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15 August 2019
2019 Issue 12
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Principal's Message

Bayside 2040

I remember sitting in a coffee shop at some stage pondering the quote, “We make our

tomorrows from what we dream today”, which was painted on the wall of the shop. I don't really know why it has stuck with me but it has, and it returned as I was thinking about the future of the College.


The College, strategically speaking, is in a very exciting place. With the completion of the Arts building on the Senior side of the road, our current master planning and long term strategic planning is complete, requiring a re-envisaging of our long term planning.


To achieve this re-envisaging, the Bayside 2040 project was born. The Bayside 2040 project seeks to discern how the College will serve families in 2040. By coming to an understanding of what programs are to be offered and what facilities we need to put in place to support the delivery of these programs, we can rebuild our strategic and master plans to ensure we are working toward achieving our mission and vision.


To this end, in the not too distant future, you will have the opportunity to share your dreams for the College by speaking into what you think the College should do and look like in the future. Whether you are a family in your first year at College in 3 Year Old kindy, or a 20+ year veteran, your thoughts and ideas matter. Please don't make the mistake of thinking that 2040 is too far away. It may seem so in the busyness of today, but in truth it is not that far away.


On behalf of the College Board, I invite you to begin thinking about what Bayside Christian College might look like in 2040. What programs should we be delivering, what facilities should we have to serve families well? What building needs to stay and which one needs to go? There are a host of things to consider, and this is your invitation to begin your thinking, so that when the time comes, you are ready to share your thoughts and dreams and shape the future of the College.




Andrew Manning



Pray for Bayside

Please pray for all the Book Week activities taking place around the College next week - for wonderful engagement with reading.


Pray that our upcoming Pioneers' Day celebrations would be a fabulous time to honour the people who have served our community.


Pray in thanks for the wonderful opportunities and environment that our children share with the Bayside community at school every day.


Please pray for our upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences - for great conversations as we build great partnerships in Christian education.

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

Last week, the Years 3/4 students had a wonderful time at Camp Manyung. The students were challenged to try new things like the giant swing, low rope course, archery, and making pizza, to name just a few. There is so much that happens behind the scenes to make a camp successful. College staff put in hours of work prior and during camp. The attendance and contributions by the parent helpers is enormous. For parent helpers to attend camp, there are also many people supporting them, changing work arrangements, childminding etc. It really takes a community of people to assist students to have a great camp. Thank you to all involved; it is really appreciated. 

Book Week

Next week is an exciting week in the Primary School with many Book Week activities. 



The Launch - Assembly at 12:40pm

Book Rotation 1 - Periods 6 & 7

Reading Hour - 6:00-7:00pm. Families are invited to come to the library for stories and hot chocolate! Students may wear their PJs. Gold Coin Donation for the TEAR read-a-thon



Book Rotation 2 - Periods 6 & 7



Book Rotation 3 - Periods 6 & 7



Book Rotation 4 - Periods 6 & 7



Book Character Parade - 9:15am in G Block Hall. Please assist your child(ren) to dress up.

Parents are welcome to come to the parade. Pre-schoolers are also invited to dress up.



During Book Week, there will be a new clue given each day for students to try and guess the book characters that the teachers will dress up as at the parade. Answers are to be put in the letter box in G Block (with student's name, class, and time of guess to be written). There will be prizes for different levels in the Primary School.

Tear Read-a-thon

Please keep up the reading and seeking sponsors. Donations can be made online or at the school office before school.


God bless


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Camp Manyung

At Camp Manyung, our first rotation was the giant swing. I went up the full 18m! When I got that high, I pulled the rope. I was in shock for like, two seconds! It felt like the time of your life! 

Our next rotation was the zip line. It was soooo much fun! You sit on a chair and then it goes fast. Then you hit a metal thing. 


After that, we got some free time. We had the best dinner ever, spaghetti bolognaise. We had apple crumble for dessert. After dinner we had a games night. We did eight activities. My favourite activity was where you had to dress up and do a funny dance for 10 seconds. After that, we went to bed.

Jasper - Year 3


I loved the giant swing because when I pulled the rope, I felt like I was going to fall. I felt petrified, but it was extreme and awesome! The giant zip-line was beautiful because you got the best view. 

The games night was awesome. I liked watching people do their cringy dance (so cringy!) I liked the next night too which was movie night. We watched Aladdin. Aladdin was a great team with Abu, his pet monkey. The music made it even better.

Danny - Year 3

Purfect Student

Toffee the kitten came to visit the students in library. Micah D shared information about the things Toffee liked to do. She was very at home getting cuddles from Prep/1A and found a book she would love to read. 

Thank-you Mrs Champion and Mrs Underhill for allowing Toffee to join the library lesson. 


Donna Martin

Prep/1A Teacher

Our Cubby House

Year 1/2M celebrated the end of last week by making a giant cubby house. We learned about the materials needed to make a cubby house, and how some materials may be more waterproof than others.


We were grateful to have homes with walls and roofs, and not to live in houses made from plastic tarpaulins!


Jo Moore

Year 1/2M Teacher

Across the College

From the Head of Secondary

We value being able to partner with you in the education of your children and look forward to meeting with you again on the 28-29 August at our Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences.



Homeroom teachers have been asked to remind their students that wearing the full Bayside uniform including blazers to excursions is compulsory (unless a PE or OES excursion which requires active wear). Students are aware that if they do not come correctly attired that they will unfortunately not be permitted to attend the excursion and will remain back at the College, as we want to represent our College well in public.


Students have also been encouraged to exemplify the “Bayside Way” by showing respect to guest speakers and to the places and people that we visit.

Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity. (1 Tim 4:12) (ESV)


This verse does not only apply to just the believers as mentioned in this verse but also to those who are watching our conduct as Christians. I would like this good conduct to also be extended to our visiting guest speakers.



As our Principal Andrew Manning says, most of our students do the right thing most of the time, and they have indeed been commended for the example they set.


We love to hear from you should you wish to communicate anything with us, whether it be good news or celebrations, concerns or even if you would like us to pray for you. We are only an email or a phone call away.


Blessings in Christ,


Shirley Patterson

Head of Secondary

Year 7 Humanities (Civics & Citizenship) 

In our Year 7 Civics classes, students have been representing the views of the Australian people by participating in a role-playing activity on how to vote on a bill in the House of Representatives. Students arranged the classroom to mimic the House's seating plan, and were given various government roles to imitate law-making in Australia. 


Jo Piening

Secondary Teacher


Year 9 Futsal Rally Day

Selected students represented the College at the Year 9 Futsal Rally Day on Monday 12 August. The Boys A and the Girls teams both had excellent days, winning their pool games and their Grand Finals. The girls gave an even contribution throughout the day, with Lily making a match saving effort as goalie in the dying seconds of their final, while Jack and Beau were sensational all day for the boys. Well done to everyone who gave their best on the day.


Andy Lancaster

Secondary PE Coordinator


Year 10 Futsal Rally Day

On Tuesday 30 July, the Year 10s had their Futsal Rally Day. There was a fantastic atmosphere of camaraderie and team spirit around the whole event. Both Boys and Girls teams faced stiff competition throughout the day, mainly from Bayside's (or Mr Baker's) main rivals, Mount Evelyn Christian School (MECS). The A Boys team walked away runners up, losing to MECS in the Grand Final. Despite only losing one game throughout the day, the A Girls team unfortunately lost in the semi-final. I hope students would agree that the highlight of the day was watching me sneak onto the court to play against my own students and help another school out who were low on teammates. 

It was a pleasure to watch everyone support each other in such a Christ-like manner. 


Tim Baker

Secondary Teacher


Year 7 Short Films

Year 7 students have been studying short films as a mode of presenting messages. They have analysed a series of films and are now creating their own, presenting biblical messages such as forgiveness, inclusiveness and generosity. Here are some pictures of filming in progress in 7C.


Year 9 head to Parliament

On Monday 5 August, both Year 9 classes visited Parliament House and the Old Treasury Building as part of their Civics topic of how laws are created and what type of government we have in Australia. Our day began viewing an interesting display of wooden bricks outside Parliament House. These were part of National Homelessness Week, and every visitor to Parliament House had an opportunity to write on a brick what home meant to them. Our students were able to participate as well, and shared some of their thoughts about having a home with the volunteers. 

Next, we were taken on a tour of the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council, Victoria's equivalent of Canberra's House of Representatives and Senate. We even sat where the Queen had once been sitting....


The Old Treasury Building also had interesting history - it houses several dioramas and old photographs of Melbourne, but, more importantly, beneath its modern rooms, is still what used to be the vault for the first miners' gold finds.


Overall, it was an interesting day and the students had a lot to write about in their follow-up reports.


Ulli Austermann

Secondary Teacher

Design Tech

There is a lot happening in Design Technology at the moment, with our Year 11s finishing their first big projects, the Year 12s working hard in their major year-long project, and some outstanding work being completed in Years 7 to 10. It is wonderful to see the students using their God-given creative gifts to build excellent products.


Rich Learning Snapshot - Maths Pathway 

Maths Pathway is a teaching and learning model that was introduced into the Year 7 program at the beginning of the year, with the focus being on growth, effort and mastery.


During each learning cycle, students participate in module work, fortnightly tests, targeted intervention, mini-lessons and rich learning tasks - experiencing growth and success in Maths along the way.


Rich Learning Tasks are definitely a highlight of each learning cycle. The nature of rich tasks gives learners the opportunity to question and develop their understandings of mathematical ideas, and to gain the confidence to apply their knowledge in a range of contexts, even unfamiliar ones.


As a teacher and witness to these activities, it is definitely fun to run and watch students explore mathematical concepts from across the curriculum in open-ended style activities. 


Jo Piening


In Year 7 Maths Pathway classes we do something called 'Rich Learning Tasks'. They are a variety of activities that challenge all forms of maths and its understanding. We have done numerous maths riddles that make us use our logic and reasoning skills. My favourite one was the Königsberg bridge problem. This puzzle was unsolvable, frustrating and fun, and explained how a new branch of mathematics was developed. We have done some geometric pattern work and also learnt some strategy games such as 1-2 Nim, Hex and Tenzi. By challenging your brain in all these areas it makes you more well-rounded in maths, and helps you to understand maths in other subjects such as art and music.


Keeley - Year 7

Indonesian Incursion Day

Two weeks ago, Bapak Aaron (Mr Aaron) and Ibu Nita (Mrs Nita) came to Bayside Christian College to teach Indonesian dance and musical instruments (Gamelan) to Prep-Year 8 students.

This incursion was divided into three parts: a dancing lesson, a music lesson and a concert. Ibu Nita taught the dancing lesson while Bapak Aaron taught the music lesson. Bapak Aaron started the lesson by showing students how each instrument is played, before allowing the students to get involved by learning to play a simple song. In Ibu Nita's classes, the students learned some Indonesian dance movements and had an opportunity to dress up in Indonesian traditional clothing.

The concert was the highlight of this incursion, where Years 3-6 students performed a story called ‘Ramayana’ in front of their peers, teachers and parents. In this concert, the students brought each scene of the story to life through dancing in traditional clothing to the accompaniment of their peers playing music on the Gamelan instrument. 


After this incursion, the students from Prep-Year 6 have been discussing in class the story of ‘Ramayana’, and the things that we can learn from the characters. If you are curious and want to find out more then we encourage you to ask your child to retell this classic Indonesian folktale.


Ibu Davies & Ibu Newton

Indonesian Teachers

Years 11/12 Happenings

As Term 3 progresses in true winter weather, we are daily thankful at North for the beautiful, warm facilities we are blessed with! We currently have building works taking place near the staff car park. These fantastic people are laying electricals and other services in preparation for the Arts building. As building works will continue for some time, please be aware of extra movements with machinery and trucks. We do ask that no drops offs are made in the staff area, that students use the pedestrian crossings, and that all drivers observe the speed limit. 


Please also take a moment next time you are at North to look at the new paths being constructed around the dam - the ducks have certainly been enjoying these, as will our students when complete!


Students are working hard as they tackle SACs and major assessments. Our VCE Year 12s are encouraged to apply themselves with diligence to their study for end of year exams. Our VCAL students ran a camp onsite to test the camping grounds they have developed at North. A fantastic fire kept the cold away as they delivered a range of activities for their peers.


Last Tuesday 6 August, it was wonderful to attend the Les Miserables production at the Frankston Arts Centre, along with many of our Years 11-12 students, as well as a range of staff and parents. The halls of North Campus have been ringing with ‘The Song of Angry Men’ ever since!


It was lovely this week to have Miss Hopkins, Mrs Healey and the Years 1-2 students visit us at lunchtime. Students played basketball and chess together, and then our little ones visited the Science block, trialled the lab coats, and investigated the commercial kitchen - we love our Primary visitors each Monday!


At this time of year, we often begin to see signs of stress in our students. This can show itself in different ways. For some, avoidance of work can be a coping mechanism - for others, emotions will be running high and they may become visibly upset. In all situations, we encourage students to seek help if they are feeling overwhelmed. Talking to parents and teachers or trusted advisers is essential. It is important to continue to remind students that stress is a normal part of life, and a challenge to be faced. Helping students to seek God for strength, to focus on the positive aspects of life, and to acknowledge that they live in community and need support from others is essential. 


We look forward to meeting with parents at Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences on 28-29 August. A reminder also about Book Week next week, with a reading hour on Monday 19 August and Literary Evening Tuesday 20 August - both in the Library.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11-12 Coordinator

A word from our Captains - a conversation in the study room!

Ellen: Hey Matthew, how has your past 2 weeks been?

Matt: It has been a quite exceptional fortnight Eleanor with a Literature excursion and much in store for the upcoming weeks - what’s not to love about year 12?!

Ellen: I agree Matthew. SACs may be tough, but when you consider all the amazing opportunities and exciting adventures we have had these past weeks, it doesn’t seem as bad!

Matt: I couldn’t have said it better myself Eleanor.

Ellen: I heard you and the rest of the Literature class went to see Les Mis the other day - how was that?

Matt: It wasn’t just the Lit class! Many members of the Bayside community came together to witness this absolutely astoundingly amazing show with astonishing actors. 

Ellen: Wow that’s great, definitely sounds like a normal way people discuss going to the theatre.

Matt: Of course! Did you hear about the VCAL day camp?

Ellen: They must have been freezing!

Matt: They probably were, luckily they had a bonfire because they were testing out their campgrounds to see if it was suitable for campers.

Ellen: Did you visit any Uni Open Days these past weekends?

Matt: I visited RMIT and Swinburne, but I know a lot of our cohort also explored the Monash campuses, ACU, William Angliss and La Trobe.

Ellen: It’s pretty scary thinking we only have about 6 months before we could be starting at these universities!

Matt: We also had Jeans for Genes day! Which raised money for people with genetic disorders.

Ellen: That’s so cool! Well I’ll see you next fortnight. Bye Matthew

Matt: Bye Eleanor


Matthew Dumicich & Ellen Bond

College Captains

VCE Outdoor & Environmental Studies

For our final VCE OES camp of the year, we cross country skied for three days at Mt Stirling and then went snow boarding for the final day at Mt Buller.

This trip was pretty amazing. Many of us left for this camp without having ever seen snow, let alone skied or snowboarded before. It was a step out of our comfort zones to camp and hike in the snow with heavy packs on our backs and skis attacked to our feet, but we all pushed ourselves and overcame this challenge. We got to admire how compelling and attractive the alpine environment is and have God to thank for that. On the last day of camp we undertook downhill skiing/snowboarding, which was by far everyone’s favourite activity from the camp. 

We all came home with a few scratches, bruises and very sore muscles, but we also came home with many new skills under our belt.


I want to thank and acknowledge the teachers, Mr Pleiter and Mr Briglia, who organised everything to make sure this camp ran smoothly and that we were safe throughout the duration of the camp, as well as giving up their time for us. 


Jemma - Year 12


The Year 11 VCAL students did a brilliant job completing the outdoor amphitheatre seating! 


Day Camp @ North Campus

Years 11 & 12 VCAL students ran a day camp activity in the developing campground area on the North Campus on Monday 12 August. They braved really cold weather to run all aspects of this activity, which ran from 1:45 till 8:00pm. We had several fantastic community action workshops given by Year 12 students, and everyone responded maturely to these challenging concepts including child abuse, homelessness, plastic pollution, mental health and overseas mission activities. 

All students also ran and participated in a range outdoor (tech free) activities, such as bush art, orienteering, campfire cooking, scavenger hunt, timber recycling for outdoor furniture and a survival shelter-building competition. I was very impressed with the organisation and service skills of the students, and saw huge growth in many of our precious young people.


Ken Berry

VCAL Teacher

Subject in Focus

Health & Human Development


Here come the babies!

Unit 2 Health & Human development students

have just begun their 'RealCare Parenting Program', which involves taking care of a virtual baby for 48 hours. These new mums or dads need to take care of baby's needs, such as feeding, changing, burping or just rocking their fussy baby - at all hours. This is part of their Outcome 2 study of the considerations in becoming a parent, and the stages of childhood development. 


People, planet and prosperity

Meanwhile, in Unit 4, students are studying the United Nations' 'Sustainable Development Goals', which reveal the importance of us all collaboratively working together to restore mankind toward a world as God intended: with no poverty, inequality or environmental degradation.

Rachelle Cooper

HHD Teacher

VCAL Cook Off - Dessert Winners are Grinners

On Thursday 1 August, Chris Tucker and Bailey Jago (Year 11) entered into the FMPLLEN-sponsored VCAL cook off competition held at the Frankston Chisholm START Building.

The competition was judged by Polperro Winery’s Executive Chef, Michael Demagistris, and Michael Cole from Georgie Bass Cafe and Cooking School in Flinders, who also represented Australia in the international cooking competition “The Bocuse d Or” held in France.


Chris and Bailey competed against 14 other teams from schools in our region. They were required to make two dishes - a main and a dessert. The cook off rules stipulated the need to use chicken Maryland and pumpkin in either or both dishes. For the main, they made a chicken curry on rice, with cucumber ribbons and broccoli florets.


Dessert consisted of a pumpkin and dark chocolate brownie with a clear salted caramel sauce, complimented by a spiced pumpkin jam and Chantilly cream.


Comments from the judges on the winning dessert included how they were very impressed with the jam, and they liked how neat and professional Chris and Bailey worked.

My thoughts on their presentation at the competition: very clean, neat and a well-oiled professional looking cookery brigade :-)


Scott Megee

VET Kitchen Operations Teacher

Assembly to start the week

Our Years 11-12 students kicked off the week with an assembly complete with skit and devotion.

Bailey and Chris presented with their cook off competition certificate, where they won the dessert category - well done boys!



Parent Conferences

Parent-Teacher and Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences will be held on:


Wednesday 28 August - 3:45-8:00pm

Thursday 29 August - 1:45-8:00pm


Login details have been sent to all parents via email. If you did not receive your login details you are able to have these sent to the email address you've supplied to the College by clicking "Obtain PIN/Password" on our PTO page (accessible from our parent portal:

Please note: All students in Prep-Year 12 will finish at 1pm on Thursday 29 August.


Hello Bayside Community!

If you would like to help people experiencing

homelessness, please send any second hand books in good condition to Year 4/5A for us to sell at the Bayside Community Market later this term. 


Thank you!

Bayside Raiders

Bayside Raiders Basketball teams are being organised now for the summer season. Please contact Ulli (Bayside Raiders Association Secretary)  if you have a child who hasn't previously played, or a new sibling who would like to play.


Raiders are offering basketball teams from Prep all the way to Seniors (Year 12), and will for the first time also have U8 girls (Prep and Year 1).



College Spray Jackets @ discounted rate

The College has acquired some limited stock of spray jackets from our previous uniform supplier. Jackets in sizes 2 and 4 are available for purchase for $25 and jackets in sizes 10, XS, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL are available for $30 from the College office only. A reminder that the spray jackets can be worn until the end of the 2021 school year, and are able to be worn in the ELC.

Wednesday & Friday Coffee Service

Please continue to support our coffee service on a Wednesday and Friday morning, kindly supplied by Wildpath Church.


Corner 1 Community Cafe

Our Corner 1 Community Cafe is also open for guests. Staffed by our wonderful VCAL students in the Trades Skills Centre, the cafe is open on Thursdays 10:30am-12:00pm and alternating Tuesday afternoons and Monday mornings.


Wool Wanted!

Do you have leftover wool from knitting / crochet projects at home?


Please hand donations into the box provided in G block, to be made into a project to be donated to Bayside for fundraising.


If you're able to bring along the packet sleeve showing the ply / type of wool with your donation that would be helpful.


During school term, the Dobsons uniform shop is open: 

  • Monday 8:30–11:30am
  • Thursday 1:30–4:30pm.


Families wishing to purchase, sell or swap items of second hand uniform are welcome to use the official College Second Hand Uniform Facebook Group.


As we are almost half way through Term 3, now is a good time to start looking at summer uniform items for the start of Term 4!

2020 & 2021 Enrolments

We are now accepting enrolment applications for all year levels for 2020 and 2021. Waiting lists already apply to some year levels.


Applications for Prep 2020 and Year 7 2021, including for siblings, should be lodged as soon as possible to ensure that a place is available. We have already commenced Year 7 2021 enrolment interviews, with places filling fast. Prep 2021 interviews will start soon.


For all application forms and enquiries, please contact College Registrar, Mrs Julie Rebbeck, via email or call 5971 6709.

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