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22 June 2018
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Key Dates



Thursday 21 June

7pm, Class of 2008 10 year reunion 


Friday 22 June

Casual Clothes Day for brain cancer awareness


Wednesday 27 June

Reports available online


Thursday 28 June

College Assembly 


Friday 29 June

Last day of term 2 - early dismissal at 2.15pm

Term 3 

Monday 16 July 

Term 3 starts 


Thursday 19 to Saturday 21 July

Music Camp


Monday 23 July

6pm, Year 9 into 10 Information Evening


Tuesday 24 July

6pm, VCE Expo 


Wednesday 25 July

6pm, Year 8 into 9 Information Evening


Saturday 28 to Sunday 29 July

World Challenge Training Camp


Wednesday 25 July to Saturday 4 August

Nakamura High School visit


Saturday 28- Sunday 29 July

World Challenge Training Camp


Tuesday 31 July

College Assembly 


Friday 3 August

Yr 10 Course Counselling

Yr 10 Social 

Principal's Message

Dear Parents & Families

The winter solstice has signalled the mid-point of the year and we can now celebrate the accomplishments of semester 1 and look forward to all that comes our way in semester 2.  Most recently we have held a number of events that leave students on a high note.  I was impressed by the collective and diverse talents of our students at the recent Music Soiree. It was an outstanding evening and I would like to acknowledge the leadership of Mr Tim Veevers, our Director of Performing Arts and the instrumental music staff of the college in their guidance of the students who performed on the evening.  We also say farewell to a long standing instrumental music teacher, Ms Viv Tate who has worked in the education sector for over 30 years, many of them at our fine College.  We wish Viv all the best in her new adventure.


Our students in Years 9 to 12 have been undertaking exams or SACs over the past week and teachers have been working on the end of semester reports.


I thank Ms Janine Gollant and Ms Isabel De San Sinforiano for their organisation of the Year 8 camp as well as Ms Dolores Doran and Miss Amanda O’Hara for their organisation of the Year 9 camp.  I also acknowledge the many teachers who took time away from their families to attend camp and make this a memorable experience for all of the students.  Without their involvement, students would not have an opportunity to meet new friends and extend their confidence in a range of areas. These experiences will form vivid and fond memories for our students in years to come. 


We also hosted the Victorian Association of State Girls' Schools Year 8 Friendship day last Thursday where students from each of our member schools (Canterbury Girls’ College, Melbourne Girls’ College, Gilmore Girls’ College, Pascoe Vale Girls’ Secondary College and our College) came together to strengthen connections and be inspired by guest speakers.  Ms Wendy Harvey (Director of Girls’ Leadership & Engagement) and Ms Emma Milliken (SRC coordinator) co-ordinated the day and it was a resounding success.


We say farewell to Ms Jessica McKenzie, Ms Emma Milliken and Ms Vivienne Tate who are leaving our college.  I thank them for their positive contribution to the College during their time with us.


Term 3 will see us focus on our Strategic Review and we will be examining our Strategic Plan 2009-2012 to see what we have achieved to date and where we need to go in the future.  We will be seeking feedback from students and parents through forums and surveys. 


I wish everyone a safe and happy mid-term break and hope that the batteries are recharged on your return to the college.


Kind regards


Ms Linda Brown 

College Matters

End of term 2 - Friday 29 June 

Locker clean out arrangements

As is the usual practice, our locker areas are sprayed for ants during the school holidays. Lockers will need to be moved for this purpose. Can all students empty their lockers by the last day of term, including food and drink items. Additional bins will be placed in the corridors during the last week of term.


Bell times - There is no period 4 class 


8.30am  - Students may enter buildings

8.50am to 10.05am - Period 1

10.05am to 10.45am -  Recess 

10.50am to 12.05pm - Period 2

12.05pm to 12.55pm  - Lunch

1.00pm to 2.15pm - Period 3


Ms Carol Duggan & Ms Bronwyn Moline

Assistant Principals



VASGSC Year 8 Friendship Day

We are not a team because we work together, we are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other

On Thursday 14 June, 11 of the Year 8 leaders participated in the Leadership Day hosted at our school. There were five schools in total including ours -  Melbourne Girls’ College, Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College, Pascoe Vale Girls College, Gilmore College for Girls and Mentone Girls’ Secondary College.

Participants completed three activities.  One was called “A jar full of dreams” which was where we decorated a mason jar and at the end of the day we wrote a friendly note and placed it in another jar so everyone had a kind note in their jar. Another was the “Friendly Amazing Race” where we went around the school finding clues and letters and by the end of the race we used the letters to create the word LEADERSHIP. The final activity was the “Ad for a Friend” where we created an iMovie and included all the qualities that we believed were good in a friends. The five qualities that my group did were respect, kindness, trust, caring and loyalty.

At the beginning of the day we listened to a guest speaker, Dr Romy Zyngier, a female scientist who recently came back from Antarctica. Dr Zyngier had quite an experience. She encouraged us all to follow our passion and do what we think will make an improvement in the world. Overall, l the whole day was fun and everyone enjoyed it very much. We all enjoyed lunch together and everyone had a good laugh. Everyone made friends with people from the other schools and had a very good time.

Many thanks to Ms Harvey for organising the event because we enjoyed it very much.


Elise Coward, SRC, 8G

MGSC students who participated in the Year 8 Friendship Day were Elise Coward, Mia Drummond, Rhini Geetha Ashok Balaji, Cassidy Jackson, Kelly Jenkins, Hope Maillard, Samantha Martin, Aulani McNeilly, Mia Schroen, Charlotte Stokes and Chani Thomson.


Thanks to Ms Milliken and Ms Parker for their assistance and support with this event.


VASGSC Year 10 Conference

This week two Year 10 student leaders, Tereza Nebesky and Ashli Sali travelled to The Mac. Robertson Girls’ High to attend the first of two planning days for the VASGSC Year 10 Conference to be held in September. A group of 15 students from MGSC will make-up the team working with students leaders from the other State Girls' schools.


Student Leaders from Years 11 and 12 have been invited to attend an afternoon leadership workshop on Wednesday 26 June at Strathcona in Canterbury. Students wanting to take up this opportunity need to return the consent forms to Ms Harvey by Monday please.


Ms Wendy Harvey

Director of Student Leadership & Engagement

Subject selection
information evenings

2019 subject selection

In the second week of term 3 there will be information evenings to assist students to make their subject selections for 2019. All sessions will be held in the Lecture Theatre in the Nina Carr Hall. 

Students and parents are encouraged to attend.


Year 8 into Year 9 Information Evening

6pm, Wednesday 25 July


Year 9 into Year 10 Information Evening

6pm, Monday 23 July 


VCE Expo Night

6pm, Tuesday 24 July

The expo includes: 

  • VCE and VET subject selection information
  • Tertiary institution representatives and displays in the VCE Centre 

Senior School News

Term 2 in review

Term 2 is often considered the busiest term of the year. Certainly the VCE students have been involved in many activities and also have completed many assessments.


On Sunday 27 April the annual VCE Ball was held. The students and the teachers who attended enjoyed an evening of dancing and feasting.  


There were senior sports events, music evenings, incursions and the House Music Competition to prepare for and at the same time students were preparing for assessments, SACs and exams. One of the assessments was the General Achievement Test (GAT), an external assessment that all students studying Unit 3 subject must complete. There were approximately 340 MGSC students sitting the GAT this year. 


Year 11 and 12 students are generally coping well in this high stress period. The student managers have been including wellbeing advice in the year level assemblies. Students have been given strategies to help in their organisation and also advice to include exercise and meditation into their routine.


Students are encouraged to carefully consider how they will approach the upcoming mid year break. They have been advised to plan their days firstly by considering what appointments and work commitments they have and then a study routine that closely follows their school routine. Student should plan breaks with rewards that include relaxing and healthy activities.


Ms Sylvia Christopoulos

Director of Senior School

Middle School News

Year 9 Camp

It was great to have the Year 9 cohort all together out at the YMCA Camp in Anglesea. Camp experiences leave such strong memories with students long after they have finished their schooling and we really value the benefit these experiences bring to our students.  Students participated in a range of activities that challenged them personally and also encouraged them to build their teamwork and leadership skills. Activities including a vertical challenge, raft building, high ropes, bush cooking and more. We were really impressed to see so many students pushing themselves outside their comfort zone and it was also great to have the year level be able to come together as one big group. Despite the fresh weather, the attitudes were very positive. Some of the Year 9 student leaders ran a trivia night for the year level which was very well received. A big thank you to all the MGSC staff who attended the camp and to Miss Amanda O’Hara and Ms Dolores Doran for their organisation and planning of the camp.

Year 10 Camp

We will be running our Year 10 camp to The Summit in Trafalgar in mid term 3. Information will be going home to families in the next few weeks. From past experiences, this has been one of the most fantastic camps we have attended as the year level bonds so well and really comes together as one big team as they approach different camp challenges and the famous dance off.

Year 10 Road Smart Incursion

Year 10 students have just been involved in a Road Smart incursion, informing them of how to be safe when driving or a passenger in a car, risks to look out for and tips on how to buy their first car. The incursion was very well received by the year level and we look forward to hearing of positive driving experiences as more and more students obtain their learners permits.

Course Counselling

A reminder for all Middle School families that course selection for 2019 will be in the first few weeks of Term 3 with information evenings for each year level in Week 2. Year 9 students have had an introduction to all the subjects on offer in 2019 in a presentation run by our subject domains. Year 10 students will have access to our VCE Expo in week 2 of next term, following the information night. All students will have access to course handbooks which provide an abundance of information on all the subjects on offer.


Ms Deb Jarvis

Director of Middle School 

Junior School News

Well done Junior School students

It has been fantastic to see so many students involved in a range of co-curricular activities over the past few weeks.


A few of these events have included music soirees, Friendship Day, production auditions, The Mentone Games and many interschool sporting teams. Students have shown their organisation, communication and leadership skills to be involved in these activities as well as the trials and auditions involved in these activities. With so much on offer it can be quite a challenge to manage and juggle emails, lunchtime trials/auditions and practice sessions. Similarly it also shows lots of resilience and persistence when students do not get into their preferred team or activity.


Our sporting results were very good, but most impressive was the sportsmanship and team spirit displayed not only by our Junior School students but also by their Middle School coaches and assistants.


Ms Jackie Mathews

Acting Director of Junior School 

ELC and EAL News

ELC graduates 

Congratulations to Alice Liu, Jiaqi Wang, Nancia Gao, Angie Guo, Quinn Pham and Wana Sornratanachai  for completing their course in the English Language Centre. The College appreciates how their class mates and teachers have welcomed the international students in their classes..

TIPs Initiative Grant

We are incredibly excited to have successful in attaining a grant from Bank First's Teaching Initiative Program: $1600. The Bridging class will be running a project that will provide the students with the opportunity to demonstrate their research, design, and critical thinking skills as they examine which plants are best suited to create a sustainable garden. The students will be divided into two groups to study past gardening practices, including local and introduced plants, and create two gardens that will showcase their findings and at the same time, incorporating the school colours of white, blue and maroon. 


If there are any great gardeners in the community, please consider sending us some suggestions as to which plants might be good to use. The students will be creating a garden in a grassy area, and this includes learning many gardening skills. Advice on best gardening practices are most welcome as are any cuttings or seeds.

Please contact Ekaterina Xanthopoulos at


Ms Ekaterina Xanthopoulos

ELC and EAL Coordinator


Busy times in the music department

The Junior Music Showcase was held recently, featuring the Year 7 Band, Year 8 Band, Wind Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Junior Percussion Ensemble, Junior String Ensemble, Year 7 Advanced Group, All Star Choir and the Year 9 Music Performance Class. The night ran smoothly, with students, their families and staff having the opportunity to hear the progress of each of the performing groups.

The Music Soiree featured numerous soloists and small groups from all year levels in the school. The standard of performances was very high. The following students should be commended for putting themselves forward to perform and giving themselves an opportunity to perform in front of an audience.


Year 7: Alice Gibson, Teah Harridge, Sarah Powell, Giselle Ciurej, Evelyn Callaghan and Sarah Pilcher

Year 8: Agrin Jahan, Zoe Nutsford, Tilde Verhoeven, Emily Walker, Tina Kavehnasab, Stacey Alexandris and Sophia Maltarollo

Year 9: Elsie Finnegan-Haldane, Issy Bott, Kira McArdle, Paige Friedrich and Narthana Yogaraja

Year 10: Ruby De Graves and Piper Adeney-Tasker

Year 11: Becky Smith, Melody Sadler-Gray, Meg Walker, Erin Sanford and Amethyst Parlanti

Year 12: Meg Meyerheinrich, Jess O’Callaghan and Hannah Mindum

Music Camp 2018 is coming up in the first week of term 3 for the Choirs, Symphonic Band, Year 8 Band, Stage Band and Jazz Band. Forms and payment are due by the end of term.


Senior Music Tour for 2019 will take place to New Zealand during the July holidays. There will be an information session early in term 3 with more details.


Sport - Around the grounds 

Pierre De Coubertin Award 2018

Every year at Mentone Girls' Secondary College  the Pierre de Coubertin Award is given to a Year 12 student who demonstrates academic excellence and sporting prowess whilst exemplifying the Olympic values. In 2018 this prestigious award was given to Sarah Mathews for her dedicated and wholehearted effort for MGSC and Kenny House throughout her schooling. Along with Natasha Belleville, Katie Marquis and Ruby Crofts - Olympic Academy recipients - all four students represented Mentone at the MCG for the Olympic Academy.

Congratulations to Sarah, Natasha, Katie and Ruby for attending the Academy and for their efforts over their high school years.

SMR Cross Country

Congratulations to the 21 students from Years 7 to  12 who represented the College at the Southern Metropolitan Regional Cross Country event held on Monday 18 June. A great effort was shown by all runners with both Freya Brown finishing 3rd in her age group (12-13 year olds) and Millie Belleville finishing 2nd in her age group. Well done to all runners.

The State Cross Country event will be held on Thursday 19 July at Bundoora Park. Successful students will be notified shortly of further information as it comes to hand.



Student Achievement

Two days earlier Millie Belleville participated in the All Schools cross-country State Championships at Bundoora Park on Saturday 16 June. Her race consisted of 133 girls and she managed to place 9th in her age group (U17) and 19th overall in the race which included U17 and U18. Great work Millie!  You can stop running now. 


Ms Ilana Parker

College House and Carnivals Coordinator

Year 8 Badminton

The Year 8 Badminton was at MSAC and the bus was late getting us there but then we were late leaving. We had so much fun that we did not know when we were actually playing a "real" game as opposed to a practice game. Lily and Rosie from Year 10 were our coaches and helped us practise. We are really grateful that they came to join us on the day. The best part of the day was that we got to meet other students and schools, and most people were helpful and nice.


Wana Sornratanachai, ELC

Preliminary Finals - term 3 


Next term Year 7,  Year 8, Intermediate (Year 9 and 10) and Senior (Year 11 and 12) team are all playing netball at the regional preliminary finals, having dominated at the Beachside competition recently.  There are 90 girls making up  nine teams from all the year levels. 


On 26 July  the Intermediate soccer team and the Intermediate basketball team will compete in their  regional finals. The Year 10 coaches were wonderful on the day and they put in many hours training the girls.


On Monday 24 July we have the Year 7 and 8  (Junior) and Intermediate football teams played off in the regional preliminary finals also. Again they won convincingly at the Beachside level.

The Year 10 coaches also did a superb job training both the football and soccer teams.


Should any team win the prelims, they will go onto the Southern Metro Regional finals. Good luck girls!

To see photos of all the sporting events, please visit the MGSC website and go to the extra-curricular tab and drop down to MGSC sports.


Mr Philip Hull

Interschool Sport Coordinator

Study Support & Clubs

Maths Support 

Support session are run every week to assist all students with maths. Students can bring their lunch to the lunchtime sessions and a teacher is in attendance to assist. 


Wednesday -  lunchtime, Room 12

Thursday - lunchtime, Room 12

Thursday - after school,  Library. Focus on Year 7 to 10 students

English Support 

Thursday - after school, Library. Year 7 to 10 students 

Anime/Manga Drawing Sessions

The ELC Club runs anime and manga drawing sessions on Wednesdays at lunchtime. The venue is Room 19.   All are  welcome to practice and refine their techniques with other enthusiastic illustrators.

For more information see Ms Xanthopoulos, the  EAL/ELC Coordinator.


Entries close soon 

John Button School Prize

 Student prize is $2,500!  Closes 25 June.More.


2018 John Marsden & Hachette Australia Prize for Young Writers: Recognising writing excellence in fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry.  Enter by 29 JuneMore.


Parliament Prize: Write an essay, make a video, design a poster or multimedia presentation about an event or person that has influenced Victorian Parliament. Enter by 20 July.  More.


Charles Dickens Prize: Show your love of reading and studying Charles Dickens' literature through a creative writing piece or an essay. Enter by 10 August. More. 


Front Page: Create an 8-page school newspaper. Enter by 21 September. More.


Red Room Poetry Object: Submit a poem inspired by a treasured object.  Enter by 28 September.  More


WIN A FREE DECK WITH YOUR OWN CUSTOM DESIGN! To celebrate we are giving you the opportunity to win a free deck with your own artwork on it. To enter send a photo of your design to and make sure you like, follow and share the post on social media.

To Enter - Follow us on Insta and/or Facebook & Share the post

Send us a pic of your awesome design to

In our community

Zebras Community 

The Sandringham Football Club is excited to announce a fantastic new free ticketing initiative for 2018. Zebras Community offers all community groups, schools and sporting clubs the opportunity to come to the footy for free! For more information and to register for your opportunity to attend, visit

Volunteer experience


Shirley that's Beauty and the Beast in Parkdale


School Information 

General Office

8.15 am to 4.15pm

Monday to Friday 

Tel 03 9581 5200

Principal Team

Principal - Linda Brown

Assistant Principal - Bronwyn Moline

Assistant Principal - Carol Duggan

Director of Junior School - Jackie Mathews (Acting Term 2)

Director of Middle School - Deb Jarvis

Director of  Senior School - Sylvia Christopoulos

Attendance & Absences

Students should aim for an 100% attendance record. They are expected to attend school regularly and remain at school and in class until officially dismissed.

Year 7-10 absences: Parents/guardians use Compass to log when and why before 9am.

VCE student absences:  Parents/guardians contact the VCE Office on 9581 5231 before 9am and update attendance on Compass.  If contact is not made on the day of absence, an explanatory note must be brought from home on the day the student returns and handed in to the VCE Office for VCE students. All notes should be written and signed by a parent/guardian and must clearly show the student’s name, form and date of absence.

Late arrival - after 8.50am

Years 7-10 must sign the arrival book at the General Office and take the white late slip to class. 

VCE students sign in at the VCE Office.


Second Hand Uniform Shop

Open during the term on:

Tuesday 2.45pm - 3.45pm

Wednesday 8.15am - 9.15am

Reimbursement after sale of items is by bank  transfer. Cheques are not issued. 

Please label all items for the second-hand uniform shop clearly with: 

  • Seller's name  and contact details
  • BSB and Account Number

Hand into the Office. 

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Carolyn Page, Finance Manager.


Uniform Supplier - Costume World 

Shop 5 1291 Nepean Highway, Cheltenham

T: 9584 7006

Library hours

8.30am to 4.30pm, school days

Facilities Hire

Many of the school's spaces are available to hire including the gym and lecture theatre. 

For information on hire rates and availability, contact Bronwen Petersen, Facilities Manager

on 9581 5200.


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