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06 November 2018
Term 4, Issue 5
Term 4 Dates
Principal's Report
Student Wellbeing
Teaching & Learning
Scotsburn News
BASE 1270
Student News/Awards
Community Notices
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Term 4 Dates


Nov 7 - Scotsburn P-2 Sleepover

Nov 7 - Prep Swimming

Nov 7 - COLD Write

Nov 8 - Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Nov 9 - Ballarat Show Day - NO SCHOOL PUBLIC HOLIDAY

Nov 13 - Yr 5/6 Blast Cricket

Nov 14 - Prep Swimming

Nov 19 - Yr 6 Sovereign Hill

Nov 21 - Prep Swimming

Nov 22 - BIG WRITE

Nov 26 - 30 - Yr 3 & 4 Swimming

Nov 28 - Yr 6 Ecolinc

Nov 30 - Reports go home

Dec 3 & 7 - Yr 1,2 & Scotsburn Swimming

Dec 3 - Yr 6 Biocats (Gp 1)

Dec 4 - Yr 3 Sovereign Hill

Dec 6 - Parent Teacher Interviews (1pm finish)

Dec 7 - Sausage Sizzle

Dec 10 - Yr 6 Bio cats (Gr 2)

Dec 11 - Prep Orientation Day
Dec 11 - Yr 7 (Public schools) Orientation Day

Dec 12 - Parent Teacher Interviews (4-6pm)

Dec 12 - SC1 to Sovereign Hill

Dec 13 - Blue Light Disco (6-7:30pm)

Dec 14 - Preps to Sovereign Hill

Dec 18 - Yr 4 Sovereign Hill

Dec 18 - Scotsburn Christmas Breakup (6pm)

Dec 19 - Prep, Yr 2, Yr 4 Movies

Dec 19 - Yr 6 Pool Breakup

Dec 20 - Scotsburn Pool Breakup

Dec 20 - Yr 6 Graduation Evening (6pm)




Nov 16 - Whole school /Family Group Assembly

Nov 23 - P-3 Assembly

Nov 30 - 4-6 Assembly

Dec 7 - Whole school /Family Group Assembly

Dec 14 - No Assembly

Dec 21 - Whole School Assembly

Principal's Report



Pre-paid orders for DVD's &/or Photos, will be coming home with your child this week.  If you have ordered but not yet paid, they have been put aside for you to collect and pay at the office. 

Just a reminder, the DVD's at $25 each and the Photos are $10 each.


We are now well down the track in terms of setting ourselves up for 2019 and in the coming weeks will have information to share regarding that.  If you have a prep for next year and don’t have an enrolment form in yet, please act on that quickly as we are close to capacity and will be closing off enrolments soon.



A reminder that MOTM 2019 scholarships are now open.  Please fill out the form attached to this newsletter and have that in to the general office by Wednesday 5th December.  The three winners of the scholarships will be announced at the final assembly this term.  


MOTM DVDs will be ready to purchase just in time for Christmas.....great present for the grandparents.  If you would like to purchase a DVD @ $25, contact the office.


Student Wellbeing

Offsite Evacuation Drill

Last Friday we held a practice offsite emergency evacuation drills at Buninyong Campus and on Thursday at Scotsburn Campus. The drill helps to prepare staff and students in the unlikely event that we have an emergency and have to leave the premises.


Both drills were highly successful with all staff and students evacuating the premises and all accounted for in under 15 minutes at Royal Park (our offsite evacuation point). As you can imagine, it is highly complex to move over 700 students and staff in this time, so a big thank you goes out to the Occupational Health and Safety team and our staff for assisting with developing efficient processes that allow us to do so.

Grandparents and Special Friends’ Morning

A reminder that Grandparents and Special Friends’ Morning will be held next Thursday on the 8th of November between 9-11am.


During the morning, grandparents and special friends can come at any stage to see their child’s classroom and take part in some fun activities and be involved in the classroom environment.


At approximately 10:30am we will also be holding a special morning tea which has always been a great opportunity for everyone to catch up and reconnect with those that they may not have seen for a while.


We look forward to seeing as many of you there as we can! Thank you!

Preps in 2019 with Additional Needs

Families who have new Prep students coming to school in 2019 and have been identified as having additional needs (e.g. Speech therapy, paediatric investigation, Autism, significant medical condition, etc), are encouraged to make a time to talk to Scott.


Scott will be able to help those families in understanding the Department of Education’s support framework and provide information on how our school supports the transition into Prep and also any additional resourcing that we may have access to. To arrange a meeting with Scott, please call the office to book in a time.

Well done Brooke and Bec!

Over the past couple of weeks, we have had Bec and Brooke from grade 6 running a dance competition in the gym for any students that are interested. The event has been highly popular with the kids and creates another opportunity for our students to perform and showcase their strengths. A massive thank you to Brooke and Bec for their organisational efforts in creating such a wonderful experience for performers and the audience.

Another successful PLP meeting

Last Thursday, we held our 1st PLP meeting of the term and again it was a great discussion and we thank everyone who attended for their feedback and ideas that continue to go into making our school such a wonderful place.


Last week’s discussion included:

  • Parent Opinion Survey Data
  • Out of School Hours Care feedback
  • Carols by Candlelight request for help
  • Grandparents and Special Friends’ Morning request for help
  • Concert funds – money raised and projects identified


Minutes of the meeting will be soon distributed, so please see your PLP or Scott for further clarification if need be.

This Fortnight’s B+ Theme is… Secrets

Over the next fortnight our classes are focussing on the theme of secrets with the kids in class. This element of the B+ program is based around our Child Safe framework and addresses some key learning around:

  • What is a secret?
  • Types of secrets (Good = A surprise birthday present / Bad = someone telling you they feel unsafe or uncomfortable)
  • Steps to take when you feel uncomfortable about a secret.

If time permits, we ask that all families follow up with some discussions around the above at home as well. Empowering our kids to speak and understand these will help maintain their safety as they grow. Below is a book that may assist in opening up the conversation.

Blue Light Award Winners

At the start of this year, we developed a partnership with Ballarat Police to award students for positive attendance, behaviour, and overall effort towards learning. Each month, we have nominees put forward from various year levels on behalf of the teachers. From those nominees, we select a student to receive the award. Accompanying the wonderful medallion (seen below) is also a free pass to the Blue Light discos, which the Ballarat Police supervise and build positive connections within the community.

A special Thank you to Des Hudson and Ballarat Police for being such a wonderful part of our school. Congratulations also to all award winners from last week and throughout the rest of the year.

Pictured below are:

  • Claire Baker (Junior – Prep)
  • Braxton Cahill (Junior - Grade 1)
  • Piper Tippins (Junior - Grade 2)
  • Felix Worland (Junior - Grade 3)
  • Grace Shackell (Senior - Grade 4)
  • Billy Gravell (Senior - Grade 5)
  • Inez Demirceviren (Senior - Grade 6)
  • Sienna Webb (Senior - Scotsburn)


Teaching & Learning

Parent Teacher Interviews
Save the Dates!

As Term 4 moves rapidly along, teachers are beginning the report writing stage to help capture a snapshot of student learning for the end of year reports.


Over the past few years Buninyong PS has worked to ensure the end of year reports are easy to understand but give a clear picture of student growth over the past 12 months. Part of this process is to provide an opportunity to discuss student progress at an end of year interview.


Parent Teacher bookings will once again run through the Compass portal. Booking details will be advertised in Week 6.

To help this process we ask parents to pop the following dates on the calendar:

  • Thursday 29th November – Student Reports are sent home
  • Thursday 6th December – Parent Teacher Interviews from 1.45pm (Early School finish 1pm)
  • Wednesday 8th December – Parent Teacher Interviews from 4pm.

Academy 1270

During the year we have had 60 students participating in the Maths Olympiads and Maths Games. This included students from both campuses meeting each week to focus on maths problem solving strategies.


We had a dedicated Maths Olympiad team made up of year 5 and 6 students and a Maths Games team made up of Year 4 students. Although the students work independently on the problem solving there is a major team work component of the program where students help each other by talking through the problems and challenging different each other on the strategies used.


The APSMO foundation send through a number of awards for students who achieve the highest scores at the school.


This year the awards go to:


Maths Olympiad:

First – Hillary S

Second – Charlie B

Third – Dan W

Maths Games

First: Hudson A

Second: Cassandra R

Third: Cooper G

Well done to everyone who participated in the Maths Academy program and we look forward to continuing this program in 2019.

eSmart Focus

“This week our eSmart Focus is - If you had no internet for a day, what would you do? We went out into the playground and asked some kids what they would do. It wasn’t too hard for them to think about what other things they could do. The list they have come up with is pretty good, have a look to see what they said."



(Bring Your Own Device) BYOD Update:

Earlier this term we sent out information to our grade 3s regarding their inclusion in the BYOD program in 2019 as grade 4s. Our BYOD program will run again next year for all students in grades 4-6 and has been an exceptional program in personalising learning, developing creativity, learning digital citizenship skills and lifting student engagement in learning.


If your child is in grade 3, they will receive another note soon with more details regarding device specifics for the program.


Summary of BYOD Program for 2019 grade 4 students

  • Program to start in term 1, 2019.
  • Students in years 4/5/6 will be participating in the program.
  • Apple iPad, iPad pro and iPad Mini versions can be used as part of the program.
  • A pre-determined set of apps for use at school will be communicated at a later date. Cost is considered when developing the suite of Apps.
  • Information and registration afternoons/evenings will be held in the first few weeks of term 1, 2019.
    • Compulsory attendance at a registration/information evening is expected prior to your child being able to bring their device to school.
    • Students will have their devices connected to the school’s WIFI and monitored internet during the registration                 evenings.
  • When purchasing new devices, please take the time to  discuss where your child will use it at home, how often they will use it, what you  expect of them when they are using it and what will happen if you don’t like how they are using it. These will assist in developing those core (trust) rules that will assist in using the device effectively at home. At school we want these devices used primarily as educational tools and not entertainment sources.
  • Our current BYOD policy and guidelines are available on our school’s website under the BYOD Portal.

Please note that if you chose not to purchase a device for your child, they will have access to a classroom device during school hours.

Tips for Parents

This week our focus turns to counting and fractions. For parents with younger students finding different ways to engage your child in counting is a very important part of becoming numerate. Finding opportunities to model counting in the real world will help students make sense of this skill.


Fractions is always a difficult one for parents to tackle with their child as the language can be confusing.  Today's edition looks at the different language used when teaching fractions and the definitions of each. Understanding the terms can make the conversation with your child a less frustrating one.



Scotsburn News

Scotsburn News

Planning For 2019

We have begun some early planning for 2019. To help us with this, please inform Shaun ASAP if you will not be returning to the Scotsburn campus in 2019.


P-2 Sleepover

This Wednesday, we are looking forward to our P-2 Sleepover. Students can arrive back at Scotsburn at 5.30pm ready for a BBQ tea and an action packed evening of fun. Fingers crossed for plenty of sleep!


Grandparents & Special Friends Day

Thursday 8th November is Grandparents & Special Friends morning. We would like to invite all Grandparents and Special Friends along from 9am – 11am. It would be great if all families could provide a small plate of food for our guests to share from 10.30am in the Old Building. We are looking forward to what is always one of the highlights of the school year.


Ballarat Show Day Holiday

A reminder that this Friday is the Show Day Holiday. There will be no school for students on this day.


Scotsburn PJ Day

On Wednesday 21st November, we encourage students to come along to school dressed in their PJ’s. Please also bring along a favourite teddy. We will be having a teddy competition, a parade, fun activities and a movie in the afternoon. A fun day planned and run by our Grade 6 Leaders.


BBQ Fundraiser Proposal

At our Scotsburn parent catch up, it was decided that we would take on the running of the BBQ at the Buninyong school gym on November 24th from 8am-2pm (Election Day). The money raised will be added to the concert money to complete the water project. If you can help out, please return the note indicating the time that best suits (we have enough for the 8am-10am time slot) by then end of this week.


ABC & ROCCH Awards

Gr P-2 – Jack  & Josh

Gr 2-4 – Flynn 

ROCCH Award – Koby 

Specialist Award – Henry



Zooper Doppers

We will be selling Zooper Doopers for $1 on Thursday.


Canteen Helpers Required

The Scotsburn Campus will be on duty to support Tracey in the canteen on Wednesday 28/11, Friday 30/11 & Wednesday 5/12 from 11am to 1:15pm. Please contact Tracey [email protected]  if you are available to assist.


Friday Rotations

Our first rotation for Term 4 will be on the (16th November). Our groups will be doing the following:

Term 4 - Lunch Order Roster

Lunch orders need to be collected from the Buninyong campus at 12.40pm. Please ensure you organise a swap if necessary so that the students don’t go hungry!


Term 3 - Important Dates & Extra-Curricular Events

7th Nov - Grade P-2 Sleepover

8th Nov - Grandparents and Special Friends Day

9th Nov - Ballarat Show

30th Nov - Reports Sent Home

3rd – 7th Dec - P-6 Swimming program

6th Dec - Parent teacher (1pm finish for students)

11th Dec - Orientation Day for 2019 Preps

12th Dec - Parent teacher (4pm-6pm)

14th Dec - Scotsburn Shared Xmas Lunch

18th Dec (6pm) - Scotsburn Christmas Breakup

20th Dec - Scotsburn (Fed Uni Pool) Break up


Christmas Village Display


BASE 1270

BASE 1270

What a spook-tacular week we had at Base 1270. It was fantastic to see so many children getting into the spirit of Halloween with the props and decorations!


Our Base 1270 ‘FriYAYers’ had a fantastic time planting tomato seeds in the veggie patches. If you look carefully you will be able to see the vegetables starting to grow! A friendly reminder to all to please stay off the veggie patches so that our vegetables can continue to grow. 

Parents, please remember to return both the parent and the student feedback forms as soon as possible. Any feedback is much appreciated as we aim to make Base 1270 as enjoyable as possible for your children. If you require a feedback form, please see a Base 1270 staff member.


Base 1270 staff



Base Admin

Did you know that most families are eligible to claim Child Care Subsidy (CCS)?


CCS is a payment from the Australian Government to assist families who work, train or study with the cost of child care (After School Care, Before School Care & Vacation Care).


Please see the document below for more information and speak to Mel in the office if you have any questions.


Student News/Awards

Act of Kindness


Uniform Sale


Scratch & Patch


Sand Pit

Lunch Club has a new sandpit and we are about to receive a play kitchen from the Men’s Shed.  This is a great opportunity to get rid of unused clutter around your house as we are looking for donations of old pots and pans, bowls and basic kitchenware.

Also, any sandpit toys like metal trucks, cars and plastic shovels and buckets would be greatly appreciated by our Lunch Club members.


Buninyong Carols


Colouring Competition


Please see the below attachment for the colouring in sheets and the Terms and conditions.

They are also available at the Buninyong Supermarket or at the school office.



Canteen Price List Term 4



Our coffee machine is up and running and open to all staff, parents and students (for a hot chocolate) every morning.  

The canteen will open every school day at 8:00 till 9:15am.               

Perfect time to get yourself a coffee while dropping the kids off at school.


Coffee $4.00

Hot Chocolate $3.00



Sausage Sizzle


Community Notices

Carols by Candle Light...Helpers Sought

Carols by Candle Light is run mainly by the Buninyong & Mt Helen Lions Club, together with a voluntary committee of both community and church locals. The choir from Buninyong Primary School performs each year at the carols.


This year the organising committee is asking for physical hands on assistance for both setting up on the Saturday 8th December morning from 8:00am for an hour or two as well as packing up after the event from 9pm onwards.


The organising committee meets almost monthly throughout each year and would  welcome new members at any time.  If you are available to help with this year’s carols, either with the set up and pack up, or by joining the organising committee, please contact Jill Spencer on  5341 3602.

State Election 2018 Candidate Forum


Spring Fest November 25


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