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21 June 2018
Issue Nine
Important Dates
Principal's Report
Thank you MGC Parent’s Association
Tree  Logs Required
New York & Los Angeles Arts Design and Cultural Trip
MGC Art Club
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Vocal Showcase
Sports News
Book Parade and Book Swap
Tuning into Teens
Year 8 Friendship Day
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Important Dates


26th June - MGC Vocal Showcase

28th June - Reports available to parents on Compass at 9 am

29th June - Last Day of Term 2

2nd July - Reports available to students on Compass at 9 am

16th July - Term 3 Commences

23rd July - Year 8 and 9 Information Night 

23rd July - New Student Information Night

24th July - Year 10 and 11 information Nights


Principal's Report

Success for our A’Capella Choir                                                                                                                                               Congratulations to our A’Capella Choir, led by our expert singing teachers Ellyce Calder and Susan de Jong, who performed at in the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on 12 June. The girls sang Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” and Irving Berlin’s “What’ll I Do” beautifully at the Department of Education Regional Leadership Conference.


Cross Country Congratulations to all students who participated

Andrew Kovassy, our Sport Leader, does a stellar job organizing hundreds of students representing their respective sports every week. One example of our sporting success is in the cross country. Twenty-six students participated in the District Cross Country event held on Wednesday May 30th .The day was highly successful as the MGC U13 and U14 teams qualified for zone. We also wish our individual participants well in the U15 and U16 categories. Regionals will be held on Wednesday June 20th, I am sure Andrew will have details of further success.


Year 9 STEAM Careers Day

Congratulations to Wendy Keen, Catherine Walkear, Tony Keen and the team who led a highly successful STEAM Careers Day on 14 June. The presenters were drawn from our parents, alumni and community stakeholders illustrating the highly talented MGC community we enjoy. The varied expertise, passions and life stories ensured our students now have 47 new role models to utilise for inspiration.

The key note was given by Sheree Marris, an experienced environmental ambassador who is passionate about promoting women in sustainability. Other presenters included the Superstars of Stem – Dr Linda McIver and Dr Karen Lamb. Superstars of STEM is committed to smashing society’s gender assumptions about scientists and increasing the public visibility of women in STEM. Linda started out as an Academic with a PhD in Computer Science Education. When it became apparent that High School teaching was a lot more fun, Linda began a highly successful career at John Monash Science School, where she built innovative courses in Computational and Data Science for year 10 and 11 students. Karen is a biostatistician and researcher at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne. Originally from Scotland, Karen completed an Honours degree in Statistics at the University of Glasgow. It was here that she became interested in applying statistics to medical research questions. Her Honours research involved developing a scoring system for doctors to use to assist in the diagnosis of stroke. She completed a PhD in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, examining the effectiveness of a vaccine for preventing childhood infectious disease.


Welcome and congratulations to our new Community Member elect of School Council, Mr. Andrew Day parent and City of Yarra Executive. Andrew’s expertise in governance and business will be invaluable to our work. Andrew’s first meeting will be 21 August. Andrew is the Director of Corporate Business and Finance at Yarra City Council. He has a Bachelor of Speech Pathology, Masters of Business, is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Associate Member, Institute of Internal Auditors Australia. 


Netball Courts

A meeting with the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA), ARUP, Department of Sport and Recreation and the successful company took place on 16 May to plan the next stages of the project, we anticipate the project commencing on 26 June when the Minister for Sport and Recreation, the Honorable John Eren MP will perform the “turning of the sod” ceremony. Weather permitting the courts should be completed in three months. Thank you to Glen Holland, our Facilities Manager who is liaising with the contractor and on-site project manager.


STEAM Centre Stage One- Performing Arts and refurbishment of level 3 in the main building

A series of planning meetings have been held to discuss the “dreams’ of the performing arts and visual arts staff with our architectural consultant. We will keep you posted on our progress.


Year 12 Formal

Many thanks to Pat Sklavakis, Sandor Kazi, Jen Roep and all of the staff who supported our Year 12 students attending their last MGC formal on Friday 15th June. This type of commitment to the girls over and above normal working hours makes MGC the great school we enjoy.


Kind regards,


Thank you MGC Parent’s Association

The Year 12 Class of 2018 wish to acknowledge the generous support of the MGC Parent’s Association in funding the GAT Lunch which took place in the Gillard Centre following the completion of the GAT assessment task on Wednesday June 13.



Tree  Logs Required

Request for any parents, guardians or family contacts for:

  • 30 – 60 NEWLY CUT, LARGE LOGS to construct MGC’s first outdoor classroom in the Murrnong Garden.
  • The LOGS must be 45 – 55cm in height and 25 – 45cm in diameter.
  • Healthy LOGS ONLY – no borer bugs (holes) present or logs that have started decomposing.
  • If you can arrange delivery it would be MOST appreciated, BUT if you can’t and you live within 5km of MGC then we can arrange to pick them up.
  • Please email: [email protected] if you can help us “furnish” our new outdoor learning space.

Thank you!

New York & Los Angeles Arts Design and Cultural Trip

The New York & Los Angeles Arts, Design and Cultural trip will be happening again in 2019. The trip will be in the last week of term 1 and the first week of the holidays.


This trip is for students who will be in years 10,11 & 12 in 2019.


Come and spend two weeks exploring all the Art and culture that two of the world’s most exciting cities can give.


There will be a parent information night coming up Wednesday 1st August in the library at 6.30. Please e-mail Mr Dunscombe if you are planning to attend  with numbers so we can save your seats.

New York  & LA where too much Culture is barely enough!

MGC Art Club

Art Club is a new club that offers all students the opportunity to develop their creativity. Students who would like to extend on work that they are doing in class, want to explore new ideas or learn new skills and techniques are welcome.  


Students can work independently or collaboratively in a welcoming studio environment.


Wednesday lunchtimes in Room 316 (from 1.15 to 2.00pm)


All welcome to attend or email Ms McCowan on [email protected] for further information.


Emma McCowan

Performing Arts News

Bring it On 

Thank you to all students and staff for their hard work rehearsing "Bring It On". In particular, thanks to Tony Hicks for his amazing work with our orchestra. We are looking forward to seeing the professional production tonight, featuring our dance teacher, Sam Bruzzese as Nautica!


Important Dates Reminders


PERFORMANCE DATES:  Wednesday 8th, Thursday 9th, Friday 10th August (Cast 1) &

             Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th & Friday 17th of August. (Cast 2)

(Week 4 & 5 of Term 3)


Tickets will go on sale via Trybooking at the beginning of Term 3.

Please note that all musicians, chorus, crew and specialist dancers will be required for both weeks, 6 evening performances.


Holiday rehearsal- Sunday, 22nd July- Rehearsal- Cast/Leads only, 1-4pm.

Sunday 29th July and Sunday 5th August, 1-4pm. (TBC)

Bump In: Monday 6th August. This is when all the equipment arrives. Crew only.

Tech rehearsal: Tuesday 7th August. This is when all the lights and audio is tested. Crew only required. Cast on call.               

 Dress Rehearsal: Tuesday 7th August afterschool, 2.30-4.30pm approx. All required

 Full Dress Rehearsal: Wednesday 8th August, Periods 1-3. All required

(Please note early dismissal to allow time to freshen up before opening night!)

Performance Evenings

Cast, Crew & Musicians required @ 6pm for makeup/set up/tune up

Chorus required @ 6.30pm.

Compulsory preshow meeting @ 6.30pm in the Auditorium for everybody

Doors open: 7.15pm

Show Starts 7.30pm

Interval-8.40 approx

Show Ends 9.45 approx.


Middle school students have permission to sleep in, as an approved late, on Thursday 9th & 16th and Friday 10th & 17th August.


For more information, please see your student booklet in Compass/School Resources/Miscalleneous/Bring It On.


Anne Corry.

Vocal Showcase


On Saturday 16th June the MGC Aerobics Team competed at the Aerochallenge competition at MSAC. Well done to everyone on your amazing efforts and achievements on the day, as well as representing MGC to the highest of standards. We are looking forward to bringing our A game again at the upcoming competitions!



Sports News

District Cross Country Carnival

On Wednesday the 30th of May, 26 students participated in the District Cross Country Carnival. The day was a hit as the MGC U13 and U14 teams qualified for zone as well as individual participants in the U15 and U16 categories. Congratulations to all students who participated! We were fortunate enough to have amazing weather unlike other years. You should definitely give cross country a go next year because you have lots of fun and you get fit. Stay tuned for results from Zone Cross Country.


Evie Scott 7L1

Year 8 Soccer

On Thursday June 7, our Year 8 Soccer team began their 2018 campaign with fantastic results in the first round of competition at a very windy Princes Park. The team went into the final having won both of their matches 3-0 and 12-0 respectively, thanks to a mixture of brilliant team work and some stand out individual performances from Erica Brown Yamada, Victoria Trentin, Michelle Levin and Emily Mackie. The final saw the team up against a much tougher University High School side, where we managed to hold on and claim the victory 2-1 thanks to some great goalkeeping from Jazzy Hughes and an amazing save off the line from defender, Alice Luxton. The team will progress to the regional finals next term.

Regional Cross Country Championchip

On the 20th of June, the regional cross-country team of 2018, headed off to Bundoora park. Melbourne Girls’ did extremely well as many teams and individuals qualified for the state championships, next month. Everyone who raced did their best, and represented our school very well. We are very proud of everyone who raced today. We would also like to give a big thanks to Miss T and Miss Stackhouse, for coming to support us. We can’t wait for state!


By Maidie Spark, Marcella Souter, Evelyn Gammon and Maeve Sharrock.


Results Qualifying for State Championships

U17 and 21

Emily Mizis 1st place

Dom Quirk 3rd place

MGC Team 1st place



Iris Webb 1st place

Sunshine Spencer 2nd place

Coco Knowles 3rd place



Olivia Mitchell 5th place



Maidie Spark 2nd place

MGC Team 1st place



Chloe Kamberis 5th place

MCG Team 2nd place


Richmond Football Club Visit

On Tuesday 12th une. 8f and 9A had six members of the Richmond  Football Club visit and help reinforce key skills that they were learning in PE. They learned about the different skills and got to have a good practice with the Richmond Players reinforcing skills and tactics. See if you know all six players that came to help our classes.

Year 8 Netball

The year 8 netball day was a great way to get involved. It was a very enjoyable day for both the competitive teams and the social teams. There were 2 MGC competitive teams the (A and B teams) who played a good standard of netball to try and get to the next round, there was also 4 MGC social teams that were there to have some fun with their friends and work on their netball skills. The A and B teams played really well throughout the day meaning that they would play each other in the final to see who would go into the next round. the final was a very close and intense game, the B team put up a good fight but the A team came out on top. We would like to thank everyone who made this day possible, thanks to the year 9 and 10 umpires, coaches and all of the teachers that helped out to make the day run smoothly. We would also like to thank Mr Fero-Kovassy who ran try outs and organised the day, his hard worked really paid off as everyone had such a great time. 


Abbie Bond


House Cup


Book Parade and Book Swap

Book Parade

On Wednesday, the 9th of May, the Year 7’s of Melbourne Girls College had a marvelous Book Parade to celebrate the first MGC Writer’s’ Festival. All the year 7’s celebrated their favourite novels and love of reading by dressing up as their favourite character from a book. The Year 7’s came together in the Auditorium marching on stage to show off their costumes to the hosts and judges, Anaya Wenham and Abigail Williams. The two main winners of the parade for best costumes were Sadie Joyner, Tilly Leslin and Julia Wang as the three fairy godmothers Flora, Fauna and Merry weather from the Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty. The other winner was Louella Breach dressed as Rhysand the High Lord of the Night Court from the “A Court of Thorns and Roses” series. The two winners were each given a chocolate frog and a book of their choosing. Special thanks to the students who made it possible: Grace Foa, Anaya Wenham, Abigail Williams, Ameila Shroud, Samia O’Reily, Samantha Kintana, Claudia Mountjowis and Hannah Benhassive. We couldn’t have made the Book Parade possible without this fantastic committee.


Book Swap

Melbourne Girls College also fundraised for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. The book swap was incredibly successful raising $300 dollars for the charity. Before the event students from the school each brought in a second-hand book with a gold coin donation so that Indigenous children could afford and own new books. Students could swap their novels for new ones and share their love of reading with others. Overall, MGC had a great experience and students were able to help the Indigenous Literacy Foundation with their passion of reading.


By Alina Ivanova and Duru Gurcan

Tuning into Teens

Please find attached a flyer with information on Tuning in to Teens - a session that will help you develop skills to recognise and respond to your teen's emotions. 


Year 8 Friendship Day

10 girls were nominated by teachers to attend the annual year 8 friendship day at Mentone Girls’ Secondary College which is a part of the Victorian Association of State Girls’ Secondary Colleges. Well done to Polly Sherman, Hayley Cumming, Erica Yamada-Brown, Sofia Garcia-Barriga, Alex Morris, Georgia Grant, Emily Mackie, Arushi Sen Chaudhuri, Freya Myers and Stella Veal! They have made great connections with students from other schools and can hopefully continue those friendships into the future.

Library News

Student Creative Anthology

Curious about the creative talents of students at Melbourne Girls’ College? Looking for fresh new writing to read? Purchase the MGC Creative Anthology for a window into the writing, artwork and tech drawings being produced in our wonderful school. At only $10 this is a great gift for friends and relatives. You can purchase the book here.

Student Book Reviews


                     SHE WAS RECKLESS.

                                                               WE WERE TROUBLE.


Beautiful Broken Things is a book about an inseparable friendship becoming more and more separable. The book is written in the context of a girl called, Caddy. Caddy is smart but quiet, and feels like her parents only care about her grades. She has a decent lifestyle and a good amount of money. Her best friend, Rosie, is basically the complete opposite. She doesn’t go to the best school and doesn’t really have much of a family. Then, a new girl arrives at Rosie’s school, Suzanne. Suzanne had an extremely troubled past - including her dad abusing her - so she is now trying to escape what she was and start a new life. Things change, and as Caddy tries to learn more about the new girl, she gets a little jealous about Rosie’s friendship with Suzanne. She then grows closer to Suzanne, but becomes less close with Rosie. Each girl changes throughout the story, each wanting something out of the life they were given. Caddy and Rosie were best friends.


And no one can break your heart like a best friend.


Library Book Club Starting Soon!


The Library Book club will be starting up in term 3! The Book Club will be a space for students who want to read books, read about books, talk about books, and then read and talk some more.


If you have any questions or you'd like to get involved, please email Beth at [email protected].

Library Events


MGC Homework Club


Come and join us Monday and Thursday afternoons for Homework Club.



The Library




Hope to see you there!

Ms Hajzler

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