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21 June 2019
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Principal's Report

Principal's Report

Dear Parents and Friends,

Winter has definitively arrived this week and everyone has felt the chill.  It was a sober reminder of how difficult it must be for those who are homeless or can’t afford heating let alone food.  Today we celebrated the Feast of the Sacred Heart which reminds us of the love and care Jesus showed to the vulnerable and poor.  Girls brought donations of food to our Mass which were delivered to the local St Vincent de Paul in Springvale.  The food will be distributed to the needy in our local area and whilst this is good, it is important for us to remember that care for others is an all year round responsibility.  Girls have many opportunities to show care towards others through school activities and are encouraged to continue these acts of generosity when they become young adults.


We were wowed this week at the ‘Heroines, Heroes and Villains’ music concert held in the Kennedy Hall on Monday night.   Yet again the music department, led by Mr Hickey, put together a wonderful evening of entertainment with the girls showcasing their talent.  It was a great culmination of the work students have done across this semester and for which they can be proud.  The music department is made up of a team of enthusiastic classroom teachers and instrumental teachers who encourage girls to extend beyond their expectations.  Sincere thanks to all staff involved in this department and to the others who helped on the night, including our VET Hospitality class and Mr Tucker.


This week has been ‘Wellbeing Week’ at Killester and we officially opened our Wellbeing Centre for students.  This is a great space where we hope to meet the needs of individuals and groups who need time out to manage their stress or anxiety.  As part of the activities this week, yoga, mindfulness and meditation have been on offer as well as a range of speakers.  The centre brings together a number of expert staff who work with students in the areas of wellbeing, pathways and careers.  We hope this week is the beginning of many services provided for the girls to support them during their time at Killester.  Thank you to Ms Doko, Ms Comptom and Mrs Rotunno for enabling the centre to finally come into fruition.


As we look towards the final week, a number of students will be reflecting on their Semester 1 results. In particular, senior students who have just undertaken exams.  June holidays is a great time to regroup and set goals, organise the study area and make changes that will help improve study habits.  Year 12 girls especially need to take advantage of this time.  However, it is important for girls to ensure they also do some relaxing activities, get plenty of sleep and aim to return to term 3 with good health and well rested.  Term 3 tends to be a long term so planning and preparation will assist with success.  Parents can expect to receive reports in the first week of the holidays.  


Wishing you and your family a safe and happy week ahead,

Leanne Di Stefano, Principal

Killester College Three Generations of Principals

Ms Di Stefano, 1999-2019, Sr Helen Toohey, 1982-1998, Ms Sally Buick, 2019



Heavenly Father, give grace to us, the living stones who form your Church, to reflect prayerfully at this special time on our love for You and our neighbour. Make us mindful of the many gifts You bestow upon us, and we ask that Your Holy Spirit will inspire and direct us in our choice of giving,  remembering that we are part on one big human family.  Strengthen us, God, to meet this challenge according to your will.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord who has given all that we may live.  



Latest News and Reminders

The Week Ahead

Monday 24th June

Semester Two commences for Year 11 and 12

Year 10 Scienceworks Excursion

Year 9 SCIP Program

Year 8 Math's Workshop Incursion Periods 1-4

Year 10 Homework Club Volunteers to St Josephs Springvale 3.54pm

Tuesday 25th June

SCSA Hockey - Essendon Hockey Club, Hockey Lane, Ascot Vale

Year 9 SCIP Program

Year 11 Biology Zoo Excursion - All Day

Year 7 Jump Rope for Heart Incursion Periods 3-4

Wednesday 26th June

Year 9 SCIP Program

Dante Poetry Competition at Melbourne University - All Day

Year 7 and 8 Community Conversations 7.00pm-8.30pm in Year 7 Building

Thursday 27th June

Year 9 SCIP Program

Year 7 and 8 Drama Showcase Periods 3-4

Killester Concert Band Tour to Echuca departs 12.35pm

Friday 28th June

Term 3 Concludes 3.10pm

School Assembly 1.45pm-3.00pm

Killester Concert Band Tour to Echuca returns Sunday 30th June 1.00pm

Out and About

The past week has seen many events across many different areas of the College. On Monday night we had the Annual Winter Concert - which was a great success. Thanks to the Killester Involvement Committee parents, for their assistance on the night, and the Hospitality team, Bill and Lucy, for their efforts with the hot foot and slices that were sold at interval. We raised $370.00 for the Human Powered Vehicle teams - a very productive twenty minutes!


The staff have been working late hours finishing reports and then collating and proof-reading them, with wonderful support from the IT and Administration teams. 


Various excursions and events, this week alone, have included those for Year 11 Lab skills visiting an external lab, Life Skills undertaking an incursion, the Inter-school  Cross Country,  Music visits to Aged Care, Year 10s to Scienceworks, the Mass for the Poor with donations to St Vincent de Paul, and the first subject selections session for Year 11, 2020.   Semester Two commences for Year 12 and 11s on Monday. The Year 12s have only thirteen weeks of school remaining! 


A reminder that Term 2 concludes next Friday, 28th June, at 3.10pm. All reports will be posted on that day.  Best wishes for the coming week and for the holiday period.


Loreto Cannon, School Organisation and Community Development


From the Finance Office

The CSEF Allowance closes today and we cannot accept any applications after next Monday. For the last time, if you have a current Health care or Concession card and have not completed a CSEF form, do so now.  If you have outstanding fees and are having difficulty in making payment, please contact  the College to arrange a meeting with the Business Manager by the end of next week.

Upcoming Events



Career News


VCAL - Project Gen Z Incursion

On Tuesday the 4th of June, the VCAL class had an incursion at school. The company, Project Gen Z, arrived at 9.00am. Liz and Paris began their presentation by speaking about their own experiences and how they got to achieve their goals when they were young. They helped us develop a business and got us to work hard and making us step out of our comfort zones. We as a class all participated well. It was an opportunity to further develop our business ideas and initiatives.

In groups we created a presentation and a short film about our business. We were given a strict time frame to complete this. Business ideas included a cookie business, a beauty product, a quiz and a cupcake business. We all spread out in our groups, in different sections of the school to develop these businesses. After we finished we all had to come back as a class and were told that there were winners. Liz, Paris and the teachers voted and chose the best group and they received a prize and a certificate. They also got to take a group photo with Liz and Paris. The lucky recipients were, Caitlin Jago, Angelina Raffaut, Marisa Ghneim, Alana Younes and Kaela Feldman. To my surprise the overall individual winner was “ME”. Liz and Paris thought I had the most potential, hard-working, dedicated and the ability to be successful throughout my life. I received a gift, a certificate and will participate in a one on one mentor experience with the Project Gen Z company to develop my chosen career/business. I also got to take a photo with Liz and Paris to go onto the Project Gen Z student board, on their website and newsletter as an overall winner.  Project Gen Z finished with Killester at lunch time leaving the VCAL class with a valuable learning experience enjoyed by all. I would like to thank Project Gen Z and all of my VCAL teachers for the opportunity.

Gemma Nicolaci, Year 11 VCAL, St Clare


VCAL - Springvale Park Special Development School

During Semester 1 a small group of VCAL students went to Springvale Park Special Developmental school with either Mrs Wilman or Ms Campbell to work with the students. Other girls in my group included Nhi Nguyen, Kaela Feldman, Christina Nguyen, Alana Younes, myself (Gemma Nicolaci) and Alicia Carbone.  At first it was a very challenging and confronting experience. However, as relationships with the students grew, we all adapted to the situation and felt the positive impact on the student’s life and their learning.  We also found ourselves re-evaluating our own lives and how fortunate we all are. We as a group enjoyed the experience.

Gemma Nicolaci, Year 11 VCAL, St Clare

Community Service

Community Service Week Reflection

Week Five of this term marked Community Service Week which was a blast not just for the students but also for our Community Service Leaders. It was filled with relaxing, yet intriguing activities. Day 1 of Community Service week began with everyone’s favourite, colouring! This activity was all about relaxation, combined with relaxing music and colouring, the girls were able to be creative. The next day was followed by a movie called ‘Wonder’ to spread the message of accepting all people. It was displayed in the Kennedy Hall and girls really enjoyed it and lucky for them a way to get out of the freezing weather. This movie was shown over three days, finishing on Thursday. On Friday to end a great week, our committee held friendship bracelet making for girls to show appreciation for those in their lives whether it would be friends at school or at home. It was great to see so many girls participate in our events. Thank you to all who participated, as well as the committee leaders and teachers who helped organise the week.

Gurnika Singh, Year 8 Community Service Representative


Performing Arts

Killester Winter Music Festival


It was, as they say in the classics folks, a triumph. The Killester choirs and ensembles entertained a capacity crowd of over 350 in Kennedy Hall last Monday night. The concert theme was Heroines, Heroes and Villains. There were very few villains but lots of heroines right through the ranks from Year 7 to Year 12.   


The Year 7 and 8 superbands and class ensembles made their debut on the big stage and didn't disappoint the adoring family and friends who came along to support. Heroic tunes such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Game of Thrones and Bunyip Blues were played confidently by students who had only been learning for the past five months.


The Year 7 choir also debuted with a beautiful performance of Castle on a Cloud and When I grow up from the little heroine  herself, Matilda.


The Killester Bands; Concert Band, Honk and the multi award winning KC Stage Band along with the newly formed improvisation group provided great variety and fine music making throughout the night. Our Senior Vocal Group and the Swing Sisters demonstrated that singing in the school is alive and well. There was some fine group work through these performances. Heartstrings gave us a beautiful version of one of the great themes from the Mission, Gabriel's Oboe. The VCE soloists, Joanna Guelas, Mikayla Lowther and Maya Micallef performed with style and nuance and the ex-students Rock Band did a fine job of Settling Down.


We farewelled the night with a tribute to Ms Di Stefano and her brother Mark. Mark has not missed a Killester concert for a very long time now and he took centre stage to perform 'We are the Champions' with all of the girls and most of the audience. It was a great way to thank them both for their support over the years. Both of them made the trip to Mt Gambier, SA to support the Stage Band at the Generations in Jazz competition not once, but twice. 


My thanks to all of the instrumental staff who work so tirelessly with all of our music students, our Music Captains, Angel Chau and Mikayla Lowther, who compered the night so well, Donna Brunt for her stage and production management , our maintenance crew of Ralph, Scott, Graham and Tony who set the hall up and dismantled the 500 chairs, Penny Curtis for seating and ticketing, Sue Douglas for ticketing, Kylie Taberner for the program and Loretta Hill for the program design. This is a whole school event that could not happen without the full support of all the staff, students and parents. Thank you to everyone concerned.

Bernie Hickey, Music Learning Area Leader


Semester Two Music Lessons

With our year 7's and 8's finishing their semester of learning their instrument of choice, now is the time to consider whether a music journey is one your daughter wants to partake in. Studies have consistently shown that music practice improves the neurological pathways in your brain, creating new ones all the time. Playing a musical instrument lights up more areas of the brain than any other activity.  In a world where creativity is being sought after music provides one of the pathways for your daughter to reach her potential. You may receive a letter home with your daughter indicating that she has shown promise on her instrument.  Please contact Mr.Hickey or Mr. Vague in the music office if you wish for your daughter to take up lessons in Semester Two.                                                                                                  


Maths, Science and STEM

Science Activities - Attention Year 9 and 10 Students

Please refer to the attached brochure below to see some exciting science activities where you can learn and have fun at the same time.


Lab Skills Excursion

On the 18th of June 2019, Year 11 Lab Skills class went on an excursion to the Yakult factory. We observed how Yakult was made, managed, packaged and delivered. Our tour guide Perry informed the Year 11’s about the bacteria used in Yakult from Japan discovered by Minoru Shirota called lactobacillus casei Shirota. He discovered it in 1930 as a solution to improve the health of the citizens during wartime.


This excursion was carried out because the students wanted to observe the factory process of production lines and see the types of testings used in the laboratory. The Year 11’s learnt that Yakult contains 6.5 billion bacteria and that Yakult also produces skincare products after accidentally discovering that the workers who originally cleaned the glass bottles containing Yakult had amazingly soft hands. We learnt how they differentiated the original Yakult from the light version Yakult. The original Yakult contains sugar whereas the light Yakult contains a natural plant-based sweetener called stevia. The light Yakult contains 30% less sugar than the original. Overall, the students enjoyed the excursion and got to try Yakult.


Library News

Great New Resource for Students         

If you struggle with bibliographies for your assignments, you can heave a sigh of relief. Killester Library has an online bibliography help on InfoHub in Pocket Library. Courtesy of School Libraries Association of Victoria and Citemaker, students now have access to an exceptional tool to help them.   The Harvard method, which is the main form used by our subjects, is the set default on the site but psychology students and teachers will be happy to see they also have the option of APA style entries. With built-in instructions, the site steps you through the process. Anyone who wants assistance using the site can, of course, ask at the Library Desk.

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