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24 June 2016
Issue Seven
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  Diary Dates & Events        


Dates & Events

Friday 24 June

End of Term 2- Early Dismissal at 2:30 pm

Student Mid Year Reports distributed just prior to 2:30pm

'The Score' Newsletter issue #7



Monday 11 July

Term 3 commences 


Tuesday 19 July

Finance Committee Meeting 6pm

Year 10 into Year 11 2017 Information Night 7 pm


Thursday 21 July

School Council Meeting 7pm


Monday 25 - Thursday 28 July

Year 10 MIPS Interviews


Tuesday 26 July

Year 11 into Year 12 2017 Information Night 7 pm



Tuesday 2 August

Year 9 into Year 10 2017 Information Night 7pm


Thursday 4 August

Uniform Committee Meeting 5pm


Tuesday 9 August

Year 8 into Year 9 2017 Information Night 7pm

Educational Policy Committee Meeting 6pm


Tuesday 16 August

College Athletics Day 9 am - 3 pm

Knox Athletic Track 


Monday 22 August 

Curriculum Day - Students not required to attend school


Tuesday 23 - Friday 25 August

Years 8 & 9 Challenge Program


Thursday  25 August

School Council Meeting  7pm








College Principal's Report           

Principals Report

Term two has been a full of activity and learning. Our students have been fully engaged in our strong classroom curriculum but have also had many opportunities to learn beyond this through our broad range of extra-curricular activities which include music, performance, sport, excursions, careers and work experience programs. 


We have successfully completed our major assessment and examination period. Congratulations to students in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 who recently completed their Semester one examinations. Their approach to the examinations in the lead up and throughout was exemplary. It is most important that students see the examination process as a learning experience. Last week teachers provided student feedback for each of the exams. Effective feedback provides significant information to support future learning. Students are encouraged to reflect on their responses in light of the feedback and seek their teachers support if they need further development for their understanding.


Our Values

Each newsletter I am focussing on establishing a shared understanding of each of our core values. Last edition we looked at Integrity . This edition is our focus value is ‘Nurturing’.


Nurturing our students is aimed at fostering connectedness — the sense of caring for others and being cared for.  Connectedness is one of the most powerful protective factors in mental health.


At Scoresby Secondary College we nuture our students by:

  • establishing positive relationships between students and teachers and students with their peers and other members of the community
  • providing a sense of belonging from their transition into our college until they transition into further study or employment
  • fostering  inclusion by treating everyone as a unique individual, developing cultural awareness and modelling positive attitudes to diversity
  • promoting  active participation so that our students have the ability to take part and contribute to our community
  • encouraging creativity to enable students to develop their ideas to the fullest.

Leading Literacy

Last newsletter I announced the appointment of one of the top teaching and learning coaches to our College. 

Karen Green, commenced work with our English staff to compliment the work already commenced last year on leading literacy improvement across the College.  After two weeks of meeting with each of the English faculty members and observations of classes, Karen has developed an intensive plan to raise the quality and standards to improve student outcomes. This schedule included four full days working with the English staff to maximise the effectiveness of changes over the past two weeks.  Through the provision of time for this intense work, the staff have already made significant changes in their preparations for next semester. By the end of this week, all English classes will have documented units for term three that have been mapped with the key skills and knowledge from the Victorian curriculum standards and teaching strategies that will differentiate and engage learners.


The staff, whilst having been challenged, have greater clarity on areas for further development and have embraced the program with great enthusiasm and commitment.


International Student Program

Scoresby Secondary College has a commitment to teaching academic programs, focusing on lifelong learning, instilling self-discipline, encouraging leadership and nurturing the individual to maximise their full potential.  Together with our high expectations and values that support and expect achievement at the College, we have gained accreditation as an International student provider.


We welcome international students who bring a unique experience for our students to develop cultural awareness.  We are well supported by English Language Schools, who provide intensive English language instruction until students are ready to be integrated into mainstream classes.


International students live in homestay accommodation in the local area, organised through the College or with a relative. Most homestay providers live locally to the college, with most students either walking to school or taking a short bus ride. Standard homestay payments are provided to reimburse costs incurred by families. If you are interested in becoming a homestay family for our international students please contact the College for further  information.



On behalf of the College,  I wish all members of the Scoresby  community a safe and happy break.


Gail Major


Assistant Principal's Report

Student Assessment and Reports

Students will receive their end of semester report on the last day of Term 2. These reports provide parents/carers with an up-to-date picture of how your child is performing at school against AusVELS standards (Years 7-10) or VCE/VCAL outcomes (Year 11 & 12). I encourage parents/carers to read the report and have a discussion with about how they can improve in Semester Two. It is great to see positives in the report on what your child has achieved. It is also important to looks for ways to improve and get better. Students are encouraged to set goals


Understanding your child’s report

There will be a brief description on how to interepret the codes on the report. Below is a summary of the Department of Education and Training (DET) A to E rating for AusVELS.


Summary of the Department of Education and Training (DET) A-E ratings:

A indicates achievement that is well above the standard expected (more than 12 months) for your child’s year level at the time of reporting. It means that your child understands and is able to successfully work with knowledge and skills that are significantly more complex than would normally be expected.


B indicates achievement that is above the standard expected (more than 6 months) for your child’s year level at the time of reporting. It means that your child understands more complex ideas and has a broader range of skills than would normally be expected.


C indicates achievement that is at the standard expected for your child’s year level at the time of reporting. It means that your child’s learning is on track and that they understand and can apply the range of knowledge and skills expected for their year level at the time of reporting.


D indicates achievement that is below the standard expected (more than 6 months behind) for your child’s year level at the time of reporting. It means there are some skills and knowledge that your child has yet to acquire before they can be said to be achieving at the expected standard.


E indicates achievement that is well below the standard expected (more than 12 months behind) for your child’s year level at the time of reporting. It means there are significant areas of knowledge and skills your child needs to acquire before they can be said to be achieving at the expected standard.


Further information regarding ‘School Reports – tips for parents’ and ‘reading your child’s report’ can be found attached.


Information Nights

Planning for 2017 has begun. To ensure parents are well informed we will be holding Information Nights early Term 3 commencing at 7 pm.

Please see the dates below.

Year 11 2017 (current Year 10 students) – Tuesday 19 July

Year 12 2017 (current Year 11 students) – Tuesday 26 July

Year 10 2017 (current Year 9 students) – Tuesday 2 August

Year 9 2017 (current Year 8 students) – Tuesday 9 August


There will be an information night for Year 8 2017 (current Year 7 students) later in the year.


Chris Knight

Assistant Principal


Scholarship Winner

Australian Council Educational Leaders (ACEL) Scholarship Winner

Australian Council Educational Leaders (ACEL) Scholarship Winner

ACEL is  Australia's peak professional organisation for Educational Leadership and I am proud to announce that this year’s winner of the New Voice Scholarship  has been awarded to our Head of Senior School Mr Aaron Mackinnon.


The New Voice Scholarship is presented to one aspiring educational leader in every state of Australia who has demonstrated excellence in their current educational role and has a demonstrated capacity as a forward-thinking, relevant and responsive educator.


Mr Mackinnon is a quality leader who was recognised for his forward thinking that has provided authentic opportunities for student voice.


Mr Mackinnon developed a student leadership program committed to the development of Scoresby Secondary College’s student leaders to influence positive changes within the College community and beyond.  He has created student leaders voice in the process of improving student learning outcomes. Students are encouraged to undertake leadership roles and are provided a structured program for developing their skills and knowledge. The development of a clearly documented leadership program, that builds upon students’ existing skillsets and presents a measure of responsibility as they progress through their schooling.


Through Aarons dynamic leadership Scoresby Secondary Colleges program is relevant and responsive to global and technological changes.  Students have been involved in leading the Vic SRC Teach the Teacher Program, participated in leadership congresses, youth forums, partnerships for student leaders and led a whole day student leadership program with students from eight primary schools. Mr Mackinnon’s leadership models the high quality teaching that exists at Scoresby Secondary College with the ultimate winners being the students, some of whom will no doubt be our future leaders of tomorrow.

Junior School

Dear Parents & Guardians,

As semester one comes to an end, the Junior School students have been asked to reflect on their highlights and achievements.

Listed below are some of their highlights which give some real insights into student engagement during semester one:

Year 7

“I loved camp so much I want to go again” Kasey Driscoll

“My highlight is when all the year seven’s went to camp to get to know each other better. Camp was really fun and enjoyable. I like maths because of the activities the teachers do and they make learning really fun”

Roimata Manavaroa

“In Art, Bree and I had an Oka Ruto drawing completion and we both won” Charli Stirling

“My highlight is the last day of term celebration. I really liked the free dress and playing with chalk and listening to music” Shakara Howard

“A highlight I have is that I love doing English, Maths and Humanities with both year 7 classes. I love being able to work with people I don’t usually work with.”

Jessica Adams

“I went to the football with Andy (Chaplain)” Isaac Boodle

“I love Design Tech. Materials (DTM) because I am good at it.”

Luke Peterson

“Science because I am good at it”

Ty Diaz-Baird


Year 8 

“I really like the school, my favourite subject is Health, with Mr Tsantos”

Mohammed Muamenah

“I loved the year 8 tour around the city and seeing where the book ‘Runner’ was set” Nathan Lemm

“Over the term I have learnt many things but the highlight is enjoying PE and learning new sports.” Georgia King

“Over the past semester, my highlight has been getting to know my peers further and I believe I have come out of my shell due to drama” Skye Nielsen

“I’ve enjoyed the last two terms of art. I’ve learnt quite a bit and even use it at home when I draw for fun” Trung Le

“I liked the ‘Runner’ excursion that year 8 went on, to the city. It was fun and we got to kind of experience what life was like in the 1920s”. Gracie Harber

“I enjoyed the entire art program. I learnt quite a lot about the subject.” Matt Sutton

“My highlight over the semester is learning a lot more in maths. The teachers are great and very helpful.” Brianna Turnbull

“Being more involved in Student Representative Council (SRC) and helping organise events like pink free dress day. I also enjoy speaking in front of assemblies.” Shannen Toogood

“The highlight of the semester for me was the KIOSC excursion because we learnt new things and were out of the school for the day” Madi Parker

“I enjoyed how fun the teachers made the lessons” Brodie Paroissien

“I enjoyed the entire robotics program” Tyler Smith

 “P.E. SEPEP program on handball”

Alec Anderson

 “Drama play building” Alex Barfuss

“Doing our plays in Drama” Jessica Philpotts


Year 9

“Going to KIOSC” Caleb Boodle

“I enjoyed English this term. I think I did great in this subject. I also loved playing sports” Kaerylle De Vera

“I enjoyed woodwork” Kieran McKinnon

“A highlight for this term was the imaginative writing piece in English” Jared Larter

“Having the task of writing an imaginative piece for English. I really love writing, especially stories, so this task was very enjoyable.” Annie Prendergast

“A highlight for me is working on my imaginative piece in English”

Michael Mountjoy

“Getting into the year 9 band” Ally Warry

“The English expository piece was good” Damon Towart


We would like to thank all our junior school students in Years 7 to 9 for what has been a really good semester.

With reports issued this week, it will be a time of further reflection. In your discussions with your child / children, focus on what needs to be done in Semester 2 to achieve success and to improve on results achieved in Semester 1.

We wish all our students a very restful and safe holiday period and look forward to the return of a very revitalised and focussed group.


Michael Alexis

Emma Morris

Casey Lawson

Junior School team



Senior School 

Senior School Report

The conclusion of this week draws to a close what has been a semester of full of various achievements, challenges, learning and developments made by our the senior students within the College.  It also signifies the halfway point of our school year and is a timely reminder of what has been accomplish thus far.


Our year started with the Year 12 Residential Camp at Ormond College, The University of Melbourne. This was an opportunity for our Year 12 students to prepare for the rigors of the year ahead and establish clear goals for this all-important final year of secondary education. We had various specialists attend this camp to provide our students with the required information needed to better understand the key components of Unit 3 & 4 studies and the transition of this year into the various post secondary pathways available.


This camp was one of the many highlights of my time in the Senior School this year. It connected with my deeply held beliefs of relevance and responsiveness within education. It provided numerous opportunities for our students to share their values for learning with each other, create clear team goals and a shared vision for the year ahead. It also embraced the challenge of developing the learning possibilities achievable for all our Year 12 students within their different pathway options.


Following on from this positive start to the year nothing has slowed down for either students or staff, in the way of engaging and supportive programs aimed at enhancing our students’ educational experiences. I have listed just some of the programs below, to form a snapshot of the first half of the year:

  • 10, 11 & 12 Information Nights
  • Student Learning Conferences
  • Year 11 Central Camp           
  • Year 10/11 Debutant Ball
  • Study Nights
  • Various Guest Speakers
  • 9, 10 & 11 Examination Week
  • Careers & Education Week
  • Work Experience


To conclude this semester I would like to encourage our students to spend the time needed to adequately reflect on the reports they have received back from their teachers. Much has been invested into preparing these reports with the intention of providing clear and valuable feedback to our students. This feedback is only of value if it is reflected upon by our students and followed up with considered actions for improvement leading into semester 2.


Finally I would like to wish our students and learning community a well-earned and refreshing break ahead. It is important for students, staff and families to take some time-out from the hustle and bustle of school in order to keep fresh, positive and motivated for the duration of the year.  I hope this break can provide some of those positive, refreshing and recharging moments!


Aaron Mackinnon

Head of Senior School



Math & Numeracy

Year 7 & Year 8 Mathematics Homework

Year 7 and Year 8 have three different types of homework at any time.

  1. MathMates: a weekly homework sheet from the books purchased by parents
  2. Studyladder: a free online educational program where teachers can set individual tasks, and
  3. Textbook: consolidation exercises from the textbook.

It is vital that students consolidate their maths class learning at home via one, or combination of these avenues. Students at this age should be undertaking 20 – 30 minutes of maths homework each night. 


With this in mind, the following list of students should be commended on their application to their homework during Semester 1.


Students who completed the 16 set Mathsmates tasks for Terms 1 and 2 are :

Year 7: Jessica Adams, Bonnie Collins, Holly Crennan, Brianna Ridd, Grace Gardner, Jordan Haag, Brooke Heinley, Jess Hindmarch, Ally Kendt, Joel Knox, Eduard Marcu, Caitlyn Tilly & Tatira Tatira.


 Year 8: Skye Nielson, Trung Le, Matt Sutton, Tyler Smith, Aimee Watson, Alec Anderson, & Stewart Caesar.


The Studyladder program gives students certificates when they have achieved certain benchmarks.

Results of note are:

Silver Trophy (1250 points)       Aimee Watson

Platinum Certificate (750 points)    Shakara Howard, Kelly de Vera, Brodie Paroissien.

Gold Certificate (500 points): Ally Kendt,

Brian Shum, Holly Crennan


It is great to see so many students showing a mature attitude to their education.


Leanne Wilson

Mathematics and Numeracy Coach



VCAL’s Wall to Wall Project

On the Tuesday 31 May Bayswater Secondary College and Scoresby Secondary College were invited down to Scoresby Village for the launch of the 'Wall to Wall' project. The Mayor of Knox City Council came and spoke to us about his view on the artwork. He also bought along colleagues from the council.   Both High Schools were invited to be a part of something different that involved trying something new, and for some of the students meant stepping out of there comfort zone. The Wall to Wall Mentoring program commenced on the 11 April and finished on the 13 May this year.


The walls transformed this year were located at Bayswater Youth Hall and the pharmacy at Scoresby Village. The project has been funded as part of the Victorian Government's Community Crime Prevention Program.

It is aimed at curbing illegal tagging. Both art works had something different to show and were nothing alike. Bayswater had pops of colour and graffiti like images throughout, whereas Scoresby had a 1950’s style postcard with history behind each letter placed on the wall.


The artist mentors for this year’s program were James Beattie and Carmen Davies. They really had something to offer to both schools and they taught us all new skills and techniques and how to use a spray can for all the right reasons and not for the wrong ones.


It was amazing working with such talented artists. They really showed us that there is more to art than what we see on public transport and public areas. I think both schools would be willing to be a part of program like that again.

Teah Hallam & Lyla Zebian


Student Representitive Council (SRC)

Term 2 in SRC

The SRC has had a very busy and productive Term 2. In May the SRC invited all students who were not part of the SRC to attend a meeting showcasing what happens during the weekly meetings. We had a fantastic turnout with more than 40 attendees. We know it wasn’t just the free lunch that students were interested in because we had a number of students apply to be an SRC Representative which has now taken our Student Leadership numbers to over 20 members. Congratulations and welcome to all our new SRC Representatives.

Starting Term 3 we will be launching Scoresby Secondary College’s Lunchtime Clubs and Activities. The following activities will be running on a rotating roster:

  • Computer Games
  • Media
  • Chess
  • Indoor Sports
  • Drama
  • Homework
  • Dance
  • Debating
  • Knitting
  • Board Games

We would love to see you at one of these activities. Whether you have no experience or are an expert, everyone is welcome.


On Tuesday 21 June, the SRC held a free dress day to support the Cancer Council’s Breast Cancer Research. Students were encouraged to dress in pink to show their support. The SRC held Scoresby’s first best dressed competition. Congratulations Charlotte Sterling (champion dance moves), Tom Gibson (Pink Superman) Connor Quinn & Jayden Gebert (Pink Fairy Princess and Michele Rogers (General Office) for their fantastic costumes and catwalk-worthy performances. Well done to everyone who entered you all looked great.

A gold coin donation to come out of uniform and a sausage sizzle at lunch saw that we raised a total of $643.80. On behalf of the SRC thank you to everyone who donated to this worthy cause. 


 I would like to thank all of the College Captains, Vice Captains, Year Level Leaders, SRC Executive and SRC Representatives for their diligence and commitment to ensuring the student voice within Scoresby Secondary College is heard. If you have anything you would like raised at one of our regular meetings please speak with one of your leaders. If you are interested in becoming an SRC representative please see Miss Scott or a student leader for an application form.


Hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable break.


Allirra Scott

Student Leadership


Hawthorn Leadership Event

Hell to all from the SRC, we would like to welcome you to learn of everything which has transpired over the last month of Term 2 at Scoresby Secondary College.

The SRC has remained headstrong and hardworking over the final weeks of the term. We have attended a leadership event with Hawthorn Football Club and coordinated a Free Dress Day with all proceeds going to The Cancer Council, Breast Cancer Research where we held Scoresby’s ‘Fashion Parade’ which went out with an absolute bang.


On Tuesday 31 May, a collection of Scoresby students attended a leadership event at Waverley Gardens, hosted by the Hawthorn Football Club. The college was involved with a number of different leadership activities/workshops which aimed to improve us as leaders and help students make worthwhile contributions to the school and greater community.

The activities involved information and practical training in resilience, tours, nutrition and career choices. The great thing about attending the event and receiving information from football players is that they have life experience and many of the footballers have recently finished school in the last three years. It was also very interesting to hear about resilience from those who face scrutiny from national media and how they get past this. The Hawthorn Football Club leadership event was absolutely inspirational and it’s something I and those who attended would definitely recommend to future and existing students.

We can’t wait to keep adding and making a better learning and social environment at Scoresby Secondary so make sure you watch this spot for all the exciting upcoming events.


Frazer Spence 



SRC Member

Being in the SRC for me has been a great opportunity for me to do more things than I could before. I feel I have a voice and input on what's best for Scoresby Secondary College. I have gained lots of skills being in the SRC such as talking in assemblies and helping out with things I wouldn't usually be interested in. It has helped me gain confidence in myself and trust in others. In meetings we talk about issues that need to fixed, organise free dress days or events like that. Everyone has a say in what we are discussing and we can share ideas and thoughts we have for the school. SRC is also welcome to everyone and on the 23rd of May we had a meeting where anyone could join in and see what we do every meeting. Lots of people actually joined the SRC from that day which means a stronger voice for this school. I'm glad I joined SRC when I did because it has been great fun and lots more.


Shannen Toogood

SRC Member



Staff Profile

Ben Phillips

Starting at Scoresby at the beginning of the year, Ben has quickly immersed himself in many aspects of college life. As a year 7 home group teacher, he thoroughly enjoys beating the students in a game of six-square during recess and lunchtime.


Out of secondary school, Ben immediately took on a Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Teaching, majoring in History and Media. The son of a journalist, Ben grew up immersed in media, creating films and taking on work experience at the Herald Sun. With a keen and growing passion in the industry, Ben then found part-time work in staging and set construction at Channel 9, while still completing his degree.


Having completed his studies and established a strong foothold in the industry, Ben worked as a freelance production assistant for a number of different productions. Over the years Ben has held various roles in major television productions such as ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’, ‘The Footy Show’, The Logies, ‘The Today Show’, ‘The Block’, ‘Masterchef’ as well as major sporting events such as The President’s Cup and Australian Masters golf, The Ashes, State of Origin and various horseracing events.


Though enjoying the frenetic pace of the industry during that time, Ben decided it was time to revisit his other true passion in education. Landing back where he grew up, Ben took on a role teaching Humanities in the purposeful learning spaces at Mount Waverley Secondary College, as well as coordinating the school’s SYN radio program. The spaces provided an opportunity for Ben to again hone his craft, teaching alongside colleagues that shared a wealth of knowledge and experience.


Since joining Scoresby, Ben has relished the opportunity to intersect his passions by teaching Media. He has been blown away by the creativity his students have exhibited in the practical element of the subject, and looks forward to fine-tuning this with a strong theoretical underpinning



Whats been Happening

It’s been a busy time in the Careers Area. Year 10 students had a work Experience preparation and Tertiary Investigation week last week before going out to Work Experience, The purpose/ learning Intention of the program is to provide opportunities for students to experience a range of educational environments and a realistic workplace, encouraging students to be curious and investigate future education and careers choices.

Teachers will be visiting students and I look forward to hearing how students are going and catching up with students next term to de- brief and talk about their experiences, and investigate and answer some of the questions.


During Term 3 I will be conducting 'MIPS' interviews individually with all Year 10, 11 & 12 students. The purpose of the interviews is to discuss areas of interest, subjects and further study options including Vet and future Tertiary Interests.  I will be allocating student’s times, for Year 10 students it will be after information night, Year 11 will be period 3 Wednesday’s throughout the term and Year 12 students will be during their free lessons. I encourage parents to discuss this process with students and attend with your student if possible.


During term 3 there are lots of open days for students to attend, I will do a reminder and include the dates in the next newsletter and all the information is on the careers website


Dates to Diarise in Term 3

  • Service Skills Australia Website
  • Want a Career in Human Rights? Seven Tips to get you Started
  • Monash University - Year 10 Independence Day
  • News from Swinburne University
  • New Common First Year for Engineering Students
  • Professional Degrees offered at Swinburne
  • University of Sydney Open Day 2016
  • Defence Jobs: Job Finder Website
  • Studying Osteopathy at Victoria University
  • The University of Melbourne - The Melbourne JD Showcase
  • Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Science Undergraduate Courses in Victoria

I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday and look forward to Term 3.


Bronwyn Haines

Careers Advisor

Community News

Parentzone Seperated 


Talking Teens


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School Report Tips 2


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