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27 June 2019
Issue Ten
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Leadership @ Monty

Thank You!

What a term! We celebrated Mother's Day, Education Week, Reconciliation Week and hosted an Election Market, STEM night, as well as a Trivia Night! No wonder we are all exhausted! Our teachers have done an amazing job in the classrooms this term as well, and I thank each teacher for their dedication and commitment to student learning at MPS.    


Reports - Compass

Semester 1 Reports can be accessed via Compass from 4pm today (Thursday).  Please share this report with your child and celebrate all the learning that has taken place over the past two terms.  Parent/Teacher/3-way conferences will take place on Tuesday 10th September throughout the day. If you wish to discuss your child's progress before this date, please make an appointment to see your child's class teacher.


HELPERS WANTED - Playground Works! 

Work will begin on Stage 1 of our playground works these holidays! Area 1 = Stage to be built South of the current "big" playground. If you are able to offer some practical assistance in the first week of the school holidays, please contact Dave Koolstra on 0427 783 566 or


Working Bee

Please save the following date: SATURDAY 03 AUGUST.

Hopefully, we will be at a stage where we can begin planting trees/plants. 

Many hands make light work! Thanks in advance!


Buon Appetito by Luisa

We are excited to welcome Luisa to our canteen next Term. A friendly reminder that our freshly prepared lunch orders will now be available each Thursday - starting Term 3!

Please find attached the Term 3 Menu:

We are needing  3-4 volunteers to assist with the preparation of these lunches for our students, please! Volunteers will be required from 9.00am – 12.00pm and no experience is required.

If you are available to assist, please sign up on the following Google doc - click here!

Thank you in advance for your support.

Nude Food Tuesday

As of Term 3, due to our lunch orders being on Thursday's, Nude Food Day will be moved to Tuesday's! Please mark this day in your diaries! The trophy is up for grabs!



WOW! What a huge success the 'roaring 20s' Trivia Night was, raising over $8,500 for Monty PS. This night would not have been possible without the ever so talented Sarah and Manny (Mr & Mrs Kechayas); and the behind the scenes work from Suzi, Frances and the Parents & Friends committee members. Thank you to everyone who donated prizes, wrapped hampers, set up/packed up the Hall, made significant contributions ($$$), dressed up and had FUN! All money raised supports our new playground works - so thank you! A great community effort!



From Kirsty Leahy- School Council President 

School Council met on Tuesday night, and as is often the case I left the meeting feeling incredibly proud and grateful for what so many people across all parts of the school do for this community. So I thought I’d write this newsletter item as a list of what I am feeling grateful for (Hugh van Cuylenburg of The Resilience Project style).


I am grateful for:

  • P&F led by Suzi and Frances who worked together on the Trivia Night to raise almost $9000 for playground works

  • The community culture of support and absolute fun we experienced at the Trivia Night

  • Teachers who supported the Trivia Night and came at the end of a busy week and Term prepared to have fun alongside the parents - they are a dedicated bunch!

  • Extra special performing teachers (Sarah and Manny Kechayas) who put themselves out there so that we could all have a fun night

  • Teachers who spend all day working to get the best out of our children, and then attend meetings to either teach other teachers or learn more themselves

  • School council members who liaise with community groups, politicians, businesses and other organisations on behalf of the school to procure funding and materials to make projects like the playground upgrades happen

  • Community members who will give time over the holidays to help with works at the school

  • Finally, our Principal and Assistant Principal who manage all of this and more

Monty Primary is such a unique and special community to be part of. We have so much to be grateful for and I encourage you all to express your thanks in whatever way you can.

On behalf of the school council I wish you all a relaxing and safe holiday.

Kirsty Leahy

School Council President


The Resilience Project

A Message from TRP

Read more here: "Good parents let their children fail - often" - click on this link!


Child Safe Standards

Child Safe Standard #7:
Strategies to promote child participation and empowerment

Child Safe Standard 7 requires schools to develop strategies to deliver appropriate education about:

  • standards of behaviour for students attending the school
  • healthy and respectful relationships
  • resilience
  • child abuse awareness and prevention

Montmorency Primary School addresses the above requirements through the delivery of The Resilience Project curriculum, the Respectful Relationships program and the use of Restorative Practices.

You can find our Student Engagement & Wellbeing Policy on the School website: 


For more information about The Resilience Project, click on the link:


For more information about Respectful Relations, click on the link:

Important Dates

Term 2 - June

Friday 28th - End of Term Disco. Gold coin donation + casual dress

Friday 28th - End of Term 2 - Dismissal @ 2:30pm

Term 3 - July

Monday 15th - Term 3 begins 

Wednesday 17th - 3/4 Camp Information Session 3:45pm

Thursday 18th - Foundation Fire Education Visit No#1

Monday 22nd - P & F Meeting @ 9:30am

Thursday 25th -  Foundation Fire Education Visit No#2

Tuesday 30th - Buildings and Grounds Meeting @ 6pm, School Council  @ 7:00pm

Wednesday 31st - Flying Start No.4  2020 Foundation students - FULLY BOOKED


Friday 2nd August - Children's Day

Thursday 7th - Friday 9th - Year 3-4 Camp Gundiwindi Lodge 

Monday 12th - P & F Meeting @ 9:30am

Monday 19th - Curriculum Day

Tuesday 20th - Book Parade 9am

Thursday 22nd - Friday 23rd - Book Fair

Friday 23rd  - Daffodil Day

Friday 30th - Father's Day Breakfast & Stall


Monday 2nd - Grade 5 Leadership Excursion to Monty Sec College 

Wednesday 4th - 5/6 Camp Information Session 3:45pm

Thursday 5th - ICAS Science

Monday 9th  - P & F Meeting @ 9:30am

Tuesday 10th - Parent/Teacher Interviews  (all day)

Tuesday 10th - Buildings and Grounds Meeting @ 6pm, School Council  @ 7:00pm

Tuesday 17th -  ICAS English

Wednesday 18th - Friday 20th - Grade 5/6 Camp Anglesea Coastal Forest Lodge

Thursday 19th - ICAS Maths

Friday 20th - End of Term 3 Dismissal @ 2:30pm


2019 Term Dates

Term 1 - 30th Jan - 5th April

Term 2 - 23rd April - 28th June

Term 3 - 15th July - 20th September

Term 4 - 7th October - 20th December

2019 Curriculum Days

Friday 7th June

Monday 19th August

Tuesday 10th September - Adjusted School Day - P/T & Student Led Conferences (Children not  in attendance at school - interview times to be arranged closer to the day)

Monday 4th November

Students of the week

Term 2 -Week 7

Riley M (FA) -  Thank you for always making the choice to be a motivated and enthusiastic learner. The work you produce always displays effort and care. Your narrative, titled The Gate was very well written and entertaining. You are amazing Riley!!
Georgie O (FB) -  For displaying the school value of respect this week, while learning about Aboriginal culture and history. You were an excellent role model to your class mates during our Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony. Keep it up super star!
Elise W (FC) - You are a kind hearted student! You are helpful, you love to smile and you are a role model to your class mates when completing learning tasks. We are so lucky to have a star like you in Foundation C! Well done!

Selina  S (12B) - Selina has put a huge amount of effort into her learning, particularly her writing. Well done on writing three whole pages about STEM night and taking the time and care to edit and refine your work. Your efforts show that you have great respect for your learning and you should be very proud of yourself Selina. Keep up the fantastic work!
Addison L (12C) -  For making huge improvements to your focus during class work time and for managing your distractions. You have shown that when you concentrate you can produce amazing work that is of high quality. Keep it up Addison, I am super impressed!
Joel K (12D) - For modelling all of the school values inside and outside the classroom every day. You are kind to all of your classmates and never hesitate to include others and show kindness. You help anyone who needs it and expect nothing in return. You work hard and strive to always do your best. We are so lucky to have a wonderful friend like you in 1/2D!
Isla G (12E) -  Isla has consistently demonstrated that she is a respectful member of the class who models positive classroom behaviours. She always challenges herself and seeks feedback to improve in her learning. It is wonderful to have such a responsible Grade 1 in 1/2E! Well done Isla!
Joshua H (34A) - Josh, you are such a kind,caring and thoughtful friend. It is so great to see you always offering words of encouragement and positive praise to your peers. I love how you encourage your peers to to the right thing and always try their best! Keep it up superstar!!
Oliver L (34B) - Ollie has demonstrated the value of friendship within our classroom.  Ollie enters the classroom with a smile.  He supports other students equally and respectfully and encourages other students by setting a great example of just getting on with his work .  You are a star Ollie!
Leon B (34C) - Leon showed excellent safety skills when working in the kitchen for cooking this week! He remembered all the safety and hygiene rules needed to create a delicious dish. Keep up the great work, Leon!
Rafael F (34D) - Rafael consistently inputs into class discussions, sharing his insightful knowledge with his peers. He is always one to come up with new and creative ways of thinking about his work. Keep up the wonderful learning!
Alex P (56A) - Alex has demonstrated our school value of Learning and working on his growth mindset when dedicating time to his reading at home each night. Keep at it Alex and you will reap the rewards!
Libby K (56B) - Libby has demonstrated the school value of integrity. She has been making great choices when organising herself in preparation for learning particularly when being responsible for her digital devices.

Ethan M (SAKG) -  Ethan M, your excitement coupled with your gardening knowledge makes for a fun learning environment. It is wonderful to see your gardening skills develop and improve throughout the year – well done Ethan!


Principal Award - Science

Selby T (34B) - Selby for your extraordinary presentation in introducing the 4th State of Matter, Plasma, to Grade 3's and 4's.  Your explanations and models were outstanding and our students gained so much knowledge.  Thank you for being excellent Science leaders within the Grade 3 and 4 Inquiry Unit.
Fred B (56A) - Fred for your extraordinary presentation in introducing the 4th State of Matter, Plasma, to Grade 3's and 4's.  Your explanations and models were outstanding and our students gained so much knowledge.  Thank you for being excellent Science leaders within the Grade 3 and 4 Inquiry Unit.


Term 2 -Week 10

Lacey S (FA) -  For being excited and happy about absolutely everything. Your positive attitude is contagious.
Archie M (FB) -  For showing confidence and resilience in your learning. It has been great to see you try new things and persist when faced with a challenge. What a champion student you are Archie! Foundation B are lucky to have you!
 Imogen G (FC) - You are a writing whizz! Your recount writing was absolutely amazing when you used openers such as first, next, after that and lastly. You even wrote a list with commas… WOW! Keep your eye on this writer Monty! Well done!

 Kian S (12A) - For writing a creative and detailed narrative during Big Write, it has been really amazing to see your words flow off the page in last few weeks. I look forward to reading more of your work next term.

Toby M (12B)Toby you have been doing really well at joining in and working with different groups of people which shows the value of friendship. You have also been working very hard to do your best work in class which shows great respect for your learning. We were all particularly impressed with your Share and Learn presentation about future transport and the way that you confidently answered all questions. Keep up the great work J!
Taneer L (12C) -  "Well done on making such huge improvements to your writing. It is wonderful to see you writing more in class time. The improvements you have made to your letter formation is also outstanding. Keep up the amazing work. You are a superstar!"
Olivia J  (12D)For being a caring and kind friend to everyone in 1/2. Your classmates speak so highly of you because you are inclusive and welcoming, showing respect to everybody. We feel so lucky to have an amazing person like you in 1/2D. Well done, Olivia!
Giacomo B (12E)

"Giacomo is a responsible and respectful member of our class. He always challenges himself in his learning, enthusiastically shares his ideas in class discussions and works well in collaborative tasks with others. Great work Giacomo! "
Ashton J (12E) - "Aston has shown that he is a great learner. He enthusiastically engages with learningntasks and has worked hard to improve his focus to produce his best work. Ashton confidently shares his knowledge and ideas with the class. Keep it up Ashton! "
Lewes C (34A)Lewes, you have been writing some amazing poems over the last couple of weeks, you should be really proud! Keep up the amazing work!!
Jemima L (34B)Jemima, you have been very engaged with our Science Inquiry Unit.  You have demonstrated this through the questions that you have developed and investigated for yourself AND the observations that you have made and so willingly shared with the whole class.  The level of your activity made for interesting class discussions and helped every student to go deeper with their learning.  Well done for being an active classroom member.  
Lucinda H (34C)Lucinda showed friendship, safety and learning during our science experiment inquiries this week as she reflected on her learning, helped her classmates with their experiments and ensured everyone was working safely. Keep up the great work, Lucinda!
Trinity D (34D) Trinity consistently works hard to improve her learning and is always willing to help others when they are unsure of what to do. She a brilliant learner, role model and all round legend. Keep it up. 
Chantelle M (56A) Chantelle consistently displays all of our school values as well as an adult dose of Integrity. You are a wonderful School Captain and Monty is so lucky to have you!

Hana G (56B)Hana consistently demonstrates the school value of friendship. She is always there to help all members of our 56 learning community. Awesome work Hana


Teacher Feature 

Rachael Tabb - 34A


When was the last time you were nervous?

Last holidays I did a 4 day hike on my own in Tasmania. Not only was this the first multi day hike I had done but it was the first time I had ever done something like this on my own. I had wanted to do it for a really long time and I was super nervous in the lead up. Once I got started the nerves went away and I enjoyed every single minute!


What would a ‘perfect’ day look like for you?

This is easy … get up early, do some sort of exercise then have a yummy breakfast (smashed avocado with a boiled egg). It would be a warm sunny day and I would head to the beach with a book, music on hand and snacks because I’d stay there most of the day. Afterwards, I would catch up with friends and family for dinner and drinks with an acoustic guitar player playing in the background, and then maybe a bit of a boogie on the dance floor!


Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?

I have been told a few times I look a bit like Gwyneth Paltrow … not too sure about that one!


What did you want to be when you were younger?

A marine biologist because I loved the ocean and sea creatures but I also wanted to be an air hostess at one point. My passion for working with children and teaching obviously outweighed both of those!


When are you the happiest?

When I’m outside being active and exploring. When I’m travelling or on a holiday, whether it’s a relaxing holiday or an adventurous holiday. Also spending time with my family and friends, who I am very grateful for 




Hello Monty Community!

Thank You!

On behalf of the SAKG Program and Montmorency Primary School, we would like to thank the following people:

Kirsty Kelly for your generous donation of the chicken nesting box – the ladies love it!

Belinda Allen for raising money for the school through making and selling beeswax wraps.

Tori from the Greensborough Grain Store who kindly came in and gave our chickens an anti-lice treatment.

For all of our Kitchen/Garden volunteers and Chicken Carers, you are gold to us and we wouldn’t be able to run the program without your generosity!

Elisa and Claire


Weekend/Holiday Chicken Carers

Thank you to everyone who has lovingly cared for the chooks over the holidays and weekends. We are currently looking for carers who can look after our chickens on the weekends and school holidays during Term 3 and 4. Don’t be put off if you have never looked after chickens before - the ladies are a breeze to care for and they will reward you with delicious eggs each morning.


Thank you,

Elisa and Claire.


Parent & Friends

Trivia Night - such a success!!

Trivia Night – Friday 21st June

A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this night such a success. If you donated or wrapped hampers, setup or swept up, everybody’s contribution is greatly appreciated and shines a light on this great school community. A special thank you to Frances who used her creative touch to turn a bland hall into a sparkly party hall.


Stats for the night – we had:

  • 160 participants,
  • 81 silent auction items,
  • 80 trivia questions,
  • an awesome holiday raffle prize (thanks Holmes family),
  • a fashion parade and
  • an entertaining display of vocal skills!

All of which went toward raising just under $9000 dollars for the night. AMAZING!!! 


Mrs Kechayas (and her sidekick DJ Mr Kechayas) had us thinking, scratching our heads, arguing (and checking Google for clarification) and even at times, LEARNING!! But most of all – we laughed and had a very entertaining night out with friends!


And that is all I can say about the night, because………. ‘What happens at Trivia Night, stays at Trivia Night!’


But what happened to the ELEPHANT??

You will be pleased to know the elephant that called the office foyer ‘home’ for 2 weeks, now has a new home! A competitive and entertaining battle took place to win over the elephant. Sometimes the bidding sheet ‘disappeared’, sometimes the elephant ‘disappeared’. But in the end, Ali from the Office won and ‘Monty’ the elephant is now very happy in its new home.


Here he is playing Twister with Ali’s grandchildren!



Congratulation to Martin Stronge for winning the raffle. A huge thank you to the Holmes family for generously donating their beautiful country retreat ‘Loch Paper Scissors’ for us to use as a raffle prize. If you are interested in having a retreat yourself, please visit


Fundraising so far

It has been a very busy and productive two Terms for Parents & Friends. We have raised over $18,000 so far this year through a variety of social and fundraising activities. There is still more to do so if you would like to get involved, please come along and join us for a cuppa at a meeting next term.


Next P&F meeting will be held on Monday 22nd July, after assembly (to plan for Fathers day activities)!

Enjoy your winter break.

Suzi Smith


Camp Australia

Camp Australia

Fun without the sun!

Tips to staying dry this winter.

Needing some help coming up with ideas on what to do with the children this rainy season? Well, at Camp Australia, we’re experts at having fun, regardless of what’s happening with the weather. Rain, hail or shine we always have something fun for the children to participate in!

Here are a few wet weather activities to keep out of the rain:

  1. Cook up a storm! In OSHC we have a Camp Australia Cookbook full of healthy fun recipes.
  2. Make jigsaw puzzle from magazine pictures, postcards or photos. Glue the pictures onto cardboard and when the glue is dry, cut it into puzzle shapes. Then piece it back together!
  3. Create a board game – let the children come up with the rules and teach their friends how to play.
  4. Turn on the music, turn off the lights and have a disco or you could even have a dancing competition.
  5. Dress ups! Who doesn’t love dressing up as their favourite superhero, or TV character. The children could even write their very own scripts and put on a drama performance for their friends.
  6. Have an indoor picnic. At least the ants won’t be after the leftovers…


So much fun to be had in Before and After School Care. If you would like to learn more about how we operate our OSHC service, please visit before or after school and your Coordinator, will be available to answer any questions.

If you prefer to call us, you can contact our Customer Care on 1300 105 343. The team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (except National Public Holidays).

We look forward to seeing you in service soon!

The Team at Camp Australia

Community Events













Ongoing school fundraisers

Foodworks Reward program

Everyone shops at Foodworks in Were St, it is easy and convenient. Now it can be   rewarding as well.

Next time you are in Foodworks simply ask for a Rewards Club Card at checkout and then register the card online at home. You then nominate the percentage of points you want to go to the school by selecting Montmorency Primary School as the receiver. 

Then every time you go shopping at any Foodworks, remember to have your Club Card scanned. You can see how many points you have earnt at the bottom of your receipt.

The school is rewarded with a cheque or Foodworks vouchers which we then use as raffle prizes.

Earnings for 2019 have been over $100 already! A great effort.


Stuck on You Labels


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