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23 August 2018
Term 3 Week 6 2018
Dates to Remember
General Information
From Narre Warren South
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Heritage College
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Dates to Remember


23rd - 30th August

NWS Book Fair


Friday, 24th August

Student Free Day

Professional Development Day for Staff


27th - 31st August

Literacy and Numeracy Week


Monday, 27th August

Book Parade NWS


28th - 31st August

Year 9 Rafting Camp


Tuesday, 28th August

Years 9/10 SEISS Touch Rugby or AFL/Netball

SSV District Primary School Athletics


Friday, 31st August

Father's Day Community Walk & Morning Tea


Sunday, 2nd September

Father's Day


Monday, 3rd September

OCP Start Smart Incursion


Wednesday, 5th September

Prep Orientation Day 2 OC


Monday, 10th September

Years 3/4 Hooptime NWS


Tuesday, 11th September

ASV Primary Basketball Tournament


Wednesday, 12th September

Prep Orientation Day 2 NWS

Years 7/8 SEISS Touch/Rugby or AFL/Netball


Thursday, 13th September

R U OK? Day


17th - 21st September

eSmart Week





Monday, 17th September



Tuesday, 18th September

S -v- S Challenge

Parent/Teacher Interviews


Friday, 21st September

Last Day Term 3


General Information

Entertainment Book Fundraiser


Enrol Now


PB4L Value Awards

Prep/1W - Grace

Year 2/3C - Shanali

Year 4/5N - Lincoln

Prep DH - Victoria

Year 1WV - Raphael for Service and Natalia for Resilience

Year 2K - Micah for Resilience and Hayu for Excellence

Year 3MC - Hailey for Respect

Year 4/5W - Spencer

Year 5RJ - Evelina for Respect

Year 6E - Mannat for Respect

From the School Captains

Greetings to all! This week's value is respect. Here is a story about respect, by Tasos Livaditis called A Blind Man With A Lamp.


Once upon a time, there was a small town. There lived a man by himself who couldn’t see. He was blind. Yet, he carried a lit lamp with him whenever he went out at night. One night as he was coming home after having dinner outside, he came across a group of young travellers. They saw that he was blind, yet carrying a lit lamp. They started passing comments on him and made fun of him. One of them asked him, “Hey Man! You are blind and can’t see anything, why do you carry the lamp.” The blind man replied, “Yes, unfortunately, I am blind and I can’t see anything but this lit lamp which I am carrying, is for people like you, who can see. You may not see me coming and end up pushing me. That is why I carry a lit lamp.” The group of travellers felt ashamed and apologized for their behaviour.


What we can learn from this is, we should think before judging others. Always be polite and learn to see things from others peoples perspectives. A verse from the Bible about respect comes from Roman 12:10 “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.”We should love each other with brotherly love and honour one another for we are all children of God. Milko


Hello school community. This week value for this week is Respect, and it mean to be a kind speaker and use your manners. A kind speaker is someone that use a kind voice, and everyone knows what manners are. When you add both together, it means your very respectful. Here are a few verse I wish to share with you, 1 Corinthians 10:33, “...I try to please everyone in every way. For I am not seeking my own good, but the good of many, so that they may be saved.” John 13:34-35 “A new command I give you: Love one another as I have loved you. So you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” In this verse, you learn that the word ‘love’ refers to the idea of respect for one another. Ruvesh

Digital Technologies Newsletter Bytes Week 6

Social Media Readiness - Is Your Child Ready?

Both the physical age of your child and their level of maturity and resilience can impact their ability to handle social media.


To be in the know and make informed decisions with your child surrounding social media, check out the Office of the eSafety Commissioner ‘iParent’ portal - Social Media Readiness.


You can follow the link below to find out what they suggest:




Mrs Naomi Moss

eLearning and Curriculum Coordinator

Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic Book Club Issue 6 Catalogues are here and have been distributed to students. Reading is the foundation for learning, and reading together also sparks great conversations. The theme for Book Week 2018 if "Find Your Treasure". There are some great books in Issue 6 for you to treasure. All cash and loop orders need to be in latest by August 31st, 2018.  Don't forget you can order and pay with your credit card online through the LOOP system. Just follow the instructions on the order form. Any queries can be directed to Penny Tan at p.tan@heritagecollege.com.au

Heritage Church

“Our church seeks to be relevant, inclusive and non-judgmental. We acknowledge and respect differences and offer fellowship to anyone who seeks it. We are an active church that practises hands-on ministry.”


Heritage College

333 Centre Road

Narre Warren South


Saturday Mornings

9:30-10:30am - Kids Church

10:15-11am - Hot Drinks and Catch Up

11am - Worship Team and Pr Lagi bringing the Word, 'Know God'


Pr Lagi Limu

Heritage Church Pastor

Wanted: Children's Books


PB4L Report 
Week 6

Tier One Data

In May, Shiralee Poed conducted a Tiered Fidelity Inventory on Heritage College to see if we are performing as a Positive Behaviour for Learning school. We are happy to announce that we passed Fidelity in Tier 1 with flying colours. The Fidelity Inventory is a self-assessment tool designed to assist school teams, staff, families, and leadership teams evaluate progress and guide implementation and action planning. As you can see from the graph below we improved greatly from 2017.

The process included Shiralee performing walkthroughs and interviewing staff and students to see what their knowledge of PB4L. Below is a break down of the different campuses with a comparison to 2017. This also gives us an opportunity to see where we need to improve.

Shiralee also met with the PB4L team and the follow where her positive remarks:


1. The team willingly and enthusiastically engaged in the process throughout, and carefully and thoughtfully considered the current implementation. This is a reflection of the strong leadership of the PB4L team.


2. The team have worked tirelessly to ensure that PB4L is visually represented across all campuses and areas of the school with beautiful visuals in multiple locations.


3. The PB4L should be commended for their efforts to induct all students at the start of the 2018 school year.


Moving forward, there is now a Tier 2 team that will be helping to flag students who have frequent negative behaviours and placing them on  a Check In Check Out (CICO) to help decrease unwanted behaviours.


Mrs Isabelle Millien
PB4L Coach



Jaime Jorge in Concert




From Narre Warren South

Book Fair
Narre Warren South Campus

23rd - 29th August

For parents' convenience, the display will be open before and after school from Monday, 27th August to Wednesday, 29th August from 8:30am to 8:45am and 3:20pm to 3:45pm.


Each child will receive a catalogue and wish list and the items can be paid for online (details on back of wish list).  There will be lots of books, posters and knick knacks for purchase.


There will also be a display of Christian books from the Adventist Book Shop with many great and inspiring titles.


Payments by cash, credit card or online.  Please try to have the correct change.


Come in, have a look and invest in your child's education. 

Mrs Sandra Watson

Book Fair Assistant

Kelly Sports


Science Extravaganza

Last Friday at NWS for Science Week saw a Science Extravaganza take place. Selected students form Years 4-6 presented science experiments to the Junior school. Students saw about 3 to 5 experiments in each room. The senior students needed to present experiments and needed to explain the science behind them. An interesting time for all.


Thank to all Years 4-6 students for your hard work.

Ms Janet Robertson

Science Week Coordinator


Science week was really good specially when people were saying “your science experiment was good” to others.  I also learnt that it pays everything of when you practise. Because my experiment used fire I could have burnt down the school but I practised and the school is still safe!! I LOVED SCIENCE WEEK!! Natoli


Science week was the best. I loved it. The favourite part was when matthias broke his bottle. That was  funny. Aadesh


It was very fun ! I really liked when Filip made light out of a lemon. Amish

Celebrating Book Week

Each year across Australia, the Children's Book Council of Australia brings children and books together celebrating CBCA Book Week. During this time, schools, libraries, booksellers, authors, illustrators and children, celebrate Australian children's literature and you will often see children's book character parades, as will be the case at Heritage College, when our students will have the opportunity to participate in the 2018 Book Week Parade.

To celebrate Book Week we were fortunate to have author Catherine Bateson visit the school. Catherine Bateson has won the CBCA Book of the Year for Younger Readers twice and received three Honour Book Awards, including one for Older Readers. Catherine ran an Interactive Author’s Talk across all our year levels.  


The Interactive Author's Talk covered how Catherine writes her books and what drives her as a writer. It also addressed choices the writer makes regarding important fictional elements: character, theme, plot and setting.


For the older grades, Catherine showed the notebooks she used for more recent projects which exhibit some of the research involved in writing certain books. 


For younger readers, Catherine use Hanging Out, a book that explores rivalry and friendship. 

Mrs Yolanda Horne

Art Teacher


To kick off science week in the Year 1 room, we learnt about Newton's law of gravity. We experimented by dropping things from a height and seeing what would happen. We learnt that air resistance (or friction) can slow down an object from the pull of gravity as it falls. This led us to deepen our understanding by making Paper Planes and seeing what ways we could fold the paper to help it stay up longer.


An interesting quote from Newton we read was "Gravity explains the motions of the planets, but it cannot explain who sets the planets in motion." All the discoveries we make in Science help to remind us of the wonder of God and all He created.

Ms Alicia Wold

Year 1WV Teacher

Prep/Year 1 Rotations!

Prep DH and 1WV came together for some awesome rotations during Science Week. We learnt about magnets, bugs, volcanos, slime, walking water and rockets! Dr Menace came for a visit too!! 


"We made the cups with water and different colours and then we put them in the other cups and the other cup has no water and the other cup has water and the other cup does not have water. And then we put tissue in it and the tissue dipped some and took a long time to go to the other cup that was not filled. The next colour went there to the cup that didn't have any water. My favourite part was when the water went to the other cup and it made a new colour." - Nyawech 


"My favourite was the booga slime because I felt happy about it. Dr Menace was funny because she didn't have hair in the middle part." Azahlia


"I liked the rocket, because it went in the air. I liked when we made the slime too. And I liked how we did the bugs, we drew a picture of one of the bugs and looked at the pieces of the bugs and named the pieces of the bugs on the paper." Rhys


"My favourite thing was all of them. But my best, best favourite one was the walking water because I've never seen it before. The other one was the slime because it feeled like slime." Tegan


"I liked the lava because it exploded and Dr Menace was very silly." Hosea T


"I liked the slime because it was really cool and I like to make slime and Dr Menace let us have a little bit. It's very cool!" Yeukai


"I liked about the volcano one because it exploded. Dr Menace was crazy because he had a bald patch and talked weird." Emily

Ms Wold & Dr Menace (aka Ms Dennis)

Prep and Year 1 Teachers

If I Were a Scientist...

"I would discover how to make tornados and what is at the end of the rainbow." Raphael


"I would make slime with food colouring. I would make cool explosions, but a crazy one! I would make fun robots." Mischa


"I would learn about making volcanos because I like science and I would make slime." Emily


"I would protect animals. I would learn how animals live. I would learn about sea animals." Evie


"I would make a volcano with food colouring. I would make a tornado. I want to learn about volcanos and tornados because it is the best." Azahlia


"I would study tornados. It will be cool for me! I think tornados are cool because I like how they look." Yeukai


"I will learn about the world and save animals. I will help poor animals. I will learn about volcanos." Tibba


"I would make explosions and I'll discover about the sea creatures and I would learn about these things because I like animals that are cute." Chali


"I would discover how to make tornados. I will discover about sharks. I will discover what's at the end of the rainbow." Raphael 


"I would learn about sharks who are hungry and I would give them some food. I want to learn about different animals." Peter


"I would make volcano explosions with vinegar and bicarb powder." Luke 


"I would learn how volcanos erupt. I like volcanos because they are cool and some are really sensitive. And I would make slime." Natalia


"I would learn about the creation of life. I want to learn how plants and tress grow and about animals that I don't know about." Rhys


"I will make explosions and earthquakes and I will make potions and volcanos and whirlpools and floods and animals and people." Alexandria


"I would make a volcano because volcanos explode and go everywhere." Madison

Ms Alicia Wold

Year 1WV Teacher

Mrs Pascoe's Visit

Year 3 were delighted to have Mrs Pascoe visit them in the classroom, reading some of her stories like - The Grump and Two Feet.


She talked to the students about learning new words and making them their own.

Mrs Isabelle Millien

Year 3MC Teacher

Science Week 
Bridge Building Challenge
Years 5 and 6


From the Secondary Campus

Year 9 Urban Days

Day 1

On the 1st August 2018, the Year 9 students went to the city for an Urban Learning Day. We arrived at our destinations using public transport such as trains and trams, and built up our map reading skills while having lots of fun.


We started at Flinders Street Station. Each group had to answer a set of questions for each stop. There were three groups. Each had to plan their route in order to reach all nine stops, including a tasty lunch. This activity helped improve our teamwork and communication skills.


Day 2

On the 8th August 2018, the Year 9 students went to the city again.  The day was structured differently and was like an Amazing Race.


Each group now had to interpret riddles to reach each destination. We used public transport like before. At each stop, we completed challenges that further improved our teamwork skills. Each group competed for a lunch reward. Group One won the challenge and are in the process of receiving their reward. Group Two and Three however, tied for 2nd place due to bonus points that were awarded. Overall, the excursion was a fun educational experience.

Esther and Georgia 

Year 9 Students

VCAL So Far...

Next stage of pontoon re fountain in dam project.

It floats. No leaks.

Next stage. Posts and railings.

Mr Terry Rogers

VCAL Teacher

From the Officer Primary Campus

Events and Special Days in Term 3

Information letters will be sent home closer to dates when required

  • Gymnastics Lessons

    • Each Friday at NWS campus

    • Prep/1 Lesson: 10:40am

    • Year 2/3 Lesson: 11:30am

    • Year 4/5 Lesson: 12:20pm

  • Enrichment Program

    • Year 2, 3, 4 & 5 Students - Fridays from 1:30-2:15pm

    • Choice of:

      • OCP Choir

      • STEM Projects (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

  • Scholastic Book Fair Shop at OCP: Monday 20th - Thursday 23rd August

    • Author Visit: Catherine Bateson - OCP will travel to NWS campus for this event on Monday, 20th August

  • Literacy & Numeracy Week: 27-31st August

    • OCP students will attend our first Officer Campus Parade!

    • More information will be sent home closer to the date

  • Father’s Day Celebrations & Community Walk:  Friday 31st August

  • Footy Colours Day - 7th September

    • Wear Football (or Sports team) colours for the day. All donations will go towards the Fight Cancer Foundation’s education program for kids to continue their education during treatment and recovery.

  • SSV District Athletics Carnival (selected students only): Tuesday, 28th August 

  • 2019 Prep Orientation Days

    • Day 2 - 5th September

    • Note: If you know of future Prep students who intend to enroll in the OCP 2019 Prep class, please contact the school to register for the Orientation Days. We thank you in advance for sharing these dates with your friends and family who may have young kids getting ready for their 2019 schooling.

  • ASV Primary Basketball Tournament: September 11th (more information closer to date)

  • Finish time for final day of the term: 2:15pm on Friday, 21st September

  • Term 4 Start Date: Monday, 8th October

Student Free Days

  • 24th August - Pupil Free Day (Teacher’s Professional Development Day)

Science Week

Science Week is always a highlight of the year, and this year was no different for students at Officer Campus Primary who participated in a rotation based Science Day, viewing and participating in more than 10 science related experiments.


Students learnt about health science with Mr Sevenhuysen, monitoring their heart rates after a variety of activities. Students also made slime, watched the reaction between vinegar and bi-carb soda, saw the importance of oxygen for fire and much more! 


We would like to say a big "Thank You" to all the adults and volunteers who gave their time to help run each station. You helped to make the day memorable and fun!

Mrs Kim Nuske

Year 4/5N Teacher

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