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31 May 2019
Issue Eight
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Year Prep - Year 2 Assistant Principal's Report
Year 3 - Year 6 Assistant Principal's Report
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Principal's Report



Reconciliation Week

This week I had the pleasure of joining a STEM lesson (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  The year 4 students were learning about the Long Walk.  Mrs Salt-Watson and Mrs Delport very cleverly connected Reconciliation Week to the STEM curriculum and the students were fascinated as they discussed and worked out the distance to Canberra and how long it would take to walk there.  Although they incorporated Mathematics, the focus for the lesson was on the Engineering aspects of the Victorian Curriculum.   Read more on the 'Learning in STEM' page in this newsletter.



Attendance Update

At the end of term 1,  I provided an update on our student attendance.  I received a lot of positive feedback and thought it would be worthwhile providing an update.   Below is a snapshot of student attendance up to the end of Week 5 - 24th May 2019.   A huge congratulations to our 100 students who have not missed a day.   They must be very healthy and motivated! 

Attendance Rate Number of Students
100% 100


90% is one day per fortnight



80% is one day per week



3 days per fortnight

Less than 70% 21

I will keep you updated throughout the year.

Biggest Morning Tea

Yesterday our staff held a 'Biggest Morning Tea' to support the Cancer Council. This event is an annual tradition and a lovely way for the staff to give to a great charity that is working to support families touched be cancer. We know cancer has touched some of our Springs community and we are please to be able to support the Cancer Council to continue their work. Thanks to our host Amanda Parnall for your organisation. 


Winter Clothing

As Winter arrives please make sure your children are well dressed for the conditions.  If your child is prone to needing a change of clothes, please pop a spare set in their school bag.  This would greatly support our admin staff and keep the children warm. 

Oral Health Sessions

This week all our students participated in lessons about oral health. They heard lots of information about how to care for their teeth and tips on what to avoid eating and drinking. Students also received a toothbrush and teeth brushing incentive charts - I hope they made it home with your children to use at home. 

Student Feedback

This year we have made a conscious effort to gain feedback from students about the school and how we can improve it.  Renee Cotterell runs weekly focus groups with groups of students who often enlighten us with a different perspective and ideas adults would not think of!


One student, Kane from M19, recently wrote me a letter explaining how much he loves to read, but also let me know the library often runs out of books by his favourite author Dav Pilkey.  This is something I would never have realised. I was able to meet with the library staff and they accommodated Kane's request and we have a new set of Captain Underpants books on the shelf.  Thanks to Kane for taking the time to write me a letter - his persuasive writing skills paid off!

Student Insurance

Families are reminded and should consider that the Department of Education does not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students.  In the unlikely event of injury, parents and carers of students who do not have student accident insurance/ambulance cover are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance or transport costs. 



We are collecting the Woolworths Earn & Learn stickers again.  We have the sticker sheets available at the school Office or at Woolworths.   We look forward to collecting as many as we can to earn some great prizes for our school!



Enrolments for 2020 students

We are currently in the process of planning for 2020.   We are holding a Prep 2020 information night next Tuesday, 4th June commencing at 6.00pm.  If you know of anyone who is considering enrolling at Pakenham Springs next year - either in Prep or other year levels, please ask them to contact the school office on 59457 400 and we can help them with any queries.


Designated Neighbourhood Boundary (DNB).

In order to accommodate our current students and manage enrolments, a school boundary exists for Pakenham Springs Primary School. hosts the most up-to-date information about Victorian school boundaries for 2020 onwards. To visit the site see:

Don't Miss Out!!

Please make sure you keep an eye on the 'Upcoming Events' page of the newsletter for all the important dates, including Incursions/Excursions, Camps and our final Curriculum Day for 2019.

Kerryn Baillie


Year Prep - Year 2
Assistant Principal's Report

Junior School News

Welcome back to Week Six and some much colder and wetter weather!  Whilst not technically starting until tomorrow, it seems that winter is well and truly upon us already.


However, in spite of the unpleasant weather, there has been some fantastic learning taking place across the school in the past fortnight.  Our Prep students have been learning all about re-using and recycling and seemingly having a lot of fun in the process, creating all sorts of amazing creations out of re-used materials!  Preps have also begun their new writing unit on Procedural texts and seem to be having a lot of fun learning all about how to make fairy bread!  I look forward to seeing the finished products and hopefully getting a taste as well.


Year One's have also enjoyed getting stuck into some procedural writing, and have been carrying out some interesting and yummy procedures so that they can then write about them.  In classes today I saw some yummy biscuit creations and heard all about how yesterday involved making fairy bread.  Students did, however, understand that the purpose of creating these yummy treats was to help them learn all about the purpose of a procedural text and it wasn't just a special treat!  Again, I look forward to seeing their completed procedural texts.


Year Two's have also begun learning about procedural writing, but have spent time looking at really strong examples of procedural texts and exploring the features of these.  I look forward to seeing them draft their own procedures. In Numeracy, they have just about finished learning about addition and different addition strategies, and will soon start exploring subtraction and how addition and subtraction are inverse operations. 


This is certainly a very busy time of year for all members of the school community,  but Teachers in particular, as the process of writing student reports is well and truly underway.  An enormous amount of time and commitment goes into writing detailed student reports that provide parents with a thorough understanding of what their child has achieved and the next steps in their learning. There is so much that has happened throughout Semester One to celebrate as well.


Until next time, please take care and keep warm!



Danny Forster 

Assistant Principal in Junior School


Year 3 - Year 6
Assistant Principal's Report

Year 3 - Year 6 News

We have completed six full weeks of learning and whilst the weather may have cooled down,  we can tell you the learning continues to be on fire!


In maths, the students are looking at multiple strategies to solve addition and subtraction, including algorithms, with our Year 5 students also solving division using algorithms.   It is important for students to have multiple strategies to lean on, as it allows them to check their answers and deepen their mathematical thinking.  As we get older we tend to favour a particular strategy and problem-solving style. 


Across the school, all students have begun mixing their Free Write choice with Procedural Text Writing.  Procedure writing is a fun genre to explore and of course, it lends itself to delicious recipes and all kinds of creations.  In Year 3, the team have collaborated to give students a rotation of plentiful procedures to trial, including origami and toast.  In Year 4, some classes are exploring creative procedures by experimenting with the formal techniques and features of a procedure, whilst using imaginative topics.  For example, "How to Have the Perfect Farm" and "How to Raise a Family of 5 Children".  It is really exciting to see our students experimenting like this along with the more traditional procedural texts that instruct or teach using explicit step by step instructions.


In the next newsletter, I look forward to sharing some student learning samples with you.


We had a great turn out from our Year 6 buddies this week as we had breakfast together.  It may have been cold but it was still a great chance for staff to continue to spend time with their buddy. Thank you to the Year 6 team for their organisation. 



Our school-wide values of, Respect - Responsibility - Resilience, continue to remain a strong focus. Teachers are purposely using positive reinforcement to instil these values inside and outside of their classrooms.  Why not ask your child how many 'froggy dollars' they have but more importantly, how they can be earned.  At Pakenham Springs, we are focusing on what we want to see and acknowledging children living the values.


Please try to stay warm over the weekend (maybe not those involved in football and netball!) 


Kindest Regards

Jane King and Renee Cotterell

Assistant Principals

Upcoming Events

Term 2:

The following events are scheduled for the next few weeks.  Make sure you are aware of the ones which are applicable to you:


Friday 31st May:

  • Senior Interschool Sport - Home vs John Henry Primary School

Monday 3rd June:

  • All staff (including Administration staff) will be attending a training session in the staffroom from 3.20pm.  Please note the office will be closed from 3.20pm.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Tuesday 4th June:

  • 2020 Prep Enrolment Information Evening - 6.00pm - Staffroom

Thursday 6th June:

  • Year 4 Camp Information Night - 6.00pm - Staffroom

Friday 7th June:

  • Senior Interschool Sport - Away vs Lakeside Primary School
  • Springers - 2.30pm Staffroom

Monday 10th June:

QUEENS BIRTHDAY HOLIDAY - No students attend today


Tuesday 11th June:

  • 2020 Preps in Action session - 9.15am - 10.00am
  • School Council Meeting

Wednesday 12th June:

  • 2020 Preps in Action session - 9.15am - 10.00am

Thursday 13th June:

  • 2020 Preps in Action session - 9.15am - 10.00am
  • Year 1 & Year 2 Japanese Incursion

Friday 14th June:

  • Springers - 2.30pm Staffroom
  • District Winter Lightning Premiership




Monday 10th June 2019 - Queens Birthday Public Holiday

Friday 28th June 2019 - End of Term 2

(Students dismissed at 2.30pm)



Monday 15th July 2019 - Curriculum Day - no students attend on this day

Tuesday 16th July 2019 - Students return

Wednesday 28th August - Friday 30th August Year 4 Phillip Island Camp

Friday 20th September - End of Term 3

(Students dismissed at 2.30pm)



Monday 7th October 2019 - Students return

Tuesday 5th November 2019 - Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday

Monday 11th November -Friday 15th November - Year 6 Canberra Tour

Friday 20th December 2019 - End of Term 3

(Students dismissed at 1.30pm)




Notices recently published:

The following notices have been distributed over the last fortnight.  If you missed them copies are available from Compass or the school’s website 


Some new resources have been added to the school website, check them out by clicking here


Junior School:


Middle School:

Year 4 Camp Information Evening - 6.00pm Staffroom

Senior School:

Year 6 Buddy Breakfast reminder

Whole School:

National Simultaneous Storytime

Whole School Assembly - Monday 27th May

After School Care - Important information

Upcoming Disco

Early office closure on Monday 3rd June




The Education Department will continue to offer CSEF (Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund) for families who are entitled to a Health Care or Pension Card.

If you hold a current Health Care or Pension Card and would like to apply for CSEF please see the ladies in the office.

Please note these funds can ONLY be used for School Camps, Sports or Excursions.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school.


Contact the school office to obtain a CSEF application form or download from


If you applied for the CSEF at your child’s school in 2018, you do not need to complete an application form in 2019 unless there has been a change in your family circumstances.

You only need to complete an application form if any of the following changes have occurred:

  • New student enrolments;  your child has started or changed schools in 2019 or you did not apply in 2018.
  • Changed family circumstances; such as a change of custody, change of name, concession card number, or new siblings commencing at the school in 2019.

Check with the school office if you are unsure.


Applications for 2019 CSEF funding close on Friday 28th June.





School Wide Positive Behaviour


Community News

2019 July School Holiday Clinics


Pakenham Springs Children Centre


Learning in J05

Junior School J05 Bartlett is sharing the learning taking place in their class…

In J05 we have been learning to identify different materials.  We have looked at materials that can be recycled or reused and materials that cannot.


Students were asked to bring in different materials from home that are recyclable.  With these materials, students were to design a construction/creation that was not just a box.


Check out some of the awesome things we made with our recyclable goods!


Also in J05 we have been exploring patterns.  We now know that a pattern is something that repeats.

“There are parts in a pattern which make the rule that
keeps on repeating.”

Katara J05

Learning in M24

Middle School M24 Howlett is sharing the learning taking place in their class…

Learning time:

In writing, students have been focusing on writing narratives.  They have been learning about characters, settings, problems and solutions.   Students have also included a moral in their story! We’ve also explored the structure of a narrative, ensuring we include a beginning, middle and an end.

Our theme for this unit has been ‘Through the Doorway’.   Students get to be creative in that they decide what their story is about, however, they must include an event within their story involving a door.   Students could think about:

  • What is behind the door?
  • Where is the door?
  • Is this door locked?
  • What happens when it is opened or closed?

M24 have done a wonderful job coming up with ideas for their door and how it will link with their story.  This week is our final week on narratives and students will be publishing and ready to share their final product.


In reading,  M24 has focused on the understanding of sequence.  This has involved looking for keywords within a text to identify the order of events in which they have happened.  This has linked nicely with writing to ensure their stories are written in sequential order.


In maths, M24 have been focusing on addition and are now moving on to subtraction.  We have been learning about addition strategies we can use to mentally solve problems, such as the jump strategy, make to 10 and the split strategy.   We have also been learning about the addition algorithm to solve more difficult problems with larger numbers.

Learning in STEM

STEM is sharing the learning taking place in their class…

To recognise and celebrate Reconciliation Week the Year 4 students in Stem this week learnt about Michael Long’s Long Walk from Melbourne to Canberra and why he embarked on this historic trek on the 21st of November 2004.


The students learnt that Michael Long decided that something needed to be done about the plight of his people.  So he took it upon himself to get Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people back on the national agenda and to meet with Prime Minister John Howard to discuss his concerns… even if he had to walk all the way to Canberra to do it.  Which he did!


The students had great discussions on why Michael did this trek and what Reconciliation Week means.  The Year 4 students then used their engineering skills to design a machine that they could have used if they joined Michael Long on ‘The Long Walk’ from Melbourne to Canberra.


Anna Callingham – M30

Reconciliation Week means to me to share and take care of Indigenous Australians and to unite our differences.

Zayne Vlasveld –M30

Reconciliation Week is meant for equality and gratitude to the rightful owners of the land.    

Claire Ford – M30

Reconciliation Week means how special we are to have people like Michael Long and to share and respect other people’s culture.

Matthew Whiting – M30

Reconciliation Week means to unit our differences with Indigenous and non- indigenous people.

Taliyah Chhoeun – M30

Reconciliation Week means to share and respect Indigenous and non-indigenous people and be grateful for the things that we have.

Maddison Langeweg – M30

Reconciliation Week means friendship, sharing, respect and culture of Indigenous and non-indigenous.

Viran Dharmakirti – M25

Reconciliation Week means making a tribute to the Indigenous Australians and thanking them for all their work.

Atiel Chol – M25

Reconciliation Week means to respect all Indigenous and non-indigenous people by making change and focusing on the wonderful future of all Australians.

Amanat Benipal – M25

Reconciliation Week means to pay respect to our Indigenous culture and make changes for the better to our country.

Jude Keyzer – M25

What Reconciliation Week means to me, is about Indigenous and Non Indigenous Australians uniting as one.  

Kaleb Young – M28

Reconciliation Week means bringing Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians together.

Jaideep Sondh – M28

Reconciliation Week is about Australia being a better place and being able to work in other people’s footsteps.

Kira Kokovitis – M28

Reconciliation Week is about bringing Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians together.

Sienna Becker – M28

Reconciliation Week is about changing the next generation in school and to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land.


OSHClub News

OSHClub News - May 2019

A big welcome to our new families.

Please check our newsletter fortnightly for our up and coming activities and any special notices. 


Please ensure all children needing to use the service this year are enrolled and booked in using the online booking system.  For any children with medical conditions, please come and see us before your first visit to ensure all necessary documents are completed and medication is dropped off before your child's first session.  Remember - if your child is at school before 8.30am, they will need to be attending our Before School program.


OSHClub is very sad to see Kristen leave, she is moving onto other adventures and will be dearly missed by both staff and children at this service.  The current Co-ordinator Deb has been at this service for the past two years and is looking forward to welcoming new families.  Please feel free to drop by our service to meet or have a chat with Deb.


This year we are sticking with our theme selection throughout the week:

Monday  -  Dance

Tuesday  -  Athletic Challenges

Wednesday -  Cooking Class

Thursday  -  Science Experiment

Friday  -  Music Lessons

We also have homework time every afternoon from 3.30pm.  This is a great opportunity for your children to complete their homework while in our care.



Please ensure that your account details are up to date.  It is a requirement that there are 3 contact details on your account in case of an emergency.  If you have changed employment, moved to a new house or changed phone numbers, it is very important that these details are up to date.


It would also be much appreciated if your child is not going to be attending After School Care, that you send a text to the service mobile - 0438 564 038.  This saves a lot of time when signing the children in the afternoon and means that we do not have to go through the process of contacting families or in the event of not being able to contact you.


Program's Direct Contact Number:   0438 564 038

OSHClub Head Office:  1300 395 735

Program Coordinator:  Deb

Program Assistant:  Patricia

Parking Restrictions
Around the School


The parking and traffic regulations are enforced around the school. 







The indented parking in this street is restricted to

two minutes only.


This means you can park and get out of your car to walk your child into the school (if it takes no longer than two minutes), but if possible to maximise turn over it would be great if it was used as a ‘stop and drop’ zone.



The indented parking in this street is restricted to

ten minutes only.

This means you can park and get out of your car to walk your child into the school.


The indented parking in this street is restricted to not restricted.

This means you can park here longer term.


Parents driving children to or collecting children from school are asked not to park in the school's car park.  The Department does not provide on-site parking for parents.  The on-site car park is restricted to staff, handicapped parking, official school visitor use and allocated parking for the kindergarten and maternity centre users.  It should be noted that the number of spaces for kindergarten and maternity centre users is limited to 21.  These spaces are clearly marked.  If these spaces are full then other spaces in the car park cannot be used as these are allocated for staff. 


Complex legal and insurance issues arise if parents park in incorrect car parking spaces should an accident occur.  To avoid these issues parents are strongly advised to follow these parking restrictions.  If all the kindergarten and maternity centre allocated car parks are full, the only other option is to park in the street.


The car park and car park entrance is not a public entrance to the school.   Please do not use this entrance as a pedestrian entrance to the school as this presents safety issues for our students.


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