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19 September 2019
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Principal's Report

Principal's Report

Fairhills High School has been abuzz throughout term 3 with a range of events.  Some of the term 3 school highlights include:   

Year 12 Well Being Day provided an opportunity for students to relax away from their normal school routine.  The students enjoyed listening to speakers from Red Frogs and a range of fun activities that allowed them time to take their minds off SACs, studying and exam preparation. 

We were pleased to welcome two groups of students from Japan.  All the Japanese students bonded with their Australian host brothers and sisters.  Apart from their studies at the school, they enjoyed watching a game of Aussie football and managed to visit the tourist sights of Melbourne.  Fairhills students are currently in Japan with the Head of Languages, Ms Wintone.  We eagerly wait more news of their experiences as they travel around Japan.

During Diversity Week students and staff experienced a range of food from different cultures, a General Assembly was held that celebrated diversity in the school and the wider community.  A range of activities were organised by Ms. Keech (Student Voice Coordinator) and Amal Saleh-Zada (Well Being Coordinator).  The week was a great success enjoyed by staff and students.     

This year’s production Mayhem: The Musical was co-written and co-directed by Sarah Power and Julian Stokes.  It was a story set in the 1950s with costumes, make-up and sets of the era. The show kept the audiences intrigued as the plot twisted and turned with a range of themes that included romance, drama, suspense and laughter.  The production was an overwhelming success and enjoyed by young and old.

It’s always a pleasure to chat to parents at Parent Teacher interviews.  We experienced a constant stream of parents and students.  It was clear staff enjoyed meeting parents and discussing their child’s progress.

NAPLAN results were released this term.  The data is used to measure our school’s performance against other schools in the state.  There are some pleasing results and patterns of growth from years 7 to 9. 

I was pleased attend, with four of our student leaders, Riley Colcott, Alexa Wijaya, Jesse Elderhorst and Natalie Thomas, the Bayswater Youth Forum along with students and Principals from our local schools.  We spent the morning exploring creative solutions to a range of social and environmental issues.

We look forward to the final term as we celebrate the achievements of all our students.

Have a safe and relaxing holiday.

Karen Dean

Acting Principal






Dates to Remember

Term 4, 2019

Wed 23rd October

- Y12 Breakfast/Valedictory Dinner


Wed 30th October - Wed 20th November

- VCE Exams 


Mon 4th November

- Staff PD Day - no students required at school

Tues 5th November

- CUP DAY Holiday


Thurs 7th November - Wed 13th November

- Y11 Exams


Thurs 14th November

- Gradstart 2020 begins


Mon 18th November - Fri 22nd November

- Y10 Exams 


Wed 20th November

- Y11 Final Assembly

- School Council Meeting 7.30pm


Thurs 21st November

- Promotional Interviews begin


Mon 25th November - Fri 6th December

- Cambodia Trip



Wed 4th December

- Final School Council Meeting 6.30pm

Wed 11th December

- Awards Ceremony @ Knox Council Offices

Fri 20th December

- Last day of Term 4





From the Office

Finance Information - Subject Requisite Fees

Many thanks to all our parents who have paid their Subject Requisites. The school has just been able to purchase new microscopes for use in Science.  Your subject requisite payments go towards purchasing items required for your child to use in class.  Without your payments the school could not provide materials like this.


If you have outstanding fees can you please call the office to arrange payment.  This will also help reduce your debt before the 2020 fees are sent out next term.

Contact Details

REMEMBER to update your contact details with the office if you change phone numbers / address / place of employment.   We may need to contact you in the case of an emergency.


If your child has a medical alert for ASTHMA, DIABETES, ANAPHYLAXIS or EPILEPSY the school MUST be supplied with a new Management Plan every 12 months.  Please ensure you have provided this to the school.

New Soft shell black jackets/Uniform Shop

Many of our students have purchased the new soft shell black jackets and they love the style and warmth.  If you have purchased one, please ensure your child’s name is clearly on it.  Jackets can be purchased for $100 through the Uniform shop.  The on-site Uniform Shop is open every Thursday from 12.00 - 4.00pm.


Uniform Price List  

If you have any uniforms or books that are no longer being used and you would like to donate them to the school, please bring them to the General Office.  These will be used for families in need.

Lost Property

If your child has misplaced anything at school - please ask that they check at the School Office. 


School Uniforms which are named are returned to students as soon as they are handed in (please check that your student has his/her name clearly marked on each item of school uniform).

Student Absences

If you child will be absent or late due to illness or for any other reasons, parents can either mark it directly on COMPASS or by calling the Absence Hotline on 9758 5022.


All parents are asked to regularly check students Unexplained Absences in COMPASS to ensure all absences are recorded according to the Department of Education regulations.


To check:

 - Log into COMPASS & click onto your child's 'Attendance' Tab

- Click on the 'Unexplained' Tab

- Any unexplained absences will appear here with the date and period to be approved

- You can click in the boxes on the left side of the page and select the dates to record your approval with the appropriate reason for the absence

- If your child has attended a school related activity and missed their scheduled class and not been flagged in an event or has been accidentally marked incorrectly could you please email the school to have this amended in their absence records

- Parents can enter approvals for upcoming absences prior to the event in advance such as Family Holidays, Medical appointments etc. in the 'Notes & Approvals' Tab to the left of the 'Unexplained' Tab

- Alternatively, parents can email the school or send a note to the Office, which includes the Student's Name, Home Group, Reason for Absence and Dates of Absence or phone the School Student Absence line to record any absences.


If you child has missed a SAC or been away for more than a couple of days, then they will be required to supply a doctor's certificate.

Bell Times


Locker Bell


Period 1




Locker Bell


Period 2




Period 3


Start of Lunch


Middle of Lunch


Locker Bell


Period 4


Students finish


Visitors should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or requiring to make contact with a child.  Appointments with teachers can be made via telephone or email.

9758 5022 (8.30am-4.00pm)


Languages @ Fairhills

There’s no point in learning a language if you don’t use it.

At Fairhills students have had plenty of opportunities to use their language skills this term.

We have been fortunate enough for Pauline Hake to be volunteering as a German Language Assistant during Term 2 and 3. The catch-cry of ‘Is Pauline there?’ will be missed as eager students came to the staff-room to practice their German speaking skills. Pauline was so popular and loved by students, and her contribution to our language program has been invaluable.

KSKK Visitors

During Term 3 we were also visited by 2 groups of Japanese students; one from KSKK the organisation we have a longstanding reciprocal relationship with, and one from Support Our Kids which is a very special organisation that supports victims of the major earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in 2011.

The students from both groups were hosted by Fairhills families, and enjoyed lots of excursions, participating in classes at Fairhills with their host students, and performing at our school assembly and in Japanese classes. The Support Our Kids students did a tour of the Melbourne Tennis Centre, and Ms Winstone even played a game of tennis with them on the renowned Margaret Court Arena. She is no Naomi Osaka though!

Our students are so lucky to be able to experience the languages and cultures of Japan and Germany, and we thank those families who hosted Pauline and the Japanese students. Your generosity makes this wonderful program possible.

SOK Visitors

The end of term we are looking ahead to our students going to Japan on the Japan Study Tour. We are sure the next newsletter will be full of their tales.


Jessica Winstone

Languages Coordinator

Diversity Week

Diversity Week
(Monday 2nd to Friday 6th September 2019)

Monday – Cultural Day
This year, we started off bringing the school together as one with a whole school assembly to highlight the importance of understanding difference. Students proudly spoke about cultural heritage such as Indigenous culture, the importance of mental health, inclusion, uniqueness and LGBTQI+ groups. Later that day at lunchtime students and staff made cultural dishes for the Food Festival. There was a lot of food and students learnt about different cultural foods. It was a delicious experience.



Tuesday – Individuality Day
In free dress clothes, students expressed their individuality as they also did by signing up for the 'Fairhills Has Talent' show! The turn out to watch and support peers was excellent to see.
A variety of acts were on show including musical instruments such as the drums, pianos and guitars. There were also dances and singing acts on showcase too. 1st place went to Raylene Lu and Angela Abitago for their piano and singing act, followed by 2nd to Sammy and the Improv Crew (Sam Heydon, Moke Houpapa, Matthew Erasmus and Dylan Mace) for their song with guitar and dance video act and lastly 3rd to Jesse Elderhorst for his guitar solo act. Students were rewarded with some prizes for their achievements. There were many honorable mentions including Josh Ludbrook on drums and also Brandon Grosso on drums. A big congratulations to these students and all who bravely went on stage to perform!

Wednesday – Inclusion Day
Students learnt what it would be like to have to rely on different senses if for example sight was lost.  A blindfolded taste test was a great way to get students to understand taste, texture and smell. It was a fun experience especially seeing students taste test the limes! A blind-folded obstacle course allowed students to understand how to give and receive instructions and there was a three legged race too!

Thursday – Mental Health Day
There was so much laughter had on Thursday. We also had a dart popping balloon game with prizes and positive chalk messages to express kindness! Knox Youth Services also came to ignite conversations about mental health. An OK mural was also made by Riley Colcott and Jesse Elderhorst which has positive messages in it and students signatures. This mural will go into the Wellbeing room.

Friday – LGBTQI+ Day
The rain held off for the colour run game. Students and staff had a lot of fun running around! Students also expressed themselves with colours today for LGBTQI+ day with a gold coin donation! Students Olivia Barker, Pream Hanthaweekon Charlotte Black, Kelly Choi and Abbey Hodge also made their beautiful sign for the colour run!

This week fostered an excellent sense of positive wellbeing and could not have been done without various students from Year 7 – 12 leading the way, social worker students (Liam, Cassie, Kim and Jame), Wellbeing Leader Amal, various staff for their setting up equipment and organisation as well as administration for various tasks. All donations made throughout the week will be going to the Wellbeing Centre.



WorldSkills & Trade Expo


On Wednesday 28th August Swinburne hosted the regional WorldSkills competition with apprentices competing in Carpentry, Plumbing, Bricklaying and Landscaping from various institutes.  Swinburne had 8 participating VETSS Carpentry and Plumbing students, these students trained for 2 hours after class each Wednesday for a few weeks to get ready for the competition.  Once all the regional competitions are completed and the judges have tallied the results, students will be notified of their place in the state.  Winners will be offered to complete in the National competition.  Competing students were: 



Vermont SC -   Cuba Moore & Joshua Hagigeorgio

 Fairhills HS   -   Nathan Hughes

Cire CS  -   Lochlan Taylor



Aquinas - Lachlan Capaldo

Norwood SC –  Ethan Newton

Boronia K-12-  Samuel Tomlins

Ringwood SC-  Spencer Goddard

Swinburne VCAL – Orlando Reweti

Performing Arts

MAYHEM the Musical

What Mayhem!!!!! It has been a huge roller-coaster this year for the performing arts staff. Sarah Power and Julian Stokes decided after a very rocky start to the year they would write their own musical.  Producer Sarah was apprehensive that they’d be able to create a show together but it turned out to be a huge success. All students and staff worked extremely hard over the last 6 months to write, produce, direct and choreograph Mayhem the Musical: A Tale of A Tale Gone Wrong.
Our students performed to a sell-out audience every night. Audiences laughed, cried and cheered through every show.

Well Done to the cast and crew of a spectacular show!

Congratulations to:

Michael Cotter, Siobhan McCullough Andrew, Imogen Jackson, Darcey Wood, Jess Shephard, Shannyn McBain, Levi Waters, Jesse Elderhorst, Josh Ludbrook, Nekia Thomson, Isabella Heffernan, Nikita Ryan, Hunter Hudson, Swastika Sanjay Kumar, Thalia Perez, Michael Pearson, Tarni Burke, Phoenix Thomas, Taylor Anne Misilele, Mia Rose Ousley, Bianca Schyf, Michaela Lutwyche, Ameisha Gupta, Aleisha Gupta, Ariel Kearney, Leyana Huxley, Paige Small, Samantha Blythe

Stay tuned for the announcement of the musical for 2020

State Schools Spectacular

Last week 15 of our wonderful Performing Arts students from Year 7-10 performed at the Annual Victorian State School Spectacular. This is our 6th year being involved.
Fairhills was a host school for 4 rounds of rehearsals before they headed to Hisense Arena at Melbourne Park for an intensive 2 rehearsal days and 2 shows.

All students were great Fairhills representatives and we are extremely proud of all their efforts.


Congratulations to:

Ariel Kearney, Kaylee Van Den Brink, Brooke Elliott, Nikita Ryan, Tarni Burke,Tasanee Mackenzie

Hayley Metcalf, Phoenix Thomas, Kodie Phillips, Makaela Mace, Swastika Sanjay Kumar,

Isabella Heffernan, Maahira Inayat, Taylor Anne Misilele, Summah Dibble


Sarah Power

Performing Arts 


Library News

Recently the Library hosted an afternoon where a number of Publishers of School text books and support material came to showcase their products to teachers in readiness for the 2020 year.  The school curriculum is regularly reviewed and there is always a need to provide new and engaging material in the classroom.  Representatives from Insight, Oxford University Press, Edrolo, Jacaranda, Atar Notes, Nelson Cengage Learning and Pearson  attended displaying their new textbooks and discussing how technological innovations can be used in the classroom.  We thank the publishers for their support as well as Link Education who helped co-ordinate the event.


New Releases of Favourites – Come and borrow for School Holidays

There have been a number of new volumes  of some of our most popular series released.  Come and borrow these and other new releases for the September School Holidays.   


Diary of a Wimpy Kid  : Meltdown   Volume  13

When snow shuts down Greg Heffley’s middle school, his neighbourhood transforms in to a wintry battlefield.  Rival groups fight over territory, build snow forts and stage epic snowball fights.  And in the crossfire is Greg and his best friend Rowley.  Will they survive to see another day?

The 117 Storey Treehouse  Volume  9

Andy and Terry’s amazing treehouse now has 13 new storeys including a tiny-horse level, a pyjama party room, a circus and a water-ski park. 

Skulduggery Pleasant  : Bedlam Volume 12

On a desperate journey to recover her sister’s lost soul, Valkyrie goes up against the high Sanctuary itself and there’s nothing Skulduggery can do to stop her.  It falls to Omen Darkly to avert a war and save the lives of millions.

Amulet  : Supernova  Volume  8

Emily has lost control of her Amulet and is imprisoned in the Void where she must find a way to escape the influence of the Voice.  Meanwhile Navin travels to Lighthouse Once, a space station, where the Resistance is preparing to battle the approaching Shadow forces.


Inaugural Bayswater Youth Forum

Tuesday 17th September @ Boronia K-12

Mr Jackson Taylor, State Member for Bayswater hosted the inaugural Bayswater Youth Forum at Boronia K-12 along with the Minister for Youth, Gabrielle Williams MP.

Year 10/11/12 students from Fairhills High School, Bayswater Secondary, Heathmont College, Wantirna Collage & Boronia K-12 were involved in round table discussions which rotated every 10 minutes.  Mr Taylor & Minister Williams mingled between the tables and participated in the discussion. A Q&A session concluded the forum.

Topics of discussion:

Mental Health - How do we better support young people with mental health concerns?

Women & gender diversity - How do we further empower women in the 21st Century?

Environment - How can Governments best make policy to mitigate climate change?

Education - How can education best support opportunities for young people?

What is the single most important issue facing young people today, why?



StandUp Program

On Monday 16th September, Brodie Kitson spoke to our Year 8-11 boys about the importance of mental health among young men. Brodie travels to present his StandUp program in schools and sporting communities around Australia to educate young men on mental health issues such as depression and anxiety by sharing his personal experiences of overcoming mental and medical difficulties in an effort breakdown the stigma surrounding these issues.
Thank you to our Wellbeing Coordinator Amal for inviting Brodie to address our boys.


Click here for more information on the StandUp Program 

Sport/PE/Outdoor Ed

Olympic Change Makers Program

I had the privilege of being able to represent my school in the very first Olympic Change Maker Program, this experience broadened my view of how I can become a better leader for myself and people around me.   It was extremely fun and I definitely recommend people try and participate in this, as I was able to make new friends and listen to professional athletes talk about their respected events, this gave me the opportunity to see them  differently, allowing me to connect with them more on a personal level. I would like to thank Mr Potter for selecting me, and as well as Jayde for taking her time out of her day to drive us down to Footscray.

Dylan Mace, Year 12

Sports Captain


Glenfern Valley Bushlands Visit

Mr Milner's Y12 Outdoor Ed class spent the afternoon on Thursday 5th September learning about Environmental indicators, endangered species & management strategies at Glenfern Valley Bushlands.


Community Page

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