13 March 2020
Week 1.6 - Issue 2


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Heavenly Father, 

We praise you and thank you for this day.
Look with love upon our family. Bless us and keep us safe.
Guide our coming and our going and all that we do.
We turn to you in times of joy and sadness, knowing you are always there.
We welcome Jesus, Your Son, as the unseen guest in our home,
our constant companion, our light and our salvation.
Keep us together as a close and loving family.



St Norbert, pray for us


From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College,

“Community is easy to see when you look around St Norbert College”

This statement formed part of the introduction at our recent College assembly delivered by the MC, Lorenzo Donatelli, pictured right, with the assembly focusing on the College value of Community. It captures very simply, the strength of our College, evident in all that we do and something that we are regularly acknowledged for.


The greatest display of our College value of Community occurs each year at the annual College Community Mass, this year held on Sunday 23 February. This special Mass is always a wonderful occasion for all in our community to gather in prayer to ask for God’s blessings on our school year. I would like to share my thanks to Fr Peter and the Norbertines, Miss Margaret Kyd, Mrs Penny Mulley, Mr Chadwick Beins and the many other staff, students and families who assisted with the organisation and celebration of this special occasion.


Our annual Open Day was held on Friday 6 March and the message shared by Ms Rainford to the many assembled for the tours was not to look so much at the buildings and facilities, but to listen and feel for the sense of who we are and what we hold most dear at our College; our sense of Community. I thank all staff and the wonderful students who contributed so much to others on this day.

The City of Canning recently conducted a community walk through Queens Park and invited our Gifted and Talented students, under the supervision of Mrs Lyndsey Cardenia, along with a number of students from St Joseph’s to participate. The City of Canning were delighted with the level of discussion and some of the great ideas that our students presented in an effort to support community led initiatives that activate the Queens Park community. I thank Mrs Cardenia and the students for being wonderful representatives of our College.


On Wednesday 18 March, we gather as a community to celebrate Harmony Day, a wonderful reminder of our beautiful community how, irrespective of our heritage and ethnicity, skin colour, background and origin, we at St Norbert College are of one mind and one heart. While the current concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus have forced a cancellation of the food stalls this year, the day will still be a wonderful celebration of the amazing stories of heritage and ethnicity of our peers, friends, colleagues and fellow community members.


I would like to acknowledge the work of our Parent Committee who meet twice per term during the year to consider and plan events that build Community within our College. A number of parents would be aware and have enjoyed terrific events such as the "Celebrating Mums" and "Celebrating our Dads" breakfasts. The Committee also takes the time to consider and then plan parent seminars on topics most relevant to our students and, by virtue, the parents who care for them. Notably in recent times, we have had drug and alcohol messages, the impact and management of social media, risk taking behaviour and the support available when grappling with anxiety and depression. On Tuesday night this week our Dean of Studies Mr Rod Dowling presented a session titled the Strategies for Success – Building foundations in and through school to achieve goals in life. I thank Mr Dowling and commend to you a summary of his presentation as part of his Dean of Studies report in this newsletter.


The College continues to keep our community updated with the developing matters of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) as shared by the Department of Health and Catholic Education WA. Our aim is to approach matters in a calm and considered manner, replying on the guidance of the experts and the support of our families and community. Please note the attachment below regarding COVID-19, also sent directly to parents/carers.


And as we approach the end of this school week and await further challenges ahead, please reflect on this message from Matthew’s Gospel, which so eloquently captures the essence of community;


“For where two or three meet in my name, I am there among them” (Matthew 18: 20)


God bless.

Mr S Harvey (Principal)


COVID-19: Letter to Parents

Parents/carers are asked to read this important communication regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19).


Dean of Studies


In conjunction with the St Norbert College Parent Committee, a seminar was recently held at the College on “Strategies For Success – Building foundations in and through school to achieve goals in life.”

The seminar focused on five strategies that can be implemented easily and immediately. These include:


Strategy One:      Find opportunities to seek the help and support of                                              others.

Strategy Two:      Do the hardest thing first.

Strategy Three:   Deep learning requires a combination of practice and                                         effort that is repeated often.

Strategy Four:     Sampling different activities and interests develops                                            new strengths and new skills.

Strategy Five:      Big goals start with tiny habits and routines.


In each of these strategies, the value of making a start, maintaining the effort and holding yourself accountable to someone else helps maintain the motivation, and ultimately helps to achieve more. Some of the practical tips that are incorporated in these five strategies includes:


  • Find opportunities to be a part of group study (and alternate between individual and group study)
  • Find others that are doing the same courses and subjects and celebrate the success of each other in order to motivate each other.
  • Review your homework and study plan every week, and plan around the other weekly activities and requirements.
  • Co-design your study plan with a trusted adult – as you experience success with your plan, take over the responsibility for the design of it
  • Personalise your study plan into ‘bite-sized’ chinks of time (30 – 45 minutes), adopt an approach of deliberate practice and set goals that are challenge and realistic – these are designed to ‘stretch’ your abilities.
  • Create a distraction-free study space, focus on a single task/topic/subject in each ‘block’ of time.
  • Create a new and small habit that can be performed with minimal effort every day until it becomes second nature.
  • Track your progress of this tiny-habit – what gets measured gets done.
  • Increase your micro-habit by approximately 10% after two weeks.


At the end of the seminar, a commitment statement was provided in the booklet for participants to take away and begin. This commitment requires three questions to be answered: What is one thing that I want to change right now? What is one strategy that I would like to practice? How can we help each other?


By taking the time to answer these questions, students (and adults too) can start to change their mindset towards greater success with achieving their goals.



At the recent College Assembly, 18 students were awarded Honours in the Arts. The Arts Honours are awarded to Year 12 students in recognition of excellence and commitment their chosen field (Music, Dance and Drama) over a number of years.


Music Honours – Commitment to one of more ensembles for at least five years, as well as maintaining excellent attendance, punctuality, leadership, performance and contribution to these ensembles. Students are also eligible if they receive three Outstanding Certificates or the shield for Outstanding Performance in a solo or duet at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival.


Dance Honours – Awarded to a student who is appointed Captain of either the Senior Dance Team or Hip Hop Crew, or has been a member of a College Dance Team for at least five years. The student has also maintained excellent attendance, punctuality, leadership, performance and contribution to the team.


Drama Honours – Awarded to a student who is appointed Senior Drama Captain or has been a member of the Drama Club for at least three years. The student has also been involved in at least two College productions and assisted with other productions.

Congratulations to the following students:



Regina Ndossi; Ariannah Tilli; Jordan Cirillo; Elicia Yii; Patrick Osias; Licia Benedict; Sasha Bitao; Elsa Tan; Selina Tan.



Elicia Yii; Patrick Osias; Teagan Heron; Annissa Buckby; Danielle Vandenberg; Nicole Dobkowski; Ella Grady; Jen Hannah Darang



Regina Ndossi; Courtney McCrostie; Dimitri Laboudeuse; Shakira Pezzali



In 2020, students in Year Seven and Year Nine are required to complete the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) online. NAPLAN is made up of two assessment areas: literacy and numeracy. The literacy assessments are comprised of tests in reading, writing and conventions of language. The reading tests are designed to assess a wide range of abilities.


For the online test, students read a range of text types on a computer or device and answer questions about the texts on screen in a variety of online item formats. All students are required to complete a writing task, using a prompt or stimulus topic. The genre of the task is not be disclosed prior to the test period.


The writing test requires students to respond to either a persuasive or narrative writing prompt.

For the online test, the prompt is shown on screen and students type their responses.


Criterion-referenced marking rubrics are used to assess students’ writing. The same rubrics are applied to all responses, both handwritten and typed. This enables comparisons to be made across year groups and topics, and growth to be measured.


The Conventions of Language test comprises spelling, grammar and punctuation.

For the online test, students spell words in an audio dictation task, identify and correct spelling errors, and answer grammar and punctuation questions in a range of online item formats.


The numeracy assessment area includes:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability.


The test for students in Years 7 and 9 has two sections. In the first section, calculators are not allowed. In the second section, students can access an online calculator, ruler and protractor. Students in all year groups can turn on an audio player to hear the questions read aloud, if they wish.


The NAPLAN public demonstration site can be accessed for more information and to go to practice questions via this link:


For additional support and preparation, students may also access the literacy and numeracy workshops offered by the College. Please contact Ms Penny Mulley (Head of English) or Mrs Colette Miranda (Head of Mathematics) for more information regarding the workshops.


Mr R Dowling  (Dean of Studies)

Deputy Principals

Open Day


The College hosted another successful Open Day with strong numbers in both the morning and afternoon tours. It is a day when we proudly show how our College operates on a normal day. We received positive feedback and glowing reports about our knowledgeable and honest student tour guides. With healthy enrolments in all year levels and a waiting list, it is vital that enrolment forms are submitted as soon as possible before interviews occur during Year 5.





WACE Checker developed to assist Year 12 students monitor their progress towards achieving the WACE Schools are kindly reminded that the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (the Authority) has developed a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) Checker for Year 12 students. The WACE Checker is an online tool which Year 12s can use to check their progress towards achieving their WACE and is now available on the Authority website at:


The WACE Checker is provided as a guide only. The report it gives students must not be interpreted as a guarantee the student will achieve a WACE. Achievement of the WACE is dependent on the calculation of a student’s final results and completion of courses. Individuals are encouraged to consult the WACE Manual for the relevant year, or their school, should they wish to confirm WACE eligibility for a student based on enrolment and predicted/actual achievement.


To use the WACE Checker, students will need to add information about their achievements in Year 11 and their expected achievements in Year 12. The checker will be of most assistance if the information provided for Year 12 is realistic. When students add their anticipated grades for Year 12, they need to add what they realistically expect to achieve this year.

The WACE Checker will be particularly useful for students considering changes to their education program which may affect their eligibility for the WACE.


The WACE Checker allows students to save the summary of their input as a Portable Document Format (PDF). They can use this PDF to track their progress and to check the impact of any changes to their enrolment or achievement.


Students can also use a save function which will keep the data entered into the checker for a month. An access code is provided to allow students to use the ‘Fetch My Data’ button when they select that option in the checker.


More information is available under the ‘Tell me more’ button on the checker.


A reminder that any changes to Year 12 courses need to be made before the SCSA deadline of 2 April.


Ms S Rainford (Deputy Principal - Years 8,10,12)

The Arts

Sound of Music is on the march!

The cast of the College production this year have been busily rehearsing the show. This dedicated group of students is giving up time after school and on Sundays in order to create our version of the Von Trapp story. We are very excited about bringing this iconic musical to the College and we wanted to let you know that tickets go on sale on Monday 30 March. All tickets are $15 and you can buy them on the try booking website only.  I urge you not to leave it too late to book as they are sure to go fast. Our last College musical, Oliver, sold out very quickly and I would not want you to be disappointed by not having tickets.


We will be bringing you more information about the cast and crew in the next few newsletters and also through the production's own Facebook page -  

Our Facebook page will feature interviews with the cast, sneak peeks behind the scenes and even test your Sound of Music knowledge. Like the page, join in the fun. So "Climb every mountain" in order to purchase those tickets. We are hoping that this show will become one of your "favourite things".



Miss K Hilton (Director)





ACC Junior Basketball

The Specialised Basketball program recently sent Year 8/9 Boys and girls’ teams to Willetton Basketball Stadium to compete in the ACC Junior Basketball Championships. Both teams were fantastic throughout the day displaying an excellent level of teamwork, basketball skills and sportsmanship. Fortunately, both teams were able to gain experience in basketball playing against different people and teams.


Girls Team

Record:  4 Wins – 1 loss        Standings:  2nd Placing

Si-Erra Leone Simpson

Paige Craven Bower

Shanyka Parker

Tatum Cooper

Kyra Daltyn

Matilda Drennan

Bianca Halton

Dalila Nikaghanri

Eliza Terrell


Notable Wins

Vs Corpus Christi:  37-7

Vs  Carey:   32-11

Vs Ursula Frayne:  24-19

Vs Emmanuel:  38-6

Boys Team

Record:   3 Wins 2 Losses      Standings:   3rd Placing

Benjamin Berardis

Levi Ashcroft-Buck

Benjamin Drennan

Taine Duncan-Howard

Benjamin Paddon

Matilda Drennan

Ethan Powe

Joshua Richards

Kalisto Ubu

Joshua Welsh

Travis Williams


Notable Wins

Vs Carey: 25-20

Vs All Saints: 36-35

Vs Ursula Frayne: 42-31



SASJ Sport

SASJ Competition has completed four weeks of competition now. All teams have displayed fantastic sportsmanship to date and its really good to see some new faces on the sporting fields. St Norbert College will now have two weeks off to prepare for finals in Week 9 & 10.


Notable teams who have yet to lose a game is the Year 7 Girls Basketball and Year 10 Boys Basketball


Results from SASJ can be found at:


ACC Swimming Carnival


The highly anticipated ACC Swimming Carnival is fast approaching with the team set to compete on the 27 March at HBF Stadium.


The team has been training in preparation for the event, hoping to improve on last year’s second place finish.


For those who can’t attend on the day the ACC have provided various platforms to view and see results. Please see the links below:  


ACC “D” Carnival Live Stream:


Live Results:


Mr R Godfrey

(Head of Sport & Specialised Basketball Co-ordinator)

Canons' new values

Canon's new values

Late last year a small group of students were invited to create a set of values specific to sport at St Norbert College. The aim was to create a set of standards and expectations when representing the College - and the Canons brand - in sport. Commitment, culture, excellence, expectations and attitude were all words thrown around at our lunchtime workshop sessions but the overriding questions were:

  1. What did it mean to be a Canon?
  2. How do we put this in writing?
  3. How do we put this into practice?

 It was important that the project was student driven - as staff, we wanted the students to tell us what they stand for. Using the existing College values of Community, Respect, Friendship, Commitment, Adaptability and Heritage as our starting point, we are proud to present the “Canons Guide to Success”, displayed on two banners now proudly hanging in the ORC to guide us.

Community: “With us, or against us”

There is no ‘I’ in team and there is no team unless everyone works together. A sporting team requires all players and coaches to be on the same page, working in harmony towards the same goal. As soon as one person places their own agenda above the team, the job becomes harder for everyone. Success is a team sport.


Respect: “Give it to get it”

Part of our Catholic duty is to show unconditional respect to everyone at all times, but, of course, respect is a two-way street. If we demand or expect respect from someone, we should be prepared to show respect in return. Respect your team by putting in 100%, respect your coaches by believing that strategies are made with the whole team in mind, respect the officials by accepting their decisions, respecting our opposition by preparing and playing to a high standard and most importantly, respecting ourselves by putting in the effort.


Friendship: “Powerful as one”

Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you. The hard times are easier and success tastes even sweeter when it’s with your friends. Competing in sports is a lot more fun when it’s done with friends, sport is a great way to build life-long friendships. Together we are smarter, together we are better, together we are more powerful. 


Commitment: “Hard work beats talent”

NBA player James Harden was recently asked how he became to be the player with most 50+ point games in NBA history, he answered with one word: WORK. Work is the difference between where you are now and where you want to be. You may be blessed with natural talent but what you do with that talent is entirely your decision. Do you rest on your laurels, or do you continue to set the bar higher? Do you run that extra lap, do you take those extra practice shots, do you bounce out of bed or do you hit the snooze button? Are you prepared for all good works? Remember, that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.


Adaptability: “No comfort zones”

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. The number one reason for people not stepping out of their comfort zone to try something new is the fear of failure. So, let’s embrace failure as an opportunity to find out what we do and don’t know, what does and doesn’t work, what we do and don’t need to work on. The body’s response to being put under exercise induced stress is to get stronger, and as a team, we become stronger by discovering our weaknesses. Instead of focusing on the negative, see it as an opportunity to get better.


Heritage: “Leave your legacy”

By the time our six years at the College are finished, we hope that we can answer the question “what does it mean to be a Canon?” Did we run that extra lap? Did we take those extra practice shots? Did we give it 110% every chance we had? How we act today will impact how people see and talk about us tomorrow. The aim for everyone that wears the Canons logo should be to leave it better than we found it. Whether that is through leadership, excellence, hard work, determination or success. Ask yourself; “How will people remember me?” If you’re happy with your reputation, then keep doing what you’re doing, but if not, you’ve got plenty of time to change it.


Thank you to all the students who gave up their time to work on this project and create these values. We hope that these values can be the foundation of a strong sporting culture at St Norbert College in 2020 and beyond.


Mr M Price (Head of Health & Physical Education)


St Frederick Academic Scholarships Now Open


Middle School Academic Scholarships are available to students entering Year 7 and cover full or 50% tuition fees and are tenable for Years 7 – 9 subject to student performance each year. A two-hour scholarship selection test will be conducted on Saturday 16 May commencing at 9.30am for Year 6 students.

Senior School Academic Scholarships are available to students entering Year 10 and cover full or 50% tuition fees and are tenable for Years 10 – 12 subject to student performance each year. A two-hour scholarship selection test will be conducted on Saturday 16 May commencing at 9.30am for Year 6 students.

Applications and details for the scholarships are available by visiting our website where you can apply online The Scholarship Registration fee is $95. Academic Scholarships close on Friday 3 April 2020.


Blessed Hugh of Fosse Basketball Scholarships Now Open


Basketball Scholarships are available for students entering Years 8 – 12.  The scholarship covers 50% of College tuition fees.  Applications and details for the scholarships and Basketball Program are available on our website or from reception. Basketball try-outs are being held on Thursday 25 June commencing at 3.30pm. Applications close on Friday 12 June 2020.


Mrs A Hughes (Principal’s Executive Assistant  

and Enrolment Officer)

Climate Canons

Climate Canons

On Friday 13 March 2020 the Climate Canons were involved in an incursion run by Shelley Foster, a sustainability educator, to discover the impact of e-waste making its way into our landfills and what we can do to help reduce this issue. The students will be participating in a lesson on circular economy and then there will be some hands-on activities, pulling items apart so students can identify waste and reuse components at different stations to learn more about repurpose and recycled products.

Students will also be involved in the planning and organising of our e-waste collection week. Please see the attached poster for more information or you can contact Mr Openshaw at or Miss Pisconeri at for more information.


Miss P Pisconeri (Humanities and Social Sciences Teacher (Geography)

Science Teacher)

Parent Committee

Community Mass

The St Norbert College Parent Committee would like to thank all of the volunteers that assisted in making the 2020 Community Mass Sausage Sizzle a success. In particular, special mention goes to Fiona Galea, Paul Kelly, Chris Knight and Laurie Catalano from SNESA (St. Norbert’s Ex Student Association) for barbequing more than 1200 sausages and at least 40kg of onions.  Without their generous contribution of time and effort, the organisation of this event would be so much more challenging.

Additionally, we gratefully acknowledge the dedicated group of teachers, led by Mrs Penny Mulley, who helped prepare and organise the kitchen during the early afternoon (Mrs Madeleine De Luca, Ms Melda Lim, Mrs Helena Hicks, Mrs Chen Wang and Ms Susan Teo) as well as all those who also assisted in the hot dog production line after Mass.


A huge team effort by all involved. Many thanks.


Dr Paul J. Costantino (Parent Committe President)

Student Success

Bianca Valenti - Year 10 - T6


For as long as she can remember, Bianca Valenti has loved to dance - so being diagnosed with an aneurysmal bone cyst (or ABC as she calls it) on her right leg at the age of 12 was a terrible blow.


“Bianca had constant pain when growing up but we didn’t know why,’’ her mother, Tania Valenti, pictured with Bianca, explained. “It was coming and going in the ankle and knee and because Bianca danced so much, doctors thought it was muscle pain, but eventually it became quite consistent in her knee and in 2017 she was diagnosed with ABC.’’


Specialists discovered that the cyst, a bubble-like growth on the inside of her right femur, was causing repeated bone fractures and a bone tissue transplant was needed. Bianca underwent surgery to remove the cyst and received a bone graft consisting of crushed bone and tissue from an anonymous donor who had a hip replacement.


After recovering well, Bianca discovered 10 months later during a routine x-ray that another cyst had formed just above her right knee. The second cyst was removed and another donor bone graft was transplanted.


Today, Bianca, who just turned 15, is well and truly back on her feet – even becoming a walking advertisement for the important work of Pluslife, WA’s only bone and tissue bank.


Last week she was photographed at the SNC Dance Studio for an upcoming PlusLife brochure, to promote the non-for-profit organisation that has provided more than 18,000 grafts to more than 10,000 patients. Pluslife says one donor can transform the lives of many people – sometimes up to 60 recipients from the one donor.


"If it wasn't for the bone donations Bianca received, there's no way she would be up and about now,’’ Mrs Valenti said.


"It's so wonderful this technology and medical knowhow is available to make such life-changing benefits to people's lives."


Bianca, who is studying Dance as a subject in Year 10 and was the Junior Dance Team captain in 2019,  is looking forward to another fun year as part of the College Hip Hop Crew. 

                                                                                                                        Mrs L Quartermain (Community Relations)



2021 STEM Tour

Information Evening


St Norbert College is proud to offer an exciting opportunity for the 2021 Year 9 and 10 students (currently in Years 8 and 9).


The College is conducting a STEM (Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics) tour of Sydney and Canberra in the 2021 Term 1 holidays. Itinerary items currently include the CSIRO Discovery Centre, Taronga Zoo, Questacon and Parliament House. It is an exciting opportunity for students who are interested in STEM subjects.


An information evening will be held on Wednesday the 18 March (Week 7) from 6:30pm to 7:30pm in the Brother Pat Forum.


Click on the following link to register your interest or contact Mr Roger D'Almeida ( for further details.



Mr R D'Almeida (Head of Learning Area - Science)


Academic Excellence

City of Canning - Neighbourhood Walk

The City is undertaking a pilot community engagement project within Queens Park so they can learn about the Queens Park community and its aspirations for the suburb. During the first part of the project, the City is conducting a series of Neighbourhood Walks with Queens Park residents and stakeholders. Mr Rose (principal of St Joseph’s Primary), myself and a small group of students from St Joseph’s Primary School and St Norbert College were invited to attend a Neighbourhood Walk, along with some City of Canning staff, to assess neighbourhood walkability and discuss ideas to create a more vibrant Queens Park.

The students walked around the area surrounding both schools. They had many suggestions to improve the look of the roadside, lighting of the streets to make it safer at night and improve the area near the railway. The students were full of fantastic ideas to make Queens Park Reserve more inviting and better utilised. The City will be collating information given by the students to use as part of a project engagement report. Larger ideas for Queens Park will also be communicated internally across the City departments as a guide for future projects.


There will also be a community event, on Wednesday 8 April, where any ideas can be shared. Community members will then vote for the best idea and the winning idea will then be implemented.


I was very proud of the way all the students conducted themselves and worked together for the greater good of the community. They were definitely Prepared for All Good Works.


Mrs L Cardenia (Academic Excellence Coordinator)


Cultural Corner

Harmony Day Celebrations - 18 March 2020


Harmony Day is to promote diversity and acceptance of other cultures.  The essence of Harmony Day is “Everyone Belongs”. It is a day of cultural respect for all. Here at St Norbert College students and staff participate in Harmony Day activities and we get to learn more about other cultures. This special day will be an opportunity for us to share in the amazing stories of heritage and ethnicity of our peers, friends, colleagues and fellow community members.


As stated in the previous newsletter, we will host a whole school Liturgical Service and Multicultural Concert. On behalf of the Harmony Day Committee, I would like to thank the community members who offered to contribute to our International Food Fair which was planned to happen during lunchtime.


Given the current concern around the COVID-19 virus and after taking the most recent professional and medical advice, we have decided to postpone this aspect of the day. Please understand that we are not making this decision lightly, nor are we suggesting in any way that the preparation of food by our community members would put others at risk. Whilst current information suggests that the risk of transmitting this virus through food is low, our response to the growing virus concerns is purely precautionary in an effort to avert any risk of transmission. We understand that this decision may disappoint many in our community and for that, we apologise.


The revised schedule for the day is as follows: 


Wednesday Times of the Day

8.45 am – 9.20 am

Extended Homeroom

9.20 am - 10.10 am

Period 1

10.10 am - 11.00 am

Period 2

11.00 am – 11.20 am


11.20 am –12.10 pm

Period 3

12.10 pm –12.40 pm

Period 4 (30 mins)

12.40 pm

Move to ORC for Liturgy (leave your belongings in class room)

12.50 pm – 1:20 pm

Liturgy (30 mins)

1.20 pm – 2.00 pm

Lunch (40 mins)

2.00 pm

Move to ORC for Concert

2.10pm – 3.10 pm

Multicultural Concert

3.10 pm – 3.15 pm



All students may wear their full College Sports Uniform with House shirt or traditional

attire of their heritage.


Thanks once again for your ongoing support to the St Norbert College Community.


Mrs C Miranda (Harmony Day Co-ordinator)

Pastoral Care

National Day Against Bullying & Violence – Friday 20 March


St Norbert College is proud to be involved in the 10th anniversary against bullying and violence in society.  As a community we will take the opportunity to 'take a stand together' and imagine a world without bullying and violence, as well as enabling students voices to share the powerful message that bullying and violence is never ok.


A series of activities have been planned for the day to empower students to discuss with their peers what being safe looks, feels, and sounds like. It’s often difficult to distinguish what is bullying and what bullying is not. The focus is to give students a voice to be heard, empower the discussions and encourage their ideas on a difficult topic.


Bullying is a complex multifaceted issue, different in each school and year level. During Homeroom students will work together to develop strategies to respond to bullying in a range of settings and we encourage parents to start conversations with their children, particularly around online safety, to develop an understanding of respectful relationships and gain a vocabulary of ‘respectful chat’.


Parents as first educators are an important part of preventing bullying and to respond effectively if it happens.  Stopping bullying involves everyone.


All students will receive a pocket card from Bullying. No Way! with tips for them on what to do if they or someone they know is being bullyied.  Parents know their children best and know the best way to tailor communication to their needs. We encourage you to spend time this week talking with your child about the approaches below, and adapt these tips to what works for you and your child.


If your child talks to you about bullying:

  1. Listen calmly and get the full story. Your calm response is important to allow your child to tell you all about the situation.  After they’ve told you their story, ask questions to get more details if you need: who, what, where, when.  Although you may feel some strong emotions about your child’s experience, try to keep calm to avoid more distress to your child.
  2. Reassure your child they are not to blame. Many children blame themselves and this may make them feel even worse. You could say things like, ‘That sounds really hard to deal with. No one should have to put up with that.’ or ‘I’m so glad you told me. You should be able to feel safe at school; that’s not fair at all’.
  3. Ask your child what they want to do and what they want you to do. A critical part of your response is to avoid jumping in to solve the problem.  While it is natural to want to protect your child, helping them to find their own solution is a better option.  It helps them feel they have some power in the situation.
  4. Visit to find some strategies. The website has tips and ideas for different bullying situations. One idea is to practise strategies at home to help your child feel more confident.
  5. Contact the school. Your child may be reluctant for you to do this, so discuss the idea and reassure them that the school would want to know and is able to help. Make an appointment to meet with your child’s teacher and, if you need to, ask to talk with the principal. Contact the school immediately if you have a concern about your child’s safety. 
  6. Check in regularly with your child.  Keep the conversation going. It can take time to resolve issues, so check in regularly with your child about their experiences and their feelings.  Your ongoing support is important.

For further information please visit Remember speaking out is the first step to stopping unruly behaviour, getting help and ensuring that all people are safe.


The Pastoral Care Team

Notices and reminders 

Academic Task Force - April school holiday program


Year 7 Immunisations

Thank you to all the Year 7 students and parents for returning all the signed forms at the end of Week 3. The students will receive their immunisations during week 5 this term. Students can wear their full College Tracksuit with their House Shirt. Please ensure this includes the correct shoes as described in the College Diary. If you have any questions or concerns please email:



Year 7 (week 5)


Second Immunisation

(HPV dose #2)

Wednesday 9 September


Year 10 Immunisations

WA Health recommends that all Year 10 students in Western Australia receive the meningococcal ACWY (MenACWY) vaccine. This vaccine protects against meningococcal disease, specifically 4 serogroups of meningococcal bacteria: A, C, W and Y.


The Year 10 school-based immunisation program was introduced in 2018 to defend against a moderate recent increase in the number of meningococcal infection cases caused by these strains in Western Australia.


It is anticipated that immunising Year 10 students will reduce transmission of the bacteria to others and help prevent infections within the larger community.


At St Norbert College the Year 10 students will receive their immunisation envelopes on Wednesday 29 April and will take them home for parents to sign and return. Please ensure this occurs by Friday 8 May.



Year 10 (Week 2.4)

Meningococcal ACWY


Thursday 21 May

Mrs L Rogers ( Head of House - Tongerlo)


Uniform Shop Opening Hours



ONLY New Students in Yrs 7-12


       Tuesday 24 March 2020                 3.30pm - 6.10pm

Tuesday 31 March 2020                3.30pm - 6.10pm

Tuesday 07 April 2020                  3.30pm - 6.10pm


Please contact the Uniform Shop  Monday morning mornings or Thursday afternoons on 9350 5433 to make an appointment for new students. Or email:



APRIL 2020


No Appointment’s on these dates available

Thursday 16 April 2020                        1.00pm – 6.00pm

Thursday 23 April 2020                        1.00pm - 6.00pm

Tuesday 28 April 2019                          8.00am– 12 noon



Winter Trading Hours Term 2 & 3

Term Two and Term Three


Mondays         8.30am – 11.30am

                                                                          Thursdays      1.00pm – 4.00pm

Please note, St Norbert College parents can now buy, sell or gift good-quality pre-owned uniforms through a Facebook page. Search for St Norbert College Secondhand Uniform Group


Mrs R Kelly (Uniform Shop)

Upcoming reunions

Class of 1987: We are turning 50!!


Students who graduated in 1987 are turning 50 this year.
Details for a much-anticipated reunion are:

When:     Saturday 28 March

Time:      6pm

Where:    Skydeck, Northbridge Brewing Company

Tickets:   $25 to cover a few canapés. Buy drinks over the bar 
Contact: Nicole Abbott - 0403 758 223, email -

or event on Facebook: Class of ’87 - OMG we are turning 50!


Class of 2010 - 10th Anniversary

This picture, left, could have been taken yesterday but in fact it's the first day for the Class of 2010.

The former students are holding a 10-year reunion.
Saturday 2 May
Time:       7pm onwards
Where:    The Merrywell, Crown Perth

No tickets or bookings required. Enquiries


Construction Futures Centre - Open Day



  • Wednesday 18 March  - Parent Information Evening - 2021 STEM Tour - Brother Pat Forum - 6.30pm - 7.30pm
  • Wednesday 25 March - Year 7 Social, Fr Peter O'Reilly Centre, 6.00pm-8.00pm
  • Friday 3 April  - Applications close for St Frederick Academic Scholarship
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