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22 May 2019
Issue Seven
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Message from
the Principal

Term 2 | Week 4

Over the past week we have been celebrating National Boarding Week. We have a thriving Boarding Community, one of the largest in the country and we see boarding to be central to the identity of Kinross Wolaroi School. Our boarding community powerfully impacts upon the tone and values of our School body and provides so many opportunites for forging of great friendships, development of self-discipline and independence, and to become resilient and organised.


Our celebration started with a marvellous School Assembly where our boarding community shared their experiences and joys with the School. Their pride in their House and community was palpable and all present very much appreciated the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into boarding life. Two of our promotional new videos exploring residential life at KWS were shown, a wide spectrum of boarding experiences were shared by students, staff and parents and we had the pleasure of one of our boarders perform his own piece on Guitar.


Our boarders hosted the School staff to morning tea in the Dining Room which afforded a lovely opportunity to socialize together and hear a little of what individual students are up to. At lunchtime we were treated to music in the forecourt which was greatly appreciated by all. A number of staff took the opportunity to dine with our boarders and be shown around some houses by the students. I was wonderfully hosted by the boys of Weymouth House whose hospitality was revealed the very special and warm community we have here at KWS. It was fabulous to spend time with the boys and to see the great pride they have in their House community. I made a very foolish decision to take on James Wright in Chess –he had me Check-Mate before I took any of his pieces! A great evening and thank you to Weymouth House for your generous hospitality.


Several of my colleagues enjoyed similar hospitality from the girls of New House, and all remarked about the warmth of welcome and how homely and supportive the atmosphere was within the House community.


KWS also hosted a meeting of schools from around NSW who are involved in Indigenous Boarding. A most worthwhile event hosted by Mr Begg that provided educators an excellent forum to share best practice.


Over the past weekend members of staff attended the Boarding Expo in Dubbo. It was very pleasing to see the considerable interest in the School and to spend time with prospective families sharing with them the outstanding opportunities that Kinross Wolaroi has to offer. The breadth of experience available and the level of achievement attained by so many of our students is quite remarkable.

I wish to sincerely thank our Director of Boarding Mr Matt Curran, all our Boarding Staff and our Boarders for staging such a wonderful celebration of boarding at KWS. We have a very special community and it was marvellous for the broader School body to be given such a special insight into boarding life. Thank you.


Welcome to our Exchange Students

In recent weeks we have welcomed our two exchange students from The Doon School in India, Dhairyajit Singh and Tarun Bhide. Both boys are boarding with us until the end of Term.


Next Monday, 27th May we welcome four students from The Institute Saint-Dominique, Pau, France:

Lucas Le Mahier, Marie Donjon, Sarah Horquet and Clementine Delor who will be at KWS until 5th July.


Thank you to those families who have kindly offered to be host families for our visitors. The opportunity to engage with our exchange students is an important part of our program for it provides a means of learning about other cultures and school systems and enables us to share the wonderful country hospitality for which we are so highly regarded.




Congratulations to Sophie Martin, Year 8 who gained selection in the NSW School’s Triathlon Team to attend the Nationals SAA Triathlon in Queensland recently. Sophie raced in both the individual and team events and placed 15th overall in the individual event and 5th in the Team event.








Congratulations to Collette Lyons, Year 8 who has been selected as a member of the Swimming NSW Sharks Gold Squad, which is designed to identify and support athletes for potential selection in a National Junior Team or Talent Identification Squad selection. A truly outstanding opportunity for Collette.


Congratulations also to Oliver McLaughlin who has been selected in the NSW Schools Swimming Team to compete at the All School Sport Australia Swimming Championships in Melbourne in July. We look forward to hearing of Oliver’s results later in Term 3.



We wish Pip Mannix, Year 12 the best of luck as she departs our shores next week with the Australian School Girls Hockey Team on their tour of Europe. We look forward to hearing about the trip upon Pip’s return.


Public Speaking

Five representatives from KWS attended the highly respected CWA Public Speaking Competition held at the James Sheahan Catholic High School on Tuesday the 21st of May.


Three boys in Year 8 spoke in the Middle Division:  Max Reidy, Shubhang Nagar and Toby Gough. Toby took out second place in the competition speaking on the topic of ‘First Peoples/First Nations’. Toby's speech was highly persuasive and engaging. All of the boys were excellent ambassadors for KWS.


Our Senior School Leaders, Emer Spora and Lucy Kirk participated in the Open Division, on the topic, ‘Who’d be a Politician?’ The competition was highly competitive at this level and all speakers displayed exceptional oratory skills. Lucy is to be congratulated on winning First Prize, which is a reflection of her commitment to academic endeavours and ability to deliver a thought provoking and entertaining speech.


Congratulations to all participants, and to Toby and Lucy for their success.


Staff Announcement

Head of Agriculture - Mrs Jody Haydon

After a rigorous selection process where candidates were invited to share their vision for Agriculture at

Kinross Wolaroi School, I am delighted to announce the appointment of Mrs Jody Haydon as the Head ofAgriculture, commencing Wednesday 22 May, 2019.


Jody brings broad experience to the role having worked for 12 years with the Department of Primary

Industries as a Technical Officer for the Regional Veterinary Laboratory; as a classroom practitioner; and

as a Project Officer for the KWS Regional Engagement Enterprise. Jody has a Bachelor of Applied Science University Western Sydney and a Graduate Diploma in Education from University of New England.


Jody has an exciting vision for the future of Agriculture at KWS and I am sure you will join with me in

wishing her every success as she embraces this new opportunity.


Dr Andrew Parry 


Message from
the Deputy Principal 

Term 2 | Week 4

It is hard to believe we are already at Week 4 of this term and unsurprisingly there has been a lot of activity going on throughout the School. As we enter a period of assessments and end of semester tests it is important that our pupils strike the balance between staying busy and taking time to reinvigorate and recharge. This is a very fine line and one that we will guide here at School. If any parent would like to talk or seek guidance on how best to support their daughter or son during this busy period please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s Head of House or Mentor and they will be more than happy to help.


I am continuing to develop my understanding of KWS and have put into place various plans to allow me to appreciate the demands placed upon our pupils and staff. Fortnightly meetings with the SRC have been set up to provide an important conduit for the pupil voice with my office. Our pupils have a unique and valuable perspective on the day-to-day operations of KWS and they are the perfect barometer as to how we are travelling. I will also be visiting meetings of the SRC to find out more about their initiatives and to access feedback on the effectiveness of our current behaviour management policy. They are in a great position to let me know how clear our behaviour system is, how effective the rewards are and also the consistency of application. By embracing this feedback and adding this to staff thoughts, along with parental observations later this year, we will look to create a new system that is clear and consistent for 2020. To enhance my knowledge of what it is like to be a teacher on a full teaching load I am seconding myself to various staff members to shadow them for the day. This will see me become a Maths teacher with Ms Hiskens, see how Year 7 is guided by following Mrs McCalman and to see how our athletes prepare for their co-curricular commitments with various coaches.


I am looking forward to watching a number of teams in action on the court, pitch and astroturf over the next two weeks. This weekend will see the rugby players have their first home fixture for the season and I am sure the players, staff and parents alike will be delighted to be setting their alarms at a more civilised time. Next weekend is a voyage into the unknown as I head up to Coonabarabran for the Northwest Equestrian Expo. I am hoping to catch some of the show jumping, polocrosse and the stockhorse challenges. We also have the Camerata Concert on Friday 31 May in the DPA Chapel at 7pm and I would encourage you to attend what will be a wonderful evening of music.


I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible over the coming weekends at these various sporting and co-curricular events.


Mr James Boyd

Deputy Principal

Message from the
Head of Prep School

Term 2 | Week 4

As you would be aware each week a different class is responsible for convening our weekly assemblies. This gives an opportunity to showcase something they are doing in class, gives an opportunity to speak to an audience and also gives an opportunity for those learning an instrument, no matter what their level an opportunity to perform.  Each week students amaze me with their ability to speak through a microphone to an audience of about 330 people with staff and parents. It is a lifelong skill and one that needs constant practice. What is most gratifying is that staff share the load so children of all levels have the opportunity. Sometimes they may have difficulty but we all learn from experience. At present our youngest students are convening the assemblies and we very much look forward to their presentations.


The next few weeks see many excursions and events happening. Year 5 head to Sydney for two days studying our colonial history, Year 6 head to Canberra to look at our parliamentary system, our Year 5 da Vinci Decathlon team head to Knox Grammar School for the State final and our Cross Country team competes at HICES carnival this week.


We wish all our students the very best in the competitions and for our excursion events expect the students to make the best of these opportunities.


With many students and staff away next Wednesday there will be NO SPORT training. Hockey matches have been organised to cause no disruption to the draw.


Our two HICES debating teams competed against each other for the right to make the quarter finals of this State competition. Our Green team of Maya Bracks, Krishan Kandeepan, Alice Scholte and Lachlan Watts won the day with all students speaking with great passion and strong arguments. Well done to Mr Bracks and Mrs Charlton for their preparation of the teams.


A reminder that Friday 7 June is a Pupil Free Day while staff are involved in professional learning. Uniting Care are open for the day and can be contacted on [email protected] or by phoning 0427 290 761. Registration with Uniting Care is required.


The Performing Arts Concert has been changed to Thursday 13 June. We apologise for the change but circumstances necessitated the date be changed. All other details for the concert remain the same and we look forward to another wonderful concert showcasing the work being done in the Prep School.


At Assembly we acknowledged the following students:




Principal’s Award

Week 3

Winona Wade

Lachlan Hunt

Digby Volkofsky




Principal’s Award

Week 4

Emily Caro

Lily McBeath

Hannah Jones


Mr Rob McLean 

Head of Preparatory School

Student Wellbeing

Australia‘s Youth and Mental Health

  • Half of all lifelong mental health problems begin before the age of 14.
  • One in seven young people aged 4 to 17 years experience a mental health condition in any given year.
  • 6.9% of children and young people (aged 4 to 17 years) had suffered from an anxiety disorder in the past 12 months.
  • Over 75% of mental health problems occur before the age of 25.
  • Suicide continues to be the biggest killer of young Australians.
  • Young people are less likely than any other age group to seek professional help.

The above are some sobering statistics from agencies including Beyond Blue, Mission Australia and the Australian Bureau of Statistics. According to the 2018 Mission Australia Youth Survey Report, over four in ten young people identified mental health as an important issue facing Australia today (43.0%). The top issues of personal concern to young people relate to mental health and challenges to wellbeing: coping with stress, school or study problems, mental health and body image.


Key findings from this report also suggest that schools should provide evidence-based universal mental health prevention and intervention programs for young people. In addition, the report indicated that friends and family need to be equipped to provide support to young people when they seek help in relation to their mental health.


One of the Wellbeing Key Strategic Objectives in our School’s 2019 – 2023 Strategic Plan, is to maximise student wellbeing in a safe, supportive and connected learning community. One way this objective can be supported is in the training of all Wellbeing and Boarding Staff in Mental Health Youth First Aid (MHYFA). Our School Psychologist, Rebecca Anderson, has recently undertaken training to become a MHYFA Instructor and will begin an ongoing program of Professional Development Training for KWS Staff and parents.


The Youth Mental Health First Aid Course is for adults working or living with adolescents (those aged between 12 and 18 years). The course teaches adults how to assist adolescents who are developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. Course participants learn about adolescent development, the signs and symptoms of the common and disabling mental health problems in young people, where and how to get help when a young person is developing a mental illness, what sort of help has been shown by research to be effective, and how to provide first aid in a crisis situation.


Specific developing mental health problems covered are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety problems
  • Psychosis
  • Substance use problems
  • Eating disorders

Mental health crisis situations covered are:

  • Suicidal thoughts and behaviours
  • Non-suicidal self-injury (sometimes called deliberate self-harm)
  • Panic attacks
  • Traumatic events
  • Severe effects of drug or alcohol use
  • Severe psychotic states
  • Aggressive behaviours

As a Wellbeing Team, we believe that if students are settled, self-confident, empathetic and healthy, then they are going to engage thoroughly in school. In addition, the cultivation of these qualities generally leads to happier and more fulfilling lives.


All the best for the week ahead!


Mrs Emma Bylsma

Head of Student Wellbeing

Message from the Head of Teaching and Learning

Grit and Lit
Uncomfortable truths that just won’t go away!

Nobody is too old for a bedtime story!

In my last article, I talked about the dangers of technology when we allow it to become our master. Indeed David Gillespie in both his book and podcast dramatically describes how the ‘iPhone rewired the teenage brain'. It may sound melodramatic but it is certainly food for thought, especially when we read about how both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates severely limited their own kids’ screen time. However, this article is not about technology. This article is about the importance of wider and independent reading to literacy; the foundation of learning.

Let’s just get the uncomfortable truth out of the way nice and early: Reading always has been and always will be really important to learning, and there are no short cuts.

The introduction of technology, and all of the exciting things that have come with it, will never change the fact that fundamentally, reading is necessary. I don’t mean ‘surfing the net’ or skimming through online articles and social media. I mean reading books (and by the way, for those of us who really struggle with reading, listening to an audio book whilst following the text will also reap huge benefits).

Why is reading so important?

Reading develops a child’s (and adult’s) imagination and creativity; it supports logical thinking and problem solving skills. Reading enhances communication skills – through shared conversations with teachers, peers and friends about what it is they are reading, and by observing the interactions between characters in a story. Reading together is also a great opportunity to spend quality time together. Reading provides information and content knowledge – the more a child reads, the more they learn and the more they learn, the more they understand. Provided the book is an age and ability appropriate book, reading reduces stress. Sitting in a quiet location and having an opportunity to focus on one thing, without distraction, allows for a comfortable state similar to meditating. Through reading, your child will profit by acquiring the habit of relaxation. Along with reading comprehension, comes a stronger self-discipline, a longer attention span and better memory retention. These traits will serve your child well while learning at school.


When I was a little girl, there was only one telephone in the house and it was fixed to the wall in the hallway – an embarrassingly public space. There were no private conversations with friends! Of course, there was no such thing as social media, no online gaming. There was only one TV in the house and there were only four TV Channels. Reading a good book was a treat! For me, reading was pure escapism. Reading opened up another world for me. But I wonder if I would have loved reading as much as I did, if I had been surrounded by all of the distractions that surround both my daughters. Would a classic novel have been my automatic ‘go-to’ if I had the choice of any movie or box set? Would reading have been so desirable if I could have chatted to my friends whenever and wherever I wanted? It is no wonder that reading has lost its shine for generations of kids who are seduced by the quick fix satisfaction and instant gratification afforded by technology.


In an ideal world, our children would be intrinsically motivated to read. But, it is not an ideal world. If we want our children to read – which we do – we may well have to rely on extrinsic motivation. All too often, adults wrongly assume that once children have learnt to read, they no longer need to share the reading or read aloud to them. Reading can be an individual pursuit but shared reading is also a wonderful opportunity to develop relationships and ascertain understanding – regardless of age. I read aloud to all of my students from Year 7 – 12. I consider it a privilege. Putting on voices for different characters and leaping around the classroom, book in hand, brings a story to life and creates an environment that facilitates robust and lively discussion about the characters in the story; their behaviour, actions and motivations; their values and perspectives.


The two biggest influences in encouraging young people to read are the ‘will’ and the ‘skill’. This year, we have introduced a Wider Reading Program in Year 7. The Library and English Faculty have joined forces to create regular opportunities for our students to read independently, and share their reading experiences with each other during school time. The Year 7 Homework Policy outlines the expectation that students should be reading their wider reading text for at least 20 minutes a day – every day. Reading requires patience and perseverance. Unfortunately, these qualities have been eroded by the instant gratification afforded by online gaming and the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ of social media.  


We need to help our children re-build these qualities.


Sharing the reading experience, either through reading aloud to your child; having your child read aloud to you (irrespective of whether they are 8 or 18!) or simply sitting in the same room as your child, whilst you both read your own book, are all examples of extrinsic motivation.



Mrs Serena Lewis 

Head of Teaching and Learning

The Regional
Engagement Enterprise

Year 11 Earth and Environmental Science

Last week our Year 11 Earth and Environmental Science students headed out to Windermere to hear from expert soil scientist, Mr David McKenzie. David (with the kind help of Mastronardi Electrical) had dug two fresh soil pits on opposing sides of the farm. This was much to the delight of the visiting Pre-prep students as part of their fortnightly ‘Bush Kindy’ visits. David then discussed the soils with our senior students highlighting the striking difference across the farm due to a fault line. In two weeks, the students will be visiting Cadia Gold Mine to observe and learn about mineral exploration, before again conducting soil tests at one of our Blayney farms.



Year 9 Music

Our Year 9 Music project has begun in earnest with a workshop from local composer and music extraordinaire Amy Stevens. Amy will be working with our students across the next month to help to compose a piece of music (using garage band) to accompany the promotional clip of our new boarding videos, made by local videographer AWEvision.



Boarders sleepover at the Farm

Last Saturday our Year 10 girl boarders had a camp and cook-out at our newest farm, Windermere. Despite chilly conditions, the girls made some fantastic stew and slept our under the stars in their swags.



Year 1 Paddock to Plate

Our annual Year 1 project on Paddock to Plate was again a roaring success, with a very chilly visit to Balmoral Orchard and Biteriot Orchard. Back in the warm at school, the students had an in-depth lesson about apples and cherries from current Year 11 TREE Intern, Hamish Donnelly.



Year 10 Geography

Our Year 10 Geography cohort undertook a brand-new TREE project in Week 2 looking at the arguments for and against the proposed Mountain Bike development on Mount Canobolas. The students began the day on the mountain with guest lectures from local experts, Dr Col Bower and Dr Andrew Rawson. They discussed the potential impacts of the development in terms of the ecology, soils, geology and the changing climate of Mount Canobolas. In the afternoon, the students heard from World Champion mountain biker Kate Farrell and Scott Maunder of Orange City Council regarding the benefits such a development would bring to the region. It is now up to the (somewhat confused) students to make their recommendations as to whether it should go ahead, be opposed or be modified in their recommendations to the Minister!



Year 9 Agriculture

Our Year 9 agriculture students have been putting the finishing touches to our redeveloped PLC agriculture plot. With a new slab for the chook house, piped irrigation and new fencing we are almost ready to go.



Year 9 'Be Heard'

Our Year 9 ‘Be Heard’ boys have been busily improving the Orange City Council garden on March Street. Last week they visited Bunnings to purchase the necessary equipment and began building and constructing their improvements. Stay tuned for the finished article later in the term!


Mr Tom Riley 

Director of TREE


Prep Assembly Awards

Merit Awards


  • Week 3 – Lachlan Hunt.
  • Week 4 – Lachlan Hunt, Zali Begg, Winona Wade, Sophia Martin, Lily Curran, Julian Capanas.  


  • Week 3 – Stuart Bell, James Proudford-Nalder, Digby Volkofsky, Janagan Kandeepan, Archer Schaapveld, Emily Lawrie.
  • Week 4 – Janagan Kandeepan, Joshua Leung, Olive McLaurin, Isabella Zhang, Kimberley Williams, Georgia Dunn.   


  • Week 3 – Arden Rowe, Benjamin Howe, Saxon Haynes, Milla O’Toole, Henry Sawtell.
  • Week 4 – Leopold Wade, Harriett Johnston, Prayan Dulal.


  • Week 3 – Lucie Chambers, Georgiana Saran, Archie Bylsma, Mya McLachlan, Grace Lowther, Daniel Kerdic, Harper Purvis.    


  • Week 4 -  Darcie Marshall, Vivian Meates, Harry Oldroyd.    


  • Week 3 – Nicholas Balcomb, Andrew Bell, Henry Brannigan, Elizabeth Croft, Luna Cunningham, Chrysalide Frecklington, Charlie Haydon, Jack Kenny, Alby Kimmins, Luca Kotasthane, Aston Lett, Cassandra Philippe, Harry Price, Janette Proudford-Nalder, Isabelle Provost.
  • Week 4 – Andrew Bell, Luna Cunningham, Charlie Haydon, Aston Lett, Cassandra Philippe, Harry Price, Janette Proudford – Nalder.


  • Week 3 – Harrison Fielding, Nicolette Saran.
  • Week 4 – Hannah Cunningham, Zoe Freeman, Alexandra Karrasch, Arad Safeer, Nicolette Saran.


  • Week 3 – Benjamin Chambers, George Nash.
  • Week 4 – Samuel Commins, Aurora Everett, Vivaan Desai, Sophie Caro.


  • Week 3 – Phoebe Paynter, Isabella Vangestel.
  • Week 4 – Thomas Hansen, Phoebe Hunter, Chloe Provost, Isabella Vangestel x2, Emma Ward-Finn.


  • Week 3 – Lily Moe.
  • Week 4 – Hannah Birmili, Audrey Blyth, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan, Annabel Clinton, Austin Cutter, Madison Jones, David King, Mischa Lawson, Matthew Lowther, Lily Moe, Ashton Montagliani, William Payne, Eva Smedley, Oscar Zielinski.


  • Week 3 – Molly Mason, Thomas Robson, Jack Carslake, Daniel Lord, Ashton Nock.
  • Week 4 – Olive Glover x3, Olivia Wilson, Varnikaa Kannan, Spencer Williams, Spencer Johnston, Rose Hedley.


  • Week 3 – William Karrasch, Charlie Keirle, Lachlan Knight, Samuel Martin, Lucinda Nash, Austin Schaapveld, Olivia Watts.
  • Week 4 – Bianca Wong.


  • Week 3 – Alice Hansen, Ava Rouse, Claire Ward-Finn.
  • Week 4 – Lucinda Clinton, Mia Essex, Bridget Horne.


  • Week 3 – Matilda Fabar, Charles Jones, Krishan Kandeepan, Isabella Lloyd-George, William McPhie, Sienna Wilkin.


  • Week 3 – Lillian Armstrong, Alice Commins x2, Kajan Kandeepan, Angus Martin, Isabella Pearce, Dominic Segger, Hannah Jones.
  • Week 4 – Joshua de Bruyn, Angus Martin, Charlie Poole, Olivia Searle, Rhys Jones.

Courtesy Points

Lovely Manners:

  • Week 3 – Jack Kenny, Stuart Bell, Emily Lawrie, Finn Dwyer, Alexandra Luxford, Percy Meates, Arad Safeer, Isabella Lloyd-George, Grace Hansen.
  • Week 4 – Mahi Bohra, Lily Curran, Ava Rouse, Charlie Haydon, Drew Carslake, Stella Madigan, Alice Commins, Timothy Lowther, Hannah Jones, Phoebe Hunter, Zaro Jalal, Grace Segger.


  • Week 4 -  Jude Jansen.

Lovely Greetings:  

  • Week 3 – Elizabeth Croft, Olivia Searle, Timothy Lowther.
  • Week 4 – Luca Kotasthane, Thomas Nelson, Eliza Lord.

Thinking of Others:  

  • Week 3 – Charlotte Buckley, Samuel Balcomb, William Stratton.
  • Week 4 – Hannah Cunningham, Alexandra Karrasch, Claire Gordon, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan, Daniel Kerdic, Archie Bylsma, Bianca Wong, Varnikaa Kannan, Benjamin Chambers.

Excellent Behaviour:  

  • Week 3 – Nicos Cassimaty, Angus Boyd, Thomas Hunt.

School Values:

  • Week 3 – William Ward, Leopold Wade, Ava Sutherland, Chloe Provost, Eliza Lord, Hunter Stacpoole.
  • Week 4 – Elijah Cunningham, Alexander Coleman, Emma Ward-Finn.

Citizenship Points

Wearing Uniform with Pride:

  • Week 3 – Toby Gee, Harriet Boyd.
  • Week 4 – Kaydn McLachlan, Isabella Vangestel.


  • Week 3 – Thomas O’Connell, Oliver Garard, Joshua de Bruyn, Seamus Dwyer.
  • Week 4 – Isaac de Bruyn, Benjamin Knight, Grace Segger, Louis Blyth, Mia Martin.

Initiative in the Classroom:

  • Week 3 – William Karrasch, Krishan Kandeepan.
  • Week 4 – Andrew Bell, Cassandra Philippe.

Role Model:

  • Week 3 – David King, Hannah Cunningham.
  • Week 4 – Tara Webber, Benjamin Roper, Nicos Cassimaty, Hannah Birmili, Samuel Martin.

Being Kind:  

  • Week 3 – Lachlan Hunt, Felix Knox, Olivia Martin, Prayan Dulal.
  • Week 4 – Harriett Johnston.

School Values:

  • Week 3 – Henry Brannigan, Alby Kimmins, Lachlan de Vries, Alexander Coleman, Archer Schaapveld, Audrey Blyth, Lillian Pearce, Chloe Caro, Elliot Terrey.
  • Week 4 – Georgia Miller, Zoe Freeman, Harrison Fielding, Kimberley Williams, Grace Harvey, Oscar Zielinski, Georgia Philippe, Anna Kenny, Sebastian Marquez, Harriet Stratton, Jessica Thompson, Maya Bracks, Samuel Balcomb, Samuel Commins, George Nash, Olivia McBeath.

Message from the 
Director of Co-curricular

Term 2 Week 4

This week we held our annual Summer Co-curricular assembly to celebrate our students’ success over the summer season. Whilst at the assembly we specifically acknowledge those who have achieved to a high level, it is also a time to reflect on the time and energy that all of our students and staff pour into our co-curricular program, and the wonderful outcomes which are achieved by everyone involved.


It is a big ask, after a long day at School to ask students and staff to attend their rehearsals, training sessions and games, but they willingly do so with great energy and passion, and this is one of the wonderful things about our co-curricular program. The great success for me comes in the way that students engage in our programs and use the opportunity to build friendships, challenge themselves, develop skills, and to proudly wear the KWS colours representing our School within the community. Time and time again I have seen wonderful examples of the qualities we are instilling in our students through our co-curricular program, whether it was showing great sportsmanship in stepping in for the opposing team when they did not have enough players in water polo, proudly chatting to members of the community about our cattle at the Royal Sydney Show, or simply having a hit of tennis with a younger teammate so they could have some more game time. Our co-curricular program is diverse and rich with opportunities for all. I am most proud of the way in which our students grasp these opportunities and make the most of the wonderful experience that KWS affords them. Our program would not, and could not be as successful as it is without the willingness of staff and community members to engage in our program and to everyone who is supporting our students within the co-curricular program, I thank you.


Ms Heidi Anthony

Director of Co-curricular

Senior School
Performing Arts

Camerata Concert

Friday 31st May 7.00pm in the Chapel
(Please note change of time)


This concert follows the Camerata competition from last term and comprises solo performances from around 12 accomplished instrumentalists from the secondary school. It is a wonderful evening of high quality music which will both entertain and inspire.


Prep Performing Arts Concert

Thursday 13th June at 5.30pm

Derek Pigot Auditorium
(Please note change of date)


This is an 'all-in' concert where every prep student has the opportunity to perform for family and friends in their stage choirs.


It is also the first big performance opportunity for a number of students involved in music ensembles and speech and drama.


Cadet Dinner

6.30pm in the Function Room at The Greenhouse, Orange Ex-Services Club

Our chamber strings will be providing pre-dinner entertainment at this annual school event.


Performing Arts Festival

Friday 21st June 7pm
Orange Civic Theatre


This is the biggest concert of the year for KWS secondary performing arts!


This event showcases all the major secondary music ensembles along with a preview from the musical 'Oliver' and perhaps even special appearances from some of our talented prep musicians.

It is a wonderful evening of enjoying and celebrating all the hard and creative work of both students and staff, and is appropriate for all ages.


Welcome Mr Philip Rees OAM - Lower Bass Tutor

Mr Phillip Rees recently joined our Performing Arts Department. Mr Rees has spent his entire working life involved in music education and performance, in schools, regional conservatories and in the community. He is a multi-instrumentalist specialising in brass and piano. He has directed tours and performances in New Zealand, Japan and the USA as well as domestically. Mr Rees is also a regular judge and adjudicator at music festivals and eisteddfod.


As the musical director of the Central Coast Philharmonia, Mr Rees conducted many landmark works  including a number of Australian premiere performances of works by Christopher Tin,  Karl Jenkins, John Rutter and Alexander Lestrange.  He has been the chorus master for Central Coast Opera productions of Magic Flute (2016), Carmen (2017) and La Bohème (2018).


Mr Rees has recently moved to the central west and teaches brass and piano at Orange Regional Conservatorium. 


In 2010 he was awarded an OAM for services to music.


Instrumental Tuition

A reminder that if your child is involved in a school excursion, it is the responsibility of the parent to notify tutors in a timely manner that students will not be attending their normal lesson. In some cases, lessons may be rescheduled, but this should be negotiated with the individual tutors directly.


Mrs Jacqueline Shields
Head of Performing Arts

Prep School
Performing Arts

Dates for the Diary

Monday May 27 – Opera Australia Production of ‘By The Light of the Moon’. This is a reimagining of Edward Lear’s poem The Owl and the Pussycat. This musical comedy explores why this odd couple goes to sea in a pea green boat and what they get up to on their voyage. The opera features eight of opera’s most famous arias and duets and involves appearances from other characters such as The Queen of Hearts, Old King Cole and Miss Muffet’s spider. K-6 will be attending this performance.


Friday May 31 – Year 3 Excursion to Sydney Youth Orchestra – Orange Civic Theatre 10.30am. 


Friday May 31 – Camerata Concert 7pm KWS Chapel. This concert follows the Camerata competition from last term and comprises solo performances from around 12 accomplished instrumentalists from the secondary school. It is a wonderful evening of high quality music which will both entertain and inspire. All welcome.


Thursday June 13 (please note the change of date) Prep Performing Arts Concert 5.30pm DPA. This is an 'all-in' concert where every prep student has the opportunity to perform for family and friends in their stage choirs. It is also the first big performance opportunity for a number of students involved in music ensembles and speech and drama.


Friday June 21 - Performing Arts Festival 7pm Orange Civic Theatre. This is the biggest concert of the year for KWS secondary performing arts! This event showcases all the major secondary music ensembles along with a preview from the musical 'Oliver' and perhaps even special appearances from some of our talented prep musicians. It is a wonderful evening of enjoying and celebrating all the hard and creative work of both students and staff, and is appropriate for all ages.


Co-curricular Ensembles

This is a particularly busy term with performances taking place in both the prep and secondary schools. Please ensure that students attend their ensemble rehearsals each week to ensure they are fully prepared for these performances. If students are absent for any reason, please email the ensemble directors directly. Please also ensure that students have PRACTICED their pieces or items for the concerts that are coming up and take music to tutors if there are any issues.


Year 3 Excursion to Sydney Youth Orchestra – May 31

Year 3 will be attending a concert performed by members of the Sydney Youth Orchestra on 31 May. This experience is aimed at introducing primary school children to the different sections of the orchestra and its conductor. The concert is run with the interest and engagement of school children in mind.  Young audience members will have the opportunity to trial instruments and to get up close and personal with the musicians. This will be a perfect introduction to our instrumental program for Year 3 which will start in Term 3 (more details to follow). Email information has been sent home, please return permission notes by Monday May 27.


Mrs Katie Sinclair

Co-ordinator of Preparatory Performing Arts

Information and Communication Technology

Phishing and Cyber Savvy – SANs Infographic

Further to recent communication about an increase in phishing attacks on KWS staff and the broader community.  You may find this Infographic from SANS Institute “Don’t get hooked” embedded below as a useful guide if you receive a phishing email.


Mr Darryn Marjoram

Director Information Services, ICT

Senior School Sport News

Swimming News

The Swimming Squad timetable for Terms 2 and 3 is now available.

A PDF version is attached below for your reference. 

Jo Keown 

KWS Swimming Coordinator


Equestrian News

Any students from K-12 interested in attending the Tamworth Interschools Horse Extravaganza June 28th – July 1st can go to and check out all the different disciplines offered during the competition. To enable children from each school to be stabled and camped together there is a form that I need to fill out and return by 24 May, before general stabling and camping is opened to individuals.


Stable cleaning bond for each stable - $42.50 (refundable upon leaving a clean stable).

Stabling cost per night (minimum 2 night charge) - $27.50

Camping cost per night - $27.50


Please email me if you have any questions regarding this event or if you are going and are keen to camp/stable together as a team.


Bardi Mannix
MIC Equestrian


Netball News

Summary of results for Netball games on 11 May 2019:

KWS 13A vs United Swifts - Won 33 - 12

KWS 13 Bulls vs OPS Odyssey - Lost 10 - 19

KWS 13 Swifts vs OHS Dolphins - Won 10 - 7

KWS13 Firebirds vs KWS Thunderbirds - Won 21 - 9

KWS 13 Thunderbirds vs KWS Firebirds - Lost 9 - 21

KWS 14 Shooting Stars vs Hawks Phys X - Won 18 - 1

KWS 14 Asteroids vs LS Tornados - Lost 1 - 40

KWS Junior A vs OHS Junior A - Lost 19 - 30

KWS 14As vs United Chris Gryllis Real Estate - Won 25 - 15                                       

KWS 15 Aces vs CYMS Mighty Stars - Won 15 - 14

KWS 15 Finches - Bye

KWS 1sts vs KWS 2nds - Won

KWS 2nds vs KWS 1sts - Lost

KWS 3rds vs LS Carpe Diem - Lost 18 - 51

KWS Lightning - Bye

KWS Stars vs CYMS Wildcats - Won 35 - 26

KWS Firebirds vs OHS Dingo Wombats - Lost 24 - 40

KWS Thorns vs LS Lifies - Won 48 - 23

KWS Ferocious Rubber Duckies vs OHS Dinosaurs - Won 38 - 14

KWS Rockets vs OHS Destroyers - Lost 18 - 45


Summary of results for Netball games on 18 May 2019:

KWS 13As vs Hawks MBC - Lost 14 - 21

KWS 13 Bulls vs OHS Dream Team - Lost 4 - 13

KWS 13 Swifts vs United Wedgetails - Won 17 – 11

KWS13 Firebirds vs CYMS Topaz - Won 30 - 11

KWS 13 Thunderbirds vs OHS Dolphins - Lost 4 - 14

KWS 14 Shooting Stars vs OHS Dominators - Lost 6 - 40

KWS 14 Asteroids vs OHS Devils - Lost 13 - 21

KWS Junior A vs OHS Dazzling Daises - Won 33 - 13

KWS 14As - Bye                             

KWS 15 Aces vs United Chris Gryllis Real Estate - Lost 12 - 15

KWS 15 Finches vs OHS Dynamics - Lost 20 - 19    

KWS 1sts vs OHS Dragons - Won 59 - 27

KWS 2nds vs Hawks Terry White Chemmart - Lost 21 - 35

KWS 3rds vs CSU Aggies Black - Lost 27 - 36

KWS Lightning vs KWS Firebirds - Won

KWS Stars vs OHS Death Adders - Won 18 - 35

KWS Firebirds vs KWS Lightning - Lost

KWS Thorns vs OHS Dinosaurs - Won 62 - 6

KWS Ferocious Rubber Duckies vs CYMS Diggity’s - Lost 22 - 75

KWS Rockets vs LS Lifies - Won 25 - 15


Netball Reports

Result: KWS won 15-14

Report: On Saturday 11 May at 12pm the KWS Aces took the court. The freezing cold wind
wasn’t enough to stop the girls from performing very well. With CYMS as our opposition we knew
we had to put up a fight to win. Sophia was doing an awesome job in goal defence and jumping
to intercept every ball that came her way with the help of Emily who was Goal Keeper. Ella, Lila
and Annabel all worked extremely well together in feeding the ball down the entire court to get to
our shooters; Sameeka and Jemima. At the end of the first quarter it was 4-3 KWS’s way. The
2nd quarter started and the girls were ready to stay ahead of CYMS. Kate, Lila and Annabel
worked hard together to keep the ball from going to the opposing team. Sophia was on fire
intercepting all the balls and stopping CYMS from getting anymore goals. The buzzer went and
the score was 9-8 KWS’s way. 3rd quarter was off to a great start with Sameeka and Jemima
getting the all the goals in. Defence was very good and there were intercepts everywhere you
looked. The score was 10-9 at the end of the quarter. The 4th quarter was the most intense. The
girls were going very fast and it was clear they were determined to win. The shooters were
amazing and getting every goal in, the centre court girls were doing a great job at intercepting and
GD and GK stopped many of the CYMS goals from going in. The end score resulted in KWS
winning 15-14. A great effort was shown by all the girls and the determination to never give up
was clear. Thank you to Mr Mirrington for coaching us while Mrs Gavin was away.

Kate Murray


KWS 13As v United Swifts

Result: KWS won 33-12

Report: On Saturday KWS 13A played the United Swifts in the freezing cold. First quarter started with everyone doing really well. Sarah Choi and Charlotte Jones working well in the mid-court getting the ball to Charli Greatbatch and Edie Robinson to get the goals in.

The second quarter started with our team planning out the passes very well with near to no penalties. The defence all game was amazing with Matilda Brennan, Sarah Lawson and Alice Waddell keeping the opposite attacks out of the circle and making sure they collected all the rebounds. Lucy Ashton was GA and got lots of goals in under extreme circumstances. Third quarter Jorja Taberner played exceptionally well in WA getting all the centre passes and a lot of intercepts. The final quarter had Alice Waddell in GD with amazing defence in the circle barely letting the GA get the ball and making some great breaks. In the end the score was 33-12 with a win for KWS, great game girls.

Zoe Bird


KWS Rockets v OHS Destroyer

Result: KWS lost 45-18

Report: It was our first game and even though we lost the girls had some good passages of play and worked well together in the goal circle. Priyankah shot lots of goals and often from a distance. Alice, Taylah and Lily played well on centre court and Bree and Grace Mc were strong in defence. Jess was able to get into space and Grace B received a lot of ball from centre pass. It was a good first effort and we will work on developing a second shooter.

Kathryn Northam


Ferocious Rubberduckies (FRD) 

Result: FRD won 38-14

Report: On the 11th of May the Ferocious Rubber Duckies (FRD) took to the court, ready to put in 100% for their away team mates (Siobhan Finn and Rosie Flatau). The first quarter was filled with great effort getting a feeling for the opposition and how to best play against them, with the guidance of their stand in couch Mr Mirrington. Isabelle Joseph and Adelaide Gavin (WD and WA) made a fantastic team, swapping over each quarter, in combination with our amazing Centre Xanthe Booth. The worked together to keep the court in control with quick passes, great intercepts and breaking during the centre pass. They kept up their efforts the entire game. Adelaide, during the second quarter when she was free of her opponent who was off due to injury, took every chance to defend other players and get the ball down the court. Hannah Etty (GS) and Caitlin Edmonstone (GA) had excellent shooting through out the game but was better than ever during the third quarter, with the opposing back at full force. Emily McLachlan (GD) was quick and always ready to get the rebounds or intercepts with ease.

The FRD with a combination of all of the girl’s teamwork scored a second win with 38-14.

Sophie Brunner


 KWS Junior As v Orange High School

Report: This game we played Orange High which we have heard are the hardest team in the competition. We went really well the first quarter only down by two goals. Once the game went on we were seized by the cold and slowed down which we lost a lot of our passes and centres. This game I felt our centre court was extremely strong. Everyone had a fabulous game. Can’t wait until the next one. Audrey Gill


KWS Aces v United
Result: KWS lost 12-15

Report: The KWS Aces were met with the warm sunshine on Saturday the 18th of May, however the
United team proved to be a tough opposition winning the game 15/12. The girls improved greatly
as the game went on, Sophia worked tirelessly in defence intercepting every ball to prevent the
opposing team from getting a goal, with the help of Lila, Kate and Ella who happily stepped into
the unfamiliar position of GK upon Emily’s absence. In the centre court Eliza, Lila and Annabel
made some great passes, allowing for the ball to make it down the court, where again Annabel
showed some great skills when feeding the ball into the circle to our shooters; Jemima and
Sameeka. Jemima shot many excellent goals throughout the game. The Aces dominated the ball
in the third quarter. The girls were determined and were playing their best. Throughout the game
the Ace’s tailed our opposing team by only one or two goals each quarter. Although it wasn’t Aces
best performance, the girls had an awesome game and put in a lot of effort, it was clear they
progressed greatly as the game went on. Great job to United who came out on top. Also a big
thank you to our coach, Mrs Gavin for the ongoing support and tips. 

Sameeka L'Estrange


KWS Asteroids v OHS Devils

Result: KWS lost 13-21

Report: The Asteroids have had a steep learning curve to the start of the season. Many members of the Asteroids are new to Netball this year and all players have approached it with great enthusiasm. The round three game saw a significant improvement from all girls, as they implemented the skills and strategies practised at training during the week. In the first quarter the Asteroids were in the lead, setting it up to be an exciting and competitive game. Unfortunately the final score did not go our way or reflect the determination of the team.

Larissa Terrey


KWS Rockets v Life Studio Lifies

Result: KWS won 25-15

Report: The Rockets had a great game on the weekend and our first win of the season. There was some good court flow and the girls were really good at getting into space and driving for the ball. Lily, Alice and Priyankah played well as shooters. Taylah, Jess and Grace B worked hard in centre court. Grace Mc and Bree were strong in defence and played with good aggression (and sportsmanship). One of the features of the game was the amount of intercepts the team was able to pick up. Well done girls!

Kathryn Northam


KWS Lightning v KWS Firebirds

Result: KWS Lightning won 41-10

Report: The KWS Lightning won this encounter by a margin of 41-10 but the score really was not a true reflection of the passion with which this game was played. The KWS Lightning girls played exceptionally well, showing solid competency in both attack and defence: however, the KWS Firebirds showed enormous heart and gave their all up until the final whistle.

What struck everyone present was the courtesy and positive spirit of all players involved. It was a delight to have been a spectator.

Congratulations to Bell Adams, Katie Coleman, Maddie Farr, Tupou Favia, Jorja Griffiths, Charlie Harding, Liv Mirrington, Chloe Quigley Molly Storer and Maddie Triggs.

Chris Oldham


KWS Junior As v Orange High School

Result: KWS Junior As won 33-13

Report: On Saturday the 18th of May the KWS Junior A’s played a game against the OHS team.

First quarter – The defensive side of KWS was played great extremely well and got many intercepts as the centre court took the ball down and into the shooters very well.

Second quarter – KWS were getting many more goals especially with the defence giving it all to get as a many intercepts as possible. Audrey, lily and Hannah bringing the ball down extremely well.

Third quarter – OHS were putting up a tough game with lots of intercepts, but with our great attacking and defending from everyone we got the ball back and played on. Sophie, Kate and Anna fed it into the shooters letting them score a lot more goals.

Fourth quarter – Everybody was giving it their all as it was the final quarter, the shooters shooting very well and working together to get the ball in. The defence were putting there hands up for every ball and got as many intercepts as they could. The centre court were getting intercepts and attacking very well.

The final score was 33 – 13 our way!

Lets hope for the win next weekend against Cyms.

Evie Hall


KWS Finches v OHS Dynamics

Report: A very rough game of Netball against the OHS Dynamics, however, through sheer perseverance the Finches doggedly chased every ball, intercepted many loose passes, and threw as accurately as possible to goal circle, with the final score being only one goal difference at the final siren.

Sophie Mahlo (GS, GA) fought very hard in goals to gain possession of the ball indicating strongly to her team mates for the passes inward. Ellie Crawford (GS, GA) was strong midcourt and added speed as GS, used the extent of the court to drag opposition goal circle to get a clear run in. Lily Anderson (C) and Olivia Ferguson (WA, C) were a dynamic duo working speedily together to race through centre court ready for the next pass.  Johanna McLachlan and Ellen Arundell (GK, GD) moved around the opposition shooters deftly trying to intercept many passes.  Bridget Ritter tried out position as GK and her height was an advantage for the rebounds with nice accurate passing back to mid court. Many thanks to Chanel Knight and Sienna Lincoln, who both played on Saturday and added extra speed to the team dynamics which contributed strongly to the game result.
Cathy Small


Football Reports 

KWS U13 v CYMS Green (May 11th)

Result: Lost 0-13

Report: CYMS played like a team who had been together for some years. They were quick to break forward and they defended tightly. Our team struggled to make headway in the 1st half as we opted to sit back from our opponents and play reactively. This allowed CYMS to dictate terms and rack up 8 goals by half-time. We improved our play in the second half, with some tighter marking and better positional play, but a lack of communication across the field unravelled some enterprising play. Zach showed poise in the central defensive role, while Finn worked hard to save numerous shots from a rampaging forward line. Liam and Logan led the way in the  midfield, finding space moving forward. I was pleased with the improvements shown by Will, Angus and Oscar.

Matthew Healey


KWS U13 v CYMS Blue (May 18th)

Result: Lost 3-9

Report: KWS U13s had an unusually warm and sunny game this weekend. Although the team played well they were unfortunately beaten by a few crafty strikers in the opposition. Hugo Reynolds had a productive half in goals, making some impressive saves. Some of these shots proved far too difficult to stop, however. Our defensive players are still working on driving back to support their last man and I look forward to seeing them develop this over the coming games. Campbell Miller showed an impressive level of confidence in his play, shutting down CYMS’ opportunities by working hard to be first to the ball. KWS managed to take away 3 goals, scored by Ethan Walraevens, Liam McKenzie and Thomas McRae. A fantastic effort from the U13s team today.

Annaliese Stammer


KWS U14 v Waratah Knights (4th May)

Result: Lost 7-1

ReportThe KWS U14 team went up against the Waratah Knights at the Ex-Students oval at Kinross Wolaroi School. The team held their defence excellently during the first half, with only one goal from the opposition finding the back of the net. During the second half the opposition picked up the pace of the game with the KWS team having to work hard and fast to block their progress. The Waratahs however, made some great shots, one goal making it through at the very top left hand corner bringing their score up to 7. The KWS team continued to push through showing dedication and enthusiasm. This teamwork and commitment payed off when Charlie Tink scored a wonderful goal, and was met by the cheers of his team and the spectators. 

Brooke Skinner


KWS U14 v CYMS Green (11th May)

Result: Lost 5-1

ReportAnother week, another tough opponent. Week 2 saw the KWS U14s facing off against CYMS Green. From the starting whistle we were under pressure, with CYMS holding the midfield and keeping our defence on the back foot.  Despite this the squad persevered and maintained composure, showing potential through some quick attacks, with several great saves and defensive moves making it difficult for the CYMS counterattacks to punch through.

A strong second half saw a tight defence from our KWS squad and some more great saves, with a goal from Zimmy Levi late in the half putting us on the board. Unfortunately, CYMS had our number this week, and we fell 5-1, but clear improvement this week shows promise for the KWS in the coming matches.
Brooke Skinner


KWS U14 v CYMS Gold (18th May)

Result: Lost 4-1

Report: With the third game of the season looming, the team crafted a new strategy focused on an aggressive attack, with our revised formation placing three up front in favour of getting ahead early and staying ahead. This change in strategy led to a very tight match, with both teams deadlocked during most of the first half. Several close shots on target nearly sealed the deal for the KWS squad this week, but a strong defence from the opposition made capitalising on our attempts challenging.

In the second half of the game, quick manoeuvring and some great passing meant that Zimmy Levi was once again able to score a goal for the team, yet despite our best efforts we fell short this week 4-1 to CYMS Gold.

Brooke Skinner


KWS U16 Victory v CYMS White (4th May)

Result: Drew 1-1

Report: The first half required a huge amount of effort from our defensive line as CYMS kept the ball largely in our half. Defenders Will Denman and Harrison Crisp held the opposition strikers at bay with plenty of well-calculated intercepts, and goalkeeper Oliver Charlton held a clean sheet for the first half despite a lot of corners being fired at him. We took the lead in the second half with a spectacular goal from James Crisp, assisted by Harrison Sharpe who ran the ball up the field. CYMS then drew the match with an unstoppable hit at the top right corner of goal. It was a great effort from the whole team to play their first match with no subs and some players in unfamiliar positions. A sign of good things to come from a determined and versatile team.

Stephanie Floyd


KWS U16 Victory v Blayney (11th May)

ResultLost 9-0 

Report: KWS took the field with only ten players but with a positive attitude despite the cold weather. We had an inauspicious beginning to the first half, with an own goal conceded within the first two minutes, and two more goals in the next 5 minutes. However, the team held their own for the remaining time in the first half and goalkeeper Oliver Charlton had some legendary saves despite being under constant pressure from the opposition strikers. At half time the team were revived by the arrival of our eleventh player and by oranges provided by injured player-turned-supporter Mac Webster, but sadly the score continued to go against us. Special mention must go to Will Denman for his unwavering defence and spectacular full field runs from the back line, and to his younger brother Joe for filling in when our forward Will Englund was side-lined by injury. Pat Nelson had many close shots and ran to the point of exhaustion in his pursuit of a goal for our side. Despite the loss and the lack of subs, the team kept their heads high and never once gave up. 

Stephanie Floyd


KWS U16 Victory v Waratah Vikings (18th May)

Result: Lost 2-5

Report: The game began with one of our opposition players being knocked flat by Mac Webster, followed shortly by another near collision when Charlotte Cantrill was sent flying, forcing her opponent to leap into the air to avoid disaster. Despite the acrobatic beginning, the team showed good control in defence and made some impressive charges up the wings. An early goal from the Vikings was quickly countered with a successful penalty taken by Harrison Sharpe. We entered the second half on a 2 all draw after a goal by Mac Webster, assisted by the Vikings defence, but unfortunately the opposition strikers got away from us towards the end of the game. Some great plays were made by Stanley Zhang in the defensive line, and Alex McKenzie managed to turn the ball away from the opposition on multiple occasions. Despite the unfortunate score line, the team played well, showing excellent control and improved cohesion.

Stephanie Floyd


KWS U16 Glory v Waratah Braves (4th May)

Result: Won 13-1

Goals: Bryce Elsegood – 4 | Griffin Robinson – 3 | Cohan Mastrangeli – 2 | Ben Jones – 2 | Harrison Nock – 1 | Hugh Gillham – 1

Player's Player: Bryce Elsegood

Report: KWS Glory were keen to take the field in their first match for 2019 against Waratah Brave. With our four goals for the match in mind of patients, shoot, hold our shape and resilience, our boys executed all of these things for a resounding 13-1 win.
Bryce Elsegood enjoyed finding space on the field and found the back of the net on four occasions, while our captain Griffin Robinson was able to score a hatrick of goals as well. Our defensive structure held together well and had the opportunity to find space to contribute to our attacking options. Our mid-field controlled the play and direction which is a great sign for the season as we work together at training to put a system of play in place.
The team received feedback really well and were able to transfer this onto the field which puts us in great stead for the season ahead.
Thank you to the parents and supporters on the sideline for your support and sportsmanship.

Eric Morris


KWS U16 Glory v Orange Ex-Services Club (11th May)

Result: Lost 1-8

Goals: Bryce Elsegood
Player's Player: Fraser Molloy

Report: Both teams were coming off the back of big wins from the previous week, so we knew our opposition were going to be very attacking minded.

We started of very strong with Ben Jones finding a lot of space on the right hand side to provide us a great attacking option. The boys were able to execute what we had worked on during the week at training, however the Tigers defence was able to hold us up. The Tigers structure and counter attack was too strong at times for our boys which produced a number of goals for them.

At half-time, we changed our formation which kept our structure and shape in place.

In the second half we were awarded a penalty, where Bryce Elsegood took this opportunity to get on the scorecard again for his 5th goal in 2 weeks.

Notable mentions this week go out to Fraser Molloy who held the midfield together well and received this week’s highest vote count from his team members to receive the Players’ Player award. Griffin Robinson also played well in the mid-field, while Hugh Gillham and Charlie Southwell communicated and held our defensive structure together.

We have a very talented team and as the season progresses and with application at training, we will improve each week.

Thank you again to parents for coming out to watch and support our boys. It is very much appreciated.

Eric Morris


KWS U16 Glory v Waratah U16 (18th May)

Result: Draw 2-2 

Goals: Bryce Elsegood - 2 
Player's Player: Oliver Wong & Ben Jones 

Report: Bryce Elsegood continued a very strong start in front of goal on the weekend netting another two goals to take his season tally to 7 goals in 3 matches. Bryce’s brace wasn’t enough for the Glory to clinch the win, as a determined Waratah U16 team defended well and caught us out of shape and equalised on a counter attack to share the points mid-way through the second half.  

Glory were forced to make a late change before the match kicked off due to a mid-week injury to Charlie Southwell and welcomed Charlie Tink to the team from the U14’s KWS side to ensure we had 11 players to take the field. Tink was not out of place and provided the team an attacking option out wide and defended well.  

Glory started strong with Elsegood chasing down a long ball in his usual pacey, determined manner to score his first of two goals. We had several chances to increase our lead and we looked confident in going forward with our wide players Henry Molloy and Ben Jones finding some good space behind the defence. Unfortunately, our desire to go forward was also our downfall, when Waratahs caught us out of our defensive structure and scored their equaliser on a fast counter attack and scored their second goal as a result of a scramble and us not clearing the ball fast enough. Waratahs led going into half time 1-2.   

In the second half we made a couple of changes to our line-up and moved Ben Jones up front to partner Elsegood and moved an attacking Fraser Molloy out wide, while Charlie Willis moved back into the midfield to join our captain Griffin Robinson to direct our play.  

We again looked confident going forward but persisted with going down the same channel on too many occasions, handing the ball back to the opposition. Elsegood again found some space and equalised, scoring his second goal. We were extremely unlucky not to be awarded a third goal when Ben Jones hit the underside of the crossbar and the ball coming extremely close to crossing the goal-line. The referee made his decision and called play-on to the disbelief of others and the match finished 2-all.  

Our Players’ Player vote this week was shared with two very deserved team members with Oliver Wong having a great match in defence, while Ben Jones had a great day at the other end in attack.  

Well done to everyone and again a big thank you to the parents, carers and friends for their support.  

Eric Morris


KWS Second XI v Waratah Eagles (May 4th)

Result: Won 2-1

Report: The KWS Seconds made the most of their home ground advantage getting the season off to a winning start against a determined Waratah Eagles team on Saturday afternoon. The home team dominated possession in the first half and was unlucky not to head into the break with a lead after several promising shots on goal from Ethan Buesnel, Euan Oliver and our South African import Matthew Meiklejohn. An energetic first half goal keeping performance from Isaac Prince and rock solid defence from James Collett, Oliver Kairaitis and Ethan Teber-Rossi ensured that we went to the break 0-0. Under sustained pressure in the 2nd half, the Waratah’s team cracked, giving away a penalty kick, which was skilfully sent into the back of the net by Meiklejohn. With only 7 minutes to go a lapse in concentration let the opposition back into the game, conceding a goal after a rapid counter attack left us short of players in defence. Determined to take away the full quota of competition points, the KWS Seconds peppered the opposition’s goal, forcing their keeper to make a series of good saves before another error from Waratahs provided us with an indirect free kick inside the box. Meiklejohn again stepped up and finished with a brace, securing a 2-1 victory for the team.

Ben Doyle


KWS Second XI v Waratah Mariners (May 11th)

Result: Won 1-0

Report: The 2nd XI made it 2 from 2 on Saturday the 5th of May, claiming the competition points against the previously undefeated Waratah Mariners team. In what was a very close game, a confident and skilful strike from outside the box from Will Goodlet proved the difference as KWS finished on the right side of the 1-0 score line. For the second week in a row, strong defence from our backs, led by Oliver Kairaitis, was coupled with spirited mid-field play with Ethan Buesnel, Will Goodlet and Oscar King more often than not winning the contest for possession. Another highlight of the match was the stand out clean sheet performance from replacement goal keeper Isaac Prince. His energy in the box and willingness to attack the ball was a constant frustration for the Waratah’s attack.

Ben Doyle


KWS Second XI v Barnies Utd Over 35’s (May 17th)

Result: Lost 0-2

Report: The Seconds put in a gallant effort but were unable to keep their unbeaten run going after being outclassed by a more experienced opposition last Friday night. Energetic work both on and off the ball by the midfield kept the opposition on their toes and a strong defensive effort ensured the scores were locked nil all at the half time break. The loss of regular goalkeeper, Will Brennan, to injury late in the first half left the KWS team without their regular custodian and as energies wavered late in the second half, the Barnies’ strikers were able to capitalise on the opportunities provided by our tiring defence. Will Goodlet was again a standout in the middle of the park and was unlucky not to get more scoring chances after impressive lead up work on a number of occasions.

Ben Doyle


KWS Men’s First XI v Saints Stars (April 6th)

Result: Drew 1-1

Report: With only about half of the regular First Grade side available due to cadets and other commitments, the players showed impressive cohesion to be leading the game for all but the last 8 minutes. Grit and determination came to the fore with the team holding on for a well-earned 1 all draw to start the season on a high. A special thank you to all players who stepped-up and filled in.

Paul Tierney


KWS Men’s First XI v Cowra Eagles (May 4th)

Result: Won 1-0

Report: On the most important day of the year (Star Wars Day, May the Fourth, of course), it was fabulous to see this team use ‘The Force’, and hold on for a hard fought victory, when the option to relax was there but was never taken at any stage through the game. We were the better team in reference to just about every statistic (shots on goal, free kicks, corners, time in possession, etc) it took a while for the goal to come. But the patience and maturity shown augers well for the season ahead. The most impressive part of the event was to see that every single player in the team received points in the players’ player voting … a true testament to a group who are together and playing for each other. Special thanks to Jedi leaders Mr Boyd, Ms Anthony and Ms Stammer for cheering us on despite the nasty weather.

Paul Tierney


KWS Men’s First XI v Saints Ignite (May 5th)

Result: Won 3-2
Being undefeated after three games puts the First XI Men’s team in rarefied air. Leading 3-1 after just 20 minutes, the team held on in what proved to be a see-sawing affair, with the ball going end-to-end on many occasions. Matt the gappie provided some welcome stability and strikepower, and all three goals were well-worked team efforts. The opposition goals were from a penalty and a free kick, so we can feel a little unlucky that the scoreline was not more flattering for us. The quiet/shy types in the team are slowly coming out of their shells, and this is to the benefit of the entire team. Backing ourselves even more when opportunities exist may be a key in future tight matches, but it was fabulous to see the ball being moved around from player to player with such abandon. Injury free, undefeated, working as a team, enjoying ourselves immensely … could something be brewing here?

Paul Tierney


KWS Men’s First XI v Ex-Services FC Bengals (May 11th)

Result: Won 5-2
The seeds of potential have burst into flower for the First XI Men as goals flowed this week, and defensive lines looked tight and cohesive. Kudos to the forwards who have grown in confidence, taking shots and working combinations that delivered. Self-belief is a big thing, and the ever-increasing crowd of supporters were witnesses to a wonderful display of confident and fluent football. Continued hard work at training and some skills fine-tuning should see us continue grow both as individuals and (more importantly) as a group.

Paul Tierney


KWS Men’s First XI v CYMS Green (May 18th)

Result: Won 2-0

Report: The classic saying 'The whole is greater than the sum of the parts' has certainly come to the fore as the undefeated run by the Firsts hits 5 games, and shows no sign of ending. The opposition certainly appeared to have the battle won in skills and speed, but ... the battles for courage, determination, teamwork, desperation and backing up were won by us, as we turned away every raid they put together and countered with worthy raids of our own, to slot two well-worked gems. Special mention must go to the newest members of the team (and there are SIX of them!!) who have slotted in like the classic old shoe, showing experience and measure beyond their years. With on-field talk at a level rarely heard, gaps opened up and passes found their mark. Being 'coachable' at training has been reflected on the field. Congrats to all players, keep working as hard as you have so far, things are looking promising for the next few months. A home game this coming Saturday at 1:30pm promises a lot - it may be worth the effort to mark the event in your diary, and come and be a part of the journey.

Paul Tierney


Rugby Reports

KWS 13A v The Kings School 13B

Final score: KWS won 19-15

Report: In a tough match, the 13As rugby fought hard to a 19-15 victory over the Kings 13Bs. The match was a free flowing affair with both teams capitalising on mistakes and the play switching from one end to the other at regular intervals. Rob Burke had a cracking match making several breaks which led to tries while the usual forwards smashed the ball up with much athleticism. Well done to Harry Hazelton, Abra Wilson and Angus Ervin for their performance.


KWS U13B v The Kings School U13D

Final score: KWS lost 24-22

Report: After a satisfactory display against TAS, the U13B`s were eager to exhibit their ability on the field against Kings, following a hard week of training with many new skills being adapted into their gameplay. Kings would soon prove to be a hard match up, however this did not discourage them, but proved to be a source of motivation which drove the boys to playing till the very end.

KWS immediately demonstrated their confidence and skill by opening the scoring with some good and true running from the backline, only a few minutes had passed since the opening try and KWS was once again under the posts proving to be in great form. However, their lead was not to last as Kings quickly responded with some well constructed plays, allowing them to breach KWS's defensive lines leading to two tires being scored in quick succession.

KWS trailed for the rest of the game, however scoring regularly throughout the game to keep the pressure on the leaders. Kings scored a late minute try which had seemed to seal the victory but the boys were determined to the play the game out until the final whistle, with a quick restart they were able to turn over possession and capitalize on Kings scrambled defense as Kings believed that the game was sure and truly over, with some determination and true heart KWS were able to break the Kings`s defensive line within the final play, leaving it to the conversion to draw the game, unfortunately the conversion was not successful leaving the scores at 24-22 to Kings. Although the boys were disappointed with the end result, they showed true heart and determination and represented KWS very highly that game.


KWS U13B v Riverview U13D

Final score: KWS lost 49-7
Report: The U13Bs were motivated more than ever, after coming off a narrow defeat to Kings, which  allowed them to see a glimpse of what is achievable when you work hard and give it your all. The boys were representing their ability to the play the game at a good level at the practices the week before the match, but also their ability to adapt and improve on their game.

The game in a whole was mostly played within the centre of the field, representing a massive improvement within the B`s defensive structures as they were able to keep Riverview at bay. This did not last though as Riverview were able to break the defensive not due to poor defensive structure, but because of a large amount of missed tackles.

Riverview quickly put a large amount of points on the board in the first half, due to this many supporters believed the second half was going to be much like the first. However, the boys rose to the occasion within the second half and played like a completely different side.

Riverview had sealed a victory as the game was coming into its last few minutes, however the boys were determined to put points on the scoreboard and fought valiantly within the last play to score a very well worked team try. Although they did not win the game, there were a lot of positives to take from it, including large amounts of improvement in both lineouts and defensive structures. The boys can be very proud in their efforts and there improvements and I look forward to seeing their improvement within the next game, against Newington.   


KWS U14A v The Kings School U14B

Final score: KWS won 24-7

Report: Following on from a hearty display by the 14B’s the 14A’s were brewing with confidence heading into their clash with Kings B. This match up certainly proved to be a challenging encounter that made KWS work hard for the full 50 Minutes.

Kings demonstrated their quality from the outset running the ball hard and managing the early physical battle with the KWS forward pack. Outstanding early tackles from Carter Kirby and Hugh Thompson set the tone for a cracking contest. Kings were first to seize a scoring opportunity after kicking through to the backfield finding empty space behind the Kinross defensive line. Their powerful outside backs finishing a great opening score for the hosts to take the lead 7-0.

The game continued at a good pace with both KWS and Kings finding good opportunities to go-forward. Luke Dominello, Archie Dowling, Harry Maslin and Jock Lichfield all setting physical challenges for Kings to combat. This pressure soon paid off leaving some space for five-eighth Hugh Thompson to step his way to the corner around the outside of the Kings defence. KWS levelled the scores with a sublime touchline kick from Will Fuller.

This score really gave KWS confidence in attack. Wave after wave of tough individual carries kept challenging the Kings defence with Harry Priest controlling the tempo and Will Chamberlain, Harry Nuthall and Will Pearce all contributing a massive effort. The ball soon found itself in the hands of Carter Kirby who broke through several tackles to race in from 60 meters, his biggest challenge came in putting the ball down cleanly. After some deliberation the referee awarded the try.

The U14’s re blessed with some very dangerous and physical runners and in a similar fashion to the B’s the 14A’s relied heavily on the long-range individual exploits of Will Deshon and Will Chamberlain in scoring their next two tries after half-time. These scores both came after KWS’s hard work and speed of play including some great work from Harry Priest, Bailey Barrett and Hugh Thompson to move the ball quickly into space. Another excellent conversion from Will Fuller took KWS’s lead out to 24-7 with a quarter of the game to play. While KWS looked unlikely to concede too many points, Kings certainly stepped up their intensity and capitalised on a sliced clearance kick to build pressure and score under the posts and then score another shortly after with some well-executed team play. This set up a tight finish to the game with KWS leading 24-17. Even on the last play of the game Kings threw everything at KWS in search of a try to draw level but a big defensive effort saw Kings taken into touch for an excellent result for KWS U14’s.


KWS U14A v Riverview U14B

Final score: KWS lost 34-0

Report: Buoyed by the try-scoring efforts of the B’s and their strong encounter versus Kings, the KWS 14A’s took to the field in the 1pm Sydney heat against a strong and physical Riverview B’s. The home side took no time to add their first mark on the scoreboard. Their dangerous centre pairing breaking the kinross line after just 3 minutes to score. Resilience was going to be the key to the day for KWS conceding a second try two minutes later taking the score to 12-0. With Riverview looking dangerous the KWS boys really stepped up to defend strongly. Territory was not in Kinross’ favour but with the home team’s carries being met with big collisions KWS tackle count was growing quickly. Luke Dominello, Hugh Thompson, Brad Kidley, Will Deshon and Will Pearce all making key contributions in the team’s gritty resistance.

Opportunities to win the ball back were fleeting, as Riverview’s defence was as strong as their attack but the persistence of KWS to keep fighting for the ball gave them some rewards towards the end of the 1st half. Kinross found it tough to break though the line with ball in hand, but not for lack of trying. Outside backs Harry Bylsma, Tom Storer and Jock Litchfield with the best of the opportunities to go forward but even then the frantic defence made it very tricky to convert this pressure into points.

It would be at least 20 minutes before SIC were able to breach the kinross defence again at 17-0. The fatigue of defending for so long began to show with Riverview able to find more holes to break through. Despite the introduction of Dudley Shepherd and Jake Hail giving KWS some renewed optimism in the second half, the physicality was taking it’s toll with prop Ned Jones and number eight Will Deshon picking up injuries. After some great interplay Riverview’s dynamic centre shot through to swan dive into the corner to round off a tough day at the office with the home side running out 34-0 winners. Although one sided Kinross boys have plenty to be proud of, especially in their discipline, tenacity and teamwork. Next up we face a powerful Newington side in our first home game at KWS.


KWS U14B v Kings U14D

Report: After moments of strong showing last week versus TAS, the U14B’s were intent on finding more consistency against a powerful Kings 14D side. The opening exchanges were even but scrappy, with KWS struggling to stop Kings from stealing the ball at the breakdown. Despite some physical early carries from Kelvin Tang, Hugo Jansen, Ethan Shaw and captain Tom Patton, Kings were able to use their ball-winning prowess to their advantage scoring two early tries taking the score to 12-0.

However a sustained period of KWS continuity and pressure in the Kings 22 enabled new player Jackson Wilkin to cross the line for KWS’s first try.

This seemed to only inspire the Kings side as they continued to steal possession and extend their lead with two more scores. Even with the score at 24-5 KWS kept working hard, strong individual performances making a competitive game but a lack of cohesion ultimately stifling their opportunities to hit back on the score board.

Half-time bought fresh opportunities to change players and positions with real impact. Recent returnee to rugby Will Kerr bringing his energy to half-back and with the hard running of Dudley Shepherd and Harry Bylsma KWS started to edge back into the game. This go-forward eventually saw powerhouse and all-round entertainer Kelvin Tang crash over to start KWS’s second-half resurgence. With spirits lifted, two more long-range efforts from fast and physical forwards Tom Patton and Jack Chamberlain and conversion from now full-back Bailey Barrett rounded off a remarkable comeback to trail Kings 24-22 with a minute to spare. This remarkable display of grit and persistence ultimately fell just short with Kings scoring a well constructed final try on the bell.

The boys returned to Orange proud and cheerful after a great learning experience and a really enjoyable day in Parramatta.


KWS U14B v Riverview U14D
Final score: KWS lost 52-17

Report: Last weeks fighting performance versus Kings really seemed to raise the ambition of the 14B’s in their clash with St Ignatius’ Riverview. Considering the travel sickness that hit several players en route to Lane Cove KWS showed no signs of fatigue in the early exchanges with SIC. Strong early carries and an improved level of teamwork were setting the tone for the day. It only took 5 minutes for Jack Chamberlain to power through to score KWS’s opening try, ably converted by Dudley Shepherd. Zac Annett continued to add pressure and demonstrating real intent with an exciting side-stepping run through the middle of Riverview’s defence being pulled down just short of the line. It wasn’t long before U14’s danger man Kelvin Tang added to the score with the first of his three tries. A wonderful solo effort breaking through three tackles inside his own half to race away under the posts.

By now KWS were looking more and more dangerous with everyone feeling confident to attack, line breaks coming from Harry Maslin and long-range try scorer Tom Storer. Zac Annett decided to go one better than his earlier break when he stepped through several attempted tackles to score his first try of the season, with Dudley’s conversion taking the score to 26-0.

Riverview started their own fightback with a well-constructed score, challenging the Kinross defence with phase after phase of attack. With the opposition building their confidence there was renewed purpose in the Kinross attack. Kelvin Tang’s unstoppable running bringing his second long range try of the day first starting with the ball in his own 22.

Half-time bought a fresh energy to Riverview who came out of the blocks at the restart, breaking through several tackles to place pressure on the KWS line. A resilient defence saw the ball back with KWS, and more significantly in Kelvin’s hands as he bolted through a gap closely followed by Riverview defenders to complete his hat-trick. The scores would then to and fro between the two sides with the home side scoring their second try after some good attack down the right side before replacement Tom Patton broke away from his own 22, swerving and dodging the chasing defence to score. Dudley Shepherd’s excellent kicking was topped off with a runaway finish as he stepped his way to the line for Kinross’ final try in the corner. Riverview fought to the end, being rewarded for their pressure in the final minute with their third and final score closing the exciting encounter at 52-17 to KWS.


KWS 15A v The Kings School Bs

Final score: KWS won 43-12

Report: The 15As put on a strong performance against Kings with a focus on support the boys were fantastic. The team shifted the ball around the field and were able to get a number of offloads away which created several scoring opportunities. The boys were excellent at the breakdown and the contest was really heavily contested. The boys should be very proud of their effort and commitment to focus on getting the small things right.

Tries: A Staniforth 2, James Ferguson 2, D Shaw, J Rassmussen, J Smith

Conversions: A Staniforth 4/7

Points: 3 Nic Brown, 2 Doug Philipson, 1 Angus Staniforth

Players Player: Nic Brown


KWS 15A v Riverview Bs

Final score: KWS won 82-5

Report: The weekend was one of those games where the ball always bounced the way of KWS. The boys put together their most complete performance so far this year in both attack and defence. The boys stuck to their structure and moved the ball around the field incredibly well.  The scrum was dominate and Nic Lyne was outstanding in his debut at prop. In such a high scoring game it is difficult to identify standout players but collectively the team gelled really well. This weekend against Newington As will be a great reality check and a test to see where the team is at.

Tries: 4 Nic Brown, 3 James Ferguson, 2 Jono Rassmussen, Charlie Bird, Harry Gutterson, Will Wilson

Conversions: James Thompson 4/8, Charlie Bird 0/2, Will Wilson 2/2

Points: 3 Jono Rassmussen, 2 Nic Brown, 1 Charlie Bird, 1 Will Wilson

Players Player: Jono Rassmussen


KWS 15Bs v Newington

Final score: KWS lost 15-5

Report: A great initial trial against Newington for the 15 B's saw a positive start to the season.

Unfortunately losing 15 - 5 with a couple of close efforts by the team to level the score.

The boys showed great communication and intensity throughout the game.

Will Wilson had an excellent game scoring the only try and nearly getting a second, I gave him 3 points. Jake Chudleigh got 2 with a great effort and Remy Niven who overcame a long trip on the bus to get 1 point. Other players who worked consistently included Sam Gee and Ziggy Jackson-Le Couteur.

Players Player went to Jake Chudleigh.

KWS 15Bs v Riverview

Final score: KWS lost 62-0

Report: A tough day on the field as the players showed stamina after backing up for some injuries in the C's game. The scoreline highlighted that the heat and injuries throughout the game made a huge effect on the outcome. A huge effort by Rodiadh MacKenzie got him 3 points and players player along with Charlie Neville, Frank Poulton and Fergus Connick taking out the other points.  Fergus is to be congratulated after backing up in two games and showing great spirit.

The game ended with a scoreline of 62-0.


KWS 15C v The King’s School 15D

Final score: 48 – 7 (Eight tries, three conversions to one converted try)

Report: Having played an internal trial game the weekend prior, the 15s played their first games as both B & C teams away against The King’s School. Having seen the 15Bs go down in a close game earlier against the Newington College 15Bs the boys in the 15Cs were excited to have a competitive game against TKS 15Ds.

Early into the first half the team showed continuity with the forwards and backs working together to create opportunities from both ends of the field. Jock Stephenson (Half Back) combined well with Saxon Buckley (First Five Eight) to give the backs good attacking opportunities. Ultimately it was a day for the forwards, with tries coming from line breaks, set pieces and broken play. Highlights included Max Day’s full length of the field try and a tight defence that pushed the opposition back and provided them few attacking opportunities. For the next week against SIC Riverview the team will be focusing on better discipline during play and clearer communication during attack and defensive set play.

Try scorers: Peter Quirk, Max Day (2), Fergus Connick, Bryce Commins (2), Riley Hall, Rodaidh MacKenzie

Conversions: Digby Williams (3)

Points: 3 Points: May Day | 2 Points: Bryce Commins | 1 Point: Digby Williams


KWS 15C v St Ignatius Riverview 15E

Final score:  7 – 27 (One converted try to five tries, one conversion)

Report: With a number of students away with Central West Rugby, the boys in the Bs and Cs had a tough weekend, with many playing in more than just one game. This meant that those who had been away were able to have plenty of game time, but in the warm conditions in Sydney the boys found themselves quickly drained and tired. It was as much a mental challenge as it was physical, and despite having little territory and possession early on in the game, the 15Cs really kicked on in the second part of the first half scoring a try and evening the contest. They should be commended for their effort and for showing resilience in the tough times. We lost our way a little bit in the second half which allowed SIC to score and take the result out of doubt. A big thank you to all of those boys who starred in more than one game, and for having a crack despite the humidity and heat.

Try scorer: Sterling Graham

Conversion: Digby Williams

Points: 3 Points: Sterling Graham | 2 Points: James Longley | 1 Point: James Glasson


KWS 16A v The Kings School (11 May)

Final score: KWS lost 13-12

Report: We worked hard on our defence during the week and this paid off with some strong tackles. After we kept Kings out on numerous occasions they decided to take the 3 after a run of penalties were given away. We lost Pat to another knee injury after he made a long run. The 1st try come because of the awesome scrum working together and we won it against the feed, Fletcher jinked through a hole and scored. We went to break 5 to 3 up.

After the break we made numerous mistakes and gave away a number of penalties the final penalty count being 20-6 against. Even with this we managed to score next through a lovely pick up from Fletcher who ran 60 meters to score. Our middle players of Alex Brown, James Kildey, Archie Lamont and Oscar Harding all played well while the edge players added their supported. Kings only try come from an intercept against the run of play. The last penalty, Kings decided to take another shot for goal which initially missed, but because we charged which we can’t do they got a re-kick and nailed it. It is important to learn from our mistakes and move forward with confidence.

Tries: Fletcher Doyle 2, Goal: Brad O’Brien

Points: 3 points: Fletcher Doyle | 2 points: Alex Brown, James Kildey | 1 point: Brad O’Brien, Jack Weeks, Oscar Harding.


KWS 16A v SIC 16B (18 May)

Final score: 15-15 Draw

Report: A great defence in the first half set up a 10-nil lead at half time, it was good to see some good communication and will to have each other’s back when defending. Our inexperienced front row and pack punished SIC in the scrums which culminated in SIC going to uncontested scrums. Pat Hickman scored the first try off that resulted after a reorganisation of space and some silky hands. The second try come off a similar movement that resulted in Oscar Harding grabbing the meat pie.

James Kildey continues to impress with some strong carries and his bone jarring defence. We had a few lapses in the second half and lost our way at times which resulted in SIC scoring 3 tries. The boys hit back with a great try to Archie Hailing after a chip kick from Fletcher Doyle and a regather from Jacob Hansen and then an offload. A big thank you to the B’s who travelled to Sydney and gave their all in very humid conditions.

The boys continue to improve and with some work in certain areas the season is shaping as a good one. 

Tries: Pat Hickman, Oscar Harding, Archie Hailing

Points: 2 points: James Kildey, Jack Weeks, Oscar Harding | 1 point: Charlie Fielding, Archie Lamont, Fletcher Doyle, Will Maslin, Archie Hailing.


KWS 16B v Kings

Final score: KWS lost 24-5

Report: The Mighty 16B’s travelled to Kings. Playing into a strong wind in the first half, the lads found themselves camped in their own 22 metre line. The defence was heroic, but eventually Kings scored. Throughout the match, the boys confronted challenges, such as difficult conditions for lineouts, demonstrating excellent problem-solving skills.  The boys kept up their effort for the entire match, scoring a try at the death to make the final score Kings 24 and Kinross Wolaroi 5. After the match, the boys identified the need to be more organised in attack, so players aren’t isolated with the ball.


KWS 4th XV v TKS 8th (11 May)

Final score: KWS lost 21-65

Report: The KWS 4th grade side travelled down to The Kings School to take on the Kings 8th grade. The Kings team were well drilled and had a substantial size advantage over our brave 4ths. An early red card saw KWS play most of the match with 14 men, which was followed by a yellow card at the midway point of the first half. When playing two men down, it is crucial that we make our first up tackles. Kings were able to send their big forwards running through our defensive line and despite excellent cover defence by our wings and fullback, we were facing a huge halftime deficit, behind by 55-7.

The second half saw a huge improvement in our overall play, with our forwards gradually gaining the advantage in general play and our backs being able to get the ball in their hands. Our defence stiffened up and we bravely defended our line with The Kings School on the attack, KWS was able to win the second half 14-10 and start to build some great momentum to take forward in the coming weeks.

Standout players for the match were Harry Cummins, who made many bone-crunching tackles and saved at least 3 tries from being scored. Harry also showed great strength, determination and elusiveness with some key runs in the second half. Dom Wu on the other wing defended incredibly well. The forwards were led by Lachlan Roberts who didn’t give in at any point in the game, and Harry Kermode who was outstanding in both attack and defence.

Tries: Lachlan Roberts, Tom Gill, Tom Tudor.

Points: 3 Points - Harry Cummins | 2 Points - Dom Wu | 1 Point - Lachlan Roberts, Harry Kermode


KWS 4th XV v SIC 8th XV (18 May)

Final score: KWS lost 17-49

Report: The final leg of our opening away games saw the 4th XV travel down to a hot a humid St Ignatius College Riverview to face the SIC 8th XV. Our boys had trained exceptionally well during the week and were keen to show their improvement on the field. The score does not reflect how close this game actually was. There were at least three genuine scoring opportunities lost with dropped balls over or at the try line. The team should be proud of their efforts and committing to finishing the game strong. A focus on communication and alignment in defence would have seen this game go down to the wire, with a KWS win a very real possibility.

We have a very deep bench in 4th grade, which helped with the hot and humid conditions down in Sydney, allowing us to make frequent changes in the second half. The passion to play was evident amongst our teams, as we had halfbacks, centres and fullbacks putting their hand up to have a run in the forwards, giving some of our tight five the opportunity to catch a breather. I know it is tough when you are looking at playing a half game at best, but I want to thank the squad for their efforts in ensuring everyone gets close to equal game time and I appreciate your understanding as move players in and out.

Standout players for KWS included Sam Hope, who did his best Owen Finnegan impression, getting through a mountain of work in the middle of the field. Angus Smith tackled himself to a standstill in the middle of the backline. Charlie Coddington had limited opportunities but showed his blistering speed in scoring one of the best individual tries ever seen on the Riverview 1B oval. Nick Kierle showed some great passing and direction, having found his home at halfback – despite a controversy brewing with Lachlan Roberts also looking the goods in his time at halfback. Hamish Napier ensured our lineout was dominant and his defence in general play was outstanding, once again.

Tries: Harry Cummins, Charlie Coddington, Dom Reilly; Goal – Tom Gill

Points: 3. Sam Hope | 2. Angus Smith | 1. Charlie Coddington

KWS 3rd XV v St Ignatius 6th XV

After a solid week of training the 3rd XV were primed for a good performance against St Ignatius 6th XV. We started the game with reasonable field position and attacking their line. However, a loose ball that wasn’t cleaned up followed by a penalty gave away good field position and gifted them a try. For a 7-0 halftime lead.

It was a tough physical encounter and KWS struggled to gain any momentum and pushed the pass too often and gift possession and field position to our opposition. We were unable to capitalise on their 2 yellow cards and they were able to score to score 2 more 2nd half tries to win the match 19-0.

We have some work to do!

Points: 3 points Will Harborne | 2 points Fletcher Webber | 1 point James Dennis


KWS 2nd XV v TKS

Final score: KWS lost 31-5

Report: In a tough game KWS went down to TKS. Ball security and defence are areas for improvement as the year progresses.

Points: 3 pts Lew Connick | 2 pts Will Luelf | 1 pt Hamish McDoudgall

KWS 2nd XV v Riverview

Final score: KWS lost 21-12

With a very good start after the long trip, the 2ndXV converted a great lineout win to roll down the left side of the field for Felix to dive over.

Previous to this Alex Brien found some space & also scored. At 12-0 up, the side was going very well.

SIC dug deep in the 2nd half as KWS pressed their line, certain to score, but fate allowed a speedy break by SIC for a 14 pt turn around.

The KWS boys tackled themselves to a standstill, with very little ball & no territory.

Tough to lose, but the 2nd XV can take a lot of heart and wisdom into the remainder of their games.

Points: 3pts Will Leulf | 2pts Hugh Aldersley | 1pt Tom Richardson, Ollie Hoskins.


KWS 1st XV v SIC 1st XV (18th May 2019)

Final score: SIC 32 - KWS10

Report: The KWS travelled to Sydney to take on GPS heavy weights St Ignatius Riverview. This was the third week on the road for the team and they were ready for the challenge. The game started well with Sam Ridley challenging the defensive line and busted through to offload to a rampaging Cody Kelso to score under the posts. William Smith was fantastic in the mid field with plenty of “hit ups” and the occasional off load to Digby Cooper. SIC were very skilled at transferring the ball and scored three quick tries to end the first half at SIC 19 and KWS 5.

The second half was played in a similar fashion to the first with some great defence by Nick Hay-McKenzie, Hugh McIntyre, Ed Taylor, Harry May and Josh Dominello. Preston Simpson was electric and proved difficult to contain as did James Wilson. The KWS forwards were impressive with their “pick and go” and made many valuable metres to finally score with Cody Kelso. Ben Bellamy worked hard at Number 8 as did Charlie Wilson and Lachie Donnelley in the centres. The KWS men displayed great fitness and have developed their breakdown skills over the past three weeks to finish what was a very competitive game.

Tries: Cody Kelso x2

Points: 3 William Smith, 2 Sam Ridley, 1 Preston Simpson, Ed Taylor, Josh Dominello,Hugh McIntyre.


Prep School Sport News

Reminder - No sport training on Wednesday

There is NO sport training on Wednesday 29 May due to the Year 5 & 6 excursions. This is on the parent calendar. Hockey matches for Year 3 & 4 are still going ahead.


HICES Cross Country

The KWS Cross Country team will compete on Thursday at Orange Anglican School at the HICES Cross Country Carnival. There will be 16 schools at this Carnival, providing fierce competition for our students. The following students have been chosen to represent KWS at the WAS & HICES Cross Country. We wish these students all the best for their competition:


WAS / HICES Team 2019

  • 8/9 YEARS BOYS: Charlie Hail; Xavier Zinga; Henry Quigley; Jed Volkofsky; Sam Commins
  • 8/9 YEARS GIRLS: Daisy Dwyer; Alexandra Karrasch; Sophie Caro; Alannah Bryan; Harriet Boyd
  • 10 YEARS BOYS: Ollie Garard; William Karrasch; Drew Carslake; Hamish Searle; Hugo O’Brien
  • 10 YEARS GIRLS: Bell Clinton; Phoebe Paynter; Chloe Provost; Flossie Jackson-Le Couteur; Georgia Philippe
  • 11 YEARS BOYS: Spencer Johnston; Hayden McKenzie; Will Garard; Lachie Knight; Ashton Nock
  • 11 YEARS GIRLS: Lucy Reidy; Lexi Wilkin; Poppy O’Hehir-Corones; Ava Healey; Emily Caro
  • 12 YEARS BOYS: Krishan Kandeepan; Archie Fielding; Dom Segger; Josh De Bruyn; Kajan Kandeepan; Angus Martin
  • 12 YEARS GIRLS: Pip Martin; Matilda Fabar; Olivia Martin; Tessa Wong; Georgie Miller; Grace Hansen

Winter Sport

All sports have now commenced and training sessions underway. Please assist your children by reminding them to pack their correct uniform and equipment for both matches and training. Additionally, all students must be at their matches a minimum of 15 mins before they play. Please assist your child’s coaches with being on time for pre-game warm up and match play.


Notifications will be pushed out through the app: Team App. Please ensure you are signed up to your child’s sport to ensure you receive the latest information. All the sports on team app are PREP sports, otherwise you will be trying to join the Secondary School.


The Prep Winter Sport bulletin can be found on FROG for additional information.


CIS Hockey team

Congratulations to Isabelle Johnston, Tessa Wong and Georgie Miller who have been selected into the CIS B Hockey team to play at the NSWPSSA Hockey Championships in Newcastle 24 – 26 June. We wish the girls the best of luck at the Championships.


Sporting Teams of the week

The following teams have been nominated by their coaches for demonstrating sportsmanship, determination, team play, resilience and excellent behaviour. Congratulations to the following teams on their nominations for Sporting team of the week.

  • Football: U8 Cobras, U10 Jets, U10 Roar
  • Netball: U10 Bluebirds, U11 Kestrels, U12 Hawks
  • Hockey: Emus, Scorpions

Outside KWS Sport news

William Karrasch: Competed at the Canberra Cycling ACT Tour event in the U11 second year age group. William placed 5th overall in the individual time trial. He also competed in the 6km road race.


Finn Price: participated in the Aberdeen Cod Classic fishing competition at Wyangala Dam. Finn and his father placed 1st in the competition catching a cod 95cm long!


Daniel Lord: competed at the Central West Regional Gymnastics on the weekend in the trampolining events. Daniel placed 1st in the tumbling; 1st in mini-tramp and 2nd in the trampoline events. As a result, he has qualified for the Country Championships to be held next month.


Kaydn McLachlan: Kaydn played in the Parkes JDS Tournament last Sunday (19th May), placing first in the under 10 boys. As a result of this he will now be number 1 in the JDS point score for under 10 boys. Congratulations Kaydn.


Football Representative teams

Congratulations to Daniel Lord and Toby Gee who have been selected into the U12 Orange Rep Football team. Ashton Nock and Toby Gee have been selected as members of the Western Mariners Representative team. The boys have already been playing in State wide competitions for the Mariners. Well done boys.


Orange Hockey Representative teams

Well done to Zoe Harmer who has been selected into the U11 Girls Rep Hockey team. Also to Tessa Wong, Grace Hansen, Isabelle Johnston and Georgie Miller who will represent Orange in the U13 Girls Hockey team at the State Championships later in the year.


Mrs Louise Barrett

KWS Prep Sport & PE Co-ordinator


Equestrian News

Any students from K-12 interested in attending the Tamworth Interschools Horse Extravaganza June 28th – July 1st can go to and check out all the different disciplines offered during the competition. To enable children from each school to be stabled and camped together there is a form that I need to fill out and returned by the 24th May before general stabling and camping is opened to individuals.


Stable cleaning bond for each stable - $42.50 (refundable upon leaving a clean stable).

Stabling cost per night (minimum 2 night charge) - $27.50

Camping cost per night - $27.50


Please email me if you have any questions regarding this event or if you are going and are keen to camp/stable together as a team.


Bardi Mannix
MIC Equestrian

Prep School
Sport Reports



KWS Scorpions had their first game on Wednesday 8th May against the KWS Rhinos.  We won 7-0 and all the team worked really hard on their attacking and defending skills.  Hugo and Keeley combined amazingly to score all the goals.  Well done Scorpions, keep up the good work!

Kaydn McLachlan



15/5 – KWS Geckos won the match 2-1. It was a thrilling game and we played well. Everyone played their positions incredibly but we have quite a few skills to work on.
Aiden Button



Brumbies hockey report for Wednesday the 8th of May. What an awesome start to the season. Had a great first game with the new players fitting in nicely. We had a quiet first half but Mrs Fatai gave us a great motivational talk and pumped us up to score two goals in the second half and Confederates just one. Thanks team. Go Brumbies!

Sienna Wilkin



U9 Doves:

Saturday 18th May. The Doves had a good game. We were 1 point away from winning, 3-4. There were no injuries and everyone enjoyed the game.
Zoe Freeman


U10 Bluebirds:

Saturday 10th May - The Bluebirds played against Waratahs. It was a fun match and we had a good effort against them but they were too hard to beat in the end. The score was 5 to 1 in their favour. The team did excellent work together with good defence but they just couldn't get the goals they needed. Great 2nd game under 10 Bluebirds!
Mischa Lawson


On 18 May, we played the Orange Barbarians. They were a tough opponent. However, we worked really well as a team and were able to have a good amount of ball possession. Thanks to this and some fantastic shooting, we were able to win 7-2. A special thanks to Mrs Pengilly for coaching us this week.

Georgia Philippe


U11 Firebirds:

On Saturday 11th May the KWS Firebirds were versing OPS. The Firebirds did a fantastic job at defending and attacking. Although the Firebirds played amazingly they went down 8-4 to the OPS team. It was the first game in a new team so goooo Firebirds!
Julia Bligh


Saturday 18th May. It was a wonderful game with the Firebirds playing Life Studio. At half time Katie had scored us 5 goals while Life Studio were ahead by 3 on 8. At full time we ended the game on 8-12. Life Studio had the win, but it was still a ferocious match, with everyone showing great passing skills and enthusiasm.
Rosie Hedley


U11 Kestrels:

On Saturday 11/5/19 we had our first game of the season playing Life Studio. It was a great start for our team. Even though we didn’t win, we made lots of great passes and intercepts and our goal shooter made some great shots. Netball is about having a great time with your teammates, having fun and trying your hardest and we did all of that!
Harriett Sinclair


On Saturday 18/5 the Kestrels played Hawkes. In the first quarter the Hawkes were winning. They had great defenders but the Kestrels had possession of the ball most of the game. The Kestrels took the lead and won with the score of 11-8. There were some great intercepts in the centre and some fantastic shooting. Go Kestrels!
Freya Stacpoole


U12 Falcons:

Game played 11/05/2019, Round 2. The Falcons had a very close game versing the OAGS Leopards.  We played an exciting game coming out with a win.  The score was 9 to 6.  Emily and Ava in the goal circle scored our 9 goals.  Mia, Bridget, Aimee and Nancy in the centre third passed and intercepted the ball across the court. Lily and Charlotte in defence stopped the other team from scoring more goals.  We fought our hardest with smiles on our faces.  Everyone had a great time.  OAGS was a very tough team but we pulled through in the end. 
Charlotte Buckley


On Saturday 18th May, the U12s Falcons played a great game against Cyms Hurricanes but unfortunately we lost by 2 goals, 8-6. Everyone worked well together in the center court and we have really improved our game both in attack and defense. We were proud of how we played. Thank you to Mrs Grivas for coaching us. 
Emily Caro


U12 Hawks:

Game played 11/5/19. The Hawks played Life Studio Nashies. The weather was terribly cold but that didn’t stop us. With only 7 players we won 43 – 5. Our passes and defence improved. We worked together as a team and we all kept our team spirit. Congratulations to the entire team.
Matilda Fabar



U8 Cobras:

18/5 – KWS Cobras v Molong

Thank you Jack and James for helping us on Saturday. It was a tough match against Molong. Nick played very well in attack and got player of the match. At training we will work on kicking the ball out of defense.

Harry Price


U8 Tiapans:

On Saturday 11/5/19 we played against Waratahs. I was playing goalie which is my favourite position and I am quite good at it. I stopped the opposition from scoring a few times and did some big kicks to my team mates. Charlie, Henry and Louie had great games. They kicked really good and tried their best. We tried our best to show respect to each other and the other team. We all had fun playing football even though it was very cold at Waratah oval.
Chrysalide Frecklington


U9 Thunder:  

On Saturday 18th May we played at Waratahs Sports Ground against Nashobolas. This was only our second game as we had the bye last week. Our skills on the field have improved greatly since the first game. We were passing together well and we were definitely better at tackling on the field. We lost 7-0, but the score didn't reflect how well we played. At the end of the game we enjoyed lollies as a treat!
Sophie Caro 


U10 Roar:

19/05 Round 3. Our team went to Blayney to play the Blayney Roar on Saturday morning. We played well but the Blayney team won on the day. Max scored our goal and Charlie and Will played for us to make up a full team.  Charlie played in Goal and Will used his speed well on the wing.  Izaac, Tom and Niamh played well in defence and all made some good tackles.  Joe also tackled the other team well when they were near our goal.  We look forward to training with our coach this week and another fun game next week.
Hamish Buckley


U10 Jets: Game played 11/5 - The KWS Jets all played really well on the weekend despite the cold and foggy conditions. We were lucky that Max Horne played in our team and he scored 3 goals. We played Cyms Red and the final score was 6-2 our way. All players showed improvement in their skills and we’re learning to find opportunities to score on the field.
Hamish Searle


Game played 18/5 - The Jets had a great game against Waratahs. Waratahs were very aggressive and scored heaps of goals in the first half. We had a great chat at half time. The boys came back on very confident to score goals. We did not let them score many goals in the second half. Sadly, we lost but we all had a great game.

Ben Chambers


News from around our School

Poetry in Action Review

On Wednesday the 15th of May, Poetry in Action visited Kinross Wolaroi school. They performed a play/skit for all of year 8 about using certain techniques found in persuasive texts.


Poetry in Action was an inspiring show that showed us how to develop a successful speech using different techniques such as the power of three.


The group used multiple examples of amazing speeches from the past that took a large place in history in order to show us how to construct and deliver a powerful speech. They used costumes and acting to keep us engaged with the show and make us feel like we were actually listening to the speech getting delivered. These speeches included: “I have a Dream” by Martin Luther King Jr, Susan B Anthony when she stood up for women to vote and the speech by Hitler which persuaded his people to go to war.


The speeches were ones that we didn’t necessarily have to agree with, but ones that genuinely changed the world. For example, they performed one of Hitler’s speeches. What was particularly clever was that they didn’t reveal the author of the speech until the very end. We were all amazed at the power of words that were written and performed. Interestingly enough, the group was almost persuaded by the speech, until it was revealed that it was in fact written by Hitler. This is incredible as it just goes to show the power of persuasion.


The performance as a whole was really cleverly put together. Throughout their performance, there were many costume changes and many situations where the actors were able to showcase their natural and incredible acting skills. They used their stage extremely well, changing the scene of the performance quickly to not make us lose concentration of the what we were learning about or the point of play.


Overall, this was a great experience and we were able to learn all about persuasive speaking and persuasive techniques in a new and interesting way, which was different but also linked into what we have been doing in class. We thoroughly enjoyed it!


Written by – Toby, Isobel, Ella, and Ned.



Mrs Antonia Suthers

Term Dates

Term dates for 2020 have been announced

Term 1: Wednesday 29 January to Thursday 9 April 
Term 2: Tuesday 28 April to Friday 26 June 
Term 3: Tuesday 21 July to Thursday 24 September
Term 4: Tuesday 13 October to Thursday 3 December


The detailed list of term dates with key dates and holidays for 2020 can be downloaded in PDF format below:


Dr Andrew Parry 
Principal - Kinross Wolaroi School

Career News

International Screen Academy

Acting School Tours - International Screen Academy – The screen actors’ home. They invite students and parents to register for a personal tour of their purpose built, state of the art Sydney studio. This allows you to have your questions answered and to explore the student experience possible for you at ISA. If you are interested in visiting them at the Waterloo Studios please email: [email protected]



TAFE NSW Degrees - Offer a number of degree level courses and higher education options. From 3D Art & Animation, Fashion and Interior Design, Information Technology and more. With strong industry links to over 25,000 employers, students will get both the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to land a job faster and succeed in their chosen career. For more info visit


Studying Overseas

The US & UK University Expo -16 June This event is proudly powered by Crimson Education; a careers expo designed to get access to world leading university information all in one spot! It will include specialised information sessions for students and parents and include exhibitors from different universities in the US & UK - one to mark for the calendar! Discount Code : 10FORME Tickets:


University of New South Wales

UNSW Exploring STEM Careers Holiday Program

Registrations now open. Join Science 50:50 and UNSW Women in Engineering for a one-day holiday program exploring careers in STEM! You will visit various organisations, meet professional scientists and engineers, discover where they work and what they do. The program runs Mon 8th or Tues 9th July for female Year 10 students with an interest in STEM. Apply at:


UNSW Degrees and Scholarships Info Evening

11 June, 13 June, 20 June

At UNSW Sydney, they know that choosing what to study at university can be a complex decision. That’s why they’re holding the UNSW Degree and Scholarships Information Evening.


Cadetships - Engineering

Applications are open for the Engineering & Technology Cadetships (ETCAD) Program. Cadets combine university study in engineering or technology with paid work at Cubic Transportation Systems. Cubic is a global leader in providing integrated transport management systems. Year 12 students apply online at Applications close on 21 June.


International College of Management Sydney

Applications are now open for Entry Pathways to ICMS.
Current Year 12 students are encouraged to get a head start and apply via the following pathways:
Early Entry is designed for students with a strong academic track record who want to secure a place at ICMS before they sit their final HSC exams.
Elite Athlete/Performer Program is ideal for students whose commitment to sport or the performing arts may have impacted their studies. Under this program eligible students are able to receive an offer to ICMS before they sit their final exams.
Leadership Entry Program is ideal for students who have demonstrated significant leadership in their school or community. 
Of course, students who do not meet the criteria for an ICMS Entry Pathways program are still able to submit a direct application online. 

University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame’s Early Offer program gives Year 12 students the opportunity to secure a place at the university ranked No.1 in NSW for Learner Engagement, Skills Development and Graduate Employability (QILT). They are pleased to announce the Young Achievers Early Offer program will provide successful Year 12 applicants with a Notre Dame offer two weeks following their interview. 

The Early Offer Program is open to Year 12 students who excel academically and can demonstrate co-curricular achievement and leadership, or students who are committed to co-curricular achievement and leadership. 

Click here for more information


Careers with STEM

Magazines Careers With STEM have a range of career magazines you can either download online for free or pay for hard copies. 2019 Magazines released so far are:

  • Maths: careers that count
  • Economics: change the world
  • Science: big career potential
  • Data Science: data jobs need you

You can also download past magazines in areas such as coding, cybersecurity, engineering, and health science. You can view the magazines at this link:


Australian Defence Force Academy

What is ADFA ?

Receive service training while studying for your degree, earn a salary while learning, and graduate with a rewarding job and no HELP debt. Forged from a unique partnership between the ADF and the University of New South Wales, the Australian Defence Force Academy offers world-class education plus cutting edge military and leadership training. On their Canberra campus, in addition to being expertly trained in the art of leadership and management, you'll undertake a degree in Arts, Business, Engineering, Information Technology, Science or Technology.



Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service (AATIS) E-Newsletter

Monthly and Special Edition E-Newsletters highlighting good news stories, Australian Apprenticeship information, qualification updates and more.


Australian Apprenticeships Pathways Webinar

Wed, May 29, 2019 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM AEST

This one-hour webinar will include an overview of the AAPathways website, including the new online Literacy and Numeracy Quizzes, and updated Steps to an Australian Apprenticeship. We will also cover the best ways to use our co-branded materials and other AATIS resources.


Marine Biology

What Does a Marine Biologist Look Like? 

Inspire your students to pursue marine biology at UTS Science, with this great short video of UTS graduate Justin Tierney. Justin currently works at Port Stephens Fisheries Institute as a Fisheries Technician. He says participating in field trips to Heron Island and Stroud in his degree helped to reinforce the theoretical knowledge he learnt in class.


Upcoming Events

ANU – Direct Application Close Friday 31 May

UAC – Parent Seminar Tuesday 4 June 2019 – KWS (Year 12 students do not need to register, only parents)

Kinross Wolaroi School – Careers Evening Thursday 20 June 2019 (Compulsory for Years 10/12)


Mrs Kimberley Jones

Year 12 Co-ordinator | Careers Advisor

Upcoming Events

Camerata Concert

The Performing Arts Faculty warmly invites you to the annual Camerata Concert - a showcase of premier solo performances on a variety of musical instruments by students in Years 7 - 12 on Friday 31 May 2019 from 7pm in the KWS Chapel.


Support the Crew Fundraiser

Our undefeated Schoolgirl Quad Scull from the 2018/19 rowing season has been seeded and invited to compete at Henley Royal Regatta (HRR) in the UK from July 3-7. HRR is regarded as the most prestigious rowing regatta in the world, and prized by school, university, club and elite rowers alike.


Our crew will be the first to compete for Kinross Wolaroi School at HRR, and is comprised of Freya Neville (Y10), Isabella Scammell (Y10), Lucy Jenkins (Y11), Bridget Yeomans (Y11), and coxswain Jetta Kennett (Y11).


We invite school families and friends to attend a dinner cocktail party to raise funds for these impressive young country women in their journey to Henley Royal Regatta.


Date: Saturday 1 June 2019
Time: 6.30pm - 9.30pm
Location: Ross Hill Wines, Orange
Tickets: $80 per person

Bookings: Please RSVP by Monday 27 May via Trybooking:


Parent Lecture Series:
UAC Presentation

We would like to invite all current parents and students of Years 10, 11 and 12 to attend a Parent Lecture on ATAR and Applying to Uni on Tuesday 4 June 2019, from 6.00pm in the DPA.

Trudy Noller is the Community Engagement Manager at The Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) and will be presenting this lecture on subjects such as ATAR, applying to universities through UAC and how the process all works. 


We encourage you all to come along! Light refreshments will be served. 

Please find attached the invitation. Bookings are to be made via Trybooking:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Victoria Mendl on 02 6392 0485 or [email protected]


Prep Performing Arts Concert


Careers Evening 2019


Performing Arts Festival

Friday 21st June 7pm
Orange Civic Theatre

This is the biggest concert of the year for KWS secondary performing arts! We hope to see you there!


Parents and
Friends Association 

P&F Meeting

A very successful P&F Meeting was held on Wednesday 15 May with many parents in attendance. 


Mr Matt Curran gave an overview of his role as Director of Boarding and explained many different aspects of boarding and of the experience of boarder parents. An aim of the P&F is to ensure that communication and collaboration occurs between parents of day pupils and of boarders and we discussed ways to ensure closer ties.


The P&F heard reports from Mr Parry and Mr McLean and then we discussed funding for items for the school and suggested parents’ social events and activities. More news on these to follow next term.


Kindy Parents Dinner

Kindergarten Year Group Representatives, Steph McCormack and Jen Curran would like to invite all KWS Kindergarten parents to drinks, dinner and karaoke at Mr Lims on Friday 14 June from 6:30pm.


If you are interested in attending, please contact Steph or Jen by Friday 31 May.


Jen[email protected]

Steph[email protected]


Introducing your new Year Group Representatives

The following people have been appointed to the P&F Committee as Year Group Representatives for 2019/20. Expect to hear from them, as they will be organising one or two casual social events during 2019 for you to get to know your year group parents/carers better. They’ll also be helping the P&F with our other major projects during the year.


Pre-Prep:  Jacqueline Heagney (Russell) & Lindsay Stewart

Kindy:  Jen Curran & Steph McCormack

Year 1:  Sarah Rourke

Year 2:  Leanne Lett

Year 3:  Nikki Bryan

Year 4:  Joc Kimmins, Sandra Jones & Luisa Shannon

Year 5:  Meredith Knight & Sarah Glover

Year 6:  Ali Payne

Year 7:  Rach Goodsir

Year 8:  Michelle Gough & Chrissy Baldwinson 

Year 9:  Merissa Horne

Year 10:  Justine Squire & Marg Aldersey 

Year 11:  Sarah Wakem

Year 12:  Mel Buesnel


If you would also like to be a Year Representative, please feel free to contact us – we’d love to hear from you.


New in 2019: Parent Contact Lists

The P&F are introducing contact lists for parents/carers in each year group to make it easier for you to organise your child’s school life and family friendships. They will be sent out to participating parents shortly.


Emails were sent to all parents on Monday 6 May with a link to opt in with your details.
Please note the following:

  • Your participation on the list is voluntary and does not have anything to do with your usual school communications, which are protected under Privacy legislation.
  • These lists are being coordinated for the P&F by the school’s Engagement Office to protect your privacy.
  • Please contact your Year Group Representative if you would like to be added to the contact list.


Save the date: 
Michael Carr-Gregg free parent forum

We are excited to announce that the P&F will be hosting a special Parent Forum at our Term 3 meeting on 4 September, which will feature a presentation by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, one of Australia's highest profile psychologists, author of 14 books, broadcaster and a specialist in parenting, children, adolescents and the use of technology for mental health.


He will present on ‘How to raise happy and resilient children and teenagers’ and will cover the latest news from the science of positive psychology, applied to bringing up children and teenagers – information every parent needs to know.


Mark the evening of Wednesday 4 September in your calendar NOW, so that you don’t miss this important event. More details will be provided at the beginning of next term.


Change to meeting dates

Please note that going forward, the P&F Executive has changed the P&F meeting schedule from two meetings per term to one General Meeting and one Executive Meeting per term. Dates for General Meetings for the remainder of the year are as follows:


Term 3:  Week 7 - Wednesday 4 September
Term 4:  Week 7 - Wednesday 27 November


Meetings are held each term in the Boardroom, Wolaroi Mansion at 7pm. Teleconferencing is available to allow participation for those unable to attend in person.


Best wishes to you and your family for the remainder of Term 2 on behalf of the P&F Executive and Committee.


Tanya Miller


Kinross Wolaroi School Parents’ and Friends’ Association

Important Notices

Years 7-12 Semester One Reports

Academic Reports for Years 7-12 should be emailed to parents according to the schedule below:

  • Year 11 - Week 4                
  • Year 12 - Week 5
  • Years 9 & 10 - Week 8
  • Years 7 & 8 - Week 9

If you do not receive your child’s report by the end of the week indicated above, please contact the School.


Paul Mirrington

Director of Studies


Cadet Leadership Camp 2019

The Cadet Leadership Camp, formerly known as “Promotions Camp” will be held from Friday 28 June through to Wednesday 3 July 2019.

Application Forms for the camp are available from Capt (AAC) Yeo and via FROG under Co-Curricular Cadets. Applications are due by 27 May 2019. Cadet Leadership Camp is available for all Cadets from Year 9 through to Year 11.


Mrs Michelle Thompson


Prep SRC News - Genuine Japanese Food

The SRC have been working closely with Mrs Horan to organise a special lunch day through the Canteen. Thursday 6th June will be a ‘Genuine Japanese food delight’.


What: Genuine Japanese food delight.


  • Japanese style hamburger meatballs with a side of boiled rice
  • Steamed green beans and carrot
  • Choice of sushi: 
    Tuna & avocado
    Tuna & cucumber
    Chicken schnitzel & avocado
    Chicken Schnitzel & cucumber
  • Honey soy soba noodles
  • Pop top juice: apple & blackcurrant/ orange

Bargain price: $10.00

When: Orders are open through Flexi schools website today. Orders will close Thursday 6th June 10:00am. Make sure you get your Genuine Japanese food delight.


If you are a vegetarian and would like to participate, please contact Mrs Schofield in the canteen on 63920 300. Do this promptly so she can discuss some alternatives with you.

We hope you enjoy the Genuine Japanese food delight.


Mrs Essex and the Prep School SRC


Traffic Rules Around KWS

Parents attention is drawn to traffic safety in and around the school. It is timely for all parents to watch the KWS Child / Car Safety video as a reminder of our rules and consideration of others for drop off and pick up


Gail Kennewell


Prep School: Changes to the Term 2 Planner 

Parents please note the following changes have been made to the Term 2 Planner.

The Family Newsletter is being produced in Weeks 4, 6 and 8.

31st May - Year 3 excursion to Sydney Youth Orchestra.

13th June - The Performing Arts Concert.


Gail Kennewell  


Prep Parent Teacher Interviews – Term 2

Term 2 Interview Dates: Tuesday 25 June & Thursday 27 June, 3:30 -6:45pm 

Venue: Prep Classrooms

For students: Kindergarten to Year 6

Interview duration: Each interview is 10 minutes.


Parents are required to go onto the PTO system to book an interview time with their child’s class teacher, only 1 x 10 minute time slot per child per teacher is permitted.
If there is a question that would require some research prior to an interview please email this through to the Prep Office to be passed onto the teacher concerned. This can help the interviews be more informative.


You will have access to make appointments via PTO from 9am Tuesday, 11 June 2019. There is no access to make bookings before this time.


Your login does not change so you will be able to use the one issued and used previously to book interviews. Enter Login and Password to make bookings. 


If you need to obtain a login, please follow the information below.


We have provided PTO with the mother’s email address (unless there is no address and then the father’s email address has been provided). The email address provided will need to be entered by you to request the login details from the PTO website. 


For parents living apart - both parents’ email addresses have been provided in order for separate logins to be requested.

  1. Go to and login with your Frog credentials
    Frog credentials are supplied by the school to all parents and to new parents/caregivers
  2. Click on ‘the Parent Teacher Online (PTO) link on the right hand side of the Frog landing page (beneath "Useful links")
  3. Select ‘Obtain PIN/Password’ and follow the prompts using the above email (alternatively, you may use your PTO Login and Password from previous interviews if you still have them)

If there are any questions, please contact the Prep Office 6392 0316.

Gail Kennewell


Year 5/6 Musical

This year's Musical is called "Future's Past". Auditions started last week and will continue throughout the term. All children will be involved in the production to be performed at the end of Term 3. I have encouraged the children (in Mr Mac's words) to "have a go" and I look forward to, and welcome lots of keen kids at recess and lunchtime auditions.


Parents, please join us in building the children's confidence to come to auditions and try out for character parts. There are lead roles through to chorus groups, solos, small group singing and chorus songs...something for everyone. Children will not miss audition opportunities if they are absent on a specific day - I will always give them another opportunity to audition for their desired role.


Mr Hordynsky


Head Lice

It has come to our attention that some cases of head lice have occurred amongst the students. Could all parents please check their child’s hair for lice.


How do I know if my child has head lice?

Many head lice infections cause no symptoms, and probably less than half cause itch. So you have to LOOK to find out if your child has head lice. Do not rely on itching and scratching.

Eggs are not difficult to see, use a strong light and look on the hair shafts. Newly laid eggs are usually within 1.5 cm of the scalp while older eggs are higher up the hair shafts. If you are not sure whether an object you find is a head louse egg, try sliding it up the hair shaft using your fingers. Eggs are usually quite difficult to move, whereas hair muffs and other items slide easily.


However, finding live lice can be difficult since the climbers move away quickly from disturbances in the hair, and they are very difficult to see.


An easy way to find the climbers is to use the conditioner and nit comb technique:

  1. Apply conditioner to dry hair aiming to cover each hair from root to tip with a layer of conditioner.
  2. Detangle the hair using an ordinary comb.
  3. Immediately comb the hair with a fine tooth comb. The best comb for this is the Lice Meister Comb. However, plastic nit combs with conditioner are also very effective for detecting climbers.
  4. Wipe the conditioner off the fine tooth comb onto a paper tissue and look for lice and eggs.
  5. Repeat the combing for every part of the head at least 5 times. 6. Also examine the comb for lice and eggs.

If your child does have head lice, please refer to the School Program link so that you are up to date with how to treat and deal with head lice


Gail Kennewell


Prep School Dates for your Diary

23 May – HICES Cross Country
27 May – Oz Opera show
28 – 29 May – Year 5 Excursion Sydney
29 – 31 May – Year 6 Excursion Canberra
29 May – 1W Assembly
30 May – Da Vinci Decathlon Final
05 June – 1C Assembly
13 June – Prep Performing Arts Concert
07 June – Pupil Free Day
10 June – Public Holiday
11 June – PTO Open to parents
12 June – KR Assembly
13 June – CIS Cross Country
14 June – HICES Debating Elimination Final
19 June – KK Assembly
24 June – No afternoon sport
25 June – Parent Teacher Interviews
27 June – Parent Teacher Interviews
28 June – Term 2 concludes
23 July – Term 3 commences

Mrs Gail Kennewell


Shoosh for Kids

Shoosh for Kids is a collaborative effort between the Office of Sport and State Sporting Organisations to promote positive behaviour to members, clubs and associations.

The general rule is if you haven’t got anything nice to say, not to say anything at all.

Visit the Office of Sport website to find out more and show spectators and members where you stand on poor spectator behaviour during awareness week, 20 – 26 May. Let’s keep kids coming back to junior sport!

Joanne Barrett 
Office of Sport - Development Officer - Central West and Orana Region 


Code Camp Winter School Holidays:
Early Bird Discount

These Winter holidays Code Camp are returning to Kinross Wolaroi School to teach your child to code, or to help them continue on their coding adventure!


Code Camp has already taught more than 50,000 students in Australia and is a great way to spend time over the holidays as kids have lots of fun with friends while learning important new skills including logic, creativity, problem-solving, app development and game building. It’s fun and engaging, and gets them prepared to take on the digital world of the future.


This season from Tuesday the 9th- Thursday the 11th of July Kinross Wolaroi School will be hosting Spark and 3D World Builders.


Book now to take advantage of the $20 Early Bird discount (automatically applied at checkout when booking before the 27th May)! Bookings can be made via this link:


KWS Family Newsletter
Swimming Squad Schedule Trial Winter 2019.pdf
Shoosh for Kids Winter 2019 Flyer.pdf
The view from the top of the Ridgecrest Camp
KWS Term Dates 2020.pdf