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22 November 2018
22 November 2018
Prayer and Reflection
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Prayer and Reflection


Let us collect our hopes, fears, wishes and dreams

for the fulfillment of the Kingship of Jesus Christ,

and lift them in prayer to our God who hears and answers us.

Heavenly Father, let us pray for the coming of a time of justice,

let us pray for a time of peace,

let us pray for a time of mercy.

We pray this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

who lives and reigns with you,

forever and ever.


Our Lady of the Rosary. Pray for us.

St Dominic. Pray for us.

Blessed Edmund Rice. Pray for us.



Our thoughts and prayers are with Chloe and Taniel Rae and their family following the passing of their grandfather.

Mrs Cate Allen - Mission and Spiritual Formation Coordinator


Principal's Report

Sport Awards Assembly

Congratulations to all the award winners and coaches who were acknowledged publicly on Wednesday at the annual Sport Awards Assembly. As I said in my address to the parents, students and staff, sport is not just about ‘playing the game’ - “Sport can have a positive impact on issues as diverse as employability, tackling inequality, and addressing anti-social behaviour. Sport transcends politics, language and cultural barriers. While freedom fighters, civil-rights leaders, and anyone else interested in establishing a true cultural balance have sought equality and harmony for as long as history can remember. The one stone that has been left unturned and unexplored has been sports. The manner in which a simple game has effortlessly blurred colour lines and destroyed cultural barriers is constantly overlooked. When the gun smoke cleared and preaching stopped working, organised sports allowed individuals to see beyond the superficial and draw true inspiration from the people that transcended all of the negativity. Now that cultural change did not come without heartache, but the effects of integration and increased racial tolerance resonated out of the sports world and into society. As an example, we all know well Disney's 2000 film Remember the Titans and how it powerfully illustrated the racial turmoil a high school football team faced on the road to a perfect season. When athletes can be united to achieve a common goal, the issues of skin colour, foreign languages, and cultural upbringing lose significance and ultimately create a new mold for society to follow.”


I also publicly acknowledge the dedication and hard work of Mr Brad Mitchell in coordinating and supporting the myriad of sports on offer in the Armidale Diocese. As a new member of the McCarthy family Mr Mitchell demonstrates the sporting mantra – work hard. Play hard. Live well. I congratulate and publicly thank him for his great work in 2018. I also deeply thank and acknowledge the generosity and hard work of all of our volunteer coaches, without whom we would not be able to offer such a diverse selection of sporting opportunities.


Orientation Day

We are getting excited about providing a wonderful Orientation Day for our new Year 7 students for 2019 on 3 December. At that time we will welcome close to 165 Year 6 students who will be bursting at the seams to begin their transition to secondary school. The day traditionally begins with some trepidation that is soon allayed by enthusiastic Year 10 buddies and a caring bunch of dedicated and experienced staff who will lead them on a journey of discovery and understanding about Year 7. Year 6 students with confirmed enrolments can expect a busy and informative day that will leave them well prepared for their first day of secondary school in 2019. Relevant information has been sent to all incoming families. A reminder that a short Parent Information Evening will be conducted at 6:00pm in the College Hall on the same date to ensure that families are as well versed as the students for a calm transition to McCarthy Catholic College in 2019.


Code of Conduct

I draw your attention to Mr Larkin’s article in this newsletter regarding the College Code of Conduct that strongly highlights the conditions of membership of this great College. Certainly a worthwhile read and one well worth discussing with your sons and daughters.


School Advisory Council AGM

School Advisory Councils act as key advisory bodies to Catholic schools across the Armidale Diocese. I am deeply indebted to the past and present members of our McCarthy family who choose to volunteer their services and expertise to support the strategic governance of the College. At the Annual General Meeting last night we elected our 2019 Council and farewelled two long term members. I take this opportunity to highlight the long period of service offered by Mr Adam Green - 7 years and 5 of those years as Chairperson. Adam leaves a strong legacy of financial transparency and proper discernment in decision-making. I similarly thank and acknowledge the wise support of Mrs Kate Sullivan who has worked as a staff representative for 6 years. The new council is listed below -

Ex-officio: Parish Priest of St Nicholas Father Christopher Onuekwusi and College Principal Mr Geoff McManus
Chairperson: Mr Bernie Munro
Secretary: Mr Fletcher Davies
Staff Representatives: Mrs Raelene Maxworthy and Mrs Briony Martin
Members: Ms Hiliary Thornberry, Mrs Carol Reed, Mr Geoff Shanley and Mr Richard O’Halloran.



It has been a very busy couple of weeks of interviewing for key staff roles at the College. It is my great pleasure to announce the following appointments for new staff to begin in January 2019. Leader of Learning - Mathematics - Mr Tim Godden; Student Support Teacher (part-time 0.8) - Mrs Wendy Rheinberger; Chemistry Teacher - Mr Wade Leu; English Teacher - Mrs Deanne Battistuzzi; TAS Teacher - Ms Julie Hodges; Mathematics Teacher - Mr Jonathan Dean. We look forward to officially welcoming these talented and well-credentialed staff next year.

We congratulate Mrs Natalie Deacon and her husband, Adam, on the safe arrival of their third son, Reid.


Creative Arts Showcase

I invite the McCarthy community to attend the annual Creative Arts Showcase highlighting the talents of students in Drama, Music and Art on Tuesday 4 December commencing at 5:30pm in OLORCC.

Mr Geoff McManus - Principal


Assistant Principal - Mrs Sparke

STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is a burgeoning area of curriculum interest - for students and for staff. For three exciting days this week, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, several of our staff were involved in a workshop with Sydney University academics to extend their understanding and experience in this area. The partnership with Sydney University will be ongoing through 2019.


Exams have continued this week and conclude tomorrow. The students were largely organised and well behaved and I thank them for their cooperation. Mobile phones and Smart devices are not allowed in the exam room - students need to make prior arrangements for their secure storage during exams.

A reminder for Year 10 students that the NESA window for reaching Minimum Standards is currently open. It is a requirement that the Year 10 cohort of 2018 have achieved a minimum Band 8 result in each of the NAPLAN domains before they can receive a HSC in 2020. Mrs Martin, Leader of Pedagogy, will be sending email reminders to each of the students who have not yet reached this benchmark.

Mrs Sally Sparke - Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal - Mr Larkin

Stories that Shape Who We Are

As human beings, stories and narratives are one of the most powerful tools that we have invented.

Anthropologists argue that storytelling is fundamental to every known culture. That it is one of the key ways that we define ourselves and shape our identity and create our values that influence our lives.

Just as the brain detects patterns in the visual forms of nature – a face, a figure, a flower – and in sound, so too it detects patterns in information. Stories are recognisable patterns, and in those patterns we find meaning. We use stories to make sense of our world and to share that understanding with others.

Over the years one of my favourite stories that I have been inspired by as a teacher is about a famous headmaster who, when delivering his farewell speech, recalled fondly the things that mattered most in his school. In particular, he recalled two boys: one had been a champion at all that he had done, he won the prizes and went on to become a successful businessman achieving great fame and fortune. The other was an ordinary boy who’d won nothing in his life, who had been plain and unspectacular in everything that he did. But when travelling in a train with the boys to some event the headmaster recalled how they were stuck in a carriage with a mother who had a squalling, howling infant. Eventually the baby vomited all over itself and its mother. The successful boy looked the other way as did everyone else in the carriage being unsure or uncomfortable by the situation. Everyone, that is, except the ordinary boy, Chuff Rogers. Chuff took out his handkerchief and helped to wipe the baby and mother clean. In the end, after decades teaching, Chuff Rogers was the boy who the headmaster remembered most proudly and who he felt was one the school’s outstanding successes. The other boy – he couldn’t remember his name.


Service to others is a dominant theme promoted within the College, inspired by the Gospels, we endeavour to instil values that not only make for a healthy culture within the school but also in the wider society as our young men and women leave to forge a path for themselves and become a part of the wider world. In his letter to the Thessalonians St Paul writes, “We urge you to … encourage the timid, help the weak, be patient with everyone. See that no one pays back wrong for wrong, but at all times make it your aim to do good to one another and to all people.” These two simple sentences articulate a creed that the College aspires to engender within all in our community. Such a creed challenges dominant societal thinking that pervades our consumeristic culture and it is difficult for young people to resist such norms which constantly urge them to focus on self ahead of others.


Given the opportunity our young people often rise to the occasion. Recently, Mrs Laird took a group of Year 10 students to a sports day for students with disabilities. Our young men and women were marvellous in aiding and supporting and encouraging these children. Likewise, at the end of Term 3, our Year 12 students spent a day in the local Catholic primary schools serving others. They too were magnificent in the way they put aside their own needs to focus on that of others. These stories are uplifting and show what is possible when we put aside ‘self’ for others.


Unfortunately, a good number of the issues that I deal with in my position stem from selfishness and a self-centred approach to life. Students who disrupt the learning of others or come into conflict with peers are usually reckless, thoughtless or careless in their behaviour, with little to no concern of how their actions impact on others. There are those who when challenged by this realisation work to make a change. Some others are hard-wired to simply see the world through the lens of self-interest.


Regardless of how a student sees their place in the world, on enrolment, a student accepts that they will endeavour to live by the Code of Conduct. This code was constructed through a collaborative process involving students and staff a number of years ago before my arrival. My intention is that students will live by this code if they want to be members of this school community. Whilst I accept that we make mistakes and school is a place of learning, should a young person continue to wilfully live outside this code then a serious re-consideration of their enrolment needs to take place.


Care: caring for others; caring for yourself; caring for the College and wider environment; acting safely and considerately; service.

Courtesy: treat any member of the school with dignity; display good manners.

Respect: respect students’ rights to learn and teachers’ right to teach; follow teachers’ instructions; work cooperatively; respect individual differences.

Responsibility: work to the best of your ability; be organised, prepared and punctual; attend school unless you are legitimately excused; wear the uniform correctly.


This Code of Conduct is a simple but powerful narrative that creates a clear vision of how life should be lived. Should we allow this story to shape who we are we will have a flourishing College community.

 Mr Mick Larkin - Assistant Principal

Important Dates


28 November: Diocesan Cricket - Gunnedah

3 December:    Year 7 2019 Orientation Day

4 December:   Creative Arts Showcase 5:30pm - 7:30pm in OLORCC

5 December:   Thanksgiving Mass

7 December:    First Friday Mass

10 December:  Year 9 Excursion commences

17 December:  Award Night

18 December: Term 4 concludes for students


Teaching and Learning

Many of you would be familiar with the work of Simon Sinek, a New York author, and unshakeable optimist who has delivered many Ted Talks on topics such as “Start with Why” and “Millennials”. One topic I stumbled across was his talk on consistency and it made me think about the students at McCarthy and their learning journey.

We have many students who approach learning consistently and persistently. The success of the HSC, the offers they receive into university courses and employment, are not built in a year’s hard work. It is built from daily habits, consistent and persistent work from Years 7-12. Students who ‘do little bits often’ tend to feel less overwhelmed when it comes to tasks and exams. Students have been preparing well for the end of year examinations and I encourage them to keep up their efforts consistently.

“Integrity is when our words and deeds are consistent with our intentions.” – Simon Sinek


HSC Texstyle 2018

It is with great pleasure that I congratulate HSC student Maggie Fulwood who has been selected for inclusion in Texstyle. Texstyle is the annual exhibition of a selection of outstanding textiles projects from the HSC. The exhibition is coordinated by the Technology Educators Association (TEANSW) and will be held at The Muse, TAFE Ultimo College.

Mrs Raelene Maxworthy - Teaching and Learning Coordinator


Careers News

Year 12 2018

Our Year 12 2018 class are entering the next stage of their lives. 

HSC exams and the graduation are over, jobs are being advertising, universities are starting to make offers to students and the information continues to arrive.


Students are strongly urged to keep checking their email accounts, both school and non-school, in order not to miss out on offers and opportunities. The key is to follow instructions, know and abide by deadlines and seek advice if needed.


Resumes for Scholarships and Colleges

Last week over thirty Year 11 students  attended a lunchtime talk  on how to improve their chances of successfully applying for scholarships and places in on-campus accommodation. They were shown examples of resumes specifically for this purpose and we discussed what they could be doing from now on to help them in Terms 3 and 4 next year.


Defence Force visit

Earlier this week members of the Defence Forces spoke to interested students in Years 10 and 11 about career options and pathways.

Mrs Susan Barrett

Careers Adviser

Creative Arts Showcase



Sports Awards for 2018

On Wednesday 21 November, McCarthy Catholic College held it's annual Sports Awards Presentation. We thank Mr Brent Hartley from Northern Inland Academy of Sport who was our guest speaker on the day.

Congratulations to the following recipients of awards:

Female All Rounder Award: Billie Mitchell.

Male All Rounder Award: Calvin Farmilo.

Coach of the Year Award: Mr Andrew Davy and Miss Kara Spicer.

Services to Sport Award: Mr Peter Virgen.

Outstanding Achievement Award: Georgia Simm.

Davy Family College Gold Award for the Most Exceptional Sporting Performance:  Year 9/10 Girls' Oztag - Holly Bynge, Chloe Shanley, Jada Taylor, Madison Roach, Macy Gillies, Phoebe Porter, Sophie Corbett, Georgia Horniman, Sienna O'Mally, Abbegale Ryan, Daisy George.

Diocesan Half Blue Awards and College Blue: 

McCarthy Junior Girls' Hockey team - Ella Constable, Maeve Galvin, Ellie Highlands, Georgia Horniman, Callie Michell, Ella Mitchell, Grace O'Hehir, Ruby Pascoe, Marley Pitt, Claudia Rodda, Georgia Simm, Abby Wakely, Amber Witney.

College Half Blue:

McCarthy Year 9/10 Girls' Basketball team - Anika Earsman, Zarlee Farrell, Daisy George, Tanisha McKinnon, Ruby Murphy, Isla O'Reilly, Bianca Watson, Grace Whale.

McCarthy Year 9/10 Boys' Basketball team - Kody Collier, Archie Cruickshank, Noah Dunnill, Alex Groth, Cameron Holton, Jake Larkham, David Murrie, Thomas Sheppard, Darcy Walker, Jim Zell.

Individual Blue Awards: Billie Mitchell (Water Polo) and Dougal O'Reilly (Rugby Union)

Individual Half Blue Awards: Lucy Frame (Hockey), Benjamin Nelson (Athletics), Georgia Simm (Cross Country, Athletics), Amber Witney (Hockey).

Sportspersons of the Year for 2018: Melanie Young and Dougal O'Reilly.

Junior Sportspersons of the Year for 2018: Jada Taylor and Benjamin Chick.

2018 Pierre de Coubertin Award from the Australian Olympic Committee: Josie Chick.

Honour Shield: MacKillop.

Overall Champion House Award: Chisholm.

Parent and Staff Recognition of Achievement Award: Lisa Sellars, Jason Chick, Bede Maher, Sean Nichols, Tania Young, Damian Kenniff, Ronny Rindo, Mick Larkin, Marcus Chittick, Geoff Denton, Rebecca Hannan, Paul Hobson, Matt Hobson, Tony Higgins, Jason Kennedy, Ian McKenzie, Bernie Williams, Andrew Davy, Tania Laird, Lauren Ryan, Patrice McMullen, Kara Spicer, Andrew Farmilo, Cheryl Cruickshank, Tim Godden, SHaron Stuart, Carol Rickard, Josie CHick, Emma HIggins, Waye Northey, Pat Hobson.

McCarthy Catholic College Sport House Captains for 2019:

Chisholm House: Kealy Lett and Nicholas Taggart

Dominic House: Annabelle Pegus and Connor Roberts

Edmund Rice House: Keely Jameson and Calvin Farmilo

MacKillop House: Josie Chick and Nathan Watson

Years 7-10 NSWCCC Basketball

On Sunday 11 November four Years 7/8 and 9/10 Basketball teams travelled to Sydney for the NSWCCC Basketball Championships at Penrith (boys) and Hawkesbury (girls) Basketball Stadiums. After months of training and preparation, the teams were keen to compete. The standard of competition was very high, with the top Catholic Schools from all over NSW competing.

The Year 7/8 girls played their first match against Xavier College, Albury and in a tight contest they went down 42-30. Game 2 saw a thrilling narrow defeat (27-24) to Stella Maris College, Manly. In the last game the girls went down to St Mary Star of the Sea, Wollongong. The girls qualified for the Plate Trophy and were desperate to record a win. A great performance saw the girls win 37-26 before a close semi-final loss of 32-25 against Pennant Hills.

The Year 9/10 girls lost their opening match 42-25 against Mount St Joseph’s, Milperra before defeating St John Paul, Hawkesbury 43-37. The girls were defeated in the last game for the day. Comprehensive 48-29 and 50-36 wins in the quarter and semi-finals saw the girls match up against Stella Maris College, Manly in the final. In a high quality game, the girls went down 37-20 but should be proud of winning the silver medal for the Plate competition.

The Year 7/8 boys' team narrowly lost 24-25 to St Dominic's, Penrith in their first match. In Game 2 they defeated McCauley, Tumut 42-24 and in Game 3 they went down to John Therry, Rosemeadow 49-34. On Day 2 of the competition, the boys qualified for the Plate Division quarter-finals where they ran into a dominant St Edward’s, Gosford team going down 44-16.

The Year 9/10 boys went down in a tough 25-27 loss to St Edward’s, Gosford in the final minute. The next game was against St Dominic’s, Kingswood, the best team in the competition, and despite their best efforts the boys went down 76-32. The last game saw a determined 43-32 win against Edmund Rice College, Wollongong.

The boys qualified for the Plate Division quarter-finals on Day 2. First up was a convincing 54-30 victory over St Dominic’s, Penrith and then a 31-15 semi-final win against St Patrick’s, Fairfield. In the final of the Plate competition the boys started really well holding a half-time lead against Xavier College, Albury. A comeback by the Albury team saw us go down 36-33 in a thrilling finish. Congratulations to the boys who claimed the silver medal in the Plate Division.


A big thank you to Mrs Natahlia Bryant for travelling down and looking after the teams. As well as the coaches Mr Matt Hobson, Mrs Carol Rickard, Mr Jason Kennedy, and students Josie Chick and Emma Higgins. Thanks to all the parents who travelled to support our teams as well as Mr Tony Higgins, Mr Paul Hobson and Mrs Pat Hobson who helped the teams in the lead up to the championships. Well done to our students who represented the College with excellent behaviour, sportsmanship, manners and respect throughout the entire trip.


Teams 7/8 Girls: Lilly Bruyn, Mia Darcy, Erin Hansen, Mia Kennedy, Breanna Luckey, Portia McGarrity, Marley Pitt, Zoe Rickard, Georgia Sheppard, Aleisha Young. Coach: Josie Chick and Emma Higgins.

9/10 Girls: Anika Earsman, Zarlee Farrell, Daisy George, Tanisha McKinnon, Ruby Murphy, Isla O'Reilly, Bianca Watson, Grace Whale. Coach: Mr Jason Kennedy.

7/8 Boys: Wyatt Allen, Leo Berman, William Berton, Ethan Lee, Thomas Littlejohns, Ryan Lowe, Rowan O'Reilly, Thomas Rickard, Ryan Sing, Jack Smith. Coach: Mrs Carol Rickard.

9/10 Boys: Kody Collier, Archie Cruickshank, Noah Dunnill, Alex Groth, Cameron Holton, Jake Larkham, David Murrie, Thomas Sheppard, Darcy Walker, Jim Zell. Coach: Mr Matt Hobson.

Mr Brad Mitchell - Sports Coordinator

Europe 2020

Europe April 2020

For students and parents who are interested in this, Academy Travel has set up a website specifically for the proposed McCarthy tour with:

- flyers with the itinerary, dates and costs

- booking forms 

- a presentation from Academy Travel.

If you would like to  have access to this information on the website, please send an email to me at the address below and I will provide the contact details.

The next step is for the completed booking forms with a $500 deposit to be handed in to the College by Friday 23 November. This deadline is very important.  We need 20 participants to have done this by that date for the tour to proceed. If it does not, the $500 deposit will be refunded.

Mrs Susan Barrett


McCarthy Parents Association

Trivia Night

A fantastic night was had by all last Saturday night. Thank you to Forum 6, Material World and Kensell's for their kind donations towards the night. The new venue in the OLORCC foyer was very successful.


General Information

Clothing Pool

The Clothing Pool can be accessed on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 8:00am and 8:30am via the bottom carpark. It can be found at the top of the stairs, to the left (facing Tribe Street).

Hours of Supervision

The playground will be supervised from 8:30am. School hours are 8:45am – 3:00pm. After school, students will be supervised in the bus bay area until the last bus leaves.

Executive Staff

Principal: Mr Geoff McManus

Assistant Principals: Mrs Sally Sparke and Mr Mick Larkin

Mission and Spiritual Formation Coordinator: Mrs Cate Allen

Teaching and Learning Coordinator: Mrs Raelene Maxworthy

Leader of Pedagogy: Mrs Briony Martin

Year Coordinators

The 2018 Pastoral Care team is:

Year 7 Coordinator - Mr Bernie Williams


Year 8 Coordinator - Mr Andrew Davy             


Year 9 Coordinator - Mrs Melissa Bearup                


Year 10 Coordinator - Mrs Fiona O'Neill                    




Year 11 Coordinator - Mr Damian Kenniff                        


Year 12 Coordinator - Mrs Michelle Gale                       

Change of Details

It is imperative that the office be advised about any change of details from last year, such as change in family situation, address, workplace, email addresses, phone numbers – mobile and landline for home and work.



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