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07 July 2017
Issue Eight
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News From the Principal

Dear Families,

I am absolutely thrilled and honoured to have won the Principal position at Largs Bay for a further 5 years.

I am privileged to be in the position and can guarantee you that I will continue to work in the best interests of every child at the school.

I am passionate about ensuring that all Largs Bay School students are given every opportunity to thrive and achieve their personal best.

I am also very fortunate to have such a dedicated, committed and professional staff.

Thank you to everyone for your on-going support.



Once again it has been a busy & productive term.

Some highlights have included:

  • Kindy Visits
  • SAPSASA Hockey, Football, Soccer, Netball, Cross Country
  • 9-aside Girls football
  • Reconciliation Week
  • NAPLAN Testing
  • Swimming R,1,2,3’s
  • Arbury Park Camp
  • Interviews
  • 3D Showcase Day



Over the past week, there have been well over 400 interviews take place across the school!! This is an excellent result and an indication of the value you put on your child’s/ren’s education. I would like to thank each and every one of you and trust that it has been a beneficial and worthwhile exercise.

A special thank you to all the staff who have worked hard and long to ensure that interviews were well planned and reports available at interviews.


Outstanding Achievement Awards – Term 2

At the end of each term, two students from each class are nominated by their teacher to receive the Principal’s Outstanding Achievement Award. The winners for Term 2 can be found in this newsletter.

Congratulations to all of them on such a successful term.


Term 2 Outstanding Attendance Award

I am very pleased to announce that we had 50 perfect attenders for Term 2!!! Congratulations to all of them. Following the draw, I would like to congratulate Milla K from Room 20. As the winner, Milla takes home a $20 Westfield voucher as well as the Outstanding Attendance Certificate for the term.

Room 3 - Viyatha & Blake

Room 4 - Evelyn & Jarvis 

Room 5 - Emily & Hamish

Room 5A - Mia & Harry

Room 10 - Laura & James

Room 11 - Kiarna & Cooper

Room 13 - Kenzie & Ryder

Room 14 - Olive & Sam

Room 16 - Hunter & Kane

Room 17 - Seavy & Leo

Room 19 - Eden & Coby

Room 20 - Cayla & Hayden

Room 22 - Ava & Finnian

Room 23 - Sunny & Tegan

Room 26 - Caitlin & Elijah

Room 27 - Jaime & Alex

Room 29 - Annie & Samuel

Room 30 - Tully & Kurtis

Room 31 - Jasmin & Jackson

Room 32 - Willow & Zachary

Room 33 - Lili & Thomas

Congratulations to all of them on such a successful term.

Staff News

Next term we welcome back Sharon Todd , after taking leave.

Thank you to Cameron Staker for his work in Room 31 over the last 4 weeks.


Enjoy the Break

A reminder that Monday 24th July is a Pupil Free Day.

On behalf of the staff, I would like to wish you all a happy & safe break and we look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday 25th July.                                                                 


Regards, Mike

Dates to Remember

Term 3 Calendar


Monday 24th July



SAPOL Bike Education

Thursday 27th July

ROOM 16 + Room 17

School News

Primary Schools String Orchestra

On Tuesday July 4 Rebecca , Nicholas and Matthew  played with the Primary Schools String Orchestra when they performed at Largs Bay in the hall.


School Sport

Thank you to all of the parents who have coached, managed, supervised and transported students to sports activities throughout the term. Without your support we would not be able to provide such a diverse choice of sports for our community. Term 3 continues with soccer, basketball and netball.


Classroom News  

Solar Cars in The Hive

In week 6 students of The Hive were assigned to build a solar powered car. The 27 pairs and trios have to make a complete working solar powered car in four weeks. They were asked to describe this task in four words. This is what some students had to say about this task. ”Hard, Confusing, Fun and Interesting” said Mitchell (year 6). “Exciting, Fun, Hands-on and confusing” said Holly (year 6).”Cool, Fun Hard and Exciting” said Josh (year 7). “Fun, Educational, teamwork and Challenging” said Lucy (year 7). As you can see these are some positive responses about this activity while it can be hard at times. At the end of this assignment students will be able to race their cars to determine how well their car functions. Overall the students of The Hive are truly engaging in this activity and having a lot of fun! My dad has got the first solar powered car in the street because he gets me to push it. Its son powered.

Written by Taiga and Josh

 Photos by Nick

Room 17

Daily 5-

Daily 5 is a part of Room 17's literacy time. Each student is in a small group and each day they rotate into either :

Read to self

Read to someone 

Work on writing

Word work

Guided reading 


Here are some of our fun ways to read and write....


Room 17 have been learning about forces in Science. Each student had to come up with a new invention with their group, design it and make it, then present how it moved and worked to the class. 

Community Notices     

Christmas in July


Swim and Survive


Fitness Fun x 5 under 5


CALENDAR TERM 3 2017 (2).pdf
CALENDAR TERM 3 2017 (2).pdf
CALENDAR TERM 3 2017 fin.pdf