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21 September 2018
Issue Fourteen
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Principal's Report

From the Principal


We have come to the end of what has once again been an extremely busy term. It is important that students take the opportunity to reflect upon all they have achieved to date, and what they intend to focus on during Term 4.  This is especially the case for our Year 12 students who will now be preparing for their final school examinations. I would like to encourage all Year 11 and 12 students undertaking Unit 3 and 4 subject studies to take the opportunity over the break to prepare for their forthcoming VCAA examinations.  At the same time, it is also important that they afford themselves the opportunity to rest and recharge for the challenges ahead. It is my hope that all Year 12 students are able to say at the end of the year that they have given their best and that they have no regrets. I wish all students and families a wonderful term break and hope that it provides valuable time to spend with family and friends.


A number of staff members are leaving us today. I would like to thank Meg Gleeson who has been with us since the beginning of the year replacing Anna Kissane. She has been a valuable addition to the Biology team and I know she will be greatly missed by her students and colleagues. We wish you all the best for your future teaching Meg. We also farewell Matthew Tiscia who has been leading our IT technical support team. We wish Matthew all the best with his new job opportunity. A big thank you also to our two Chinese language assistants who leave us today. Dan Li and Lei Liu, we thank you for all your hard work in assisting our Year 12 Chinese students in particular. Finally, we farewell Meihui Wang who is finishing up with us today to start her family leave. We wish Meihui all the best for the arrival of her second child.


College Facilities

Term 3 has seen significant changes to our College landscape. An exciting redevelopment has taken place in the upper courtyard which has created a far more pleasant space for students to enjoy; whether this be through engaging in a competitive downball game or simply sitting down to chat with peers in their break times. The planning for this space began well over twelve months ago with students submitting plans to the Principal and has since taken further shape with the assistance of a designer back in March 2017. With the newly planted blossom trees now in bloom, we can truly see the initial vision coming to life. In addition to this space, the College has also been allocated additional classroom spaces with the addition of two modular portables, each containing two classrooms. The student free day on 27 August provided the perfect opportunity for cranes to lift in these new spaces without interruption to the student learning program. We have been amazed at how quickly full installation of these portables has been achieved and are certainly looking forward to students utilising these new spaces.


Spring Concert

Our annual Senior School Spring Music Concert took place on Tuesday evening this week. This event was a wonderful celebration of our Instrumental Music program. Congratulations is extended to all students and their teachers for presenting an exciting and musically varied event. Special thanks to music director Norm Grimmett and Head of Instrumental Music, Carl Williams for their organisation of the evening and to Ben Gesthuizen and Scott Copeman for their technical support. The night was compered by Zahara Bedewi-Hayes, Tony Cai and Jessica Yeung  who did a wonderful job educating the audience about the musical items selected. Highlights included a well-deserved recognition of the Year 12 Instrumental Music students who were involved in their final concert performance at our College, an uplifting performance by the senior vocal group singing “Man in the mirror”, the disappearing Concert Band who performed “The Great Escape March” and a “rapping” cameo by Mr Scott Copeman. Norm Grimmett acknowledged the support of the parent community, in particular the parents of our year 12 leavers and our wonderful Parents and Friends Association provided tea and coffee at interval- thank you to those that attended. We look forward, in anticipation, to the Middle School Spring Concert early in Term 4.

College Charges

Our office staff have finalised the documentation for the distribution of our 2019 College Charges that have been mailed to our College families over the past two weeks. I am pleased to report that most charges remain largely unchanged. The very minimal increase to some charges this year have been those related to materials costs and external providers and are therefore out of the control of our College administration. I would like to readily acknowledge that we are able to avoid significant increase to our charges because of the overwhelming commitment to education by the vast majority of families attending the College.

Outstanding Student Achievements

I am very pleased to announce that our Year 7 Boys, Year 8 Boys and Intermediate Boys Badminton Teams won the State Finals. These boys have demonstrated outstanding skill and exceptional sportsmanship. Well done to all the boys involved; a State Final victory is a phenomenal sporting achievement and we are very proud of you. In a similar note, our Year 8 Girls Badminton team were runners-up in the same round of State Finals. The team performed fantastically on the day and should be very proud of their success. Getting through to a State Final is an achievement in itself. We congratulate you!

Year 7 Boys Badminton Team – Caleb Chia, Brendan Siow, Nathaniel Susanto, Ethan Zhang, Thomas Zhu, Vincent Chen (Year 9 Coach), Damian Wei (Year 9 Coach) Year 8 Boys Badminton Team –Roger Huang, Ethan Yong, Kijen Lew, Garren Cheung, Isaac Lau, Michael Chang, Kelvin Chau (Year 10 Coach), Alvin Cheung (Year 10 Coach) Intermediate Boys Badminton Team – Vincent Chen, Jordan Lim, Yew-Chin Phang, Jamie Soo, Damian Wei, Alan Hu Year 8 Girls Badminton Team – Jo-Yen Tan, Natalie Koh, Eunice Huang, Ashley Koh, Abbey Gao, Hailey Cheng.

Karen Boyle

Acting Principal

1 to 1 Digital Learning Policy 2019


Creating a Culture of Curiosity

Our school’s purpose is to develop passionate learners who are critical thinkers with the confidence and capability to engage in the global community.


Care and Compassion, Curiosity, Excellence, Fairness, Resilience, Respect and Teamwork are the core values that underpin the culture of our school as we embrace the challenges of 21st Century learning.

Assistant Principal News

The Resilience Project - Parent Forum

As we mentioned in the News Feed recently, East Doncaster Secondary is very lucky to have a guest speaker join us on Monday 29 October from 7pm in the PAC. Hugh van Cuylenburg is the founding director and presenter of an organisation called The Resilience Project. They have worked with our school for the past 4 years, running programs for staff and to date, our Year 10 students.


Hugh does a lot of work supporting mental health and wellbeing and he quoted at a recent Principal's conference that between 2015 and 2017, the percentage of Australian secondary school students with mental health issues rose from 37.3% to 39.7%. Hugh and his team work in schools across Australia, have presented in the corporate world and have worked with a number of sporting organisations including the Australian Cricket and Netball teams and various AFL and NRL teams.


A snapshot of the work that Hugh and The Resilience project are doing can be viewed at the following site https://youtu.be/Ri2mgRMUrCI


The relationship between school and home is vitally important to strengthening resilience in our young people. Hugh's parent presentation aligns the work we do here at school to how you can support your children at home. 


Date- Monday 29 October

Place- EDSC Performing Arts Centre

Time- 7.00pm

Cost- $5.00


Please book your place at this event https://www.trybooking.com/VYVA

EDSC Alumni Association

East Doncaster Secondary College is in the process of developing an alumni program to help our former students and staff stay connected within the EDSC community. A small number of recent leavers have been busy re-connecting ex-students via social media and now they have joined with the school to formalise the association.


We hope that by being part of the East Doncaster SC Alumni Association our ex-students can:

  • stay connected to the people they studied and socialised with during their time at the College
  • advise, help and inspire current students at East Doncaster Secondary College
  • network with other ex-students or staff working or studying in areas relevant to them

The EDSC Alumni program aims to:

  • establish an up to date online database of EDSC Alumni
  • invite Alumni back to school to provide career or study advice to students
  • invite alumni to offer work experience opportunities for current EDSC students
  • help alumni establish and/or contribute to student scholarships and philanthropic projects/programs
  • connect alumni to community organisations that support and provide opportunities for personal and group activities to serve the community and promote international understanding and goodwill

I ask that members of the East Doncaster SC community reading this post, make contact to our ex-students (brothers, sisters, mums, dads or extended family or friends) and encourage them to go to the College website (Our Community) and take a couple of minutes to enter their details into the Alumni page. Go to https://www.eastdonsc.vic.edu.au/our-community/alumni

Cameron Campbell

Assistant Principal

Important Dates

Term 4

Monday 8 October - First day of Term 4

Monday 8 October - Year 10 Immunisation Consent forms to be returned

Monday 8 October - Year 8 Gymnastics Program continues

Monday 8 October - Year 7 Gymnastics Program begins

Monday 8 October - Year 7 Tennis Program begins

Wednesday-Friday 10-12 October - 11OE1 Coastal Exploration Expedition

Friday 12 October - Eastern Metro Regional Track & Field Championships

Monday 15 October - VCE Art Show Opening Night 2018 6:00-8:00pm

Monday-Tuesday 15-16 October - 10OE2 Mt Biking/Bushcraft Camp

Tuesday 16 October - Girls Badminton - All Schools Championships

Wednesday 17 October - Immunisations Year 7 Round 2 (Human Papillomavirus - HPV)

Wednesday 17 October - Immunistations Year 10 (Meningococcal ACWY)

Thursday 18 October - Boys Badminton - All Schools Championships

Thursday-Friday 18-19 October - 10OE4 Mt Biking/Bushcraft Camp

Thursday 25 October - Year 10 Georgraphy Field Trip

Thursday 25 October - Year 12 Valedictory Dinner

Friday 26 October - Year 12 Final Assembly

Friday 26 October -  Year 9 Health Excursion to Edgar's Mission

Monday 29 October - The Resilience Project - Parent Information Night 7:00pm - EDSC Performing Arts Centre bookings can be made via trybooking

Monday-Tuesday 29-30 October - 10OE4 Great Ocean Road Camp

Tuesday 30 October - Middle School Spring Concert 7:30-9:00pm - EDSC Performing Arts Centre bookings can be made via trybooking  

Wednesday 31 October - VCE Exams Commence

Thursday-Friday 1-2 November - 10OE2 Great Ocean Road Camp

Tuesday 6 November - Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday

Wednesday 7 November - Year 11 Exams commence

Monday 19 November - Year 10 Exams commence

Friday 23 November - Year 9 English & Maths Exams - Year 9 students dismissed at lunch time

Monday 26 November - ELC Healesville Sanctuary Excursion

Monday 26 November -  Year 11 Concluding Program begins

Monday 26 November - Year 7 2019 Parent Information Evening - 7:30pm EDSC Sports Centre

Tuesday 27 November - 2019 College charges due date - Years 8-12 (2nd instalment due 4 March 2019)

Friday 30 November - Funfields End of Year 11 Celebration

Monday-Friday 3-7 December - 2019 VCE Orientation Program

Tuesday 11 December -  2019 Year 7 Orientation Day - Current Year 7 students not required at school this day

Tuesday 11 December - 2019 College charges due date - Year 7 (2nd instalment due 4 March 2019)

Thursday 20 December - Last day of Term 4 - 2:30pm dismissal

2018 School Term Dates

Term 3 - 16 July to 21 September 2018

Term 4 - 8 October to 21 December 2018

Important School Term Dates 2019

Term 1 2019

Wednesday 30 January – Year 7 & Year 12 students return

Thursday 31 January – Year 8 - 11 students return (All students on Campus)

Friday 1 February - Official School Photo day

Monday 18 February – School Photo catch up day

Monday 25 February - Friday 1 March - Year 7 Camp week

Friday 5 April – Last day Term 1

Term 2 2019

Tuesday 23 April – First day of Term 2

Friday 28 June – Last day of Term 2

Term 3 2019

Monday 15 July – First day of Term 3

Friday 20 September  – Last day of Term 3

Term 4 2019

Monday 7 October – First day of Term 4

Friday 20 December  – Last day of Term 4


From the Office

Student Accident Insurance

Parents and guardians are reminded that the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development does not provide personal accident insurance for students while at school or during any school related activity including camps and excursions.


Parents and guardians are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including any transport costs. Student accident insurance policies are available from some commercial insurers. These cover a range of medical expenses not covered by Medicare or private health insurance. It is also highly recommended that families have Ambulance Victoria Membership Cover if it is not included in your private health cover. Ambulance costs are very expensive and are not covered by Medicare

CSEF - allocation reminder

If you have already applied for the Camps, Sports and Excursions (CSEF) Fund at the College, please remember to advise us to allocate these funds against the next Camp, Sport or Excursion event that your child is required to pay for.


CSEF funds will not automatically be allocated. You  need to advise us which events you would like these funds to be allocated against.


Please call the General Office on 9842 2244 if you require any more information.

Payments to the College

Students can make payments at the following times: 8:00am-8:45am, recess, lunch and after school. Parents may make payments from 8:00am-4:00pm.


When making payments in cash please ensure that the correct money is enclosed in the payment envelope, as many students do not come to collect their change.


All payments for excursions must also include the permission form in the payment envelope and be returned to the General Office prior to the excursion payment due date.


Parents are reminded that receipts for payments are no longer being issued.  A statement showing payments made will be provided upon request from the General Office. For payments that are tax deductable, receipts will be posted home.


If a parent requires a printed receipt, this must be requested in writing on the payment envelope. Receipts will be posted within 14 days of the transaction.


All cheque payments are to be made out to ‘East Doncaster Secondary College’  and not ‘EDSC’.  The bank will no longer accept cheques made out to EDSC.


Do not hesitate to contact the General Office if you have any enquires regarding the College Charges or if your account details have changed.

Student Absences

If a student is unable to attend school, is going to be late or needs to leave early, the school must be informed of ALL absences, whether it be illness, appointments, holidays or any other reason.  You can do this via the following options: 


The easiest way is to Login to Compass with your Parent Login and  ADD A PARENT APPROVAL .

Click here for Compass Login


Calling the absence line BEFORE 8:30am on the day of the absence. Phone:  9842 2244 (dial option  1)


Sending a note with the student for early departures.  Teachers will not allow students out of class without a note or an approval on Compass.


 Any unexplained absences will be followed up with an SMS notification if their child/ren are absent without an explanation. Please do not reply to this SMS as this service is not available.


Phone messages from students will not be accepted.


Unwell Student Reminder

Please remind your child to ask their teacher if they can visit the school Nurse in the Sick Bay if they are feeling very unwell during school time and need to go home.  Students are not to contact parents directly.  Our Nurse will contact parents and ensure that correct protocols are followed.

Late Passes/Leaving Early

Students arriving late must go straight to the General Office to sign themselves in via the Compass Kiosk otherwise they will be recorded as absent and a text message will be sent out.


Students must carry their EDSC Compass Student Card with them at all times. It is necessary to use this card to sign in and out via the Compass Kiosk. If a student has lost/misplaced their card they must replace it by placing an order online through Compass.


Students will not be permitted to leave class and sign out without having an approval on Compass or presenting a note from a parent/guardian to their teacher.


This note needs to be put in the box beside the Kiosk in the General Office when the student signs out.  An approval can be loaded on Compass instead of providing a note, however this must be loaded before the time of the student’s departure.

Excursion/Sporting Reminder

Please be reminded that all students in Years 7-10 are required to attend classes if they return from an Excursion/Sporting event early.  They are required to attend classes even if the event has finished earlier than expected.  They are required to stay until 3:15pm.

Student Lunches

Just a reminder to parents that we are unable to deliver lunches to students during school time.  If your student has forgotten their lunch, it can be left at the General Office but it is the student’s responsibility to come and collect it. 


Hot food is not suitable to be left at the office.  PLEASE NOTE:- Take-away food is not allowed during school hours.

Student/Library Cards

Please remind all students that they must carry their Student/Library Cards with them at all times.


ALL students must sign in/out with their card at the General Office when they are arriving late or leaving early for any reason.


All Student Library Cards have now been distributed for 2018.


The cards are also used for any student photocopying that is done at school.

Student Locker Security

We would like to remind Parents and Students that it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their locker is securely locked at all times.


Students who have not arranged to supply a suitable padlock for their locker will be asked to purchase one from the General Office.


All students from Year 7 to 12 have an iPad or laptop for school work that must be kept secure.  Please refer to the 1-to-1 Learning Program policy for further information on Caring for 1-to-1 devices. Replacement combination padlocks are for sale throughout the year from the General Office for $20.


The school will not be held responsible for items that are not properly secured in lockers.

Parent Details

Have you moved house or changed phone numbers?

If so, please remember to fill in a ‘Change of Details’ form. A form can also be collected from the General Office.  Please return this form as soon as possible. It is important that we have your most current details for general purposes and in case of an emergency. It is also important that you keep your mobile phone and email address details up to date on Compass. This is to ensure you do not miss out on vital information including student attendance alerts.


School Jumper/Jackets

PLEASE NOTE:  It is important to name your students’ jumpers/jackets!


If a student loses their jumper/jacket and it has their FULL name CLEARLY marked, if it is found it will be returned directly to the student during class. 


These jumpers are expensive and there are many left around the College grounds after sport and after lunch.  Wherever possible, they will be returned if they are labelled with the student’s full name.

Changes to Secondhand Uniform Sales

East Doncaster Secondary College has been successfully utilising the company Sustainable School Shop for the sale of secondhand books for several years. During this term, we will be making the transition for second hand uniforms to also be sold via the Sustainable School Shop. Therefore we are no longer accepting uniforms for sale. For those families who already have uniforms for sale at the school, we will continue to sell these until Friday 15 December 2017 (9:00am to 1:00pm). After this, families who have unsold uniforms, will be advised to come and collect them.


For information on how to sell your uniforms through the Sustainable School Shop, please see the attached flyer or go to www.sustainableschoolshop.com.au

Please note that the College will continue to accept good quality uniforms for donation to Student Wellbeing.

College Events/Clubs

Bunnings Barbecue Bonanza

As scores of hungry Bunnings shoppers descended on the BBQ tent, our small team of Interactors went into action – cooking sausages and onions, serving, upselling and collecting money. What a day it was! The first student was on site at 7.30 am on Saturday 8 September and he was the last to leave. Emre was amazing not only for his salesmanship but also his incessant chatter which kept the students and the customers in jovial spirits.  Then the remainder kept the food going with a production line of opening and throwing onto the BBQ hotplate, 42 packets of 1.8kgs of sausages. For the mathematical enthusiasts out there, that equates to 1000 snags. And to go with that huge number of sausages we had 50 loaves of bread, 24 kgs of frozen onions and 10 litres of sauces. The mind boggles. Personally I can still smell the charring bangers. By the end of the day, two very tired teachers dragged themselves into their cars and headed home. On a very busy Bunnings day we were able to raise nearly $2,500.00 which will be forwarded to Backpacks for the Homeless.


Helen Wilson

Interact Coordinator

Interact Club - Trivia Night - Student Report

On the evening of Thursday 6 September, our school's Interact Club hosted the annual Trivia Night. With more than 50 participants each in their own teams, the night was full of fun and competition, with the Year Twelve team (and Mr Sturneiks) "Sturneik's Angels" coming out on top.


Congratulations! Aside from our six rounds of trivia allowing each participant to utilise their area of expertise, attendees were also able to test their skill in minigames or try their luck in various raffles and silent auctions. 

Through all our raffles, mini games and silent auctions, we were able to raise over $500.00 for Doncare! Thank you to everyone for participating and contributing to this incredible cause. Also a special thanks to local businesses and the Manningham Rotary Club for sponsoring many of our prizes; it wouldn't have been possible without their generous donations.

by Kevin Sui 11L

Interact Club


Chess Club Fun - Student Report

Chess Club started in Term 3. I go to Chess Club every Wednesday and Friday lunchtime. The first time we went, Ms Betty Liu, provided us with some snacks and we can bring out lunch to Chess Club too.


Chess is a board game for two players, played on a chequered board and pieces that have different mobility. The aim is to kill the opponent’s king.


My friends and I enjoy Chess Club.  Chess Club is fun because I can play with my friends and try to win. I also invited my friends to go to Chess Club with me.

by Zhen Nan Chong 7B

Year 12 Students vs. Staff Basketball Result​

Congratulations to the Year 12 students team on their victory today.  Final score 49-44


Health Centre News & Lost Property

Year 10 Immunisation Consent forms

Manningham Council will be collecting the signed Immunisation consent forms on Monday 8 October 2018 (first day back of Term 4).


ALL consent forms MUST be returned by this date.

Rose Howarth

Health Centre


Immunisation Dates - Wednesday 17 October

Year 7 - Round 2 (Human Papillomavirus - HPV)

Year 10 - (Meningococcal ACWY)

Lost Property and naming school clothes

This is a timely reminder to ensure that you have all your children’s articles of clothing named in a legible manner. This includes lunch boxes, drink bottles and pencil cases. Over the course of each term the lost property bin overflows with articles of clothing that we are unable to return to the owner as they have no name on them.


Please ensure that this process takes place over the Term 3 break.

Tori McCumiskey

Health Centre

Music News

Spring Concert Series

Congratulations to all student performers who were part of our first Spring Concert in the Performing Arts Centre on 18 September. We heard Chamber Strings, Symphonic Band, Senior Vocal Group, Stage Band, Concert Band, Senior Guitar Ensemble and the Flute Ensemble, as well as solos from Samantha Chin, (violin), Jully Han (clarinet), Keane Toh (cello) and Alice Wang (piano).


This was the last full Music department concert for our Year 12 musicians, and we would like to congratulate and thank them again for their fantastic contributions to the Music program over the past 6 years. Well done to: Tony Cai, Carmen Chang, Johnson Huang, Ellie Kim, Helen Lee, Sean Lee, Robert Milligan, Sharlene Tengra, Elizmarie Smith, Mark Smith, Caitlyn Yee and Nicola Zervos.


Remaining ensembles will perform in the ‘Secondo’ concert next term on 30 October (Beginner Band, Junior Strings, Diamond Divas, Vox Pack, Beginner Guitar Ensemble and String Group).


Tickets are now available from trybooking.com/YBXP

Music Performances for Term 4

Early next term we will be distributing a notice to all ensemble members with expected performances for the reminder of 2018. As we move into exam periods and end of the school year for senior students, it is important for our planning to know which students (and instruments) we have for each performance. Please check these dates carefully when they come out, and let the music staff know via Compass or email if your child cannot attend performances or rehearsals. As most rehearsals happen outside of the school day, it is our expectation that students will attend all rehearsals unless an approved absence has been indicated by parents.

Upcoming Events

26 October – Year 12 Assembly (Symp Band & Senior Vocals)

30 October – Secondo Spring Concert, PAC


Carl Williams

Instrumental Music Administrator

Middle School News

Year 7- Tabloid Sports Afternoon

On Wednesday September 12 the Year 7s participated in a house Tabloid Sports afternoon.

This afternoon was organised and run by the 25 class captains and gave students an opportunity to work in teams to achieve different goals and challenges.


All staff and students involved enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of activity, competition and house spirit.


We would like to pass our sincere thanks on to the class captains for planning and running the afternoon as well as to the staff that assisted on the day. A great afternoon was had by all.


Emily Mathews

Year 7 Coordinator

Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge 2018

This year we had five students who completed the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge. The Challenge is a wonderful way for students to increase the range of the books they read and show their love of reading. There were more than 90,000 recommended titles on the Challenge booklist and the requirement for Year 7-10 students was to read 15 books between March and August. Students who completed the Challenge receive a Certificate of Achievement and will have their names included on an online Honour Roll.


Congratulations to the following students who completed the Challenge:


Year 7 : Amy De Rango

               Hamzah Khan
Year 8 : Roger Huang

               Hania Shoaib

Year 9 : Tehnan Syed

Vicki da Silva

Library Coordinator

1 to 1 Digital Learning Program 2019

In 2019 we will continue with our whole school 1 to 1 Digital Learning Program for all students. Our Year 7 students will be required to purchase a laptop and our Year 8 and 9 students will continue to use an iPad.


The purchase of these devices is crucial to the learning program as students will access eBooks rather than an extensive number of expensive textbooks. Our Year 10, 11 and 12 students require a laptop.


Details of the 1 to 1 Digital Learning Program for all students and importantinformation regarding suitable devices are detailed in the attached policy.

Middle School Study Sessions - Years 7-9

Students from Year 7 to 9 are invited to join the 'Study Sessions' on Tuesday nights from 3:30pm - 4:30pm in the 400 block.


Please fill in and return the attached Permission Slip if you want your child to attend.

If you have any questions about these sessions please speak to Kate Leaumont.

Breakfast Club

Every Wednesday morning at 8:00 am in The John Landy Centre.


Hot drinks and food provided, games played and an opportunity to meet students from other year levels.


See you there!


Middle School Staff


Head of Middle School

Kate Leaumont

[email protected].au





Year 9 Coordinator

Craig Carpenter

[email protected]






Year 9 Coordinator

Naomi Creelman

[email protected]













Year 8 Coordinator

Brigid Fahey

[email protected]





Year 8 Coordinator

Clare Hartley

[email protected]






Year 7 Coordinator

Haydn Bethune

[email protected]






Year 7 Coordinator

Emily Mathews

[email protected]





Year 7 Coordinator

Georgina Walter

[email protected]





Transition Coordinator

Tina Marchant

[email protected]




Middle School Secretary

Lin Dalben

[email protected]


Senior School News

VCE Art Show Opening Night 2018 -  6:00-8:00pm Monday 15 October

Students, parents and guardians are invited to attend our Annual VCE Art show Opening Night in The John Landy Centre 6-8pm on Monday 15 October. An exciting and diverse range of Art and Design works and folios will be on show, a result of the creative processes of our Year 12 students who undertake VCD and Studio Arts studies. VCE students will be on hand to host the night and will be available to discuss their creative processes. There will also be a sneak peek of some VCE Media and Product Design & Technology work and a musical performance by some of our music students.


Tea, coffee and nibbles provided.


For those students who cannot make it, the VCE folios will remain on display in The John Landy Centre for the duration of the week. Students from all year levels are encouraged to view these works at recess and lunchtimes.


(flyer by Beatrice Cui 11L)

Warwick Bennett

Visual Arts Coordinator

Year 10 Immunisation Consent forms

Manningham Council will be collecting the signed Immunisation consent forms on Monday 8 October 2018 (first day back of Term 4).


ALL consent forms MUST be returned by this date.

Rose Howarth

Health Centre

Year 10 Social - Student Report

On 31 August, the Year 10s had an amazing night at the Annual Year 10 Social. Along with great catering and dance space at Karralyka.  There were popping lights, decorative streamers and some crazy dance moves which made the whole night spectacular.  We would like to give a big shout out to the winners of all the novelty awards:

  • Who would rather watch Netflix: Natalie Yip
  • Who would rather be studying: Jayden Kok
  • Person who would have the longest snap story: Alex Dalipis
  • Person who is most likely to post on Instagram first: Dana Komodromos
  • Best dancer: Darren Wong
  • Best dressed male & female: David Botica & Saniah Ahmed

A big thank you to the social committee and Ms Wilson for organising such a great night!!


Dana Komodromos 10A &

Saniah Ahmed 10I



1 to 1 Digital Learning Program 2019

In 2019 we will continue with our whole school 1 to 1 Digital Learning Program for all students. Our Year 7 students will be required to purchase a laptop and our Year 8 and 9 students will continue to use an iPad.


The purchase of these devices is crucial to the learning program as students will access eBooks rather than an extensive number of expensive textbooks. Our Year 10, 11 and 12 students require a laptop.


Details of the 1 to 1 Digital Learning Program for all students and importantinformation regarding suitable devices are detailed in the attached policy.


Important Dates

Year 10 Immunistations 17/10

Year 12 Valedictory 25/10

Year 12 Final Assembly 26/10

Year 12 Exams Commence 31/10

Year 11 Exams Commence 7/11

Year 10 Exams Commence 19/11

2019 Concluding Program 26/11 – 30/11

VCE Orientation Week – 3/12

Senior School Study Sessions

All students from Years 10-12 are invited to come to The John Landy Centre after school each night from 3:30pm-5:00pm. The 'Senior School Study Sessions' are an opportunity for students to catch up on homework, collaborate with peers or work with teachers when they are available for extra assistance. Parents/guardians please note, these are not timetabled supervision sessions for staff, any extra assistance offered is done in addition to the normal after school requirements for our teachers. I would like to thank staff in advance for their offer of support.

Jarrod Sturnieks

Head of Senior School

Breakfast Club


Senior School Staff


Head of Senior School

Jarrod Sturnieks

[email protected]




Year 10 Coordinator

Errin Wilson

[email protected]





Year 10 Coordinator

Mark Glover

[email protected]






Year 11 Coordinator

Paul Basford

[email protected]





Year 11 Coordinator

Sally Polidano

[email protected]






Year 12 Coordinator

Lynette Smith

[email protected]





Year 12 Coordinator

Jonathan Davies

[email protected]





Senior School Secretary

Toni Willoughby

[email protected]

Parents and Friends Association

Entertainment Books

The NEW 2018 | 2019 Melbourne Entertainment™ book or digital membership are available for just $70. You’ll receive over $20,000 in valuable offers, and membership is valid until 1 June 2019.


You can order at the school office and online via the following link



Next Meeting

Please join us at our next meeting to be held on Monday 22 October in The John Landy Centre at 7:30pm.  All welcome.


Parents and Friends Association

Canteen Menu


Students are reminded that the College Canteen is open before school from 8:30am until 8:45am, then again at Recess and Lunchtime only.

Community Announcements/Events

Olivia Newton John Wellness Walk - "EDSC GETS PHYSICAL TEAM"


Skills 4 the Future Careers Expo


East Doncaster Secondary College Newsletter
2019 Years 7-12 1_1 Program.pdf
2019 Years 7-12 1_1 Program.pdf
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2019 Years 7-12 1_1 Program.pdf
Change of Details Form updated October 2017.pdf
Secondhand Textbook and Uniform Trading Flyer East Doncaster Sec Coll_.pdf
Wellness walk 2018 2.pdf
A5 Flyer - Skills 4 the Future Careers Expo.pdf