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23 July 2019
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Dates to Remember


Monday 22nd

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

L1 Responsible Pet Ownership Incursion

Girls AFL Day - Selected students

2B & 12H Como House Excursion


Wednesday 24th

Foundation Responsible Pet Incursion

1S & 1G Como House Excursion


Thursday 25th

L1&2 100 Days at School Celebration

L3 CERES Excursion

Production Art Workshop 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Friday 26th

L2 Responsible Pet Incursion


Saturday 27th

P&F Disco Bingo 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Monday 29th 

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

1D & 2R Como House Excursion


Tuesday 30th 

Foundation Puppet Making & Show Incursion


Wednesday 31st

Opera Australia Whole School Incursion


Thursday 1st

Foundation Puppet Making & Show Incursion


Friday 2nd

Foundation 100 Days of School Celebration


Sunday 4th

P&F Vision Portraits - in the hall


Monday 5th

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall


Wednesday 7th

Parents notified of Year 7 Placement  in 2020

Foundation 2020 Transition Session

German Poetry Regional Finals Vermont Primary - Selected students


Friday 9th

1J & 2K Como House Excursion


Monday 12th 

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Book Fair


Tuesday 13th

Book Fair


Wednesday 14th

Foundation Toy Making Incursion

L4 'Weekaway' Camp Departs (14th - 16th)

Book Fair


Thursday 15th


Book Fair


Friday 16th

L4 'Weekaway' Camp Returns


Saturday 17th 

German Poetry State Final - Selected students


Monday 19th

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Book Parade


Wednesday 21st

School Council Meeting


Thursday 22nd 

Production Dress Rehearsal


Friday 23rd

Junior School F-L2 Pie Food Day


Monday 26th

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Production Props Rehearsal


Tuesday 27th

L5/6 Production Cast 1 Performances

Foundation 2020 Transition Session


Wednesday 28th 

L5/6 Production Cast 2 Performances


Thursday 29th 

L3 Swap Market


Friday 30th 

P&F Fathers Day Stall

Senior School L3-L6 Pie Food Day


Monday 2nd

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

District Athletics Carnival

L3 'ADANAC' Camp Departs (2nd - 4th)


Thursday 5th

ICAS Science Testing- selected students

Foundation Grandparents & Special Persons Day


Friday 6th 

Whole School Disco


Monday 9th 

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Foundation Swimming Program Commences (9th - 19th)

L3 Swimming Program Commences (9th - 19th)


Tuesday 10th 

ICAS Writing Testing - selected students

L1&2 Science Incursion


Wednesday 11th

L1&2 Science Incursion


Thursday 12th

ICAS Spelling Testing - selected students


Monday 16th

Whole School 'Professions without Gender' Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall


Tuesday 17th 

ICAS English Testing - selected students only


Wednesday 18th

School Council Meeting


Thursday 19th 

ICAS Maths Testing - selected students


Friday 20th

Footy & Billy Cart Day

Whole School Assembly - 2:00 pm in the hall

Last Day of Term 3 - Early Dismissal at 2:30 pm


*  Times/dates may be subject to change


Principal's Report

Welcome back from the term holidays. I have had an extra week travelling with my husband Ian Barr into the South Australian outback. We are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful country although the drought is very evident impacting on the landscape and the animal life trying to survive.

Thank you to Kate McLeod as acting principal and Marika Ferguson as assistant principal for filling in during my absence for the first week of this term.


Disco Bingo this Saturday

Congratulations to the Parents and Friends team for the organisation of this up-coming event. An entertaining evening is planned. It is almost at a full house but if you can’t get a ticket, go onto the silent auction with superb prizes to win. Our fundraising goes directly into programs and improved learning and play spaces. The new STEM room, cooling for our hall and improved play spaces are a few of the projects for 2019.


Earn and Learn Points- 45,157 points

Wow the points earned through the Woolworths’ Earn and Learn promotion have been used to purchase fun furniture for the STEM room. Thank you to all the families who collected the points. The Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) room will replace the existing computer lab and resource room. This should be completed in term 4 in readiness for 2020. 


Save Our Crossings

Whitehorse City Council have been communicating the future audit of our crossings. We have been assured that no decision will be made without consultation with our school. Our school council will be in contact with Whitehorse City Council to ensure that we have the best chance to be successful in maintaining our present crossings and valued crossing supervisors. Many thanks to the families using our crossings and walking to school- a great way to start the day.


From Whitehorse City Council:


Dear Mrs Barr

Over the next few months, Council will be conducting a review of the School Crossing

Supervisor Program which will include the collection of traffic and pedestrian counts from

existing school crossing locations including pedestrian signals and intersection signals.

VicRoads has criteria for providing funding to Council’s to assist with providing school crossing

supervision. Council collects traffic and pedestrian data every 3 years to determine if the

VicRoads criteria is met.

Council has engaged external traffic surveyors to collect this traffic and pedestrian data during

Term 3, 2019. Term 4 is not considered appropriate to survey due to secondary schools

finishing earlier while Term 1 also has a shorter school term.

As you can appreciate, there are many school crossing locations to survey during the morning

and afternoon peak periods. To ensure the data collected is representative for a “typical”

school day, the traffic surveyors will be contacting you shortly (via email) to determine if there

are any programmed special days off, camps, sporting days or curriculum days proposed for

Term 3 that may affect the survey results. It would be appreciated if you could provide this

information (via return email) directly to the traffic surveyor as soon as possible so there are

no delays to carrying out the surveys.

Council understands the importance of providing a safe environment for our children and

families. No decision will be made on the status of any school crossing without consultation

with your school and a complete review of the School Crossing Supervisor Program has been


Should you wish to discuss this matter further, please do not hesitate to contact the Transport

Team on 9262 6187.

Yours sincerely,




2019 Parent Opinion Survey




Our school is conducting a survey to find out what parents think of our school. The Parent Opinion Survey is an annual survey offered by the Department of Education and Training that is conducted amongst a sample of randomly selected parents. It is designed to assist schools in gaining an understanding of parents’ perceptions of school climate, student behaviour and student engagement. Our school will use the survey results to help inform and direct future school planning and improvement strategies.

Approximately 30 per cent of parents will be invited to participate in this year’s survey. All responses to the survey are anonymous. This year the Parent Opinion Survey will be conducted from Monday 22nd July to Sunday 11th August.


The survey will be conducted online, only takes 10-15 minutes to complete, and can be accessed at any convenient time within the fieldwork period on desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. The online survey will be available in a range of languages other than English. These include: Arabic, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Chin (hakha), Hindi, Japanese, Somali, Turkish, Punjabi and Greek.

The survey results will be reported back to the school at the end of September. Rangeview Primary will present the survey results to school council we will then work through how we can use the feedback to continue improving our school.


Wellbeing & Engagement

This term at Rangeview our teachers are learning about the Peaceful Kids Program.


‘Peaceful Kids’ is a Mindfulness and Positive Psychology based program to lessen anxiety and stress and increase resilience in children. The program has been created to fulfil a need in schools to offer all children a developmentally appropriate program that gives children the skills, practice and support to utilize coping strategies that lessen the symptoms of anxiety and stress.


As well as running one small group Peaceful Kids Program each term, our teachers will be able to integrate some of the Peaceful Kids strategies into classrooms across the school. Any students invited to participate in the small group program will have a notice sent home prior to the group commencing.


 Outcomes of the Peaceful Kids program:

  • Lessen symptoms of anxiety and stress in children
  • Teaches children to self-calm
  • Empowers children to manage their own anxiety and stress symptoms
  • Builds emotional resilience
  • Develops emotional intelligence skills
  • Teaches children life-long skills to manage stress and prevent stress build up
  • Supports children so they know that they are not alone with suffering from anxiety


Peaceful Kids is based on evidence based therapies and research:

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program (MBSR)
  • Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MiCBT)
  • Positive Psychology
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy


Small Group Program structure:

  • Peaceful Kids is a 8 week program for children
  • Sessions are for approximately 1 hour each week.  (40-50 minutes for Prep and Year 1’s)
  • Sessions include learning a range of mindfulness strategies and positive psychology exercises. 
  • Children can access mindfulness activities daily online via the Peaceful Kids website:
  • Each week the children learn a new mindfulness activity and positive psychology strategy that they can share with parents at home.  It would be great to give your child the time to practice these strategies at home so they learn to incorporate these into their daily lives.


Program Content

Children learn about:

· Basic theory on Mindfulness and how it affects the brain and lessens stress and anxiety

· The different ways to practice Mindfulness and integrate it into their lives

· Their feelings and how this relates to anxiety and stress levels

· Understanding stress and how it relates personally to them

· Understanding triggers for stress and how to calm down when feeling stressed

· Physical symptoms of stress and learning to identify when they need to take time out to calm themselves

· Worrying and how it affects their happiness

· Different types of thinking that increase anxiety or lessen anxiety

· Noticing their own self-talk and how this is affects worrying and stress levels

· Creating a balanced lifestyle including lots of chill out time and being in the flow


Children learn life skills of:

· A range of Mindfulness activities

· Positive psychology exercises

· Techniques to lessen worrying

· A variety of coping strategies

· A variety of problem solving strategies

· Journaling and expressing their worries

· Facing challenges and fears step by step

· Preventative strategies to help prevent stress build up

· Being attuned to their own bodies and minds

· Being in the flow more regularly and enjoying more of the present moment





If you would like to learn about Mindfulness and Positive Psychology and its benefits, the following links may be useful to outline the science and evidence based research that the program is based on.


Student of the Week


Change to Student of the Week Notification 

Please note we will now be informing families of the Student of the Week through the newsletter in advance every fortnight for both Junior and Senior Levels, make sure you keep an eye out!  


The Student of the week awards are presented at assemblies during term alternating between Junior and Senior Classes, commencing at 2:50 pm. 


You are most welcome to attend to see your child receive their award and all the other wonderful celebrations we have at our assemblies.


Parents & Friends



  • Disco Bingo - Saturday 27th July - Doors Open at 7:00 pm
  • Vision Portraits - Sunday 4th August
  • Student Disco - Friday 6th September
  • Fathers Day Stall - Friday 30th August
  • Colour Run - Friday 25th October   

Orders due Wednesday 31st July 
Online orders only using the parent LOOP  



Vision Portraits Fundraiser


Booking link:


Physical Education - P.E

Division Cross Country and Interschool sport results

Last term four Rangeview students (Taya C, Tori B, Lucas H and Romeo C) competed in the Regional cross country.

All the runners should be very proud off their efforts in making it this far. The school is delighted with all your results.


Congratulations to the AFL boys who progressed to the division level of competition, competing very well throughout all their games. Unfortunately they missed out on progressing, however, the boys should be very proud of their successes.


A further congratulations to the T-ball and the AFL girls who where both successful at the division level, progressing to the regional level of competition. Rangeview wishes you all the best and are very proud of your achievements.


Mr. M Sacchetta


Woolworths Earn & Learn

Thank you to the Rangeview Primary School community...

Rangeview Primary School would like to sincerely thank the local community for all of their hard work collecting stickers for this year’s Woolworths Earn & Learn program.


All of the sheets have been counted and we were very proud to announce that we collected 45,157  Earn & Learn stickers, which is a fantastic effort!


We are looking forward to using the stickers to purchase new equipment for our school.




Chess Club Term 3, 2019

Term three chess classes commenced on Thursday 25th July provided by Dark Horse Chess.

There is still time to register complete below Registration Form and return to the school office.

Chess Club will run every Thursday to the end of term 3 from 1.10 pm to 2.00 pm.


Interschool Chess Tournament

We have had a fantastic day out at our second chess Tournament for the year at St Bridget's Primary School on the 25th of June.


With a whopping total of 12 fabulous Rangeview students, this has been by far the best attended chess tournament we have had in a very long time.  We welcomed seven new students to the team and we were very encouraged by some of the first-timer performances! We were also very impressed by the grit and determination demonstrated by all of our students throughout some very tough competition on the day.


Despite the gruelling challenges, our team still managed to place Rangeview 4th out of 8 participating schools. We have also managed to take home Gold for the Grade 3-4 category! The gold medal would have never happened if one of our students didn't manage to checkmate his opponent in the final round with only 4 seconds to spare on the clock!


This is the kind of mental toughness and resolve our students develop through chess competition.



ICAS 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,                


Once again Rangeview is offering the opportunity for children in Levels 3, 4, 5 and 6 to take part in the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools.


ICAS is designed to target students’ higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills.

The assessments are suitable for students wishing to extend themselves academically.

ICAS is not compulsory.


 At Rangeview we are offering the following assessments for children in Levels 3, 4, 5 and 6.

  • Science on Thursday, September 5th                   $14.50
  • Writing on Tuesday, September 10th                    $14.50
  • Spelling Bee on Thursday, September 12th       $14.50
  • English on Tuesday, September 17th                    $14.50                
  • Mathematics on Thursday, September 19th      $14.50


This year the assessments will be completed on-line. 

(ICAS Writing is paper-based only for Years 3 and 4)


All students will receive a certificate and an individual results report. Top performers will be eligible for medals and are invited to attend a special award ceremonies to have their academic excellence publicly recognised.        Learn more about ICAS here:




Visit and enter your school’s unique code:  edc774e00f to make a direct payment to UNSW Global.  Online payments will close on 31st of July 2019.


*Privacy notification: UNSW Global stores, uses and modifies the ICAS Assessments data in order to generate reports, conduct research and analysis, and improve its products and services. UNSW Global will not hold or use ICAS Assessments data that constitutes personal information for longer than 15 years. As the parent or guardian of a student who intends to sit ICAS Assessments, you consent to the school collecting the ICAS Assessments data that relates to the student, disclosing it to UNSW Global and to UNSW Global’s use of it in the manner outlined above. You also consent to the school assigning this consent to UNSW Global.


Principal                                                                                                                            Competition Coordinator                   

Liz Barr                                                                                                                                            Margaret Goulding                                      




Performing Arts 

Vermont Primary School Band Workshop

On Tuesday 25th of June, we went to Vermont Primary for the band workshop. It was really enjoyable, we all loved it. We played Counting Stars, Thinking Out Loud, Rainbow Connection and Beethoven's Ninth. Some songs were really challenging but they sounded awesome with a whole band.


At the end of the day, we had a concert. Some students, parents and teachers came to watch. Vermont High School, Vermont Primary, Heathmont East Primary and Rangeview participated to make it a wonderful day. 


By Emma Rose and Jayde



Science Club

Earthbenders, Firebenders, Airbenders.
Waterbenders…  Mindbenders.

In the first week of Term 2 the tribes travelled to Rangeview’s Science Club to observe and learn the powers of Waterbending. And Mindbending. We wonder - could one of Term 3’s Science Club kids be destined to become The Avatar?


Using their powers for good, the student waterbenders created ice cube necklaces and colourful patterns in bowls of milk.  They also caused water molecules to cling to each other. Then they extended their powers to make water molecules cling to glass surfaces instead – kind of like Madhav would prefer to cling to a wall of pizza rather than to Will.


Before our Science Club students began developing their waterbending powers they worked on the super power of mind control using giraffes, zebras and hungry lions.  Calista was able to apply her new power to calm the ‘injured’ patient, Emma.


This session was a great start for our new group of Science Club students.  We certainly saw the Rangeview value of ‘Learning’ in action – everyone was curious and willing to have a go and learn new things.  We would like to give special thanks to Claire, one of our junior helpers, who organised and ran, herself, the activity using milk and detergent to investigate surface tension.  She did a fabulous job of demonstrating another Rangeview value – Teamwork - helping to create a fun learning community.


Iroh from The Avatar says, “You have come to the crossroads of your destiny. It is time for you to choose. It is time for you to choose good.”


Which super power would you like to choose, Liam san?  


Science Club is run by parent volunteers, at lunchtimes, in Terms 2 and 3 for interested students from Levels 5 & 6.  The volunteers have backgrounds including astrophysics, microbiology, food science, medicine, particle physics, teaching and pharmacy.  Science Club is extracurricular and is not aligned to the school curriculum.  We try to do fun activities that relate to a variety of areas of science.  Sometimes people learn something (usually the parent volunteers).  We are mainly about fun and curiosity. 


Julie, Sally, Alissia, Kyla, Emma, Jasna, Mel & Heather (the parent volunteers)



L5&6 2019 Production

Production Workshop- 25th July

We will be having the second production workshops on Thursday 25th July. These will run from 4pm to 6pm in the Art room. We will be making scenery and props on these afternoons. Parents and students who are keen to assist will need to attend with an art smock.


Ticket Information


Sound and Lighting for Theatre Productions

We are looking for interested person/people who have skills in either lighting and sound theatre production or would like to learn how.


We would like interested parties to work with our light and sound technicians (a former parent) at this years Production, in hope that they will be able to work on future Productions at the School.


Please contact the School Production Committee at 

Visual Art

Welcome back to Term Three

This term the students in a number of levels will be working with wool. If you have any that you know longer want could you please send it to the Art department.  We are happy with any colour or thickness.



If you have any spare time and would like to help in some capacity please let us know. We are always needing extra hands with displays, organising materials and of course helping students with their work. You don’t need to be artistic to help in the art room but you will need a working with children check.


Happy Birthday to You!



Everyone in Foundation has returned to school after a relaxing holiday. We are all looking forward to a very busy term with lots of exciting activities planned.

There has been great excitement about the introduction of the ipad program and the children are eagerly looking forward to using their ipads in many areas of their learning. We are presently learning about caring for the ipads and safety rules in using technology.


Foundation Term 3 Newsletter


Level 1/2

Level 1 and 2 have made a great start to Term 3. A sea of happy faces greeted us on Monday. We have been practising our number skills. Games are a fun way to practise number strategies and they promote positive relationships. We presented information based on our recent holidays to our classmates. During Talk Time we’ve been working on engaging our audience and using eye contact as we speak to others. Weekly spelling has started again. We learn how letters come together to make different sounds in words. We are looking forward to celebrating 100 Days of school and an upcoming excursion to Como House where we will learn about how life was in the past.



Level 3/4 

Welcome back to term 3, with such an exciting term ahead which includes camps for both Level 3 & 4, excursions & more fantastic learning sessions across the entire curriculum the students and teachers can’t wait.

On the last week of term 2 the Level 3’s and 4’s both created earth models to display their learning & knowledge on the Science topic ‘Earth and Space’ that we had been studying in the last few weeks of term. The students created amazing models that they should be really proud of.

Level 3 & 4 team



Level 4, Term 3 Newsletter


Level 5/6 

Term 3 Newsletter



Rangeview Animal Roster


Community News/ Advertising


The View
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