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25 October 2019
Issue Thirty-three
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From our Principal

Dear Students, Parents and Friends,

Welcome to this edition of the Newsletter, I hope you enjoy hearing of the exciting events of this week.

Year 12 Final Celebrations

It is with a sense of pride that I reflect on the Year 12s final days at St. Peter’s College. The events, whether it be the staff morning tea, provided by the students, the final assembly, the Graduation Mass or the Valedictory Dinner all were centred around respect and gratitude. The overwhelming sense was the deep respect the students had for the college and a recognition of the role the college had played in shaping them. It was wonderful to witness so many parents attending the final assembly and sharing in their son or daughter’s achievement of the completion of 13 years of education. Below are some excerpts from the various speeches associated with the separate celebrations.


Staff-Student Morning Tea

We take great pride in the young people you have become and we wish you well for the next few weeks and the exciting future that lays ahead of you.


Graduation Assembly

So as you leave this school, our collective work here is continued through you. Whatever you have learned here is yours to use freely, whether it is knowledge and skills, attitudes or values. These are the gifts of your parents and teachers, ones which we are pleased to give. But they come with expectation that they are yours to use. You are not educated to become bystanders but to make things happen and we expect you to shoulder that responsibility. Make no mistake, responsibility is a burden but it is also the greatest privilege to have the skills to shape events in your own lives and the lives of others around you. So we wish you good luck in your endeavours. We hope you will enjoy safe travels and interesting journeys, and we hope you will come back in the years ahead to share your stories with those who share your heritage.




Valedictory Dinner

There has been much to celebrate over the past few days. I want to spend a moment giving thanks to parents. The role of parent is a tough but a rewarding one. We often say to you as Year 7 parents, it will be over in a blink of an eye and here we are. Now your child has grown into an adult ready to meet the wonders and the challenges of the adult world. It’s an exciting time and for you the parents and probably a nerve-wracking one as well as you continue to let go little by little of the control over their lives. We hope the St Peter’s College charism and ethos has supported their growth. We thank-you for entrusting your children to our care.


At the Valedictory dinner it has been the tradition to present the Valedictorian Medal to a staff member who has played a significant role during the time the Class of 2019 have been at school. For the first time this year the Valedictorian medal was presented to one staff member on each campus. I congratulate the following two staff members for their contribution over the past 6 years. On the Cranbourne campus this medal was presented to Ms Marlene Jorgensen, the current Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching. On the Clyde North campus, the medal was presented to Ms Jodie Connell. Jodie has been the Learning and Pedagogical Coach. Prior to this she was a House Leader on the Clyde North campus. Both these women have played a significant role in shaping the College and both have contributed significantly to the vision and mission of the College and on behalf of the College I wish to thank them for their service to the St. Peter’s College Community.


A note: Jodie Connell has recently been appointed the Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching at Mary MacKillop College, Leongatha. Jodie commences this appointment at the beginning of next week. Whilst she will still have a presence to support our Year 12 Maths students, her time with St. Peter’s College draws to a close and as such we give thanks for her work with us and wish her well on her new professional journey.



Fr Denis O’Bryan – Celebrating 40 years of Ordination

This weekend, Sunday, 27 October 2019 at the 10.45a.m. mass at the Clyde North campus, Fr Denis will be celebrating 40 years of ordination. It is a time to celebrate his ministry of serving the faith needs of not only this community but many others he has ministered to. Fr Denis has been a loyal friend, supporter and faith leader to the St. Peter’s College Community. On behalf of the St. Peter’s College Community I congratulate Fr Denis and thank him sincerely for nourishing the faith journey of many within our community.

Book in a Day

At the recent SIS Book in a Day competition a team from St. Peter’s College – Cranbourne campus competed in the Book in a Day. As the name suggests students must create a Book in a Day and present it for judging. A team of Year 10s combined with a team of Year 7s modelled collaboration, creativity and problem solving to create a wonderful final product.


Congratulations to the following students:

Year 10s -  Milly Cortese, Rubi Rose, Trinity Lee and Chloe Peipers

Year 7s -    Ruhani Kaushal, Alex Burd, Tristan Estrada and Gill Paramveer

World Teacher’s Day

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

-  Nelson Mandela

Friday, 25 October 2019 marks the date that Australia celebrates World Teachers’ Day. Established by UNESCO in 1994, it is a day when we consciously celebrate the teaching profession worldwide, take stock of achievements, and address some of the issues central for attracting and keeping the brightest minds and young talents in the profession. This year, the United Nations has declared the theme of World Teachers’ Day to be “Young Teachers: The future of the Profession”. Teachers can all remember their early years in the classroom, as they worked at becoming more confident in their craft. A vital factor in their development, learning and wellbeing is the more experienced teachers who mentored and guided them. St. Peter’s College celebrates the dedication and hard work of our teachers. We acknowledge the incredible contribution that educators make in our communities, and to the learning and wellbeing of the children and young people in their care.

High Achieving Students

We congratulate past student Courtney Jones who was this week selected by Carlton FC in the National Draft for AFLW.  Congratulations Courtney.

Enjoy the week ahead.








Mr Chris Black


Cranbourne Campus News

Campus Assembly

The Campus Assembly on Tuesday that precedes the final Year 12 Assembly on Wednesday can tend to be a little overshadowed.  Therefore, it is important to highlight some of what we celebrated.


Ms Angela Gargano awarded individual certificates to students in Years 7 & 8 and acknowledged the classes that achieved the most hours of reading.  It was good to accumulate the total reading hours according to the houses and award points towards the McGuigan Shield.  The 2020 competition begins in Term 4 and Glowrey House has captured the early points with their voracious appetite for books.





Total Hours



































A number of French speaking students were acknowledged for their achievements in the French Competition.  A number of them then impressed us by singing a beautiful French song.


To round off the great diversity of talent we also awarded medals to two SIS champion teams from Term 3 competition.  The Senior Girls Netball and the Intermediate Touch Rugby teams were both acknowledged for their achievement.  Congratulations to the respective coaches Mr Chris Landman and Mr Phil Cooper and the following students:

Intermediate Touch Rugby

Amanda Afaese               

Hazel Fosio                       

Taema Atulia                    

Annie Keniseli                  

Rosaleena Lega                

Calem Fosio               

Ezra Makiri                       

Kenny Keniseli           

Daniel Curtis                    

Callum Pola                      

Rico Nekelo

Reupena Sitagata

Zaquain Makiri


Senior Netball

Lara Breen

Teileah Pullen

Hailey Cummins

Caitlyn Browne

Cody Breen

Chloe Goddard

Hayley Schofield

Alisha Oskan

Ebony Scott

Meagan Harbour

Adelle St Mart


Year 12 Awards

The final Year 12 Assembly is an opportunity to recognise publicly the achievements of students throughout the year and in particular focus on the graduating class.  The following awards were presented:

1. Long Tan Awards

The Australian Defence Force Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Awards started in 2006 to recognise those who demonstrate leadership and teamwork within both the school and the broader local community.  At the same time they recognise those who display strong values such as doing one’s best, respect for others and “mateship”, characteristics that are integral to Australian society.  Recipients of a Long Tan Youth Leadershp & Teamwork Award receive a certificate and financial reward - $250 for a Year 10 student and $550 awarded to a Year 12 student.


Leading Seaman Medic Kimberley Griffin from HMAS Cerberus joined us to announce the 2019 winners.  Congratulations to the following students who were nominated and the winning students – Milly Cortese (Year 10) and Jonathan D’Rozario (Year 12):

Year 10:

Milly Cortese  (MacKillop)

Aishwarya Jaganathan (Marian)

Annie Keniseli (Glowrey)

Rubi Rose (Avila)

Gurvisha Singh (Romero)

Adelle St Mart (Kolbe)

Year 12:

Harman Dang (MacKillop)

Jonathan D’Rozario (Augustine)

Callum Kolasa (Avila)

Chloe McLaughlin (Assisi)

Ashwin Palanisamy (Marian)

Darcy Paulka (Romero)

Mikayla Van Der Velden


2. Cranbourne Community Awards

Our State Member for Cranbourne, Ms Pauline Richards MP, instituted three awards this year to celebrate our local youth in areas about which she felt passionate.  It was an honour to have Ms Richards come and speak at our assembly and present these inaugural awards. Congratulations to the following Year 12 students:

Shantelle Mattei (Kolbe) – Community Spirit

Darcy Paulka (Romero) – Academic Perseverance

Emelia van Soest (MacKillop) – Healthy Eating & Active Living


3. Caltex All Rounder Award 

For over 30 years the Caltex Best All Rounder Award has been presented to thousands of final-year students, acknowledging their all-round contributions to their schools and communities. Recipients should excel in these categories, though not necessarily all of them:

  • Academic – achieves scholastically across a range of subjects
  • Attitude – willing to help others; makes selfless contributions
  • Personal conduct – exemplary at all times
  • Leadership – a role model for other students
  • Service – participates in school and community activities
  • Sport – represents the school without necessarily being a champion
  • Arts – participates enthusiastically in the cultural and artistic life of the school

Ms Marlene Jorgensen, Deputy Principal – Learning & Teaching presented this award. The Year 12 students are nominated by their House Leaders and then a panel selects the winning student.  This year’s nominations were:





Antonio Fernandez


Jonathan D'Rozario


Callum Kolasa


Jade Williams


Kayla Sluka


Bailey East


Ashwin Palanisamy


Cliona Barrientos


Congratulations to Jonathan D’Rozario on winning this award. Jonathan particularly exemplified great leadership, attitude, personal conduct and commitment to sport.  We wish him well in the future, particularly in his developing cricket career.


David Hansen

Deputy Principal - Head of Cranbourne Campus

Clyde North Campus News

Year 12 2019 - Is it not good bye, rather good luck and see you soon

This is the message we would like to give our year 12 students as their time at the College draws to formal close. But before they finished on Tuesday 22nd October the celebrations were plenty.

Year 12 Morning Tea:

It is a tradition at the College that the year 12 students share a morning tea with all staff in the staff room during an extended recess. And following in tradition the students did not disappoint the staff as a wondrous feast of cakes, slices, hot food, and fun was supplied. The students were clever in hosting a Kahoot Quiz which required all to identify the Prep or Grade 1 school photo that belonged to which teacher. The black and white photos may have given away some of the ages of some of us. A great morning which allowed staff and students to have some fun, share food and reminisce about the time when….



Graduation Assembly

The Graduation Marquee never looked so elegant and ready for one of the highlights of the year celebrated by the whole campus community students, staff, parents, guardians, grandparents and friends. We had a recored crowd of almost 1000 attend the class of 2019 Graduation Assembly.

We were very honoured to have Petty Officer Brassington take time out of his busy schedule to present the Long Tan Awards providing us with the context of the importance of these awards.

Long Tan Award winners; Ella Cairns (year 10) and Ophelia Heng (year 12). Congratulations to all the nominees:

  • Samantha Butler         
  • Corey Coupar
  • Sara Alfonso
  • Alliah Garcia
  • Allannah White
  • Prerna Shahi
  •  Aman Pillai
  • Jacob Noobergen
  •  Awur Athiu
  •  Abbie Potter

We welcomed Ms Pauline Richards MP State member for Cranbourne to our Graduation Assembly to present awards in three categories to celebrate the best of our young leaders. Pauline views this award system as an opportunity to celebrate the best of our schools, our terrific young leaders and the optimism and confidence she has in the future of the broader Cranbourne community.

The three award categories are:

  1. Community spirit; the person who wins this award displays kindness, empathy and a commitment to justice in their behaviour to other students and/or the broader community. Winner: Awur Athiu
  2. Academic perseverance; the person who wins this award has displayed tenacity and perseverance to achieve an academic goal. Winner: Maureen Gabriel
  3. Healthy eating and active living; the person who wins this award will have demonstrated their commitment to a healthy activity through participation in sport, dance, cultural activities and encouraged others to live healthy lives. Winner: Mikaela Gardner

We thank Pauline for her continue presence and support of our College. A perpetual shield was unveiled with the winners also received a certificate and book voucher.


The Caltex Best All Rounder Award was presented by Ms Jorgensen Deputy Principal Learning & Teaching. This award acknowledges the outstanding contributions a student has made to the school and the wider community. The award places the recipient among a select group of Australian students recognised for their leadership qualities and commitment across a range of activities. Aman Pillai our College Captain was a most worthy recipient of this year’s award. Congratulations Aman.

College Captain Speeches:

Maureen and Aman’s address to the campus was their final speech to the student and staff community for 2019. Once again their maturity, sincerity and leadership shone through with every word. They are incredible young leaders who along with our other College Captains, Mikaela, Ben, Ophelia, Cassandra, Nicholas and Prerna have dedicated themselves to developing a strong student voice and student action throughout the year. They have taught the students how to be active, engaged and involved in their campus. They have lead innovation through various initiatives and activities. We thank them all for their most valuable contributions to the Clyde North Campus, and their support of all students and staff.


Legacy Gift:

The year 12 students raised funds among themselves to purchase this beautiful art work as their gift to the Campus. The artwork will be displayed in the prayer room where it will truly welcome all.



All Are Welcome

Let us build a house where love can dwell
and all can safely live,
a place where saints and children
tell how hearts learn to forgive.
Built of hopes and dreams and visions,
rock of faith and vault of grace;
here the love of Christ shall end divisions.


Br. Mickey McGrath, OSFS

Graduating Lapels

The start of a new tradition for the Clyde North Campus. Earlier this year several year 12 student led by Tenneale Pietersz put forward an idea, could the year 12 students have a graduation lapel. Tenneale and her friends did their research, came up with a design and costings. They had even identified the material and the production timeframe. I asked them to take their idea to all senior students which they did and it was overwhelmingly agreed upon. This is a wonderful example of student voice and the power of initative and being not afraid to put forward your ideas and dreams. Congratulations to Tennale and her team. This time next year they can smile knowing that the graduating class of 2020 and beyond will walk talk wearing their Graduation Lapels.


Mass and Valedictory Dinner

We concluded our celebrations for the class of 2019 with a beautiful mass and Valedictory Dinner.

These occasions provide us with an opportunity to spend time with parents and guardians of the year 12s. We were able to share in the Eucharist and a formal dinner bringing to a close the final chapter of this year’s Graduating class. The dance floor was the final destination for many of us as the music played the Nut Bush song, Mr Rijs once again started the dancing. A wonderful evening and day, thank you most sincerely to all the staff, students, parents, guardians and families who have supported the class of 2019 and us throughout their journey at St Peters College Clyde North Campus.


I wish you all a safe and productive week. I also wish the class of 2019 all the very best for their upcoming VCE exams.

Julie Banda

Deputy Principal - Head of Clyde North Campus

Learning & Teaching News

Premiers Reading Challenge

The 2019 Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge was taken on by Year 7 & 8 students at St. Peter’s College at Clyde North campus in 2019 as part of their Reading Challenge Program. The students chose their own books with their own interests and tastes in mind.  32 students were successful in reaching the Premiers’ goal for secondary students of reading 15 books from January to September 2019. These students will officially be awarded with a Premiers’ Reading Challenge certificate this term by our Principal, Mr Black. It was fantastic to see that many other students read more books than they had previously and will also be rewarded with ‘Star Reading’ certificates recognising their strong reading progress.

Congratulations to the following Students who achieved the Premiers’ Reading Challenge:

To read the Premier’s letter to parents, view the book lists and for more information about the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge, click here


Also join the Premiers’ Reading Challenge on Facebook


We are looking forward to rolling out the Premiers’ Reading Challenge at St. Peter’s again in 2020 with many more wonderful titles to choose from!



Year 10-11 Exam Timetable & Rules


Explicit Reporting of Numeracy and Literacy

From 2021, all VCE and VCAL students will receive a statement of their GAT results as part of their senior secondary statement of results. The statement will state the level of literacy and numeracy they have demonstrated during the GAT.


The statement will advise whether a student has

  • 'demonstrated',
  • 'not demonstrated' or '
  • demonstrated at a high level'

in both literacy and numeracy standards.


The big change for students from 2021, is that all students, whether studying VCE (scored or non-scored) or VCAL, will be required to sit the GAT. Absence from the GAT if unapproved will result in an unauthorised absence' statement appearing on their statement of results.


It is important to emphasise that the statement appearing on the statement of results for VCE or VCAL does not in any way affect the qualification requirements for the award of a VCE or VCAL certificate.

Educators have acknowledged that both current senior certificates do not provide explicit information about the literacy and numeracy attainment levels of school leavers for future employers and universities.


The explicit reporting of literacy and numeracy attainment statement is designed to address this.


More details will be provided to students, teachers and parents in 2020 as they are made available.

Ms Marlene Jorgensen

Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching

Mission & Catholic Identity News

“Awareness is like the Sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed”

During the recent term break I went on a family holiday to Vietnam.  In between entertaining my kids on the plane, I read a book by the Vietnamese monk, Thich Nhat Hanh. A thread running through his writing, is the concept of gratitude. The quality of being thankful and readiness to show appreciation.


There is more and more research showing how gratitude positively impacts our mood, attitude, health and well-being. Thich Nhat Hanh suggests that in order to practice gratefulness, we have to put stop signs into our daily life. To learn to love, enjoy and embrace what we have in the here and now.


Gratitude has been a consistent mantra given to the Year 12 cohort as they enter their last days of compulsory education. To be grateful for what their parents and guardians have provided. To be grateful to peers for their love and support. To be grateful to staff and to the school community for providing a first-class education.

Some Interesting Things to Know

You wouldn’t know it from the media coverage, but apparently, it is coming up to Halloween. Lesser known, this date is called Hallowmas, and is also known as the Triduum of All Hallows encompassing the Christian observances of All Hallows' Eve (Halloween), All Saints' Day and All Soul's Day, which last from October 31 to November 2 annually. Hallowmas is a time to remember the dead, including martyrs, saints, and all faithful departed Christians and is derived from two words: halig, meaning saint, and the word mass.


All Saints' Day is the second day of Hallowmas on the 1st of November. It is a national holiday in many historically Catholic countries. The Catholic Church teaches that it does not make or create saints, but rather, recognises them. We recognise them in many ways, some of us are named after a saint.

Bringing a closure to Mission Month

With the end of October approaching, is the end of Mission month. Mission month is when Catholics all over the world join together to pray, celebrate and care for the whole family of the Church. A large and important part of our Church is still regarded as ‘missionary’ and needs our help to survive and grow to self-sufficiency.


Mission enables us to share the gift of faith so that all God’s children may experience the fullness of life made possible by Christ. Through the Holy Spirit we are participants and partners with God in mission and that Christ has asked us to proclaim and show the love of God to all peoples and nations.

Thank you

A thank you to Fathers Joseph and Denis for celebrating our recent Graduation Masses for the Cranbourne and Clyde North campuses and to the St Agatha’s parish for the use of their church.

Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday, 29 October 2019 (3:34p.m.-5:15p.m.), Cranbourne Campus – ‘Footsteps of Paul’ session with Bernard Dobson. All welcome. Email here to register.
  • Solomon Island Immersion, Wednesday, 20 November 2019 to Thursday, 28 November 2019.
  • Year 12 Retreat (2020 cohort), Wednesday, 27 November 2019 to Friday, 29 November 2019.

Matthew Williams

Deputy Principal - Mission & Catholic Identity

Health & PE News

Health & PE Week

On Monday, 14 October 2019 to Friday, 18 October 2019, St. Peter's College Clyde North Campus celebrated Health & PE Week. This was a chance to celebrate being active, eating healthy and having fun with friends, peers and teachers. Throughout the week, various activities were on offer for students and staff – such as table tennis, four square tournament, yoga, yogurt cups and a Tutor Group Health & PE Quiz. The main event for the week was the Staff vs Year 12 students netball game, where the staff comfortably took the win (yet again!)


Thank you to everyone who was involved and we look forward to Health & PE week in 2020!



Mikaela Gardner - Sport Captain and

Rachael Hickey - Health & PE Coach - Clyde North Campus

SIS News

Book in a Day

Eight budding writers, editors and illustrators competed in the SIS Book in a Day challenge. Milly Cortese, Rubi Rose, Trinity Lee and Chloe Peipers as Year 10 students, brought their experience from previous years to the team. Milly took on the role of team captain, Trinity was the illustrator of the beautifully exceptional images, whilst Chloe became chief editor. Rubi wrote the blurb and back cover reviews and helped coordinate input of ideas. They were joined by the talented and enthusiastic Year sevens; Ruhani Kaushal, Alex Burd, Tristan Estrada and Gill Paramveer. All teams were given prompts that had to be included in the story. These were suggested by all students participating on the workshop day. Our students were given the following prompts:


Primary character 1 – Chef

Primary character 2 - Kid’s birthday party entertainer

Non-human character - Bigfoot

Setting - Kitchen of Buckingham Palace

Issue - New Year’s Resolution

5 Random words - qualify, epiphany, spiral, radio, coat-hanger


They had six hours to write over 4500 words to create a novel targeted at 12 to 14 Year olds.

Four south eastern regions of schools compete and each region has 4 to 5 schools in it. This includes most other Catholic and Independent schools in our area and beyond.


The works are then short-listed by students from one of the other regions participating through a voting system. Our Year sevens were joined by Matthew Sinclair who read the five books from the region we were assigned to judge.


A short list is then judged by The SIS Coordinator and Claire Hallifax, Director of Publishing at Scholastic.


We are very excited to announce that this year our school won with their heart-warming story about Bigfoot. We won $700 worth of books for our library, donated by Campion.


The Blurb

Life in the forest wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. For Bigfoot, it was the loneliest place on Earth. Surrounded by nothing but old junk and menacing birds, an escape was inevitable. When a New Year’s Resolution – turned – heart’s desire adventure puts him smack in the middle of Buckingham Palace, the opportunities are endless.


Bernadette McDermott

Romero E Learning Advisor

The Arts News

Art Exhibition - Clyde North Campus


Viv Hayes

Arts Coach - Clyde North Campus

Technology News

STEEL: Art Design Architecture Excursion

Year 10 and 11 Product Design students from both Clyde North and Cranbourne Campus travelled to the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery to experience the STEEL: Art Design Architecture exhibition.

The exhibition explored innovative and outstanding ways that steel is being used by artists, designers and architects in Australia in the 21st century.


Students initially spent some time in the gallery space to view the works before engaging in discussion about the works with the gallery education officer, Jill Anderson.


Students were able to investigate a variety of conceptual art sculptures that promote sustainability by using found, upcycled and manipulated steel. They explored how steel is used in design through a variety of wearable steel brooches and bracelets and, the creation of usable vessels and knives. Students were also exposed to various models of houses that used steel as their main construction material.


Utilising the exhibition and the works included as inspiration, students used paper to create various design mock-ups in response the artist’s work and gave them a greater understanding about how they might have gone about the initial generation of ideas.


This experience enabled both students and staff to view the use of steel as a material in a different way and everyone left the gallery inspired by the works they had seen.



Mr C. Robinson

Technology Teaching & Learning Coach - Cranbourne Campus

General News


Parents Building Solutions

The next Parents Building Solutions parenting program will be held in Cranbourne East. See attached flyer for full details. 


Melbourne Polytechnic Presents...

Hi All.  I'm Jessica le Gall and I am a former student of St. Peter's College (class of 2017).


I am currently a student of the Theatre Arts course at Melbourne Polytechnic, and have my final show of the year coming up.  Hope to see you there.


To find out more please see below or click here.  


Regis Cranbourne

We are hosting a twilight market at Regis Cranbourne on Friday, 29 November 2019 and would like to welcome all the staff and students to come and join in the fun.


Parents & Friends News

Next Meeting

The St. Peter’s College Parent and Friends Committee holds meetings twice per term.  Throughout the year these meetings include guest speakers from the College Teaching community.


Wednesday, 6 November 2019

7.15p.m. Tea and Coffee 7.30p.m. - 9.00p.m. St. Peter’s College Cranbourne Campus Staff Room.  Please enter via Navarre Drive gates


Guest Speaker – Mrs Robyn Young, B. App.Sc., P.ED., Grad. Dip. Ed.

Celebrating St. Peter's College 25th Anniversary.


Robyn will share with us her journey to teaching at St. Peter's College. As a long serving member of our teaching staff she will expand on the 25th Anniversary of St. Peter's College, sharing what it was like at the very beginning, the formative years and where the College is at present, leading into further growth and investment in student numbers, staffing and facilities.

Principal's Report

Our Principal attends each of our Parents & Friends Committee meetings, and gives us all an up to date and first hand report of what is happening in our College. By attending these meetings you will be given the opportunity to ask any pertinent questions directly to our Principal.


Throughout the year we do a small number of fundraising activities with all funds going to our Student led initiatives at the College.

We currently have three Fundraising Activities:

  • 2018/19 Entertainment Book
  • Memorial Pavers
  • Ritchies Community Benefit Card
  • Bunnings Sausage Sizzles (Cranbourne and Clyde North stores)

To Purchase the Entertainment Book and ensure we receive the fundraising rewards please click here.

To Order your families Memorial Paver please see below:


Parents & Friends Committee Executive

President: Ms Naomi Bartlett

Treasurer: Mrs Marzena Manzilla

Secretary: Mrs Sharon Clover

To contact St. Peter’s College Parents & Friends Executive please click here.

Minutes of Meeting

To read our most recent Meeting Minutes please click below


Parish News

St Agatha's Parish

To access Parish News, please click on the above PDF link.  Unfortunately this is only available for online viewing.




St Thomas the Apostle Parish

To access Parish News, please click on the above PDF link.  Unfortunately

this is only available for online viewing. 





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Monday, 28 October

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7.00p.m. CLN Art & Technology Exhibition

Tuesday, 29 October

CRA Year 9 Camp 2

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Wednesday, 30 October

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Thursday, 31 October

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Friday, 1 November

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Saturday, 2 November


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