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17 October 2019
Issue Fifteen
Key Dates & Info
Principal's Report
Education in Faith
Learning and Teaching
     Wellbeing & Diversity 
School News & Information
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Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School
(03) 9699 2928
301 - 319 Bank Street
South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205

Key Dates & Info

Break Times

First Break - 11.00-11.40am

Second Break 1.50-2.30pm

It is preferred students leaving early are collected at the beginning or end of these breaks to minimise disruptions to classes.

Term Start/End Dates

Term 4  Monday October 7 - Tuesday December 17, 1.30pm

Term 4


Friday 18 - Year 3-6 swimming lessons

Mon 21 -  Year 3-6 swimming lessons

Wed 23 - No assembly

Thurs 24 - Art Show 5pm

Fri 25 - Bandanna Day

Mon 28-Fri 1st Nov - P-2 Swimming lessons

Wed 30 - Assembly 2C presenting



Tues 5 - Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

Wed 6 - Assembly Year 4 presenting

Thurs 7 & Fri 8 - 3M Zoo Snooze

Thurs 7 - Year 1 extended day 3.30-5.30

Mon 11 - Prep 2020 transition 

Wed 13 - Assembly Prep S

                - Music Soirees 5-8pm

Thurs 14 & 15 - 3L Zoo Snooze

Sat 16 & Sun 17 - Father/Child Camp 

Wed 20 - Prep 2020 Information Night 7pm

                - Assembly Year 3 presenting

Fri 22 - Swimming Sports

             - Sacrament of Confirmation OLMC 7pm

Sun 24 - Sacrament of Confirmation Sts Peter & Paul 10am

Mon 25 - Parent helper thank you morning tea

Tues 26 - SEB Meeting

Wed 27 - Assembly Year 5 presenting

Thurs 28 - Galilee Day

                   - Parent/ staff function 7pm



Wed 4 - Assembly Year 1 presenting

              - Carols picnic 5-7pm

Mon 9 - Yr. 6 Graduation Mass (Yr. 5 Students to attend) 6pm

Wed 11 - Assembly Year 6 presenting

Fri 13 - End of Year Mass 9am

Mon 16 - Transition P-5 at 2.30pm

                - Last day for Year 6

                - Year 6 Graduation Dinner 6pm

Tues 17 - Students finish 1.30pm

School Closure Days

November 4

November 29

Sacrament Dates

November 23 - Confirmation OLMC, 6pm

November 24 - Confirmation SPP, 10am

Community Dates


Mon 28 - Community Conversations 9am - 10am (postponed and date to be confirmed)


Mon 11 - Prep Transition 2020

Wed 13 - Music Soiree 4.30pm - 8.00pm

Thur 28 - Galilee Day


Wed 4 - Carols Picnic 5-7pm

Assembly Presentation

Wednesdays 2.40pm

October 30 - 2C

November 6 - Year 4

November 13 - Prep S

November 20 - Year 3

November 27 - Year 5

December 4 - Year 1

December 11 - Year 6

2019 Camp Calendar


November 7 - Year 1 Extended Day 3:30-5:30pm

November 7- 3M Zoo Snooze

November 14 - 3L Zoo Snooze

Lunch Orders

Available to order Mondays and Fridays only


Medical Consent Form

Please use this form if your child needs to take any temporary medication at school (antibiotics/eye drops/ventolin/creams or lotions etc.).


School Uniform

Please read the policy below if you are unsure of the correct wearing of the Uniform. Students who are in incorrect shoes, with a note, must only be for a maximum of one week. Correct shoes are to be worn till the end of the school year (it is not acceptable to be in incorrect shoes to save purchasing of new shoes towards the end of the school year).

The wind breaker should ONLY be worn with the Sport Uniform OR over the jumper if extra warmth is required.

Hats must be worn when outside at all times with a policy of 'No Hat No Play'.

Boys should NOT be wearing the striped navy blue sock (they are for Winter).

Galilee Uniform Policy:


PSW Uniform: 1/128 Bertie Street, Port Melbourne 9768 0385

Second Hand Uniform @ Galilee

Open: Friday morning 8.50-9.10am

Located in Prep Building

Donations of clean/well cared for uniform happily accepted.

Galilee Out of School Hours (GOSH)

To register and book for your child to attend before or after school care, please do so via this link:

Principal's Report

Dear Families,

Multi-culturalism and immigration have greatly influenced our country over the past century. Recently, I visited Italy and experienced the incredible food, people, scenery and history. Italy is famous for its pizza and pasta (and much more) and they are part of the staple diet of most Italians. As a child growing up I loved a book titled: "Busy Busy World."

It is incredible to see the monuments that I dreamed of as a child. Today our children see pictures, videos, virtual reality all on digital devices. Our world is much more accessible today but nothing can quite replace the experience seeing and experiencing a place 'in person'. Thank you to Mrs Petrarca, Mr Martello, Mrs Gerecke and Nona (Grandma of Olivia and Georgia) who tried to teach me some Italian language prior to the trip. Only basic language was required as I found most Italians fluent in English and gracious and patient in communication. At Galilee, we have a large amount of families who descend from Italy and many other countries; each of them has contributed to the wonderful multi-cultural society we have today in Australia.


What is Leadership?

Watch the short clip below to hear the views of others.

Currently a range of leadership positions have been advertised amongst staff such as: RE, Level Leaders, Maths, English etc. Applications are due shortly before appointments are to be made. At Galilee we have a strong staff culture where a large portion of staff will apply for leadership roles. Staff also have opportunities to lead through participation on teams. Although we have a whole-school direction, all staff see themselves as leaders and capable of making a difference to the lives of the students.

Staff with all types of experience will apply, knowing that we all have the capacity to learn and to assist others. The primary reasons for entering leadership are to make a difference to the learning of the students and for personal growth.

Leadership roles for 2020 will be announced later this term in the last newsletter along with teacher placements.


Student leadership roles will be expanded for 2020 and Miss Biggs presented the new roles this week to the Year 5 students.



In 2018 our students again produced very high NAPLAN results but Spelling was one area that was identified as a future focus. As a result, we introduced SMART Spelling as a whole-school approach. Data collected by Miss Cox, English Leader, from classroom teachers has shown growth across all year levels. Although NAPLAN testing was completed in early May, we have analysed the results particularly in Spelling. The results show a dramatic improvement with growth in students from Years 3 to 5. We have a significantly higher amount of students achieving Higher Growth and a reduced amount with Low Growth. Theses results are after one term and we are expecting even better results by the end of 2019. It is wonderful to see how a new initiative has had an impact upon the learning of the students.

School Improvement Surveys

Last term students (Years 4-6), staff and parents were invited to participate in school improvement surveys. Below I will outline a summary of the results. 

Earlier this week results have been sent in from the School Improvement Surveys (CEMSIS). Congratulations to everyone for their contribution to Galilee that has led to the results.

The results are displayed and compared very differently to past surveys.

Results are compared to Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM) schools average scores.

Key differences:

  • students surveys are from Years 4-6
  • student results are separated into each year level
  • staff questions are very different with some responses separated into LSOs and classroom teachers
  • parent data is also seperated into each year level
  • results are compared to CEM average and not to previous years' results (first year of survey)

Key results:

  • staff data is very high with 11 out of 13 categories above CEM average
  • although a different tool, we hasve seen an increase in staff data from 2018
  • student data is very high collectively
  • student data at or above CEM average in 7 out of 9 categories, again a judged  increase from last year
  • parent results lower but at or above CEM average in 3 out of 7 categories, a judged increase from last year
  • exceptionally high results from parents in P-2

How will it be used?

  • Community Conversation with parents
  • Staff to use when planning for 2020

The results are how the students, staff and parents perceive our school so congratulations. The results are high, they point to practices that we should continue but also areas of development.

Prep Transition

On Monday we welcomed our 2020 Preps to participate in their second successful Transition session. The children enjoyed craft and tracing activities. The next session will be November 11.

Parent Morning Tea

Thank you to the many parents who were able to attend the Parent Morning Tea on Monday.  It was wonderful to see you all there, engaging in conversations with one another. Thank you to Carmen Carnovale, Community Partnerships/Marketing Leader, for organising it.

Our next Morning Tea will be a Parent/Volunteer Helper Thank-you on 25 November at 8:30am.  We hope to see our much appreciated parent/volunteer helpers there.

World Teachers' Day

Yesterday we celebrated World Teachers' Day. The day is a great opportunity for everyone to recognise and appreciate teachers and the important role they play in shaping the next generation.  Thank you to the Galilee students for preparing certificates for all the staff and to the parent reps who put on a delicious morning tea.


Swimming at MSAC

This week the Year 3-6 students participated in their intensive swimming lessons at MSAC.  A reminder that swimming for 3-6 students will continue tomorrow and there is another session on Monday . No lunch orders for Year 3/4 on these days.

Prep-2 swimming lessons will begin Monday 28 October-Friday 1 November.

Community Conversations

Due to survey data being released later than expected, the Community Conversations session scheduled for Monday 28th October from 9am-10am has been postponed. We will announce a new date next week and look forward to exploring this data with you in the coming weeks.

Many thanks in advance and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Carmen Carnovale

Community Partnerships and Marketing Leader



Simon Millar

(Principal of Galilee)

Galilee Art Show

On Thursday, 24th October we will have our 2019 Annual Galilee Art Show where each child at our school will show off 4 to 5 pieces of their art work. The Art Show is being held in the school in the Maguire Hall  between 5pm and 7pm . Please see the School News and Information page for all details.

Education in Faith

Term Four Prayer

Welcome back to Term Four, the last term of the year. We hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and are feeling rested. We thank God for all of this!

This is a reminder that the Galilee Prayer Group meets every Friday morning at 8:15am until 8:35am. All members of the Galilee school community are welcome. The objective of this Prayer Group is to pray for any needs of the school, the well-being of the students, staff and families and the parishes of Sts Peter and Paul, St. Joseph’s and OLMC. You don't need any qualifications or experience to attend. We look forward to The Galilee Friday Morning Prayer Group growing and flourishing.

Andrew Chinn Incursion

On the 11th of October, Andrew Chinn (Catholic singer-songwriter) came to Galilee to teach us about the world and God through song and dance. The incursion for Years 5 and 6 started straight after recess so we went straight into the hall after snack. Andrew started off by playing us a few tunes on his guitar while cracking a few jokes along the way. Then, the teachers chose four boys and four girls to join Andrew up the front to sing and learn a few dances. Every five minutes, Andrew asked more and more students to join him up the front and the next thing we knew, there were around thirty people up the front singing songs about God and how miraculous the world is. 


I was invited up on stage and Andrew started to sing an “Irish Blessing” that I knew because my dad and I always read it together on the way to school and I was singing it with him up the front. As soon as Andrew found out my name he insisted on singing, “My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean” and I really enjoyed it. After that we sang, “Shine Among Them” and all of us Year Fives already knew the dance moves from when we learnt them with our fabulous teacher Mrs Rochecouste. 


Next, Andrew told us a few funny stories from his past experience when he was a teacher. And boy were they hilarious! I don't think there was a single student or teacher without a smile on their face. The final song was, “Walking Out The Door Now” where SURPRISE! all of us left the hall while Andrew was singing us out. 


We walked back up to class and Miss Bland chose eight people to be in the choir for the concert after lunch. Exactly eight girls put their hands up and they were the ones who went down along with five other boys who had personally been chosen out for their confidence and expression by Andrew Chinn. Eight people were also chosen from Years 4 and 6. I was one of the eight girls chosen from Year Five, so I walked back down to the hall where we were all paired up with another person who had the same tone or vocal capability. 


Then Andrew paired your pair with another to see how everyone sounded. I was paired up with Matilda and the group of two that we were also paired up with was Max Mc and Charles. Andrew chose an African Blessing for us four to sing at the concert. Once all the groups of four had gone through their song at least once we headed back to class. 


After lunch all the choir people sat with their classes for the concert. Andrew invited me up the front in the middle of the song “Shine Among Them” and students from all classes were up the front. I even got to sing and dance with my buddy Zoe. 


Ten minutes after singing and dancing next to Andrew Chinn, it was time for Matilda, Charles, Max Mc and myself to sing the African Blessing. Once the song finished all classes were exited out of the hall when the song “Walking out the door now” was sung by Andrew Chinn and that was how we ended the marvellous day. 


Overall I would like to give Mrs Rochecouste a big thanks for organising Andrew to come to our school and working her butt off to make sure everything went to plan. The other massive thanks would have to go to Andrew Chinn for giving our students at Galilee a new way to learn about God and the world through song and dance. I would definitely recommend Andrew to other schools because he has definitely made an impact on me and my view on God and the earth.  

So thank you.

Written by Bonnie


It was the end of recess and the Year Fives were getting ready to see the one and only Andrew Chinn. We walked inside the hall with a layer of chatter amongst us all. Everyone was very excited and couldn’t wait to sing some funky songs. Finally, the moment came, it started. Just out of nowhere, Andrew Chinn asked me what my name was, so I answered. Then he asked me if I was new so I told him which school I was from and we had a good old chat. He also told us some very funny stories about when he taught Prep and all the wonderful questions that got asked during show and tell time. After that, he taught us the song ‘Shine Among Them’ and everyone sang along and learnt some actions. While we were singing and dancing he called up some people to dance up the front with him. The Year Fves were Henry, Me, Claudia, Zoe, Isabella, Madera, Charles, Loukas and many many more. Some Year Sixes were Annabelle, Patrick, Cody, Kaarvia, Aloysia and also many more. We all had a wonderful time!


Next, after lunch, everyone went to a special Andrew Chinn concert and got up and performed too. That was great as well! Finally, to sum everything up, everyone had a great time singing and dancing with Andrew Chinn, we are all very grateful. On behalf of everyone here, I would like to thank Andrew Chinn, even though he’s not here, he made us all smile and have a great time. Also, I would like to thank Mrs Rochecouste especially for making this happen and inviting Andrew Chinn here.


Written by Chelsea


Term 4 Masses

Term 4

9 December-Graduation Mass-Grade 6 -OLMC-6:00pm

13 December- End of Year/Christmas Mass- SJ and School Captains-Sts PP-2:30pm


The Sacrament of Confirmation

Please note the following dates:

Confirmation Faith Night for parents and students at Galilee School hall

Wednesday  October 23rd-6pm

CONFIRMATION REFLECTION DAY - St. Patrick's Cathedral and Mary Mackillop Centre, East Melbourne

Friday, November 1st⋅8:00am – 3:25pm

Fr. Brendan Hayes to visit Confirmation candidates at Galilee-Thursday, November 21st⋅2:00 – 3:00pm

Sacrament of Confirmation at OLMC-Friday, November 22nd: 7:00 – 8:00pm

Sacrament of Confirmation StsPP-Sunday, November 24th: 10:00 – 11:00am



Sacrament of Confirmation-OLMC


Pedagogy of Encounter

We have been looking at The Pedagogy of Encounter. This tool invites dialogue, deep thinking and engagement with the Catholic story. There are key questions in five areas that engage the voice of the learner in deep dialogue with the Catholic Tradition: ● What do I think and sense? ● What do others think and why? ● What does the Church teach and why? ● How am I called into deeper relationship with others and God? ● What do I think now and why?

In this newsletter let’s look at the fourth area-How am I called into deeper relationship with others and God?

How have I been transformed by this encounter?

The students explore a different way of knowing through experiences that open them up to the sacred, praying and celebrating, using symbol and ritual and reflecting on sacred text and art.

How does this experience call me to be more?

How does this impact on my spirituality?

How do I explore my inner voice? Who am I in this?

How am I being called into a deeper relationship with others? With God?


This term's key idea is on CURIOSITY in RE and STEM. I'm curious as to what you and your family are believing for this term...


Helen Rochecouste

Learning and Teaching

Art News

Year 5 students are very lucky to be doing four weeks of embroidery lessons with Jan Maree (Nan of Thomaiy in Year 1) who is an Embroidery Artist and tutor. Very exciting times!

Mal Orr

Garden Club 

Our garden in Learning Street is coming along nicely. Last week we harvested our snow peas - which were sweet and delicious. After the garden club members tried them out, Paloma (4C), Patrick (5R), Olivia (1F) and Anthony (1F) walked to Sts Peter and Paul's with Miss Fahy to donate the snow peas to their kitchen.


We went back to the church today with some herbs, more snow peas and spring onions. Sammy, Mia, Anabelle (1F) and Nikolas (1C) got to see inside the kitchen and meet some of the volunteers. Sts Peter and Paul's cook meals for the needy each day. We hope to be able to help out our local community as our garden grows. If you haven't seen the garden yet, please have a walk around to Learning Street and check out our beautiful plants and herbs. Well done to all our Garden Club members!

Miss Evans & Miss Fahy


Year 5

In Year Five we are learning about mass this term. We have done many fun activities. We estimated the weight of potatoes and compared them to other potatoes and estimated the weight of items around the classroom. Some of us even weighed our classmates! It really did help us do some good estimations. We then learnt how to identify the difference between grams, kilograms and tonnes. We did some activities as a whole class using many different scales to weigh objects. We did some worded-problems about money and mass trying to figure out the method to get the answers. There were a lot of different ways and it was really fun to hear other peoples ideas.


Year 2 Surf Life Saving Incursion

The Year 2 students will be participating in the 

Sink or Swim program facilitated by Surf Life Saving Victoria.  The program teaches students about water safety from the expertise of a surf lifesaver. This interactive 1-hour program empowers students to keep themselves and others safe in a range of aquatic environments including, beaches, rivers, lakes, pools and the home, through engaging practical activities. 

Walk to School Month

This month is Walk to School Month. We are taking part in this so we stay healthy and develop some good habits. It is also good for the environment! 


Here is a photo of students taking part: 

Alex (6B) and Rory (5B) ride their scooters all the way from Port Melbourne which is a 25 minute ride! If you have a long or interesting journey then Miss Coome, Annmaree and the SRC would love to hear from you. 


Please send us photos of you on your journey to school to


Last week, the class with the highest number of children walking to school every single day is 6B with 9 children. Well done 6B! The SRC will be coming round with treats every Monday for people who walked to school every single day. Remember, you only have to walk or ride for part of the journey. 


Here is a chart to show how many people in each class have walked or rode to school every day:


Don’t forget about the Facebook Competition that your family can take part in. For more information check the Dojo that Miss Coome sent out. There are exciting prizes to be won for you and your family!

Pen Pal Club

Last term, Australia Post announced its new national letter writing program, the Pen Pal Club. The program inspires Aussie kids to discover the joy of letter writing while fostering friendships across the country through pen pals. 

Some classes have registered and received their Pen Pal School and other classes are still waiting to be assigned to a school.

The following classes have been assigned schools around Australia:

Prep E - Yugumbir State School in Logan City, Queensland.

6B  -  Deer Park West Primary School, Victoria.

3L - St Michael's Daceyville,  NSW 


     Wellbeing & Diversity 

Bandanna Day 25th October - 28th November (Galilee Day)

CanTeen is the only organisation in Australia that supports young people aged 12-25 who are impacted by cancer - be it their own cancer diagnosis, that of a family member or the death of a loved one.

Established by a group of young cancer patients in 1985, CanTeen supports young people while they cope with the physical, psychological and social challenges that cancer brings. Our 24/7 support services include:

•       Counselling services (online, phone and face-to-face)

•       Programs and services

•       Education and leadership programs

•       Hospital-based treatment

•       Information and resources


A number of fundraising events and activities enable CanTeen to deliver these services – including National Bandanna Day!  Now an Australian institution, CanTeen’s Australia-wide fundraising and awareness campaign spans nine months, generating income through the sale of bandannas. The main activation day is next Friday 25 October.

Every year in Australia, more than 23,000 young people are impacted by cancer

CanTeen exists to provide practical and emotional support to help young people:

•       explore their feelings about cancer

•       connect with other young people and

•       if they’ve been diagnosed themselves, we provide youth-specific treatment teams.

Bandannas are available at the office for $5.


What is Minecraft? 

Minecraft is a video game where players are given a 3D world to create and adapt as they see fit. It is popular with primary school-aged children, but is played by millions of people of all ages from all over the world. It’s like a huge virtual sandbox in which players use a variety of tools to gather resources from the environment and use them to build structures and craft tools. Players can create weapons and armour to fight monsters and interact with other players.

What devices can Minecraft be played on?

The original version of Minecraft is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. A console version

is available on the PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. There is a condensed ‘pocket edition’ of Minecraft for phones and tablets running Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


How do children interact with other players?

Players can interact with others players in several ways when playing Minecraft. While you can play offline and play on your own, players can also join small private servers where a group of friends play cooperatively online, or huge servers with thousands of players from all over the world.

To play Minecraft you need a username, and players select their own username to identify them in the game. If you want to restrict your interaction with others, it’s important players know their friends usernames, and vice versa, so they know who they are playing against.


What are the benefits of playing Minecraft? 

When played alone, Minecraft is a game that enhances creativity and problem‐solving skills. It can help children with their reading, writing, maths, and basic geometry. Played online with others, it can encourage teamwork and improve social skills.


What are the potential problems with Minecraft?

As with any online environment, children playing Minecraft online may be exposed to undesirable content or malicious individuals. Players can message each other privately or participate in a public chat with all other players connected to the same server. (A server is like a ‘room’ in which the game is played in, so only the people allowed into the room can play and everyone within that room can see what everyone else is doing.)

Bullying, swearing and rudeness are not uncommon in online gaming and, because servers in Minecraft can be hosted by anyone, there’s no guarantee that server administrators will moderate the chat or stop negative behaviour when a complaint is made. Online gaming may also be an environment in which young people are exposed to inappropriate content or unwanted contact from adults for exploitative purposes.

Can I restrict who my child plays Minecraft with?

If your child plays on a server administered by someone who you don’t know, then you have no control over who your child plays with. Some servers may have hundreds or even thousands of players on them.

If your child wants to play online with their friends we recommend they play on a server administered by a trusted adult, such as a parent. Whitelisting mode (where only players on the approved list, the ‘whitelist’, can access the server) should be turned on and configured to ensure that only your child and their friends are provided with access to the server that they play on.

Advice on how to configure a private server, or how to purchase hosting through a third-party, can be found at


Disabling the chat function

Chat can be disabled in multiplayer mode by selecting Options > Multiplayer Settings and clicking on the chat button to toggle it between ‘Shown’, ‘Hidden’, and ‘Commands Only’.

By setting the chat function to hidden, your child will not be able to see private messages or the public chat.


Disabling multiplayer mode

In single player mode, a user does not interact with other users of the game; however, you can still access the multiplayer mode and enable online play with others. The ability to access this multiplayer mode cannot be disabled.


Downloading 'mods'

Mods are user‐created files which modify the game by adding new features or changing existing features. Mods are not inherently dangerous; however some malicious users attach viruses and other malware to the mod files they post online. If your child wants to download mods for Minecraft, we recommend that they only download them from reputable websites and that the files are scanned by up‐to‐date anti‐ virus software.

What can I do if another player is harassing my child?

Server administrators are able to control which players are given access to multiplayer servers. You should contact the server administrator for the specific server that your child plays on and report the abuse to them. However, it is up to the server administrator to determine what action should be taken. While some servers have strict rules and codes of conduct for players, others may operate with no rules.

If you are unhappy at the response from the administrator you should consider having your child move to another server with more strictly enforced rules, or hosting your own server for your child and their friends to play on privately.


More information

The Minecraft website ( contains further information on the game and links to further resources.

Using Video Games to Engage Children in Language

Our Speech Box this term is about using video games to engage in language tasks with children.  It is certainly topical with students these days.  The intention is to use what children use to engage and stimulate language development.  I hope you find it useful. 


School News & Information

Art Show Information

On Thursday, 24th October we will have our 2019 Annual Galilee Art Show where each child at our school will show off 4 to 5 pieces of their art work. The Art Show is being held in the school in the Maguire Hall  between 5pm and 7pm .

There is a Gold Coin donation on entry and great lucky door prizes. Cards designed by the students are available to order.  Voting will take place for the annual Orr-chibald prize painted by the Year 5 and 6 students.

There will be food trucks on site to provide your family with dinner for the evening.
The GPA will be running a bar and soft drinks stand with snacks. Please note these will be cash only so make sure you bring along smaller notes and gold coins.
For catering purposes, please indicate on the CareMonkey form if you will be attending and how many in your family will be enjoying a meal on the evening.


Why is the 2019 Galilee Art Show important for our children?
This is your opportunity to celebrate your child's creativity and the creativity of other
children in the school.  It is also an opportunity to catch up with friends old and new.

The best way to encourage Art in your child is to celebrate their artistic endeavours.
Attending and participating in the 2019 Galilee Art Show is a great way to do this.

The children, together with Mrs Orr, have put a lot of work into the event so we are looking
forward to our biggest attendance ever.

See you there.

Second Hand Uniform

Galilee second hand uniform shop would appreciate any donations of uniform - especially larger sizes.

Healthy Tracks to School Project: Your feedback is needed

As you are aware, Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School has taken part in the Healthy Tracks to School project. Our school is working with the City of Port Phillip to develop an action plan which will seek to make it safer and easier to walk, scoot and ride a bike to school.


Thank you to all of our families who provided their feedback for stage 1 (i.e. completed a survey and/or spoke to the Conversation Caravan team onsite); you shared how you get to and from school, what would make it easier to walk, ride or catch public transport to school and how you would like to travel to school.


Your feedback has contributed to identifying routes currently used to travel to and from school and how to make these routes safer. The City of Port Phillip would like your feedback on these select routes to understand if the solutions proposed will make a difference.


Our School has three opportunities to provide our feedback and I encourage you to participate.


Phone Interview

The project team will give you a call at your nominated time and day on either Thursday 17th or Friday 18th of October to discuss your knowledge of the proposed routes over the phone. This will involve a 30 minute phone conversation.


Book your phone interview


View the Plans in the Library Foyer

The proposed routes are on display in the Library Foyer and you can provide your feedback here anytime during school hours between Thursday 17 October to Tuesday 22 October.


Provide feedback online

Please view the proposed routes and provide your feedback,


We appreciate the timeframes are short, however there is an upcoming opportunity for Council to apply for capital funding, with the potential to implement changes to proposed school routes as recommended by you and our school community during the 2020/21 financial year. All proposed infrastructure works will be subject to consultation with the broader community and subject to final approvals from Council and other relevant stakeholders.

Book Club

Orders for Issue 7 Book Club are due through the Loop App by Monday 21st October.

Galilee Parents Association (GPA) News

Art Show - a favourite on the school calendar - 24 October from 5-7pm

Mal Orr is making final preparations for the Art Show of all our students work and the Prep parents are busy helping organise refreshments for the evening and food trucks - a great excuse for an easy dinner!  Please respond the Caremonkey and let us know if you are coming to the Art Show!


Galilee Parents Association AGM - Tuesday 19 November 2019 - 7:30pm
Put the date in your diaries for the AGM where we will recap the successes and learnings from 2019 and make plans for moving forward in 2020.

At the AGM this year the elected positions of president, vice president, secretary and treasurer will all be up for nomination and election.  These positions are renewed every 2-3 years to ensure we have a dynamic and inclusive committee.

Annalise, Jess, Emma and Maureen have thoroughly enjoyed these positions for the last 2-3 years but will not be renominating for them.  They will ensure people taking on these roles are well supported as they transition into these roles in 2020 and will remain on as general members into the future.

These main roles are a 2-3 year position. If anyone is interested in these positions or know of someone who might be please let us or Simon Millar know. 

Please read the role descriptions attached. Any questions please email the address below or see a committee member.

World Teachers’ Day

A huge thank you to our wonderful teachers and the staff at Galilee for all they do for our students.  They go above and beyond to teach our children and support them in their learning and growth.


Thank you to all the Parents Reps for the morning tea prepared for the teachers.  It was greatly appreciated.


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An invitation is extended to parents of gifted and talented students for two upcoming Parenting Seminars at Albert Park College on 24/10/2019 and Ashwood High School on 31/10/2019 at 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm. 

Please pass on this invitation by the Victorian Association For Gifted and Talented Children to parents of high performance, high potential students you may have contact with through the your school. We believe these seminars will be highly beneficial for your parents.
Links for the relevant Parent Seminar:
• Albert Park –  – October 24
• Ashwood    –  – October 31

Many families of gifted children (including gifted children with disabilities) benefit from resources to help parent their children, source programs, select interventions and collaborate with schools.

We would sincerely appreciate your support in printing the attached flyer please, displaying it if possible or circulating it amongst colleagues and parents who are involved with student talent development.
Seminars are FREE to VAGTC Parent Members and parents of the Hosting Schools. Seminars are $10 per person to everyone else.
Also attached is another FREE VAGTC presentation:  Stories of the Gifted. Please see the description on the flyer.  It is a wonderful presentation normalising giftedness as students speak of being broadened and strengthened by enrichment programs. 
Link to register for Stories of the Gifted is

Download Parent Seminar Flyer Here

Download Stories of the Gifted Flyer Here

Warm Regards,

The Victorian Association For Gifted and Talented Children, Collaborative Advocacy for Gifted Learners Since 1978.

Parenting Information Session


Middle Park Primary Garage Sale


Men's Mental Health Awareness Gala

My dearest friend, Dr Jim Skivalides, has been relentless in his pursuit to

bring attention to, support and awareness to men’s mental health and the costly effect when we don’t pay attention, when they feel alone whatever the circumstances. We can’t walk in someone’s shoes. We walk in our own. Male suicide in on the rise- fathers, husbands and sons.


Look around, 3 degrees of separation.

Who do you know that suffers in silence, or has taken their life?

Who do you know that deserves to have a chance?

To know it’s going to be ok. They are not alone.


I’m Just A Man 3- November 22nd on the night of Michael Hutchence

anniversary of his death.

Come along show your support and let’s continue the conversation.

Want to know More:


Side by side, men and women we stand. It cannot be done alone.


We were booked out last year, so get in now.

Men get your Rockstar t-shirt and woman dress up.

Early bird ends 30th October.

Would you like to sponsor the event?

Can’t attend would like to support it?

Contact me – Anna Petrarca


Or Book your ticket here:


Thanks so much,

Anna Petrarca

Simonds Art & Tech Show


Free Class - Saturday 26th October


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