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10 May 2018
Issue Seven
From the Principal's desk
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From the Principal's desk


Over the last couple of weeks it has been great to see so many of our parents and carers contributing to our school, whether it be planting our winter veggie plot, fixing the goal post or wrapping Mothers' Day gifts.


Our Mothers' Day Stall will be held tomorrow morning from 9 am. Thank you to our Parents and Friends Committee for all the effort put in over the last few weeks in preparation. I also hope to see many more of our Mums, Nans or significant others at our morning tea tomorrow. This will be held in the Prep-3 Open Learning Area at 11 am.


This week we have had a few new staff members join our team. Jane Corso has joined us in the P-3 area where she will providing assistance to some of our students and also Elizabeth Ruscoe, speech pathologist will be working once a week providing support for our children. David Jenner is currently Acting Principal at Waaia Yalca South but will return to us in a few weeks time. If parents have any issues that you would normally discuss with David, please feel free to contact myself.


Parent And Friends

At the last Parents and Friends meeting, ideas were discussed for next year's Fete and organisation for the Mothers Day and other activities. On 27th June the school will have a Pyjama Day where the students will be asked to bring along a teddy bear as well as a gold coin donation. It was decided that funds would be used to purchase a deep fryer and trestle tables and the possible relocation of the bike shed. The school will  also be hosting the Lightning Premiership on 3rd August and will be catering for a BBQ at the netball courts.


School Council

The current members of our school council for 2018 are Liz McDonald (President), Melissa Hall (Vice President), Kathleen Newby (Treasurer), Kerryn Warrin, Tracey Bannon, Danielle Woolley, Amanda McIntosh, Kerryn Powlesland, Caz Parkinson, Debbie Oliver, David Jenner, Jacqi Hope and Deb McKeown. At our last meeting the school budget for 2019 was presented and the following sub committees presented their reports: Financial, Parents and Friends, Grounds and Environment. The Council also looked at our 2018 school data and the various reports generated by the department.



What's Happening?

Upcoming Dates

Friday 11th May - Mothers Day Stall

Friday 11th May - Mothers Day Morning Tea

Friday 11th May - Divisional Cross Country

Tues 15th to Thurs 17th May - NAPLAN for Year 3 & 5 students

Friday 18th May - Year 5/6 Winter Sport vs Strathmerton

Monday 21st May - Open Day 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Tuesday 22nd May - Open Day 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm  


Mothers' Day Morning Tea

Our Mothers' Day Morning Tea will be held tomorrow, Friday 11th May at 11am. All guests will be entertained by our school choir and then share in Morning Tea. This will be held in the Prep-3 Open Learning Area.

Education Week - Open Sessions

During State Education week we will be holding 2 open sessions.


Monday 21st May : 9:30 am to 12:30 pm 

Tuesday 22nd May: 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm


We will be accepting enrolments for 2019 from May 21st onwards. We welcome all community members to visit our school during one of the open sessions. If you can’t attend these feel free to phone the school to organise another time for a visit. 

Winter Sport vs Strathmerton

The first of the Winter Sport games will be held on Friday 18th May. Our Year 5/6 students will compete against Strathmerton Primary School with the games commencing at 1:30 pm until 2:30 pm. Football will be played at Numurkah Football Oval. Netball and Softball will be played at Numurkah Primary School. No lunch orders available - as students will be having an early lunch. Please bring  a water bottle that can be refilled and sports clothes as required. Families are welcome to come along and watch. Students involved have been given a detailed note today.


Student Awards

Student of the Week - 27/04/2018

Prep/1S - Ben Smith - For writing a lovely persuasive piece of writing. You almost convinced me that Pokemon are the best toy. Well done!

Prep/1H - Caleb Gundrill - For displaying excellent sound knowledge learning his GOLDEN words. Great work on collecting data too. Top job!

2/3C - Asha Parry - For excellent use of adjectives during our Big Write. Your sentences were fantastic!

2/3R - Mohammed Abdulamir - Mohammed has shown great enthusiasm towards his learning and always gives his best effort. He particularly enjoys working on the Yellow Box comprehension activities.

3/4S - Patrick Carlisle - Your work on data handling has been outstanding this week - you have produced super Excel graphs, and can read a line graph wonderfully well! 

4/5W - Bridget Brown - What a fabulous run this week. All the best at Division Cross Country in a few weeks.

5/6H - Breanna Inglis-Goodliffe - For doing excellent work in maths this week. You have persisted to present your data on a table and as a graph in Excel with excellent results. Well done!

5/6S - Sarah Abdulamir - For being an excellent ambassador for the school in her role as School Captain at the community ANZAC Day ceremony. She spoke fluently and expressively and maintained impressive composure.

Student of the Week - 04/05/2018

Prep/1S - Joshua Delai - For trying really hard to do your best in your work. You are also a very caring member of our class. Keep it up!

Prep/1H - Lilliannah Barca - For trying hard in her reading lessons. Working to learn her alphabet and sounds.

2/3C - Blayke Hodgson - For putting in a real effort to concentrate in class and get your tasks finished on time. Keep it up!

2/3R - Holly Piacentini - Holly has worked very hard and finished all of her work on time. Keep up the great work! 

3/4S - Marshall Duncan - Congratulations on a really settled and hard-working week Marshall. We love it when you grin!

4/5W - Declan Crisp - Well done on staying focused on your learning this week. Well done!

5/6H - Cooper Boswell - For excellent persistence during your Big Write this week and a good week's work in the classroom.

5/6S - Grace Mullane - For having a positive attitude as you successfully completed a variety of individual tasks. You also showed great leadership as you assisted other students during a range of activities.

Aussie of the Month - April 2018

Prep/1S - Georgie Hall - For being a kind and caring friend by playing nicely with others and making sure others have friends to play with. You also always do your 5L's and focus on your work.

Prep/1H - Jordan Carter - For being respectful, using excellent manners, being a good listener, caring for his classmates and showing a love of learning.

2/3C - Carley Bowen - For being responsible, not getting distracted, doing her best work ad being so polite.

2/3R - Tom Morgan-Trease - Tom is a kind, considerate class member. He works hard and he is a good role model.

3/4S - Lily Patrick-Oudeman - You are a wonderfully keen classroom role model. You involve everyone in your games outside, and are always kind.

4/5W - Zac Newby - Zac is a good role model who is a happy class member. He has worked well in class by staying on task. Zac shows respect when talking to others.

5/6H -Jorjiah Moody - Being a caring student who shows respect to others, helps around our school, assists others when she can and tries hard to achieve her best in all learning areas. Jorjiah is always persistent, especially in maths, and asks questions when she needs help. Jorjiah is truly an asset to our class. 

5/6S - Jhett Eddy - Is a responsible student. He is organised, works hard and stays on task. He plays fairly, makes good choices and helps others.  Jhett is a valuable member of our school community.


Cross Country

Students’ reports indicated that they really enjoyed challenging themselves as they ran in the NPS Cross Country, held on Thursday April 26th. The weather was fine and there was nervous energy in the air as students lined up ready to run.  As they eventually reached the second bridge, the end was almost in sight; this spurred many students on to persist and overcome their tiredness. 

Some of the strategies students used to make the distance were: running the whole way and then sprinting at the end, alternating running and jogging, running half the way then jogging the rest, and running with their friends and supporting each other. Many students reported how proud they were of their achievements, while some were surprised they had completed the course.

We wish the students who are going to compete in the Division Cross Country all the best.

Congratulations to the following students who were in the top 5 for each age group -


Girls Age 9/10 years

First – Bridget Brown

Second – Jazmaine Broad

Third – Lily Patrick-Oudeman

Fourth – Jacinta Holmes

Fifth – Kayla Gerity


Boys Age 9/10 years

First – Nate Warrin

Second – Declan Lowden

Third – Liam lewis

Fourth – Patrick Carlisle

Fifth – Tyler Bodsworth


Girls Age 11 years

First – Keisha Broad

Second – Jorjiah Moody

Third – Breanna Inglis-Goodliffe

Fourth – Angel Pollard

Fifth – Gemma Poar


Boys Age 11 years

First – Jay Moodie

Second – Jackson Jenner

Third – Kaiden Hodgson

Fourth – Cody Peatling

Fifth – Christopher Bodsworth


Girls Age 12 & Over

First – Maddi McGraw

Second – Ainslie Trease

Third – Jasmin Thompson

Fourth – Cobie McGraw

Fifth – Sarah Abdulamir


Boys Age 12 & Over

First – Judah Moody

Second – Conner Waites

Third – Zac Newby

Fourth – Xavier Dixon

Fifth – Benjamin Norman


Report written by Jenny Sartoria


Year 5/6 Winter Sports



On April 27 the Year 5 NPS netballers played against St. Joseph’s. Our exceptional goalers were Crystal Jarrott and Breanna Inglis-Goodliffe. Special mention goes to Keisha Broad for intercepting down the court, Karli Gerdtz-Suffern made exceptional space and Mitchell Harvey worked very well in defence.

Overall, the 5 Stars tried their best and worked well as a team. Sadly, St. Joseph’s won by 18 goals.

Report written by Keisha Broad (Captain)


Super Stars Netball Report – Year 6

On April 27, the NPS Year 6 netball team played a game against                  St Joseph’s. Everyone did a fantastic job and we all tried our hardest. Best on court was Angel Pollard, Maddi McGraw and Jasmin Thompson.

Angel and Maddi did an excellent job of shooting goals and catching the rebounds. Jasmin was awesome at finding a free spot on the court for her team mates to throw too. We all worked extremely well together and shared the ball around. However, despite our best efforts, St Joseph’s won the game. We all played fairly and we are looking forward to our next game in a few week’s time.

Report written by Cobie McGraw (Captain)


Bat Smashes Softball Report

On April 27th the Bat Smashes played softball against St Josephs.

Some of the highlights were Bobby Hall and Aiden Woolley’s great batting.  All the team members played well and supported each other. The running around the bases was good. Players caught and threw the ball accurately.

Even though all our players did their best the final scores showed that    St Joseph’s had won the game scoring 19 runs to NPS 13 runs.

The following players also made great contributions throughout the game: Odin Mutimer, Grace Mullane, Chase Dixon, Kobi Pelchin, Declan Crisp, Devlin Duncan and Will Srisoi.

Report written by Odin Mutimer  (Co-Captain)


Winter Sport Report - Softball

On Friday April 27, the NPS Lightning Loaders softball team played a game against St Joseph’s.

All our players supported and encouraged each other throughout the game. Some of the highlights were: Jake Salter’s batting and great hits into the outfield,   Xavier Dixon’s outstanding running-diving catch and Sarah Abdulamir was an efficient catcher.

Heading into the final innings, the scores were very close. However, the Loaders scored 6 runs in the last innings, which helped them win the game 18 to St Joseph’s 13 runs.

All the following players also made great contributions during the game: Kaiden Hodgson, Christopher Bodsworth, Lloyd Jetten, Tyson Hill, Jaxson Harvey, Joshua Moody, Tyler Cook, Declan Lowden and Oakley Austin.

Report written by Xavier Dixon (Co-Captain)


Football Report

On the April 27, the Numurkah Primary School football team played against St Joseph’s school.

It was a hot day to play football but everyone got through it. However, 

St Joseph’s were a tough team to beat. There were a lot of high flying marks, we worked together as a team handballing the footy to our players. We all had a great time, but they won the game.

Report written by Judah Moody

Parents & Friends

5c Challenge



Mother's Day Stall

This year the Mother's day Stall will be held tomorrow Friday 11th May.


Please remember to send along some money with your child on Friday 11th May so they can buy a gift for Mother’s Day. Each child will be able to purchase one gift to start with, then once everyone has done so, there may be an opportunity for the children to come back and make a further selection if they wish, from what is left, e.g. for step mum or grandmother, nan, etc.


All gifts will be priced at $4-00.


If you are able to help on the stall, please come to the MULTI PURPOSE ROOM, 9.00 am on the day of the stall.

Student Wellbeing

Shout out to Mothers!

Mums! Where would we be without them? Their care and nurture is so important in producing happy and healthy humans. As if giving birth isn’t challenging enough, years of hard work and sacrifice follow – from changing nappies right through to giving driving lessons. We cannot even begin to list the multitude of ‘jobs’ on a mum’s list – and yet every task is done with love and care.


Sadly, not everyone has had years of life shared with the woman who gave them birth – some mothers have passed away too soon and some children are not able to live with their mum. Let’s give a special ‘thank you’ to the ‘mums’ that step in and help here – our foster mums, grandmas, aunties, family friends…these women share the wonderful attributes of ‘mother’ and show us all that our hearts can stretch to care for those outside our immediate family circle.


Mums! You are all amazing…keep up the good work!


Every month there are a number of new books released on Wheelers, our online library. There are over two thousand books available to our students. All students are able to borrow although there are far more books available for readers in Years 3 - 6. If students are unsure of their log on details they need to check with their classroom teacher or Ms Oliver. Below are some of the new books now available and also a link to the site.


Class Page - 45W

We Are Good Sports At NPS



This year in  2018 all the students have been playing lots of sports which keeps us fit and that we also enjoy. Softball has been really amazing. We do lots of training at school with Ms Sartoria. We have two teams called the Bat Smashers and Lightning Loaders. We learn how to hit the ball, make home runs, bowl and field. It is great when we catch the ball because someone goes out. We enjoy playing against other schools.  Last week we played  St Joeys on Friday. One team won and one team lost but we had a great time and we are all good sports.


By Declan Lowden and Tyler Cook

Cross Country


On 26th of April the students from NPS had Cross Country. Most people gave all the energy they had. Some people chose to walk and run the course. Many ran all the way around. The course went around the creek and the older age groups ran around the football oval. The top five in each age group have the opportunity to go to Division.


We wish to congratulate all the people who participated.


By Aiden Woolley and Shaye Bowen

Swimming and PE

At Numurkah Primary School the students enjoy participating in swimming and PE. Swimming is at the start of the year. The younger students go to the Numurkah Indoor Pool while the others go to the Numurkah Outdoor Pool. We learn to do correct swim strokes such as freestyle, breast-stroke and backstroke. It is important to do safe entries as well as how to do rescues. At the end of the program, the whole school participates in a fun filled swimming carnival. We all do it in our house teams Red, Green, Blue and Gold. This year Green house won in the Prep One Twos, and Blue house won the 3-6 trophy.

We love our swimming and we are all good sports!!!

In PE the whole school participates in different activities such as netball, softball, football, tennis and active games. We also do a lot of stretches. We run around the school to keep fit. Sometimes we have free time and we get to choose what we want to use and play with. We all looking forward to the upcoming Skills Zone program and the Athletic Sports.


By Skye Young and Abbey Cormack


Canteen Helpers

Friday 11th May - Selyna Wilson

Monday 14th May  - Toni Adams

Tuesday 15th May - Cynthia Morgan

Wednesday 16th May - Kylie's Leadership group

Thursday 17th May - Helper Required

Friday 18th May - Selyna Wilson

Monday 21st May  - Junior School Council

Tuesday 22nd May - Cynthia Morgan

Wednesday 23rd May - Kylie's Leadership group

Thursday 24th May - Helper Required

Friday 25th May - Selyna Wilson


Volunteers Required - 

Our school canteen, selling chips, ice creams and icy poles,  is staffed by parent volunteers. If you would like to assist in the school canteen, a volunteer is required each day from 1:30pm - 2:10pm. During Term 1 our canteen was only been open on limited days due to limited availability of volunteers. The canteen will be open more regularly this term as Julie Wilkinson and the Junior School Councillors and Kylie Jones with her Leadership Group will be assisting in the Canteen.


 We still need a parent volunteer on Thursday's, if you are able to help out please let the office know.


Canteen Menu

Our Canteen items and prices have remained the same as last year. A price list is attached below.


Lunch Orders


The Lunch Order menu has remained the same as last year. Please see the attachment below if you do not have a copy.



Community Notices

Men's Health Night


St Mary of the Angels

Information Evenings for St Mary of the Angels Secondary College will be held in the coming weeks. For more information please see the attachment below.


Numurkah Singers Presents.....

Anne of Green Gables

at the Numurkah Town Hall, Knox St, Numurkah.


Performances -

Friday 11th May @ 8pm

Saturday 12th May @ 2pm

Saturday 12th May @ 8pm


Tickets will be available from Monday 23rd April at

The Common Thread (Melville St, Numurkah, 5862 1943)


Ticket Prices

Children $10

Adult $20

Concession $15

Family $50

Movies at Numurkah


Junior Golf

Numurkah Golf and Bowls Club are holding Junior Golf Clinics for children aged 8-17. If you would more information please see the attachment below.


Numurkah Primary School
School Lunch Summer Menu .pdf
St Mary of the Angels Information Evenings.pdf
NGBC Junior golf clinics 2018.pdf