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24 August 2018
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From the Principal

We are excited to welcome Linda Buckeridge to the Principal Class team in the role of Year 7/8 Assistant Principal and Lisa Monaghan in the role of Year 9/Inclusion Assistant Principal.

It’s Legally Blonde week! I was am really proud of the hard work and effort that the production team have put in place to make sure that the opening night is spectacular. If you haven’t already secured your tickets I encourage you to try and get some for upcoming performances. It is your opportunity to see the culmination of an enormous amount of work and commitment from students, staff and parents.


Senior school careers and pathways counselling was a great success and the preparation for 2019 is well underway. Over the last few weeks, intensive Course Counselling sessions have been undertaken with parents and Year 10 and 11 students to ensure they are well informed in selecting their senior years learning pathway. It’s always very rewarding to see young people and their parents/carers discuss the varied and engaging opportunities available for study here at Cranbourne East Secondary College and external Tertiary Institutions.

At CESC we have high expectations for our students and teachers. These high expectations are evident through consistent standards around attendance, uniform, student learning behaviours, teachers using our Instructional Model, and how we assess and support all learners. To phrase this another way, if students consistently bring maximum effort and positive learning behaviours, and teachers consistently implement our agreed teaching approaches, then student outcomes will continue to improve. This is the essence of our high expectations. We appreciate your efforts at home to support the achievement of these expectations.




Mandee Strickland



General Information

Upcoming events



  - Athletics Day


  - Wear it Purple Day


  - Production


  - School on Stage, Narre Warren



  - Production matinee


  - Year 9 Market Day (formerly Community Day)


  - Term 4 classes start


  - Year 8 Science Expo


  - RUOK? Day

  - Year 10-12 Course Confirmation (3-7pm)


  - Moon Festival


  - End of Unit 4 subjects


  - Year 11 Debutante Ball

  - Year 12 English / EAL Practice Exams

  - Last day before Spring Holidays


  - Year 12 Holiday Practice Exams



  - School resumes

Live Reporting

  • At the College, student assessment information is made available through Compass as the assessments are completed. This means that students and parents can see this information before the traditional end of the semester reporting cycle. At CESC, we refer to this as ‘Live Reporting’.
  • Each term, teachers will use Compass to communicate the assessment information for:
    • All Common Assessment Tasks (CATs)
    • At least one other piece of assessment
  • The assessment task will appear as a Learning Task on Compass. CATs will include a Victorian Curriculum achievement level, a teacher comment and a rubric, where relevant.
  • The assessment information for CATs will be made available no longer than three school weeks after the assessment is completed. This time allows students who have missed that task to catch up, and the teaching team time to meet and moderate the assessment judgements.
  • Parents and students will receive an email notification when the assessment results and feedback are made visible.
  • The assessment information for CATs will be linked and appear on the students’ Semester Reports.


School Production



Directed by our very own “Dynamic Duo”, teachers Mrs Grey and Ms Latchford took on the mighty task of directing our school production of Legally Blonde. The story follows sorority star Elle Woods who gets dumped by her boyfriend for someone "serious.” Elle puts down the credit card, hits the books, and sets out to go where no Delta Nu has gone before: Harvard Law. Along the way, Elle proves that being true to yourself never goes out of style. With a complete cast and crew of students from years 7- 12, our staff and students have been working tirelessly over the past 6 months to bring together the show of a lifetime.

This production, alongside our countless others, has been a way for students of many ages to be able to express themselves in a fun and safe environment surrounded by dedicated staff. Legally Blonde is a fun filled performance that will make you laugh, cry and cheer. It has been a pleasure working alongside the directors, our fantastic alumni choreographer Tanisha Price and the incredible cast and crew.

 Cranbourne East Secondary College’s production of Legally Blonde will open on Wednesday 29th August followed by shows on Friday 31st August and Saturday 1st of September. We will also be competing at City of Casey’s  community event “Schools on Stage” on Thursday 30th of August at Bunjil Theatre. Tickets for the production are at, and Schools on Stage via the Bunjil Theatre website.

Ben George, Drama Captain





Student Success

Spaghetti Machine 

During term 3 our year 10 STEM class were part of The University of Melbourne – “Amazing Spaghetti Machine Competition”.


The design brief for this competition was to design and build a machine that had to apply toothpaste to a toothbrush. The machine had to have a minimum of twelve steps, have no mains power and complete the task in between 30 seconds and 120 seconds.


Over the course of the term our team developed ideas and concepts into working components of a machine that solved the problems in the design brief. The competition culminated in a showcase event held at The University of Melbourne where 20 schools from around Victoria put their machines in front of the judges.


During the morning session, judges scrutinised each machine for function, timing and aesthetic appeal.

After lunch the second part of the day was for the general public to view the machine and cast vote for the Audience Choice Award.


At the end of the day our team received awards for Technical Excellence and the Audience Choice Award.

This was a fantastic result for our team. The students excelled with their preparation and knowledge of their machine and how it functioned. They demonstrated great enthusiasm, when engaging with the audience, to explain how their machine worked.


Well done to all of the students of 10A for a job well done. Also thanks to Ms Hall, Ms Henry and Ms Grady for the help and advice over the course of this project.


Watch CESC 2108 Spaghetti Machine on YouTube.


ADEYEMI, Olatomi                                                               ANUSENCION, Hannah

ELDRIDGE, Tiarna                                                                FERNANDO, Chris

GILL, Harnoor                                                                         GILL, Vishavjit

JOYCE, James                                                                        KAUR, Arashdeep

KHAUV, Emily                                                                         MCQUILLAN, Conor

NEKELO, Nathan                                                                 NERVIOL, Julia

NGUYEN, David                                                                     SCANDOLERA, Sam

SIDHU, Diya                                                                             SINGH, Harman

WALL, Hayden                                                                       WANASINGHE APPUHAMILAGE DON, Naveesha

WILLIAMS, Jeffrey                                                                YONG, Germaine


Year 7/8 News 



Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself! My name is Linda Buckeridge and I am really looking forward to working here at Cranbourne East SC. I have been so impressed with the first impressions I have had of this school. Coming from a primary school background, it has been interesting to see all the similarities and differences. One of the main similarities I have noticed is how much the staff care for the students and genuinely want the very best learning outcomes for all.

I am pleased to say that the students I have met so far across year 7 and 8 have been welcoming and have provided me with lots of great stories and insights into life here at CESC! I look forward to meeting more students and families as I continue to build relationships across the College.

I have been an Assistant Principal now for approximately four years and prior to that a Leading Teacher for approximately 5 years. My most recent school was Barton PS in Cranbourne West where I assisted in the development of the brand new school. It was a challenge I enjoyed immensely and now I look forward to new opportunities and challenges here at CESC.

Over the past 5 weeks I have built my understandings about what is important to students, staff and the community here at CESC. The school’s values are so vital and underpin all that we do and I am incredibly passionate about ensuring our students meet these values and the high expectations set by the school in regards to behaviour and student learning. I too have high expectations of myself, the staff and students and look forward to building this culture even further as we move forward.

So far I have seen some fabulous opportunities on offer here to students including the school production, athletics day, careers information assembly, sports events, breakfast club, 1:1 assistance from staff with students for learning and lunchtime clubs. What fabulous opportunities are on offer here at CESC!

Just a reminder that we will continue to be monitoring school uniform, regular attendance and the completion of homework tasks so please ensure your child is adhering to the policies and procedures as set by the school.

I look forward to meeting more of the Junior School family as the term and year continues.



The Year 8 OutBeyond Leadership Development Camp term 4, (24thto the 26th ) October at Inverloch will engage students with a variety of exciting adventures such as surfing, along with developing both their individual confidence and the ability to work as part of an effective team. The camp will be a great opportunity for the year 8s to grow and develop within a scenic coastal environment of Inverloch, Victoria. A great way to finish year 8 and prepare for year 9.



Remember the CESC Athletics Day is on Friday. It will be great to see all the house colours on show along with Year 8's participating within the wide range of different track and field events. Remember that just participating within the variety of events on offer will bring in points to your house. All in all, we hope to see everyone enjoying the colour and activity of the upcoming Athletics carnival.



It has been fantastic to see the literacy and numeracy data of the year 8 cohort demonstrate clear growth and development. The data for year 8 this year has shown that there is a large amount of year 8s who are really working hard to develop their skills within the areas of literacy and numeracy. It also shows both a maturity, that learning is important and that these areas are recognised to be skills which you will need long after you finish school at Cranbourne East Secondary College. Well done, Year 8! 

MATHEMATICS AT Cranbourne East Secondary College

Dear parents,

Let’s say that you are using a recipe to make a cake. The first step of the recipe is to cream the sugar and the butter. You have never learnt how to do this or didn’t really understand how to do it when you first learnt it. So, you skip that step and move to the next step instead. When the cake comes out it doesn’t look right or taste right! OR you buy a do-it-yourself book shelf and when you get to a step you don’t know how to do, you skip it and move on to the next step. You put something heavy on the shelf and the shelf collapses because you missed an important step.  

In both examples you need to go back and learn how to do the missed steps, otherwise when you do it again you will get the same result – it won’t work out right.

Mathematics is a bit like making a cake or assembling a bookshelf.  If you don’t not know how to do a step and you leave it out, when you get to the end it won’t work.

At CESC we are trying to take your child back to the part they didn’t know so that the result works.  This will then improve their mathematical understandings, so that they can successfully solve problems in everyday life today and in the future.

For a variety of reasons, students come to our Mathematics classes with different levels of understanding; they are at different stages of learning. Even if they are all in the same year level!

We, the teachers, pre-test the students to see what they already know and what they need to learn.  Then we try to help each student to fill the gaps (or steps) in their learning, so they can use their understandings and follow the right steps towards getting the right end result.  This takes time.

We record the pre-test date on a document like the one in the picture below. We talk to the students about this document.  What do the colours mean? What level are you at right now? What do you already know? What do you need to learn? We let the students look at their results on the document so they understand what it is they need to learn…….to be able to follow the steps. We then plan tasks around these results; they help to inform the teacher of what to teach.

Student growth is what is important here at CESC.  Growth to fill the gaps, growth to improve understandings. Sometimes students show wonderful growth but because they had many gaps in their learning, they still aren’t quite “at standard’.  Despite this, their growth should be celebrated BECAUSE THEY ARE GROWING……..getting closer to greater understanding of the right steps towards the right end result.

If you would like to talk about Mathematics at CESC further, please call 59900200 and ask to talk to Mrs Amanda Werner.  She can even try to arrange a time to meet with you and discuss the colored document in detail.


8G science: Energy transformations

On Thursday June 28, 8G science put their knowledge of forms of energy into practice during the ‘Energy transformations’ experiments. Students have recently been studying about what energy is, how energy can transform from one form to another and also the difference between kinetic and potential energy. Students worked in groups of 3-4 to rotate around the room and perform a series of small experiments all involving energy transformations. Experiments included: solar panels, matchstick rockets and convection spirals. Students will soon write up a practical report about the observations they recorded. A special thank-you goes to Ethan and Jayde for helping me pack up so quickly.


Mrs Crawford - 8G science teacher


Yr 7 science - How to build a pyramid

On Wed June 27, 7J science students put their knowledge of simple machines, friction and forces to the test. They were in groups of 3-4 students, trying to simulate how the ancient Egyptians may have built the Pyramids 4,500 years ago. Each group of students had 30 minutes and were given one brick, 2 cotton reels, 1 wooden ramp and 6 pieces of dowel to use. Their challenge was to get the brick from the floor to the top of a chair, without using their hands directly. Students worked cooperatively and used great communication and negotiation skills. They also showed terrific critical and creative skills. Congratulations to the winning students: Domonick, Sadul, Vismaea and Raiyan!



7J science - ‘May the force be with you’

On Thursday June 21, 7J science students completed a lesson about balanced and unbalanced forces as part of the unit of work on ‘Physics in Term 3. This lesson saw students build on their knowledge from the previous lesson, where they learnt what forces were and how they impact our daily lives. Students participated in an activity in class where they paired up to apply forces to a Malteser through straws. Students had to complete 2 challenges: applying balanced forces to the Malteser to make it stationary, and then applying forces to try to keep the Malteser in the air. Students worked cooperatively and discussed the relevant scientific terminology after the activity. At the end of the lesson a fresh bag of Maltesers was opened and shared!


Mrs Kyla Crawford - 7J science teacher


Year 7 Girls Netball

 Towards the end of Term Two, Fourteen very enthusiastic Year 7 girls headed to Casey Stadium for a round robin of Netball. The day was tough, with some excellent competition and talent from all schools. Success wise, it was a mixed day for our school, as both of our teams won some games but lost some games.

The day was tiring, as the girls played 4 games each- with no subs! Importantly, the girls displayed comradery throughout the whole day and commendable sportsmanship, even if defeated. It was pleasing was seeing how much the girls had improved from the start of their training sessions to game day and also how they’ve been able to implement concepts learnt in PE over this term, such as moving into open space to create play that is beneficial to their team. Teamwork, as well as compromise, for who would play in a particular position was handled without a fuss. By the end of the day, 14 tired girls came back to school, still with a sense of achievement, as they knew they had each given it their best.

We must thank Vaiana Vaiimene for giving up her time to train the girls over many lunchtimes leading up to the games .THANK YOU!!

 From proud coach: Miss Lisa Monaghan


Mindfull Aus

Patty Adair, has been passionately raising vital funds and awareness for Mindfull Aus, selling socks and rattling tins over the last few months and has amassed and incredible $530 which will in turn improve the lives of those effected by mental illness and allow us to further develop and facilitate our mental health, wellbeing and resilience programs and workshops across schools and other high risk areas of our beautiful country. Congratulations Patrick.

Matt Runnalls - CEO of Mindfull Aus



Year 9/10

Message from Year 9 Assistant Principal

Year 9 has kicked off to a great start this semester! Students are aware of the high expectations that we have here at CESC, where most demonstrate these on a daily basis. This includes attending school as much as possible, wearing the correct uniform, working their very best in class and respecting their learning environment.

Students have just completed their Course Counselling selections for Year 10, where they’ve attended presentations by some of their peers to explain about future pathways and listened to Year Level Leaders for an explanation of what occurs in Year 10. The well thought out questions that were asked in these sessions demonstrate Year 9 students really are thinking about their futures!

In P2S (Pathways to Success) students have been working hard in their teams to prepare for their stall they will have on Thursday 6th September for ‘Market Day’ – this is only a few weeks away! To complete this term, students will have another ‘City Experience’ that will broaden their familiarity with travelling to and from the city as well as navigating around it.

I look forward to seeing the positive rewards of their hard work as we continue during this term!


Lisa Monaghan

Year 9 Acting Assistant Principal

Year 9 news

Year 9 students have now completed their subject selections for year 10, well done for being organised and submitting application on time to most of the year level! If you have not submitted or are having difficulty with the online process, please contact the college as soon as possible.


The class captains ran an excellent assembly this term with performances and a great recap from the electives in semester 1 from each captain. Well done and we all look forward to your next assembly!


Thursday lunchtimes have seen up over 30 students a week playing Dodgeball with RecLink, a sports participation provider. Well done to the captains Mitch, Tristan and Chris for organising the promotion and helping to set up/pack up each week. Lunchtime sport will continue to run each Thursday with the help of these captains.


Year 9 students attended a Respectful Relationships workshop with guest speakers from Reach. The groups were gender split and gave students the time a space to express themselves openly and honestly without judgement. Well done to all who participated, you showed maturity and respect for each other through your participation in the program.



Year 10 news

As we approach the midway mark of the term, we would like to congratulate the year 10 community for their ongoing support. This term marked the beginning of transition from year 10 to year 11 through course counselling. We had majority of our cohort book in with a course counsellor and discuss their future pathway plans for next year. It was great to see so many of our students talk passionately about what their interests are leading into VCE or VCAL. If your child has not returned a subject selection form yet please contact the school immediately to ensure we can support their transition. We have an in house careers expo in the Gym at the end of the month to further support and provide opportunities to our students.


As this is one of the coldest time of the year we have noticed that some of our students have been wearing the incorrect tracksuit pants. Our students are allowed to wear non-school logo track pants, but they must be straight leg (not cropped at the ankle) and have the same material (parachute) as the school pants. If you are unsure about the uniform policy please read over the policy, found on compass or contact the school.




Achievements and Celebrations in Year 10

Year 10 STEM

On the 9th of August 2018 our STEM students participated in the Spaghetti Machine Competition, hosted by Melbourne University. Our students had been working on their project since the end of term one, and through their dedication and team work, they were awarded with two awards. Please read the Design Tech page for more information. A special Thanks to Mr Fearnett, Miss Henry and Janene Hall for supporting our students through the process.


Year 10 LEAF

On Friday 3rd of August, the Year 10 Extended English class (LEAF) had the opportunity to go to the Victorian State Library. They were privileged with a tour of The Changing Face of Victoria exhibition with an insight on Ned Kelly’s life, along with the Latrobe reading room. Students were given a guided tour through the artefacts of Ned Kelly, including his real armour, diary, death mask and the famous Jerilderie letters. The tour guide gave us a backstory on Ned Kelly, and the events in his life that drove him to do what he did and gave him motive. An interesting fact linking Ned Kelly to the library that we discovered was that including the founder Redmon Barry, who sentenced Ned Kelly to death, was ‘cursed’ by Ned Kelly when he said “I will see you there where I go” right after the death sentence ruling. Twelve days after Ned Kelly’s execution, Barry passed away. Along with this, we were able to discover the secrets of the library - the library has over 2 million books, and every newsletter and paper in Victoria (including this newsletter), since Legal Deposit in 1882. The tour guide informed us about how paper deteriorates, therefore newspapers and articles are preserved by being transferred onto microfilm. We took this knowledge back to our class, and applied it to our learning, completing a range of activities. As a class, after much discussion about whether Ned was a an icon or villain, we have come to a conclusion that Ned Kelly was a vigilante

9B Science- Multi-tasking activity


On Friday June 29, the 9B STEM class put their coordination and soccer skills to the test during the ‘Multi-tasking’ activity. This activity was part of our ‘senses’ unit for Yr 9 science. Students have recently been studying about what the nervous system does and have been focusing on scientific terms such as senses, neurons, receptors, stimuli and response. This activity was completed in groups outside and involved students dribbling a soccer ball around cones without being distracted, and also then completing this task while being distracted. Most students found that when they averaged 3 time trials, they struggled to multi-task and that they took longer to complete this task when their peers were distracting them. Students then completed a practical report on this task in an attempt to explain why their results occurred. In Term 3, students are learning about our senses in more detail (how we see and hear, for example). Students enjoyed the challenge of combining listening skills, soccer skills and team work.

Mrs Crawford - 9B STEM teacher: science

Yr 10 STEM Spaghetti Machine Contest

During term 3 our year 10 STEM class were part of The University of Melbourne – “Amazing Spaghetti Machine Competition”.

The design brief for this competition was to design and build a machine that had to apply toothpaste to a toothbrush. The machine had to have a minimum of twelve steps, have no mains power and complete the task in between 30 seconds and 120 seconds.

Over the course of the term our team developed ideas and concepts into working components of a machine that solved the problems in the design brief.

The competition culminated in a showcase event held at The University of Melbourne where 20 schools from around Victoria put their machines in front of the judges.

During the morning session, judges scrutinised each machine for function, timing and aesthetic appeal.

After lunch the second part of the day was for the general public to view the machine and cast vote for the Audience Choice Award.

At the end of the day our team received awards for Technical Excellence and the Audience Choice Award.

This was a fantastic result for our team. The students excelled with their preparation and knowledge of their machine and how it functioned. They demonstrated great enthusiasm, when engaging with the audience, to explain how their machine worked.

Well done to all of the students of 10A for a job well done.

Also thanks to Ms Hall, Ms Henry and Ms Grady for the help and advice over the course of this project.


Watch CESC 2108 Spaghetti Machine on YouTube.



Design & Technology-What's happening now



Bed side drawer unit



Door and drawer cabinet


Printed circuit boards


Access Monash Program

Access Monash Program:

The Year 9 ‘Access Monash Champion’ group has been working hard on their chosen project this term. Their focus is on Year 10 subject choices and ensuring the current Year 9 students are aware of what each elective details and that they are making an informed decision in regards to the pathway they are wanting to take later on in life. The students have been working tirelessly with each other, the Monash mentors and myself to ensure their presentation includes as much detail as possible and is engaging. The students will be presenting their project on August 14th to the Year 9 Cohort, and on September 13th to the Monash judges.

Well done to all students involved, you should feel very proud of your efforts and everyone wishes you the best of luck presenting to Monash University.

-Miss Fallon


Are you in Year 10 now? Are you thinking about studying Mathematical Methods next year? 
The 3 posters below tell you what Years 7 to 10 mathematical skills you need to be good at, to study Mathematical Methods:




Are you in Year 10 now? Are you thinking about studying General Mathematics next year? 
The 3 posters below tell you what Years 7 to 10 mathematical skills you need to be good at, to study General Mathematics:



Indigenous Art Club excursion- River Walk


On the 26th of July, the Indigenous Art Club (INDART) and 9D went on an excursion to the Koorie Heritage trust in Melbourne City, call ‘The Birrarung Wilam Walk (River Walk). This walk took students through Federation Square and down to Birrarung Wilam (Common Ground) Aboriginal art installations, experiencing the Aboriginal history of the Birrarung marr (Beside the river of mists) and Aboriginal Peoples of the Kulin Nation. Below are some testimonials and photos of the students who participated in the excursion. The next INDART excursion will be held in Term 4 where students will be investigating and learning about the local Aboriginal community at the Royal Botanical Gardens Victoria Cranbourne.

Testimonial 1:

The excursion gave the Indigenous art club a great opportunity to understand the history of Indigenous Australians. The things I learnt about the excursion were; the scar trees, the shields they used and the purpose of them. Scar trees were used for making boats/ canoes so that the Aboriginals can get across the water. They would carve out the inside part of the tree leaving the outside for the tree to grow again. The shields they used had various designs/ patterns on them making them all unique. The shields are mainly used for hunting but some are used in ceremonies as well. – Ayva Spencer (Year 8 student)

Testimonial 2:

On the Indigenous Art Club excursion, we learnt about Aboriginal history in Melbourne and some of their weapons, all made from trees. The best part of the excursion was when we were able to touch some Indigenous weapons and hear about how they were used. - Jessica Cranston (Year 8 student)


Year 11/12

Upcoming Events


21 - Business Management Amazing Race Excursion - Meet at 8am at Cranbourne Train Station

23 - CESC Careers Expo - Yr. 11 P4

24 - Athletics Day - Whole School

27 - Wear it Purple Day

27 - Wellness Whole School Assembly P4

27 - Victorian Police Presentation - VCAL

31 - CommBank Presentation - Taxation and Super - VCAL


13 - RUOK? Day

17 - Yr. 12 Valedictory Tickets - final payments due

17 - Yr. 11 VCAL - Race Around Melbourne Zoo - Numeracy

20 - Yr. 11 Presentation Ball

21 - Colour Run Explosion Fundraiser

21 - Term 3 Ends

Assistant Principal News

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VCE Information - Year 11

Semester 1 Awards Assembly

Just before Term 2 holidays began the Yr. 11 students participated in an assembly to mark the end of Semester 1.  Well done to the class captains for running the assembly and to all our Year 11's on a successful first semester and special mention to those students below who received an 'Excellence', 'Effort' or 'Values' award.  Keep up the great work.


VCE Excellence

Awarded for achieving top results in the following subjects (Unit 1):

Biology - Maddison Morris

Business Management - Nida Nayeem

Chemistry - Natasha Conabere

Drama - Ben George

English EAL - Samaya Rezay

English - Maddison Morris

Food Studies - Ben George

Health and Human Development - Jaci Marshall

History - Shaun Rowe

Legal Studies - Natasha Conabere

General Maths - Chris Humpage

Maths Methods - Natasha Conabere

Further Maths - Jayden Hall

Physical Education - Shannon Wall

Physics - Tri Huynh

Psychology - Madison Glenton

Studio Arts - Waad Salih

Systems Engineering - Chris Humpage


VCAL Excellence

Awarded for Excellence in VCAL Studies:

Numeracy - Jaci Marshall

Literacy - Dalvyna Fau

Personal Development Skills - Faith Daniel

Work Related Skills - Brianna Macdonald

Foundation Maths - Jaylene Trbojevic


Awarded for Excellence in VET Studies:

VET Kitchen - Naomi Granados

VET Furnishing - Jaylene Trbojevic

VET Business - Grace Kapao

VET Sport and Recreation - Brittany Garvey


VCE Effort

Awarded for showing determination and dedication in the following subjects (unit 1):

Biology - Bethany Howard

Business Management - Maddison Beale

Chemistry - Alina Rezay

Drama - Rodel Mgoneh

English EAL - Muhummad Rehman

English - Grace Tibusious

Food Studies - Dalyna Fau

Health and Human Development - Brianna Lockwood

History - Maddison Beale

Legal Studies - Khadeijah Ali

General Maths - Rhamin Azazi

Maths Methods - Sayuni Kalubowila

Physical Education - Nate Rollens

Psychology - Shannon Wall

Studio Arts - Sarah Hall


VCAL Effort

Awarded for showing determination and dedication in the following VCAL subjects:

Numeracy - Brittney Garvey

Literacy - Reece Benjamin

Personal Development Skills - Korey Jackson

Work Related Skills - Kimberley Shankland

Foundation Maths - Tommy Soeun


Awarded for showing determination and dedication in the following VET subjects:

VET Kitchen - Faith Daniel

VET Business - Liam Watson

VET Sport and Recreation - Callum Walker



The Values Awards are given to students who have shown an aptitude for Cranbourne East Secondary College’s Core Values of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, GROWTH and ACHIEVEMENT.


 - Liam Watson

 - Brittney Garvey



 - Liam Watson

 - Poe Pouesi



 - Ashleigh BUTLER

 - Grace KAPAO

 - Jordon MCGRATH




 - Nida NAYEEM

 - Shannon WALL

 - Natasha SPOKES

 - Nicholas DUFFY

 - Brianna MACDONALD

 - Brittney GARVEY

Central Australia Camp



Year 11/12 - Art in Industry Context Excursion


VCAL Information - Year 11

VCAL Homework Club

Please see schedule below for VCAL Homework Club for Term 3.  Homework club runs on the scheduled day after school from 3:10pm to 4:10pm in OP01-OP04.

VCAL News - Year 11

Safe Partying Seminar

This term, Year 11 VCAL students engaged in a safe partying seminar as part of their Personal Development Skills subject. This invoked much interest and discussion amongst the students.


Elise Corney                                Irene Greenwood

Year 11 Leader                            VCAL Leader

VCE News - Year 12

Semester 1 Awards Assembly

On the final day of Term two, Year 12 students participated in an assembly to mark the end of Semester 1.  Awards of excellence were given to a student in each VCAL, VCE and VET subject.  This was a great opportunity to celebrate the amazing work of our student group. Congratulations to all of our award winners listed below.

VCE Accounting - Cassy Saba

VCE Biology - Tyson Woodall

VCE Business Management - Ezy Saba

VCE Chemistry - Tyson Woodall

VCE English - EAL - Sona Mahammadi

VCE English - Tyson Woodall

VCE Food Studies - Tahlia Visscher

VCE Health & HD - Tyson Woodall

VCE Legal Studies - Cassy Saba

VCE Further Maths - Cole Chambers

VCE Maths Methods - Binil Mathews


VCE Physics - Mehdi Haidari

VCE Product Design - Jacob Burk

VCE Psychology - Bryony Herbert

VCE Systems Engineering - MacCauley Dupuy

VCAL Senior Numeracy - Victoria Portelli

VCAL Senior Literacy - Jessica Hancock

VCAL Senior Personal Development Skills - Mel James

VCAL Senior Work Related Skills - Dedar Akbari

VCE Foundation Math - Ash Fisher

VET Kitchen Operations - Ash Fisher

VET Sport & Rec - Casey-Ann Venter

VET Business - Pyarah Lachat

VET Furnishing - Emilio Lopez

VET Creative Industries - Isabella FAIDUTTI


Values Awards

Values Awards were given to students who have shown an aptitude for Cranbourne East Secondary College’s Core Values of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, GROWTH and ACHIEVEMENT.  Congratulations to the following students who received values awards.


Year 12 Valedictory

All Year 12 students have now received their invitation to Year 12 Valedictory.  Please see a copy of this invitation below outlining all key details of this event.  Please be advised that payment of tickets is via Compass and is based on a maximum of 4 tickets per family.  However, you may purchase less than 4 tickets and in this case please call the school and the price will be adjusted to reflect the actual number of tickets you would like to purchase.  Tickets may be purchased from Monday August 20th up until Monday September 17th.  After this point extra tickets may become available.


Year 12 Legal Studies Parliament and Court visit

On Tuesday 14th of August the two Year 12 Legal Studies classes headed to Parliament and the Melbourne Magistrates Court. Despite the buses replacing trains adding to our travel time, the students were very patient and eager to get involved in the day.


The first stop was the Victorian Parliament in which the students sat in the seats of our representatives in the Legislative Assembly and participated in a role play of the second reading of a bill. The students discussed how and why laws are reformed and the importance of this in our community.


The next stop was the Melbourne Magistrates Court in which students were able to visit a variety of court cases including bail applications, sentencing of offenders and some were even able to experience the accused appearing via video link in the court room. Students were very enthusiastic when they left the courtrooms and wanted to tell us all about the cases they had been able to view.


It was a non-stop day and travel to and from the city was a challenge but one that was very worthwhile. The experience allowed the students to put what they have learnt in the classroom into context. Mr Donnelly and I would like to commend the students for their excellent behaviour throughout the day, in particular the respect demonstrated within the courtroom.


Catherine Mears

Year 12 Legal Studies Teacher


Year 12 Psychology Sleep Laboratory excursion

Friday 20th July marked the day that students studying year 12 Psychology, ventured out to East Melbourne to visit the Sleep Laboratory at Epworth hospital.


As part of the Year 12 Psychology Study Design students met a professional sleep technician who explored and explained sleeping patterns, technology used to identify each stage of sleep and discussed strategies to promote good sleep habits.


We were able to get up close and up front with the latest devices used to measure consciousness and two lucky students were even asked to sleep so we could use these devices to see them in action.

Overall, it was an enjoyable day in which we gained a lot of knowledge about the nature of sleep and consciousness. It was a fantastic opportunity to be able to put theory into practice!

Bright light therapy to stay awake!

Connected to EMG to measure muscle movement.

Heart rate monitor check, EMG check, EEG check, EOG check.

Who says you can’t sleep at school?


Having trouble breathing during the night? This breathing device may help you.  Just ask our students!



VCAL Information - Year 12

VCAL Homework Club

Please see schedule below for VCAL Homework Club for Term 3.  Homework club runs on the scheduled day after school from 3:10pm to 4:10pm in OP01-OP04.

VCAL News - Year 12

Term 3 in Yr. 12 VCAL

Personal Development Skills

This term Year 12 VCAL students are fundraising for a local 5 year old.  Emily is an enthusiastic little girl who despite challenges, including cerebral palsy and global delay, approaches life with enthusiasm and happiness and brightened up our classroom when visiting.  So far in their fundraising efforts to support Emily’s quest toward prep in 2019, Yr. 12 VCAL students have run a lunch time BBQ in the senior school and a staff car wash.


VET Business and VET Sport and Rec

VCAL students in VET Business Sport & Rec classes are busy planning a very exciting whole school Colour Run which will take place on September 21st (last day of term 3) to raise funds for year levels programs, camps, excursions etc.




SBAT Award​

Congratulations to Yr. 12 VCAL student Amy Dowswell on being awarded a Certificate of Excellence from VFA Learning while undertaking her Certificate III in Education Support with them as part of a school based apprenticeship.


Michelle Patterson               Irene Greenwood

Year 12 Leader                        VCAL Leader

Careers & Pathways

Monash University News

The Monash under-represented schools list for 2019 entry is now available online. If your school is on the list, your students are eligible for the Monash Guarantee. If your school is not on the list, students may still be eligible for SEAS if they:

  • live in a low socio-economic area
  • have experienced financial disadvantage
  • are an Indigenous Australian

This list is based on a combination of the Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA), distribution of students by socio-economic status, and transition to university data.


Don’t forget that Monash offers a range of scholarships to commencing students to help them excel at university. Our scholarships recognise high achievers, support students who have faced difficult circumstances, help regional and rural students through relocation and accommodation grants, and encourage Indigenous students to enter higher education.

Each scholarship may have a different application process or none at all. Students who list Monash University as a VTAC course preference will be automatically assessed for all merit scholarships. Equity scholarships require students to complete the VTAC scholarships application.


Monash is committed to access and equity for all students. Disability Support Services assists students with disabilities, mental health and ongoing medical conditions. This includes students with learning difficulties, short- term injuries and students on the Autism Spectrum.

Disability Support Services also provide support for students who are carers of a person who is aged and frail, or has a disability, medical or mental health condition.


Find out more - 



Anyone looking to enrol in the Monash Bachelor of Education (Honours) in 2019, including our double degrees, will need to complete the non-academic selection component called CASPer - while also meeting our academic admission requirements.

Dates for students to sit CASPer are now live and can be accessed from our website





Monash, ranked #1 in Australia for Engineering and Technology*, offers high-achieving students the opportunity to earn both a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and a Masters degree in Advanced Engineering, in just five years via an accelerated pathway.

Generous scholarships with a total value up to $32,000 are also available to students intending to enrol into this packaged pathway.


Find out more - 




Conquering Code (Girls Only)
Coding is the language of the future. At our Conquering Code workshop on Tuesday 25 September at our Clayton campus, girls will be inspired and learn from incredible female role models studying IT at Monash University. Students must register to attend.

Are your students currently in Year 10 or 11 and interested in where an IT degree can take them? Encourage your students to attend our IT bootcamp on Thursday 27 September at the Caulfield campus enabling them to be in the driver's seat for interactive workshops, hacking demonstrations and robot interactions. It's a free event, but students must register to attend.





Do any of your students have a rural background and an interest in studying medicine? They may be eligible for the Dean’s Rural List, which can increase their chances of being invited to attend an interview for Medicine at Monash.

Students need to have spent at least five consecutive years, or 10 years all up, living in a rural or regional area. Use the Doctor Connect website to help your students check if their current or previous addresses meet the area classification.





“Students should be thinking, ‘in 20 years, where will the human add value?’” - Shon Burton, CEO, Hiring Solved.

This is what we need to be asking. The future of work is uncertain and Arts graduates are comfortable with uncertainty, developing the agility to move with the changing times. Arts builds careers and creates change.

Our courses help to create world citizens, challenge abstract knowledge to real world problems and teach the power of communication.

We encourage our students to study abroad, volunteer, intern and lead. We offer more than a degree.





The Faculty of Science is offering VCE exam revision lectures in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths Methods and Specialist Maths during the September holidays. All lectures will be held at our Clayton campus.

The lecture is only $10 (non-refundable), which includes a set of comprehensive revision notes to be used throughout the session.

Ensure your students get in early to secure their place.




Start a free Monash online short course, offered through the FutureLearn platform.

Law for Non-Lawyers
Explore how the law touches us all, from your new mobile phone contract to protecting your identity online. 4 weeks x 3hrs

How to Survive on Mars: the science behind the human exploration of Mars
Getting to Mars is easy. Surviving once you get there is hard. Learn how to find water, oxygen, food and energy. 4 weeks x 3hrs

Science of Medicines
How do medicines work? Each week learn about a different condition, from heart disease to diabetes. 6 weeks x 3hrs




Student Experience Day – Art Design & Architecture

Ever wondered what it’s like to study a creative subject at university?  If you’re in year 10-12 join us on Caulfield campus to experience what it’s like to be a Monash



There will be three free workshops available: students can choose from Art, Design, or Architecture.

Art: Take a guided tour of the Monash University Museum of􀀁Art (MUMA) then participate in an immersive studio project where students will be challenged to create a new work in response to what they have observed.  Students will also have the opportunity to talk to lecturers about their own art practice.

Design: Be ready to make, break and explore design ideas with this interactive workshop that incorporates communication design, industrial design, and spatial design.


Architecture:  Do drones know this city more than people do?  Take part in a hands-on group project to uncover some possible answers.


Date:               Saturday 15 September 2018

Time:               10.00am – 3.00pm

Venue:            Monash Art Design & Architecture, Caulfield Campus


Register by Friday 7 September 2018 at Monash Art Design & Architecture Workshops

William Angliss News

Angliss Experiences - this September school holidays

During the upcoming school holidays secondary-school students have the opportunity to experience a day in the life of an Angliss student.


Angliss Experiences combines both hands-on workshops with insights into careers in the foods, tourism, hospitality and events industries.


Foods Day
Tuesday 25 September

Participate in workshops in Baking, Cookery, Patisserie and gain an insight into the emerging careers in the field of Food Studies.
Register Now ($15)


Tourism, Events, Hospitality and Hotel Management Day

Thursday 27 September

Learn how to create a delicious mocktail, experience our Aviation (Cabin Crew) program and sample some of the exciting subjects in our Tourism, Events and Hotel Management courses. 
Register Now ($10)


Both Angliss Experiences programs are held at our Melbourne CBD campus. Lunch will be provided on both days. Spaces are strictly limited, so early registration is recommended.


Free TAFE for Priority Courses

From 1 January 2019, Free TAFE for Priority Courses will cover tuition fees for priority courses for students who are eligible for government-subsidised training.

This currently applies to the following courses at William Angliss Institute 2019:

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
Certificate III in Hospitality
Certificate II in Meat Processing


If any students would like to know more about their eligibility, and how Free TAFE At Angliss works, please contact the Future Students team and we'll be happy to assist.


Individual Course Advice at Angliss

Angliss will be open during the school holidays and we welcome any students who would like to to chat about pathways into our courses. Appointments are highly recommended.

Book a course chat with one of our team

Bob Stewart - GAP Year 2019 Vacancy

Bob Stewart Pty Ltd has two full time positions available for students wanting a working break, or working break & travel:

Completing VCE / IB by December 2018
Starting university studies March 2020


Positions 1 & 2:     Sales Professional

Starting December 2018 (can be from 6 to 14 months’ negotiable)


Responsibilities include

  • Customer service
  • Inventory management
  • Sales and inventory analysis
  • And working at various schools on campus events

Casual rates paid for all positions.


All candidates will be trained in the philosophy, skills and procedures needed for the smooth operation of Bob Stewart. Good workers will be offered on-going casual work when their university studies begin.


For more information or to submit your resume, email Robert Stewart:

[email protected]


Applications are open and close Saturday 15/9/2018

Deakin University News

Deakin Accelerate Information Evening

Deakin Accelerate is a rewarding VCE extension studies program, where students complete two first-year university units alongside their Year 12 studies, either on campus or online (via our Cloud campus). 70% of Accelerate students choose to study online as it allows them to fit their study around their VCE timetable.

Students in the program get the same benefits of a fifth or sixth subject contributing to their ATAR, plus they gain university experience and credit.


Students and parents and career practitioners are invited to attend an Information Evening to learn about the 2019 Deakin Accelerate program.  Attendees will hear from university experts and past program students, meet teaching academics, and find out about the application process. 


Date:               Thursday 6 September 2018 (Melbourne Campus)

Time:               6.00pm – 7.30pm

Find out more and register at Deakin Accelerate


Faculty of Arts and Education Information Sessions

Creative Arts and Design Folio Sessions

Gain handy tips and insights to enhance and develop your folio.Meet and connect with current Deakin students and see our amazing facilities.Students interested in photography, visual arts, animation, or design, should register soon, as places are limited.


Tuesday 11 September 2018 (Melbourne Campus)

 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Register at Faculty of Arts and Education Information Sessions


Teaching Information Session

Discover the rewards of studying a teaching degree at Deakin. This session will give students an overview of the undergraduate teaching courses offered at Deakin.Attendees will hear from academics regarding course selection and entry requirements, learn about course specialisations and how the university supports students through their professional experience in Schools and in the Global Experience Program. 

Thursday 13 September 2018 (Melbourne Campus)

5:30pm – 6:30pm

Register at Faculty of Arts and Education Information Sessions


Step on Campus

Step on Campus provides students and their families an opportunity to take a personalised tour of Deakin University during the Term 3 school holidays. Participants will be offered a 45-minute tour with a current Deakin student and learn more about Deakin’s study areas, campus life and how to make the best transition into university. The school holiday program will be held at all four Deakin campuses: Burwood, Waurn Ponds, Waterfront and Warrnambool.  Tours will be conducted at 10.00am and 12.00pm on the event dates listed below.



Wednesday 26 September & 3 October 2018 (Melbourne)

Thursday 27 September & 4 October 2018 (Geelong Waurn Ponds)

Tuesday 25 September 2018 (Geelong Waterfront)

Tuesday 25 September 2018 (Warrnambool)

Find out more and register at Step on Campus

Wired for WONDER

Your chance to attend the most innovative event in town. 
Be inspired about your future like never before! 

Wired for Wonder is an inspirational day of keynotes, workshops, immersive experiences and interactive networking all designed to open your mind and challenge the way you think.  You’ll come away being more creative and open to new ideas and opportunities. The event has a profound and lasting impression on attendees who have found new ways of thinking, learning and working as a result of the insights drawn from the speakers and workshops.
How we live, work and learn is changing at such a rapid pace and we must learn to master our mindset to cope with what’s around the corner for both our professional and personal lives. Our incredible speakers and workshop leads will help you understand how we can proactively and openly approach these changes.
Commonwealth Bank and our major sponsor Telstra hope to see you at this life-changing event.
Below you will find more information about the event and how to redeem the tickets.


By purchasing a ticket to the event, you will be providing the opportunity for a deserving future leader (students in years 8 – 10) to attend the Wired for Wonder Youth Summit.


Wired for Wonder is Commonwealth Bank’s premier thought leadership event that has been running since 2013 in Sydney and Melbourne. Over 1200 people attend the event each year to hear from incredible speakers from across the globe on a diverse range of topics.
This year’s amazing speakers range from a neuroscientist, a design genius, a cultural anthropologist, Netflix co-founder, an interactive AI film maker, a business shark and a mindfulness coach, amongst others. It’s an unforgettable day with phenomenal people.
The inspiration, curiosity and wonder that erupts as the speakers challenge your thinking and open your mind, creates such a positive energy that lasts for months after the event has finished.
Check out the video of the last event and relive the wonder with some of our previous speakers to see for yourself the impact this event has had.
Date:   Tuesday 11 September 2018 
Venue:  Atlantic Group, Docklands
Time:    8.45am – 5.30pm (networking drinks for one hour post conference)
To purchase your ticket, enter the promotional code to ensure you receive the special ticket price of $499.  You can purchase multiple tickets at this price. This promotion ends on Tuesday 28 August.




The impact of this event goes far beyond one day, it inspires change into how people work and what they do. Here are some comments from previous attendees.
‘A brilliant event. The ideas, stories and perspectives broadened my perception. I think differently now, how could I not. The calibre of the speakers was fantastic. It was a collection of engaging, motivated people who were experts in their field. I’m so grateful to have had this experience’. 
I simply cannot rate the event highly enough and still think about different aspects of the sessions on a daily basis. I have told everyone I can about it!”
Wired for Wonder encourages you to open your mind and understand what is coming around the corner for your business and your own professional development. Whether we are discussing the power of language or mindfulness, I am learning about how very different perspectives can remain incredibly relevant to the industries in which we operate. A must attend event’. 

Come Wonder with us in September. You'll be glad you did.

CASper Test for entry into Education

The CASPer test is an online tool designed to evaluate key personal and professional characteristics of all applicants applying for courses in Medicine, Veterinary Science and Education. It has been found that traditional evaluation methods (interviews, letters and references) have been ineffective. Whereas the CASper test provides a reliable measure of traits like professionalism, ethics, communication and empathy, reviewing characteristics that make for successful students and graduates. Comprising of 12 sections, each section contains either a video-based scenario or a word-based scenario (i.e. a statement to consider), followed by a series of 3 probing questions.


There are technical (computer and internet) and security requirements and that you will need to follow, to ensure you complete the test correctly.


The universities that are using CASper for the 2019 admission cycle are; Australian Catholic University, Deakin University, Federation University, La Trobe University, Monash University, RMIT, Swinburne and Victoria University. If Education is on your list of preferences, please visit the CASper website to diarise your test date and read further on test preparation:  

Pathway’s into Education

If you don’t achieve the required ATAR to gain entry into your Education degree, remember you can consider the below Diploma’s at RMIT and Victoria University.  


The Diploma of Teacher Education Preparation may be the right study choice for students with the motivation, capability and personal attributes to be a great teacher.


The Diploma of Teacher Education Preparation (Dip TEP) is an accredited AQF5 level qualification aimed at students who do not initially meet the minimum ATAR for teaching.  The course has been developed as part of the Victorian Government’s Excellence in Teacher Education Reforms to ensure that disadvantage and diverse educational experiences are not a barrier to capable and committed people who want to pursue a career in teaching.


Successful completion of the Dip TEP will ensure that students graduate with the prerequisite knowledge and skills to undertake a rigorous undergraduate teacher education course.  The Dip TEP supports students to meet the literacy and numeracy standards they will need in order to graduate with a teaching qualification and supports them to meet the demands of study at a higher education level. The course introduces them to contemporary issues in education and to teaching as a profession, including practical school-based placement. 


RMIT - Diploma of Teacher Education Preparation

This diploma provides a pathway into the Bachelor of Education with the opportunity for students to obtain credits in the RMIT Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood, Primary or Disability). Applications for this one is via VTAC.


Victoria University Polytechnic - Diploma of Teacher Education Preparation (22451VIC)

Upon completion of this course, students are qualified to work as education support workers and are also eligible for guaranteed entry into the following Vic Uni’s undergraduate education courses:

• Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (with up to 24 credit points/2 units of study) or

• Bachelor of Education Studies (with up to 24 credit points/2 units of study)


Applications are to be made directly with Vic Uni, please visit:

La Trobe University Update

La Trobe’s Aspire Program

Applications for Latrobe’s Aspire Program are still open and will be closing on Friday the 31st of August. If you are currently preparing your application, please check that you have nominated an ‘Aspire Contact’ at your school (a contact who receives all Aspire applications for endorsement). If you need to change your Aspire contact, please email [email protected]  


La Trobe’s Scholarships Update

Don’t forget! La Trobe have a Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship program rewarding students for outstanding academic achievement. In 2019 La Trobe will be offering up to 60 scholarships to high-achieving Year 12 students. Those with a minimum ATAR of 80, who apply for an undergraduate course in the following areas will automatically be assessed (no need to apply):

  • Arts, Social Sciences & Communications
  • Business & Commerce
  • Teaching & Education
  • Health Sciences
  • Information Technology & Engineering
  • Law &Criminology
  • Science & Psychology

To review your eligibility visit:


VCE Plus Program

Attention all current Year 11 Students!


La Trobe offer a ‘VCE Plus Program’ allowing Year 12 VCE students to complete two first-year university subjects and have them recognised as part of their VCE. Applications for VCE Plus 2019 have just opened, so be sure to read more if you haven’t already.  


To register your interest, you can do so online at:

RMIT Update

Elite Athlete Entrants Program

Applications for the EAEP can be made on the RMIT website and must be received by Sunday 16 December 2018 for Semester 1, 2019. If you have any specific questions about the program you can email [email protected]


Experience Surveying

RMIT are hosting monthly hands-on opportunities for future students to find out about the growing field of Surveying. Interested students are welcome to register to attend these free events held once a month in Yarra Bend Park.


Next session is on Thursday 6th September at RMIT University Field Station, Yarra Bend Park - 201 Yarra Bend Road in Fairfield.


For more information, contact:

Thierry Demathieu (Program Manager) on 9925 8359 or [email protected] 

To register:

Swinburne Update

Have you not completed Further Math’s which is required for your preferred course?


Swinburne offers ‘Mathslink’, a bridging program for students needing VCE Units 3 and 4 Further Mathematics to study at Swinburne. The course runs for 7 weeks online with some contact hours and the next intake is in January 2019.To enquire further visit:

Federation University Update

Visual Arts folio presentations & Performing Arts auditions

Folio and interview applications are open for the Bachelor of Contemporary Communication Design and Bachelor of Contemporary Visual Arts. Audition applications are also open for the Bachelor of Contemporary Performance Practice.


Scholarships update

Fed Uni’s School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology supports their students with a range of scholarships valued up to $12,000 including:

•Women in Information Technology/Engineering Scholarships


•Information Technology



There are also ‘High Achievers’ scholarships available for students who achieve an adjusted ATAR above 80.00.


To read more visit:

Chisholm Update

The first year of your degree could be free!

Chisolm’s Diploma’s in Accounting, Community Services and Nursing are all on the Government’s 2019 ‘Free TAFE’ list. Some diplomas may lead into the La Trobe pathway degrees, this means that you can potentially receive the first year of your degree free by doing the diploma first. Many of Chisholm’s diplomas attract credits from other universities also.


You can contact Tania Pearce for more details. [email protected]

Endota Wellness College for Beauty Therapy

The Endota Spa Group now have launched a Endota Wellness College (EWC) with campuses in Melbourne and Canberra. Offering nationally recognised training in Beauty Therapy - Retail Cosmetics, Remedial Massage, Business – Salon Management and Makeup – Screen and Media, there are full time and part time (including evening) options available.  


Some of EWC’s courses are partially government subsidised and VET student loans (Fee-Help) are available.


To review the requirements and application process visit:

Deakin Update

New Diploma’s


Are you interested in Construction Management?

Like other institutions, Deakin University have been working on developing pathways for students who have not met entry requirements for their preferred course at an Australian University.

At Deakin’s Geelong Waterfront campus, you can now complete an 8-12-month Diploma in Construction Management and be considered for entry into second year of university study. Deakin’s Diploma of Construction Management builds the foundation for further study in Construction Management (Honours) at Deakin University.


The following Diplomas are now being offered at Deakin’s Burwood campus, providing students a pathway into relevant Bachelor Degree’s:

  • Diploma of Film, Television and Animation – Articulates into 2nd year of Bachelor of Film, Television and Animation.
  • Diploma of Information Technology – Articulates into 2nd year of Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Information Technology and Bachelor of Cyber Security.
  • Diploma of Design – (50 WAM) Articulates into 2nd year of Bachelor of Design (3D Animation), Bachelor of Design (Digital Technologies) and Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication).
  • Diploma of Communication – (50 WAM) Articulates into 2nd year of Bachelor of Communication (Advertising), Bachelor of Communication (Digital Media), Bachelor of Communication (Journalism), Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations).
  • Diploma of Business (60 WAM Burwood) (50 WAM Geelong) – Articulates into 2nd year of Bachelor of Business and majors include; Events Management, Film &Television, Organisational Psychology, Project Management, Property & Real Estate, People Management, Public Relations and Retail Management.


To learn more about entry requirements, contact Deakin

Focus on Engineering

Engineers are creative and inspired problem solvers who display unwavering attention to detail while maintaining a focus on the big picture. Engineers are responsible for the transportation and building infrastructure of the world, development of up-and-coming technology (software, hardware and electronics) and development of chemicals, machinery, and businesses.


The term 'engineering' covers many fields which is one of the great attractions of engineering work. It can provide a huge variety of tasks and environments to work in. The main disciplines are; Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Management, and Geotechnical and there are many different branches within each of these disciplines. You can read more about these areas (below) at - Australia’s principal Engineering Association.

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Building Services
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Food Engineering
  • Petroleum & Petrochemical Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Process Control
  • Production
  • Civil Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Hydraulics (Water) Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Transport Engineering
  • Coastal and Ocean Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Minerals and Metallurgical Engineering
  • Mining Engineering,
  • Resource Engineering
  • Risk Engineering
  • Software Engineering

To enter the world of engineering, it is helpful to be naturally curious, innovative, driven and interested STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). It is also beneficial if you are; patient, accurate, safety-conscious, have good hand-eye co-ordination, are able to work in a team or independently, have strong attention to detail and enjoy technical work.


Secondary students planning to become an engineer have much to consider. What type of engineer to become, what industry to enter and which institution to attend. Many students undertake a common year at university or a pathway course to establish their chosen area and refine their university degree.

Graduates of accredited degrees are guaranteed a membership with ‘Engineers Australia’. Engineers Australia is the accreditation authority for tertiary institutions in Australia who are responsible for providing course programs that meet Australian and global benchmarks.


Future engineers can also explore the many fields available in Engineering by getting involved in community STEM learning activities. The Australian Government have developed a handy resource called ‘Star-Portal’ ( which is a facility that connects you directly to your local area.



Blended Learning Update

The end of term 2 saw the conclusion of both Year 8 online blended learning units which were described in May's issue. Students studied the Medieval History unit in Humanities and the Light & Sound unit in Science. The two videos below show how the unit utilised both traditional teaching methods with online teaching methods interchangeably to learn and consolidate content. In these classes, each student was engaged with their learning as each one of them had their learning and understanding checked frequently by the online learning site whilst the teacher acted as a facilitator to their learning whenever explanations were not clear enough from the online learning site.





We are celebrating Book Week this month and have some exciting activities planned:

- Invited students from Years 7-9, selected by their English teachers, will participate in choosing fiction and non-fiction books for the library. Lunch will be provided by the Library staff.


We invite students to bake and decorate a cake, biscuit or cupcake with their favourite book cover, book title or character. Cakes will be on display August 23rd. Students are encouraged to come into the LRC at recess to view the entries. 

Cakes will be judged during lunchtime and prizes will be awarded.


School Clubs

Magic Club

This term marked the first Magic: The Gathering tournament at Cranbourne East Secondary College! The tournament will continue until the end of term where each week, students will have to randomly choose a deck of cards to battle an opponent. They are given 30 minutes to battle where 3 points are accrued for each win and a tie would result in 1 point. At the end of the term, there will be an award ceremony for three categories:

- Tournament Winner

- Most Improved Player

- Best Sportsmanship

Indigenous Art Club

On the 26th of July, the Indigenous Art Club (INDART) and 9D went on an excursion to the Koorie Heritage trust in Melbourne City, call ‘The Birrarung Wilam Walk (River Walk). This walk took students through Federation Square and down to Birrarung Wilam (Common Ground) Aboriginal art installations, experiencing the Aboriginal history of the Birrarung marr (Beside the river of mists) and Aboriginal Peoples of the Kulin Nation. Below are some testimonials and photos of the students who participated in the excursion. The next INDART excursion will be held in Term 4 where students will be investigating and learning about the local Aboriginal community at the Royal Botanical Gardens Victoria Cranbourne.


Testimonial 1:

The excursion gave the Indigenous art club a great opportunity to understand the history of Indigenous Australians. The things I learnt about the excursion were; the scar trees, the shields they used and the purpose of them. Scar trees were used for making boats/ canoes so that the Aboriginals can get across the water. They would carve out the inside part of the tree leaving the outside for the tree to grow again. The shields they used had various designs/ patterns on them making them all unique. The shields are mainly used for hunting but some are used in ceremonies as well. – Ayva Spencer (Year 8 student)

Testimonial 2:

On the Indigenous Art Club excursion, we learnt about Aboriginal history in Melbourne and some of their weapons, all made from trees. The best part of the excursion was when we were able to touch some Indigenous weapons and hear about how they were used. - Jessica Cranston (Year 8 student)




On Thursday the 16th the intermediate boys competed in the district Basketball competition.

In the first game against Koo Wee Rup the boys found themselves in a very tight contest. A steal by Peter Michael followed by an amazing dunk! on the Koo Wee Rup centre ignited the team which ended up cruising to a 10 point win.

In the second game we were up against a talented Alkira team, our boys played great team defence and executed on offense in the final minutes to secure a fantastic 5 point victory.

In the 3rd and 4th game we comfortably beat Lyndurst and Officer with contributions from all 10 players on the team.

Going undefeated in our pool we were up against Cranbourne SC in the grand final, after a very tightly contested fist half the boys locked in on defence created some transition opportunities that were converted to build a big lead quickly. The boys ran away with a 27-7 victory.

Fantastic effort by all 10 players!


Term 3 continues to provide the SPP students with fantastic learning opportunities. The year 9s are currently completing the sports coaching unit which involves analysing coaching styles and demonstrating coaching techniques within their practical classes.
The year 10 class is studying sports injuries where they are analysing common sports injuries and injury prevention techniques. Hopefully with this knowledge gained our athletes will stay fit and healthy.
During practical classes students are learning defensive and offensive structures and game plans for the sports of Netball and Basketball. Students have been highly motivated and the development of game sense has been very pleasing.


Year 10 Casey Race Rehab session 5/9
Year 9 Casey Race Rehab session 10/9
Year 10 Etihad stadium TBC
Year 9 Bowland Cranbourne TBC




Student Voice


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Mind Strength 

Mindstrength is an online course developed by Black Dog Institute
for young people aged 14 - 16. It’s designed to help you understand what resilience is and how it can help you get through the tough stuff in life. This course is most effective when a parent or guardian completes their modules and the role they can play building resilience in the young people they care for. 


The course includes:

  • five short, interactive and engaging

    modules supported by helpful

    explainer videos

  • useful resilience building strategies

    including mindfulness meditation, controlling emotions, identifying your strengths and a step by step process for problem solving

  • Please see the attached flyer for  more info


Krongold program 

During early term 3, a select group of students in year 7 participated in a program run by psychology interns from Monash university - Krongold centre.  These students covered a range of topics including; organisation and getting ready for school, building friendships, help seeking and resilience, confidence, school connectedness and a range of social scenarios.

The students enjoyed playing games, making friends and learning a range of skills that they can apply in their daily routine. At the end of the 5 weeks, students were awarded with a certificate and were very proud of their achievements 



Therapist-assisted Online Strategies Program (TOPS) was developed using evidence-based research and is designed to help parents to reduce anxiety and depression in their adolescents. Consequently, TOPS is intended for parents whose adolescents are receiving mental health support for anxiety and/or depression. This research will form part of a doctoral research study and has full ethics approval.
Eligible parents will receive:

  • Access to an individually tailored online parenting program
  • Practical strategies to parent more confidently
  • Tailored goals to help put these strategies into practice
  • Regular contact with a TOPS-coach via video-conferencing to help apply the strategies to their situation
  • Parents and participating adolescents will each receive an e-voucher (up to $50 each)

 Who can participate?

  • Parents or legal guardians with their adolescent (aged 12-17 years)
  • The adolescent needs to be receiving treatment for anxiety &/or depression from a mental health service
  • Have internet access, & consider themselves proficient in English


Breaking the cycle 

A group for mothers, fathers, stepparents and carers whose
adolescents are abusive or violent in the home

Do you feel threatened, frightened or even controlled by your son or daughter?

Are family members and younger siblings feeling scared?

Feeling anxious, isolated, ashamed, resentful?

YES? Then join the ‘Breaking the Cycle’ group. It gives you an opportunity to discuss all issues and learn new skills to better manage challenging situations.


It’s an eight-week therapeutic program, that’s supportive, informative and affirming.

WHEN: Wednesday 17 October — 5 December 2018

TIME: NIGHT GROUP 6.30pm to 8.30pm

WHERE: 7-11 Shipley St, Box Hill

COST: Gold coin donation

This group is appropriate if you are caring for someone aged between 10 to 23

BOOKINGS: Meridian Intake at Anglicare Victoria on 9896 6322

Feedback from participants? They report the violence stopped or significantly reduced and the group has provided them with ideas for change, ways of handling their situation differently


 Free Reach out  parent support 

One-on-one support at a time that works for you.

They provide support sessions where you can explore any concerns you have with your teenager (12-18) and lay out an action plan to see real results.

If you’re worried and want to build on your relationship with your teenager, reach out can provide a free one-on-one program to help you stay connected. It's called ReachOut Parents Coaching and you can sign up today.

for more info and to sign up, please see the link


Kids Help line, free support for 5yo-25yo. 


Phone: 13 22 89


Parentline is a confidential and anonymous phone counselling service for parents and carers of children and teenagers in Victoria. We offer counselling, information and support around a range of parenting issues.

Our qualified and professional counsellors are available to: 

  • discuss any issues that impact on parenting and parent/carer-child relationships
  • assist with developing strategies for positive parenting and personal coping
  • promote and contribute to the resilience and wellbeing of families
  • support the linking of families with their local community resources and services.

Parentline is available 8am to midnight, seven days a week, every day of the year, including public holidays. 


Cranbourne Youth services 

 Cranbourne Youth Information Centre offers young people aged 10-25 and their families activities information, support and referral on a range of issues, concerns and needs.The Youth Counselling and Support team deliver a free, confidential service that provides young people aged 10 to 25 with someone to talk to and assist them when things are difficult to manage.  The program also provides support for parents and carers of young people who are experiencing difficulties or concerned about their child’s mental wellbeing.

Telephone: 5996 7667
Email: [email protected]

Address: Shop 58 Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre High Street, Cranbourne 

Relationships Australia



Parenting strategies

These strategies are designed to provide parents with meaningful and practical tools to build resilience and connection with their children.

Community Events & News

Walk for mental health 


Yubo- social media app

It has been brought to our attention that some students in the school are using the app Yubo that allows them to talk and share pics/info with potentially any person who uses the app. 
The app is set up similar to Tinder where students 13+ can swipe left or right on peoples profile and then initiate a chat with them. 
Without anyway of confirming the identity of the individuals they are talking to, we are asking parents and guardians to be vigilant and hold conversations regarding the use of this app with their children 

Saver plus 

Saver Plus is a financial literacy and matched savings program that assists people to build savings for their own or their children's education. Participants make regular deposits (over 10 months) and attend Money Minded workshops to improve their financial management skills. When participants reach their savings goal, ANZ matches the amount (up to $500) towards education costs including uniforms, text books, laptops and more. Eligibility criteria applies. To find out more visit or contact Wendy Mawoyo on 0417 307 406 or [email protected]

Casey creative arts competition!

Casey Creations is a creative arts competition for young people who live, work or study within the City of Casey. This annual competition showcases the artistic talents of young people.

The competition is split into the following categories:

  • Visual Arts (2D work only)
  • Photography
  • Short Film

There is no theme for the competition, so be creative and show us how talented you are!


  • Entry is FREE!
  • An entry form (526kb) must be attached to the work
  • Terms and conditions (568kb) of entry apply
  • Submit your work and entry form by 5.00 pm on Friday 14 September 2018
  • Entries can be submitted at a City of Casey Youth Information Centre.

Schools on Stage

Date:  Thursday 30 August 2018
Time:  7.30 pm – 10.30 pm
Venue:  Bunjil Place Theatre
Contact:  City of Casey 9705 5200

Schools on Stage will be held on Thursday 30 August 2018 at Bunjil Place Theatre, hosted by Tim Campbell.

Schools on Stage celebrates the performing arts talents of Casey’s young people, whilst also encouraging them to take part in extra-curricular activities to strengthen their connection to the school community, make new friends and build important skills

Tickets go on sale Monday 23 July at 10.00 am from the Bunjil Place website until sold out.


Fired up!  Hip Hop Tournament 2018

Date:  Saturday 20 October 2018
Venue:  Bunjil Place Theatre
Contact:  City of Casey 9705 5200

City of Casey and Replay Dance Productions are excited to announce that Fired Up! Hip Hop Tournament will be held Saturday 20 October 2018 at the new, state-of-the-art theatre, Bunjil Place!

Calling all urban choreography crews who have not won a major competition in the following age groups:

  • Junior (6 - 12 years)
  • Varsity (18 years and under)
  • Open (all ages)
  • Hip Hop Individual Freestyle (under 18 years division and over 18 years division)

Registrations are now open and close Friday 24 August. Unfortunately, late registrations cannot be accepted.

Please see, Crew Registration (651kb) and Terms and Conditions (553kb) of entry.

For more information please contact Youth Services on 9705 5200 or visit our Facebook Events page.

Bunjil Place

Bunjil Place in Narre Warren is the first facility of its kind, bringing together creativity, entertainment and community in a way that is unparalleled in Australia. The place offers a range of activities, entertainment and shows for all ages. To find out more, please follow the link

Ritchies ( IGA) community benefit program

When you shop at Ritchies and use a community benefit card linked to ‘Cranbourne East Secondary College’ , Ritchies will donate money back to us. These cards can be used at ANY Ritchies IGA store, supermarket or liquor throughout Vic, NSW and Qld by supporters and their families and friends, and our school will benefit.

If you would like to support us and you don’t already have a CB card please collect one at the registers next time you shop at ANY Ritchies store to use every time you shop. All you do is nominate ‘Cranbourne East Secondary College’, it’s that easy! 





Girl Guides 

For over 100 years Girl Guides Victoria have been providing fantastic opportunities for girls and women to meet personal challenges.

Guides develop confidence, self-reliance, learn team building and leadership skills – all while making new friends and having fun.The activities could be outdoor adventures such as canoeing, archery, abseiling, camping, skiing, hiking overnight, cooking damper over a fire or just sitting around a campfire singing, chatting and sharing a joke. There are other times, though, when the girls prefer indoor activities such as trying a special recipe, having a go at making something, being creative in the visual or dramatic arts, working as a team to plan your next adventure, finding out about other cultures and religions or learning skills through games. No two meetings are ever the same.

To find out more info and to find your closest group  please follow the link: 

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