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27 March 2020
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From the Principals' Desk

Dear Parents,


As I write this report I am sitting in my Nossal office in an almost deserted school contemplating the end of one of the most challenging and unique school terms I have ever experienced, and (like everyone else) wondering about where we are heading and what the future may hold as we move through these uncharted waters.


We started the term being horrified by the images of the bushfires and the devastating images of human and environmental disaster on a scale we have never before seen, and ten weeks later we are facing a worldwide epidemic that is transforming the way we live, interact, and our whole perspective about what really matters. It does feel a bit like the opening narrative from a dystopian novel, although one that I choose to believe will have an ultimately positive ending. That is not to say that we will not have to endure some significant discomfort and major challenges along the way, and we are already seeing the emergence of unprecedented restrictions on our lifestyle, huge social and economic upheaval, job losses, and the spectre of a potentially lethal world-wide virus.


Amid this concern and uncertainty it has been uplifting to see the positive and creative spirit being modelled by many members of the community as they prepare for this uncertainty and I expect that this will (as in other times of great challenge and upheaval) trigger great advancements and positive change in response. Historically, the horrors of the world wars were triggers for huge advancements in science, medicine and technology and I hope that this current crisis may also stimulate a stronger, more united and harmonious world where the common enemies are the corona virus, climate change, environmental damage, discrimination, poverty and inequity. Sometimes the shock of a disaster is the catalyst that forces us to take notice and make changes for the greater good.

Online Teaching and Learning

I have (even more than usual) been inspired by the work of our staff as they contend with this uncertainty with their usual professionalism and our school community is better prepared than most to cope with the possible move into a long term online teaching environment. This week, while the students are enjoying (I hope) the start of an unexpected extension to the Term 1 holidays, our teachers and some support staff have been working from their homes (while also looking after their own children as many of you have) and preparing for the possibility that Term 2 will resume as an online program rather than in their classrooms at Berwick. While the official expectation is that school will resume for the start of Term 2 on Wednesday 15 April for the students, I would be very surprised if that was the case and expect that we will all be still working from home at that stage.


If we are fully online we will endeavour as much as possible to run our “normal” school timetable and usual events and activities, so students will be expected to log on in their tutorials at 8.48 am each morning, and their teachers will follow with the usual timetable of classes. Rolls will be marked for each session, recess and lunchtime will occur and we hope to be able to continue with assemblies, some of the co-curricular programs and House events online as well. Obviously, there will be different pedagogies and processes employed and some activities and subjects will be more challenging to deliver this way than others. As we have found during our previous Digital Delivery Days (which have been a rehearsal for this situation) there are many other interesting and creative approaches that can and will need to be employed when we are all working online.

Digital Delivery Days – Nossal a world leader

As an aside, parents and students may not be aware that the inspiration for our Digital Delivery Days came from Mr Fankhauser and was triggered by the SARs virus where universities in parts of Asia had to close for extended periods for similar reasons to what we are now facing. Nossal’s work in this space has been at the cutting edge for Victorian schools and we are exemplars for Microsoft who champion our use of TEAMs (and the work of Mr Fankhauser) worldwide.

VCE, Assessments and Final Results

The strongest message I have for everyone, but particularly for students (and parents) in Year 12 is – “Don’t worry.” VCE will be different this year – the normal assessment and reporting requirements will have to change, and everyone in the state is in the same boat. Decisions about how VCE SACs will operate, what form final assessments will take, and how, when and if testing will occur have yet to be determined and are out of my (and your) control. VCAA and DET will provide advice and direction about this progressively, and we will let you know when they do.


I have been hearing people worrying that their ATAR will be negatively impacted – please remember that the ATAR is not a mark – it is simply a ranking used to determine the order of offers for university courses. The 2020 ATAR will be created to meet this need based on what has been done this year and that may be significantly different to what was originally intended or has been done previously because of the unique set of circumstances. However it is calculated, it will be very carefully administered and applied to ensure objectivity and equity for every student.

Cancellations and Planned Future Events

We have managed to postpone some events and are hopeful that we may still be able to run them later in the year when things are back to “normal.” (e.g. the Year 9 Camp has been re-booked for later in the year). At this stage our overseas and Central Australian tours are not proceeding, although if things improve quickly, we may be able to reinstate them. Speech Night, Valedictory Dinner, Formals, HPAF and many other events are on hold until we can make decisions about whether they are able to occur, or whether we can modify or move them. There are simply no answers at the moment; under the shutdown and restrictions on gatherings and social distancing none are permitted, so we will have to wait until the situation is clearer and the regulations are changed before we can provide any further information.

Health and Wellbeing in an Online Environment

While we are well prepared, there should be no illusion that this will be an easy situation. For many families and individuals there will be huge challenges and greatly increased tensions within the home and the wider community, and the usual support networks and mechanisms that we all rely on may be much harder to access. People may be isolated from their peers, and confined to their homes for an extended period of time, in much closer proximity to their families, and with limited opportunity to mix socially with others, enjoy hobby and recreational pursuits, or simply hang out with friends.


Additionally, we know many families may suddenly be experiencing financial uncertainty, job loss, and unknown futures, so it will be extremely important that we maintain an awareness of our own mental health and the wellbeing of others, and that we seek help and support for ourselves and others if we see or hear things that concern us.


I urge everyone to be very conscious of this and to proactively check up on and support their families and friends, and to actively seek assistance as soon as you can.


The wellbeing team are on call and I have attached some information they have provided for our students with contact details for school staff and numerous community agencies and support groups who may also be able to assist.


Students may use the anonymous “Report a Concern” link on Teams or can (and should) contact a trusted teacher, House Leader, Student Counsellor or myself directly when there is a need. This is the time to stand together and to stand up and ask for help – there is no shame in that, and you may do a world of good by alerting us to your hardship or concern for others. Parents, too, should avail themselves of these services and I strongly encourage you to do so – our students will not cope if you aren’t and we are all going to be stretched and greatly tested in this environment.

Ms Mackin has also added a “Get Something Fact Checked” link on TEAMs where students can anonymously seek answers to any of their questions, explode myths and rumours which are highly likely to abound at this time, or receive factual explanations or information directly from those who know the correct answer. It is more important than ever that you have accurate and reliable information, rather than reacting to or being concerned by unfounded rumours, malicious gossip, or incorrect information from unknown or questionable sources. Parents too can access this via their children on TEAMs.

Support for Parents and Families

Many of our families are, or will be, facing traumatic and previously unknown challenges like job losses, isolation from family, loss of income etc. The school is here to help, and we may be able to offer other forms of support or guidance such as referral to agencies that may also be able to assist you and your family. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly (email, mobile phone – listed at the end of this) or any other trusted member of staff or the wellbeing team.


There is no shame in this, and no judgement made – many people are facing this for the first time through no fault nor action of their own.

School Access, Holidays and Communication

Unlike other school holidays, the school will be totally closed during the next two weeks and will not re-open until Tuesday 14 April (unless the Health Department or DET instruct us otherwise). If your child has left something at school or needs access to their lockers, they will not be able to enter the buildings during this period.


I will send out any important information as needed via TEAMs, Compass or SMS if required, and will provide updates during the second week of the holidays so everyone is aware of the way Term 2 will resume.


During the first week of the teachers’ holidays (from March 30) I have encouraged staff to shut down from school totally and spend time with family. I am expecting students to do the same, and to rest and refresh themselves in preparation for the challenges ahead.  I do not intend to send out anything or ask people to do anything during this time unless exceptional circumstances arise.


My final piece of advice is that at the moment we need to accept that (as frustrating as it may be) there are no definitive answers and many unknowns.  I have been saying to the staff during the past week that we will do our best to manage the situation, and I want us to do it with good humour, good intent, flexibility, empathy and compassion. Please help us to do so – we are much stronger as a community, and much more likely to succeed as a community. I am enormously proud of the Nossal community and am thankful to be facing this crisis in such company – it gives me great strength and confidence.


I hope that everyone is able to spend time with loved ones and finds some joy, peace and contentment during the next few weeks in “lockdown.”


Please contact me directly if you have any concerns or need assistance.

Warm Regards,

Roger Page




Important Dates

Important Dates 2020


Please note: All dates included here have been taken from the school's published calendar however they are subject to postponement due to the current health emergency. Details will be confirmed closer to each date.



Term 2 classes commence

Wednesday 15 April


Term 1 Reports Released

Friday 17 April


Parent/Teacher Conferences  (TBC)

Thursday 23 - Friday 24 April


Anzac Day

Saturday 25 April


School Council  (TBC)

Tuesday 28 April


Autumn Music Concert  (TBC)

Wednesday 29 April


Year 9, 2022 Information Night  (TBC)

Thursday 30 April


And beyond...  

Curriculum Day - Pupil Free Day 

Monday 4 May


Curriculum Day - Pupil Free Day

Friday 5 June


Careers & Pathways Expo  (TBC)

Thursday 23 July


Year 9 City Week  (TBC)

Monday 10 - Friday 14 August


House Performing Arts Festival (HPAF)  (TBC)

Tuesday 25 August


Year 12 Valedictory Dinner

Thursday 19 November


Speech Night (Compulsory for all students)

Monday 23 November


2020 Victorian Term Dates

Term 2    (Wed) 15 April - 26 June
Term 3    13 July - 18 September
Term 4     5 October - 18 December

For Students

Wellbeing for Students during the COVID-19 crisis

The Wellbeing Team recognises that there are many within our school community who are experiencing feelings of concern and distress due to the Coronavirus (COVID19).  We have compiled some resources to support our staff and students during this time. We want you to know that we have a number of processes in place to help you stay connected to our school community and manage your stress levels. We encourage you to seek support if you need it.


Maintaining your mental health during social isolation

This information sheet outlines some useful strategies you can use to maintain good mental health during this unprecedented time of social distancing and isolation.



We all know that schools are the sorts of places where rumours start, circulate quickly and then grow into monsters (which have many more teeth than you might have expected if you'd been there when they were born!). During this transition to a new way of learning, the last thing any of us need is to be expending unnecessary energy worrying about things that simply aren't true. We have created a new channel (mythbusters@NHS) which is designed for you to seek clarity when you encounter information that worries you, or hear things that make you go...

In the first instance, your (anonymous) questions go directly to Ms Mackin. If she can answer them, she will, otherwise the most appropriate person (e.g. Mr Page or another member of staff) will do so. We may also direct you to reputable web sites for more information. If your question is more to do with the wellbeing of yourself or your friends, remember that the Report a Concern tab is also still in operation in the General channel.


General News

$4400, a fantastic achievement! 

Congratulations and thank you to the entire Nossal community for the contributions made and the support given to our major fundraising effort earlier this month. Led by the dedicated School Captains, Nossal raised $4,400.00 for Swifts Creek P-12 School and in the process surpassed the goal of $3,000 that had been set for the project.


Students embraced the challenge of the target by attending the out of uniform day wearing predominately red or orange and then enjoyed the social nature of a lunchtime supported by a Berwick Rotary Club.


Money and donations have continued to come into the school and we thank the many generous sponsors and supporters, both individuals and organisations who made the project such a success.  In our next newsletter we will recognise our sponsors.


Planning is now underway to work out how we use the funds with Swifts Creek P-12. At this stage the indication is that the funds will be allocated to facilitate a community concert featuring musical performances by students from both our schools and the the music industry, to raise the spirits of all members of Swifts Creek. 

Community acceptance of others

Nossal is a member of the Safe Schools program, a program that assists schools to develop an environment that is inclusive of LGBTIG students. All young people have a right to feel safe at school and learn in an environment that is free of bullying, discrimination and harassment, particularly arising from homophobia and transphobia. When all students in a school feel safe and included, they are able to learn more effectively.


As our school continues to grow in age and experiences, it is important that one of the elements we embrace is the need to make all students feel welcome and respected each and every day.

Nossal campus traffic

Once again, we have been contacted by Federation University Security advising us of the dangerous driving of vehicles travelling into and through the combined site of Federation and Nossal.


Motorists, please observe the posted speed limits for the safety of all pedestrians and other motorists in the precinct. This will be especially important when school resumes because of that date, the Rail Crossing Removal Authority will have established a works area between the university and our school. The increased traffic, some of which will be heavy vehicles, is the first major sign of the removal of the Clyde Road crossing and associated upgrade of the roads in the area.


Construction vehicles will be cleared to access their compound between the hours 7:00am and 7:00pm and they will do this via Enterprise Ave, Intrepid St, and Venture Dr, (extension of the gravel road through the Federation University car park.) It is important that all vehicles and pedestrians move through this area safely. Students walking to and from the station are asked to please follow the asphalted pathway. 

School Photos

School photos are now ready for viewing and ordering. An email has been sent to all families with their student's individual order code.

All new orders will be mailed directly home.


If you have already ordered your photos, as we are not confident at this time as to when we will be able to distribute these photos to your child, we have negotiated with Arthur Reed Photos for you to be able to cancel your current order and reorder it for an additional $3 and it will be mailed directly to you.


If you wish to take up this offer, please contact Arthur Reed Photos directly on 5243 4390 or email by 5 April.


If you are happy to wait for your photo pack until students have returned to school, you do not need to do anything.

Student ID Cards

The 2020 student ID cards were distributed to students in attendance at school on Monday. Those not collected have been returned to the General Office for collection on the resumption of school.

Active April - let's all get involved!

Nossal has registered as a group with Active April. A great chance to dust off those runners, pound the pavement and reduce any stress and tension you may have. The website has 20+ videos on a range of cardio, resistance, and stability exercises, from low to high intensity. You can also track your progress by adding your workouts. 


Feel free to include all friends and family members into our group and follow our social media pages for ways to stay safe and active while social distancing and staying home rules are in place.

Password/Team Name: nossalhs


Keep up to date with Nossal

Are you following our social media channels?


While we post notifications on Compass, send home emails and/or text messages when important events and information need to be shared with our families and community, and keep you informed about what has happened with our fortnightly newsletter, Nossal also has a number of social media pages which we use for reminders and also to share exciting news.


If you don't already follow us though one of these, please consider joining or liking our pages and get all the reminders and news we share on social media!


Follow us at:




Did you know?

Did you know our newsletter can now be translated into a number of different languages?  This is a relatively new feature of the software program we use and can be turned on or off using the language selector in the lower left corner of each page.

Languages News

Sayōnara Haruka

Ms. Haruka Tokuyama from Doshisha Women's College has finished her one month placement with us at Nossal. Both the students and I wish her all the best for her future studies and thank her for her hard work. We also thank Ms. Leslie Cilia for being her host mother during her stay in our community.


Rohan Bramley   

Japanese Teacher   



I really like how friendly the Nossal teachers and students are. Nossal students are dedicated and work hard at their studies. They were all well behaved for me. I am glad that I was able to talk with everybody. Even though it was a short stay, everyone looked after me very well. I will always treasure my time at Nossal.


Haruka Tokuyama

Japanese student






IRC News


Reading Engagement during the School Break

The Information Resource Centre has advised all students to borrow multiple titles of good books to take home in view of the fact that the schools may be closed for a lengthy period in the current climate. 


Please remind your students that reading quality literature has many benefits. It will not only enable them to improve their learning outcomes in all their subjects but will also benefit them in their social, cultural, ethical, intellectual and cognitive development. In times of stress reading is also a form of escape and helps to relieve tension.  


We hope that you will support your students and encourage them to include time for reading with their other school work. 

Overdue IRC Resources 

We have suspended sending out overdue IRC resources reminders to students and parents until the school reopens.  So if your students books do become overdue while the school is closed then please let your students know that they need not worry about it.  They can return their loans and overdues once the school resumes. 


Kamla Reddy

Director of Information Resource Centre


English News

Debate Training Day

On Tuesday 21 February, a training day was held for the debating students in order to coach them on what makes a person successful in that sport. The course was presented by Cree Oliveira-Blacket, a Nossal alumnus, and began with a PowerPoint presentation about the basics of debating. Students from all year levels took notes on the fundamental principles of the structured debate and the roles of different speakers, gaining a greater understanding of the thought required in the pastime. We then moved to the lecture theatre where the debaters, with the help of Cree, brainstormed new ideas for their debate topics and created some points that could be used in an argument.


The last activity of the day was an actual debate taking place between the Year Elevens and the Year Twelves on whether we should revoke the tax-exempt status of religious institutions. Although the Year Twelves did win the day in the end, an excellent demonstration of a typical debate was given by both teams. The training day provided for the debaters at Nossal both an opportunity to bond across the year levels with like-minded students and to better themselves at their chosen hobby, creating a positive and unifying school experience for all involved.


Lola Sargasso 

Year 10



Careers News

Compass Career News

Here's a summary of the latest Career News with the full Careers Newsletters below. Items in the 20 March 2020 Career News –

  • Careers in the Army
  • Bond University College
  • Bachelor of Nutrition Science at ACU
  • News from Victoria University
    • Block Model
    • Studying the Bachelor of Community Development at VU
    • Sport and Learning Precinct at VU
  • Bachelor of Space Science at RMIT University
  • Environment & Sustainability at Swinburne University
  • Richmond Institute of Sports Leadership Upcoming Open Days
  • Snapshot of the University of Tasmania (UTAS) in 2020
  • Film & Television Courses in Victoria in 2020

Items in the 27 March 2020 Career News –  

  • Dates to Diarise in Term 2
  • Charles Sturt University - New Doctor of Medicine – Information Webinar
  • Studying Medical Courses at the University of Tasmania
    • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
    • Bachelor of Medical Research
    • Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine
  • Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture
  • What does an Archivist do? 
  • Snapshot of RMIT University in 2020
  • Games Design Courses offered in Victoria in 2020


UPDATE from PEARSON regarding UCAT (Medicine admissions TEST):

The situation with COVID-19 in Australia, New Zealand and internationally is evolving and will continue to do so over coming months. At this stage we don’t know how this will impact our testing in July 2020. Some international test centres are currently closed, but we expect this to change before July. The UCAT ANZ team and Pearson VUE are monitoring the situation closely and changes will be made to account for new developments as they arise. Pearson VUE has already adapted the test situation to accommodate suggested behaviours and government regulations. Information on this can be found at their website: This information is updated regularly. The UCAT ANZ website will also provide updated information closer to the time of testing. Final decisions on the conduct of UCAT ANZ 2020 will be made in June and we will communicate with all our candidates at that time.

ANU Tuckwell Scholarship UPDATE:

In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, and in recognition of the unprecedented challenges facing school students and teaching staff, the due date for Tuckwell Scholarship applications has been extended. As well, the Stage 3 in-person interviews will no longer not take place in Canberra during July 2020. Please carefully read all the info provided by ANU below.


New Dates for Tuckwell Scholarship Applications:

  • Tuckwell Scholarship Stage 1 Application due - 3:00pm AEST Monday 25 May 2020
  • ANU Direct Application due - 11:59pm AEST Monday 25 May 2020
  • Teacher & Head of Year References Due – 3:00pm AEST Monday 1 June 2020
  • Notification of Stage 1 outcomes – July 2020


Short-listed candidates who progress to Stage 2 will be invited to participate in a video interview in July 2020. The principal references will also be due in July 2020. The exact Stage 2 dates will be confirmed in due course. Conditional offers for study at ANU (Admission, Scholarship & Accommodation) will be made by ANU on Monday 10 August 2020. Up to 75 short-listed candidates from Stage 2 will receive conditional ANU All-Rounder Scholarship offers on Monday 10 August 2020.


If it is possible at the time, ANU will conduct the Stage 3 in-person interviews over the 2020/2021 summer after which up to 25 of the 75 short-listed candidates will be offered a Tuckwell Scholarship to commence study at ANU in Semester 1, 2021. Flexible arrangements will be made to accommodate the travel constraints for interview candidates on a case-by-case basis. 


ANU will continue to monitor the (COVID-19) situation and may introduce additional changes to this year's Tuckwell Scholarship application process in response to directives from the relevant authorities. ANU will advise applicants of any changes that are made to the application process or timelines via email and our website.

Crimson Education free online resources

Crimson Education's CEO recently ran a webinar for families concerned about the impact of Coronavirus on international university applications. They have summarised the webinar Q&A at this link and it includes information on personal statement writing, extra-curriculars and SAT/ACT exams. The recent US & UK Expo was also filmed so families can watch from home and students can register to receive video recordings, summary documents and university resources by clicking here.

Bond University Personalised Consultation

Bond’s Future Students Domestic Region Manager, Vanessa Lea, is providing students with the choice of selecting a one-on-one virtual meeting or guided virtual campus tour tailored to your study and career aspirations. Sessions will run between 30 – 45 minutes. Once registered, Vanessa will confirm your appointment and provide instructions on how to join the session. Registrations can be made here:

ADCET Webinar: World Autism Acceptance Day – Student Panel

During this webinar you will have the opportunity to hear directly from university students on the autism spectrum. The webinar will explore a number of key questions, including:

  • What are some of the challenges students face in their studies?
  • What helps a student succeed in their studies?
  • What support or assistance does the student’s university provide?
  • What advice would a student give to others on the autism spectrum who are considering studying at university?

The webinar will take place on 2 April 2020 at 1pm & is free to attend. Find out more:

La Trobe University webinar series

In place of La Trobe’s usual events in April and May, they will be offering online webinars for students so that you can explore their study options and stay connected during this time. These webinars are hosted by Academics from your course of interest and provide insights into course content and structure, graduate outcomes, the application process and life at La Trobe as an undergraduate student. They are also offering webinar attendees a chance to win a $1000 tech pack. New webinars will continue to be added over the next month. To find out more and to register go to:

Music News

Instrument Music Program - A Notice to all Families

We advise that music lessons for Term 2 will commence from 15 April.


If there is a requirement for schools to remain closed after the term break instrumental music lessons, along with all other classes, will continue to be delivered online.


Please note Ensemble practice will cease until further notice.


Students will continue to access their music lessons at scheduled times, posted on COMPASS as usual, and will log into TEAMS to communicate with their teacher.


The lesson will continue as if in a face to face setting – i.e. comprising both theory and practical instruction. All normal attendance requirements will operate in the online environment. Students will be expected to attend their lesson with their instruments online and will be marked on the roll. Due to some staff circumstances, some lessons may run at slightly different times than would occur during a regular school day. Staff members will contact students if they are directly affected.


This format has been proven to be successful in trials we have run to date, in digital delivery days and is being reinforced in current teacher absences. Online delivery of instrumental music lessons is a well-established method in Distance Education, rural and remote environments and University programs.


In stressful and uncertain times Music has proven to be a positive and calming activity for children and adults. We feel it is essential that our high achieving students view their music program as offering an opportunity to step away from studies and isolation and as a strategy to support their wellbeing.


Like the rest of the school program, we will attempt to normalise the instrumental music curriculum as much as possible even though the staff and students will be working remotely rather than face to face.


Instrumental music staff have been employed and are accomplished in the delivery of lessons in either a face to face or digital environment. This means that they are and will be available to support your student with their music program.


Should you have any queries regarding the above information please do not hesitate to contact the Director of Music, Mrs Nancy Waddington by email at to discuss your concerns.


Roger Page                Nancy Waddington

Principal                     Director of Music

NHS & Community Events and News

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Student absences

Student absences should be reported to our Attendance Officer as soon as possible.

This can be done a number of ways:

Please remember to provide all relevant details when leaving your message and a medical certificate on the student's return.

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