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03 November 2016
Issue Seventeen
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Important Dates


3rd October - 16th November - Unit 3&4 Examinations

14th - 18th November - Year 8 Camp

15th November - Opening of the VCE Art and Design Exhibition (4.30pm-6.00pm)

15th November - French Trip meeting (5.30pm)

18th - 25th November - Unit 2 Exams

23rd November - Last Day of Year 10 Classes

28th November - 2th December - Headstart Program

29th November - Presentation Night

30th November - Piano Soiree


5th - 9th December - Year 10 Work Experience

6th December - Grade 6 into Year 7 Orientation Day

13th December - Chorals Performance Day

20th December - Final day of Term 4


31st January - Academic Year begins for Years 7, 12 and all new  students


1st February - Academic Year begins for Years 8-11


Presentation Night 2016

Book your tickets here:


The Melbourne Girls' College Presentation Night is coming up on Tuesday 29th November. The evening will commence at 7pm in the Gymnasium and conclude at 8.30pm.
Students finish at the end of period 3 (1.10pm) on this day. It is the expectation that students will attend this celebration in full school uniform.
This is an important school event which commends the achievements and talents of our girls. Parents and family members are very much invited to this celebration. We look forward to seeing you there.

Principal's Report


I hope the Cup Day holiday was both relaxing and profitable for everyone!


Senior Art and Design Exhibition

Please come along to the senior art and design exhibition and Parent Association Art Acquisition Award ceremony being held on Tuesday 15 November, 4.30pm – 6pm in the Level 3 Art rooms.


The Visual Arts teachers have been inspiring the girls and leading their learning throughout the year. This excellent showcase will be a celebration of this work and the girls’ creativity, perseverance and talent. Thank you to Roger Dunscombe, Harriet Turnbull, Fiona Storrie and Ollie Hull.

Thank you to Anne Corry for organising the Piano Soiree to be held in our auditorium on 30th November.


Alumni reunion gatherings are continuing to be one of many get-together occasions for past students. Our current Year 12’s are encouraged to join the alumni so their connection with MGC continues into the future. We would love to hear your ongoing life and success stories.


MGC Parents’ Association Writing Competition

Congratulations to our talented writers and prize winners listed below and to Joan Kelly who oversaw the entire process.


Years 11 and 12:

First Prize: Nina Montague for ‘One Fist’

Second Prize: Millaray Pachero-Pizarro for ‘A Divine Accident’

Third Prize: Gabrielle Medina for ‘Baggage’


Years 9 and 10

First Prize: Lilian Gonzales for ‘Everyone Except Stevie’

Second Prize: Audrey Harrold for ‘Saved By The Bell’

Third Prize: Sophia McCann for ‘Same As Yesterday. Same As Always’


EAL Prize: – Betul Tumenci for ‘To Belong Involves Sacrifice’


Cup Eve Curriculum Day

Professional learning and preparations for 2017 were focused upon on our 31st October student free day.

Mastering differentiation for each student’s learning is essential. Rebecca Sobell lead us through understandings of dyslexia and students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Staff also worked on investigating our current programs against the Victorian Curriculum. Along with the discrete discipline designs we are working on including the four general capabilities:

  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Intercultural understanding
  • Personal and social capability
  • Ethical understanding


Best regards,


Assistant Principal's Report

Student safety to
and from school

We have had a number of witness reports of students crossing Swan Street near Burnley Park. These students are generally walking to Burnley Station or catching a Route 70 tram towards the city after school. According to these concerned members of the public, there have been several near misses where students have nearly been hit by cars or trams. You will see from the attached photo that the road bridge over the railway line obscures students view of the traffic heading towards the city. If a car or tram (or both) came over the hill at speed, there is a very high likelihood of severe injury or death. 


The good news for students is that there is a pedestrian crossing closer to Burnley station. A tram stop for the Route 70 tram is also nearby to the pedestrian crossing. Although this may mean that students have slightly further to walk, or have to wait for the lights to change before they can cross the road, this is the much safer option.


This afternoon I witnessed in excess of 50 MGC students crossing at this spot. Parents, if your daughter catches a train from Burnley or a Route 70 tram towards the city, I encourage you to discuss this important safety matter with your daughter and encourage her to change her behaviour. Students, please think about where you cross and don't feel pressured to cross unsafely, even if your friends are doing so.


As our duty of care extends to students travelling to or from school, we may issue detentions to students that continually put themselves in danger by crossing the road where a safer alternative exists. We would of course much prefer if students reflected on this message and chose the much safer option of crossing at the pedestrian lights.


Brent Houghton
Assistant Principal

School News

French Trip 2017 - Expression of Interest Meeting

Tuesday 15th November, 5.30-6.15pm in the Library


Bonjour tout le monde!


School Council has approved the proposed 2017 French Trip outline and we are holding a preliminary meeting to gauge interest and to answer all your questions.


Those who have already  responded with their EOI will also be emailed but if as a student or family you are interested in attending an overview meeting to discuss the next steps should you/your daughter qualify then come along to the session in the Library starting at 5.30pm.


If you have any specific questions or are not able to make it, please contact Tim Macdougall  at [email protected]

The Organisational Olympics

Throughout this year, the Year Sevens have been working tirelessly to be crowned the most organised house at MGC and win the Year 7 Organisational Olympics. The Organisational Olympics was a competition created by the teachers which encouraged us to become more organised and punctual students. Not only did we all want to come out on top for the bragging rights, but at the end of the competition the winning house got a pizza lunch!
All of last term we competed against each other. We tried to keep our lockers tidy, hand in notes on time and bring all our books to classes. After months of this, we finally found out the results. Coming into the all-important assembly, Chisholm was leading. Lyons was hot on their heels, followed closely by Melba and Maris. It was anyone’s game! 
Everyone sat crossing their fingers and holding their breath as Ms O’Connell read out the results. Fourth place was Maris, there was a sigh of relief through the crowd as they knew that their house was still in it. Third was Melba. It was Lyons and Chisholm left. “And second place is…. Lyons.” The Chisholm girls all cheered and squealed with delight, as Lyons sighed and congratulated their fellow classmates for their incredible efforts. Hopefully, now we can keep the good habits we have practised through the Organisational Olympics and use them in the rest of our school years. 

Olivia Mitchell 7C1

2016 Science Talent
Search Awards

On Monday October 24 Year 9 students Stella Askey, Emily Dunning, Hannah Ross, Hannah Scallion, Nyah Seelig-Schattner and Matilda Smithers attended the 2016 Science Talent Search awards ceremony at Latrobe University to receive their prizes. In addition to her prize money & certificate, Hannah Ross also received a medal for her winning of a Major Bursary showing her amazing photography of the insides of a Stick Insect.

Australian Mathematics Competition

This year 51 students at the college participated in the annual Australian Mathematics Competition. This is an internationally recognized competition with over 30 countries participating this year. Students enter in one of three levels – Junior (Years 7 and 8), Intermediate (Years 9 and 10) and Senior (Years 11 and 12).
In 2016,  8 students achieved a High Distinction, 23 students achieved Distinction and 16 students achieved Credit. 
Anushka Aparajit 7C2 won a prize for “Best Results” in the College and a prestigious Australian Mathematics Medal and prize. These medals are awarded to secondary students whose performance is outstanding in their Australian state or country.  The number allocated is equivalent to at least a standard achieved by 1 in 10,000 Australian students. Anushka will be presented with her award at a ceremony at Wesley College on 18 November 2016.

Joan Milburn

International Student Program News

ISP News

On Wednesday 19th October the year 12s had their Valedictory Dinner.  ISP attendee numbers were up this year, and there were several parents who were able to come, which was wonderful!  The girls all looked amazing and enjoyed an excellent dinner, in between frenzied bouts of selfie taking and receiving certificates and awards.

This year the ISP girls have once again shown what their hard work, determination and dedication to study can achieve; Cally Chen, Pera Nguyen, Skye Qiao and Hyun Roh all won academic or special awards, sometimes even two awards!

Last week the year 12 exams started, and we saw our girls in a whole range of mind sets.  There were girls who had set themselves a timetable right from the beginning of the year, had kept to it and done all they needed to do, who were approaching the exams serenely with only a healthy level of pre-exam jitters.  There were girls who had done all the work, had handed in all their assignments and were more than ready, but who were plagued by self-doubt and were whipping themselves into a fever of anxiety, and needed a lot of support from homestays, friends and school staff to realise that they will be ‘just fine’.  It’s testimony to the calibre of our girls and the work of everyone at the school that we have very few girls approaching the exams unprepared!

The year 12s will start leaving Melbourne to return to their home countries over the next few weeks, so do take the opportunity to say goodbye and exchange contact details with them when you see them.  Friendships don’t end at graduation!

Student Reminders - December Holidays

With the December holidays coming up, and all of the VCE exams finishing even earlier that that, we need to remind you that you need to tell me when you are returning to your home countries.
Holiday travel forms can be found on my door in my office, make sure you let us know your travel dates and flight details!
Year 11s and year 12s need to make sure they let their homestays know their final departure dates, and organise where they will store their personal belongings until the start of the university year.  You must also make sure that you have paid up until your final day of homestay.  Make sure that you leave your room in the cleanest state you can; imagine how you would like to find the room if you are a new student!  
Returning students must make sure that you give your homestays a copy of your travel itinerary, and that you leave your rooms neat and tidy.  You all know that you are not allowed to have food in your rooms, and this is especially true when you leave for the holidays.  Don’t leave anything for the ants during your absence!
If there are returning students who would like to move homestay next year, please remember that only in exceptional cases do we accept year 10s and 11s to live in a homestay that speaks their own native language.  We understand that you may wish to move to be closer to the school, or to live with a friend, but please do not try to ‘make a case’ for moving by reporting all the slightest inconveniences you experience with a homestay.  It’s not fair to your homestay and it makes you look petty and ungrateful.

League of Homestay Champions

We are coming up to the time of the year when we need to know how many rooms will be available in 2017.  With 25 year 12s graduating in 2016, and 27 new students starting in 2017, we will be doing lots of homestay moves, so make sure you put your hand up if you would like to host one of our handpicked future women leaders in your home!
For current homestay families, you will soon receive a requests to register your preferred times for the Term 4 homestay visit, when you can let us know how many rooms you will have available for 2017.  We will have around twenty new international girls to house in December and January, so it’s going to be a very busy time!
If you are interested in hosting one of our fabulous international students, please contact Lluani Williams via the College number: 9428-8955, or by email: [email protected] , or you can pop by my office in room 302.  We are always looking for new Melbourne Girls’ College homestay families!




School News

Girls in Science

The L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Program strives to support and recognise accomplished women researchers, encourage more young women to enter the profession and to assist them as they progress their careers.


The program in Australia & New Zealand awards four $25,000 Fellowships each year. Each Fellow is awarded $25,000 for a one year project. This is intended to provide practical help for the winners to undertake research in their chosen fields.


Each year the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Australia & New Zealand Fellows share their stories with female students through the Girls in Science program.


The forum provides an opportunity for students to hear the Fellows speak about their current work and to ask them questions about their career path.


On Wednesday October 26, nine of our Year 11 students attended this year’s forum at Burwood campus of Deakin University. The scope of work that was discussed on the day ranged from looking into atmospheric gases and their impact on our environment to the expression of complex genes. The 2016 fellows are Dr. Angela Crean, Dr. Camilla Wittington, Dr. Jenny Fisher and Dr. Erin Leitao.


Patricia Sklavakis

Year 11 Leader

Year 7 Zoo Experience

On the 27th and 28th of October 2016 the adventurous year 7s set out to explore Melbourne Zoo. We, Chisolm and Maris, started off the day with amazing weather and had a lovely walk towards Burnley Station. We hopped on a train and soon arrived at Royal Park.


Upon arriving at the zoo, we set off with a sheet to guide our investigation. Lately in all year 7 Social World classes we have been studying the pros and cons of having zoos, which led to our zoo excursion.

We visited most enclosures and purchased some delicious food while stopping to speak to some zoo keepers about the health of animals and the enclosures. We had prepared questions to ask ahead of time. Throughout the day there were many opportunities to watch seals perform, meerkats being fed and lots more activities to do with the animals.


As the teachers were walking around and observing they saw many students come out of their shells, build their confidence by talking to the zoo keepers and have fun on this amazing day. It was a fantastic opportunity for the girls to not only have fun around the animals and enclosures but to learn about the daily life of some of the animals and the zoo itself and get to know the zoo’s history.


After an exhausting day of walking and talking everybody came back together, ready to catch the train back to Flinders Street. Not only were the teachers impressed with our behaviour, we also had many compliments from a lot of the other teachers and staff at the zoo. We also had members of the public commenting on how great we all looked wearing our hats!


Alessia Acquaro 7C1 and  Peggy Christie 7C2

Sustainability News

Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference

On Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th of October a group of 8 enthusiastic MGC environment reps went to the Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids conference. The conference consisted of a series of workshops and performances from schools around Australia, with the idea of kids trying to teach other kids about whichever environmental issues they felt most passionately about. There were heaps of kids there, with students from over 60 different schools, both primary and secondary. It was a really fantastic opportunity to meet with like-minded students to discuss the environmental problems facing our society today and potential solutions to these. On the first day the workshops took place at Melbourne University.

We were split up from most of the students from our own schools and each sent to 4 different workshops run by students. I learnt about wedge-tailed eagles, water filtration and conservation, the different types of soil found in Australia and how to best look after it and the history of water management in Adelaide. The conference is primarily sponsored by Melbourne Water so there was quite a large focus on water throughout the workshops. On the second day the workshops were held at Collingwood Children's Farm and on this day we got to present our workshop to the other students. We had been working on it for the last few months and had even trialled it on fellow students back at MGC, so we were quite excited to try and extend our knowledge to everybody at the conference. The main focus of our workshop was alternative energy sources because we all knew how bad using coal power is for the environment and we wanted to spread the word about some other options. We brought along the bikes and turbines we use for the pedal powered cinema and showed the other students how we use them to generate electricity in our school. We also brought along one of our solar panels to teach them about the pros and cons of solar power. I think our workshop was quite successful and all the students (and some teachers) really seemed to enjoy having a go on the bikes to power the PA system they set up down at the farm. Overall, I think we all really enjoyed the conference and are all super grateful to Mr Vance and the organisers of KTK for this awesome experience.


Sarah Kinch

Help Power this School
with Living Energy

Do you have what it takes to help Melbourne Girls’ College become carbon neutral by 2020? This scholarship could be for you!


- Do you have an idea that will help the school reduce its carbon footprint?

- Do you want to learn real-life project proposal writing and management skills (under the guidance of industry mentors)?

- Do you love engaging others in your vision for the future?


Living Energy, a solar installer, is announcing an annual scholarship prize. One student, class, group, year, etc. will be awarded $1000 to make their project dream a reality. Melbourne Girls' College is excited to take part in this sustainability initiative.


But there’s a catch.


The winning project must meet the following criteria:

1. Have a strategy to help MGC be a more sustainable school and hopefully contribute to achieving its goal of carbon neutrality by 2020. Projects may include ideas to improve our biodiversity, save water and energy or to reduce our waste.

2.  Have a plan, timeline and budget to implement the project and measure its results.

3. Demonstrate creative thinking when it comes to promoting the project, sharing learning and engaging multiple skill sets (eg. science and art, or engineering and digital media)


Be the change you want to see in the world – the future starts today!


Project applications open on 2nd November. Submissions can be submitted individually or as a team. Only open to current MGC Students.


Project idea submissions close on: November 25th

Winner(s) announced: Early 2017


Contact Mr Andrew Vance or any student member of the Environment Team for more information.

Email: [email protected]


Performing Arts News

Dance News

Dance Night
Well done to the girls who performed at Dance Night on the 19th and 21st October 2016.  The girls have worked exceptionally hard over the semester and performed solos, duos, trios and group dance works over two nights. Keep up the good work girls!
Unit 3/4 Dance 
Congratulations to the Unit 3/4 Dance students who performed their solo dance works for assessment on the 4th October.  The girls have worked hard throughout the year to choreograph two solo dance works; one technique and the other a composition solo.  Good luck and well done!

State School Spectacular

Congratulations to the following students who represented MGC at this year’s Victorian State School Spectacular on Saturday, 10th September:

Sophia Pappas (Principal Dancer) Anais Keenan (Ensemble Dancer) Jamila Jalloh (Ensemble Vocalist) Varaidzo Chipuna (Backing Vocalist) Sophie Toomey (Audio Assistant) Miranda Moloney (Orchestra-Alto Saxophone) Georgia Clarke (Victorian State Schools Choir)  and our students in the Mass Choir.
Thanks to Jess Bouchaud, Ellyce Calder and Wen Chin for all their work with our mass choir.
The special 2016 Victorian State Schools Spectacular broadcast will be air on Channel Seven on Saturday 3 December at 7pm.
It will also be simulcast via livestreaming on the PLUS7 app and be available on the PLUS7catch-up website for 30 days from the broadcast date.

Continuation of
Lessons for 2017

Just a reminder that we are beginning to plan for 2017 and need to ascertain instrumental student numbers for staffing purposes. Please note that there has been an increase due to the new DE&T payroll structure, as we must meet the standards and obligations under the Educational Services (Schools) General Staff Award.

Please return the attached form to the General Office by Friday, 18th November.


Chinese Musicians

On Thursday, 20th October, we were lucky enough to have three eminent Chinese musicians visit MGC to work with our music students. Professor Qui Jiang performed on the Er Hu (Chinese Violin), Professor Xu Xiaoyan performed on the Pi Pa (Chinese Lute) and Professor Wang Rong performed on the Gu Zheng (Chinese Zither).

They then all performed with our students at a lunchtime concert, culminating with a beautiful collaboration of a traditional Chinese song,"Jasmine Flower". Many thanks to our music staff, Tony Hicks, Jhana Allen and Wen Chin and to Lucy Chen for organizing this amazing opportunity for our girls.

Spring Soiree

Thank you to all our student performers, parents and friends who attended our Spring Soiree on Tuesday, 25th October. It was a great night celebrating the musical journey of our guitar, woodwind, brass and percussion students. Here is some feedback from a parent:

“We loved the soiree last night, especially "Heard It Through the Grapevine" at the end and the relaxed atmosphere you created that had the girls improvising and having a good time.”

Thanks to Tony Hicks and Les Gyori for all of their work and inspiration.




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