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05 June 2019
Issue Eight
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Message from
the Principal

A rich and varied tapestry

In recent days I have had the great pleasure of attending several enjoyable events that have showcased many KWS students both past and present who are enthusiastically embracing the wonderful opportunities before them.


Last Thursday evening I attended the St Andrew’s College Scholars Dinner at Sydney University where Sam Vale (Class of 2016) and Max Eastwood (Class of 2018) entertained the gathering with their vast musical talents. St Andrew’s provides an enriching and supportive environment for its students and it was fabulous to see a number of our young KWS graduates making the most of the many opportunities that College life offers.


I was immensely impressed by the maturity and good grace of our Yalari scholars who shone as outstanding ambassadors for KWS at the Sydney Yalari Dinner held last Friday night. The 2019 event marks the 14th year of the Yalari Foundation that provides educational scholarships for indigenous children from regional, rural or remote areas of Australia. Yalari, with the generous support of many has empowered many indigenous students to ‘dream big and achieve their best!’


The life stories of many of the students and the vision and passion of the organisation’s founder, Mr Waverley Stanley are truly inspirational. The work of Waverley evidenced in the opportunities he has offered so many and the transformative impact their experiences have had, provides a very special example of service and contribution to the lives of others. One can only be moved by the amazing impact that this man’s passion has had on so many. It was a wonderful honour to be present and to share the evening with our very special Yalari students.


Friday evening also saw the staging of the marvellous Camerata Musical Concert that featured 13 fabulous solo performances. I was unable to attend due to my commitments at the Yalari dinner in Sydney, but I have received many glowing reports about the quality of our students’ musicianship and the thoroughly enjoyable evening enjoyed by all present.


Our Rowing community gathered for great celebration of friendship and support at Ross Hill Wines on Saturday evening where we gathered to muster financial support for our National Champion girls rowing crew to assist them on their exciting journey to compete at the famous Henley Royal Regatta in England in July. The event was an outstanding success and the generosity of our community will see our girls make the trip without significant financial pressure being placed upon their families, many of whom are facing the pressures of the drought like much of our KWS community.


Our Equestrian team have been in full flight at the Coonabarabran North West Expo in recent days. The ‘Coona Expo’ is the largest schools Equestrian event in the country attracting over 500 riders from over 80 schools in NSW and Southern Queensland.


It was tremendous to see such a strong contingent of KWS students, some 25 in total, engaging in the many varied equestrian events on the program. A hugely supportive parent group ensured an outstanding social, sporting and educational experience for all. One of the special qualities of this event is the range of students involved: boys, girls, Year 7 through to Year 11’s, a lovely mix who work together offering each other support and encouragement. I was hugely impressed by the skill of our young riders and both Josephine and I are most grateful for the warm and friendly hospitality that we received from all the families involved. Equestrian is a sport that has much potential for growth at KWS and I look forward to seeing it continuing to flourish into the future.



Camp Drafting - Holly Gutterson

Holly Gutterson, Year 11, recently competed at the National Championship event for Quarter Horse Equestrian Competition. She had a strong show placing top ten in all of her events and coming away with two Reserve Champion titles and third in another.

Holly has also branched out into another equine discipline – Cutting Horses – and is already proving to be a strong competitor, placing 4th and 6th in open events (against adults).


International Latin Competition

The International Latin Competition results have come back from the USA. KWS Students have performed very well, with outstanding results in Miss Skinner’s Year 9 class, where six of the thirteen students reached the Honours level of 90% in the Introductory Level Exam: Ellen Arundell, William Englund, Eliza Ward, Sophie Mahlo, Ellenor Crawford and Greta Seymour.

At the Senior level Gold Medals were awarded to Luc Nelson (Year 11) and Molly Harris (Year 12), with Highly Commended awards to Karrah Cisco (Year 11), Ben Gilham and Olivia Small (Year 12).

Over 139,000 students from all states of the USA and twenty other countries sat for this exam in 2019, and the efforts and achievement of KWS students are particularly pleasing.



Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge – Cody Kelso

Cody Kelso, Year 11, is one of two Orange school boys to be selected in the Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge. Participation in the program is sponsored by the Orange Ex-Services Club and is open to young people between 17 and 25 years of age. Cody will travel to Papua New Guinea during the September holidays to participate in a 10 day trek across the Kokoda Trail with 25 other young Australians, where he will be gain valuable leadership skills in in line with the values of our Kokoda Veterans – personal discipline, mutual respect, trust, mateship, courage and self-sacrifice. Congratulations Cody, and we wish you good luck in your preparations for the trek.


Dr Andrew Parry 


Message from
the Deputy Principal 

Term 2 | Week 6

We constantly strive to nurture a safe and caring environment for students and staff within the school gates here at KWS. This cannot be achieved, however, without assistance from the wider school community, and this week I would like to highlight a few areas in which you, our parent body, can assist us to raise our standards and ensure that we are providing the best environment and community for your children.


1. Being a person of influence

As parents or guardians, it is our responsibility to display good citizenship and fitting conduct. This includes:

  • being open-minded and flexible
  • interacting courteously with staff, pupils and other parents- either in person, over the phone, via email or on social media
  • appropriate and mindful conduct at functions – including sport and other school-related events. If any parent would like to raise a concern about a game or event then please speak with my office directly. For further information the ISA Code of Conduct can be found by clicking this link.

2. Driving on campus

  • There are many drivers who are choosing to ignore our campus speed limit, at all times of the day. Can I please remind all that the speed limits are in place 24 hours a day to ensure the safety of our students and that pedestrians have right of way at all times.
  • Parking – please can we park in the appropriate places and not sit for extended periods in the ‘drop and go’ zones, avoid blocking driveways and also avoid parking in places that are designated for School vehicles.

3. Downtime this weekend

  • I am positive that the majority of our students will know how much battery charge is remaining on their mobiles, iPads and other devices. I am not so sure they are always cognisant of their own charge. I would ask that they spend some time over the long weekend recharging their personal battery ahead of the final three weeks of term. It is important that we finish the first semester well in the classroom, in our co-curricular commitments and in our relationships with others. I have asked the staff to have some time away from emails this weekend so they can reconnect with families or friends and do not feel tied to technology. I believe there is huge value in undertaking this approach and I hope that reducing the number of internal emails to each other will give all staff clear head space from their work this weekend. I appreciate that with KWS activities going on over this weekend there will be reason for some emails to be sent but we want to keep these to a minimum. With the busy lives we all lead, I understand that this is not always possible, but would urge you as a family to also consider trying a short technology detox at some time over the long weekend, to enable some time for reconnection with one another!

​​​​​​​Thank you for your support with the above. I trust everyone has a restful and enjoyable ‘long weekend’.


Mr James Boyd

Deputy Principal

Message from the
Head of Prep School

Term 2 | Week 6

Many students enjoyed a variety of experiences outside the classrooms last week from day trips to three days away from the school.


As we all know, learning doesn’t just happen at home or school but in everyday experiences.


Last week our:

  • Pre Prep explored the environs at Lake Canobolas continuing the theme of discovering nature around Orange having already spent a couple of days this term at the school farm “Windermere”.
  • Year 2 visited Ascott Gardens, an aged care facility in Orange where they spent time talking to the residents and entertaining them with music. This is part of our community engagement with each year group visiting every 2 weeks. Next week our Year 1’s will engage with the Ascot Gardens community.
  • Year 3 also visited the school farm as part of their unit on ‘Farms in our Community’ and the impact of drought. They have already visited orchards and vineyards earlier in the year.
  • Year 3 were fortunate to have a session with the Australian Youth Orchestra. As we were the only school in attendance our students were given an outstanding opportunity even conducting the orchestra. It will only increase the appetite when the Year 3 Band program is implemented next term. Please see pictures and further details in this bulletin.
  • Year 5 travelled to Sydney to gain a better understanding of our early history. They visited many places around The Rocks area and have returned with a greater knowledge from this ‘hands-on’ experience.
  • Year 5 Da Vinci Decathlon team of Molly Mason, Bianca Wong, Phoebe Hunter, Alice Scholte, Olive Glover, Daniel Lord, Samuel Martin, Olivia Wilson, competed in the State Final last Thursday. This is an enrichment competition and the students have returned realising that “wow, there are a lot of things to learn!"  They performed with great credit and are already looking to 2020.
  • Year 6 spent 3 days in Canberra visiting all things Parliamentary as well as the War Memorial, Museum, AIS, and Questacon. Always a busy excursion, they have come back wiser about how democracy works in our great country.

We have already received emails from the public regarding our Decathlon teams and Year 6 commending them on their behaviour and presentation in Sydney and Canberra. We visited many places where the guides went out of their way to compliment our students. Well done to all.

All of these require extensive planning, time and energy and I acknowledge all the staff for this as well as the care and supervision of the students at these activities. Their expertise is greatly appreciated.


As mentioned above we are visiting Ascott Gardens as part of community engagement. Mrs Sharpe from our SAS has come up with a terrific idea to help some of our less fortunate to keep warm over the winter months. Please see her note in this bulletin and I hope you can help. The students will have an opportunity to make difference.


Congratulations to our HICES Cross Country team. They performed extremely well as injuries and illness prevented some students from competing. However, the reserves who stepped in did a terrific job enabling us to attain 4th in division 1.


Also congratulations to the 15 students who have been selected to represent at the upcoming CIS carnival. Please see details in the sports section.


Next Thursday evening, June 13 our Performing Arts concert will be held in the DPA from 5:30pm – 6:45pm. All are welcome to attend as it is a compulsory event for our Prep students with every child from K-6 performing. The standard of our Performing Arts program increases each year and you will be entertained through bands, dance, string groups, solos and of course our choirs. Mrs Sinclair will be forwarding further details.


A reminder that this Friday June 7 is a student free day with staff attending various professional learning. Uniting Care is open for the day should you seek child care. Please contact Tammie McClements for more information or to register with Uniting Care Mobile: 0427290761 or email: [email protected]


At Assembly we acknowledged the following students:

  • Commitment AwardsKrishan Kandeepan and Ava Buesnel
  • Citizenship AwardsKeeley O’Toole and Isabella Vangestel
  • Prinicipal's Award: Lachlan Thomas

Mr Rob McLean 

Head of Preparatory School

Message from the Head of Teaching and Learning

The journey is often more important than the destination…

Over the last eighteen months, I have been writing to you about initiatives that are happening within the teaching and learning sphere of KWS. I thought that now might be an appropriate time to summarise where we are and where we are going in terms of our Teaching and Learning vision.

2018 saw the introduction of an explicit Whole-School Literacy Drive.

We know that effective learning is happening when students are:

  • Explaining something in their own words
  • Asking questions
  • Making connections
  • Re-creating information
  • Justifying decisions
  • Explaining their thinking
  • Talking to each other
  • Active-doing something with the information
  • Reflecting
  • Offering analogies and metaphors
  • Re-drafting

Each of these indicators of learning require good levels of literacy. If we want to ensure that our students are able to learn effectively, we need to support their literacy development.


What are we doing?

  • Teacher Professional Learning focused on the delivery of cross-curricular literacy and supporting dyslexic students with their literacy
  • Increasing opportunities for students to practise extended handwritten responses in class time
  • Making explicit the importance of extending subject specific vocabulary
  • Opportunities for Guided Reading and class discussion
  • Teacher Lesson Observations have an explicit focus on how effective teaching strategies are used to support student literacy
  • The Year 7 Wider Reading Program  
  • The Year 7 Homework Policy – homework tasks are designed to support students’ literacy
  • The new format School Report gives teachers the opportunity to report on students’ literacy within their subject and this will allow us to track the transference of students’ literacy attainment from one subject to another.

Improving Literacy K-12 is one of the Best Practice Learning Strategic Intents and will continue to be an explicit focus for the school.

The end of 2018 and 2019 has seen a big push on ‘Grit’. We know that successful learners:

  • Ask questions
  • Actively seek feedback; act upon feedback and use this feedback to identify their next learning steps
  • Recognise that learning outcomes are a result of effort and hard work as opposed to luck or fixed abilities and therefore persist when the learning becomes challenging
  • Do not give up
  • See mistakes and failures as valuable learning opportunities and not as reasons to give up
  • Support others in their learning

Accepting that there is no short cut to learning; that it often is not easy; that it often takes hard work and effort and a willingness to keep going and pushing through - it requires ‘Grit’. We know that the most successful people in life are not those with the highest IQ; nor who may be perceived as the most talented. The most successful people in life are those who demonstrate ‘Grit’.



How do we help our students to be ‘Gritty’? We help our students learn how to learn. Sounds strange but actually ‘learning’ and ‘studying’, are skills, which need to be modelled and nurtured. Understanding how the brain works and why some study routines are really effective and some are not – from a neuroscientific point of view – actually helps our students to develop ‘Grit’. It is important for students to know that ‘intelligence’ is not fixed; that multi-tasking is detrimental to learning, and that error and mistakes should be embraced because that is when some of the best learning happens!

  • Neuroscientist Jared Horvath came and spoke to the Year 9 – 12 students about all of these things at the beginning of this year.
  • Jared also spoke to parents and teachers about why the teenage brain works in a particular way and therefore how we can best facilitate learning.
  • I have presented to Years 7 – 12 on the importance of ‘Grit’ and what it is to be ‘Gritty’
  • I am presenting to Year 4 – 6 later this term.

It is not just about the students recognising the need to be ‘Gritty’; it is about how we, as teachers and parents, can support them in their endeavour to become ‘Gritty’ learners.


Successful learning requires the student to want to learn. As teachers and parents, working together we can encourage our students to want to learn. We never stop learning. It is important that our students realise that learning is a lifelong process and it does not stop at the end of school or at the end of Tertiary Education. Learning is the vehicle we use to help us reach each and every little destination on what is a long journey. And travelling together is always far more enjoyable than travelling alone! Have a wonderful long weekend.


Mrs Serena Lewis 

Head of Teaching and Learning

Message from the
Director of Boarding

Term 2 | Week 6

In the middle of May, all boarding schools around Australia, under the guidance and encouragement of ABSA celebrated National Boarding Week. For KWS it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate all that is good about our boarders and boarding at Kinross Wolaroi.


The week before our boarders broke new ground with a different and exciting Boarders’ Assembly. Will Byrnes (Weymouth Year 11) spoke well and led from the front, hosting an interesting Q&A session with a mix of boarders (Millie McKinnon, Ned Jones, Max Day, Julia Williams, Ethan Mulholland, Chloe Oriel) from both PLC and Wolaroi, a former boarding parent in the guise of Claudia McCalman and two of our boarding staff in Anthony Begg and Jason Smith. Max Day performed a memorable piece on his guitar for the whole school and in addition to this, one of our boarding videos focusing on ‘Life at Home’ and starring two of our boarders, Mem Younghusband and Fletcher Bolte, was presented to the School for the first time. It was incredibly well received and the talking point for many days afterwards. It was so pleasing to see Boarding at the heart of all that is KWS.


For the remainder of that week, KWS Boarding hosted several other events; Lunchtime Music Concerts outside the Wolaroi Dining Hall gave Will Brennan and Kelvin Tang a wonderful opportunity to showcase their musical talent. Morning teas on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday gave all our boarders and staff the chance to mix and socialise. Wednesday morning tea was especially exciting as boarders had the opportunity to thank support staff for their contribution to KWS boarding. On Wednesday at lunchtime, all boarders took part in a great big photoshoot on the Main Oval (thankfully the weather was kind!!) which they loved and which will be published shortly. On Thursday evening, a group of teachers took part in ‘Be a Boarder for an Hour’; joining boarders for dinner and then being taken back into Houses to be given the royal tour, chat together and get the opportunity to shed some light on boarding life. Finally, congratulations must go to Jade Joliffe and Julian Connan who were joint winners of our Instagram competition expressing what they love about Boarding at KWS!!


All in all, it was an exciting week and will only get bigger and better next year with greater student involvement. It gave me great pleasure to have our boarders front and centre for the week and also to see the support from other staff especially. We are all very proud of the diversity within our boarding community and it was a lot of fun to showcase that.


Thank you to all boarders, students, staff and parents who supported the initiative and to those who had the courage to take part.


Mr Matt Curran 

Director of Boarding

The Regional
Engagement Enterprise

Forest to Kitchen

Year 9 Industrial Technology timber students had the opportunity to get a first-hand look at the modern timber industry on Friday 31st May. 50 students embarked on a day trip that included the timber process from the forest to manufactured boards made in enormous factory lines, original truss and frames from the 1800s and contemporary truss and frame construction for houses in our local area. The students came away with a new understanding of how timber is used in our modern world.


Borg, Oberon

Borg Manufacturing is a leading Australian manufacturer of melamine panels and components for all joinery applications. From the Oberon plant they supply around half of the boards used Australia wide. Students were given a comprehensive tour of the manufacturing plant for MDF and particle board. The scale of production, the safety aspects and the types of jobs available in the industry were awe inspiring. Looking at the automation of so much of the factory process was an insight into the future. The vertical integration of their technologies and the use of sustainable sources of timber was a feature keenly highlighted by the staff.


Tremain’s Mill, Bathurst

In Bathurst we were lucky to have a tour of the renovation of the Tremain’s Flour Mills on Kepple Street. The combination of the buildings, the machinery and the historical archive make the mills and buildings a unique part of the oldest inland European settlement in Australia; Bathurst. The original truss and frame in the building were brought over as ballast in ships from England that returned filled with wool and grains.


Westruss, Orange

Westruss in Orange gave the students a tour of their factory floor and office operations. WE saw CAD house designs that feed into the factory computers giving the manufacturer and machines instructions. The use of labourers, computers and machines to create prefabricated timber wall frames, roof trusses and floors for residential and commercial projects was exciting and interesting.



Year 12 Masterchefs

Our Year 12 boarding students had their own Masterchef competition in our hospitality kitchen on Sunday night. The teams of three each had to create their own pasta dish using the mystery ingredients provided. Suprisingly – everything was edible and reasonably tasty!



Year 11 Investigate Mineral Exploration

In Week 5 our Year 11 Earth and Environmental Science students spent a very interesting yet cold day investigating mineral exploration. The day began with an in-depth discussion and tour of Cadia East gold mine before we headed over to one of our Blayney properties. There the students were given on-site expert lectures from local soil scientist David McKenzie and exploration scientist Glen Diemar. The students must now use this information to develop their feasibility depth study, in which they have to identify the potential for a gold mine on our farm site and the potential impacts (both positive and negative) it would have.



Visit to Ascott Gardens by K-2 Students

Our K-2 Ascott Gardens visits began in earnest last week, with Year 2 serenading the residents with musical performances and reading. This visit is part of a new on-going relationship which will see us visit Ascott Gardens each fortnight.



Mr Tom Riley 

Director of TREE

Prep Assembly Awards

Merit Awards

KK: Sadie Kimmins, Benjamin Roper, Felix Knox, Tara Webber, Joshua Westcott.

KR: Alexander Coleman, Emily Lawrie, Claire Gordon, James Proudford-Nalder, Liam McCormack, Grace Harvey.

1CLachie Healey, Nixie Widauer, Thomas Rourke, Jessica McGreal.

1WOscar Pigot, Thomas Karrasch, Archie Bylsma, Harper Purvis, Reginald Caskey, Disha Prasad, Elizabeth Harmer, William O’Connell, Daniel Kerdic, Jack Caro x 2.

2ELouis Blyth, James Hulme, Zaro Jalal, Benjamin Knight, Harry Oldroyd, Grace Segger, Zach Stacpoole.

2S: Nicholas Balcomb, Andrew Bell, Henry Brannigan, Elizabeth Croft, Charlie Haydon, Jack Kenny, Luca Kotasthane, Janette Proudford-Nalder, Isabelle Provost.

3D: Harriet Boyd, Daisy Dwyer, Jude Jansen, Ella Kerdic, Angus Sawtell, Alexandra Whitehead.

3W: Pixie Harmer, Eliza Lord, Xavier Zinga.

4F: Hamish Buckley x2, Maxwell Horne, Kaydn McLachlan, Thomas O’Connell x2, Keeley O’Toole, Phoebe Paynter, Chloe Provost, Billy Roberts x2, Ava Sutherland x3, Isabella Vangestel x5.

4P: Hannah Birmili, Audrey Blyth, Annabel Clinton, Thomas Hunt, Madison Jones, Rohan Kotasthane, Mischa Lawson, Stella Madigan, Percy Meates, Lily Moe, Thomas Nelson, Georgia Philippe, Oscar Zielinski.

5MLuca Popa, Alice Scholte, Grace Bylsma, Daniel Lord. 

5P: Lucinda Reidy, Samuel Hughes, Maddison Lawry, Ava Healey.

6H: Jamie Adams, Lachlan Boyd, Ava Buesnel, Matilda Fabar, Charlie Hall, Grace Hansen, Isabelle Johnston, Krishan Kandeepan, Isabella Lloyd-George, Philippa Martin, Benjamin Maslin, William McPhie x2, Isobella Montagliani, Hugh Payne x2, Lillian Pearce, Nancy Straw, Daisy Wakem.

6S: Angus Martin, Charlie Poole, Bonnie McPhee.


Courtesy Points

Lovely Manners: Tara Weber, Vivian Meates, Samuel Marvasti, Harry Price, Isabella Lloyd-George, Hugh Payne, Digby Volkofsky, Georgia Dunn, Lexi Wilkin, Jack Steventon, Aimee Anders, Joshua de Bruyn, Charlotte Williams, Hamish Searle.

Lovely GreetingsCharlie Haydon, Samuel Commins, Henry Sawtell.

Thinking of Others: Zali Begg.

Excellent Behaviour: Oscar Pigot, Mya McLachlan, Alexandra Whitehead.

School Values: Nicolette Saran, Thomas Hansen.


Citizenship Points

Wearing Uniform with Pride: All of Year 6 while in Canberra.

Helpfulness: Lucie Chambers, Louis Blyth, Grace Segger, Meckenzie Flowers, Harry Oldroyd.

Initiative in the Classroom: Marlon Zielinski, Angus Boyd.

Role Model: Joshua Leung, Olive Glover, Molly Mason, Alice Scholte, Olivia Wilson, Phoebe Hunter, Bianca Wong, Hannah Jones, Olivia Searle, Trevelyan Andrew.

Being Kind: Janette Proudford-Nalder, James Proudford-Nalder, Alice Jones, Prayan Dulal.

Excellent Behaviour: Ella Kerdic, Daisy Dwyer.

School Values: Dylan Cutter, Vivaan Desai, Benjamin Chambers, Chloe Provost.

Senior School
Performing Arts

Camerata Concert

It was a joy to listen to our wonderful musicians at last Friday night's Camerata Concert. The audience were kept entertained with a varied program presented by talented students from years 7 to 12. Thank you to our fabulous accompanists Mrs Anne Stevens and Ms Dahle Innes who worked with our students.  Thanks also to Mrs Lenton and Mrs Choi who organised the evening, and the wonderful Friends of Performing Arts (FOPA) who provided supper.


Congratulations Thomas Karbowiak

Congratulations to Tom who was recently awarded joint winner of the 2019 Orange Youth Orchestra Concerto Competition. Tom will be performing with the Orange Youth Orchestra on Saturday 14 June.  Well done Tom on your fabulous effort!


Zeal Theatre

On Friday 7 June Elective and Senior Drama students will be watching a performance from Zeal Theatre of 'The Stones'.


Our Year 12 Drama students will also attend a Group Devised workshop with the Zeal actors following the performance. This is an opportunity for senior students to develop their skills in Drama and is an important step towards achieving success in their Group Devised works for the HSC.


Secondary Performing Arts Festival

On Friday 21 June at 7pm we will host our annual Performing Arts Festival for 2019 at the Orange Civic Theatre. 


Just like a sporting team, we need everyone to give 100%. This means being on time to rehearsals and practising at home.  Students will be bused to and from rehearsals throughout the day.  An email will be sent to parents with details this week.


Staff and students are very much looking forward to this event.  With so much talent on display, all KWS families are encouraged to come along and enjoy our showcase.


Studio Concerts – Save the Date

A number of our peripatetic music tutors are holding studio concerts at the end of this term.  Students are strongly encouraged to perform at these concerts – they afford children a chance to develop their performance skills (and their resilience) in a positive and encouraging environment. 



Lorraine Moxey’s ‘Know Your ABC’ studio concert June 19 and June 26 at 5.30pm in Room 68

Emily Thorburn’s studio concert, June 24 at 6pm in the Performance Theatre



David Shaw’s studio concert, June 24 at 7pm in Room 68

Jo Lenton’s studio concert, June 27 at 5.30pm in Room 68

Lyndall Scott’s studio concert, June 18 at 5pm in the Performance Theatre


Speech and Drama

Kerry-Anne Callaughan and Jacquie Paix’s studios, June 22 at 2.30pm, in the Performance Theatre


Mrs Jacqueline Shields
Head of Performing Arts

Prep School
Performing Arts

Dates for the Diary

Thursday June 13 (Note date change from June 6) – Prep Performing Arts Concert 5.30pm DPA.

This is an 'all-in' concert where every prep student has the opportunity to perform for family and friends in their stage choirs. It is also the first big performance opportunity for a number of students involved in music ensembles and speech and drama.


Friday June 21 - Performing Arts Festival 7pm Orange Civic Theatre.

This is the biggest concert of the year for KWS secondary performing arts! This event showcases all the major secondary music ensembles along with a preview from the musical 'Oliver' and perhaps even special appearances from some of our talented prep musicians. It is a wonderful evening of enjoying and celebrating all the hard and creative work of both students and staff, and is appropriate for all ages.


Performing Arts Studio Concerts

Individual tutors will advise students if they are playing. For more information, please contact tutors directly.

  • Tuesday June 18 - Lyndall Scott - 5pm, PT
  • Wednesday June 19 & June 26 - Lorraine Moxey - 5.30pm, Room 68
  • Saturday June 22 - Kerry-Anne Callaughan - 2-5pm, PT (TBC)
  • Monday June 24 - Emily Thorburn - 6pm, PT
  • Monday June 24 - David Shaw - 7pm, Room 68
  • Thursday June 27 - Jo Lenton - 5.30pm, Room 68

Co-curricular Ensembles

This is a particularly busy term with performances taking place in both the prep and secondary schools. Please ensure that students attend their ensemble rehearsals each week to ensure they are fully prepared for these performances. If students are absent for any reason, please email the ensemble directors directly. Please also ensure that students have practiced their pieces or items for the concerts that are coming up and take music to tutors if there are any issues.


Year 3 Excursion to Sydney Youth Orchestra – May 31

On May 31, Year 3 had an exclusive opportunity to get up close with members of the Peter Seymour Orchestra, one of the touring orchestras run by the Sydney Youth Orchestra program. Our Year 3’s were invited to sit on stage with the musicians giving them a front row seat to be able to hear and see all the instruments at work. The musicians played a repertoire from Mozart and Haydn, whilst also giving demonstrations of some of the lesser known orchestral instruments, the bassoon, French horn and double bass. There were even opportunities for our students to play the instruments and have a go at conducting the orchestra which was such a thrill for those involved. The session was facilitated by the orchestra’s conductor John Ockwell who enthralled our young students with his passion and energy for orchestral music. This experience was not only enjoyable for the wonderful music and talent that was displayed, but also provided inspiration for our students taking on instruments in our band program next term and for those already playing to be part of one of our music ensembles at KWS.



Mrs Katie Sinclair

Prep Music Co-ordinator

Senior School Sport Reports

Netball Reports

Orange graced us with great weather for Round 4 of the ONA Netball competition. All of the girls played with great spirit and determination and the smiles on their faces depicted what team sport is all about.

Special congratulations to all of the KWS umpires. They performed their duty admirably,  controlling their games by making decisive and prompt calls. Huge thanks to the KWS Umpire Squad who gave up their time to mentor our junior umpires. A reminder that ONA requires an adult to assist junior umpires. When possible, we ask a parent to be there when it is their child’s turn to umpire.

Bridie Brideoake


KWS Netball Results - Saturday 1st June 2019

KWS 13As vs OPS Odyssey - Lost 15 - 20    

KWS 13 Bulls - Bye                                                     

KWS 13 Swifts vs OAGS Let’s Do IT - Lost 5 - 7        

KWS13 Firebirds vs United Wedgetails - Won 30 - 11               

KWS 13 Thunderbirds vs CYMS Molong Supershots - Won on forfeit                                  

KWS 14 Shooting Stars vs OHS Devils - Won 17 - 15   

KWS 14 Asteroids vs CYMS Unstoppables - Lost 6 - 34                  

KWS Junior A vs Hawks DVM Embroidery - Won 25 - 23   

KWS 14As vs Redbacks - Won 33 - 7                                         

KWS 15 Aces - Bye                             

KWS 15 Finches vs United Chris Gryllis Real Estate - Won 19 - 12                                                   

KWS 1sts vs Hawks Duncan Baird - Won 61 - 52               

KWS 2nds vs OHS Dragons - Won 47 - 30   

KWS 3rds vs DVM Embroidery - Lost 30 - 46    

KWS Lightning vs CYMS Wildcats - Score not available                           

KWS Stars - Bye                                                     

KWS Firebirds vs LS Cyclones - Lost 24 - 30    

KWS Thorns vs Hawks Buckley’s Carpet Court - Lost 30 - 39                            

KWS Ferocious Rubber Duckies vs OHS Dynamites - Won 50 - 27   

KWS Rockets vs CYMS Diggity’s - Lost 6 - 70      


KWS Netball Results - Saturday 25th May 2019

KWS 1sts vs Hawks Banksia Building - Won 47 - 28

KWS 2nds vs Major Civil Arrows - Won 42 - 25

KWS 3rds vs Orange City Findex - Lost 0 - 22

KWS Lightning vs LS Cyclones - Won 54 - 19

KWS Stars vs OAGS - Lost 21 - 39

KWS Firebirds - Bye

KWS FRD vs Hawks Buckley’s Carpet - Lost 38 - 45

KWS Thorns vs CYMS Diggity’s - Lost 26 - 55

KWS Rockets vs OHS Dinosaurs - Won 31 - 26

KWS 13As - Bye

KWS 13 Bulls vs LS Magic Merge - Lost 13 - 28

KWS 13 Swifts vs CYMS Molong Supershots - Won 37 - 0

KWS 13 Firebirds vs OHS Dolphins - Won 16 - 12

KWS 13 Thunderbirds vs United Wedgetails - Won 12 - 8

KWS 14 Asteroids vs KWS 14 Shooting Stars - Lost 5 - 10

KWS 14 Shooting Stars vs KWS 14 Asteroids - Won 10 - 5

KWS Junior A vs CYMS Boost Juice - Won 26 - 18

KWS 14As vs KWS 15 Aces - Won 24 - 23

KWS 15 Aces vs KWS 14As - Lost 23 - 24

KWS 15 Finches vs CYMS Mighty Stars - Lost 10 - 26


KWS Lightning v Life Studio Cyclones (25th May)

Final score: KWS won 54-19

Report: The KWS Lightning won this game with relative ease, 54-19. The girls played in their typically dynamic style, with their physical fitness wearing down a talented opponent. The speed and coordination of this side makes for great viewing: the length of the court can be eaten up in a few seconds! Special mention should go to our defence of Katie Coleman, Tupou Favia and Molly Storer who simply wither the opposition’s chances of scoring. Congratulations to these star athletes: Bella Adams, Katie Coleman, Maddie Farr, Tupou Favia, Jorja Griffiths, Chloe Quigley, Molly Storer and Maddie Triggs.
Chris Oldham


KWS U15 Finches v United Chris Gryllis Real Estate

Report: Congratulations Finches, our first win for the season against United Chris Gryllis Real Estate.  With a 6-point lead after the first quarter, we were in a good game position, and a little bit shell shocked. But, fantastic game, well done.  It was great to see the channelling and court positioning practiced at training was really effective when it came to applying the techniques to the game. Lily Anderson (GD) was dynamic in defence and deflected, intercepted and rebounded many passes and attempts at goals. Olivia Ferguson (WD) surprised the opposition with her speed off the line, intercepts and moving to spaces to take the ball back to attack. Johanna McLachlan (GK) marked her player closely and also was speedy from the back-line pass in preparation to give options for the next pass. Chanel Knight (C) working very hard picking gaps in the court and also making intercepts from oppositions loose passes. Bridget Ritter (WA) was essential for the mid court pass linking the defence to the attack, always there, always reliable. Ellie Crawford (GA, GS) covering the court well to take many passes to then pass into the ever-waiting Sophie Mahlo (GA, GS) who was quick at dodging and weaving around her player with will timed leads. Many goals scored by both Ellie and Sophie. Thank you to Ellie and Olivia Ferguson who umpired the game beforehand, and to Olivia Small who mentored.

Catherine Small 


KWS Ferocious Rubber Duckies v OHS Dynamites

Final score: KWS won 50-27

Report: On the 1st of June the KWS Ferocious Rubber Duckies were versing the OHS Dynamites. Sophie

Brunner, Rosie Flatau and Emily McLachlan worked in defence to intercept the ball and create

turnovers, while Adelaide Gavin, Xanthe Booth, Siobhan Finn and Isabel Joseph carried the ball

up to the shooters, Hannah Etty, Erin Bracks and Caitlin Edmonstone, who worked hard to score

50 goals throughout the game. The final scored was 50-27, KWS way. Congratulations to all the

girls on a great game. Thank you to Mrs Gavin for coaching.

Emily McLachlan


KWS Ferocious Rubber Duckies v Hawks Buckley's Carpet Court

Final score: KWS lost 45-38
Report: The KWS FRD had a fantastic game against the Hawks Buckley's Carpet Court. Throughout the entire game the teams were neck and neck, finishing each quarter just a point or two apart. It was a well-played game, with great defence and attack from both sides. Emily McLachlan, Rosie Flatau and Sophie Brunner worked tirelessly in defence, receiving many intercepts. Siobhan Finn, Adelaide Gavin, Isabel Joseph and Caitlin Edmonstone, worked well together in centre court, with many intercepts and some great passes. Hannah Etty and Erin Bracks showed great shooting skills, and hard work in the circle. Although we lost 45-38, it was an exciting and close match. Congratulations to Hawks on an amazing win, and the KWS team on a fantastic game.
Caitlin Edmonstone


KWS U15 Aces 

Final score: KWS lost 16-18

Report: An out of session Tuesday afternoon game, with a temperature of six degrees and a biting wind

left us with a few less limbs that were fully functioning. In the first quarter, though we started off

thinking we would get hypothermia we jumped right into the heat of the game. With a score of 8-3, their way, at the end of the quarter we needed to lift our game. During the second quarter we had, a short break as Annabel had a small mishap, but with Ella back on the court we picked up where we left off. By the end of the third quarter the score was 11-17giving them a big lead of 6 points, but by the end of the last quarter we picked up ourselves and our score finishing with a score of 16 to 18. Even though they won, we played an awesome game, and last quarter especially, letting them only get one goal in a whole ten minutes. The game overall was good even though there was a few wild passes and places we could have been better, the game had an almost good outcome and we played well for a team of people with

frozen chicken legs.


KWS U15 Aces v KWS 14As

Final score: KWS U15 lost 23-24

Report: On Saturday we played a really good game against the Kinross 14 As. During the first quarter we played well, but the other team had an advantage on us as they had some very tall shooters and their mid-court defence was well thought out. For the second and third quarters, we played our best but we were losing. We were 8 goals behind the other team at the end of the third quarter. The whole team
realised this, and brought the score up to almost even. Jemima and Sameeka amped up their shooting, and Annabel, Kate, and Lila played like never before. Sophia was a force to be reckoned with and I actually caught the ball for once. We gained almost enough to win, but in the end the score was 24/23 and we lost. The whole team played brilliantly, and should be proud of how they played.
Emily Watt


KWS U15 Finches v CYMS Mighty Stars

Report: KWS Finches versed CYMS Mighty Stars, and although the girls gave the very best efforts, they did not take the win. Third quarter was definitely the best with well thought out passes in front of the player and moving to spaces to utilise all of the court. Other quarters, Finches let the opposition take the upper hand to score many goals. However, it was good to see Ellen Arundell (GD) coming out for centre passes to help move the ball forward, Johanna McLachlan (GK) on her toes to deflect many passes; Ellie Crawford (GA), who ran hard and fast through centre court to bring the ball to goal shooters, was a real asset.  Paloma Blyth who had an opportunity to play as shooter and moved around the circle well.  Sophie Mahlo (GS) was forever weaving around opposition to take the ball for shot at goals.  Lily Anderson (C) who also ran hard in centre court picking gaps to make leads for passes. Bridget Ritter defended her player well with good arms. Once again, thanks to Chanel Knight and Sienna Lincoln who played again this week and contributed well to flow of the game. Thanks to Sophie and Lily who umpired the game before hand, and also for playing again that day in the senior competition, where they both played a more than excellent game.

Catherine Small 


KWS 13 Bulls v Life Studio Magic Merge (Saturday 25th May)

Final score: Lost 28-13

ReportWhat a terrific game played by 13 Bulls, with great shots by Phoebe, Claire and Kyla. Fast intercepts by Molly and Eden. Strong defending by Halle and Scarlet and quick driving by Maddie and Laura. The team was only two goals down at half-time but a dominant third quarter by Life Studio knocked our confidence and set up their win.

Laura Atkinson


KWS 13 Bulls v LS Magic Merge       

Final score: KWS lost 13 - 28

Report: The girls showed lots of energy and enthusiasm when they took on LS Magic Merge last Saturday. The first two quarters were very even with Magic only 2 goals ahead at half-time. Unfortunately, KWS Bulls could not upset the momentum that Magic developed in the third quarter and, their task in the last quarter was to turn around a 10 goal deficit. The girls never dropped their heads and they continued to fight for possession until the final whistle. Team work, passing and diving for the ball improved throughout the game and KWS Bulls can be proud of their effort. Scarlett Gee was ‘on fire’ as WD, forcing many errors with her most relentless defence. Eden Hawker played brilliantly as GD making the Magic shooters work hard for their goals. Claire Nelson potted some great goals and positioned well in the goal circle. With more practice positioning for advantage and holding and then driving, the KWS 13 Bulls could quite easily reverse the outcome next time they meet the Magic.

Bridie Brideoake


KWS 13As v Hawks

Final score: KWS lost 14-21
On Saturday KWS 13 A’s played against the Hawks. We had a good game but unfortunately we lost by 7. The score turned out to be 14 – 21. We all played a really good game and everyone had good sportsmanship. We lost the game in the 2nd quarter scoring 0 goals. But we made a good come back in the third quarter. All of the girls played really well and worked hard! Good job to Zoe bird, our new Captain and Edie Robinson, Vice captain. Good game girls !!

Matilda Brennan


KWS U13s v OPS

Report: On Saturday 1st of June the KWS U13s played a game against OPS. We started off the game with a great play. In the first quarter we were winning, in the second, third and fourth quarter we were down, but still played real well. They had a very tall shooter but the goal keepers tried hard to defend her and got some good rebounds and intercepts. We sadly lost at the end of the game. We would also like to thank Daisy Wakem for playing with us as we were down three players.

Charli Greatbatch


KWS Rockets v OHS Dinosaurs

Final score: KWS won 31-26

Report: It was an exciting game and the girls played well .The girls came out firing from the beginning and had a brilliant game. They flowed well as a team and dominated the match. Bree and Grace Mc would pop up with lightning speed to intercept the ball. Grace B and Taylah were strong in attack and Jess did well in defence. Alice and Taylah combined well to get to the goal circle and put pressure on the opposing team. Priyankah and Lily had a great percentage shooting rate and made it look easy. A big congratulations to the girls on a good win.

Mrs Northam


KWS Junior A's v Hawks

Final score: KWS won 25-23

Report: On Saturday the 1st of June, the Junior A’s won against Hawks 23-25. It was a very close game as they were a very tall and strong team. The shooters, Ava McMillan and Evie Hall, work around the circle very well and got some awesome shots in. The defence team, Abby Rolf and lily Robson, work really hard at dropping back and getting those tips and jumping for those rebounds. The centre court players, Hannah Richardson, Sophie Martin and Kate Dowd, brought the ball down the court as they performed some amazing drives and passes into the the circle. Thank you to Zoe bird who bench for our team.

Ava McMillan


Hockey Reports

KWS 1st v City A (Sunday 2 June 2019)

Final Score: 3-1

Report: KWS 1st played really well against a tough City A team. The girls held their ground and strung beautiful passes together through the midfield. They transferred well and spread the opposition out wide. Jemma Leulf found the back of the net and two occasions and Georgie Poole ensured KWS took the win by slotting a goal. 

Joe Priest 


KWS 2nd v JayDees

Final score: KWS lost 3-1

ReportKWS 2nds continue to work hard and enjoy their hockey. The team are playing some good hockey, releasing the ball early and stringing several passes together. It was really pleasing to see we are almost there with our press. A few more games and we will have it good enough to be an impenetrable middle (every attacking 16 and side line hit). It was a real compliment to hear the JayDees backs saying in frustration “…help it through it’s just a wall of blue!…”  the KWS strikers setting up early; attacking mids filling the gaps behind; behind them our defensive mids off-setting each side of the centre striker, with the back 3 cordinating quick responses as needed.

The 2nds went down 3-1 to JayDees fighting all the way.  Isabell Medway scored her 4th goal of the season and was determined to score more, causing havoc for the defence until the final whistle.

After some good outlet passing and deft work in the midfield, Ali Gee, Ella Kirby and Heidi Strudwick were denied more than two occasions each.  Logan McKenzie was awarded 3 points by the umpire, Dempsey Bryant was awarded on best and fairest point and did a good job in her first ever game as goaldy filling in for the injured Casey Barnard. Heidi Strudwick must have ran at least 8km and as always does more than her share of work in the midfield. The fight until the final whistle mind-set of the KWS 2nds is a true reflection of a resilient attitude. Great effort!

Darryn Marjoram


KWS Celtics U16 v OAGS

Final score: KWS lost 4-1

Report: In freezing conditions the understrength of the Celtics accounted for the OAGS team 4-1. It continued the Celtics unbeaten run to date. Ella Kirby, Chanel Knight and Annabelle Woods were outstanding in the conditions.

Bryan Thomas


Football Reports

KWS U13 v Ex-Services Tigers (May 25th)

Final score: KWS lost 0-4

Report: Our team could learn a lot from the approach used by Ex-Services. They combined well, focused on cohesive team play and communicated effectively. Too often we were slow to the ball or our opponent, unsure of who we were marking and not able to string successive passes together. This meant that we needed to defend more often than we should have. We conceded two goals in each half, and two of the four were soft at best. We seemed to have more momentum in the first half and were able to set up some scoring opportunities from time to time. The backs showed better positional sense in this match, however lapses in concentration proved costly. The midfield made more use of their space when they looked to execute firm passes. The forwards needed to play more as a unit to make the most of their opportunities. Well done to Finn and Hugo, for their courage whilst goalkeeping. I was pleased to see the progress being made by Tessa and Oscar.

Matthew Healey


KWS U13 v Waratah Rebels (June 1st)

Final score: KWS drew 4-4

Report: This was an epic contest of end-to-end football. The lead changed several times but neither team was resigned to their fate and came back hard. This was arguably the best team performance this season, although there were some individual cameos as well. I was pleased with the improvements made by Stirling, Matt and Oscar, who showed greater intensity to win possession. Angus and Campbell played out of their skins, with some early movement to control the ball and set up their colleagues. Liam showed determination and speed to score two goals. Finn and Tom contributed one goal each, from some good lead-up play. Neither team deserved to lose and both teams pressed hard to score that winning goal in the closing stages of the match.

Matthew Healey


KWS U14 v Waratah Vikings (May 25th)

Final score: KWS lost 0-4

Report: Round 5 saw our KWS U14s facing off against the Waratah Vikings. True to their name, the Vikings were strong and unyielding in their attacks, which posed a tough challenge for the KWS squad as just one sub on the bench meant interchange was running thin. With a response from Zimmy narrowly missing, the Vikings held a one goal lead at the end of the first half.

We saw a similar second half from the Vikings. Non-stop pressure was placed on our defence and I’m thrilled with how well we held on. The teamwork and passing from our KWS side was clean, with another near miss on goal from Cohan this time keeping the lead just out of our grasp. Three quick goals late in the second half against an exhausted KWS squad blew the lead out to a score unreflective of just how close the game was. Well done team!

Brooke Skinner


KWS U14 v Waratah Braves (June 1st)

Final score: KWS lost 2-6

Report: Saturday’s match saw the KWS U14s team competing against the Waratah Braves, in a challenging game. During the first half of the game the KWS team held strong, using good pressure and teamwork which saw the Waratahs having to fight for possession. With some incredible saves by Dan Hunter in goals, by the end of the half the Waratahs had only managed to score once. The second half proved to be much more challenging, with the Waratahs increasing their attack strategies. However, our attack also stepped up with Fin Shephard scoring not once, but twice. While the final score did not end in our favour, the team worked hard, continuing to improve each week. 

Brooke Skinner


KWS U16 Victory v Ex-Services Tigers (May 25th)

Final score: KWS lost 0-13

Report: Going out against the top of the table Ex-Services team, Kinross took the field with only 10 players, soon to be reduced to 9 after an injury, with many players side-lined due to illness. Despite the ferocious advance of the opposition forward line, the team fought against the odds until the final whistle, with many great plays deserving special mention. Lone striker Harrison Sharpe outwitted the Tigers defence to have two very close shots on goal. Marnie Adams made an amazing play in the second half, stripping the ball from her defender and sending it through to our forwards. James Crisp made a run from the right wing to stop the opposition in the six-yard box. The entire team ran themselves to the point of exhaustion and forced the Ex-Services team to fight for every goal. The game highlighted the admirable tenacity and grit present in every single Victory player that took the field. 

Stephanie Floyd


KWS U16 Victory v KWS U16 Glory (May 30th)

Final score: KWS drew 0-0

Report: The stakes had never been higher as KWS Victory took the field for the U16 derby match. The team had been preparing for this since the beginning of the season and they did not disappoint. Centre backs Harrison Crisp and Will Denman made innumerable chases to close down the strikers from Glory, and on the rare occasion that they had the opportunity to shoot, it was blocked by keeper Oliver Charlton (and by Will Denman on one particularly stressful occasion that saw our keeper on the ground). The score line was held at nil all, despite several close shots from Victory forwards Harrison Sharpe and Caden Wilkin. The entire team should be proud of their efforts in holding the “Junior 1sts” to a draw. 

Stephanie Floyd


KWS U16 Victory v Waratah U16 (June 1st)

Final score: KWS drew 1-1 

Report: Two days after the Kinross derby, Victory took the field against the Waratah U16 side with a plan to get ahead early and hold the lead. True to their word, Victory were up 1 nil at half time after a goal kick that was taken down the field by Mac Webster and James Crisp then passed on to Harrison Sharpe for a shot that put us in the lead. The second half saw a few more impressive plays down the field, including a great series of passes from Donald Vance through to Caden Wilkin in the forward line. Alex McKenzie showed admirable determination in fighting hard for the ball at every turn in the defensive line. Unfortunately, Waratah drew the match with 5 mins remaining, and despite a ferocious 5 mins of play we could not reclaim the lead. The team have really come together in the last two matches and we look forward to proving our worth in the second half of the season. 

Stephanie Floyd


KWS U16 Glory v Waratah Braves (May 25th)

Final score: KWS drew 2-2

Goals:   Ben Jones – 2

Players’ Player: Oliver Wong

Report: This week we welcomed Luke Hunter back into the team from injury, who played his first game for theyear. Luke has been supporting the boys from the sidelines over the past month and although he played out of his preferred position, he had a very strong game in defense.

The team were unlucky not to get the win in this round’s match against an older CYMS team after Ben Jones scored his second goal of the match, taking the team 2-1 up with about 3 minutes remaining. On the resulting kick-off, CYMS took a long-range shot and were rewarded with their tenacity, equalising the score for a full time score of two goals apiece.

Oliver Wong was voted by his teammates as our Players’ Player and had a great game in the middle of defense, putting his body on the line a number of times, winning a number of contests and distributing the ball to a good level. This is two weeks in a row that Oliver has been voted as Players’ Player by his teammates.

Fraser Molloy had a solid game, finding space in attacking areas and providing Ben and Bryce Elsegood some good opportunities in front of goal.

Having only lost one match this season, we are continuing to take shape and play to our system, which is a great sign for the rest of the season.

Our next match is against Blayney Blades in Blayney, where we will need to be at our best.

Eric Morris


KWS U16 Glory v KWS Victory (May 30th)

Final score: KWS drew 0-0

Player's Player: Griffin Robinson

Report: In a clash against fellow peers, this was set to be a great contest and it didn’t disappoint.

Although the score line suggests a drab nil-all draw, this match was nothing but. On a cold Thursday afternoon, both teams played extremely well and created a number of chances to get on the scorecard. We had our fair share of chances and squandered a number of opportunities. The Victory goalkeeper was proving to be a brick wall, frustrating our team.

Griffin Robinson played a great game, controlling the match from the mid-field, while Bryce Elsegood chased down every ball and created chance after chance for himself and his teammates.

Fraser Molloy and Luke Hunter opened up the space for us by making some excellent runs out wide enabling Oliver Wong and Cameron Horne to get forward at times as well. Harrison Nock played in an unfamiliar position alongside Hugh Gillham at centre back, where both players had strong games.

Ben Jones found himself in excellent space and in attacking positions, but unfortunately was unable to find the back of the net. Charlie Willis and Henry Molloy also had a significant impact on the match.

The team were quite frustrated and disappointed with the result, but we discussed that this was a good sign as we are now expecting ourselves to win matches and we have raised the bar of what we expect from each other.

Eric Morris


­KWS U16 Glory v Blayney Blades (June 1st)

Final score: KWS won 3-1

Goals: Bryce Elsegood – 2, Griffin Robinson – 1

Players’ Player: Cameron Horne

Report: After a frustrating mid-week draw, Glory was determined to have a strong game against second-placed Blayney Blades, in Blayney. We had a couple of team members unavailable, which meant we took the field a player short. This did not affect the mental state of the team; in fact, it strengthened us – not even when Blayney were making inter-change substitutions with four players.

Early in the game we were awarded a penalty kick after some strong attacking play down the right hand side. Unfortunately, Bryce Elsegood was unable to take this opportunity and missed wide of the goal. In true Bryce fashion though, this only made him stronger and more determined to make amends. Bryce continued attacking throughout the match and scored our second and third goals in the second half.

Griffin Robinson got us off the mark in the first half with a very well taken, composed goal. It would have been very easy for Griffin to lash out at the ball, but he was patient and calm and slotted the ball into the goal.

Charlie Willis had a strong game in centre back and when Oliver Wong moved into a wide position on our right hand side, he proved to be a headache for his opposition with some excellent attacking runs.

Will Noble played an excellent game in goal, switching the attack with his passes from goal. Unfortunately, Will was unable to keep a clean sheet, as Blayney scored on the final attack of the match, but he did keep us in the match with some good saves and intercepts of crosses.

Cameron Horne was voted Players’ Player, which was well deserved after clearing the ball off the line, defending well and getting himself into attack, resulting in taking the Blayney attack away on his side.

This match demonstrated the work ethic this team is putting in to their football and their ability to implement a game plan. We have had a couple of results this year not go our way, but I feel this match is the turning point and the competition best watch out as we climb the ladder and continue being a threat to the title this year.

I am a very pleased and proud coach and I look forward to future success with this amazing team.

Eric Morris


KWS Second XI v Waratah Wanderers (May 25th)

Final score: KWS lost 1-3

Report: An early flurry of goals caught the KWS Seconds off guard and saw the Waratah Wanderers team get out to an early 3-0 lead within the first 20 minutes. Playing from behind was always going to be difficult, however, the KWS team showed spirit and determination in ensuring those would be the last goals the opposition would score in the match. The strong second half performance was not enough despite Noah Whitely putting the team back into the match with a skilful finish on the back of impressive lead up play from midfielder Ethan Buesnel. Noah Baldwin was a standout in the defensive line, often frustrating the talented Wanderers’ attacking line.

Ben Doyle


KWS Second XI v Waratah Mariners (June 1st)

Final score: KWS lost 0-5

Report: With a number of players unavailable for this fixture, it was always going to be a tough ask to come away with a win against a strong Mariners outfit. For the second week in a row the opposition was allowed to get out to an early 3-0 lead and, despite a determined effort and a number of near misses, we were unable to come away with any competition points. On what was an unseasonably warm day, the effort was all the more impressive considering much of the game was played with only 10 players against an opposition with a full bench of reserves. Two late goals to the Mariners saw the score blow out and not accurately reflect how close the competition was for the majority of the match. Well done to all of the players who put in such a courageous effort, giving their all for the full 90 minutes.

Ben Doyle


KWS Men’s First XI v Waratahs Wolfpack (May 26th)

Final score: KWS won 1-0

Report: A big home game on a glorious late May Saturday afternoon saw the team run out to the support and cheers of the First XV Rugby team. This was really appreciated and we hit the ground running making that extra effort in attack and defence to impress the crowd. The first half was a see-sawing affair, with both teams having chances, although we had the lions share and were unable to take advantage. The second stanza saw the opposition press hard, with seven good scoring shots – although none of them got into our net. A very well-worked team goal in the 53rd minute which started from about 65m out and was finally put away by Luc Nelson. We held on late in the game to come away with another hard-fought win. We appear to be doing our best to make hard work of the victories, and whilst a win is a win, work on putting games away a little earlier is something to aim for. Supercoach Smedley is sure to come up with some new and amazing drills to take us to a new level in the weeks ahead.

Paul Tierney


KWS Men’s First XI v Barnies Rangers (June 1st)

Final score: KWS won 2-1

Report: The much anticipated top of the table clash saw both sides eager to press home an advantage early on. It came our way after just 8 minutes as Xavier slotted a beauty from wide on the left (as predicted by the manager just 5 minutes earlier!). Barnies hit back quickly and the game went to half time at 1-all. Things started to get very physical in the second stanza and everyone was playing for keeps and bragging rights. KWS had a great goal disallowed, and then a missed penalty by us saw things heading for a draw. However Tom had adjusted his legs and avoided the offside trap to see himself one-on-one with the goalie with just 2 minutes left. Much to excitement of the crowd, he didn’t miss. Logan ‘Mark Schwarzer’ Buckley then pulled off a save for the ages with 10 seconds to go to secure our win. As the halfway point of the season beckons, we are alone and undefeated on top of the comp, with 6 great wins and a draw so far. Thanks again to all the parents and supporters who come to watch, it makes us work even harder.

Paul Tierney


KWS Ladies’ First XI v Bathurst Collegians (June 2nd)

Final score: KWS won 4-2

Report: The final game before the long weekend was a hard-fought battle against the Bathurst Collegians on home ground and it was easily KWS’s best game this season. The girls played well as a team, with plenty of enthusiasm and encouraging of others, especially when down several players. This was already showing by the end of the first half, when Reece Ryan had put away two goals. However, the Collegians had also scored, making sure KWS didn’t back off. In the second half, Reece continued on to achieve a hat-trick, and Niamh McPhee ensured a clear lead by outrunning the Collegians’ defenders. The Collegians scored with just ten-minutes to go, but the final score lasted at 4-2. In particular, shout-outs should go to Eliza Vail for her incredible keeping, as there likely would have been a very different score without her, and to many of our new players, such as Emma Wright and Hannah Arundell, for playing in new positions in a hard game.

Charlotte Simmons


Rugby Reports

KWS 13A v Newington College

Final score: KWS lost 58-7

Report: On the weekend we played Newington College. We didn’t win this game or play the best the score was 58 to 7. They had a very good backline and were good in the rucks. We played very well towards the end of the 1st half and at the start of the second half KWS scored off the back of a strong scrum and a well executed back play by Shep Taylor. The line outs were excellent and we didn’t lose many. For next week, we just need to improve our defence and we need to compete more in the rucks and at the tackle. Overall it was a tough loss but we learned great lessons and will come back stronger against Stannies. Harry Hazelton (C)


KWS 15A v Newington College

Final score: KWS lost 0-85

Report: The 15As got to see the top standard of the GPS competition and it was impressive to watch. The team tried their best but Newington were too strong and powerful for KWS.

Best and Fairest: 3 Charlie Bird, 2 Nic Brown, 1 Jack Smith


KWS 15A v St Stanislaus' College

Final score: KWS lost 12-54

Report: SSC were started the game with more intent then KWS which meant the 15As were down 35-0 at halftime before they new it. The second half was a different contest and KWS were far more willing and managed to string several phases together. Some maintenance of possession and an improvement in support at the breakdown saw Jack Smith and Will Wilson cross the line. The second half was 19-12 to SSC but KWS should be happy with the turnaround. The 15A will need to start the game against SAC or they will find themselves in the same situation. The focus at training leading into the game will be on securing the breakdown and defensive alignment. A real commitment to defend and make first up tackles is required to turn the season around.

Best and Fairest: 3 Jack Smith, 2 Charlie Bird, 1 Nic Brown

Players Player: Jack Smith

KWS 15C v Newington College

Final score: KWS lost 14-63

Report: Following three away games, the 15Cs played their first game at home on the Ex-Students Oval against Newington College. Newington won convincely by 63 points to 14. The 15Cs played a courageous game with several players still out with injury. The team has been different each week, however we are starting to build combinations, and the boys showed promise with moving the ball wide. They were exposed around the breakdown, not committing enough to the contests at tackles and the ruck, and also out wide as Newington 15Cs shifted the ball well and pounced in broken play. The boys will be working hard to improve their tackling and contest at breakdowns to slow the opposition down.

KWS’ two tries were scored and converted by first five eight Joshua Sutherland who made his debut for 2019 after coming back with an injury he received before the rugby season commenced.

Points: 3 points: Joshua Sutherland, 2 points: Henry Forsyth, 1 point: Dylan Tucker


KWS 15C v St Stanislaus' College 15C

Final score: KWS lost 19-53

Report: This week showed a big step up for the 15Cs as they showed improvement across all areas of the game. The attack showed moments of brilliance and finesse, while other times it was clear that we were crowding around the ball and not creating enough space to attack. The same was shown in defence where Stannies exploited our defensive line not working in unison to score the majority of their tries from their right wing. The game was close and competitive leading into the second half, where the pressure showed and Stannies kept on scoring. The final score KWS 19 - SSC 53.

Tries scored by Dylan Tucker, Digby Williams and Charlie Williams, plus two conversions to Digby Williams.

Points: 3 points: Charlie McCaskie, 2 points: Digby Williams, 1 point: Dylan Tucker, Charlie Williams

KWS 16A v Newington College

Final score: KWS lost 40-0

Report: There were patches of brilliance in the 16A’s game and there were also lapses where we leaked points that will need to be fixed this week going into Stannies. James Kildey, Oscar Harding and Harry Houghton led the defence in the forwards and got some nice steals. Archie Hailing showed how a small body can dominate the bigger bodies around him in defence and attack.

Our scrum was quite good again as was our lineout with a number of replacements being forced again through injury.

Points: 3points: Archie Hailing, 2points: James Kildey, Oscar Harding, 1point: Harry Houghton, Jacob Hansen

KWS 16A’s v St Stanislaus' College

Final score: KWS lost 36-0

Report: There were patches of brilliance and patches where we need to improve dramatically. It was 12-0 at half time and some big defence from Oscar Harding, James Kildey and Brad O’Brien helped keep Stannies at bay. The second half saw Stannies skip away with it a bit, despite big efforts from Fletcher Doyle and Archie Hailing who tried everything to get over the stripe. The Harry’s both McDougal and Houghton toiled away. KWS was defeated by Stannies 36-0.

Points: 3 points: Oscar Harding, 2 points: Archie Hailing, Fletcher Doyle, 1 point: Brad O’Brien, James Kildey.

KWS 16B’s v Newington College

Final score: KWS lost 40-10

Report: It was a tale of 2 halves for the 16b’s they didn’t start well and were over run by the bigger boys from Newington to go to the break 28-0 down. After some half time encouragement, the boys came out with some steely defence with Hugo Skene and Ryan Rutherford providing some big defensive efforts. Brodie Stain, Lachie Ferguson and Oscar Nuthall all toiled away up front and gave their all. Angus Blythe and Billy Ridley worked hard in the centres and Angus was rewarded with a try. The second stander ended at 2 tries a piece. KWS 10 (Tries Brad O’Brien, Angus Blythe) defeated by NC 40.

Points: 3 points: Angus Blythe, 2 points: Hugo Skene, Brodie Stain, 1 point: Oscar Nuthall, Lachie Fergusen, Sam Rae, Billy Ridley.


KWS 16B's v St Stanislaus' College

Final score: KWS lost 5-29

Report: The Stannies 16 B’s were excellent in attack, maintaining possession for extended periods of time and finding creative ways to utilise space - such as crossfield kicks.  The Kinross 16 B’s were extremely organised in defence and many observers on the sideline noted their improvement during the season. From the match, we have identified that we need to maintain possession for longer periods and find ways to get the ball back when we’re defending, which we will work on at training.


KWS 4th XV v Newington 4th XV

Final score: KWS lost 0-40

Report: The final warm up game saw the 4th XV face their biggest test of the year so far, facing off against a top class Newington 4th XV. Newington are a very strong Sydney school and the score didn’t reflect how well our 4th XV played. Newington scored three easy tries that on any other day we may have stopped. After a disrupted warm up, we more than held our own against Newington.

We managed to hold the ball for long periods of time without reward and it was pleasing to see some of the things we have been training hard for starting to show on the field. Brendan Coffee tackled himself to a standstill and was also strong with the ball in hand. Hamish Donnelly played easily his best game of the season, bravely defending the sideline and stopping at least two scores with fantastic defence. Charlie Coddington looked dangerous in attack and Jack Toussaint showed his versatility by slotting in at fullback and centre, making one long run that was unlucky not to end up in a try.

Points: 3. Brendan Coffee, 2. Jack Toussaint, 1. Hamish Donnelly and Charlie Coddington.


KWS 4th XV v St Stanislaus' College 4th XV

Final score: KWS lost 5-50

Report: The 4th XV were excited to be opening the day’s proceedings on Main Oval against arch rivals Stannies. The 4th XV played well in patches, including a good 10 minutes to close out the first half, which gave a glimpse of the potential of this side. The game got away from us in the end, as the Stannies boys seemed to get bigger and stronger the longer the game went on. Our depth was tested this week, after carrying a large bench through the trials, we found ourselves with six regular players unavailable this week, and we lost two more to injury during the game. Those who played should be proud of their efforts, as their commitment was there until the end, despite being outgunned in the ISA opener.

Highlights came through Nick Kierle, who has settled well into the role of halfback. Nick nabbed a try and made some crucial sniping runs from the back of the ruck when our forwards needed some time. Jack Toussaint again impressed, showing his versatility in the backline, this week running as our fullback. Jack did try an old AFL style hip and shoulder tackle to save one try, and his running was a highlight in the game. James Rich tackled himself to a standstill, taking on many of the biggest Stannies forwards one on one. Tom Tudor played his best game of the season, and looks to have cemented the loose head prop position moving forward (uncontested scrums of course).

KWS 5 (Nick Kierle Try) – Stannies 50.

Points: 3 – Nick Kierle, 2 – Jack Toussaint, 1 – James Rich and Tom Tudor.


KWS 3rd XV v Newington College

Final score: Draw 19-19

Report: After a disappointing match against Riverview the 3rd XV were keen to play the rugby they knew they were capable of playing. KWS opened the scoring first after some great lead up work from the forwards that allowed the backs plenty of time and space for Mitch Reynolds to cross next to the posts. Newington scored the next 2 tries after breaking down the right hand side after quick turn over ball and ran 70 metres to score. 12-7 at half time.

The second half saw KWS make some excellent defensive reads and dominant tackles to force errors and penalties which allowed James Dennis to score. 12-12. Newington were next to score after we failed to maintain possession in our half. With only minutes left to play James Dennis scooped up a loose pass and ran 75 to score and convert to make it 19-19. This was the final score.  


KWS 3rd XV v St Stanislaus' College 3rd XV   

Final score: KWS won 5-0

Report: It wasn’t very hard to get the boys motivated for this game, there is no greater motivation than beating Stannies. A lot was spoken about playing for the year 12s as it is their last match up with them. As it was time to run out you could see in the boys eyes they had a point to prove. Throughout the game they played for each other which ensured their dominance over Stannies. The opposition coach yelled that our forwards were out enthusing them and he was exactly right. In every aspect of the game we were on top, ruck, line outs and we were dominant in the scrums with James Murray hooking the ball against the feed on more than one occasion. With the help of clean ball from Fletcher Taylor and great decision making from Harry Thompson ensured that we made good meters out in the backs. Despite being all over the opposition we gave away multiple penalties for offside as the boys were eager to get the line speed up which we had been working on. It wasn’t until the second half where big Ethan Rutherford crashed over the white line scoring the first and only points of the games. It took some heart for the boys to grind out the win from here as we did not have much ball or territory for the rest of the game but we dug deep and defended for each other ensuring the win in our first ISA game but more importantly a win over Stannies.

Points: 1 point: Harry Thompson, 2 points:  Fletch Taylor, 3 points: Ethan Rutherford


KWS 2nd XV v Newington College 2nd XV

Final score: KWS lost 26-5 (Half time 14-5)

Report: In a tough encounter, the 2nd XV gave a very account of themselves. The first half was fairly even, with limited opportunities, with KWS staying with the GPS heavyweights. Solid defence & good ball control were in evident in the opening stanza. Will Leulf controlled play well, along with Lewis Dunshea who continues to improve each game.

The 2nd half saw a lack of possession & ball control allow Newington many more opportunities, which they converted. The forwards again worked tirelessly, but the visitors had too much ball & territorial advantage.

Try to Nic Rassmussen.

Points: 3pts Hamish McDougall, 2pts Lachie Smith, Will Leulf, 1 pt Declan Kelly, Tom Richardson, Hugh Aldersley.


KWS 2nd XV v St Stanislaus' College (1st round of the ISA)

Final score: KWS lost 24-9 (Half time 17-9)

Report: With 6 players injured or unavailable from the selected side on Tuesday, it was a credit to the players who took the field to compete as well as they did last Saturday. Defence was the order of the day, with each player making big numbers in this department. A relatively soft early try, allowed the visitors to get on the front foot. The 2 blues played their way back into the game & KWS got to oranges at 17-9 down, with a real belief that despite the penalty count & the injuries that they could win.

A big thank you to the 3rds players who all stepped in to play big minutes, despite just playing a full game minutes earlier. Ball security & the ruck will be areas for improvement going forward.

Points: 3pts Lachie Smith, 2pts Declan Kelly, 1pt Lew Connick, Rory Ellis Peck, Ollie Hoskin.


KWS 1st XV v Newington College

Report: After a number of weeks on the road travelling from Canberra, Coonabarabran to Sydney the Kinross Wolaroi 1st XV took on Newington College in some beautiful sunny Autumn Orange weather. The game started with plenty of hard running by the Newington team who were met with some outstanding defence by Josh Dominello, William Smith, Nick Hay- McKenzie and Hugh McIntyre. Cody Kelso provided some valuable meters as did Sam Ridley. The backs played some fantastic running rugby with Charlie Wilson and Preston Simpson making a number of line breaks. KWS forwards were dominant in the middle of the park and were very effective with a number of “pick and go”. It was Newington speed out wide that did the damage. Kinross struggled to match their speed. As a result, Newington scored repeated tries very quickly. It was a great trial and the score did not reflect the quality of rugby produced by the KWS men. It was a great battle to have in the led up to the ISA first completion game against St Stanislaus College.

Tries: Harry May, Charlie Wilson

Conversion: Preston Simpson

Points: 3 Harry May, 2 Nick Hay-McKenzie, 1 Hugh McIntyre, William Smith, Ben Bellamy


Kinross Wolaroi 1st XV v St Stanislaus College 

Final Score: SSC 12 – KWS 8

Report: The start of the ISA season KWS took on Stannies, both teams had a rigorous trial season taking on the best schools in the CAS and GPS competitions. The John O’Niell Shield was on offer and both teams went into the game as equals. The game started well and neither team taking a backward step there was plenty aggression at the breakdown. Stannies defence was impressive as they withheld many efforts by William Smith and Digby Cooper. Alex Brien and Liam Choi looked dangerous in space and proved a handful for the Stannies defensive line. The first half ended at 0-0.

The second half saw the KWS men put together some excellent phases and continue with some fantastic defence. Ed Taylor, Harry May and Cody Kelso line speed and commitment at the tackle was outstanding. Alex Brien kicked a penalty goal from 45m to put the first point on the score board. The score line did not change until the last 10 minutes of the game where Stannies took advantage of some good field position to score, the try was converted KWS 3 SSC 7. KWS hit back not long after with a brilliant running rugby try to James Wilson. KWS had hit the lead at KWS 8 SSC 7. In the dying minutes of the game Stannies got a penalty and took a quick tap they then recycled the ball to score in the corner. Stannies were victorious on the day to secure the John O’ Neill Shield in what can only be classified as a “nail biter”.

The KWS men should be proud of their efforts and the passion in which they played the game. It was a wonderful spectacle of country schoolboy rugby which made the coaches and KWS rugby community proud.

Tries: James Wilson

Penalty: Alex Brien

Points: 3 Josh Dominello, 2 Cody Kelso, 1 William Smith, Liam Choi


Tobi Wehr-Candler
MIC Rugby

Prep School Sport News

HICES Cross Country

The KWS Cross Country team competed last Thursday 23 May at Orange Anglican School at the HICES Cross Country Carnival. There were 16 schools at this Carnival, providing fierce competition for our students. Our competitors ran well, displaying confidence and determination – especially due to the tough course! The following students have now qualified to represent HICES at the CIS Cross Country Championships on 13 June. We wish these students all the best for their competition:


HICES Team 2019

  • 8/9 Years Boys: Charlie Hail; Xavier Zinga
  • 10 Years Boys: Ollie Garard; Drew Carslake; Hamish Searle; William Karrasch
  • 10 Years Girls: Bell Clinton
  • 11 Years Boys: Spencer Johnston; Hayden McKenzie
  • 11 Years Girls: Lucy Reidy; Lexi Wilkin
  • 12 Years Girls: Pip Martin; Olivia Martin; Matilda Fabar; Grace Hansen

Winter Sport

All sports have now commenced and training sessions underway. Please assist your children by reminding them to pack their correct uniform and equipment for both matches and training. Additionally, all students must be at their matches a minimum of 15 minutes before they play. Please assist your child’s coaches with being on time for pre-game warm up and match play.


Notifications will be pushed out through the app: Team App. Please ensure you are signed up to your child’s sport to ensure you receive the latest information. All the sports on team app are PREP sports, otherwise you will be trying to join the Secondary School.


The Prep Winter Sport bulletin can be found on FROG for additional information.


Netball Umpiring Session

On Thursday 6th June, Mrs Brideoake (MIC of KWS Senior School Netball) will hold a basic umpiring session for all girls who are interested to learn more to fulfil their umpiring duties. I encourage all Year 5 and 6 girls to attend. The course will run from 3:30 -4:30pm in room 85 in the Anderson Centre. Girls are to meet Mrs Pengilly at her room straight after school to walk up to the Senior School.


Thank you to Mrs Caro, Mrs Murray and Mrs Stacpoole for assisting some senior girls umpire on Saturday. The School really appreciates your support and help.


Hope to see you there.


Mrs Pengilly


Sporting Teams of the week

The following teams have been nominated by their coaches for demonstrating sportsmanship, determination, team play, resilience and excellent behaviour. Congratulations to the following teams on their nominations for Sporting team of the week.


  • Football: U8 Taipans; U12 Mariners
  • Netball: U9 Doves; U11 Firebirds; U12 Hawks
  • Hockey: Geckos, Wallabies, Rhinos, Kookaburras; Scorpions; Emus


Mrs Louise Barrett

KWS Prep Sport & PE Co-ordinator

Prep School
Sport Reports



Last Wednesday the Scorpions played Canobolas in miserable wet weather. The whole team did a great job dribbling, defending and passing, even with frozen hands. With our great teamwork, we ended up winning 2-1.
Annabelle Maslin



The KWS Rhinos played the Molong Zebras last Wednesday 22/5. The score was 6-0 to the Zebras. Although we put up a good fight we were outnumbered. Out team spirit was good and we continued to try until the end of the game.
Amelia Lawrie



Netball Umpiring Session

On Thursday 6th June, Mrs Brideoake (MIC of KWS Senior School Netball) will hold a basic umpiring session for all girls who are interested to learn more to fulfil their umpiring duties. I encourage all Year 5 and 6 girls to attend. The course will run from 3:30 -4:30pm in room 85 in the Anderson Centre. Girls are to meet Mrs Pengilly at her room straight after school to walk up to the Senior School.

Thank you to Mrs Caro, Mrs Murray and Mrs Stacpoole for assisting some senior girls umpire on Saturday. The School really appreciates your support and help. 

Hope to see you there.

Mrs Pengilly


U9 Doves:

On Saturday 1st June the under 9 Doves played Life Studio. The Doves played with lots of passion, they tried their hardest but unfortunately couldn’t score enough goals. Well done to Life Studio on the win.
Olivia McBeath


U10 Bluebirds:

Last Saturday we played the OPS Stargazers. We won with 6 points to 4. It was a close game. A special thank you to Olivia for stepping in a playing with us to help with numbers while Isabella and Eva were away. Mischa and Stella were great in defence. Ava made quick passes while Georgia and Lily moved to the ball staying in front of their defenders. Great job Hannah on shooting as well! Over all, it was a fun game and nice to win. Well done team! 
Phoebe Paynter 


U11 Firebirds:

Firebirds vs Orange Barbarians 25/5/19. The Firebirds played an amazing game against the Orange Barbarians with some brilliant passes. Player combinations were working really well and we are starting to get a really good flow. It was a close game all the way through but we ended up pulling away in the final quarter with a 13-10 win. Special mention to the shooters who had an awesome game and converted most of our efforts in goals.

Ava Healey

On Saturday morning, 1st Day of June and the first day of winter, which surprisingly happened to be a nice sunny day, the Under 11 Firebirds took on the United Falcons. It was a great battle on the court, there were a lot of turn overs from both sides, however we managed to secure a good win on our lucky court 3.
Flossie Jackson-Le Couteur


U11 Kestrels

Saturday, May 25: KWS Kestrels V Hawks - Woodward St Quality Meats On Saturday, the Kestrels had another great game. At each new quarter our game improved tremendously as we remembered skills we had learnt in previous training sessions and began to put them into action. The Kestrels would like to thank Olivia Watts for being such an amazing fill-in for us. She played like she was on fire! We were only 2 goals behind after the 3rd quarter, and even though we came off the court at full-time to find we had been defeated 4-12, we still felt victorious knowing how amazingly we played and how quickly we were improving. Ally, Molly and Harriet all played brilliantly in defence, whilst our speedy centre Freya, really showed her agility. Olivia shone on the wing and Olive was spectacular in goal. You might be good at basketball..... you might be good at track.....but when it comes to netball... you might as well step back!

Goooooooo Kestrels!

Alice Scholte


On Saturday June 1st KWS Kestrels played the Hawks Wilcon Building team. We played a great game throughout every quarter. We were happy to know we won, fourteen to six. Well-done again to the team and Mrs Pengilly.
Olive Quigley



U8 Cobras:  

On Saturday 1st of June, we Played against Barnies Raiders. We had 2 great goalies Nick, and Jimmy. Our skills on the field and chasing the ball improves each time we play. All the boys kicked really good and tried their best. I am sure everyone enjoyed the game, Congratulations to Barnies for their win.
Zaro Jalal


U9 Thunder

On Saturday 25th May, KWS Thunder played CYMS at PLC.  We had a good game, the weather was perfect! Although the other team won, we managed to score 1 goal and did some really good passing in the first half. Everyone had fun.

Henry Quigley

On Saturday the 1st of June we played against Cudal Gold Stars at PLC. We were really lucky to have Mr McLean and Mrs Sharpe as spectators cheering us on. This was one of our best games, we had a very strong first half. With no subs all Thunder players really showed excellent team work and stamina. Unfortunately, we couldn’t quite keep up with Cudal towards the end, resulting in a loss. The team’s strong points this week were great passing, great defending and great goal keeping.
Nicolette Saran 



U9s – Cowra Gala Day

We played three great games against Parkes, Orange Emus and Bathurst. We scored many tries, made lots of tackles and the coaches say we are improving with each game.
Angus Sawtell


The Under 9s Rugby team are improving each week. During the Parkes Gala Day Austin Cutter and Hunter Stacpoole tackled strongly. Will Stratton, Jed Volkofsky and Charlie Hail ran well with the ball. Joe Dunworth showed his strength with strong clean out and great support play. Zach Stacpoole and Elliot Terry were busy at the ruck while Angus Sawtell made lots of ground with his ball running. Tom Hansen ran with intent and pushed the opposition off with his strong palm.
Lenny and Stuart Shannon



A great day of Rugby at Cowra Gala Day last weekend, KWS White played strong fair rugby with intent. We had a narrow loss to Bathurst and then a fantastic win against Canowindra which are a very strong side. We finished the day with a good win against Emu’s. The boys played well as a team with all contributing.
Rob McLean

Parkes Gala Day

The 11’s had a great day with the team working well together. We played a very good Forbes side and the boys went well, we lost but played strongly. Parkes was next and we fell asleep  a little in this game but we then took on another Forbes side next and scored some great tries.
It was a real team effort with many boys playing their best game of the season.
Adam Goodsir


Library News

Premier’s Reading Challenge 2019

PRC is now open and well on its way and all students from Kindergarten to Year 9 are welcome to take part.


If you have done the Challenge at KWS before, your Log-in will be the same. If you are new to the school, or would like to take part for the first time, see Mrs Deans in the Library and she will organise a log in for you.


The books we have in the library that are part of the challenge are indicated by stickers. See the Library staff to help you find them.


Important things you need to know about the Challenge:

  • It finishes on 30 August
  • You must read 20 books in total to receive the Certificate from the Premier of NSW – At least 15 need to be PRC books and you can read up to 5 free choice books if you are in Years 3 to 9. (There are slightly different rules for children in Kindergarten to Year 2)

Take part and get you name on the PRC ‘Wall of Fame’ in the Library!


Kids’ Own Australian Literature Awards (K.O.A.L.A.)

We are taking part in KOALA in 2019. We have a display of the Shortlisted Books. These were chosen by Children in NSW from their favourite Australian published books in the last 10 years.


Help select the winning books for 2019 by borrowing and reading one of the books indicated. If you think that book should be a winner:

  1. Take out the KOALA tag inside the front cover of the book
  2. Write you name on it.
  3. Put it into the voting box

Your vote will go towards the overall winner for 2019, you will also go in the draw for prizes.


Audio and eBooks

Did you know we have a large selection of Audio and eBooks available?


Information on how to access them is on Frog on the library site. There are also apps you can download to access both from Wheelers ‘ePlatform’ and World Book eBooks. These include both Fiction and Non-Fiction books. We also have a selection of the books in the library that you can borrow out and read along with the Audio Books. See the library staff for more information.


Mrs Nicole Deans

KWS Library

News from around our School

English News

Shake & Stir Theatre visit

A few weeks ago, we were lucky to have the Shake & Stir Theatre company visit our school and perform for Years 7, 9 & 10. All three performances were Shakespeare themed, and connect with the students’ study later in the year. Year 7 watched ‘Great Shakes’, and introduction to Shakespeare and his work, Year 9 watched Romeo & Juliet, and Year 10 watched ‘The Macbeths’. The students and staff alike were impressed by the engaging and energetic performances which were supported by clever use of multimedia and props. Some of the students’ post show comments are below:


Great Shakes

“I thought the play was a bit weird and a lot wacky. But overall it was really funny” Shep


“I really loved how the play was realistic and how three people can play so many characters” Mack


Romeo & Juliet

Emotions were flying, sparks were high. This was one of the best live performances I have seen for a while. There was a humorous touch to a usually sad love story, it was over before it even began. The story was rushed but interesting, it was hard to keep up with the story line. The kissing scenes were followed by awkward moments. I would have enjoyed it more if we had more time for questions and to explore more of the story. Overall I enjoyed it and would recommend it.


The Shake and Stir Company’s reenactment of Romeo and Juliet juxtaposes our modern world and  Shakespeare’s Elizabethan times really well. They used slapstick humour and mixed it in with the old jokes of Shakespeare. They appealed to our 15 year old sense of humour if not a younger year. I laughed a lot and thought they made the play really well for for such a short amount of time


Yesterday we had the privilege in embracing ourselves in Shake and Stirs production of Romeo and Juliet. The play was very intriguing and gave a great demonstration of the original play. I loved the humour that they included and the way they would interchange between the scenes. I did however find the display of affection a little bit much to watch as it was very awkward. I really enjoy watching things like this and I have learnt that you do not need a large number of people or a fancy set to create something that is worthwhile watching. Having the opportunity to attend this performance has also let me create a better understanding of Shakespeare’s work and will help me tremendously in my studies of Romeo and Juliet.


The Shake and Stir performance yesterday was interesting in many ways. I liked how the actors played a few different characters throughout the show, and how well we could tell they were different people. I did not like how much public display of affection they used throughout it, as I don't think it was necessary. I was confused when the little interview videos came up because I could not tell who the characters in the video actually were. At the end of the play, I realised that you don’t need lots of people to make a story, only a few people that are able to perform in different personalities. The guy with the curly hair was very good and it was interesting to watch when he played the character of the Nurse, as it was funny how he talked and acted. I would have preferred there to have been more actors maybe, and for the videos to be more clear so it was easier to follow along with the storyline. I think i would have enjoyed it more if it went for longer, or if they stayed in either the modern or the Shakespeare theme the whole way through.


The Shake and Stir’s production of Romeo and Juliet was a fantastic reenactment of the timeless play set in a modern scene. The mix of music, acting and comedy worked together to create a complete package that was informative yet very entertaining. If I was to change the play in anyway I would work on Romeo and Juliet’s chemistry because every-time they kissed I received second hand embarrassment.


Mrs Antonia Suthers


KWS Junior Aboriginal Education Consultative Group

Orange community member and Junior Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (Jr AECG) Coordinator Mary Croaker attended Kinross Wolaroi School on Monday 3rd June to hold nominations for the KWS Jr AECG Representatives. The Jr AECG is made up of representatives from all the High Schools in Orange and meet regularly to discuss cultural issues within each schools and to share what is being done in each school. Over the past 2 years they have also organised a formal youth ball held during Orange NAIDOC Week Celebrations providing the opportunity for students to get dressed up nice and attend a formal styled event. They will continue to organise this event in 2019.


The KWS Jr AECG Representatives for 2019 include Bethany Bell and Fletcher Doyle as our Year 10 representatives, who will be our main representatives. Anna Robinson and Josh Sutherland will be our Year 9 representatives while Tanisha Mundy will be our Year 8 representative and will attend meetings when all other students are unable to. Thanks also goes to Year 11 student Jade Jolliffe for her time over the past two years in being the KWS Jr AECG Representative.


We would like to thank and congratulate these students for nominating themselves and taking on this leadership role. We would also like to thank Mary Croaker for her time in coming up to work with our students and providing these opportunities for not only the Kinross Wolaroi Indigenous students but Indigenous students in the Orange community.


Mr Corey McLean 
Indigenous Support Officer


Year 6 in Canberra

Year 6 students undertook an educational tour of Canberra, the nation’s capital. Whilst on this tour we participated in a variety of educational programmes focused on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy. We would like to thank the Australian Government for their recognition, and contribution of funds under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate scheme.


Our first port of call on Wednesday was Mt Ainsley and the beautiful view of the Parliamentary Triangle and Lake Burley Griffin. From here the children split into two groups and visited a variety of locations including Parliament House and a - behind the public scene - committee room visit, at which a role-play was enacted and the children debated a bill. Posing as Ministers of Parliament, the ‘members’ proposed, debated and passed the Compulsory Voting Bill in a superb role-play which enabled the students to gain further insight into the process of law making and the Parliamentary system. We then filed into the House of Representatives and The Senate where knowledge of our Parliamentary system continued to grow.

We visited the Electoral Centre where the birth of Federation and our voting system were explained in detail. The children became ‘citizens’ and voted, experiencing and gaining a greater understanding of our preferential voting protocol. A relaxed amble along the Reconciliation Walk proved to be a thought-provoking journey, linking class work to reality. An evening visit to Questacon and scintillating, scientific experiences concluded our day. The Australian Institute of Sport was our home away from home and we arrived for dinner and check in. There were many excited children that night as everybody settled down after a long day.  


Thursday commenced at a leisurely pace. A drive through the Embassies and High Commissions precinct was an interesting interlude; from the USA embassy taking up a whole block to the Russian embassy’s foundations prompted many interesting questions and conversations. Then it was off to the National Zoo and Aquarium. Here, once again, we were taken behind the scenes to feed the deer, emus and alpacas. We saw many other animals up close and personal, including the Corn Snake, before once again being counted onto the bus. It was an early lunch before heading off to the Museum of Australian Democracy – Old Parliament House.

Following this we travelled to the National Museum where the children discovered the many wonderful and varied displays. Thought provoking discussions were had throughout our time in the museum.  For our last official visit of the day, we travelled to the Lennox Gardens to learn about the Rotary Peace Bell. The children were very respectful when participating in the reading of peace passages and the ringing of the Peace Bell.   Then it was back to the AIS for a change of clothing from our school uniforms into casuals, dinner and onto the bus again, to iPlay, where the children honed their team skills and enjoyed the challenge of Laser Tag, Dodgems and other games.       


The final day commenced with a drive to the Australian War Memorial along Anzac Parade and past the war memorials. The group enjoyed a valuable and memorable experience with the interactive D Zone being a highlight. Following this session, the Year 6 cohort explored the memorial’s other exhibits which brought to life many events studied in class during our Pennies for Hitler literacy unit. Lunch followed and then our final destination….home.    

Our time away seemed a blur but many educational and valuable personal experiences were had by all. Our students were outstanding and we received many positive comments praising their behaviour and uniform. The children were an absolute pleasure to travel with and represented the school, their families and themselves with maturity.     

Mrs Charlton, Mrs Savage and Mr Hordynsky       

Career News

Lattitude Global Volunteering


International College of Management Sydney

ICMS Early Entry Now Open

Applications are now open for Entry Pathways to ICMS. Securing a higher education position BEFORE writing final exams means a student's hard work, personal success and commitment throughout the year is recognised. We believe it's a more holistic approach to admissions. Pathways include: Early Entry, Leadership Entry Program, Elite Athlete/Performer. Ph: (02) 94661240.


Registrations for ICMS Open Day

Sunday 11 August from 10am to 2pm

Explore courses, tour the beautiful 'castle' and campus, and discover how a management qualification from ICMS will help you open opportunities.



Scholarships Australia Wide

There are currently more than 3000 scholarships available to Australian students, across both the higher education and vocational sectors. Scholarships can cover an array of costs from tuition fees to living and accommodation costs, our advice is to investigate your options early on as the amount of information to get through and applications to fill can be overwhelming.


University of Sydney

Sancta Sleepover - Saturday 31 August - Sunday 1 September 

This is a chance for female students to visit their universities of interest, meet current Sancta residents, and experience what it's like to live in the residential college environment whilst studying in Sydney.

Places in this event are limited. Individual students should complete this form with their parent/carer and return it to [email protected] as soon as possible. Registrations close on Friday 5 July. 



Headspace Orange are pleased to invite students to a Vocation Expo on July 10th 2019. 
They have over 20 businesses, trades, professionals booked in on the night to speed network with students and parents on their career ideas.


Headspace Career Plan Guide

Their career plan is the roadmap for your career. You need to know the career or job goal you are aiming for, the step by step direction and timeframes you will follow to get there – study, employment, 5 year plan etc., and the tools you will use to reach our goal – special skills training, work experiences, qualifications etc.



UCAT Summary and Preparation


UCAT 2019 Preparation Plan


UCAT Practice Tests and Resources

You should prepare for the test using these free official practice materials which have been developed by the UCAT Consortium to support test preparation. We recommend you start by looking at our UCAT 2019 Preparation Plan which provides a suggested approach and timetable for preparing for your test.


Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 interested in medicine or dentistry will need to sit the compulsory UCAT when applying for one of the above career choices. On the 9th of June (at UNSW Kensington Campus) and 22nd of June (in Blacktown Library), NIE will be conducting a full day UCAT preparation workshop. Tickets are limited. All details are available via


Macquarie University

Macquarie University - Entry Navigator

Everyone comes to university on an ATAR. Right? No, not with Macquarie Entry. ATAR is just one of the factors they use to determine your suitability for study. It’s true that your ATAR rank can be a useful factor of your chances for success in a specific course. But it’s equally true that there are other factors they can use to assess your suitability. That’s why they have 11 different admission pathways to Macquarie; ten of these assess your suitability on more than a selection ranking based on your raw ATAR or on your ATAR plus adjustment factors providing additional points.


Macquarie University's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Entry Pathway (ASTIEP)

Applications are now open. This entry pathway is a 2 step process; an online application followed by an interview on their North Ryde Campus. Students should apply to receive an early offer and peace of mind if they don't think they are going to get the ATAR they need or aren't intending to receive an ATAR. Interviews are every second week from now until February 2020, and each applicant will know their result within 2 weeks of their interview. At the casual interview, applicants will get to meet the Walanga Muru staff and students and learn about scholarships, accommodation options, engagement services and much more. Call Tayla on (02) 9850 8624.



Going to Uni? Pitcher Partners Accounting Cadetship Program 2020 

Applications close Friday 28th June.

They are seeking to recruit a number of Cadets to start working with them in February 2020.
To be eligible for the cadetship employment program:

  • You must be an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident
  • You must be in Year 12 of high school and due to complete your HSC in 2019*
  • You must be intending to apply to one of the following universities to study a single degree (a course approved by the Institute of Chartered Accountants) as these Universities will allow you to study your degree on a part-time basis while working for Pitcher Partners:
    -  Macquarie University
    -  University of New South Wales

    -  University of Technology Sydney
    -  University of Western Sydney
    -  Australian Catholic University

If you are interested in applying for the Cadetship Program we ask that you send your CV to [email protected]


Open Days / Workshops

JMC Academy Open Day

Saturday 17 August.

561 Harris Street, UItimo.

On the day you can take a tour of their facilities, get your hands on some of their serious gear, grab a bit to eat and learn why JMC continues to lead the way in Creative Industries education. You’ll also have a chance to chat with current students and heads of department about studying abroad, industry internships and scholarships. Don’t forget to listen to the student bands and stop by the studios to see and hear live film and audio productions in action!


JMC School Holiday Workshops Sydney

561 Harris Street, Ultimo.

Music, recording, digital TV and more. They will be holding Introductory Workshops during the July school holidays at their JMC Sydney Campus. Tickets are now available. These popular workshops fill very quickly.

The workshops are a great opportunity to check out the JMC Academy campus while getting a taste of what studying your passion with Australia's leading Creative Industries provider is like at this fun, engaging and hands-on program!

These workshops are strictly for high school students in years 9 - 12.


AIT – Academy of Information Technology Open Day

Saturday 24 August.

Level 2, 7 Kelly Street, Ultimo, Sydney.

Your introduction to film production, 3D animation, games design, mobile apps and IT. AIT's Open Day is perfect for those wanting to explore the endless opportunities available in the growing creative industry. This is a fun and interactive way to get further information on their curriculum, course requirements, study pathways. Their friendly staff & students will also be there to talk to and get advice from. Register here:


Billy Blue Scholarships – Photography, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, 3D, Digital Design

Closes: Monday 20 January 2020 for February 2020 intake.

Value: $10,000.

They’re  looking for creative thinkers who can produce quality original designs based on solid concepts and backed by research and inspiration. They want a team of passionate, outgoing and out-right cool Ambassadors, everyone is different so show us what you can bring to the team. They want the innovative thinkers, ambitious new design leaders, the agitators, rule-breakers and the game-changer.


Hospitality Career Focus Days

16-18 July.

BMIHMS is the number 1 hotel management school in Australia. BMIHMS is hosting a 3-day program where students will stay at the Leura Campus in NSW. Students will attend classes and immerse themselves in student life in a simulated hotel environment. They also visit the Sydney Campus and tour behind-the-scenes of leading hotel chains.


Soar Aviation Open Evening - Thursday 13th June 6:30pm (Bankstown Airport)

Learn more about a career in Aviation at a Soar Aviation Open Evening. Get an understanding of the AVI50215 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence - Aeroplane) course, employment pathways and tour the facility, including a close-up inspection of the training aircraft. Thursday 13 June 6:30pm at Soar Aviation - 4 Rearwin Place, Bankstown Airport. More information at


Whitehouse Institute of Design - Winter Workshops

Registrations for the 5-day 2019 Winter Workshops in Fashion Illustration, Interiors Illustration, Image Styling and Foundation Sewing are now open. The workshops will be held from 9th to 19th July at the Sydney campus at 2 Short Street, Surry Hills. For more information phone 02 9267 8799 or for bookings go to:



Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia Open House 2019
The Open House will be held on Saturday 24 August 2019 at the Sydney campus: 2 Short Street, Surry Hills. For bookings and further information please email: [email protected].

University Rankings

Exploring rankings for undergraduate courses

Compare important data between education institutions: Choosing the education institution that is right for you is crucial. Not only will it increase your chances of completing your course, it makes good economic sense to thoroughly research your options.


The Quality Indicators of Teaching and Learning (QILT) website enables students and families to compare data between universities, private providers and TAFE institutes in course areas they are interested in taken from current students and recent graduates of the institutions.


Measures include:

  • Overall quality of education experience
  • Teacher quality
  • Learner engagement
  • Access to learning resources
  • Access to student support
  • Experience of newly qualified graduates
  • Teaching scale
  • Skills scale
  • Employment outcomes

To access the website, go to


University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne would like to invite students to attend their next Information Day for Interstate Students at our Parkville campus on Friday 12 July from 8:30am – 6:00pm.


 The day will focus on aspects of the university that are of greater concern to interstate students such as the application process, scholarships, student services, accommodation options and financial assistance. Participants will have an opportunity to ask current University of Melbourne students who have come from interstate about their experience and how they managed the transition. The program will also include a campus tour followed by a free lunch at one of the residential colleges and a college tour. 




University Admission Centre (UAC)

In Year 10 and getting ready to choose your HSC subjects? It's important to choose the HSC subjects that are right for you. But where do you start? UAC have created the Subject Compass to help make your decisions easier.


Thank-you to all the parents and students who were able to attend the UAC Evening on Tuesday night regarding the ATAR and applying to Uni. For those unable to attend information can be found at the following link in the Year 11/12 UAC booklet.


Mrs Kimberley Jones

Year 12 Co-ordinator | Careers Advisor

Upcoming Events

Prep Performing Arts Concert


Careers Evening 2019


Performing Arts Festival

Friday 21st June 7pm
Orange Civic Theatre

This is the biggest concert of the year for KWS secondary performing arts! We hope to see you there!


Parents and
Friends Association 

Change to P&F Meeting Date

The next P&F Meeting date is Wednesday 7th August, not 4th September as previously published.

Meetings are held in the Boardroom of Wolaroi Mansion at 7pm. Teleconferencing will be available to allow participation for those unable to attend in person.


Kindy Parents Dinner

Kindergarten Year Group Representatives, Steph McCormack and Jen Curran would like to invite all KWS Kindergarten parents to drinks, dinner and karaoke at Mr Lims on Friday 14 June from 6:30pm.


If you are interested in attending, please contact Steph or Jen by Friday 31 May.

Jen[email protected]

Steph[email protected]


Year 8 Parents Get-Together

Friday 14 June from 6:30pm
Hotel Canobolas, Orange


Message from Chrissie Baldwinson and Michelle Gough
We were recently asked by the KWS P&F to become Boarding and Day Parent Representatives (respectively) for Year 8, with our role to encourage an easy transfer of information between the P&F and parents. 
Another aspect of our role is to organise one or two informal functions throughout the year for parents and/or children of Year 8 to come together in a social setting. As 2019 is almost half over already, Chrissie has been busy working out a date to suit the majority of people and sourcing a venue.

The venue is the Woodfire Pizza Room at The Hotel Canobolas - t
here is an invitation on our Facebook Group page:


Please RSVP asap on the Facebook invitation, to give us an idea of numbers.

If you don’t have Facebook, please RSVP to both of our emails below.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all there.

Cheers for now, Chrissie [email protected]

and Michelle [email protected]


Year 10 Parents Drinks & Pizza

Please join us for drinks and pizza at the Canobolas Hotel, Orange on Saturday June 15 at 6pm.

Tickets are $15 each which includes pizza.

Drinks can be purchased on the night.

No tickets available on the night - must be pre-paid using the link below (no refunds).


Please encourage other parents from our year group to attend.


FYI: Facebook users, we have a year group page, just search KWS 2021.

Suggestions for functions/gatherings in the future please contact:

Marg Aldersley  - [email protected]

Justine Squire - [email protected]


Year 7 Parent Dinner

Year 7 parents held a dinner on Friday 24th May which was a great success, especially enjoyed by all the families who have joined KWS in Year 7.  Many thanks to Rachel Goodsir, Year 7 Class Rep who did all of the organising. 


Tanya Miller


Kinross Wolaroi School Parents’ and Friends’ Association

Important Notices

2020 Subject Information Meetings

Parents and students of Year 8 going into Year 9 in 2020 and Parents and students of Year 10 going into Year 11 in 2020 are invited to attend 2020 Subject Information Meetings in the DPA on 

Friday 28 June 2019:

  • Year 10 meeting 10:10am – 1:00pm
  • Year 8 meeting 1:40pm – 3:25pm

A Curriculum Handbook, an invitation and a program have recently been emailed out to parents, providing information about subject possibilities for 2020. Students will be issued their own hard copy of the Curriculum Handbook in Week 8. Please peruse the information before the meeting.


The Curriculum Handbook, invitation and program are also available on the FROG Parent Dashboard > Year Portals > Select your child’s current year (Year 8 or Year 10) > Assessment Toolkit > Subject Information Day


For further information please contact the Head of Teaching and Learning, Mrs Serena Lewis or the Director of Studies, Mr Paul Mirrington on 6392 0306.


Mrs Yolanda Morcom

Parent Teacher Interviews - Term 3 2019

Parents will have access to make appointments via PTO on FROG from 9am on Monday, 1 July 2019.


Please ensure your email address is up to date in the KWS System. We have provided PTO the mother’s email address, unless there is no address and then the father’s will be used. This is the email address that will need to be entered by you to request the login details from the PTO website. Both parents’ email addresses will be provided in the case of parents living apart so separate logins can be requested.


Parents can reset their FROG password by clicking the “forgot password link” from the FROG login screen. If you have any issues logging into FROG please contact to Darryn Marjoram: 

[email protected]


Interview Dates:

Monday 22 July 2pm – 5pm (Year 7-12 Boarding Parents and   Years 11 & 12 Day Parents)


Interviews will be held in the DPA

Refreshments will be provided


Prep Parent Teacher Interviews - Term 2

Term 2 Interview Dates: Tuesday 25 June & Thursday 27 June, 3:30 -6:45pm 

Venue: Prep Classrooms

For students: Kindergarten to Year 6

Interview duration: Each interview is 10 minutes.


Parents are required to go onto the PTO system to book an interview time with their child’s class teacher, only 1 x 10 minute time slot per child per teacher is permitted.
If there is a question that would require some research prior to an interview please email this through to the Prep Office to be passed onto the teacher concerned. This can help the interviews be more informative.


You will have access to make appointments via PTO from 9am Tuesday, 11 June 2019. There is no access to make bookings before this time.


Your login does not change so you will be able to use the one issued and used previously to book interviews. Enter Login and Password to make bookings. 


If you need to obtain a login, please follow the information below.


We have provided PTO with the mother’s email address (unless there is no address and then the father’s email address has been provided). The email address provided will need to be entered by you to request the login details from the PTO website. 


For parents living apart - both parents’ email addresses have been provided in order for separate logins to be requested.

  1. Go to and login with your Frog credentials.
    Frog credentials are supplied by the school to all parents and to new parents/caregivers.
  2. Click on ‘the Parent Teacher Online (PTO) link on the right hand side of the Frog landing page (beneath "Useful links").
  3. Select ‘Obtain PIN/Password’ and follow the prompts using the above email (alternatively, you may use your PTO Login and Password from previous interviews if you still have them).

If there are any questions, please contact the Prep Office 6392 0316.

Gail Kennewell


Call out for Volunteers

Once again, the Learning Support team are on a search for additional volunteers to use for Year 12 Trial and HSC Examination Disability Provisions in Term 3 and 4. Volunteers are required to act as readers or writers for a number of our Year 12 students. If you are available (or know someone who might be available) to assist between 19 August and 30 August (Trials) and/or 17 October and 11 November (HSC), please contact Lyndal Brown ([email protected]) at your earliest convenience. If you have volunteered in the past, we will be in touch soon. Without the assistance of volunteers, our HSC students would not be able to access their provisions.


Please note: Working with Children Check required (free for voluntary work)


Tina Moshkanbaryans

Coordinator of Learning Support


Traffic Rules around KWS

Parents attention is drawn to traffic safety in and around the school. It is timely for all parents to watch the KWS Child/Car Safety video as a reminder of our rules and consideration of others for drop off and pick up


Gail Kennewell


Changes to the Term 2 Planner

Parents please note the following changes have been made to the Term 2 Planner.

  • The Family Newsletter is being produced in Weeks 4, 6 and 8.  
  • 13th June - The Performing Arts Concert.

Gail Kennewell 


Prep Dates for your Diary

07 June – Pupil Free Day
10 June – Public Holiday
11 June – PTO Open to parents
12 June – KR Assembly
13 June – Prep Performing Arts Concert (note change of date)
13 June – CIS Cross Country
19 June – KK Assembly
24 June – No afternoon sport
25 June – Parent Teacher Interviews
27 June – Parent Teacher Interviews
28 June – Term 2 concludes
23 July –  Term 3 commences

Mrs Gail Kennewell


Year 5/6 Musical

This year's Musical is called "Future's Past". Auditions have started and will continue throughout the term. All children in years 5 & 6 will be involved in the production to be performed at the end of Term 3. I have encouraged the children (in Mr Mac's words) to "have a go" and I look forward to, and welcome lots of keen kids at recess and lunchtime auditions.


Parents, please join us in building the children's confidence to come to auditions and try out for character parts. There are lead roles through to chorus groups, solos, small group singing and chorus songs, something for everyone. Children will not miss audition opportunities if they are absent on a specific day I will always give them another opportunity to audition for their desired role.


Mr Hordynsky


Prep SRC News - Genuine Japanese Food

The SRC have been working closely with Mrs Horan to organise a special lunch day through the Canteen. Thursday 6th June will be a ‘Genuine Japanese food delight’.


What: Genuine Japanese food delight.


  • Japanese style hamburger meatballs with a side of boiled rice
  • Steamed green beans and carrot
  • Choice of sushi: 
    Tuna & avocado
    Tuna & cucumber
    Chicken schnitzel & avocado
    Chicken Schnitzel & cucumber
  • Honey soy soba noodles
  • Pop top juice: apple & blackcurrant/ orange

Bargain price: $10.00

When: Orders are open through Flexi schools website today. Orders will close Thursday 6th June 10:00am. Make sure you get your Genuine Japanese food delight.


If you are a vegetarian and would like to participate, please contact Mrs Schofield in the canteen on 63920 300. Do this promptly so she can discuss some alternatives with you.

We hope you enjoy the Genuine Japanese food delight.


Mrs Essex and the Prep School SRC

Japanese Day in the Canteen

Its meal deal time again in the canteen... We are having a Japanese day on Thursday 6 June! 


It is important to pre-order with FlexiSchools. On offer will be a bento box with 4 options - gluten free alternatives will be available if needed. The cost will be $10 which includes your meal and a drink.


Stephanie Horan 
Canteen Manager


Lost and Found 

FoundIf anyone has misplaced a small girls silver bracelet with a very distinctive heart charm on it over the last couple of years please contact the Prep Office and it can be returned upon correct identification.

Gail Kennewell


Donations of Knitting Yarn

As the homeless population continues to grow in Orange and the days become colder, the school will be looking at ways that we can help within our community. Engaging with the community is one of our aims of our strategic plan. There are a group of students who are keen to become members of our new lunch time Charity Knitting Club to assist in helping people who are doing it tough this winter. Students who join the group will learn to knit beanies and we will distribute these to the homeless around Orange.


This is where you can help! In order to make these beanies, we would be grateful for donations of soft, chunky and super chunky weight yarn. These weights are the best for Orange winters and are very quick to knit with!


Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. All donations can be dropped into the Prep Learning Support room or to the Prep Office. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at School.

Mrs Bernie Sharpe


Head Lice

It has come to our attention that some cases of head lice have occurred amongst the students. Could all parents please check their child’s hair for lice.


How do I know if my child has head lice?

Many head lice infections cause no symptoms, and probably less than half cause itch. So you have to LOOK to find out if your child has head lice. Do not rely on itching and scratching.


Eggs are not difficult to see, use a strong light and look on the hair shafts. Newly laid eggs are usually within 1.5 cm of the scalp while older eggs are higher up the hair shafts. If you are not sure whether an object you find is a head louse egg, try sliding it up the hair shaft using your fingers. Eggs are usually quite difficult to move, whereas hair muffs and other items slide easily.


However, finding live lice can be difficult since the climbers move away quickly from disturbances in the hair, and they are very difficult to see.


An easy way to find the climbers is to use the conditioner and nit comb technique:

  1. Apply conditioner to dry hair aiming to cover each hair from root to tip with a layer of conditioner.
  2. Detangle the hair using an ordinary comb.
  3. Immediately comb the hair with a fine tooth comb. The best comb for this is the Lice Meister Comb. However, plastic nit combs with conditioner are also very effective for detecting climbers.
  4. Wipe the conditioner off the fine tooth comb onto a paper tissue and look for lice and eggs.
  5. Repeat the combing for every part of the head at least 5 times. 6. Also examine the comb for lice and eggs.

If your child does have head lice, please refer to the School Program link so that you are up to date with how to treat and deal with head lice


Gail Kennewell


Uniting Vacation Care Program

A holiday program will be run by Uniting Care during the upcoming holiday period.  Registration is essential. Please contact Tammie McClements for more information or to register for Uniting Care Mobile: 0427290761

Email: [email protected]

Tammie McClements
Uniting Care Coordinator


Code Camp Winter School Holidays:
Early Bird Discount

These Winter holidays Code Camp are returning to Kinross Wolaroi School to teach your child to code, or to help them continue on their coding adventure!


Code Camp has already taught more than 50,000 students in Australia and is a great way to spend time over the holidays as kids have lots of fun with friends while learning important new skills including logic, creativity, problem-solving, app development and game building. It’s fun and engaging, and gets them prepared to take on the digital world of the future.


This season from Tuesday the 9th - Thursday the 11th of July Kinross Wolaroi School will be hosting Spark and 3D World Builders.


Book now to take advantage of the $20 Early Bird discount (automatically applied at checkout when booking before the 27th May)! Bookings can be made via this link:


Headspace Orange Careers Information Night

Headspace Orange are pleased to invite your students to a Vocation Expo on Wednesday 10 July 2019 (during school holidays). We have over 20 businesses, trades and professionals booked in on the night to speed network with your students and parents on their career ideas.

Sharna Lord

Community Engagement Officer

KWS Family Newsletter
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Shoosh for Kids Winter 2019 Flyer.pdf
KWS Term Dates 2020.pdf