are willing to follow your heart. An opportunity to build on community and strengthen collegiality.


The Year 7 Music Information Evening was very well supported by parents and students. Many students are keen to try a musical instrument. Music is a strength of Padua College – not surprising with such a dedicated team of musicians’ teachers, tutors and students who delight the College with their passion for the Performing Arts.  


Rally Day has come and gone with Padua Year 7 students having time with their Mornington and Tyabb Campus cousins. Year 8 experienced Medieval Day, a 'hands on' approach to the curriculum grasping the way of life during the Middle Ages.


A big thank you to Teresa House Project Compassion Coin Line. All Houses contributed to this fundraiser, which is a wonderful way to add to the Lenten journey by thinking of those in the Third World. Please look out for the CareMonkey letter in regards to bus safety. Students know what is expected when travelling to and from school. We deal with very few bus issues which is a reflection of responsible behaviour.

"A good Lenten resolution would be to have meals together at least once a week to listen, sitting at peace and knowing how the rest of the family is.

Sacred Space Prayer book.


Ash Wednesday was celebrated in the St Anthony Centre with Mr O’Halloran, and Liturgy leaders led the Campus liturgy to begin Lent. Our students and staff were reminded that Lent is a time of preparation; a time that requires commitment; a time of sacrifice and a time of reflection. Lent can also be a time of doing good things for others. Too often we can spend time worrying about the past and feeling anxious for the future, rather than enjoying the present. May we all enjoy the season of Lent. It is inescapable. Even if you are a distant Catholic, the season of Lent can bring back fond memories and joy to anyone who yearns for a personal relationship with Christ.


Wayne Smith

Deputy Principal Head of Campus


PS: On behalf of the local wildlife and waterways many thanks to those endeavouring to be conscious of the amount of plastic that comes to school in their bags.


Save the Date!

Parent Information Nights for the presentation of the Educational Strategic Plan, Master Plan and Stage 1.

  • Tuesday 2 May – Rosebud

More information regarding venues and bookings will soon be published.

Artists’ Visit to Rosebud Campus

Mrs Petrina Tyler’s Art Classes were very excited to have not one but three ex-students talking to them on Friday 3 March. We were thrilled to hear the expertise of Harley Kingston, Marissa Alden and Justine McNamara - all of whom are very accomplished and successful artists who originally attended Rosebud Campus before graduating from the Mornington 11-12 Campus. Mrs Tyler explains a little more about these exceptional artists below!


Harley Kingston, Photographer

Commenced at Rosebud Padua Year 7 2006; Graduated Year 12, 2011.

Harley’s folio subject was Visual Communication Design in Year 12 however, Harley was a keen photographer. His love of the ocean, the local beaches and a desire to travel are clearly evident in his work. Harley has recently published Pure Life – a visual journey of his adventures and experiences with his travel to the Southern lands of New Mexico and Central America. Here Harley explored the culture, people and landscape of the region. Harley has just returned from a two-week trip to the coastal areas of South Australia.


Marissa Alden, Photographer

Commenced at Rosebud Year 7 2008; Graduated Year 12, 2013.

Marissa elected to undertake three folio subjects in her VCE years. Certainly a workload Padua does not encourage unless the student presents as a competent and self-motivated student. I was more than willing to write a letter of recommendation for Marissa to undertake such an ambitious workload. Her Year 10 folios were of an A+ standard consistently. She was clearly passionate about the Visual Arts.

Marissa has since received many awards for her work, exhibited in New York at the tender age of 18. She has had her Surrealist underwater room image published on an Avanti Post card, has written numerous Articles for online magazines and has her own Photography business set up for Portrait and Wedding Photography.


Justine McNamara, Artist

Commenced at Rosebud Year 7 1987; Graduated Year 12 – 1993

Justine commenced with our first intake of students at Padua Rosebud when it first opened its doors in 1987, together with a small cohort of seven staff and just over 100 Year 7 and 8 students. I began my teaching career here at Rosebud when Justine was in Year 10. I didn’t have the pleasure of teaching Justine but I certainly knew of her artistic talents. Her beautiful pen and ink piece still hangs in student administration building to this day. Justine pursued her love of the Arts with the completion of a Fine Arts Degree. Justine is a local artist who clearly is influenced by our beautiful Mornington Peninsula, both its lifestyle and history. Her childhood memories flood her canvases. Justine ran a gallery called Overboard Designs, and exhibits work at Gallery Sorrento. She has donated much of her time recently to creating costumes for the production of Toorak College’s Lion King. Recently her designs were the face of Peninsula Short film festival and banner designs for A Creative Peninsula Arts festival.

Petrina Tyler

Art Teacher Rosebud


Medieval Day

On Tuesday 7 March the Year 8 students were involved in several Medieval activities relating directly to History studies. These included, learning about Troubadours, Medieval games, Medieval dances, archery and Medieval combat! A fun day of interactive activities and  learning took place. Well done to the Year 8 students on their effort with costumes and a big thanks to parents in assisting with this!

Year 8 History Teachers Rosebud

Homework Club

Homework Club is up and running again. Please note the change of day from last year. It will be held in the library on Thursdays from 3.30-4.30pm.

All students are encouraged to drop in for help working through homework or assignments, brushing up on their organisational skills or even if they would like a quiet place to work in after school.

Homework Club will be supervised by teachers. Students will be required to sign in and out when they attend. We look forward to getting to know more students over the course of the year.

Mrs Menage and Ms McConnell

Student Programs Co-ordinators

Rosebud Campus

Tyabb Year 7-10 Campus

Deputy Principal's Report


After a very busy first five weeks of Term 1, the Tyabb students have settled well into the 2017 groove. The Year 7 students are making the most of their new school environment and getting to know the routines of secondary school with timetables, textbooks and locker combinations. Homework Club of a Wednesday is always well attended and allows students to stay in control of their school work commitments.

March is a busy time of the year for families and Tyabb students are generally flat out on weekends and after school with sporting and cultural activities that can often impinge on homework completion. It is essential that students develop the organisational skills to manage their workload and the confidence to discuss their commitments with their teachers. Sometimes a note in the College Organiser or an email to a teacher is all that is needed to ease a homework burden. Assessments have a tendency to mount up and students can often feel overwhelmed when things stack up. All the more reason for good communication between home and school.

The Season of Lent was marked with our Ash Wednesday Ceremony last week. Students had their foreheads marked with ash in the shape of a cross to signify Christ’s death on the cross and as a reminder of our own mortality. The forty day lead up to Easter is a period of self-reflection, a time to make things better and an opportunity to contribute in a tangible way to those less fortunate. In the words of Pope Francis: "Lent is a time to satisfy the demands of justice, fairness and respect for every human being". Religious Education classes are focusing on this significant time in the liturgical calendar. House Co-ordinators and Homeroom teachers are encouraging student awareness of the Catholic charity, Project Compassion, the 2017 theme for which is Love Your Neighbour.  Students are asked to contribute a coin donation where they can to this annual Lenten campaign. Monies raised go directly to Caritas who co-ordinate Catholic Missions worldwide.


It has been great to witness Padua Tyabb students participating fully in the life of the College through involvement in SIS competitions, the College production, Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs for Year 10 students as well as range of excursions. The Year 9 Marine Science excursion is a wonderful opportunity to explore and engage with the local marine environment and the beautiful weather this year has added to the experience. Year 8 students have enjoyed Medieval Day as part of their History studies, culminating with a tournament of troubadours, archers and dancers.


Term 1 is flying by and over the next two weeks, the Year 7 students will enjoy their House based camp to Healesville. Father Michael Miles will be joining the camp to celebrate Mass for one evening and for the remainder, the students will have an opportunity to get to know their classmates and teachers in a less formal setting.

The Tyabb community is thriving and the students are indeed very fortunate to be given so many opportunities to shine.

Paul Fairlie

Deputy Principal | Head of Tyabb Campus​

Pastoral Care Meets Wellbeing at Tyabb

The latest member of the Wellbeing Team at Tyabb, Ms Olivia Beale, has worked over the last couple of weeks with the Year 7 and 8 girls during the Pastoral Care time. They have explored a topic that is often an important concern starting back at school and also during the year – that of friendships.

The students and Ms Beale worked on what they thought being a friend meant; identifying factors that were not friendly and also on how this translates into classroom behaviours. Qualities of friendship were made into a 'wall' with the students remarking that when a number of the friendship bricks were absent, the wall crumbled. The sessions were completed with the additional thought about the theme of this being the Year of Pardon at Padua. The students reflected quietly on forgiving someone in their lives for their behaviour, and also on how they may have hurt someone and may themselves need forgiveness.

In conclusion the students took a pledge to be nice to their friends and to be welcoming of others. They marked their pledge by placing their fingerprints on a ‘Friendship Tree’. The tree and the student thoughts are on display in the Tyabb library.

This was a valuable learning activity and is also a timely lead-in to the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence on Friday 17 March. The Social Justice group will be holding activities during that week at Tyabb to bring awareness to what is an issue of concern. Ms Beale and the students are thanked for their work and their future commitment.

Natalie Beattie

Pastoral Co-ordinator - Tyabb

Year 10 Outdoor Ed

On Friday 24 February, the Year 10 Outdoor Ed class from Tyabb went to Sorrento to go swimming with dolphins and seals. Polperro Dolphin Swims instructed us throughout the day, teaching us what to do and what not to do while in the water. It took a while for us to find the dolphins but after about 45 minutes we found possibly around 70+ dolphins. Jason (from Sea Shepherd) also had a talk to us about the rubbish going into our ocean and how it is damaging our oceans. The day was an awesome experience and I'm pretty sure everyone from our class really enjoyed the day.

Written By: Ryan McNamara, Year 10 Geoghegan

Save the Date!

Parent Information Nights for the presentation of the Educational Strategic Plan, Master Plan and Stage 1.

  • Wednesday 3 May – Tyabb

More information regarding venues and bookings will soon be published.

Year 10 Hospitality Coffee 

The Tyabb Year 10 Hospitality class trialled their coffee making skills on our staff, with excellent results! Thanks to our resident barista Mr Heath Chipperfield for giving up his time.

Helen Sugameli

DAV Debating

The evening of Tuesday 7 March saw the first round of DAV Debating. We had a number of very nervous new debaters along with a few seasoned veterans. All in all it was a very successful evening with 2 out of 3 debates winning and 3 out of 3 best speaker awards presented to our students.

Debating is a tough gig and our speakers did us proud. Also noteworthy was the support crew that turned up and kept time and encouraged their fellow debaters. It’s a late night out in Mt Eliza and their presence was appreciated by all. 

Congratulations to all the students involved; to the parents who were there to support their children and to our debating coach extraordinaire, Ms Kellie Spicer and her support team: Ms Tara McGarry and Mrs Natalie Beattie.

It seems that the Padua Tyabb Debating culture is stronger than ever and that this year’s team is a force to be reckoned with!



Team 1 - Loss

Declan Aumont

Bryce Alaimo

Tasmyn Hose (Best Speaker)

Time Keeper: Pheobe Billings

Support: Callum McCallister


Team 2 – Win

Zarabelle Coles

Olivia Hills (Best Speaker)

Joanna Mikkelson

Time Keeper: Finn Carbone


Team 3 – Win

Nathan Derix-Brown (Best Speaker)

Tara Hovancek

Tara Luebker

Chelsea Holmes

Debating Coach

Family School Newsletter


Family Sunday
Hastings Parish

Hastings Parish Invites all Families
(any shape or size)

to Family Sunday!

Sunday 26 March

Commencing with 10.00am Mass - followed by a light lunch.

Activities for children and young at heart. Concludes 1.00pm


Maree Phone: 0424 249 601

Baptism, Reconciliation, First Communion & Confirmation Sacraments 

Baptism, Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation Sacraments Programs will commence at the Immaculate Conception Church Hastings on Sunday 5 March at 11.30am.

Any parents interested in becoming a part of the Catholic community learning about God's love, kindness, understanding and forgiveness for all, 

please phone 0424 249 601 or Parish office
Tel: 5979 4374.

God Bless

Maree Strong

Youth Groups

Immaculate Conception Church

  • Monday 6.30-8.30pm Years 7-10
  • Wednesday 6.30-9.00pm Years 8-12 & beyond

All Welcome!

Maree Strong
Tel: 0424 249 601

Learning & Teaching

Assessment & Reporting – Important change of date

Semester 1 Report Writing Day/Student Study Day originally scheduled for Friday 23 June has changed to Friday 9th June – please refer to explanation below.


Assessment & Reporting

All work completed by students during the year, including tests, is considered in assessing each student’s achievements. At Padua College, we view embedding assessment as an essential part of teaching and learning. The role of the student is paramount in this process and we work to ensure that our students have the opportunity to take a direct and active role in setting their learning objectives and work with their teachers to reflect on their achievements to date as well as to set personalised learning goals for the future.


An interim report provided at the end of Terms 1 and 3 gives an overview of student progress. These are followed up with Parent Teacher Progress Interviews early Term 2 and during Term 3.  A detailed report, including assessment on the basis of profile statements, achievement standards and Learning Assessment grades is completed at the end of Terms 2 and 4. Year 12 students receive VCAA results in mid-December.


Online Assessment

Live assessment and reporting throughout the year is provided via SIMON. Each family has been assigned a login password enabling them to access the PAM (Parent Access Module) for information regarding their son’s/daughter’s learning program. The online system provides information live to students and parents throughout the term. Thus the feedback, which will refer to both student achievement and areas for improvement, will always be current for students and parents to monitor progress throughout the year.


Increasingly it is recognised that effective and meaningful reporting is a major driver of improved student performance and achievement. We believe that the system enables parents to be more closely engaged with their child’s learning and progress and assist him/her to achieve his/her potential.  


Change of Date

Please be assured dates are not changed lightly and without careful consideration of all implications. However, on balance for the benefit of Padua’s Learning and Teaching Program this date change has been enacted. This change has been made to enable the timely completion and delivery of Semester 1 Assessment & Reporting by teachers, as well as maintain consistency within the Learning Programs between both Semester 1 and Semester 2.


If the change of date causes individual difficulties for pre-existing family arrangements please contact Kelly McGurn, Vice Principal – Learning & Teaching,  via [email protected] so that we can make arrangements to support your child’s learning.


Moving this date will also allow students in Years 10 & 11 to use this day as a study day to assist their exam preparation. Year 12 students are advised to use this day to consolidate their Unit 3 coursework. It is also possible that any student with work outstanding will be asked to attend school to complete this work.


Key Assessment & Reporting Dates –

Semester 1, 2017

  • Friday 31 March Mid-Semester Interim Reports available via PAM
  • Monday 24 April Progress Interviews Evening 1 (All Campuses): 2pm – 7pm (Early Student Dismissal: Classes conclude at 12.45pm)
  • Thursday 27 April Progress Interviews Evening 2 (Tyabb Campus) 4pm – 9pm
  • Thursday 4 May Progress Interviews Evening 2 (Mornington & Rosebud Campuses): 4pm – 9pm
  • Wednesday 7 June Year 11 Exams Begin
  • Friday 9 June Report Writing Day/Student Study Day
  • Wednesday 14 June Unit 3/4 GAT & Year 10 Exams Begin
  •  Monday 19 Jun   VCE Semester 2 Begins
  • Thursday 29 June Year 10-11
    Transition Day
  • Friday 30 June Semester 1 Reports available via PAM & Early Term 3  Year 10- 11 Exam Statements Distributed

Year 10 & 11 Exams

All Year 10 & 11 students sit exams mid year and end of year. The purpose of the mid year exam process is to provide students with experience applying the following skills:

  • Synthesising information from a variety of sources into study notes
  • Timing of questions or activities to ensure actual completion of an assessment task
  • Preparing for exams or a series of topic tests held in a short period of time
  • Undertaking assessment tasks in a formal setting across a broad range of subject areas

All Year 10 & 11 students will receive an exam timetable from their Curriculum Co-ordinator prior to the exam period. Study advice will be offered by subject teachers regarding exam formats and subject-specific preparation. Study Skills Workshops will be available to students throughout the Semester. A summary of tips with regards to preparing for exams will also be published in the Paduan closer to the exam period.


Early Term 3, all Year 10 & 11 students will receive a Statement of Exam Results. This will enable students to use this information, along with feedback provided via PAM to assist with the 2018 Pathway and Subject Selection Process.

Kelly McGurn

Vice Principal – Learning & Teaching

VCE Update

It’s already a busy time for VCE students with School Based Assessment well underway.


Important VCE Dates

Please find attached the SAC and Assessment calendars to see the week beginning dates of School Based Assessment. Some SAC’s for Units 3 & 4 subjects are scheduled in Flexi (PSA on student’s timetable) and students should pay close attention to these dates.  All students have had the calendars emailed to them, a hard copy provided in homeroom and additional copies are available at the Senior Campus Office. Subject teachers will provide advice of the exact date during the week. 


Students must be present for all School Based Assessment as scheduled. Authorised absences from SAC include: VET, Excursion/Incursion, SIS Sport and Illness supported by a medical certificate are all considered authorised absences. If students are absent they must complete an Absence from SAC form available at the senior office. Unauthorised absences may result in the task being graded to achieve an S (Satisfactory), however marks may not be allocated. Another important point to note is that any marks given by teachers for Units 3 & 4 subjects regarding School Based Assessment are subject to statistical moderation. More information can be found on the VCAA website via the following link:


Study Skills Support for Students

Quite often we see students being positive and motivated to do well in their studies, however they may struggle with the question of ‘how to improve my results’?


The subject teacher is always the first point of contact in providing this advice and support. We encourage all students to work with their teachers by asking questions and having the conversation about how to improve further.


In addition, the College provides support in a number of ways to ensure students are able to access resources and develop tools and strategies that will assist with their academic program.

  • Study Strategies and Exam Preparation Workshops after school.

The first of these was held after school on Monday 27 February and attended by over 80 Yr 11 & 12 students. It was fabulous to see students work with diligence and enthusiasm to practice new strategies to assist with study and exam preparation.


The next Study Strategies Workshop will be held on Monday 27 March and is open to all Year 11 & 12 students from 3.30pm–4.30pm at the Mornington Campus. For this session, specialist external provider Elevate Education will provide a one-hour seminar free of charge focusing on study techniques.  A CareMonkey notification will be sent out in the week prior and sign up is a must to ensure we have enough presenters on hand to work in groups with the students.



Year 11 Students are also warmly invited to attend Yr 11 English Tutorials, currently running as follows:   Day 1 Periods 5 & 6 Room MS L8 (Lab 8)

Year 12 Students are also warmly invited to attend Yr 12 English & Maths Tutorials, currently running as follows:  Day 4 Periods 1 & 2 AND day 8 Periods 1 & 2.

** These tutorials will not run if CPC is scheduled and if students have a SAC scheduled in this time they must attend the SAC.


Reminders Regarding Authentication of Work

Students were reminded about authentication of work at the VCE Induction at the assembly in early February in CPC (Curriculum – Pastoral-Careers time). In addition an email was also sent to students recently to remind them of the requirements as follows:

Many of you are working collaboratively to complete tasks and this can be positive, however you need to be absolutely clear on the requirement from VCAA to submit work that is clearly your own. It is important to understand that whilst you can work collaboratively you MUST ensure your work is sufficiently different to show it is clearly your own.

As is suggested below, verbal advice or discussion is the best form of advice and help in this situation. Once again you must ensure that the content you are submitting is your own, and you  must acknowledge all resources used, including: texts, websites and other source material as well as the name and status of any person who provided assistance and the type of assistance provided.

It is also important to note that it is NOT OK to ask someone to send you their work in any form.

In regards to authentication to successfully pass an outcome and achieve a Satisfactory (S) a student must:

  • submit work that is clearly their own
  • observe the VCAA and school rules        

Points to note regarding authentication:

  •  Do not request another student’s work to ‘look at’. Simply copying another students work and submitting it is NOT ACCEPTABLE in VCE. It can affect consideration of work by both parties.
  • If you work collaboratively with other students make sure your work is sufficiently different to show work that is clearly your own.
  • If someone asks for your work to look at, provide help in the form of discussion or  verbal advice to ensure you do not become part of a breach of authentication investigation.

Belinda Taylor

VCE Curriculum Co-ordinator

Library News

As well as supporting the learning, research and literacy needs of our students, the Library plays an important role in providing a space for students to relax, connect and unwind during the social times that make up the school day. The large ‘crashmats’ recently added to each Library’s soft furnishings have proven very popular and it's terrific to see our students getting comfortable with a book or game on these super-sized bean bags.

Students have lots of choices of things to do when they come into the Library outside of class time. Of course reading is always encouraged and at Mornington Campus we recently purchased 15 new magazines for students to flick through when they are ‘chill-axing’ at school. There is a self-service games cupboard at each Library, which house decks of Uno and playing cards, Connect-4, Guess Who?, pick-up-sticks, Jenga, chess, Boggle and other board games. It’s always lovely to see groups of students playing these games, laughing and interacting, without a screen in sight.

At Mornington Campus, each week a different lunchtime activity is on offer, for students to participate in as interested. Just this term we’ve had a tribute to children’s author and illustrator Dick Bruna (creator of Miffy, Snuffy and Poppy Pig among others) who died last month. Students have contributed to a ‘R.I.P. wall’, relived happy reading memories from childhood by browsing Mrs Brigden’s extensive personal collection of Dick Bruna books and created their own Miffies to keep out of fuse beads. Last week we had a mini TED Talk film fest, to celebrate the College’s filming of ‘The Face of Tomorrow’, and this week, to mark International Women’s Day, we screened two chapters of the powerful international documentary ‘Girl Rising’.

One of the nicest sounds at Mornington Campus Library at lunchtime is the students playing the piano, which also provides a tabletop for other activities. We recently placed an old portable typewriter on the piano lid, capitalising on students’ interest in this odd machine by challenging them to write the happiest story they could in just three words. Some were funny (Large free pizza.), some were fantasy (Melbourne wins premiership.), but the winning three-word stories were by Isaac Thornell (The chemotherapy worked.) and Dana Chaya (And they lived.).

The Mornington Campus Library is about to start up its Lit Clubs again for 2017, and students from Years 7-10 (new and old) who love to read are invited to join these groups. Each year level has its own Lit Club which meets once a fortnight and, with the support of a teacher-librarian, shares their love of reading with other like-minded students. If your child would like to be part of Lit Club in 2017, ask them to call by the Library and see Mrs Brigden (Year 7), Ms Wilson (Year 8) and Ms Gooley (Years 9 and 10).  

At Rosebud Campus, the Library staff recently celebrated Library Lovers Week with a ‘Blind Date with a Book’ and love-heart craft activity, the product of which some lucky parents may have even received from their child. Rosebud recently had the very experienced and innovative Diane Lewis join its team as a teacher librarian. Mrs Lewis is currently investigating the creation of a ‘maker space’ in the Library and plans to start a Book Club for students of all year levels to join. Students who love to read are encouraged to call by the Rosebud Campus Library to sign up for Book Club.    

In addition to board games and an ongoing jigsaw puzzle for students to solve, at Tyabb’s Library, Miss Spicer runs a Book Club each fortnight, which all students are invited to attend. Members of the Book Club have first access to new fiction, discuss what they’re reading, recommend titles to one another and sometimes even play games. Mrs Simpson also runs a Sewing Club each Monday lunchtime for students to hand-sew embroidery and make small handcrafted toys and other projects. Interested students from all year levels are welcome to join.  


Coming Soon... Homework Club @ the Library

From 22 March, Mornington Campus Library will be the venue for Homework Club each Wednesday afternoon from 3.20-4.20pm. Students from all year levels are welcome to attend to get extra help with their homework from teachers and peers, as well as wifi and printer access. As well as tricky tasks, students can bring ‘brain food’ and water to Homework Club. We hope to see you there!

Nicolle Brigden

Head of Library Services

2017 College Production

College Production - Beauty and the Beast

Congratulations to  all students who have auditioned for Beauty and the Beast.

The popularity and magic of a Disney show has brought 190 students to audition for us. The talent, enthusiasm and positivity has made the audition process, so far, very exciting and entertaining. We can’t wait to have the show cast and for the rehearsals to finally begin.


We are currently in the process of casting all 190 students and conducting call back auditions for lead and feature roles. A mammoth and difficult task as we have so much talent here at Padua!


We are hoping to have most casting finalised by next week ready for the first rehearsal. All parents of students involved will have received a CareMonkey alert for the rehearsal and performance indemnity, together with a rehearsal reschedule and other information.


Please note, due the huge interest in this show we will be running a strict policy whereby non-attendance at three rehearsals without a reasonable explanation will result in elimination from the show.  Holidays, sporting and part-time work commitments are not a reasonable excuse for absence. Illness, family issues and school commitments such as camps are.


We are very excited to launch our poster/publicity logo this week. Our very talented Head of Visual Arts, Mrs Hannah Williams, has spent months negotiating the design with Disney, which includes their specific requirements whilst adding a touch of Padua individuality.  The result is simply beautiful and fabulous! A big thank you to Mrs Williams for this.


Kylie Donnelly


Student Achievement & Trocaire Award Winners

Student Achievement: Gavin O'Reilly, Year 9 Kolbe

Local Sporting Champion

Congratulations to Gavin O’Reilly who was presented with a Local Sporting Champion’s award by Greg Hunt MP on 17 February at an official presentation ceremony.

The event celebrated many local athletes in the Flinders electorate who have competed for their state or for the country, both nationally and abroad. The award was for Gavin’s participation on the Football Federation Victoria State Soccer team which competed in the Boys National Soccer Championships held in Coffs Harbour NSW last year. Well done to Gavin for all his efforts, which have culminated in him receiving this award.

Student Achievement: Tristan Rogers, Year 9 Chisholm, Georgia Middleton Year 10 Kolbe and Aiden Hinson Year 8 Geoghegan

Victorian State Track and Field Championships

Padua College had five students compete over the last two weekends at Lakeside Stadium, Melbourne in the Victorian State Track and Field Championships. Congratulations to Georgia Middleton (Year 10 Kolbe), Tristan Rogers (Year 9 Chisholm) and Aiden Hinson (Year 8 Geoghegan) for their fantastic individual performances, outlined below. All three students have now qualified for the Australian Junior Track and Field Championships (Nationals) to be held in Sydney from the 26 March to 2 April and will represent Victoria.

Georgia Middleton competed in the Under 17 girls 100m and not only won gold, but achieved an amazing PB of 12.44 s – and is the Victorian State Under 17 100m Champion.

Tristan Rogers competed in the Long Jump event in an age group way above his own (U20s) as he was not available to compete with his age group (U16s). He made an outstanding performance with a PB jump of 6.14m, qualifying for the Nationals. Tristan also qualified for Triple Jump and so will be competing in that too at Nationals.

Aiden Hinson qualified for the National Athletics Championships after finishing 1st in Triple Jump (U15s); 1st in Long Jump (U15s) and 3rd in 200m Hurdles (U15s). Aiden jumped a personal best in the Long Jump, ran a personal best in his 200m Hurdles (heat and final the same time) and 3cm off his personal best for his Triple Jump, running into a strong headwind. He is looking forward to this competition as has been working hard at training over the summer to get to this level and in all three events.

Seth Sullivan (Year 10 Romero) also competed, made a final for the 100m and ran a PB with a stumble off the start line. Seth jumped a PB in the Long Jump and in the 200m, making the final for the Long Jump.

Taj Sullivan (Year 8 Romero) ran with an injured ankle/heel and was only 10 seconds off his best for the 2km Steeplechase in a final and 20 seconds off his best in the 3km, again a final. His 1500m was also a final.


Well done to Georgia, Tristan, Aiden, Seth and Taj for all the hard work done to achieve these amazing results. We wish them all the very best in future events, particularly in the Nationals!

Student Achievements: Little Athletics Victorian Championships

In addition to these efforts, we have five students who will be competing in the Little Athletics Victorian Championships this coming weekend at Lakeside Stadium. Good luck to Paige Elvey (Year 8 Cardijn) and to Lachlan Hodder (Year 8 Sebastian) Ella Fischer Year 7 Kolbe, Josie Reichelt (Year 7 Cardijn) and Shay Power-Reeves (Year 7 Kolbe) for their respective events.

Trocaire Award Winners

Dylan Gillis

Year 12 Mercy

Exemplary start to the year and outstanding work in his studies


Tasmyn Hose

Year 8 Doyle

For her outstanding participation in House swimming.


Dylan Cheston

Year 12 Francis

For displaying great Padua and Francis spirit, respecting others and the environment.


Michael Di Petta

Year 9 Assisi

Great role model for younger students and for his commitment to schoolwork.


Georgia Vowles

Year 7 McAuley

For participation and dedication to School Performing Arts. She attended the SIS Performing Arts in Dandenong and was the only Year 7 in the choir.  She has also received a role in the school production, Beauty and the Beast.


Kane Walker

Year 9 Frayne

For his consistent support of sustainability at Padua College. Kane was a very enthusiastic and helpful member of Clean Up Schools Day on Friday 3 March.


Piper Johnstone

Year 7 Anthony

For setting and achieving personal goals and embracing all Padua has to offer.


Parent Page

Padua Parent Group Meeting Minutes


Parent Group

Our first Parent Group meeting was held two weeks ago and great thanks to those who were able to attend. It was fantastic to have so many new parents to the school in attendance, with lots of fresh ideas and perspectives to give. Highlights included:

  • Ange Virgona spoke about his new role as College Ministry Co-ordinator and he received lots of ideas about ways that he can offer his services to the parent community. Stay tuned for information on Parent Spirituality evenings as well as maybe even a Parent Retreat Day at the St Clare Centre.
  • We discussed and had some initial thoughts on the new Year 9 program to be launched at Padua next year. When there is more detail known, Mark DeFazio, who is in charge of the program, will come along to a Parent Group meeting for a more formal consultation.
  • The school is beginning a new four-year School Improvement Plan (as well as a significant Building Plan at the Mornington Campus) and part of this is reviewing our Mission Statement. Parents at the meeting gave specific feedback on the values that underpin our Mission Statement.
  • The rest of the meeting was given over to explaining the work of the various sub-groups of the Parent Group, including the Parent Forum Evening, Parent Cooking nights, the Arthurs Seat Challenge and other activities.

Parent Group Gatherings 2017

The first meeting each term will be an ‘Engage, Consult and Advise’ gathering which will consider a variety of issues within the school. Topics will be advised closer to each date. The dates and venues for these meetings are:                                             

  • Wednesday 10 May 7:30pm
    (Rosebud Campus)
  • Wednesday, 26 July 7:30pm
    (Tyabb Campus)
  • Wednesday, 18 October 7:30pm
    (St Clare Centre, Mornington Campus)

There will be a further meeting each term which will focus on building parent engagement in the school, and the opportunity for sub-groups to meet to plan upcoming events.

  • Tuesday, 28 March 7:30pm NEXT MEETING (St Clare Centre, Mornington Campus)
  • Tuesday, 13 June 7:30pm
    (Rosebud Campus)
  • Tuesday, 19 September 7:30pm
    (Tyabb Campus)

Finally there will be a Review & Planning for 2018 Meeting (including a well deserved End of Year Celebration and Thank you) on Tuesday, 28 November 7:30pm (St Clare Centre, Mornington Campus)

Please put these dates in your calendar. It would be fantastic to see you there.


George Otero Talk

Elsewhere in this newsletter are reports of a wonderful day shared by parents, staff and representatives from the Catholic Education Office with renowned US speaker, George Otero. George spoke to those gathered about family-school partnerships and the importance parent engagement in the life of the school.

His talk in the morning was followed by a lively discussion in the afternoon which raised some really interesting ideas. We would like to explore some of these ideas at our next meeting which is highlighted in the introduction to this page.


Padua Community Cooking Night

Next Wednesday 15 March at 7.30pm, 25 to 30 parent volunteers will meet for the first Padua Community Cooking Night to cook up a planned menu of meals in the school kitchens of Padua College Mornington. These meals will then be frozen and delivered by our Pastoral Associate Mary Cameron to families in need in our school community. In having such a large community, we have parents that die, are experiencing severe illness or in crisis. We have students who are ill and facing long term treatment. This is a very practical way that we share our caring for families and these times a meal is just so appreciated.

If you want to be involved then please email Anne-Marie Houlihan on [email protected] and please give her your name, email address and phone number. These names are then added to our database and we host a cooking night every term.


Community Cooking Night Dates

15  March, 17  May, 16 August, 1 November.

The photo of the full freezer speaks for our work. Whilst these people receiving our food are not known to many of us we know their appreciation has been overwhelmingly positive. The cooking nights have been much fun and friendship forming for the parents too.

At this point, we are asking parents only to be involved in this initiative. It is a night focused on parents coming together and we have already called for volunteers for the 15th of March but please contact Anne-Marie to join future nights.

Our motto is ‘we cook with clean and loving hands’ and we look forward to your support in making a difference.

Anne-Marie Houlihan

Padua Parent Group


I hope the year has begun well for your families, and getting school up and running has been a smooth process for you. Please remember, if you would like to drop me a line with any thoughts, questions or suggestions, please feel free to do so. I’d love to hear from you.

In fact, I’d love to know if you have read to the bottom of this page, because that means there’s not too much information!

Any feedback is good feedback.


Michael Harrison

Vice Principal: Mission & Community

[email protected]

Metropolitan Canteen Menu

Please make sure canteen orders are completed and recess time. If students are requiring hot food for lunch please complete a lunch order to ensure there will be enough hot food available.



Uniform Shop

Both the Mornington and Rosebud Shops will be closed on Monday 13 March 2017, Labour Day, as it is a Public Holiday.

We are expecting the new Soft Shell Jackets in by the end of March and you will receive a message through CareMonkey advising when they are available.


Both shops are now taking second hand uniform. We are in need of good condition Polar Fleece and Blazers.


Winter uniform must be worn between 1 May and 31 August. If you have a student that may require specialist sizes, e.g. longer skirt, please bring them in as soon as possible for a fitting as made-to-order uniforms can take up to 16 weeks.

If you wish your child to make a purchase using your credit card, a letter with items to be purchased, your credit card information, including your signature and a contact phone number can be sent in with your child. We do not accept cheques.


Over the school holidays the Mornington shop will be open on Monday 10th April 2017 and Wednesday 12 April 2017 between 10.00am and 2.00pm and the Rosebud shop will be open on Tuesday 11 April 2017 between 9.00am and 2.00pm.  On Wednesday 19 April 2017 (first day of Term 2) the Mornington Shop will be open 8.15am to 3.30pm and the Rosebud shop will be open 8.15am to 11.15am. Our normal opening times are below.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact one of us on the numbers below.





Normal Shop Hours are as follows:


Mornington Shop

Monday 8.30am – 4.30pm    

Wednesday & Friday


1st Saturday of the Month (1st & 4th Term only)    

9.00am – 12.00pm


Ann Anderson                                                                        

Mornington 5973 6057                                                         [email protected]                                                       

Rosebud Shop

Monday 8.30 am – 1.30pm 

Thurs    10.30am – 3.30pm


Susan Angell

Rosebud 5982 2429

[email protected]    

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