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13 August 2018
Term Three, Week Five          ‘st James School Community Is Committed To The Victorian Child Safe Standards.’
Dates to note...
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Dates to note...



Wed 15    Feast of the Assumption - Mass 12noon

Mon 20   BOOK WEEK

Wed 22    Australian Girls Choir to visit (P - 6)

                   Book Swap

Thurs 23  NO Parish Mass

Wed 29   Education Board Meeting  6.15pm

Fri 31   Fathers' Day Breakfast

              Fathers' Day Stall



Sun 2   Fathers' Day

Mon 3     School Closure Day - Staff Professional Development

Tues 4   Pastoral Care Meeting   9am

Thurs 6  No Parish Mass 

Sun 9   Working Bee  10.30am - 12.30pm

Wed 12    Art Show

Thurs 13   Art Show

Sun 16 No Parish 9.30 Mass - Art Show Open 

Tues 18 Parent/Student/Teacher Learning Conferences

Wed 19 Parent/Student/Teacher Learning Conferences

                 2.30pm early dismissal

Thurs 20  Footy Colours Day

                    Food Day

Fri 21   End Term 3  - 3.20pm finish

               P & F BBQ









St James Community Calendar

(Please be aware that dates can change....always check the dates on the left for confirmation)

Principal's Post

Dear families,

The feedback we received from the school reviewers was extremely positive and identified many strengths we have here within our St James Learning Community. The affirmations and commendations are all something that we are very proud of. We also have some recommendations of areas in which we can improve and further enhance the educational experience for our students. 

The next step in this process is for us to wait for the final report and then draft our next Four Year School Improvement Plan. We will present both of these documents to the Education Board and then share the information with our entire parent community.


To compliment the review process, we are asking all families to complete the online surveys sent home last Monday. These provide us with feedback on how parents, students and staff see the school. Collated information from these surveys assists us in setting our School Improvement and Annual Action Plans.


Please complete all surveys by Friday 24 August. Thank you to the families who have completed the survey so far.

Social Media Responsibilities

As adults it is important that we set the example for responsible use of social media to all members of our community. Please remember that our digital footprint stays with us forever and can have an impact on the way others form an opinion of us, so think twice before clicking that upload button. As we say to the students, don't post anything you would not want your parents to see.

Book Week Celebrations

Thank you Terri Nugent, our Learning and Teaching and Literacy Leader for coordinating our Book week activities. Look on our literacy and Numeracy Page for details of the events we have planned. Parents are welcome to view the performances but the production company have requested that no toddlers attend.

Art Show

We are looking forward to this great opportunity to display our students artwork. Please see the flyer in our Spotlight on Learning page

Working Bee

Our next Working Bee is on Sunday 9 September 10.30 am - 12.30pm followed by a sausage on the BBQ.

Notification of student absences and late arrivals at school

Please remember that all parents are expected to notify the school if students will be absent by 8.30am on the day. The best way to do this if you are notifying us on the morning of the absence is to email BOTH the school office and your child's classroom teacher.


Please also remember that if your child arrives at school after 8.50am, you are required to sign them in at the office as late. This is crucial so that our system works and we are compliant with new government regulations.


Jenny & Stuart Browne and family (William and Jacob Browne PK) would like to sincerely thank the St James Community for providing invaluable support and assistance to us during Jenny’s recent incident and hospitalisation. We feel extremely blessed to be part of such a caring and supportive community. Words fail to express just how grateful we are.

Birthday Celebrations

I tried to keep it a secret but it was my birthday last week.

It was lovely that so many students wished me a happy birthday, but I must make special mention of 2D , who learned auslan and signed happy birthday while they sang. It made my day!



Education in Faith

Feast of the Assumption

This Wednesday we celebrate The Feast of the Assumption. Parents, grandparents, carers and friends are invited to join us at 12 noon for Mass. Upheld by the Church as the first disciple, Mary was a person of great faith and trust. We pray that Mary continues to be a model for each of us and show us how to trust in God.


Beatitudes for Women

(Newark Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women)

Blessed is she who suffers with the very young, the very old,

and the very lonely

 for she has compassion.

Blessed is she who greets the world with joy,

laughter, and anticipation,

for she has courage.

Blessed is she who speaks gently, lives humbly,

and chooses to give freely,

for she has dignity.

Blessed is she who listens and hears,

and extends her hand as a friend,

for she has understanding.

Blessed is she who gives simply, loves deeply,

and walks joyfully in life,

for she has awareness.

Blessed is she who has compassion and courage,

freedom and dignity, understanding, sincerity, and awareness,

for she is a woman, a gift, a blessing.


First Eucharist

Congratulations to the following students who recently celebrated their First Eucharist  Connor, Sian, Alex, Sabine, Luke, Abby, Mitchell, Adelina, Charlie, James, Jack, Owen and Josh.

Congratulations to all our young parishioners who have celebrated their First Eucharist over the last few months. Our thanks to the parents for your support of your children and of the Sacramental program. Thanks also to the parents who generously offered their homes for Home Masses, as well as to the Parish and school staff for their organisation and preparation.


Term 3 Prayer Services

 You're invited to join us as a school community....

Wednesday 15th August 12pm- Feast of the Assumption (Yr 1 hosts) 

Friday 31st August 2.30pm- Father's Day (Prep hosts)

Friday 21st September 9am- Yr 6 hosting

Term 3 Thursday 10.20am Parish Mass

All are welcome to join us in the Community Centre....

16th August- Yr 6

30th August- Yr 1

20th September- Yr 5

Spotlight on Learning

Student of the Week

Congratulations to the following Student of the Week recipients for Week 3: Sian H, Ashlee E, Lexie E, Ivy H, Thomas B, Patrick S, Eva P,  Chloe P, Emma G, Alex C, Meg J, Ronan D, Armani S and Alec F.


 Congratulations to the following Student of the Week recipients for Week 4: Thenuka A, Georgina L, Rachel W, Addison B, Sophie N, Hugo G, Isabelle E, Flynn D, Jessica L, Joseph W, Hudson D, Matthew B, Sophie D, Lucy G, Zara W, Lily J and Aaron P 

11th - 19th August

Above is an activity you might like to enjoy doing together.

You also might like to do some research on the Flow Beehive invented by Australians Cedar and Stuart Anderson.


This week's Student of the Week Awards and Birthday Certificates will be handed out on Friday after recess at 2.25pm, not Wednesday after Mass.

St James Art Show



Term 3

We are nearing our Kindness Card Target of 1000 cards. Our SRC are busy enacting student voice by surveying their classes and developing a list of ideas to present to Mr Mutimer as possible rewards for all the kind acts that have been noticed by students and staff.

Buddy Run

Join The Alannah & Madeline Foundation’s Buddy Run this October at the first annual Buddy Run and say NO to bullying.

The Fun Run is a family based event including a 1km fun run for children, will promote inclusion, respect and say no to bullying. The event will raise awareness and much needed funds to help protect our children against bullying and cyber bullying.

You can raise funds as a family by asking friends, family, colleagues and your community to help support the cause leading up to the day.

After the run, visit the “Event Village” where kids will be entertained with loads of fun-filled activities.

Click here to register

Parent Hub

Whitehorse Council Workshops

A series of workshops, offered across two locations (Ringwood and Mulgrave), covering the following topics:

  • Rules and Consequences - Wednesday 15th Aug (Ringwood) / Tuesday 21st Aug (Mulgrave)
  • Dealing with Feelings  - Wednesday 22nd Aug (Ringwood) / Tuesday 28th Aug (Mulgrave)
  • Gratitude, Empathy & Mindfulness  - Tuesday 4th September (Mulgrave)
  • Resilience - Wednesday 29th Aug (Ringwood) / Tuesday 11th September (Mulgrave)

Workshops are offered at two locations:  

Central Ringwood Community Centre – Bedford Park, Rosewarne Lane, Ringwood

Albany Rise Primary School – 72-77 Albany Dve, Mulgrave                                                          

Cost:  Free of charge. Bookings essential.

Bookings: Ringwood workshops - Sharon Muir on 0438 683 049 / [email protected]

                     Mulgrave workshops – Julia on 9735 6190 or 0400 866 495

Other Resources

Parentline 13 22 89

Parentline is available 8am to midnight, 7 days a week. It is a confidential and anonymous phone counselling service for parents and carers of children and teenagers in Victoria.


Click here for access to CatholicCare

It is a social service agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne, they offer a range of programs and services that aim to build and strengthen relationships.


Click here for access to the Student Well-being Hub Website 

It includes sections for parents, teachers and students with practical strategies and resources to support your child's well-being.


Click here for access to Parenting Ideas Blog

It includes articles, testimonials and practical tips on a wide variety of topics.


Click here for access to Parent Shop Blog

It includes interesting articles and testimonials on a wide variety of topics.

Literacy and Numeracy

Family Maths Challenge Time!!!!! -
       Questions for all ages.

These challenges provide an opportunity for your family to talk about Maths and have some fun as you solve the mathematical problems together. Y ou can choose to complete one, two, three or even SIX of the challenges. Get your entries back to school by the due date so your family will be eligible to receive a certificate. 








Don't forget our BOOK SWAP in Week 6, Book Week.  We will be swapping  books on Wednesday 22nd August however books can come along to school well before that.  Each book to be swapped will have a book plate pasted inside the book.  The original owner of the book will write a few words about why they think the book is a good one.  Teachers will organise this.  A gold coin is required to participate in the BOOK SWAP.  Please bring this along on the day for teachers to collect. Funds raised will go to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.  Let's all get on board to help raise awareness for Indigenous Literacy and to have some fun.  It is hoped that all students will participate in our Book Swap.


The children will be participating in a performance by a group called MeerKat Productions on Monday 20th August. 

The CBCA Shortlisted book BOY will be performed for P- 2 students. (10 - 11am)

The CBCA shortlisted book THE ELEPHANT will be performed for 3-6 students. (9 - 10am)



Last day for adding books is Friday 31st August

Extra Curricular


Did you know that the Resource Centre is often open during part of lunch on a Friday for children wishing to enjoy a quiet read?

Thanks to the generosity of Mrs Bernadette Broderick and Mrs Claire Feild, this is possible.



Much appreciated...

Congratulations – and mega THANKS to all who supported and collected COLES vouchers for us…..

Thanks to our Year Six Leaders who gave up their lunchtime to pump up and label all of the equipment.

Look what we received as a result!


Much appreciated!





Well done to all our active families who supported our Ride2School Day on Tuesday 7th August.

House Points

1st  Coghlan 250 points

2nd Lyons 244 points

3rd Durkin 232 points

4th Dillon 228 points

Congratulations to 2VH who had the highest participation in the junior school with 71%, and to 3W who had the highest participation in the middle school with 63%, and a big congratulations to 6N who had the highest participation rate in the senior school and overall with 85% of their students travelling actively to school.

Our next Ride2School Day will be on Tuesday 4th September.

Why Ride2School Days are important:

Walking is a great way for your child to:

  • get to know their local area
  • meet other children in their neighbourhood
  • learn safety skills, like crossing the road
  • gain confidence and the ability to travel independently as they get older.

It’s recommended that children have at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. Research shows that exercise is beneficial in helping your child think, concentrate and solve problems, all of which are essential skills when it comes to learning. 

Walking, riding or scooting to school is also good for the environment. There are fewer car trips and it can promote a stronger sense of belonging and community.


Another benefit is that walking to and from school is a great opportunity to spend time  with your child. You can give them undivided attention and your relationship with your child may grow by sharing this quality time together.

Taken from Victorian State Government Department of Education and Training 14th May 2018



August 18th & 19th   HESS FAMILY  ( 4B & 5F)


August 25th & 26th:  WONG FAMILY                                                                           (3W & 5F)



Email.........   [email protected] 


Eggs can be ordered by sending money in a named envelope to Wendy in the library. 








$5.00 per dozen is a bargain for guaranteed fresh, free-range eggs. 

Place your order now; they're delicious!

Student News

        National Science Week 2018

In your life, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet!

                                                     BE CURIOUS! – Stephen Hawking


Our Year 5 Space Cadets have certainly been doing that over the last few weeks during our Science unit where we have been awed and excited while exploring the planets and other celestial bodies in the sky.  

We designed and made Orreries to explain the links between the Sun, the Earth and its Moon to create night and day and the seasons.  We investigated and wrote Information Reports and presented these back as Postcards From the Planets, used scale to create a Planet Walk around the oval and undertook experiments to further our understanding about how Gravity works.  We were amazed about the difference in our body weights on other planets!  We enjoyed an incursion from Mad About Science where we designed and made a Mars Rover and experimented with rocket launches.  One intrepid Space Cadet filmed the recent eclipse of the Moon and its alignment with Mars - and other cadets also left their beds at an early hour to watch this amazing phenomenon!

After furthering our knowledge about the Planets, we chose our own area of interest about Space and space exploration to investigate to satisfy our wonderings and curiosity about that.  These past couple of weeks, we have been presenting our findings back to our classmates using a range of activities from Google slides, models, Kahoots, drama activities and filmed interviews.

Our curiosity has certainly been awakened!  Perhaps one of us will be a future astronaut!



P & F Newsletter

P & F News

Thank you to everyone who attended our P&F meeting today!

Just a reminder that … After a number of years, Jen and Daniela will be stepping down from running the P&F at the end of 2018.  They have thoroughly enjoyed their time in this role but feel it is time for some other people to take over.  We are therefore reaching out to the St James community for two or three enthusiastic and dedicated people to take over the role of “P&F Team Leaders” in 2019. 

If you feel this is the role for you, please email Jen and Daniela at p&[email protected]


The handover will take place through to the end of the year to enable our new Team Leaders to gain an understanding of the role.


Chicken Schnitzel Food Day Thank you

Our Chicken Schnitzel food day was a wonderful success! Thank you to our organizer Kylie Brooks-Verberne and to her many helpers Catherina Punterere, Carolyn Gorry, Lena Zappia, Mel Farmer, Rachel Shannon, Rebecca Walters, Sarah Dowds & Monique Szwadiak for all their fantastic help and special thanks to Christine Lagos for being in charge of cooking all the schnitzels! They were exceptionally delicious!  


Dads Night

Hey Dads, don’t forget our Men’s Shed Night on Friday the 24th of August. Come and enjoy a classic night in the Ultimate Man Shed. Spit roast, a few drinks and a fire pit. Please see the flyer.


Cost is $10.00 per head, which covers food and fire wood. BYO drinks.

Please book your tickets through the following Trybooking link no later than Wednesday the 22nd of August


A huge thank you to the Dumais family for the use of their Warehouse and to Chris Carrigg for organising the food.


Fathers Day Breakfast

Once again the P&F will be running a Fathers Day Breakfast on Friday the 31st of August. Please see the flyer. Tickets are available via the following Trybooking link


And, of course we need lots of volunteers. If you can help out please sign up at the following link


Fathers Day Stall

The P&F Fathers Day Stall will be held on Friday the 31st of August. Can you help! Please sign up at the following link


Fathers Day Raffle

Keep an eye out for Father’s day raffle tickets coming home in school bags soon. There are six awesome prizes up for grabs;

  • 1st Prize - $100 Rebel voucher
  • 2nd Prize - $50 House of Golf voucher, Callaway microfibre towel and Callaway cap- Valued at $90 Courtesy of House of Golf Ringwood
  • 3rd Prize - $50 House of Golf voucher, Callaway microfibre towel and Callaway cap – Valued at $90 - Courtesy of House of Golf Ringwood
  • 4th Prize - $50 Rebel Voucher & Culinaria Cafe Voucher - Valued at $75
  • 5th Prize - Just for Men Pack - Valued at $40 
  • 6th Prize - $25 Culinaria cafe voucher 

Money and raffle tickets are due back at school by Friday the 31st of August.


Auskick – Thank You’s

A big thanks to Fabe’s Auskick helpers from last week - Tash B, Melissa C –Baker, Paola, Paul B, Paul B – Barbie, Dan, Reece, Winni, Dave, Ezza & Space


Mums Night Out - Save the DATE

Hey mums, we haven’t forgotten you! Save Saturday the 8th of September for a P&F Mums Night Out. More details to follow










Useful Forms



After School Care

You won’t regret upgrading to Gold Account.


Do you have a busy schedule and want the flexibility to change or cancel your bookings? Below are some of the benefits of upgrading to Gold Account:

  • This premium option allows you to book or cancel sessions up to 2 hours prior to session
  • The minimum bookings required per year is reduced for Gold Accounts
  • You will receive discounts from our suppliers, birthday party offers and other fun goodies that are only accessible to gold customers.

For only $2.50 more per session than you were paying on Silver you get this premium booking options and a while lot more. What are you waiting for? Upgrade your account or the parent portal today or call our Customer Care Team on 1300 105 343 for more support.

You can now choose an option which best suits your lifestyle, needs and wants. We offer both premium and value options depending on your needs. You have the option to upgrade or downgrade at will with no penalties attached.

We hope to see you soon.

Camp Australia

Community Information


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Enrolments for Year 7, 2020, at all Catholic secondary colleges close on Friday 17 August 2018

If you have a son currently in Year 5, and you would like him to attend Whitefriars College, please ensure you download the application form here and forward the completed form to the College.

We would like to emphasise that Year 5 students with older siblings at Whitefriars College are not automatically listed for Year 7. 

Families must submit a completed application form for their Year 5 son by Friday 17 August 2018 to be eligible for enrolment.

If you have any questions about the enrolment process, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Linda Dingley

Lions Club Vermont Sth


Vermont Junior Cricket Club


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