Photo: New mural by the Art Club for Rainbow Day

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23 May 2017
Issue Eight
For your diary
Progress check: your child's learning
Update: the Northcote Model
Rainbow Day
State Champions!
Human rights on film:  2 special evenings in June
Letter from Ethiopia
Year 11 Philanthropic Project
Year 8s take action: will you help?
Year 9s: beyond the school gate
Art club spreads its wings
Catch me if you can: Sports News
International students extend themselves
Year 10: Engineers Without Borders
Year 10 Careers Day
Careers News
Keep in touch: using Compass
Staying safe on transport
Opportunity for composers and musicans
Parenting ideas: Managing Anxiety and Parenting Girls
Community notices
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For your diary

Key dates 

  Please note the following events coming up:

  • Monday May 22                 Junior Music Camp (to 24 May)
  • Friday May 26                     Learning Behaviours Reports published (on Compass)
  • Wednesday May 31          VCE Music Unit 1 Soiree
  • Thursday June 1               Year 10 Music Soiree
  • Thursday June 1               School Council Meeting
  • Friday June 2                     Year 10/11 Exams commence
  • Monday June 5                  Year 9 English Exam
  • Friday June 9                     Year 7 Immunisations
  • Monday June 12              Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
  • Wednesday June 14       GAT Exam for Unit 3/4 VCE students. No Year 10-12 classes
  • Wednesday June 14       Year 7 Fun Day
  • Friday June 16                  Student Free Day (Staff Professional Learning). End Semester 1.
  • Monday June 19              Start of Semester 2

Progress check: your child's learning

CATs and SACs, Feedback, Reports and Exams

At this point in the Semester it is good idea to stay informed about the progress your child is making in their classes, and to make sure they are on track for success.  Year 10 and 11 exams are coming up from June 2, and Year 9 exams from June 5.  All students will have assessment to complete before the end of Semester (June 16). 


The best  way to do this is by checking their assessment feedback through myNorthcoteHigh. All subjects should now have feedback on at least one completed assessment task and in many cases there may be two Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) or SACs available with completed feedback. If there is only one it would be a good idea to check myNorthcoteHigh at least once a week or keep an eye on your email for a notification of recently released feedback. 


With the next round of Learning Behaviour Reports being released via Compass on May 26 it is an opportunity to have conversations with your child about their learning before their exams or before the semester finishes. 


Thank you for partnering with us and if you have any issues logging in or navigating myNorthcoteHigh please contact Josh McDonald at [email protected]

Update: the Northcote Model

Photo: Source:

The world is evolving and so are we: reflections from the Community Conversation about teaching and learning at Northcote High School

Why are we changing?

Last year, curriculum leaders at our school reviewed ‘learning at Northcote’ by considering the ways we deliver programs at Northcote, the learning experiences of students and the manner in which we prepare our young people to meet the future. We called this review process, ‘Realising the vision: Project Refresh. Now that we have completed the process, the model we have developed will be called ‘The Northcote Model’.


A Community Conversation

Recently, on 10 May, our Library filled with families and community members keen to hear about curriculum change at Northcote. A major driver of our decisions is the change we are seeing in the world of work, and we decided to base the conversation around this topic.


The main activity of the evening was a community discussion based on a number of reports produced by the Foundation for Young Australians. (See to find the reports we discussed and more.) These reports detailed the major changes affecting employment in Australia (globalisation, automation, and collaboration or ‘the gig economy’) and the risks and opportunities inherent in the changing economy. They also examined the kinds of skills that our young people will need in this new environment and the implications for schools.  


While we know that learning can be an end in itself, and a source of challenge and enjoyment in its own right, it is incumbent on us to consider the world our young people will be entering after school.

Community members read extracts from the reports and intense discussion followed.  Our Principal Kate Morris then introduced the main changes we will be making to curriculum provision at Northcote from 2018.


What is the Northcote Model?

In order to be the kind of school that can continue to deliver on our responsibilities to our community and their children, we have developed a new model for curriculum provision for Years 7 to 10, which we are calling the Northcote Model. The improvements we are making will be made in two stages. The first stage, which will be available to years 9 and 10, will begin in 2018. The second stage, involving Years 7 and 8 will start from 2019.


In the Northcote Model, learning at Years 9 and 10 at Northcote will be organised to provide greater student choice.  Students will need to complete a set number of semester-long courses in each Learning Area over two years, however they will be able to select from a range of courses within each area, and have greater opportunities to select how they learn in their subjects. In addition, they will select six semester courses over two years from any of the Learning Areas, so that they can do more of what they enjoy, or, alternatively, choose a greater variety of experiences.


The traditional distinction between ‘core’ subjects and ‘elective’ subjects will dissolve, and all courses offered will be designed around the concept of ‘hard fun’, the idea that increased achievement is best encouraged in an environment that is both challenging and engaging.  Courses are currently being documented, and the Victorian Curriculum is implicit in every choice we offered to students.   Our Years 7 and 8 programs will focus on strengthening student’s academic skills and offering a broad program with clearly differentiated experiences in each of these two year levels.    


When will the changes start?      

If you have a student at Northcote who is now in Year 8, you will be part of our course counselling process from Term 3 of this year.  Decisions about which courses a student selects should emerge from discussions at home and at school which acknowledge the student’s interests, skills and needs; the family’s knowledge of their child; as well as the knowledge the student’s tutor and subject teachers have about the child as a learner.  With increased choice for students comes the obligation for us to be partner with families in assisting our young people to make ‘great’ choices.

Rainbow Day

Photo: Celebrating Rainbow Day

Celebrating diversity at Northcote High School

On Friday we celebrated Rainbow Day to mark the recent International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. Rainbow Day acknowledges the diversity of our whole school community including anyone who is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, gender diverse  and Queer.   This might include any who come from a rainbow family or who have other people in their families who identify as LGBTIQ.  Staff and students marked the day by wearing rainbow clothes and with a range of special events and activities.  It was truly a celebratory day and more than one student said it makes them proud to be at NHS.


Staff enjoyed a morning tea with an impressive (and delicious) rainbow cake  - thanks to Marion in the Canteen.

The Art Club worked all week on the wonderful new mural on the L3 wall, with coloured 'skittles' representing the rainbow.


The Library came alive at lunchtime with a Year 7 band performing, guest speakers from YGender and a session with Decibels staff from Darebin - who left with quite a few new signed ups to their sessions for young people who are not usually part of the music scene - especially young women, young gender diverse and trans people.  It was fabulous to see the new LGBTIQ books on display too. Outside, rainbow donuts, coloured hairspray and facepainting were very popular.


All the students involved did a wonderful job with setting up the space, chalking messages, spraying hair and facepainting, speaking, selling donuts - as well as the tricky job of raising money from everyone when they arrived in the morning. An extra special thanks to Tessa, PJ and Orlando for their fantastic music.

Donations collected from the day will see $1000 going directly to YGENDER, a peer led social support and advocacy group for trans/gender diverse young people.

State Champions!

Photo: The Year 7&8 teams

Aerobics teams excell

Our Year 7&8 Aerobics teams, coached by former students Annabelle Stray and Aimee Shearer,  competed over the weekend at the  Federation of International Sport Aerobics & Fitness State Championships in Hampton Park. The Year 7s' 2-minute routine certainly impressd the judges: they came out with a gold medal and are now the State Champions. Our Year 8 team also performed admirably, placing 4th.  The teams have been training as a group twice a week since the start of the year, and putting in numerous extra sessions of their own accord in the lead up to the competition. Both teams have qualified for the National Championships, to be held in Brisbane in August. 


Congratulations to all the competitors on your hard work and achievements.


Team Ace : State Champions

Imogen Nunn

Elke Claire-Cust

Amy Stokes

Neve Tsitas

Alia Daniels


Team Amigos : 4th place

Olivia Brooks

Indigo Van Der Hoeven

Grace Foley

Bella Collodetti

Greta Young

Human rights on film: 
2 special evenings in June

Short Film Festival comes to Northcote

The Human Rights Arts and Film Festival (HRAFF) are bringing a selection of short films to Northcote High School this June. Now in its 10th year, HRAFF has screened films that cover a range of social justice issues and by doing so they have created a platform for voices that often go unheard. The purpose of the evening is to bring the Northcote community together to experience world-class film making from both Australian and international directors. The films selected come recommended by the festival's program director and will be suitable for all audiences (classified G or PG). 

When: Tuesday 20 June - 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start

Where: William Olver Hall (NHS)

Cost: $15 for adults, $10 concession/students

Tickets via

Freedom Stories: Australia and asylum seekers

Northcote High School would like to invite you all to a special screening of the uplifting documentary Freedom Stories during Refugee Week on Wednesday 21 June.

Freedom Stories is a positive documentary that explores the achievements and stories of former ‘boat people’ who arrived in Australian waters seeking asylum from the Middle East around 2001, a defining year in Australian politics.


Locked in remote detention centres and then placed on temporary protection visas, their limbo lasted for years. Now Australian citizens, they are finally building secure lives and contributing to their new country.


Freedom Stories premiered at the Sydney Film Festival and also screened at Cinema Nova for a season. It is rated PG and suitable for children in Grades 5 and above.


We will be joined by producer Lisa Horler (an NHS parent) who will introduce the film and answer any questions after the screening.


This is a great opportunity to further educate yourself and your children on the issues surrounding Australia's relationship with refugees.


All welcome!


Entry by donation to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre: reserve tickets through

NHS Library

Arrive 6.30 for 7pm start

Cheese and wine provided

Contact [email protected] 

Letter from Ethiopia

Photo: The team in Hudad

Thank you Northcote!

Last year for their Philanthropic Project the Year 7 students at Northcote High School undertook a 3 hour walk to fundraise to help build a school on a remote mountain plateau in Ethiopia.  They raised over $7,000.


The school is being built by a group of local Melbournians, including a family at Northcote HS.  It has been 3 years in the planning: bogged down in government red tape, many fundraising activities and then finally an interruption due to a State of Emergency in Ethiopia!


But we persisted and finally the bricks are being laid.  Along the way, others have joined from far and wide and so you can see the 12 volunteers who recently made the trek up the mountain, came from Australia, England and the USA to join with the local community, to begin the school construction.

Although it was hard work at such high altitude (3300m), without electricity and running water, there was loads of fun too. It is a stunningly beautiful, remote place, 3 hours walk up a donkey track from the nearest town. Everything had to either be carried up the mountain by human or donkey (including 88 bags of cement and 3 truckloads of sand) or sourced from local materials.  Up to 400 litres of water a day was carried to the site by a small group of local women, 30m3 of basaltic black stones were collected from neighbouring fields for footing and over 2000 pieces of beautiful pink limestone was quarried from the edge of the escarpment and shaped by local stonemasons.


We all look back on an amazing life-changing experience. Lots of skills were learned and exchanged and friendships forged. The locals couldn't believe that white women were actually doing hard labour!  One of our highlights was seeing the local school kids gleefully carrying stones to the site in their recess and lunch times. It was truly a collaborative experience!


Thankyou Northcote High for your wonderful support.


We are heading off again in October/November this year. If anyone would be interested in joining us as a volunteer contact us at

[email protected]


If you would like to know more about the project here is the link to our website


Contributions would be most appreciated via our chuffed site


Jenny Ouliaris

Year 11 Philanthropic Project

Photo: Food collected for the ASRC

Raising awareness and resources

For their Philanthropic Project this year, Year 11 students decided to conduct a food drive for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC). The Year Level and Class leaders recently delivered this bounty to the centre. Thank you to all who donated.


Year 8s take action: will you help?

Photo: Phoebe and Mia: helping those in need

A little help goes a long way

Hello, we're Mia and Phoebe from Year 8D,

We are Year Eight students, who, as part of our 20% Project are running a charity called a ''A Little Help''. We provide children in crisis with packs of essentials for their first night away from home. For example; children going into foster care, women's refuges and children that are affected by domestic violence.

Children that are removed from their home in urgent situations are generally taken with nothing: no clothes (apart from what they’re wearing), no toys not even a toothbrush. Sometimes they must leave in the middle of the night. This is where we come in. We wish for every child to have something of their own. We would like to provide every child with a little bit of help. Your little bit of help will provide these children with essentials for their first night away from home.


Take a moment and imagine that right now whether you're at school, work or home and the department of human services tap you on the shoulder and say, "You need to come with me right now." No phone call, no belongings, no one you know, nothing... You've been told you must go live with a stranger, you have no voice. Imagine for one second walking into a home that smells different, looks different and feels different. Nothing that's familiar and none of your belongings. Or if you’re in a domestic violence situation and you leave home like you would every other day unaware that you'll never get to go back home again. This is just two of the possible situations. That's why we think every child needs to go into a new home with something of their own.


These are some examples of what the children will be provided with:

  • Children from 0-2 will be provided with: A onesie, wipes, nappies, socks, a teddy bear and dummy.
  • Children from age 2-10 will be provided with: a brand-new set of clothes, a toothbrush-toothpaste, a bag, a teddy bear, a packet of pocket tissues, a hair brush/comb, underwear and a cozy pair of socks.
  • Teenage girls will be provided with: deodorant, a toothbrush and toothpaste, pocket tissues, sanitary pads, a hairbrush, a toiletry bag, hair ties, a notebook and pen and soap.
  • Teenage boys will be provided with: deodorant, a toiletry bag, pocket tissues, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and a note book and pen.

We would greatly appreciate any donations or purchases at a discount price. We will acknowledge any donations or discounts on our social media accounts (eg Facebook) and on our ‘gofundme’ page

For more information, you can email: [email protected]


Year 9s: beyond the school gate

Photo: They can design: Leea and Amelie at work

Designers of the future

Please congratulate Year 9 students  Leeawuleena Horler Skiotis and Amelie Kleinschmidt for their outstanding efforts at the textiles competition, So You Think You Can Design – held in front of over 100 Design and Technology teachers at a 2 day conference last weekend.


The girls did really well and came 3rd overall in the state (they were also the youngest taking part) - and hopefully they will be back in the competition next year to take the top spot!


Thanks to Sarah Grinzi and Rohan Bevan for helping the students.


Peter Murphy

Head of Technology (Materials and Textiles)

Budding coaches

Year 9 students recently enjoyed coaching youngsters from Westgarth Primary School as part of their Sports Leadership subject.


Art club spreads its wings

Photo: The 'Birds of Literature'

Introducing our new sculpture installation: 'Birds of Literature'

This semester we have been working on an art installation in the library. We were given a chance to choose a theme to work with and we collectively chose to depict the theme 'freedom of learning'.

We chose this theme for our installation because the library is a space of independent learning, it is a place that many year 9s-12s use to study for exams and work on personal things in free periods.


The art club decided that to use 'Birds Of Literature' to represent this theme would connect to the 'freedom' and the 'independence' that students represent in the John Cain Library. Each bird is connected to a novel/story. For example we have Hedwig the owl from Harry Potter, and the robin from The Secret Garden. To further link the theme/story to the birds, we decided to paper-mâché the exterior of the birds with pages from their original stories. All of these books were second hand books and had been slightly ruined or ripped so there was no wastage of a precious Harry Potter book! 

The birds in the display are:

  • Hedwig the owl from Harry Potter (by J.K Rowling)
  • The Robin from 'The Secret Garden' (by Frances Hodgson Burnett)
  • Swan from 'The Wild Swans' (Hans Christian Anderson)
  • Mockingbird from 'To Kill A Mockingbird' (by Harper lee)


The NHS Art Club:

Hannah Bayston - Leah Carr - Lucinda Costa - Gianna Garzarella - Pippi Hayman - Hannah Kelly - Katie Massey - Eva Massey - Roma Nolan - Charlie O'Brien - Ella O'Neil - Xalia Sheehan - Kisha Williams - Isabelle Zeevaarder - Ella O’Neil

Catch me if you can: Sports News

Photo: Enjoying the run at the Cross Country Carnival

Cross Country Carnival

On Tuesday 16th May, we held our Cross Country Carnival here at school. We were successful in holding off the rain to ensure the event went ahead as planned. The course takes in aspects of Merri Park, the Merri Creek Trail and surrounding neighbourhoods. The carnival provided students with an opportunity to have an afternoon of fun with friends as well as try out for our Cross Country Team (due to compete in the Darebin Division Carnival on Friday 2nd June).  Those that compete against other high schools in the Darebin Division Carnival have an opportunity to qualify for the Regional and State event to be held later this year.

Congratulations to the students below as well as those securing places in the Darebin Division competition (see attached list).


Age Champions:

12 Yrs: Felix Corcoran, Eleanor Sutherland

13 Yrs: Alex Gust, Dulice Breen

14 Yrs: Douglas Buckeridge, Mikaila Young

15 Yrs: Thomas Langdon, Aphra Nolan

16 Yrs+: Aiden Daniliuc, Christy Dong


NHS Sport on Instagram


Keep up-to-date with training, team news, results, pictures and much more. You can find us by searching @northcote_high_school_sport.


Training for all Term 2 sports is well underway. If you would like to join a team there’s still time…. Come and take a look at the training calendar (in the gym foyer window) and attend any sport you would like. 


For those in the football teams, we are selling NHS AFL / Soccer socks for $10. If you are interested please see Mrs Blanchard or Pauline Dridan in the PE office.

Competitions coming up

Wednesday 24th May – Intermediate Girls Football

Friday 26th May – Intermediate Badminton

Friday 26th May – Year 7/8 NHS Netball Tournament

Monday 29th May – Division Athletics

Friday 2nd June – Division Cross Country

International students extend themselves

Photo: International Student Debating team celebrates their success

Debate 2 success

After the 2nd debate event the International Student Team celebrated its success over an early pizza dinner as Pizza e Vino Restaurant on High St. on 3rd May.


The school’s International Student Debate program marks its 7th year this year. This great program is initiated and led by  Debate Program Coordinator Mr Martin Ramsay and the International Student Office. It is also the very first International Student Debate Team in the Victoria Government School Sector. This program proves to be a great co-curricular activity, which helps many participating international students to enhance their English language skills beyond classroom, particularly their confidence in applying English in research and presentation.  


This year, the International Student Debate Program has 26 enthusiastic students who have been busy training, researching and building their teams over lunch on Tuesdays, which resulted in a  great outcome at the 2nd round debate.      


International Student Forum

Three Northcote High School student representatives (Ngoc Diep Nguyen, Mariah Milla & Junting huang) attended the most anticipated annual International Student Forum held on 16th May at the State library. This year the theme of the forum was How the International Student Program Can be Enhanced to Share Cultures and to help develop Global Citizenship and Intercultural Capability In the School Community. Official speakers included Parliamentary Secretary Judith Graley and General Manager of International Division Joel Backwell.  

The forum allowed international and local students to share their stories and perspectives with each other. Diep proudly presented her group work on the stage in front of 300 student and teacher group. Mariah Milla, as a NHS local student representative, gave a quick speech to thank the forum organizer for bringing people together to share the wonderful day.


The International Student Program Director Ms Lixia Wang and Debate Program Coordinator Mr Martin Ramsay were invited to showcase to the forum of NHS’ International Debate program and Public Speaking Program, as it is regarded as good practice.


We are also very delighted to announce that Ngoc Diep Nguyen has been selected as one of the ten student representatives to attend the International Student Forum 2017 Post-Program Briefing on 31 May 2017, meeting with the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Education, as well as the Executive Director of International Education.


International Student Office

Year 10: Engineers Without Borders

Environmental Engineering students explore sustainable energy

Engineers without Borders visited our Environmental Engineering class to teach the Year 10 students about hydroelectric power generation. Students worked in teams to build a generator from recycled materials and competed against each other to achieve the highest voltage possible.


Michaela Greenwood-Smith

Environmental Engineering teacher

Year 10 Careers Day

Photo: Year 10s enjoy a careers workshop

A great learning experience

Our Year 10 students participated in their Careers Day last week. After hearing from two recent graduates of NHS, Nick Kenyon (2011) and Kate Fayle (2009), talk about their career journeys so far, students learned more about the various options available to them in terms of senior years programs. They then had the opportunity to select two speakers from a range of fifteen guests, all of whom spoke about their own career journeys and provided a wide range of insights into how students might approach their own decision-making about the future.


The following people generously gave their time, energy and expertise to prepare for and deliver thought-provoking and interactive sessions for our students; and for that we thank them sincerely. A larger proportion than usual came from within our own parent community, which was terrific. We hope more parents will join us for future events like this, as the students get so much more out of hearing from people they know to be “real”.

Michelle Couling         Sports photographer

Panayiota Romios       Social theorist and researcher in health and humanitarian sector

Rebecca Taylor           Communications & management

Amy Miller                    Digital design and Project management

Greg D’Arcy                Informatics specialist

Tim Rolfe                      TV writer, event manager, animatronics

Xavier Brouwer             IT specialist/Enterprise architect

Ben Walton-Healey      Plumber and business owner

Gilly Trikalitotis             Analytical chemist and former student

Amy Rogers                 Cardiac and critical care nurse

Sean Cooney              Professor of international law

David Martin                Entrepreneur

Scott Myers                  Fireman

Tim Blaikie                    Carpenter, teacher, actor, salesman


From our perspective the Careers Day was a huge success. We are incredibly grateful for the time and energy that presenters spent giving our students an insight into the world of work. Whilst students had fun, they also took the workshops seriously: listening, focusing and participating in the activities that were organised. Miss Gollan and I were impressed with the attitude of Y10 students throughout the day. We hope that the day has helped our young people think a little more deeply about their future and that as we progress through this term’s Connect Programme, students will research their future pathways, much more informed.


Scott Macdonald and Meredith Gollan

Head of Year 10 and Year 10 Program Leader

Careers News

Photo: Visit the Careers page on myNorthcoteHigh

Work Experience with a difference

The Foundation for Young Australians are offering a very special work experience opportunity called 'Work Inspiration'. It involves three components, based around developing insights into yourself and the world of work:


Insight 1:  All About Me - discover the talents, passions and interests of the students through a ‘personality quiz’ style conversation. This is a get to know you type insight to start build some rapport and trust. 


Insight 2:  Behind the Scenes - presents an interactive outline of what the organisation does and why - where the students will learn about the organisation and who and what kind of jobs are on offer at FYA, The students will hopefully see or hear about a job they like. 


Insight 3:  Careers Happen - Young people interact with staff at FYA about their career journey, from their early teenage years up until now. This is also a session that might occur at the PriceWaterhouseCooper office in the city.


Places are very limited and by special application only.  If your child thinks they may be interested in this, they should contact  Careers Advisor, Kylie Witt. 

Monash Scholars Program

Monash Scholars is a prestigious program for high achieving secondary school students.

The program is offered by Monash University to give potential students a unique head start into university life. It will provide opportunities for personal and academic development, give students the knowledge, skills and confidence to make the right study choices and enable them to build a network of peers, academic, and employment contacts.


The program begins in Year 10, continuing on through years 11 and 12, with participants invited to a number of events and activities each year. We would expect the time commitment to be approximately 20 hours per year, mostly out of school time.


Applications close May 29 and must be endorsed by the school prior to this date.  Please download the attached flyer and form for more information and to apply for endorsement.


Open Days 2017

Start thinking about which unis you would like to check out during next term and calendar in the dates on this flyer. Preparing for these events well in advance helps you get the most out of them, especially on days when more than one uni is holding its Open Day. Check individual websites for events, seminars and scheduling options to ensure you experience the aspects of the uni that interest you most. Start visiting unis well before Year 12!


Monash Uni: Take control of your future!

Monash Uni is excited to offer Year 12 students interested in studying IT, the opportunity to attend their annual Take Control event.

Students will be able to meet with Monash University Academics and PhD students, as well as like minded young people from other high schools. As part of the event, students will:

  • participate in hands on programming and network security workshops
  • visit our new multi-million dollar visualisation research facility and take part in a 3D virtual reality tour of the “Cave”. Click here to see the Cave in action.
  • Listen to a leading business futurist who will share insights on future jobs in technology

Students with an aptitude for maths, science and / or technology are best suited to this event. Please register here Monash staff will be taking photos at the event and students will be asked to provide their consent as part of the registration process.



Year 12 Students


Saturday, 27th May


10:00am - 4:30pm (Registration 09:30)




E7 Lecture Theatre, 14 Alliance Lane
Engineering Faculty, Clayton Campus


N1 Multi-level Carpark
10 Research Way, Clayton 
Free parking all day

Register Now


Keep in touch: using Compass

Help us to communicate with you

As well as this newsletter, one of our main means of communication is the Compass portal for students and parents. Compass is particularly used for notification of events that affect smaller groups of students - eg. a class or a year level. If you have not yet accessed Compass, you can log on via the school website or directly through  


Streamlining Compass: get the app!

An even easier way of using Compass is with the Compass App on your smart phone or tablet. The app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes or Google Play stores, and you log in using your existing portal details. Enabling 'notifications' for the app will mean that you are alerted to incoming newsfeeds and communications. Many users report that this is a much simpler process than logging in from an email notification.

Attendance notifications

Another key feature of Compass is attendance monitoring. If your child is absent from school due to illness, a family matter or a medical appointment, please ensure that you enter this as soon as possible - and in advance where practicable -  on the Compass portal. For extended absences such as family holidays, please also ensure that your child's Tutor is notified and that your child collects and completes the 'blue form' to record work to catch up on for each subject.  


You may have also noticed that there is an option for 'truancy' on the attendance reasons. If you believe that your child has been truant, we would appreciate an additional email notification to their Year Level Program Leader so that we can follow up on your concerns as soon as possible.

Staying safe on transport

Photo: Beware the Rhino (PTV)

Be safe around trams, trains and cars

Northcote High School is located in a high-density area, where peak times see thousands of students and commuters using the local trains, trams and roads. Unfortunately, we have recently become aware of some unsafe commuter behaviour from our students and parents. For the good of all of our community, please ensure that you are being considerate, using common sense and obeying road and transport safety laws when travelling to and from school. 

Some safety tips from Public Transport Victoria

Waiting for the tram

  • Always stand behind the line marking.
  • Do not lean against the safety railing at platform or roadside stops.
  • Never lean or walk out into the path of oncoming trams or traffic.
  • Please wait for passengers get off the tram before you board at any tram stop.

Around trains

  • When waiting for the train, always stand behind the yellow line on the platform.
  • Do not force the doors open or attempt to board when the train is leaving the platform.
  • Allow other passengers to step off the train before you board
  • Avoid running in and around the station, particularly when footpaths and platform surfaces are wet.
  • Only cross train tracks at designated pedestrian crossings. Crossing at non-marked areas is dangerous and illegal.
  • Rollerblading, skateboarding and bicycle riding is not permitted on the station platform.

Victorian Police Transit Safety Division officers and local police patrol trains and pay regular visits to all stations, and trains and stations are also monitored by security cameras.

Opportunity for composers and musicans

Original Composition Project

Attention student musicians:

Do you write your own music?

Would you like to record your music in a professional studio?

Join the Original Composition Project- pick up a form from the Music office for more information

Parenting ideas: Managing Anxiety and Parenting Girls

Photo: Source:

What to say when kids become anxious

Click below to download the 'insights' flyer from Michael Grose's 'Parenting Ideas' website.

Northcote High School subscribes to 'Parenting Ideas' in order to provide resources for our families. Views expressed are the author's, and not school policy.


Parenting Girls

If your daughter leaves you feeling perplexed, confused and bewildered at times, then the Parenting Girls course could be perfect for you!  Parenting Ideas newest online course begins on May 26 and is packed full of useful insights and strategies on how to raise a daughter in our ever-changing world.  From pre-school through to teens, the course empowers parents to be one step ahead with practical tools and strategies to assist in raising happy daughters. 

The three-week course will address:

  • Mental health
  • Feelings and emotions
  • Body image and sexualisation
  • Social media and the online space
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  • Confrontation
  • Self-esteem and sense of identity
  • Roles of mums and dads

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Community notices

Have your say: St Georges Rd median strip. A message from Fiona Richardson MP

Dear Parent/Guardian


Over the last few months, many residents and community leaders have raised serious concerns with my office regarding the proposal to permanently close median crossings along St George’s Road between Arthurton and Miller Street.


On the 4th of July last year, Darebin Council passed a motion calling for the permanent closure of these median strips, and also wrote to VicRoads seeking their support for this initiative.


Many residents and community leaders have expressed concern at the lack of consultation by our local Council on this significant proposal.


I have been in touch with VicRoads, who have informed me that consideration of permanent closure is currently underway.


I thought it was important to consult with the parents and carers of children at our local schools before any permanent decision is reached. I know all too well the chaos that can accompany the school drop off, and wanted to ensure that each and every parent and carer had their say on this important local issue.


Please complete the survey at the link below, and feel free to contact my office with any other concerns you may have.


All the best,

Fiona Richardson MP

Labor Member for Northcote

Merri Park works

Please find attached notification regarding upcoming works in Merri Park


Just Believe Fit

Pilates, Barre, Yoga and Mindfulness offered by a Northcote High School parent. Please see attached flyer for more details.


Northcote High School Newsletter
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