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20 September 2018
Issue Twenty-nine
Director of Numeracy and Whole School Mathematics
Important Dates
Student Awards                                                           
R U OK? Day
Instrumental Music Showcase
Middle School Update
French Tour Pictures
Teaching Awards
Year 12 Scholarships for 2019
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Director of Numeracy and Whole School Mathematics


Dear Families, Students and Community Members,


The Mordialloc College Mathematics program continues to go from strength to strength. This term we have seen a variety of opportunities for students to showcase their knowledge and problem solving skills.


SEAL students across all year levels completed the ICAS competition and we are eagerly awaiting the results.


Maths Week had students involved in all sorts of problem solving and games competitions. The highlight was our "Pie for Pi" day that saw students test themselves to remember as many digits of π (3.1415926….) as they could to earn hot pies and pi shaped chocolates as a reward. The champion on the day, Emma from Year 8, earned 6 pies and a pi chocolate by reciting 62 digits of pi correctly. 


Last week eight Year 10 students attended an invite only, fun filled yet challenging games day at Melbourne Girls College.  The day consisted of three sessions involving problem solving, strategy games and a maths puzzle relay. While our students did not come home with the trophy on the day they were extremely competitive amongst the 30 teams from schools such as Melbourne High, Mac Robertson Girls High, Kew High and University High.



Congratulations to staff and students on the fantastic NAPLAN Numeracy results for this year. While they are a small snapshot of our students’ achievement, they showcase solid growth in their understanding, skill application and reasoning across all topics.


For the wider school community the term has provided a myriad of learning opportunities that led into Year 12 practice exams and Student Led Conferences. Over the course of the last few weeks, students have been preparing for their Student Led Conferences by reflecting on their learning, gathering pieces of work they are most proud of and setting and reflecting on learning goals using radar charts and SWOT. The strong attendance at these conferences this week provided students with the opportunity and forum to discuss with their parents and teachers all the wonderful things they have been able to achieve over the course of the year so far.

The Year 12 Practice Exams have been held this week, providing students with the opportunity to test their knowledge and practise their time management. The exams provide students with feedback on their progress and learning and identifies the areas of review that they can concentrate on over the study break.

As we head in to Term 4 we must be mindful of our school values and ensure we act with integrity and respect

-          Respect for our Year 12 students heading into their VCAA exams

-          Working with integrity within the wider school community

-          Completing our work to our personal best

This will ensure we utilise the last 6 weeks of the 2018 academic year to our full potential and enter Head Start with strong values, knowledge and skills.

Finally,  we cannot end the term without holding the famous Mordi Idol competition. Students will strut their stuff on stage performing their comedy skits, entertaining with their music ensembles and being in awe of the talent of their teachers - such a positive way to wrap up a busy term.


Have a safe and relaxing break.




Julie Chambers

Director of Numeracy and Whole School Mathematics












Important Dates


Friday 21

  • Year 12 Practice Exams
  • Period 4 Mordi Idol
  • Last day of Term 3 - early dismissal at 1:30pm


Monday 8

  • First day of Term 4
  • Year 9 A  & B MEX Looking Around Data Collection
  • Year 9 C & D MEX Community Placements

Thursday 11

  • Year 6 – 7 2019 iPad Information Evening at 6:30pm
  • Southern Metropolitan Track & Field Athletics Day
  • Years 7 - 9 Community Expo Period 3
  • Year 10-11 Incursion with the Moran Arts Foundation
  • Year 12 Sleepover

Friday 12

  • Year 12 Pjyama Day
  • Chinese  VCE Oral Exam
  • World Challenge Team 2 lunchtime meeting

Tuesday 16

  • Year 9 MEX 9A & B Looking Around Data Collection
  • Year 9 MEX 9C & D Community Placements
  • Art Show Opening Night

Wednesday 17

  • Year 8 Southern Metropolitan Region  Boys Cricket Quarter Finals

Student Awards                                                           

Student Values Awards

Personal Best - Work to the best of your ability. Pursue excellence, try hard and constantly seek to improve.

Integrity  - Be true to yourself by doing what is right. Be honest and trustworthy.

Respect  - Treat everyone with equal consideration. Be accepting of others and their differences.

Responsibility - Be accountable for your actions. Contribute positively to the school and wider community.



Hugo McMillin -   Personal best in English for high attainment in essays and written tasks and volunteering to read work out to the class - well done Hugo! 


Rohan Boyd-  Personal best, a fantastic effort in his Wonder narrative piece and for showing a growth mindset.


Amelia Davidson - Personal best, an incredible effort and outcomes on all assessment pieces as well as being heavily involved in production.


Liam Maher - Personal best  for an amazing Wonder narrative piece that was a joy to read.


Jeremy Thai Chan -  For always putting in his Personal best into everything he does.


Jada Thomas - Personal best for her persistent hard work and her growth mindset.


The following Year 8 students have all shown their personal best  in English.

The following two Year 7 students have displayed the College value of Respect.  They have given up their time to become buddies for the international students who will be leaving the International Language Centre  and going into mainstream classes.

There were students from all year levels participating and these young Year 7 s engaged with their buddies in a positive and meaningful way.

Their buddies have little or no English and are nervous.  Both boys were considerate of their needs and changed their speech and body language to suit the situation. They sought common interests and made their buddies feel welcome and accepted.


Lana Paten






R U OK? Day

Last Thursday we celebrated R U OK? Day, the national day of action to inspire Australians to ask family, friends and colleagues, “ Are you OK?” .

The Wellbeing Department and Kingston Youth Services put on a range of activities for students and staff, encouraging each other to come together and have a conversation. 

 R U OK? is a simple question but has significant meaning through the gesture of compassion, reminding us that someone cares about us and that we’re not alone. 

We ran a range of lunchtime activities for students where we asked them to let us know ‘how they could support a friend’ through a sticky note activity and measured how many people asked the question ‘R U Ok?’ through building a circle of pegs.  Students also enjoyed deciphering the message ‘A conversation can change a life’ through a scavenger hunt activity and having the opportunity of winning a life size furry friend. 

Lana Paten


Instrumental Music Showcase

The night of the 2018 Showcase was very entertaining and it was amazing to see the talent of all the other music students. It was my first real performance and, although it was very nerve racking, after I finished my performance I wanted to do it again straight away! I performed 'Make You Feel My Love' by Adele, with Chloe Fitchett accompanying my piano performance on voice. I am very grateful for the opportunity that I was given and I'd like to thank the music staff.


George Newton 9E, Piano


When I was doing my showcase performance I was very nervous. But after I had completed it I felt super proud of myself. I had heaps of fun and had a great time with my friends during the night. It was an amazing opportunity and I was so glad for doing it. Throughout the night I performed an instrumental version of 'Georgia' by Vance Joy, I also performed as part of a small pop/rock ensemble and the large guitar ensemble. I can't wait for the next Showcase.


Matthew Grice, 9B, Guitar, Piano


The 2018 Showcase was such a great experience for everyone involved. I was getting nervous as we were getting closer to the performance, but once I started playing, my nerves eased. I had lots of fun rehearsing for the showcase and it was great to see the hard work pay off. I played a solo performance of 'Chariot' by Jacob Lee, I also performed as a part of the large guitar ensemble playing Avicci's 'Without You'. Thank you to Mr D and the music teachers for putting on such a great event and giving us the gift of music.


Harry Weatherburn, 9F, Guitar, Voice






Middle School Update

On Monday 4 September a Middle School Assembly was held for the third time this year. As always the students in attendance behaved spectacularly and showed their admiration for the efforts of their peers who received awards.

In the Middle School we have three different categories that are awarded to the students; they are as follows:

  • Learning Legend: This award is given to students who have constantly achieved above or well above the expected standard.
  • Excellence Endeavour: This award is given to students who always attempt to complete their work to their personal best level. They are continually attempting all tasks to 100% of their ability and are getting the most out of each task they complete.
  • All Rounder: This award is given to students who continually put in 100%, show outstanding attitude in all of their classes and have achieved high marks within their subjects.

In Term 3 we had 28 students who received two or more awards. These students' names can be seen below.

I would like to congratulate all the students who received awards and make special mention of the Middle School Captains - Matthew Wade, Celina Lum, Spencer Halse, Bianca Davidson and Meike Berg -who planned and ran an outstanding assembly.


Daniel Williams

Director of Middle School

French Tour Pictures

The students and staff have arrived safely in France and are having a wonderful time. Please see below for some photos of the tour so far.


Teaching Awards

The Commonwealth Bank are delighted to announce that nominations for the 2019 Commonwealth Bank Teaching Awards are now open.

Offered through a partnership between the Commonwealth Bank and national charity Schools Plus, the Awards recognise and reward great teachers who are delivering transformative and measurable outcomes for their students.

Teachers who inspire curiosity, engage with their community and encourage their students to believe in themselves. Teachers like previous award recipient Steve Harrison from Huonville High in Tasmania, whose vocational salmon farming program has led to students securing dozens of jobs in the local aquaculture industry.

This year, 12 outstanding teachers and school leaders will be selected to receive a $45,000 Teaching Fellowship. The Fellowships include support for professional development as well as $30,000 for a school project that improves student outcomes. It’s a wonderful opportunity!

So if you know a teacher who’s transforming lives, put them forward for the 2019 Commonwealth Bank Teaching Awards.

Because great teachers do more than teach.

Nominations close 27 September 2018.

Year 12 Scholarships for 2019

Scholarships Available for Year 12 Students


Applications are open for financial support for your Year 12 students until 31 January 2019.

Close to 60 scholarships are available to students intending to undertake tertiary studies in 2019.

Many of these scholarships are made available through trusts for students who are studying in Victoria, with a focus on supporting disadvantaged students and creating opportunities for them to succeed, regardless of their circumstances. Scholarships are available for students intending to study teaching or fine arts, and for female Koorie students.

Eligibility is generally based on a student's financial need, academic results, and involvement in school and community activities.

Scholarships range in value from $600 to more than $2,600. Some scholarships are one-off payments; others are paid for the duration of the student’s course/study.


Apply now!

Applications for Year 12 scholarships opened on 25 July 2018 and they will close on 31 January 2019.

To explore the scholarships available and make suggestions to your Year 12 students and families, see: Year 12 scholarships


More scholarships available

The Department also offers more than 100 scholarships for students in years 4 to 11. Applications for these scholarships will open on 12 November 2018.


More information

For more information or questions, contact Student Scholarships Coordinator Andrea Constantino via phone: 9097 7375 or email: [email protected]


By Andrea Constantino


Fundraising for Smith Family

The 5c collection for The Smith Family has now been successfully running for over a term! We encourage all students to keep bringing in loose 5c coins on a regular basis and add them to their House jar in the Hub. House points are awarded for reaching certain heights on the jars and a grand prize will be awarded to the House who fills their jar first. Currently, Iwala (Red House) is in the lead, having earned 30 points already! Kalura (Green House) and Yerlonga (Blue House) are following, battling for second place with 10 points each so far.

All money raised is being donated to The Smith Family to support their extraordinary work in supporting the education of disadvantaged children and breaking the cycle of poverty.


Sabrina Berg

School Captain


Community News

Dobsons School Uniform Shop Trading Hours for Term 3 2018

Monday 8:30 am - 11:30 am

Wednesday 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Private appointments are available after shop hours. Please call 8587 0570 for an appointment.

Visit the new, improved website Click and Collect ordering now available.

Located on the corner of the main building, near the staff car park.


Extended Trading Hours


Saturday 06/10/2018     9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Saturday 27/10/2018     9:00 am - 12:00 pm



Saturday 03/11/2018     9:00 am - 12:00 pm



Saturday 01/12/2018     9:00 am -12:00 pm

Tuesday 11/12/2018       8:30 am - 12:00 pm     ORIENTATION DAY

Wednesday 12/12/2018 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm    LAST TRADING DAY FOR 2018


Please see the attachment for the most up to date price list including any specials that are available.




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