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26 April 2018
2018 Issue 5
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Principal's Message

Welcome back to Term 2. I do hope that you enjoyed a relaxing and reflective Easter break.


As a staff we started this term with our regular staff meeting in the new Secondary classroom building on the new northern site. This is a tremendous, modern and spacious new building that will greatly assist us as a College. While this building will be officially opened on Thursday 17 May, we have been using it for a small number of Senior School classes. Later this term, we intend to begin the next of the new Secondary buildings, a Science Facility to be built between the Trades Skills Centre and the new Secondary classroom building.


At Bayside Christian College, we look to support our students to develop their gifts. On

Monday, Mrs Curtis-Morris and I had the opportunity to go with the VCAL classes we teach to Frankston Arts Centre to have a behind the scenes tour and circus performance class.  While it was wonderful for all of us to experience a different place and consider the types of skills and careers involved with performance, it did excite me about our upcoming College production of “The Secret Garden”, which is just two weeks away.


Before this, it is my hope that all families will consider inviting a friend or a family member and coming along to our College Open Day on Saturday 5 May, beginning at 10:30am.


May you all enjoy a wonderful term.




Christopher Prior


Pray for Bayside

Please pray for all those involved in our production - students, staff and parents - that the Lord would watch over rehearsals,  preparations and ticket sales.


Continue to pray for the Board as they navigate important changes in the leadership of the College.


Please pray for all our students as they participate in the cross country on Monday.


Pray for our upcoming Open Day - that many new families would come to explore and learn more about our school community.

From the Deputy's Desk

This week, we have been reminded of the incredible sacrifice of our ANZACs, and of service men and women who fought in wars, or

served those who fought in the capacity as doctors, nurses, reporters, drivers, pilots and many other roles. We are reminded that service costs those who give it, and many paid the ultimate price in order that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have in Australia. In our ANZAC commemoration assembly on Monday, we reflected that service comes from a heart of love - perhaps love for family, to protect them; perhaps love for country, to guard our freedom. The Bible reminds us that we love because Christ first loved us (1 John 4:19). It is through Christ's model of sacrificial love that we are able to understand what love is, and respond in turn, by loving others. It is also through loving others that Christ is seen. Students were challenged to respond to Christ's love by serving others and making little sacrifices that share his love. Thank you to all those who served in the assembly, and to the parents and families who were able to come and share it with us.



This is a reminder that the formal NAPLAN testing will take place between 15 and 25 May. The tests comprise of Writing, Reading, Language Conventions and Numeracy. Year 3 Writing will remain a paper-based assessment, and will be completed on Tuesday 15 May, first thing in the morning. The rest of the assessments (including Writing at Years 5, 7 and 9) will be conducted using the online platform, and are scheduled to take place in the testing window.


Please make plans to ensure your children in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 are at school for these government-required assessments. Students in Years 7 and 9 must ensure their Chromebooks are charged each day, and have their headphones.


If you have particular reasons you wish to have your child withdrawn from the testing, please email me to discuss further. Information about the testing program will be sent home with students this week. An email will also be sent to parents of all Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students with the information. If you have not received the paper copy, please ask your child's class teacher in Primary, or Homeroom teacher in Secondary.



Our production of "The Secret Garden" is almost upon us. Please support the efforts, and enjoy the talents of our incredible cast and crew, by purchasing your tickets. It would be wonderful to see the theatre full all three nights.


Keep Moving Forward

Some parents who frequent the drop off zone may have noticed our new signs, with the

reminder to "Keep Moving Forward".  Please remember when using the zone that you are to stay in your vehicles and keep moving forward. Move forward as far as possible before collecting or alighting passengers to allow other vehicles to fit in behind you. If vehicles are already in the zone, please go to the end of the queue (around the gum tree in the staff car park, then back around and turn left into the zone). Please do not pull in front of other vehicles that have waited in the queue. If everyone keeps moving forward, it will make this safer for students, and faster for parents/drivers. We thank you for your cooperation.


School Photos

Please remember that school photos are coming up on Tuesday 22 May. All students should be in full winter uniform. If students have PE on the day, they should wear the formal uniform to school and bring the PE uniform to change into for that lesson.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

The Primary Playground is a very busy place. Each morning, before any students arrive, Mr Mason is busy using the blower to clear the path of any leaves or twigs.  And then the students start to arrive and the fun begins. The climbing frames, monkey bars, flying fox and slide are soon being used by active students, using up some energy before class begins.  In the sandpit, there are usually some creative students digging and building. On some days, the students make castles and tunnels, or roads and bridges, or little homes for small toys. There is so much happening.  


People may think that the students are just playing but they are learning so many useful life skills. Climbing helps to develop peripheral vision and their knowledge of where their bodies are in space, as well as developing their muscles and strength.  Solving problems, following rules and negotiating with friends are also very much a part of playground games.


One day last week, I was watching the students playing when I noticed a Year 3 student helping a Prep who couldn’t quite reach the flying fox. Not long after that another student came up to a student sitting on the Friendship Bench, and invited the child to come and play. It was wonderful seeing the students helping each other and showing our Bayside values.


Sometimes a student may experience a problem in the yard and need to seek the assistance of the yard duty teacher to solve it.  Very soon, ‘The Peacemakers’ will be promoted in the Primary School, involving peer mediation, to help students, as a step prior to going to the yard duty teacher. Please watch out for information about this new initiative being developed by Mrs Ryan with the Year 6 students. ‘The Peacemakers’ will be wearing bright orange vests so that they are easily identifiable by other students.


Speaking about the playground, I would like to thank the McLaren Family, for their extremely generous donation of the new sandpit covers for both the Primary and ELC sandpits. This very  practical and generous gift is very much appreciated.


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Across the College

From the Head of Secondary

I have recently been studying a Masters unit in educational leadership that focuses on the role of various stakeholders in the school community.


I would like to take this opportunity to let you, as parents in our community, know that you are very valued. I have included an excerpt from my assignment, which I do believe may be helpful to you in terms of understanding the important role that you have to play as a stakeholder in our College community.


The Parent as Stakeholder

Parents have the primary responsibility for nurturing their children in God’s ways, they are the ones commissioned by God to ensure that their children receive an education that is God-centred and God honouring (Fennema, 2006/2014, p. 8). Scripture is filled with exhortations to parents reminding them of their obligations to educate their children in both the Old and New Testaments: “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6), and “Fathers do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4). Having said this, the unique and primary role of the parent-educator cannot exist in isolation. Parents have the authority to choose a school for their children and, as such, it is important for them to prayerfully discern the degree to which the Spirit and the Word have transformed it and the degree to which it is faithful in actual practices to biblical norms for education (Fennema, p. 13). Once a parent has chosen to enrol their child in a Christian school, they are encouraged to understand that the office of parent carries with it certain rights and obligations.


The rights and obligations of a parent as a stakeholder in the school community is both valued and respected. Parents are also encouraged to become involved in the life of the school and in this sense form a partnership with their child in their education (Fennema, p. 19). Parents need to gain a certain level of expertise in the understanding of the curriculum development in Christian education and have the right to hold that school accountable when it fails to honour and practise these biblical norms (Fennema, 2006/2014, p. 18). Parents need to be able to allow room for differences on minor theological issues and learn to embrace and enjoy diversity in the body of Christ as they relate to other members of the school community (Fennema, p. 19). Parents owe it to the unity of the school community to follow the Matthew 18 principle when dealing with a problem by going directly to the person involved and not discussing the issue with others.        


Each stakeholder in our community has various roles, rights, privileges, authority and responsibilities and I hope that this small excerpt from my assignment will be helpful to you as a member of our Bayside community.


Your role is both valued, honoured and respected.


Blessings in Christ


Shirley Patterson

Head of Secondary

'THE SECRET GARDEN' THE MUSICAL – a word from one of the directors

Bayside’s musical production of 'The Secret Garden', opening in less than two weeks, promises to be a great night out for the whole family. Bayside Christian College has one of the best reputations on the Peninsula for talent and calibre of productions, and 'The Secret Garden' is no exception.


This timeless story tells of a bitter angry young girl who, having lost both her parents, is sent to live in England with her uncle, far away from the only home she has ever known. When she discovers a secret garden, she is determined to revive the beauty that once was and begins to peel away the sadness that covers the house and the garden. 'The Secret Garden' is a powerful story showing the power of forgiveness and reminding us that nothing is beyond God's redemptive love.


With 40 talented cast members and over 50 Primary students featured, we’d love you to come along and support this wonderful school community event. Not only is it a beautiful story, but your support will speak volumes into Bayside’s Performing Arts and future productions in the years to come.


Coral Vass 

Production director.


Ticket sales

In the Trees

Year 8 OES students visited the Dandenong Ranges National Park and Trees Adventure in Belgrave last week. We were blessed with awesome weather and the students all worked incredibly hard to overcome challenges during this field trip.


Ken Berry

Secondary Teacher

Year 7 OES

On Thursday 19 and Friday 20 April, the Year 7

OES class had the wonderful opportunity of attending an overnight hike at Bunyip State Park. With beautiful daytime temperatures and very cold night temperatures, the students did an amazing job of staying warm, cooking for themselves and hiking with their packs on. All students did an amazing job and a great time was had by all.


Dan Briglia

Secondary Teacher

New Campus

Over the past few weeks, 500 native/indigenous shrubs and grasses have been planted out on the new campus landscape. Our local Frankston Council Nursery provided advice, discounted rates and equipment to complete the planting project. 


It has been such a blessing over the last few years to see the progress at 97 Robinsons Road. 

Years 11 & 12 Happenings 

Welcome back to all our students! It is good to see all of our Years 11 & 12 students quickly settling back into the school routine as we enter the final stages of Unit 1 and Unit 3.


VCAL students are running a series of projects this term, as they complete their first unit. The first of these was a ‘Style for cancer’ day on Tuesday. There will also be a Mothers' Day evening coming soon. Students also ran their first Hastings market stalls on Thursday.


As a school, one of our core purposes is to "nurture in students the development of a biblical understanding of the world and of life". One of the ways that teachers help students to do this is to help them understand the concept of 'worldview’' Years 11-12 teachers are currently reading through a book called "What is the Christian Worldview", from which an excerpt is included here:


"A worldview -or "world-and-life view"… is the structure of understanding that we use to make sense of our world. Our worldview is what we presuppose. It is our way of looking at life, our interpretation of the universe, the orientation of our soul. It is the "comprehensive framework of our basic belief about things," or "the set of hinges on which all our everyday thinking and doing turns."" (p.7)


As a Christian school, the worldview from which we approach life is that God is the beginning and foundation of all things. "The Bible does not present God as the conclusion to some logical proof, or as a mystery beyond our comprehension, but as the basic premise upon which everything else in the entire universe is built... We do not begin with ourselves, but with God.” (pp. 11-12). As a result, we challenge students to consider life through this worldview - considering how they respond to others and to learning - as they think about what it means to be good stewards of all that God has created.


Please continue to stay in touch with teachers as we move through these final years of schooling. It is always helpful for teachers to be able to work together with parents if there are any challenges causing stress at home for students, as well as to be able to celebrate together in the exciting times!


Thank you to Mrs Dawson who met with all Year 12 students this week. I will be meeting with each Year 11 student throughout next week.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Year 11/12 Co-ordinator

A word from our Captains

We hope the everyone had a lovely and refreshing break and are ready to get back into school! We trust that everyone also had great time remembering and celebrating the resurrection of Christ Jesus, an incredible gift he gave us, when he took away our burdens.


Throughout this week we remember the Anzacs - so many brave people put their lives on the line to represent our country so we could live the lives that we are able to live now. We are so thankful of how they impacted our present community.  


We are looking forward to another great term, where small changes and improvements are beginning to be put into action by the hard working leaders from Years 7-12. We hope that this term for everyone, is just as great as the last!


Grace Gaskell & Annabelle Hames

College Captains


On Monday 23  April, Bayside Christian College paid its respects to the soldiers of war. The Board, parents, teachers and all the students honoured those who served us. Wreaths were laid at a flagpole in honour, and everyone was brought together in a minute of silence and commemoration. Bayside remembered the Australians and New Zealanders who had served us.


Accompanied with the assembly was a talk about the history of Australia in wars and conflict, looking at specifically why we remember. There was also an arcapella group  that sung to us ‘Reckless Love’, a song detailing the recklessness of God's love and how He has been good to us. Bible verses were also shared and the love of God was remembered.


Jarryd Wyatt

College Vice Captain


A Class that is the Same as any Other, in the Sense that it is not Like any Other.

Within Literature, students are exploring different writing forms and learning how it will affect their understanding of text. We have been stretched to look deeply into how form, period and style impact meaning, and how critical interpretations offer varying perspectives on texts. The study challenges us to write in light of our faith and express our beliefs as we grow in our journey with Christ.


Guest Speaker Visit: A Primary Experience

On Monday, the Year 12 Literature class was blessed to have Joy and Isaac from Years 1/2 join our class. We had the pleasure of listening to them read their favourite stories and hear why they liked them and why they chose to read them to us. We were reminded how young hearts approach reading with joy and a sense of discovery. It helped us consider how we might have a child-like, faithful approach to our reading and writing. A big thank you to Joy and Isaac for joining our class!


Kristen Mackenzie & Chloe Piening

Units 3&4 Literature Students

Subject in focus - VCD

Year 11 Visual Communication Design students

have been exploring the use of pattern to inspire design. For this project, students were required to apply their designs to a complex origami cardboard stool that would proposed for use at the 'Good Design Awards' presentation evening.

Subject in focus - Legal Studies

Last term Years 11 and 12 students participated in an excursion to the County and Supreme

Courts. We began with a tour of the Supreme Court, where students participated in a mock trial and visited the beautiful Supreme Court Library.  They then experienced a closing address by the prosecution in a murder trial which was later reported on in newspapers. We then headed to the County Court where students had first hand experience of the workings of the County Court and also had the opportunity to to converse with a County Court Justice in an informal manner. This was an eye opening experience for students and provided a valuable insight into the role of a judge and the workings of our legal system.


Leading into this term, Unit 1/2 Legal Students have been completing an in-class SAC, researching a criminal offence in depth. They have investigated the elements of the crime, the laws relating to the crime, current statistics and impacts of this crime on individuals and society. Students have also begun to think about how to see this area of the law through a Biblical lens.

VCAL circus workshops

On Tuesday our VCAL students went to the

Frankston Arts Centre to learn about the

various things that take place behind the scenes at the theatre, and possible career options. Students also participated in a circus workshop where they participated in a variety of acrobatic feats as they learnt the importance of working together.

Community Groups

Chess club (Chris Ashcroft)

The first chess club session ran to astounding success, with many students coming to play. It did not matter if they won or lost their match, everyone enjoyed checking it out and bonding over some mental exercise. I’m happy to say it will be running again soon so many more people will be able to come and enjoy themselves on a Monday.


Community Garden (Riley Hutchison and Luke Tanner)

This term for our Community project, Luke and I decided to refurbish the veggie patches near the Primary School chicken coop. We will also be planting fruit trees within the area. Once the six veggie patches have been refurbished and are ready for use, each Primary School year level (1-6) will have one patch each, as well as a shared responsibility for the fruit trees and a herb garden. Through allowing the students to maintain the patches, trees and herb garden, it will help them become more aware of healthier eating and give them the interest of growing food at home.

Mothers' Day evening

Dear Mums,


We are holding a beautiful Mothers' Day evening especially for mums with kids in Years 11-12 (siblings welcome). We are wanting to celebrate and spoil the mums to say ‘thank you’ for being the best. If you are interested, come down to Bayside on Wednesday 2 May at 7pm in the G Block Gym for pampering and sweets.


We hope to see you there.


Please RSVP - [email protected] by 1 May.


House Cross Country Monday 30th April - period 5 for Years 11-12


Coles Sport for Schools

The Coles Sports for Schools promotion has now come to an end. If you have any vouchers at home please bring them in as soon as possible.



  • Year 10 students are encouraged to get their work experience forms back to Ms Dawson ASAP. Forms will not be accepted after 1 June.
  • Eastern College (Wantirna) is running an Open Day on 8 May from 5-9pm, including dinner at 5:30pm. They offer training in Education, Youth Work, Creative Arts, Ministry, Theology and Counselling. Find out more here.
  • Monash is running its annual seminar series over the next six months. Coming up in the next month are seminars in the following study areas: Business, Science, Arts, Criminology, Pharmacy, Health Science, Biomedical Science, Radiography, Radiation Science and Nutrition, Education, IT, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy & Paramedicine, Education and Engineering. Visit their website to find out more and to register your interest: 

Years 11/12 

  • A reminder to students participating in Chisholm VET that Friday classes will not run next week (4 May) along with all VET Building & Construction classes on Wednesday 2 May 2.

Claire Dawson

Careers & VET Co-ordinator

Open Day

All current and enquiring families are invited to join us at our annual Open Day on Saturday 5 May from 10:30am-1:30pm. The day will include:

  • Campus tours,
  • Free children’s activities,
  • Food & drinks (sausage sizzle, coffee etc.), and
  • Displays & performances.

Why not come along and join in the fun?! All our teachers will be available for a chat.




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