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15 November 2019
Bulletin 34

Students are at the Heart of everything we do!

Principal News
Deputy Principal / Religious Education News 
CD Orders ‘Music from the Heart’ CD Order Now!! $15 Please see Maria or Gerry at the Office and order yours today!
Special Events  
Classroom News 
A Week in the life of Sacred Heart School 
Dates to Remember  
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Principal News

Dear Sacred Heart Community


As we enter our final few days before our school concert “Music from the Heart”, our school has been a hive of activity and associated excitement. Classes are putting the final touches to their performances, perfecting their choreography and making sure the harmonies are so tight. The performance next Thursday 21st November at the Thornbury Theatre promises to be a great experience for all involved. As mentioned in previous correspondence, there are no allocated tickets for the performances and seats will be bought at the door. The price for admission is $5.00 (adults and secondary school students) and is payable by cash only.

At the time of writing this newsletter seventy five CDs have been ordered through the school office. If you wish to attain the CD on the night of the concert, you need to have your order in at the office and paid for by Wednesday 20th November.  CDs can also be ordered and paid for at the dinner dance tonight. As I mentioned in a previous newsletter, I have heard parts of the CD, and I thoroughly recommend that each family purchases a copy as a memento of their child’s musical skills.

On Monday, a letter will go home detailing the events of next Thursday with regards to a full rehearsal during the day, and the actual concert on the night. Please make sure you are familiar with all the details contained in this letter.


As you will all be aware, tonight we have our School Dinner Dance taking place in the parish hall on David Street. I am sure for all those who attend, it will be a great night and a fitting celebration of our wonderful school community. I would like to thank all the sensational parents who have been involved in the preparation of the night. I know I can speak on Jodi’s (Parents and Friend's President), behalf, and say that the night would not happen without the hardworking parents who have been involved in the organisation. A significant cohort of these parents, are in their final year with an association with our school, and the success of the night (180 people attending) is a testament to their commitment to Sacred Heart School. Thank you and well done to all.



Next year, Sacred Heart will again be part of the CEM review cycle (ie schools are reviewed every five years). I have been notified that our review will be undertaken in the second week of term four. Our leadership team will meet with Craig Carlin (Principal Consultant CEM) next week to outline the preparation that will need to commence early next year for the review. The review process plays a very important role in a school’s commitment to be continually evolving to meet the challenge of giving its students, the best education possible. Under the review, all policies, practices and programs are evaluated to see if they meet their intended outcomes. As part of the review process, the school sets its directions for the next five years and commits to relevant strategies to achieve these ends.


School Board

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of our School Board for their commitment to our school this year, in their role as members of this very important group. I will acknowledge their individual contributions in this newsletter after our upcoming AGM which will take place on Tuesday 3rd December. If you are interested in joining the Board from 2020, please do not hesitate to see me, as we need to replace some members whose children are finishing their schooling at Sacred Heart this year.


School Newsletters

A reminder to all parents, that this is the last copy of the newsletter that will be going home to all families in the form of a hard copy. As of next week, week seven, the newsletter will only be sent home to those families who have requested a hard copy. All other families will have the newsletter emailed weekly, to the email address they have confirmed over these past few weeks. I would also like to remind all parents, that our school newsletter remains a most important source of information on what is happening in our school and about your child's education. 


School Facebook Page

Again I encourage parents who wish to keep up with what is happening in our busy school to become friends with the Scared Heart School Facebook

Find us on facebook @SacredHeartPrimarySchoolPreston


Yours sincerely

Mark Tierney


Skoolbag App

The SkoolBag school app is a great way for parents to stay up-to-date with the school calendar, last minutes forms, newsletters and all school communications. It is also a quick way to let the school know if your child will be absent from school. 

Denise Esposito (ICT Coordinator)


Deputy Principal / Religious Education News 

Important Date:
Confirmation 2020 will be held on Sunday 9th August at 10:30am mass.

First Communion Photos:

A reminder to parents of students who made their First Communion - if you wish to order professional photos from Moving Stills Photography you will need to order before 8th November. 

You can view the photos on :

Sacred Heart Church 1st Communion on the Photo Moments app: apple/google play.

To save photos to your phone, you need to download the free Photo Moments app for iOS or Android. Parents of First Communion students also received an email with these details and links.

Moving Stills Photography


CD Orders

‘Music from the Heart’ CD
Order Now!!
Please see Maria or Gerry at the Office and order yours today!

Songs from the Heart ~ Order your CD today!

Wowee! We are getting closer and closer to the release of the much anticipated 'Songs from the Heart' CD, a collection of well known songs sung by our magnificent school choir, led by out own fantastic music teacher, Kate Harris. CD's are available via order form ($15.00 each) which you can get from the front office. Make sure you order soon as demand has been high. A great momento of your child's time here at Sacred Heart and a great Christmas gift as well!


Gift of Music 

The Gift of Music program provides schools in Rural Areas with instruments. This program gives children in rural and remote areas, affected by drought or natural disasters, the opportunity to learn music from the generous  donations of others. 

Sacred Heart School would like to support disadvantaged schools by collecting money for the Gift of Music Program.  

We will be collecting gold coin donations, on the night of the CD launch, to help provide instruments for Rural Schools.

Jonathan, Hayden Y5/6



Special Events  

Dinner Dance 15th November 


Songs From the Heart CD Launch
21st November

Very soon the launch of the School CD will be here. 

The students, Kate and Marty have been working very hard to capture the beautiful sounds of the children on the CD. Along the way we have been taking photos and videoing interviews and song recordings to share with you on the night of the CD Launch. To do this, we encourage you to download the app 'Artivive'.


Artivive is an augmented reality art tool. It allows the audience to interact with the art, by connecting them to the digital layer of the art piece. You will be able to point you mobile or tablet at a photo, which will then come alive with videos of students singing, practising or talking about the experience of recording the CD.


Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store  to download the app. 

Over the next few weeks, watch out for the posters on how to download the app, as well as an example of how Artivive works. 

Denise Esposito (ICT Coordinator)

Classroom News 

 Year 5/6 Poetry 

Dyslexia Problems

By Hayden.H


Meghan has trouble,

At school,

She can’t spell bubble,

People think she's a fool.


She doesn't know math,

It's hard to spell,

Meghan is going different paths,

It's like she's in a cell.


Meghan can't read,

she's falling behind,

Meghan’s in need,

People are unkind.


She will learn,

Everything will turn.

3/4 News 

Last week the 3/4 students went for a walk to Mount Reserve to promote a healthy lifestyle. We had our healthy fruit and snacks there and enjoyed playing on the playground. 


A Week in the life of Sacred Heart School 

A sneak peak at our hosts for the
CD Launch night. 


Dates to Remember  

Term 4 - 7th October - 18th December



15th November - Friday 

Dinner Dance 

21st November - Thursday 

Music from the Heart CD Launch

26th November - Tuesday

School Closure Day - Planning for 2020

School Year

27th November - Wednesday 2.30

School Assembly - MPR



12th December - Thursday 7pm

School Carols Night

16th December - Monday 

Y6 Graduation 

17th December - Tuesday 

Year 6 Funday, Last Day. 

18th December - Wednesday 3:15pm 

P- 5 Last Day Term 4.

2020 Dates 

9th August - Sunday 10.30 


OHSC by Extend

Next week's activities!….

Monday: Science- Learning about dreams...

Tuesday: Cooking- Raspberry muffin making

Wednesday: Art and culture- Origami

Thursday: Science- Fluffy slime making

Friday: Art- All about me activity


Our Extend Superstar is…

The Extend Superstar is…

Milliana, for willing to try new things and always being enthusiastic




What’s Been Happening?

We had a very long weekend so we were refreshed and ready for a super fun week back at Extend. We made some awesome paper planes that soared through the air. The orange fizz experiment was super sour and we created sherbet bombs in our mouth! However, some thought it tasted a bit strange!


Our sushi was super yummy and healthy we practiced rolling the sushi with a Japanese bamboo mat. This is a part of our Enrichment program where we aim to learn a set of skills over time, this term we are focusing on cooking cuisines from different cultures and become more culturally aware.


Our comic strips we made were very cool and we loved creating our own characters and stories. 

In before school care we played some basketball outside and played some fun board games inside with our friends. 


Extend Reminder


The 26th of November is a school closure day and we will be running our service from 8am-6pm. We would love to have lots of our friends attend!  





Sacred Heart Primary School 1 Clifton Grove Preston Newsletter