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15 August 2019
Term 3 Week 5 2019
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Heritage College
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12 SEPTEMBER 6:00pm-8:00pm

For over 20 years, Heritage College has provided excellence in values-based education for families in Cardinia Shire. We invite you to experience Heritage College (Early Learning - Year 12) on Open Night, Officer campus, Thursday 12 September from 6-8pm. 


Open Night is an opportunity for new families to discover, existing families to share and previous students of Heritage College to re-connect on campus.

New families can engage in classroom activities, meet with teaching staff in a relaxed environment, and explore the campus with regular tours with school captains and principals.


We welcome all current Heritage College families to attend. There will be free activities for young children, including an animal zoo and jumping castle whilst the older ones can try the challenging rock wall. Light refreshments will be available during the evening, and entertainment will be provided by the Heritage College band.


Register your attendance at: heritagecollege.vic.edu.au/opennight

Staff Spotlight


Dates to Remember


Friday, 16th August

SSV Disctrict Athletics (10-12yrs) or (Yr 3-6)


19th - 23rd August

Literacy (Book) Week

Book Parade NWS


Wednesday, 21st August

SEISS Year 8 Futsal


Thursday, 22nd August

NWS Book Fair Commences


Friday, 23rd August

Book Parade OC


27th - 30th August

Year 9 Rafting Camp


Tuesday, 27th August

Years 3/4 Hooptime OCP


Wednesday, 28th August

NWS Book Fair Concludes


Thursday, 29th August

SEISS Year 7 Futsal


Friday, 30th August

Father's Day Community Walk & Breakfast (OCP)


Sunday, 1st September

Father's Day


Monday, 2nd September

Father's Day Community Walk & Breakfast (NWS)

Years 5/6 Hooptime OCP


Wednesday, 4th September

Responsible Pet Ownership Program NWS


9th - 13th September

eSmart Week


Tuesday, 10th September

OCP Prep Orientation Day 2


Wednesday, 11th September

NWS Prep Orientation Day 2


Thursday, 12th September

R U OK? Day

Open Evening Officer

Years 5/6 Hooptime NWS


Monday, 16th September

Parent/Teacher Interviews NWS


Tuesday, 17th September

Parent/Teacher Interviews OC



Friday, 20th September

Footy Colours Day

Last Day Term 3 Finish @ 12:50pm

General Information

Canteen Menu
Term 3


Parent Feedback

Do you receive the Heritage College newsletter each week? We would like to hear from you.


We would like to know how you think we can improve. What do you read? What would you like to see more of? Who would you like to hear more from? What needs to go, what can we include? What format is the best for you? 


Let us know your thoughts by emailing feedback@heritagecollege.vic.edu.au.

Digital Technology Bytes
Week 5

Healthy Screen Time and Quality Media Choices: Teenagers

Have you ever wondered what ‘healthy screen time’ might look like? The Raising Children site offers a range of ideas and highlights some great discussion points surrounding screen time and teenagers.


Check out the full article here: Healthy Screen Time and Quality Media Choices: Teenagers


*Raising Children Website “...is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Its member organisations are the Parenting Research Centre and the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute with The Royal Children’s Hospital Centre for Community Child Health.” (healthdirect.gov.au)


Mrs Naomi Moss

Curriculum Coordinator

PB4L Merit Awards

Week 2 - Respect

Prep DH - Rhys (Excellence)

Year 1W - Liep 

Year 6E - Arshveer 


Week 4 - Service

Prep BV - Madelin (Excellence), Harshant 

Year 5/6K - Hudson 

Year 3MC - Luthira 

Year 6E - Spencer 


Week 5 - Excellence

Prep BV - Madelin 

Year 1/2BV - Jayde 

Year 3/4C - Rachel 

Year 5/6K - Madison B 

Prep DH - Abigail

Year 1W - Liep (Respect)

Year 4CP - Albert 

Year 5W - Gok 

Year 5/6RP - Aishati 

Year 6E - Nyamer 

PB4L Report
Week 5

Excellence: Asking others for help.

When I was growing up, I watched my mum go to my aunty’s house and do her ironing for her.  She would go and help my grandparents with their taxes every year too. But that was ok, because my Nena and my aunty are both much better cooks than my mum and I preferred to eat what they prepared when I stayed with them every afternoon after school. 


Each person in my family has strengths and weaknesses and they each choose both help and ask for help when needed or wanted. This is a very healthy approach to living, especially as we are created to live in community and to meet each other’s needs. It is important to evaluate our own strengths and weaknesses and have the humility to invite others to help us when something could be better accomplished together.


Miss Lindsey Birch

Student Welfare



Combined Campus Reports

Combined Schools Day of Worship

Last week saw our primary and secondary students gathering together for the annual combined schools day of worship. On Thursday, our primary students from years 3-6 joined in singing which was led out by Edinburgh College. Host campus NCC greeted us with an awesome welcome that got everyone excited and ready for the program. With the help of Mr Eales, our year 6’s from NWSC performed a powerful drama about the power of God to change lives.


Our guest speaker Pr Murray Hunter shared personal stories that proved why he believed there had to be an Intelligent Designer. 



On Friday Heritage College secondary contributed to the program by presenting the drama. The emphasis of the drama was based around the idea that a good relationship between an architect and builder will save everyone from future disappointment. Likewise, God has a blueprint for our lives and if we do not follow it, be prepared for many disappointments in life. 


Pr Muzza challenged our students to build their lives on God - the God who created them and knows all about them. 



I would like to thank Mr Eales and Miss Taylor for their work with the drama teams. I would also like to affirm all our students who participated in the drama on  days. It was great to see our students mix and mingle with other students from Edinburgh College and NCC. Thank you for your support staff and students. 


Please feel free to email the school pastoral chaplain with any feedback as the ASV chaplains prepare for CSDW for 2020.


Pr Lagi Limu


Year 6 Transition Program 2019


2019 Year 5 Sovereign  Hill Camp

Last Wednesday forty very excited Year 5 students from Narre Warren South and Officer Campuses headed off to Sovereign Hill for three days.


This year was our first time in the costume school, where students and teachers dressed in the clothes form the 1850’s. Two days were spent going to a school which was set up and worked like a school from that period.


Ms Janet Robertson

Year 5 Teacher



Sovereign Hill Reflections:

“My favourite thing was to write in ink using a fountain pen. Even though it was hard for me, I found that with more practise it got easier and was a fun thing to do.” Heavenly  


“One thing I liked about the camp was going to the costume school. The teachers there were funny and I really liked to hang out with my friends. I also thought that the amount and size of the gold found at Ballarat was very interesting.” Junior

“One thing that I learned on the Year 5 Sovereign Hill camp was how to write with an inkwell pen. I found the history of gold mining in Ballarat very interesting.” James


"My highlight of Sovereign Hill was going to school. We sat at olden day seats and for homework, we had to recite our alphabet backwards. We had a silly doctor come and fix our problems. He told me to put rotten apple cores on my eyes. Everything was AMAZING at Sovereign Hill." Lauren 


"My favourite part of Sovereign Hill was going to school! I know that sounds weird for a kid to say, but our teacher/ma’am was nice and caring, our homework was fun and most of all we got to write with ink!


This REALLY silly doctor came to our school and apparently we’ve all got nits! He said that we had to shave our clothes and burn our hair! But then he realised he said it the wrong way and changed it to “shaving our heads and burning our clothes. That makes more sense doesn’t it?"

I had lots of fun and I would like to thank all of the teachers for taking us there and most of all I would like to thank sovereign hill for letting us stay!"  Madison 


“At camp, I learned that all schools had harsh conditions for naughty and late people. On the first day of school, the teacher even gave us homework of learning the alphabet backwards!

However, the best thing about camp was writing in ink using a fountain pen.” Sanjeevanjot


“I found the most challenging thing at Sovereign Hill was to get the coin out of the machine that made an imprint on the coin! It was SO hard!” Connor 

“I found the Year 5 Sovereign Hill camp very challenging as we had to learn the alphabet backwards. It was so hard!”  Sienna


"I really liked the gold museum because it was filled with interesting things from the 1800s." Jean-Pierre 


"My favourite part of camp was on Friday. I got to hold a piece of gold on my birthday, and the cool thing is they didn’t even know it was my birthday. My next favourite thing was when we went shopping I bought so many lollies and I bought a necklace for only 10 dollars. It was actually real gold and so cheap!"  Caleb 


"I really liked the Aura light show and I really like panning for gold. Even though I didn't find any Gold I still liked the experience."  Anesu


“One thing that I learned on the Year 5 Sovereign Hill camp was about two brothers, who were Chinese miners, that came to Australia to find gold. I also found that learning our alphabet backwards was very challenging, especially in one evening!” Natoli 


“On the Year 5 Sovereign Hill camp, I found out how an 1850’s pen worked and how the discipline and manners were very strict. The old lollies looked odd but felt like fireworks in my mouth. I even learned the history of the clothing that they wore and how to pan for gold. The Chinese miners were also fascinating.” Eden


“The most challenging part of the Year 5 Sovereign Hill camp was being at school. We had to learn our sixteen times tables and write in ink. Even though writing with ink was hard, it was really fun and exciting.” Shanel 


"The reason I liked Sovereign Hill was the blacksmith when he made pure gold and it cost 24K  and he was a little funny." Kena


"At Sovereign Hill, one of the most fun things I did was the light show, not only was there smoke and fire effects but I learnt that miners who disobeyed the troopers in the gold rush made a flag called the Eureka Flag that has five stars from the Southern Cross."  Parsa


"My favourite part of year 5 camp to Sovereign Hill was the aura light Show! All the lights flashing on and off and all the fire was so cool. I wish we could have stayed longer but I’m glad to be out of the freezing cool."  Dannica


“I loved Ballarat. It was so amazing! The best thing that I loved was panning for gold! It was so cool that my mind thought that I was going to get the biggest nugget. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a single thing. However, I felt like I was on top of the world and I knew that I would have the time of my life. So that’s why I love Ballarat.” Aadesh 


"At Sovereign Hill, I enjoyed the costume school and the Aura light show. I also enjoyed the tours like the Red Hill mine and the secret chamber. The one thing that I really liked was the activities like the gold museum, panning for gold, the cabins and finally the food" :) Daniel


My favourite part of Sovereign Hill was the gold panning. I found a fleck of GOLD!!!! I also loved the Aura Light Show. It was a spectacular experience!  Kenna 


"I loved Ballarat because we got to go gold panning and I actually found a tiny little speck of gold. I also liked the light show and when we went to the gold museum. We also got to go to school in the 1850s and dress up as a real person in the 1850’s. We also had to sleep in cabins." Wade


“One thing that I learnt on the Year 5 Sovereign Hill camp was that back in the 1850s, you had to respect the teachers or you will get the cane!” Darara


 “On camp, I learned more about manners from the Ma’am at the school. However, the most interesting thing about the camp was watching the lollies being made. I saw colours being mixed and stretched!” Liam

“The most challenging thing about camp was trying to say ‘Yes, Ma’am’ after every single sentence, and not to talk when working in the classroom.” Jayden


"I learnt at camp that you had to call the teacher's ma'am or sir. I found it interesting at camp that no one broke character. They stayed in the roles they were given. The best thing about camp was the Aura light show." Amelia 


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Mrs Fiona Spence

Community Engagement Officer

ICAS 2019

ICAS is an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement. ICAS is unique, being the most comprehensive generally available suite of academic assessments for primary and secondary school students. The assessments comprise eight Digital Technologies tests, eleven English tests, eleven Maths tests, eleven Science tests, six Spelling tests and ten Writing tests.


Heritage College will again be offering to administer these tests to students and families who choose to participate. The tests are voluntary, each incurring a cost to the family and will be scheduled on specific dates, as outlined below. If you would like your child to participate in one or more tests, please collect an enrolment form from either Campus Office and return it with payment by Friday, 16th August 2019.


More information is available on their website:  https://www.eaa.unsw.edu.au/icas/about.


If you have further questions regarding registering or administration of the tests, please contact your child’s Deputy Principal.


Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

Term 3 Gymnastics Timetable


Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic Book Club Issue 6, 2019 catalogues are here and have been distributed to students. 


All cash orders need to be in latest by September 2nd, 2019.  Don't forget you can order and pay with your credit card online through the LOOP system. Just follow the instructions on the order form. 


Any queries can be directed to Penny Tan at p.tan@heritagecollege.com.au

From Narre Warren South

NWS Campus Book Week Parade

Book Week is the longest running children's festival in Australia, celebrating its 74th birthday this year. The theme of Book Week 2019 is ‘Reading is my Secret Power’ and reading does indeed give us secret powers: the power to walk in the shoes of others through their stories; the power to escape into other worlds; the power to improve vocabulary and imagination…the list goes on. 


On Monday of Week 6, all students, teachers and parents are encouraged to dress up as a character from one of their favourite books. This has been a very enjoyable Heritage College tradition for the past several years. Students do not need to buy anything to wear and are encouraged to think creatively about how they can wear what they have at home. 


We look forward to seeing you in the MPC, starting time at 9:10 am. If at all possible please bring the book where you got your idea for the character. A small reminder to also keep the costumes within the ethos of our Christian Character; please refrain from coming along as witches and evil characters. 


Thank you

Mrs Yolanda Horne

Book Fair Sale

26th-28th August (Mon-Wed)

Book Fair is coming to NSW Campus with books for all ages and posters and much more.  The more we sell, the more books our school receives for our library. Children will bring home their "wish list".  Payments by cash, EFTPOS and online.  The Book Fair will also be open in Room 4 before and after school for parent convenience.  


We will also have 2 competitions for our students with prizes for the winners:


Grades Prep-2  Colouring Competition

Grades 3-6 Design your own "Front Cover of a Book"


Mrs Sandra Watson

NWS Book Fair Coordinator

100 Days of Prep


After being at school for 100 days we have reflected on some of the things we have learnt.  We had a fun celebration of this milestone by doing everything in 100s! Including coming dressed as our 100 year old granny & grandpa selves!!  We can't wait to see how far we'll have progressed at the end of the next 100 days!


Ms Tanja Dennis

Prep DH


Brekkie Club


The Knitting Club

The Knitting Club runs on Wednesdays, 1pm in the Dining Room. All children welcome!


From the Officer
Primary Campus

Term 3 Dates to Remember and General Information

Welcome back to school and the start of another new term. The staff at OCP have been busily planning lessons, excursions, outings, sport events and much more for Term 3. Please take note of the dates and events that apply to your child.


Uniform Term 3:

  • Full Winter Uniform - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

  • Sport Uniform -  Tuesday and Friday

  • Prep students wear Sport Uniform every day

Traffic Light Lunch Boxes Reminder:

  • Recess: fruit, vegetables, salad, yogurt or cheese & crackers (or other ‘green’ foods)

  • Lunch: sandwich, wrap, roll (or other savoury)

  • Water Bottle: labelled with child’s name

When students have healthy ‘brain-food’ we notice that they are able to concentrate longer on learning and participate in learning without becoming tired. 


Events & Special Days in Term 3:

Reminders will be sent home closer to each date/event

  • School Banking Every Thursday

  • Gymnastics Lessons 20th August, 3rd, 10th & 17th September @ OC MPC

  • 19-23rd August - Book Week at OC

  • 23rd August - Book Parade (Dress Up Day) at OC

  • 27th August - OCP Years 3/4 Hooptime Team Competition Day

  • 30th August - Father’s Day Breakfast & Community Walk OCP

  • 2nd September - OCP Years 5/6 Hooptime Team Competition Day

  • 9-13th September - Digital ‘eSmart’ Week

  • 10th September - 2020 Prep Class - Orientation Day 2 of 4

  • 12th September - Open Evening at Officer Campus

  • 17th September - Parent/Teacher Interviews @ OC in the MPC

  • 20th September - Footy Colours Day

  • 20th September - Final Day of Term 3 Finish @ 12:50pm

If you know of family or friends who are interested in enrolling their child at Heritage College Officer Campus, please encourage them to make contact with the school as classes for 2020 are filling up fast already!

Winter! Brrrrrrrr!

It was a windy, wet, cold and dreary day - but our Prep library lesson still went ahead. Thank you to the wonderful OCP Year 6 students who held the umbrella's and joined us for Library!


From the OCP Prep Class & Mrs Nuske

Responsible Pet Incursion

Last week our Preps and Year 1&2’s had a visit from The Living Safely with Pets Program.


This is a recount written by Victoria (Sharon) Olukowajo in Year 1 the day after the incursion.

“Yesterday we learned that when we see an angry dog we stand straight, hands down and look down. If you want to pat a dog, you ask the owner and to get ready you get your hand out and the dog will smell it. Then you pat the dog.”


The students thoroughly enjoyed the visit and will put to good use the strategies they were taught.

Mrs Bronwyn van Dyk

Year 1/2BV Teacher

Delicious Pizza

This term our Year ½ class have been learning about mixtures in our Integrated Studies Science unit called All Mixed Up. To conclude our unit the students made their own pizza dough by following a recipe. We then headed over to the Secondary kitchen where we added pizza sauce and cheese and baked them. The students were so excited with their personally made pizzas and were super proud of themselves for making them from scratch!


Mrs Bronwyn van Dyk

Year 1/2BV

From the Secondary Campus

Year 7 NGV Excursion

On Tuesday 12 August, students visited the National Gallery of Victoria as part of Year 7 Humanities studies. 


The exhibitions visited included the Terracotta warriors and Cai Guo-Qiang.


The highlight of the day was stepping into the 2nd gallery room and finally seeing the warriors lined up for the first time.

Students learnt about the wonders of ancient China and how we continue to develop modern technologies based on knowledge gained from the past.


Student reflections: 

“They were so much bigger than I expected. How did they ship them here!?”


"My favourite thing I saw was the jade duck.”


"My favourite thing I saw was the horse with a hole through its chest.”


“I liked how every bird was unique. I wish we were allowed (it was so tempting) to touch them!”


VCAL Enrichment

VCAL Environmental Sustainability Class Follow Up

We have now completed our Enrichment focus on environmental sustainability, by setting up our smaller general waste, larger recycling and a new Compost bin in our classroom.


Last week we weeded, raked and prepared a space in the VCAL garden to set up our large compost bin, that is already attracting hungry worms!


Once broken down, this compost will be used to enrich the soil for our fruit trees and other plants. Using our fruit and vegetable scraps in a mindful manner means that we benefit from the richer soil and our garden produce. 


We are also experiencing cleaner, healthier classroom air, with the introduction of our plants, and try to use glass containers instead of plastic, where possible.


Mrs Janette Bower

VCAL Enrichment




Define: Compost is defined as a mixture of something, usually a vegetable or other organic waste. The soil mix used to fertilize and condition garden beds is an example of compost. The definition of compost means to mix vegetable and other organic waste together and to let them decompose.



  • Enriches soil, helping retain moisture and suppress plant diseases and pests.

  • Reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.

  • Encourages the production of beneficial bacteria and fungi that break down organic matter to create humus, a rich nutrient-filled material.

  • Reduces methane emissions from landfills and lowers your carbon footprint.


It is advisable to add water occasionally to the compost pile to maintain an apt level of moisture. Compost Pile Maintenance. A compost pile is not very difficult to maintain. Just make sure to add dry leaves and kitchen waste occasionally. Also, stir the materials with the help of a tool at least once a week


Do’s and Don'ts:

  • Don't put wrappers

  • Don’t put plastic

  • Don't put foil

  • Don't put things that are not biodegradable

  • Don't put straws 

  • Do put food scraps

  • Do put eggshells 

  • Do put fruit 

Dayna and Joshua


SEISS Year 9 Futsal

On Monday 12 August, students were selected to represent Heritage College at the inter-schools competition held at Futsal Oz, Mount Evelyn. 


The competition was well matched with other schools from the region, including sister school Edinburgh College, Mount Evelyn Christian School, Bayside Christian School and Mountain District Christian School. 


Heritage College girls went down in the grand final by only 1 goal taking home the silver. The boys played high-level futsal the whole day but unfortunately lost in the semi-final by only a few goals to take home the bronze.

Well done, Year 9 Futsal teams!

Next week, Heritage College looks forward to the Year 8s competing in the futsal SEISS competition.


Mr Reuben Sleight

HPE Teacher

From the ELC

Year 5 Students Meet Their Early Learning Buddies

Miss Vanessa's class was a little bigger than normal with some special visitors last week - the Year 5 buddies!

The buddy program is an integral part of the curriculum, ensuring strong bonds across different age groups on campus. 


Our buddies partnership with primary students is another way that Heritage College Early Learning Centre assists children in the Early Years program to step into Prep with confidence.


Mrs Fiona Spence

Community Engagement Officer

Heritage College News