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18 July 2019
Issue Twenty
Dates to Remember
Principal's Report
Stephanie Alexander Kitchen & Gardening
St Mark's School Disco
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P.A. Saturday 24th August, 2019 Great Gatsby Cocktail Party
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Crazy Socks Day
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Dates to Remember


Friday 19th July - School Disco Night - Foundation - Year 2 

Friday 26th July - Year 5/6 District Basketball Day.

Saturday 27th July - Year 3/4 Family Mass at 6pm.


Thursday 1st August - "Crazy Sock Day"

Friday 2nd August - 100 days of Prep.

Wednesday 7th August - Year 1/2 Good Shepherd Night at 6pm.

Thursday 8th August - Division Basketball Carnival.

Friday 9th August - Interhouse Athletics Carnival.

Tuesday 13th August - Author Roland Harvey (Visiting Foundation - Year 2)

Wednesday 14th August- Author Roland Harvey (Visiting Year 3 to 6)

Thursday 15th August - Feast of the Assumption whole school mass at 9am.

Friday 16th August - BOOK WEEK- Dress Up Day.

Saturday 24th August - Parents Assoc - Great Gatsby Cocktail Party.

Tuesday 27th August -Thursday 29th August - BOOK FAIR.

Wednesday 28th August - District Athletics Carnival

Friday 30th August - Father's Day breakfast and stall.


Tuesday 3rd September - Confirmation Reflection Day - Year 6 children only.

Wednesday 4th September - Eucharist Parent/Child Information Night at 6pm

Friday 6th September - Confirmation candidates visited by Fr Brendan Hayes at 2pm

Saturday 7th September - Eucharist Commitment Mass at 6pm

Wednesday 11th September - Sacrament of Confirmation mass at 7pm

Tuesday 17th September - School Concert

Wednesday 18th September - School Concert

Friday 20th September - Footy Day - End of Term 3 at 2.30pm.

Principal's Report

Dear Families

Welcome back to all the St Mark’s families and I  hope you all had a safe and relaxing holiday. It is going to be a very busy term with various activities occurring over the next 10 weeks.

Please refer to Dates to Remember.

As you have been informed our Principal Debbie Darvell is currently on Long Service Leave for the next 4 weeks. We hope she has a wonderful holiday.

Please if you have any issues or need to chat to me, do not hesitate in calling into the office.

Have a great week

Andrew Davies

Acting Principal

School Disco

On Friday 19th July the Parent Association are running a school Disco for all students in the school hall. The Foundation to Year 2 session will be from  6:00pm to 7:00pm and the Year 3 to 6 session will be from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. Children are asked to bring along a gold coin donation for entry. Please arrive 15 minutes before your allocated start time to sign your child in.

Parents must bring children to the entrance doors. (Do not drop children off in the car park)

Entry is via the Dimar Court gate, and hall double doors (near toilets) and you collect from the same area. Children must be collected from the entrance doors by an adult.

There will be glow products, chocolate and water available to purchase on the night.

Crazy Sock Day

On Thursday 1st August all the schools and kindergartens in Dingley will be participating in the “Crazy Sock Day” which is run by “Make a Difference” organisation in Dingley. On the day the children will ONLY need to wear crazy socks (funny, colourful or mismatched socks) and bring along a gold coin donation. This is not a casual clothes day. All money raised will go to “Make a Difference Dingley Village” to help families in need.

The Mayor will be at our school on this day at 1pm to take a photo with a selection of children with their crazy socks.


RE Dates


  • Tuesday 10th September - Confirmation Reflection Day
  • Wednesday 11th September - Sacrament of Confirmation - 7pm


  • Saturday 7th September– First Eucharist Commitment Mass – 6pm
  • Wednesday 4th September - First Eucharist Parent/Child Information Night at 6pm
  • Friday 22nd November - Eucharist Reflection Day (Reconciliation at 11:40am)
  • Sunday 24th November - Sacrament of First Eucharist masses at 9:30am and 12:30pm

Whole School Masses

  • Thursday 15th August - Feast of the Assumption Mass at 9am
  • Friday 18th October - St Francis Blessing of the animals service from 9am to 9:15am

Weekend Year Level Family Masses

  • Year 3/4  - Saturday 27th July (6pm)
  • Year 5/6 – Saturday 16th November

Junior Information Nights

  • Year 1/2 Good Shepherd Night - Wednesday 7th August at 6pm.

Gospel Reflection by Fr Michael Tate

The Neighbourliness of Global Citizens

The lawyer asked a self-serving question: 'Who is my neighbour?' he could then set the limits, the boundaries of those close enough to merit his concern. Jesus replies with a story to show that the better question is 'To whom should I be neighbourly?'

The answer is: To any person who is wounded in any way - physically, pschologically, socially, economically. And we have to do so overcoming the labelling, even bigotry, which can conveniently put a person outside the range of concern. When we act like the Samaritan, we deserve the title 'catholic' which means universal.

Pope Francis says that Christ is constantly inviting us, as he invited Thomas, to touch HIS wounds which are to be found in the wounded of our own time.

We could pause for a moment to thank God that we live in an age of technology which can enable us to be truly Catholic global citizens practising Mercy Without Borders. 'Do this and you will live.'


NCCD on School Students with Disabilities.

What is the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data? Schools must now complete the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD) every year. It counts the number of students who receive additional adjustments or “help” at school because of a disability.


The NCCD helps governments plan for the needs of students with disability.

Who is counted in the data collection? To count a student in the NCCD, schools must think through some key questions:

1. Is the student getting help at school so that they can take part in education on the same basis as other students?

2. Is the help given because of a disability? The word ‘disability’ comes from the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) and it can include many students.

3. Has the school talked to you or your child about the help that they provide?

4. Has the school kept records about the help they provide, the student needs and the reasons that the student needs this help? The school will need to keep copies of tests, student work, assessments, records of meetings, medical reports or other paperwork and information about how the student’s learning is moving along over time.

Once the school decides that the student should be counted in the NCCD, they then choose a disability group and one of four levels of help that has been given to the student.





What does the word ‘disability’ mean in the NCCD?

In the NCCD the word ‘disability’ comes from the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA). There are four types of disability that the school can choose from: sensory, cognitive, social-emotional and physical. Many students that need help at school can be counted in the NCCD. For example, students with learning problems, e.g. specific learning disability or reading difficulty (sometimes called dyslexia), health problems (e.g. epilepsy or diabetes), physical disability (e.g. cerebral palsy), vision/hearing loss and social-emotional problems (e.g. selective mutism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety).


Letters from doctors or specialists can be very helpful for schools as they plan how to support students with their learning. Schools do not need to have these letters before they can count a student in NCCD. Teachers can use all that they know about the student’s learning and the records that they have collected over time to decide if a student can be counted in the NCCD.


What sort of help does the school give students?

Students need different types of help at school. Some students need a little help sometimes while other students need a lot of help nearly all the time. The type of help given depends on the needs of the student. The help can include changes to the school buildings or grounds (e.g. ramps or things like special desks or chairs), extra teacher help in classes, special learning programs, changes to the work they give the student or extra adult help.





How will the NCCD be different this year?

All schools have been counting students in the NCCD since 2015. The government will use the NCCD data as part of the funding to schools.

What will the school need to know about my child for the NCCD?

Schools work together with families to understand the needs of each child. It is helpful if families give their child’s teacher a copy of any letters or reports they have. The letters or reports will help the school understand the child and the help that they might need. Letters from doctors, psychologists, speech pathologists, doctor, and occupational therapists etc. can be very helpful for schools. These reports along with information that the teacher has (i.e. school based tests, your child’s work and learning plans) helps the school to understand and meet your child’s needs.

What happens to the NCCD data?

Who will have the NCCD information? Each school principal must check the NCCD data in August of each year. The school will give the information to the Catholic Education Office. The school will work with the Catholic Education Office to make sure that the NCCD data is OK before they give the data to the government. The government will not be given the names of any students or any letters or records. Please ask your school for their privacy policy if you need to know more.

Does the school need me to agree with them about counting my child in the NCCD?

Amendments were made to the Australian Education Act 2013 and Australian Education Regulation 2013). Schools do not need you to agree to let them count a child in the NCCD. You cannot ask the school not to count your child.

Where can I find out more? Please contact your child’s school if you have further questions about the NCCD and/or refer to the national


Stephanie Alexander
Kitchen & Gardening

Kitchen & Gardening Year 3/4 D

And just like that, we’re back into the swing! 3/4 D have accomplished another spectacular week for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program! Our little green fingers were hard at work in the garden this week with garden helpers Frank Snr and Stephen Manning.

Eager to be back, 3/4 D helped plant a lemon tree, and can expect our first lemon this time next year! Despite the wait, the kids were very excited to have planted the first tree this year! On Tuesday, the kids were also able to harvest some spring onion and broccoli to put into their cooking. It was wonderful to see how thrilled they become when they harvest their own product! In other garden news, at the end of term, the kids helped put stakes and rope around our broad beans to assist their growth. By golly, they are shooting up beautifully so stay tuned!


This week we were so lucky to have Naomi (Noah’s Mum) and Angela (from 3/4 NH group) helping the kids, as the more hands means the smoother the program runs! The pineapple and spring onion dip left sweetness on our tongues and smiles on our faces. The kids showed their true salad skills with their ‘salad of the imagination’- pleasing us all with a terrific white wine vinegar and olive oil dressing. It didn’t stop there though, flavours were bursting from our Minestrone soup, which was accompanied by our classic bread rolls with rosemary. The staff, helpers and kids gobbled these up with no problems at all.


Please enjoy looking at our photos.

All recipes can be found on the St. Mark’s website and if you would like to volunteer in the kitchen from 11:40 am- 1:30pm on Tuesdays please email Holly Donald at [email protected]


Another amazing Tuesday in the kitchen/garden, thanks 3/4 D and helpers.




St Mark's School Disco


Performing Arts

Performing Arts News

We have an exciting term ahead and have begun preparing for the 2019 concert. See our flyer above. The students have started to learn circus skills with James and  Shanelle from Team Circus. We are experimenting with various equipment during our classes.

This week we used scarves to juggle with also devil sticks and poi. We are also learning some simple circus balances with partners and groups. 

In the next few weeks further information about the night your child will perform and ticket sales will be given . 


Tuckshop /Canteen 


The St Mark's Tuckshop/Canteen will still take lunch orders with your child in the morning plus over the counter sales at recess and lunchtime, as is the current arrangement.


CDF Pay have updated all children's details to

For current families you will need to make sure your child is in the correct class by choosing his/her class when you log on. If you are an existing parent with a new child beginning at St Mark's in 2019 you will have to add your child to your current child. Do not forget to identify which class your child is in.

CDF New Parent Guide: St Mark's PS Dingey Village have a new Icon APP.

CDF Parent Guide: St Mark's PS Dingley Village have a Icon APP.


Dear Parents,

The St Mark's Tuckshop/Canteen is now also available online.

To order online please go to Quicklinks on our Website:

The cut off time for ordering by this method is 8.30am each day.


If you press the CDF pay button it will take you to the setting up screen. Each family can sign up with their own email and password. Just follow the prompts.

Information is also attached.

To Order Tuesdays special please click on Summer Menu, Tuesday and then Standard Packages.  Enjoy!!

Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you need any assistance on 9551 1150.

Office News 

Quote of the Week

Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that?

We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves.

We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.

*Marie Curie*

Parish Levies 2019 - $170 per family.

Parish Levies statements have gone home, by June.

School Fees

If you are paying the 2019 school fees in Instalments 

*3rd  Instalment is due on Friday 3rd August, or before.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties please contact the office to arrange a meeting with the Principal, Debbie Darvell. 

Thank you.

Saturday 24th August, 2019
Great Gatsby Cocktail Party





Uniform Shop


162 Cheltenham Road, Dandenong

Phone: 9794 8775


Monday - Friday 10am to 5pm

Wednesdays Closed.

Saturday: 10am to 1pm.


FOUND BRAND NEW -RAIN JACKET - BELEZA Size 10 if your child has lost his jacket please call into the office. 



LOST PROPERTY is currently overflowing with school jackets, jumpers etc. 

Please check to make sure one does not belong to your child. Lost property is located in the parents/uniform shop room.


Please check lost property if you are missing items.  Many of the items cannot be returned as they are unnamed.  Please ensure all uniform items are clearly labelled with your child’s full name. 


Lost Property at Office 

Crazy Socks Day



Secondary Colleges



Face Book

St Mark's are now on Facebook

Click here to like our page

Parents we have installed an ICON on the schools website to link into Facebook.

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