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28 April 2017
Issue Five
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Key Dates


MAY 24    Curriculum Day (Student Free)
JUNE 12  Queens Birthday (Public Holiday)
JUNE 14  GAT Exam
JUNE 27  Year 7 Immunisations
30 JUNE  Last Day term 2 (2.30pm Finish) 

Mr Paul Dawson

Acting Principal 

Doctors in Schools

Works have now begun on the Doctors in School rooms at the school.  These rooms will be located in A block with the program beginning in September.

The Doctors in Secondary Schools initiative is a government funded program that allows general practitioners (GPs) to attend up to 100 Victorian government secondary schools up to one day a week to provide medical advice and health care to those students most in need.


The objectives of the program are to:

  • make primary health care more accessible to students
  • provide assistance to young people to identify and address any health problems early
  • aim to reduce the pressure on working parents and community-based GPs. 


On Monday the school observed the ANZAC tradition. The students participated in the the traditional Last Post observation accompanied by the two minute silence.  Andrew Swinton the Vice President of the Geelong RSL who was there as the school guest speaker remarked on the incredible amount of respect shown by the staff and students and the silence in the gym. Andrew then spoke about some of the traditions of the ANZAC ceremony. He also elaborated about the ANZAC values and how they translate into Australian life.


Daniel Nouwen is a student at the school and a member of the Australian Air Force Cadets.

Below is Daniel’s inspiring speech.


“Good afternoon students and teachers,

I am Flight Sergeant Daniel Nouwen from 428 Squadron Australian Air Force Cadets. Today I would like to discuss with you what ANZAC day means to me, and how I get involved in parades on the day to commemorate those men and women, who laid down their lives for Australia.

To fully understand how much ANZAC day means to me, I have to tell you a story. My grandfather spent his entire life in the army. He became a Warrant Officer class two, and loved his job. Back in 2009, he was sent to Afghanistan with MRTF-1. From what he has told us, it was a logistics unit, providing ammunition and other equipment like that. As much as that sounds like a safe job, he still has some hair raising stories. He was deployed for 9 months, and returned home mid-2010. I was at the airport when he left for Afghanistan and at this was the moment I felt proud and realised at time that I would love to follow in his footsteps and join the ADF.

I joined cadets four years ago. I chose the Air Force because at the time, I thought it'd be cool to be a fighter pilot. But I've since discovered this isn't to be. Knowing this has not stopped me getting involved in cadets. In the short time I've been a part of cadets, I've risen through the ranks from cadet or leading Cadet, to now being a team leader as a Flight Sergeant.

On ANZAC day, we march in the Torquay dawn service and the Johnstone’s Park service. Don't be afraid to come and say hi to us after the services, I promise we don't bite.


So, ANZAC day to me, is a very special day. I feel it is my duty to march, out of respect of those who gave their lives for this nation of ours. Without the ANZACs of World War One, to the ANZACs of today, our nation would not be what you see today. We owe them. They have been through so much, been through such an ordeal, and they are still living with the ghosts and the nightmares.

Many people say to me that it was their choice to go, so we don't need to help them or anything. "Why should we, they chose to go" is the common phrase. But if they didn't go, who would have? Who would've gone to repel the Japanese attacks on Darwin? Who would've gone to stop the Germans in World War One? On this day, I pause to honour them because they gave so much for our freedom. They put themselves through so much so that we would not have to wear the burden of their nightmares. And we cannot thank them enough for that.


We must never forget their service. And we must never forget their sacrifice.”


Thank you.

Lest we forget.


Tyler George then read an emotive poem that he had written in his English class.



On Tuesday Komon Sochali who is one of the Year 12 captains was asked to read the Ode at the dawn service at Johnstone Park.

Below is a description of the honour that Komon felt in being asked to read the Ode.


“On Tuesday, I stood amongst many high-powered men and women, Together we remembered ANZAC day. Proud to represent NGSC, I attended the Dawn service at 4:15am in Johnston Park. There, I recited the Ode to remember our diggers who had fallen in Gallipoli. This was a fantastic experience for me, as it has made me appreciate more of what I have today. Those men and women sacrificed their lives for us in order to have what we have now, forever in our hearts.. We will remember them. Lest we forget”.

Komon Sochali

John Eren the state minster for Tourism and Major Events shaking the hand of Komon Sochali

John Eren, Christine Couzens, Komon, Richard Marles and Gayle Tierny


Mrs Julie Andrews and Mr Brad Headlam

ANZAC Day Assembly

At the whole school assembly on 24 April we honoured the sacrifice of soldiers and war veterans. We were very impressed with the respectful manner that the students demonstrated throughout the assembly. Komon Sochali, Sports Captain, read the Ode of Remembrance prior to us listening to the Last Post and observing a minute of silence. We heard from a returned Navy veteran who spoke about what ANZAC Day means to him and how he relates his own values but also the NGSC READ values to the ANZAC spirit. Two of our students also chose to speak at the assembly. Daniel Nouwen is a Flight Sergeant with the Geelong Air Cadets. He spoke of the importance of participation in the ANZAC services and how they help us to remember in an appropriate and community minded manner. With his Cadet group Daniel marched at the Torquay Dawn Service and later in the morning at the Johnstone Park ANZAC service. Tyler George read a poem he wrote about ANZAC day.

Thank you to the captains who conducted the assembly and Ms Smith and Mr Koullas who helped organise this assembly as Acting Assistant Principals. 


Also, we would like to acknowledge the Library staff which has for the past few weeks provided pictures and other visual representations that help us to understand the nature of ANZAC Day and the ANZAC Spirit.

NGSC APP innovation!

It is with great pleasure that I am able to inform you of a new app that is just for NGSC students.

The NGSC APP has been developed by Tom Grantham, year 11. Read on for Tom’s thoughts……

“During the first term whilst helping out at the iLeader help desk (This is where iLeaders get the opportunity to help their peers with any technology issues they may have, whilst gaining an insight into the inner workings of an IT department), I saw a need for something to link all the college resources together so students don’t waste precious time trying to find things, and to ensure they have everything they need, technologically, for school. So having tampered in app development previously, I decided to attempt creating a school app. After creating the basic structure I demonstrated the app to members of the IT team, then through brainstorming I built upon the original idea, adding features such as a college planner (for students to enter their homework tasks into),  links, documents, maps and much more until there was an app worthy of the App Store.


After submitting the app for review and initially being unsuccessful, I persevered and with a second attempt at submission, the app was accepted and it is now available on the APP Store. During the development I encountered many issues and there were plenty of times where things seemed impossible, but, through perseverance the goal was met and it just goes to show if you want to achieve something you just have to keep trying and you will be successful in the end.


I programmed the app in the program Xcode using programming language Swift 3. However without the support of many people there is no way I could have created this app unfortunately I can’t list them all here but, I would especially like to thank John Mullins for his support throughout the whole process of development, Courtney McCullough who provided design insight as well as many others who have provided information for the app to include and of course the beta testers who helped to find bugs and suggested improvements as well as many others.


So now you know the story I recommend you give the app a try, it's available by searching “North Geelong” on the App Store, and it is free.”


Tom has really achieved  a fantastic addition to the life of students at NGSC. He is to be commended for his dedication and innovation in creating an app that students can use on their iPads every day. It is also available for iPhones and iPods.       


There are currently 17 sections of the app that range from links to the school website, Learning Field, Compass or the careers blog, to school information (map of grounds, Evacuation plan, School rules and Values), to sections where students can add their timetable, enter College or classroom events and assignments/assessments.

The NGSC app will be trialled this year alongside the traditional hard copy planner. In 2018 we may only have the NGSC app to provide student information and quick links. The app can not replace an actual calendar or diary so students will need to become accustomed to using these existing apps as well. They have the visual value of displaying in day/week/month/year views and that they can be set up with reminders.


Any feedback about the NGSC app is very welcome. This can be sent to Tom, any iLeader or an Assistant Principal.


As we progress through the features of Compass we are developing greater capacities in a number of ways. With NAPLAN testing coming up starting on the 9th May it is worth noting that we will be utilising the data gained in our classrooms for more individually appropriate and challenging learning tasks for our students as well as differentiated instruction. The NAPLAN assessment is a scoring system used across the country to identify an individual’s level of understanding in components of literacy and numeracy skills. Within Compass we have analytics tools which will provide staff the opportunity to observe a range of student data (including NAPLAN) and they will use this to identify individual student learning needs as well as reflect on the teaching of the skills assessed by these tests. As a College we observe the growth of students from year 7 to 9 and utilise the data gained on individuals to help inform course counselling decisions about the capacities of our students.

The dates of the tests are as follows:


9th May           Language and Writing

10th May         Reading

11th May         Numeracy



I always find it impressive the extensive opportunities our College provides our students to experience various engaging learning activities in and out of school. In the next fortnight alone we have an HPV race, athletics day, year 9 DOXA camp, interschool sport, White Card training, Soulart, Outdoor ed camps, Primary School Bike edprogram, Legal Studies prison visit and year 12 rock climbing. All such programs require great organisation from students, parents, staff and school administration. We greatly appreciate the efforts of staff in arranging such learning activities as there are a number of Department requirements and provider expectations to meet. We also appreciate the support of parents in the prompt return of all required documentation as this enables us to meet all requirements for effective management of such activities.

Mr Hosie and Year 11 Outdoor Education campers (gold prospectors)


The features of our software provider are being utilised to greater extent as the year goes on. As was mentioned, we will be utilising an Analytics tool to analyse student performance data. In future weeks we will be providing online progress reports and then later in the term semester reports. We have started to provide students with publications of news items and these will also be available to parents as required to keep everyone up to date with all pertinent school information. These notifications can occur in the form of an update on Compass dashboard, a push notification or in some instances an email. At the moment we are investigating the use of an Events component to organise camps and excursions, this could potentially be used for a more efficient communication with parents and permissions.


WIth the increase in use of Compass it is important that parents connect with this. Login details around this was sent home earlier in the year. If you have not organised this and need support please let us know so that we can help.


Mr James Cowan-Clark

Year 8 Coordinator 

Welcome to Term 2


It has been a very busy start to the term with plenty going on. The Year 8’s had their first in class competition with 8F taking out the Volleyball competition.


With the weather cooling down uniform does tend to become an issue. The school policy is that a plain black jumper can be worn under a school jacket or jumper but cannot be seen. Hooded jumpers are not allowed in any form.

Finally Camp is around the corner. Dates are below and further information will be arriving home shortly.



Monday 15th May-  Thursday 18th May. Classes 8A, 8B & 8C



Monday 29th May- Thursday 1st June. Classes 8D, 8E & 8F

Year 7 Immunisations

Last week the year 7 students received their first immunisations for the year. If your child was absent on the day they can attend a Barwon Health Centre to catch up on this first round (see the attached for locations). There is a date that these first immunisations need to be done in order for the students to be able to receive the second round with the rest of the year level.


Please read the information from Barwon Health.


Concerns can be directed to the Immunisation team at Barwon Health, details in their information.



Mr Jacob Storer 

Year 9 Coordinator 


Welcome back to Term 2, Year 9 community. After a great Term 1, we are looking to continue the positivity throughout this term.

We have had a few big events towards the end of last term and coming up this term.

9G Visit to Bell Park North Primary School

In Week 9 of Term 1, the 9G Community Engagement class headed to Bell Park North Primary School to run a short activity afternoon with the Grade 3/4s. The class had worked hard all term to ensure they were organised and prepared to deliver an enjoyable afternoon to the young students.


It was incredibly impressive to see how well our students interacted and led the younger students. All groups made NGSC extremely proud and the fact that the afternoon ran so smoothly is a testament to the hard work the 9G students put in.


We are all looking forward to heading back to Bell Park North to continue to build positive relationships with our wider community.


Year 9 Camp

Term 2 is going to be an exciting time for Year 9s, with our rebranded Project Week now taking the form of an environmental and resilience-based camp near Malmsbury. The first camp begins on May 3.


Can we ensure that our permission forms are returned promptly so the organisation process can run smoothly.


Watch this space for more updates as each camp runs.


For the most part, the Year 9s have been meeting the high uniform standards we have at North Geelong SC. With the weather now getting chilly, make sure that we are still meeting these expectations. No hoodies or jumpers are to be worn that aren’t NGSC uniform. Long-sleeve undershirts are also not a part of the College’s uniform.


Also, we will continue to be cracking down on PE uniforms. PE uniforms are only to be worn when each class has PE. The PE timetable can be viewed in the Mid Sub-School Office and in each Home Room.


Continue the great work, Year 9s!


Ms Sarah Bridges 

Senior Sub School Manager 

Welcome to term 2. This is a busy term as students are working on developing their skills and knowledge in all their subjects. A study support program is being offered this term on Monday and Wednesday nights in the private study area in the library. Each session will focus on a specific subject and skill. Timetable is available on google classroom and on the notice boards in the yr.11 and yr.12 areas. A reminder that Maths support/tutoring is available on Mondays during period 5 and 6 and after school.


Students are reminded to ensure they are accessing all their teachers and the study support programs being offered this term so that they can continue to work towards their personal goals.

GAT feedback: Unit 3 and 4 students who sat the practice GAT Writing Task 1 will be provided with feedback this week. A VCAA English examiner marked these and provided both individual and group feedback.

Key Dates:

14/6/17: GAT. All students studying a Unit 3 and 4 subject are required to sit the GAT.

13/6/17-16/6/17: Exam Week. All VCE students are required to sit mid-year exams. Time published on google classroom and hard copies are available from the Sub School Office.

16/6/17: Last Day of Semester 1. All work for VCE Unit 1 and Unit 3 to be completed.

19/6/17 Semester 2 Commences.

Year 11:

VCE Students recently attended a motivational/study seminar presented by Elevate Education. Students are encouraged to use this valuable resource and implement the strategies provided.


Students and parents/carers are advised that there are some upcoming costs involved for yr. 12 next year and I would like to give prior notice so that these can be prepared for:

Yr. 12 Jackets to be ordered during term 3 and 4 for 2018. Cost is approximately $90.

Yr. 12 Camp will be in February 2018 and all students are expected to participate. Cost is approximately $150 (CSEF money may be used for this activity).

Year 12:

Graduation Date is 24/10.  At this stage the tickets are approximately $70 per person and we are offering each student 1 ticket for themselves and 2 for family. Students will be able to indicate if they would like to purchase more tickets and we will try to accommodate this request. A note will be sent home shortly explaining this.

If there any concerns please contact the relevant Year Level Coordinator or Sub School Manager.


Ms Fran Forsyth

Sports Manager

Western Metro Region Swimming Championships


Congratulations to the two boys who made it through to this level. It has been a number of years since any swimmer from the college has done so.


Lucas Barry  12-15 Years 200m Freestyle 3rd, 12-15 Years 100m Freestyle 3rd,

12-13 Years 50m Freestyle 3rd


Kabil Boyce 12-13 Years Breastroke 5th


STEM and VCAL Student Excursion

Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, Albert Park – 24th March.

Teachers: Zach Alexakos, George McMeel, Ryan Mills.


As part of the STEM initiative the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix was selected to encourage students to engage in a number of different disciplines, ranging from physics, VET automotive, photography, engineering and mathematics. 


Students completed a number of activities in the lead up to the event including a brief history of formula one, covering teams, famous drivers and statistics.  Speakers at the grand prix would be providing further details about specific topics such as aerospace engineering, mechanical technologies and the science of speed.  We also examined the rule changes to Formula One for the 2017 season, which include a significant list of aerodynamic changes and new rules for engine and transmission units for the season.  (Down to 4 for the entire season). 


While some of the day was taken up by transport delays to and from Albert Park, the students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and thrill of attending a truly international sporting fixture and the ultimate formula in motorsport.  

Comments from students:


“The Grand Prix was an excellent day out. The excursion was incredible as it gave us an opportunity to see the amazing feats of engineering and design up close and personal. The cars whizzing past at 300km/h was definitely a sight to remember. There were also cars on display that could be found dotted around the circuit and demonstrations that were quite impressive. The excursion gave us an insight into just how far the limits of physics can be pushed as the cars pushed around corners at incredible speeds creating a memorable impression.”

- Damien Disher 10C


“F1 Experience - Going to the F1 was a great experience, we learned a heap about the cars and the history off them, we also learned to be patient while waiting for the train, all in all it was a fun and exciting day.”

- Max Welsh 12C


“F1 day - It was a great day going to the F1 day when we saw the cars going past us going over 150km we learnt a lot about the cars and what has to go into them to race it was a long day in the hot trams with over 6 different schools and the trams were so full we couldn't move or anything all in all it was a amazing and fun day with friends and to go to something that I will never forget.”

- Cameron Little 11A


A big thankyou to the VCAL (and one VCE) students who have volunteered to speak about themselves and their culture in the wider community. Early on in March, Moshi Minani, Sami Niazi, San Da and Mohammed Maalim spoke to members of Christ Church Geelong. Alphonse Mulashe, Andrew Bijimba and Sumaya Maalim also answered a few questions about themselves. At the end of March, Moshi, Sami, San Da and newcomers Jason Jaan, Andrew Bijimba and Reyhana Mousavi addressed people at Belmont Uniting Church.


The students then shared some sandwiches and yummy slices with the church members.

On both occasions the students presented themselves in an excellent, well-prepared manner. Thank you to Mr Jordan and Ms Elkin for assisting with the preparation and transport.


EAL VCAL classes have been involved in many activities last term and this term. Ms Elkin’s class made table centre pieces for the Soroptimist’s International Womens’ Day celebrations. Mr Jordan’s class created buttonhole bouquets which were donated to the Soroptimists and the Business Professional Women’s group. Both of these organisations mentor some of our female students.


Students from Ms Elkin’s class undertook a Bike Assistance and Maintenance course and,

during Term 2 and 3, they will be going to local primary schools to assist with Bike Education courses.


Nowruz was celebrated by painting and dyeing some eggs, as well as looking at the similarities between this celebration of new life and the traditions of Chinese New Year and Easter.


Mr Jordan’s class invited Mr Adamou and other staff members to an afternoon tea, during which they introduced themselves with a brief talk about themselves and their aspirations. They prepared delicious sandwiches and made a refreshing cup of tea or coffee for everyone. They all spoke well, many overcoming the fact that they had not spoken in front of others before.


Mr Wright’s Literacy class has been investigating the ‘Close the Gap’ campaign and held some activities to raise money for the campaign. Some cookies were baked and sold and a test of soccer skills was set up.


Ms Elkin’s class has been baking ANZAC biscuits and will be entertaining some Veterans for morning tea on Thursday 27th. They will be practising their English communication skills buy introducing themselves and asking the visitors some questions about their role in the Defence Force.



VCE Media

Last Friday VCE Media and Visual Communication Design students visited the Top Design Exhibition in Melbourne. Students were provided with the opportunity to see student folio and presentation work in their subjects from across Victoria. The experience was motivating and inspiring for the students.  

Miss Oates 


Multicultural Committee News

Mrs Vera Dudas

Multicultural Liaision Officer


Welcome back to Term Two.  
I hope you all had a good Easter break and are refreshed to start a new term packed with lots of action and events.  
The Multicultural Committee has been back at work with the first meeting on Monday 24th April.  
We will be having Refugee Week celebrations this term kicking off on 19th June, followed by various activities during the week as this is world wide recognized event.  


Our next Multicultural Meeting will be before Refugee Week on 22nd MAY.



Southern Cross Cultural Exchange

Southern Cross Cultural Exchange will be in Geelong next Tuesday, 2nd May, to run an Information Session about our overseas exchange programs. We would love the opportunity for any interested students to join us and gather all the information they need to consider an exchange program with us.


Details of the session are as follows:



Belmont Library

163 High Street

Belmont, VIC



At the Information Session, we will be talking about the programs we offer, the durations, scholarship opportunities, our host family screening process, overseas school placements and application process.


Below is a flyer with the details of our session.


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