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07 March 2019
Thursday 7 March 2019
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Prayer and Reflection

Prayer for Lent

God of goodness and mercy,

hear my prayer as I begin this Lenten journey with you.

Let me be honest with myself as I look into my heart and soul,

noticing the times I turn away from you.

Guide me as I humbly seek to repent and return to your love.

Transform me this Lent, heavenly Father.

Give me the strength to commit myself to grow closer to  you each day.


Our Lady of the Rosary. Pray for us.

St Dominic. Pray for us.

Blessed Edmund Rice. Pray for us.



Lent provides an opportunity each and every year for us to look into our hearts and see whether our external and internal lives are in union. We are called upon to try and unclutter many of the unnecessary distractions of life in order to more fully prepare for the joyous season of Easter.


Ash Wednesday

This week we celebrated an Ash Wednesday Liturgy as a whole College in the hall. We thank Father Chris for his continued support for our Liturgical program. During the Liturgy the College was reminded about the importance of prayer, fasting and almsgiving as signs of our desire to change inwardly and outwardly into more loving children of God. At the end of the Liturgy the Year 12 SLC officially launched Caritas Project Compassion for 2019 "Give Lent 100%".


Lenten Group

I invite all parents/guardians to attend McCarthy's Lenten Group commencing on Monday 11 March from 7:00pm - 8:30pm in the Meeting Room. This will run for 5 weeks. Please RSVP via email or place your name on the sheet at St Nicholas'.



Vinnies have been actively fundraising over the past couple of weeks. Last Thursday, they ran a very successful sausage sizzle at the College's annual swimming carnival raising a total of $412.15. This week, on Shrove Tuesday, the committee sold delicious pancakes at Recess raising $268.75. All monies raised will go towards the Vinnies Winter Appeal.

Mrs Cate Allen - Leader of Mission, Spiritual Formation and Religious Education


Principal's Report

Cardinal Pell

You will have seen media reports of the conviction of Cardinal George Pell. The Archbishop of Brisbane, and President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, the Most Rev. Mark Coleridge has released a statement to the Catholic community. A copy is attached below for your information. There is no doubt that news of this verdict of Cardinal Pell will bring with it a range of emotions. The legal process will now run its course. If you or your child requires support, please contact your School Principal. We should never forget, that in any matter of this nature, our concern and prayers are with victims and their families. Please be assured that our school system works tirelessly to ensure the safety of every child in our schools, and will continue to do so as together we share the responsibility for the well-being of your children.


Before Jesus began his public ministry he was drawn by the Spirit into the desert for forty days and nights to fast, to pray and to give himself over completely to God.  Each year the Church invites us into the ‘desert’ of the season of Lent to fast, to pray and to give alms (a symbol of our desire to give ourselves over completely to God).  The call to fast, to pray, and to give alms is an invitation to conversion—to embrace the grace of God that seeks to take root in us and transform us ever more deeply into his holy people.

One fallacy of our Lenten practice as Catholics is the idea that Lenten practices are simply meant to be temporary.  I “give up” chocolate for Lent only to indulge evermore deeply in my life as a chocaholic once Easter dawns. Or I will spend more time with the Lord in prayer during Lent, only to return to my normal intermittent pattern of relationship with God once the forty days are over.  While the specifics of a practice may not always continue after the Lenten season is over, the effects of conversion are meant to live in us. We are called to be made new by the Lord’s love manifested for us in the death and resurrection of Jesus, his Son.

So, this Lent, what is the conversion that the Lord desires for you? That is the question that was asked of the whole College at the Ash Wednesday liturgy. While every individual responds differently, the essence of the answer should hopefully be the same. A deeper relationship with our Lord.



As a Catholic College, members of the McCarthy Catholic College community traditionally devote their energies during Lent towards raising valuable funds for Caritas Australia. In recent years that fundraising has taken the form of regular small cash collections each morning during Mentor Group. While that whole school process will continue in 2019, the Year 12 group have decided to take on the Caritas theme for Lent, “Give Lent 100% - Lives change when we all give 100%”, in a unique and active way. The Leadership Team have decided that with the written permission of their parent/carer, an individual Year 12 student may nominate to shave their head or colour their hair under the banner - “100% - $100 for Caritas”.

To qualify for the ‘shave’ or ‘colour’ privilege the Year 12 student must ensure all of the following:

  • Be a currently enrolled Year 12 student at McCarthy Catholic College

  • Have returned a signed parent/carer permission note by Friday 29 March

  • Have raised a minimum of $100 and deposited the funds with the College by Monday 8 April.

All students who satisfy this criteria will then qualify to have their head shaved by a qualified hairdresser at lunchtime at the College on Thursday 11 April. Students who qualify and choose to colour their hair may arrive at school on Thursday 11 April with their hair already coloured.

Please note that this type of active support for Caritas is not compulsory for all Year 12 students and there is no compulsion to participate. It is completely voluntary and Year 12 students can continue to support Caritas in the traditional manner by donating through Mentor Group collections.

The expectations for students who participate is that they would arrive back to begin Term 2 with the hair colour removed and return with normal hair colour and normal regrowth for those who shaved their heads.

I commend the Year 12 students for their initiative and hope that they are well supported to raise valuable funds during Lent for Caritas Australia. 


Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to everyone who participated and supported another wonderful Twilight Swimming Carnival at Scully Park Pool. Attendance figures would suggest a comparable proportion of students attended compared to 2018 and the House spirit on the day was indicative of a happy bunch of swimmers and cheerleaders giving their all for their House. Enormous thanks to Mr Brad Mitchell and the staff for their prior coordination and hard work on the day and into the night. Congratulations to MacKillop who again raised the Swimming House Shield for the fourth consecutive year!


Stage 6 Information Evening

Thank you to those who attended the Stage 6 Information Evening this week. As an initiative designed to inform and support parents and carers about the specific nuances of the Stage 6 curriculum, pastoral program, faith formation initiatives and advice for parents wishing to actively support their Year 11 and 12 sons and daughters, the presentation left the small group of parents and carers much better informed. I offer deep thanks to the Leadership Team members for their work in preparing and presenting. I encourage all parents and carers of the following stage groups to attend the upcoming presentations that are specifically tailored to the needs of the particular cohort.

Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10) 18 March - 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Stage 4 (Years 7 and 8) 1 April - 5:30pm - 7:00pm


New Uniform Consultation

We are in the final stages of community consultation regarding potential changes to the McCarthy Catholic College Uniform. Included in this newsletter is a link to the summary sheet displaying all of the potential uniform items. There are also life-size mannequins in the foyer of the College Hall for families to check out the samples provided by our uniform supplier - Lowes. Note especially that we are providing contemporary uniform options for our girls that include shorts, slacks and tights to complement a skirt (to knee length) and blouse combination.

We seek written feedback from families by the end of the term please.

Once final feedback is received we will begin a phase in period of 2 years from 2020. That is, the existing uniform options can be worn throughout 2020 and 2021 prior to the new version being fully implemented in 2022.

Association Annual General Meeting

This is official notification that the Annual General Meeting of the McCarthy Parent Association will be held on Tuesday 19 March 2019 beginning at 7:15pm in the staffroom. All Executive Committee roles will be declared vacant on the night and elections will occur at that time. I encourage current and new members of the Parent Association to consider taking on the roles of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.


Enrolments for Year 7 in 2020 close Monday April 8 2019

McCarthy Catholic College extends an invitation for students seeking enrolment into Year 7 in 2020. The only round of Year 7 applications for this year will close on Monday 8 April. Fully completed application forms and the $100 application fee need to be lodged at the College on or before Monday 8 April. Open Day will be held on Saturday 9 March from 10:00am until 1:00pm.

Please contact the Enrolment Officer, Mrs Jo O'Brien, on 6761 0802 or for an application pack and/or more information.


Armidale Diocese System Well-Being Conference

The Catholic Schools' Office will be hosting a whole diocesan System Well-Being Conference for all staff on Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 June 2019, following the June Long Weekend on Monday 10 June. Please note the College will be closed on these days.



We welcome Sophie McCulloch (Year 11) and Aimee-Lee Barry (Year 9) and their families to the McCarthy community.

Mr Geoff McManus - Principal


Assistant Principal - Curriculum

NESA Entry

Last week students in Years 11 and 12 met with Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Mrs Raelene Maxworthy, to confirm their pattern of study for 2019. As part of the NESA entry process, students must read and sign a hard copy of their Confirmation of Entry and by signing the student confirms the accuracy of the personal details and course information supplied to NESA by their school. By signing, students also confirm that they have read and will comply with the HSC Rules and Procedures. All signed copies are retained at school until the beginning of the 2019 school year.

Year 10 students will similarly meet with Mrs Maxworthy in the coming week to sign their paperwork.


Stage Information Evenings

Last Monday evening in the College Hall we held the first of our Stage Information Evenings - for parents and carers of students in Stage 6 in order to support a continued and positive growth in the learning partnership between the College and parents. The night covered specific curriculum information for Stage 6 students and also addressed relevant pastoral issues. Further evenings are planned for Stage 5 on 18 March and Stage 4 on 1 April. 


Year 7 STEM Day

Prior to the Swimming Carnival, Year 7 students were involved in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Immersion day that saw them excitedly designing, constructing and testing an IKEA challenge, a Team flag, a Catapult and a parachuting hero. The teams were awarded points for their efforts throughout the day. They were ably assisted at HELP desks by Year 9 iStem students. Congratulations to Year 7 and the Year 9 helpers. Thank you to the enthusiastic staff who promoted the day - Ms Julie Hodges, Mr Shaun Nicholls, Mr Tim Godden, Mrs Kate Sullivan, Mrs Melissa Bearup and Mrs Briony Martin.

Mrs Sally Sparke - Assistant Principal - Curriculum

Assistant Principal - Pastoral Care

Learning is a Consequence of Thinking

Inspired by the above dictum and the great teacher from antiquity, Socrates, who said “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think”, as teachers we are constantly seeking ways to create learning experiences that provide opportunities for students to ‘think’ and thus learn.

At times I will encounter students who will say that they are disinterested in a class or subject and justify such a response with the well-worn mantra that it has little relevance to their future. My response is that regardless of the ‘content’ being covered, the course they are taking is training their brain to think in specific ways and that their future life will primarily be shaped and determined by the quality of thinking that they are able to do. It doesn’t matter what career path we embark upon we will always be required to think, and the more effective we are in this capacity, the more rewarding will our career, and life, be.

Just as we want to purchase the most powerful computer for the money we have available to spend, so too should we be looking to develop our brain to its greatest capacity – to stretch it, challenge it and empower it the most we can. Like a muscle, this can only happen when we make it work and engage with demanding and stimulating experiences on a regular basis. Just as our muscles require cross training if we are to be able to cope with a wide range of demands, so too should we challenge our brain with a wide array of areas that teaches us to think broadly, deeply and complexly. As a consequence, students learn how to think creatively, logically, analytically, critically and laterally – such ways of thinking are embedded in all of our subject areas and are the foundation upon which our thinking is built.

Educational theory tells us that if something can be learned then it can be learned by everyone to some degree – for example take driving a car or cooking. With explicit teaching and practice we are all able to reach a degree of proficiency in these tasks. The school curriculum is broad and diverse because we want all students to have the opportunity to learn to think in rich, varied and deep ways. Also, we don’t want to make assumptions about where students will end up in life therefore everybody has an opportunity to learn everything and gradually specialise in the areas that interest them most. This is in contrast to the past when students would be streamed rigidly into trades, clerical or university courses early in high school. Our system is based on the premise that everyone has the capacity to learn, the right to learn and the need to learn.

As parents you are able to support your child’s development as a thinker in numerous ways:

  • Emphasise that regardless of the subject it is all about how you are learning to think – that this is the crux of their learning.
  • When they are doing a task at home and they may be struggling; ask them to stop, reflect and consider what steps they need to follow to complete a task.
  • When you are doing activities about the home or discussing issues with them, comment on their thinking – how you were impressed by the thinking that went into fixing the mower or the home computer, how you liked the way they thought about a particular issue or ask them how they go about solving problems in their games or part-time job – what thinking does it require?
  • Discuss your own thinking – how you approach and achieve a goal, what steps you had to take. Involve them by asking what they think should happen next – for example while doing some renovating or cooking or, working out whether or not you should put solar panels on the roof.

The more conscious we are about the thinking that we are doing the better we will be at thinking and the more thinking we do the more we learn.

 Mr Mick Larkin - Assistant Principal - Pastoral Care


Important Dates


9 March:        College Open Day

11 March:      Lenten Group commences

13 March:      Year 12 Physics Excursion to Dubbo

13 March:      Europe 2020 Information Evening 6:00pm

14 March:      Bullying No Way Day

18 March:      Stage 5 Information Evening 5:30pm

19 March:      Science and Engineering Challenge

19 March:      Association AGM Meeting, School Advisory Council Meeting

20 March:      Science and Engineering Challenge

21 March:      Band Workshop

23 March:      State Election

1 April:           Stage 4 Information Evening

2 April:           Year 7 Vaccinations

5 April:          First Friday Mass

8 April:          Real Talk Parent Presentation

8 April:          Year 7 2020 Enrolment Applications close

9 April:          Warraymalaya Retreat commences

12 April:       Term 1 concludes


Teaching and Learning

ICAS Competitions

This year, UNSW Global have reimagined ICAS competitions. These competitions are designed to recognise academic excellence. Students are required to think beyond the classroom. They are encouraged and rewarded with certificates and medals. ICAS tests are optional and apply to Digital Technologies, Science, Spelling, English and Mathematics.

This year, ICAS competitions are moving to an online platform and will be scheduled in September. Further information about how to participate will be distributed later in Term 2.


Senior Assessment

Many students will be receiving notifications of formal assessment tasks in the coming weeks. Year 11 and 12 have a copy of the Assessment Procedures and Schedules 2019 and should refer to this in case of illness or misadventure.

Study Skills Tip for March: Setting Up Your Space at Home

The start of a year is a good time to reassess the space where you work at home. It is best to work in whatever space has the least amount of distractions. Here are some points to consider:
1. Natural lighting is best, but if not possible then a good strong bulb in your room and a bright desk lamp is essential. What is the lighting like in your study area?

2. Fresh air and oxygen to the brain helps keep you mentally alert. What is the ventilation and air quality like in your study area?

3. Your work space sets the tone for the way you approach your study. Is your desk large enough? What is your working space or desk like?

4. The chair you use should be comfortable (but not so comfy you fall asleep) and adjustable to reduce strain on your neck and shoulders. What is your chair like?

5. When you are trying to memorise things, quiet is essential. No music (unless it is certain types of classical like baroque). How effectively can you keep your room quiet?

6. Storage is essential to help you keep your notes organised and sorted. Shelves, a filing cabinet, drawers. What is the storage like in your room?

7. It is important to keep your study area uncluttered and organised. A large pin board for notices and a calendar are useful. How organised is your study area?

8. How many distractions do you have in your room? Computer, phone etc? It is always a good idea to switch off or remove distractions before you start work. If you have to use your laptop make a conscious effort to not use personal technology during times when you are doing schoolwork. How well do you cope with the distractions in your room?

Mrs Raelene Maxworthy - Leader of Teaching and Learning



Careers News

Year 12

It has been a busy fortnight for Year 12 students.

University Roadshow

Last week representatives from the following five universities came to talk to our students who are considering applying to university:

  • University of Wollongong

  • University of Newcastle

  • University of New England

  • Charles Sturt University  

  • Southern Cross University.

Earlier this week some Year 12 students interested in careers in medicine and allied health attended the Health Careers Forum organised by the University of Newcastle Department of Rural Health Faculty of Health and Medicine.

Recent Opportunities for Students

During the recent school holidays, Alana Noonan had the amazing opportunity to attend the NCSS Summer School, organised by the National Computer Science School.

Here is her report:

For 10 days from 4 - 13 January, myself and approximately 150 other students across Australia participated in an intensive course at the School of Computer Science at the University of Sydney. The course consisted of two major components, lectures followed by lab work, and our final project. We were divided into two different groups, with my group learning how to use and program microcontrollers known as Micro:bits.

In the lectures, we learnt about new features of the Micro:bit and how to use them. In the labs we then took this information and experimented with implementing it ourselves on the Micro:bits. The second half of the camp consisted of us breaking into smaller groups of four, where we had the task of creating a game which promoted the use of motion and physical activity. Our group came up with the idea of a 2-player kart racing game, similar to the video game Mario Kart. In this game, both players had to move their body move the kart, such as jumping up and down to move the car forward, leaning left and right to steer, and leaning backwards to reverse. We worked over many hours designing, programming and debugging our game until it was complete, before getting the opportunity to showcase our game to the other groups and letting them play our game, along with getting to play the other group’s games ourselves.

Alongside the lectures and projects, there were also opportunities for different activities that allowed us to learn skills outside of the lectures, such as attending one of the many masterclasses on offer, having the chance to talk with industry professionals at the formal dinner, tour different tech companies around Sydney and participate in a mock job interview with people who work at tech companies. There were also many chances for us to have fun and connect with the other people in our groups. There were a multitude of various activities over the ten days, including a scavenger hunt around the University of Sydney, a trivia night, a cryptography challenge and a programming competition.

Overall, the entire Summer School was a truly incredible opportunity to expand my knowledge in many different areas of computer science, and to meet many other like-minded individuals. I highly encourage anyone who is interested in computer science to apply next year to participate in January 2020.


Mrs Susan Barrett

Careers Adviser



The Music Program at McCarthy has had an exciting week welcoming a number of Year 7 students who are eager to learn an instrument and join our ensembles. Our experienced Band members came along on Tuesday morning to help teach our newest members the basics of their instruments. It was wonderful to see our Band program continue to grow.

We have had two students perform on assembly over the past two weeks. Ryan Thompson performed ‘Bailarina’ on the Trombone, and Krisha Transona performed ‘The River Flows In You’ on the piano. It is always wonderful to see our music students perform on assembly. Thank you to them both.

With the College Open Day coming up, it is important for all students to continue to attend the Concert Band and Jazz Band rehearsals. We look forward to performing for members of the public on this day.

New members are always welcome to come along to Band and have a go. Please talk to either Ms Swan or Mr McNeill if you are interested.

Ms Donna Swan - Music Teacher


Gamilaraay Language and Culture Camp 10-11 April 2019

A wonderful opportunity exists for students in Years 5-11 to attend the Gamilaraay Language and Culture Camp at Lake Keepit from the 10-11 April 2019. The camp aims to inform, strengthen and connect students to language and culture, as well as looking at opportunities to inspire, motivate and challenge students to raise personal levels of academic achievement.

Information can be found in the attached Information Brochure and Expression Of Interest form or alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Jolene Faint (AEA) on 02 6761 0800.

Please note - this camp will clash with the CSO annual Warraymalaya Retreat (further information to come). However, thus far, for the Warraymalaya Retreat, there have only been ten places allocated to McCarthy Indigenous students this year therefore, the Gamilaraay Language and Culture Camp also offers a culturally appropriate and valuable alternative.

Mrs Jolene Faint - Aboriginal Education Assistant


2019 Swimming Carnival

On Thursday 28 February, the McCarthy Catholic College Swimming Carnival was held at Scully Park Pool. This year with the help of our senior students, SLC and Sport Captains, there were several new initiatives which took place on the swimming carnival day. The cake stall at Recess was a great success. Thanks to the number of students who spent time baking cakes and making sweets in their House colours. A big thank you to Annabelle Pegus, Keely Jameson, Julia Hannaford, Billie Mitchell and Josie Chick for their hard work.

At the swimming carnival there was also an Inflatable Relay Race, Grass Relay event and the usual Giant Ball relay was once again a favourite. The Year 12 students fancy dress theme of Aussie saw some whacky and wonderful costumes.

Thank you to Mr Williams and the Year 12 SLR class for assisting setting up the carnival in the morning.

Student numbers attending the carnival and participation levels were excellent. Many races were tightly contested and the relays were very exciting with the support from House groups inspiring some very fast swimming.

Congratulations to the following students who were Age Champions:


12 years: Emma Rumble

13 years: Sienna Marzato

14 years: Hallie Berton

15 years: Clementine Monet

16 years: Daisy George

17 years: Lyndell Boschma



12 years: Achille Monet

13 years: Eddie Willis

14 years: Augustin Monet

15 years: Kilian Apen

16 years: Tully Munro

17 years: Connor Roberts


Congratulations to MacKillop House who once again won the swimming carnival. A great led by House captains Nathan Watson, Josie Chick and  House patron, Ms Melissa Davis.

The final results were:

1st MacKillop 1075

2nd Edmund Rice 1028

3rd Dominic 817

4th Chisholm 781


We look forward to many of our talented swimmers competing at the Diocese Swimming Championships which will be held on Thursday 14 March at Gunnedah.

McCarthy Netball 2019 Season

McCarthy Netball Club will be holding their Annual General Meeting on 16 March at 9:30am at Ruby’s Café. We would love to welcome all parents/guardians and coaches to the meeting, there is no pressure to take up executive positions.

Registration Update

Thank you to all the students that expressed an interest in the winter competition and collected a netball note. These notes need to be back into school (Mr Kenniff or the office) by 15 March so that the committee can start organising teams. There have been some issues with the McCarthy portal on the MyNetball website for registration. It is important for the committee to have the whole process online so we will keep you updated with the process. Please check the website regularly from next week (if it is only charging $100 it is only covering rego and not competition fees). Please email the committee if you have any questions –

Deanne Lesslie

NSWCCC Registration Closing Dates

The NSWCCC sports registration closing dates are as follows;

Boys'/Girls' Water Polo: 14 March

Boys'/Girls' Hockey 15s and Opens: 20 March

Boys' and Girls' Golf: 22 March

Mr Brad Mitchell - Sports Coordinator


McCarthy Parents Association

Association Annual General Meeting

We welcome any interested parents, friends and guardians to come along to the Annual General Association Meeting on Tuesday 19 March at 7:00pm for a 7:15pm start in the Staff Room. We look forward to seeing  you there.


Environmental Council News

Clean Up Australia Day

On Sunday 3 March, the Environmental Council met at the College to participate in the annual Clean Up Australia Day. Twenty-one students from Years 8, 11 and 12 put on the gloves to walk around the area of the school (Tribe St, Johnston St, Piper St) in order to improve the health of the environment. In just one hour, there was seven bags of litter collected, including an unprecedented amount of cigarette butts - a very sad sight indeed. 

James Smith


General Information

Clothing Pool

The Clothing Pool can be accessed on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 8:00am and 8:30am via the bottom carpark. It can be found at the top of the stairs, to the left (facing Tribe Street).

Hours of Supervision

The playground will be supervised from 8:30am. School hours are 8:45am – 3:00pm. After school, students will be supervised in the bus bay area until the last bus leaves.

Leadership Team 

Principal: Mr Geoff McManus

Assistant Principals: Mrs Sally Sparke and Mr Mick Larkin

Mission, Spiritual Formation and Religious Education Coordinator: Mrs Cate Allen

Leader of Teaching and Learning: Mrs Raelene Maxworthy

Leader of Pedagogy: Mrs Briony Martin

Leader of Student Wellbeing: Mrs Sharon Stuart


The 2019 Pastoral Care team is:

Year 7 Leader of Student Care - Mrs Melissa Bearup   


Year 8 Leader of Student Care - Mr Bernie Williams

Year 9 Leader of Student Care -  Mr Andrew Davy             


Year 10 Leader of Student Care - Mrs Michelle Gale                      



Year 11 Leader of Student Care -  Mrs Fiona O'Neill     

Year 12 Leader of Student Care -  Mr Damian Kenniff         

Change of Details

It is imperative that the office be advised about any change of details from last year, such as change in family situation, address, workplace, email addresses, phone numbers – mobile and landline for home and work.


Canteen Reminders

During Lent Canteen will not be serving meat on the following Fridays: 8 March, 15 March, 22 March, 29 March, 5 April and 12 April.  Please refer to the Lent Menu for these days. 

When ordering through the QKR App electronically on these dates the Lent Menu will appear for your selection and order.


QKR App for Canteen Orders

Thank you to those who are using the application; our orders are increasing daily.  If you could help us out by following these steps please:

  1.  When setting up a profile in the QKR app would staff and students please remember to select their year or staff – this helps us with distribution of orders
  2. Cut off time for order is 9:30am daily.  Orders can be placed up to two weeks in advance.
  3. If you have not received the email on “how to use the QKR app for canteen” or if there are any problems processing your order please contact Jenny in the Canteen on ph: 67610856. 


If anyone has some ‘spare’ time or know of grandparents, neighbours or relatives who would like to join our volunteer team, please contact jenny on 67610856 or .



Europe 2020

Europe 2020

We are still in the throes of finalising our tour in April-May 2020. 

I am pleased to announce that Jackie from Academy Travel who organises the tours will be at McCarthy on Wednesday 13 March from 6:00pm - 7:00pm to provide information on the tour and to meet with participants and parents. 

All those who have submitted their booking forms, plus anyone who is considering joining this tour or possibly one in 2022, are invited to come along and find out more information.

It is not too late to join us in 2020. It is also planned that this tour will also include something different and personalised in the battlefields on the Western Front in France and Belgium.

I can give you information or answer questions if you phone the College or I can provide an information package if you email me at the email address below:

Mrs Susan Barrett.  Email:


Friends of Children with Special Needs

Friends of Children with Special Needs, Quirindi Group

Have you heard about the brilliant, active and engaged local fundraisers, Friends of Children with Special Needs, Quirindi Group?

Established in 2011, Friends of Children began with a vision for assisting schools, through fundraising, to provide extra opportunities, equipment, resources and experiences for special needs students in their care. The group has continued to financially support individuals and special needs units in local schools throughout the Liverpool Plains region. We have raised close to forty-thousand dollars, which has been distributed evenly and directly into our local schools to support students and departments at a ground roots level.

We are passionately committed to continuing to fundraise and support our communities’ schools and students, but we really need your assistance to do this to the best of our abilities. Can you help us by donating a raffle prize for our upcoming event, ‘A Taste of Christmas’ on Saturday, 29 June 2019? Can you help promote this event using our flyer? Do you or your friends want to join us? We’d love you to be involved! Thanks for thinking of us in a dry and difficult season, we just need that extra support to push this event over the line!



Lowes 20% Off One Day Only Sale

Exclusive offer to Zero and Rewards Card Holders of 20% off school wear and everything else instore and online on Thursday 14 March.


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