09 March 2018
Week 1.6 - Issue 3
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Jesus said to his disciples:
“When you do good deeds, don’t try to show off.
If you do, you won’t get a reward from your Father in heaven.
When you give to the poor, don’t blow a loud horn.
That’s what show offs do in the meeting place and on the
street corners, because they are always looking for praise.
I promise you that they already have their reward.
When you give to the poor, don’t let anyone know about it.
Then your gift will be given in secret.
Your Father knows what is done in secret, and he will reward you.”

Matthew 6:2-4.
St Norbert, pray for us.

From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College

The St Norbert College Community respectfully acknowledges the past and present traditional owners of this land on which we meet, the Whadjuk people. It is a privilege to be standing on Noongar country. We acknowledge the contribution of Aboriginal Australians and non-Aboriginal Australians to the education of all children and people in this country we all live in and share together – Australia.


This Acknowledgement of Country is a gracious attribute at the commencement of all College events. Whilst seemingly small in effort, it is grand in the spirit in which our students and staff often deliver this acknowledgment. This forms a wonderful base from which we can continue to educate our young people to work together for a future, which Kevin Rudd 10 years ago as the then Prime Minister suggested, is “based on mutual respect, mutual resolve and mutual responsibility”.


Ten years ago, Prime Minister Rudd proclaimed that “we honour the Indigenous peoples of this land, the oldest continuing cultures in human history” and in doing so expressed a National Apology to the Stolen Generation. In a previous newsletter, I stated that we, as a Catholic community at St Norbert College, are committed to working with the survivors of the Stolen Generation and their families towards truth, justice and healing.


I believe the significant link between our campus and traditional ownership gives us much cause for acknowledgement and reflection. In the coming months of this year, we will embark on appropriate initiatives which we hope will reflect the importance and significance that we place on this connection. We are very lucky to have Mrs Geraldine Martin, our Aboriginal Teaching Assistant here at the College to assist our students, staff and community to enhance our cultural competence in this regard.


The end of this week saw a much anticipated College event – our annual Open Day in which we welcome members of our community, past, present and prospective. My sincere thanks to all involved especially Ms Rainford and the Open Day Committee, for all of their efforts in bringing the day together. I would also like to acknowledge our Student Tour Guides who provide such a wonderful first impression for our guests, giving them with a glimpse of that which we are most proud of here at St Norbert College.


At the commencement of the tours, I have the privilege of welcoming those in attendance and I take much pride in announcing what it is that I hope each person will witness. I felt it worthwhile sharing what it is that is evident here at our College and witnessed by all present.


My hope for all in our community is that they see the buildings and appreciate what and whom contributed to having these facilities, but more importantly, feel the atmosphere and sense of community that permeates our College. My hope is that we feel and experience students and teachers passionate about learning and enthusiastically proud of their College, students who strive to constantly develop their holistic selves. My hope is that we all witness the visible signs of the strength of our community, our dedication to our College motto Ad Omnia Paratus, demonstrating that we are all of one mind and one heart.

God Bless

Mr S Harvey (Principal)

Deputy Principals

Parent Committee Meeting

The Parent Committee will be meeting at 6.00pm on Tuesday 13 March in the Br Patrick Forum. We would love to see more parents attend. The meeting will be followed by the first Parent Seminar for the year, learning how to navigate the MacBook and SEQTA Engage Portal. Please remember to bring your child’s Macbook with you as well as their password. The seminar is in the Br Patrick Forum and commences at 7.00pm.


The new College Diary

Did you know that the College Diary is filled with important interactive content waiting to be discovered? See Page 19 of the Diary and download the free Blippar App to see what’s new!


Ms S Rainford (Deputy Principal Years 8,10,12)


Dean of Studies

Practice with Purpose

One of the interesting insights that has emerged from Ericsson’s 'Science of Expertise' is that we all follow similar patterns for any skill we learn, whether we learn as school students, or later in life as adults. The common pattern identified is that we start off with a general idea of what we want to do, then we proceed to receive or get some instruction from a teacher, coach, book or website. We then practice or are taught until we reach an acceptable level, and we let the skill or knowledge gained become automatic.

However, Ericsson claims that once you reach this satisfactory skill level, or automated level of performance, you actually stop improving. People often misunderstand this because they assume that the continued habit or performance is a form of practice and if they keep doing it they are bound to get better at it, slowly, but better nonetheless.

The research shows that generally speaking, once a person researches that level of 'acceptable' performance and automaticity, the additional years of 'practice' don’t lead to improvement. In fact, automated abilities gradually deteriorate in the absence of deliberate efforts to improve. Thus, the assumptions might include examples such as: someone driving for 20 years must be a better driver than someone driving for five years; a doctor practicing medicine or even a teacher that has been doing something the same way for a long period of time.

Ericsson has identified this phenomenon as ‘Naïve practice’ (just doing something repeatedly, and expecting that the repetition alone will improve one’s performance). Instead, the ideal approach according to Ericsson is to strive for, ‘Purposeful practice’, whereby the learning has well-defined or specific goals, is focused, involves feedback and requires the learner to move out of their comfort zone. The key strategy, whether it be practicing a skill, learning a new concept or revising through your notes, is to 'try differently' rather than 'try harder'. Part of the learning is to review your technique for learning or practice, and with the guidance of an expert teacher or coach, move in a different direction. The trust placed in the teacher or a coach is because they are someone who is familiar with the obstacles you’re likely to encounter and can suggest ways to overcome them.

An important reminder is that maintaining the focus and the effort required for purposeful practice is hard work, and it is generally not fun, and meaningful and positive feedback is one of the critical factors in maintaining the motivation to learn and improve. The feedback can be internal (such as the satisfaction of seeing yourself improve at something) or external (provided by others), but it makes a huge difference in whether a person will be able to maintain a consistent effort which is necessary to improve.

Host Families – Visiting students

In 2018, the College will continue to seek families to assist with hosting students that will visit and attend St Norbert College from Japan and Italy, and we are calling for expressions of interest in hosting. The opportunity to host these students will provide an amazing experience for them and for you as the host family. The feedback we receive indicates there is great value in becoming an, 'Aussie' host, which is heartwarming, and we encourage you to support these amazing experiences.

If you are considering becoming a host for a student please contact either Mr Anthony Godden (Japan Host Family) or Ms Diana Tersigni (Italy Host Family) at the College on 9350 5433 for further information.

Application for Special Examination Arrangements – ATAR Course Examinations 2018

Students (candidates) enrolled for WACE (ATAR) Examinations who have a permanent or temporary disability, illness and/or specific learning disability that could disadvantage them in demonstrating their knowledge, skills and understandings in standard assessments, may have their school apply to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority to sit ATAR course examinations under special arrangements. Applications can be made for the written and/or practical examinations. Please contact the College as soon as possible as the closing date for the receipt of applications is Thursday 5 April.

Important Assessment dates 2019

Please note the attached upcoming events for your diary and planning.

Mr R Dowling (Dean of Studies)

Pastoral Care

Five Ways to Encourage Better Body Image Within Your Family


They say children are like sponges and imitate what their parents do and say. This can be cute but it can also become a problem, especially if what they are imitating is body-shaming and negative self-talk about food. This is not effective and can often cause negative side-effects for your children and family. But it doesn't have to be that way. Read on to learn how you can talk about food and bodies without planting the seed of shame. 


Teach attention to and identification of body sensations, such as tiredness, hunger, etc. 
Help your children to identify what they are experiencing in their bodies. It is so easy for us to just think, 'Man, you are cranky today' or 'He is whiny because he is tired'. It can be really helpful for kids to focus on what their body is telling them. Have a conversation with your child — How do you feel when you are getting sleepy? Maybe give them some ideas. For example, 'When I get sleepy, things that are normally easy for me can start to seem hard and sometimes my body feels really slow and heavy'. Once your child learns that their body gives them important information, they can also learn that they can take action to take care of it. What helps you when you are feeling sleepy? Have these kinds of little conversations about feeling hungry, needing attention or love, being scared, all kinds of experiences that we can feel in our bodies. Here's the tough part, parents — in teaching your children to take care of their own body's sensations and needs, you need to model taking care of your own. So, are you feeling tired? What could you do to help you to recover a little bit? 

Encourage exploration of individual strengths, rather than pushing a mould

The family sport may be baseball, but if your child's hand eye coordination isn't where it may need to be for them to enjoy and feel successful at baseball, allow them to explore other sports or activities that might help them find a sense of accomplishment. Encourage all your children, but especially those under 10 years old, to experiment with different activities and have fun discovering all the varied ways to be active. Invite family play that includes touch, stretching, silly non-choreographed movement or dancing, or exploration of their senses, all ways for your children to discover their own bodies and what it can do and feel.
Focus on eating for energy and pleasure  
Food tastes good and food fuels us to live our lives, but so often we talk about food and the way we eat it as though it says something about our values or ethics as a person. How often have you said, in front of your kids, 'Oh I shouldn't eat that' or 'I was so bad for eating that ice cream'. Help your children focus on food choices with as little shaming as possible. And the best way to do this is to model that attitude with yourself and your choices. For example, saying 'Cookies sound good, but I know I have a busy afternoon ahead of me so I am going to have something that will give me more energy' or 'I would love one of your brownies and I am going to sit here and really enjoy it'. These responses are not shame-based and they show food as an ally to support you in feeling good and functioning the way you want to.
Do not allow teasing about bodies in your house  
Very often I hear dads say that they used to bond with their kids through playful teasing and then when puberty hit their kids suddenly starting taking it so seriously. Yes, part of teen development is to be very worried about being 'normal' and living up to external standards. For several years it becomes very hard for teens to joke about themselves. This does not mean that they have permanently lost their sense of humour, although it may feel like that. However, teasing through this time in their lives or any other can be very painful and can shut down lines of communication between you. I also hear teens, and adults, say that teasing from siblings was an incredibly painful part of growing up and often still stings. Have family ground rules set in place that no one (including parents) gets teased about how their body looks or works. Find other ways to joke and be playful that are non-critical.
Teach children to look at media and fads with a critical eye  
Here's the thing about this one — I say with a critical eye, not with your critical eye. You cannot force your children to see things your way, although many have tried. What you can teach them is to ask questions about what they see, to think about unseen consequences or motivations, to know that they have the right to disagree even with things that are hugely popular. Watch TV or listen to the radio with your children, and invite conversation about what is happening. Ask your children what they think about something at least as often as you share what you think. Have a night when TV watching is a game and you have to yell out every time someone talks about being on a diet or every time you see a woman in underwear (this happens often even during children’s’ programming hours). Have fun, be loud, and then talk about what they think about seeing those things on TV so often. Nominate other things to look for in TV that you want to start a conversation about.


This article was taken from Generation next blog, please read the full article here:


Pastoral Care Team

Year 10 Geography

Year 10 Geography

On Tuesday  27 February, Mr McGoorty and Ms Silva’s Year 10 Geography classes went on an excursion to Point Peron, Rockingham as part of our studies of coastal processes and management. The excursion was an excellent opportunity to put the knowledge of what we had learned and discussed in the classroom into practice.


Some of the sights we visited included: Cape Peron, Warnbro Sound, Mersey Point, and Longreach Bay. At each site, we studied coastal landforms and rock formations and looked at the strategies put in place to sustainably manage coastal environments. A particular highlight was the walk trail around Point Peron itself and climbing the stairs to the lookout to observe Shoalwater Bay, Rockingham, Mangles Bay and beyond. The weather was a bit cold and windy in the morning, however, as the day went on the temperature warmed up and we had a perfect afternoon for conducting our fieldwork. We concluded the day with lunch at Rockingham foreshore and this was a great way to end a good day out. The Year 10 Geography classes would like to thank Ms Silva and Mr McGoorty for organising the excursion and Ms Pisconeri and Ms Hyland for attending and helping out on the day.

Ellie Barbato, Sarah Hegney and Natalia Ashcroft-Buck

Year 10 Geography students

Year 11 Integrated Science

Reef Walking

Last Wednesday, St Norbert College's Year 11 Integrated Science class went on an excursion to Trigg beach. In the morning we met with the department of fisheries students who introduced us to the rocky shore and reef around us.

They discussed the organisms that inhabit different areas of the reef and how they have adapted to do so. After this, students set up transects along the reef and waded through the water to record both biotic and abiotic information. After our information was collected on the reef we all embarked on a nature walk along the west coast highway, here we could see how the coastline changes and how humans have impacted our environment. After a stop off at Sorrento Quay for some lunch, the group made their way to the Aquarium of Western Australia. Here students studied the wonderful living things that habitat Western Australia. It was a fun educational day, enjoyed by students and staff. I would like to thank Mr Hodgen and Miss Fogliani for giving up their day to help supervise this excursion.

Ms S Gardner (Head of House - Kilnacrott)

The Arts

Instrumental/Vocal Music Lessons

Commencing and Ceasing Tuition

No student may commence or withdraw from instrumental tuition without a written request from a parent or guardian. To commence tuition, parents must fill in the Application for Instrumental/Vocal Tuition Form available from Performing Arts Administration in the Xanten Performing Arts Centre. In order to cease tuition at the end of Term 1 without financial penalty, Performing Arts Administration must receive written notice from parents by Friday 30 March 2018.



Notice of Lesson Absence

Tutors must be contacted by 8.15am on the morning of the student’s lesson in order to be advised of illness; failure to contact the tutor will result in a charge being made for the scheduled lesson. Performing Arts Administration (tel: 9350 5433) should be contacted by 8.15am if the tutor cannot be contacted directly. For all other student absences (including tests, exams, excursions, athletics carnivals, medical appointments and the like) students must inform their tutor at least one week in advance. Failure to give this notice will result in a charge being made for that lesson.

Mr C Beins (Head of Learning Area – The Arts)

Wellbeing Wednesdays

Wellbeing Wednesdays

Over the past two weeks during extended Homeroom time, all students have been involved in Wellbeing opportunities to promote positive relationships and to have more fun. It’s been great to see students and staff involved in a variety of different activities which include juggling, meditation, mindfulness, colouring in and different games which includes paper plane making competitions.  

Thanks to the Homeroom teachers especially who have embraced the challenge of organising their students, and understanding the importance of this time. These activities will continue on Wednesday mornings throughout the year and we look forward to our Homerooms continuing to be an important pastoral and supportive time in the school day.    


Mr B McGrath (Head of House – Prémontré )


Changes to after school sport pick up location

Please be advised that the new pick up location for students after SASj sport will be in the Xanten Performing Arts Centre carpark. Access to this carpark is available from Centre Street. Supervision will be provided to students in this area only.

Mr M Price (Head of Sport)

St Norbert College Receives Sporting Schools Funding

Sporting Schools is an Australian Government initiative designed to help schools increase children's participation in sport, and to connect them with community sporting opportunities. Sporting Schools has developed a targeted program for secondary school students in Years 7 and 8, in order to address the barriers that prevent teenagers from participating in sport. The program for secondary schools also aims to provide greater access to tailored resources and support where it is needed most. 

Our College was successful in securing funding to enhance our delivery of Tennis within our Physical Education Curriculum in Year 8 in Term One. Many thanks need to go to Tennis Australia for supplying over $1600 worth of tennis equipment and two expert coaches from Manning Tennis Club.

Sporting Schools has already funded over 150 secondary schools and aims to fund more schools each term, giving Year 7 and 8 students the chance to enjoy and sample a variety of sports.

Mr S Hodgen (Head of Health and Physical Education)


Year 8/9 SASj Boys Cricket

Our young cricketers have shown plenty of talent in the first four rounds of the season. After a close loss in their first game, the boys defeated Carey at home before a comprehensive victory against Seton. Dalton King, Taj Hewitt and Armeyas Djene-Teklu have dominated with the bat, while Liam Isles, Tomos Williams and Flynn Beckwith have excelled with the ball. Currently sitting in second place on the ladder, the team is looking forward to continuing its strong form in the second half of the season.

Mr M Biddle (Community Relations and

Marketing Officer)

Year 10 SASj Boys Basketball

Perseverance has been on full display for the St Norbert’s Year 10 SASj Basketball team during the 2018 season. A never-say-die attitude is still yet to yield a win, but the continued progress and growth of the players under first year Head Coaches Mr Houwen, Lennon Butler (Year 12) and Ethan McShane (Year 11) will undoubtedly yield dividends in the form of success in the future for the team. So far in the season, a tough stretch has seen the team come up just short in a narrow one-point loss to Ursula Frayne and a defeat to Seton. The team has struggled to start games, however, when defensive pressure was increased the team began to close out second halves strongly. Stand-out performances have come from Jacob Tomkinson who single-handedly scored 10 points in the final three minutes to narrowly miss a buzzer beater vs Ursula Frayne. Another came vs Seton where guard Kieran Overmars hit an outstanding four three-pointers in a row. Deklyn Simms, who is new to the College, has been a shining light on the defensive end but sometimes he does confuse his abilities with those of Stephen Curry when he attempts his half court shots. Despite the end results of many of the team’s contests, the team has had a strong season in all areas. Many players have proven their ability to accept the challenges given to them in a game. The team will strive to continue to improve for the remainder of the season and hopefully notch up their first win.

Mr Corey Houwen (Health and Physical Education Teacher)

Year 8/9 SASj Boys Touch

The boys have had a successful start to the season with two wins and a draw against some quality opponents. The wins were characterised by some high energy running and superb ball movement. With 18 players to choose from and seven players on the bench it has been hectic ensuring our rotations are effective. The boys have to be congratulated for their excellent organisation skills both before the game ensuring the team is properly warmed up and during the game following instructions and sticking to game plans. Well done and keep up the good work.

Mr S Hodgen (Head of Health and Physical Education)


Year 7 SASj Girls Basketball

Over the past few weeks the Year 7 girls have developed their basketball skills and have been put to the test. For our first few games we were unlucky to have lost but there has been some great team efforts shown throughout these games. Paige Craven Bower and Eliza Terrell have demonstrated their basketball knowledge by showing off their skills. Chloe Fitzgerald, although a netballer, has shown great efforts with her rebounding skills. Akeelah Mayhew and Kyra Daltyn have shown their feisty side when wanting the ball on defence. Along with the rest of the girls they achieved their first win in Week 6 against Corpus Christi 21-18. Well done girls.

Abbey Chehab and Tiana Rigden 

Mr L Ford (Specialised Basketball Coordinator)

UWA Engineering Day

UWA Exploring Engineering Showcase Day

The UWA Engineering Day was a fantastic opportunity where we were fortunate enough to discover and learn about all of the Engineering courses available at the University.

We took part in numerous activities, looking at chemical, environmental, civil, electrical, mechanical, biomedical and mining engineering. Our skills were put to the test with our civil project where we built earthquake resistant towers which turned out to be not so earthquake resistant, our environmental project for filtering water and the fascinating new field of biomedical engineering, in its first year at UWA. It was a great experience, that I would recommend to anyone who gets the opportunity.

By Oscar McDonald (Year 11)


Thank you to Miss MaGee for accompanying our four lucky students to participate in a day of Engineering discovery at UWA.

Mrs L Cardenia (Academic Excellence Coordinator) 

Cultural Corner

Harmony Day

Harmony Day is a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home. At St Norbert College, we have over 44 different nationalities that make up our diverse community. We celebrate our diversity, from the traditional owners of this land to those who have travelled from countries all around the world to be here. In recognition of Harmony Day 2018, St Norbert College will be holding its fifth annual Harmony Day celebration. On this day we will be acknowledging and embracing our multicultural identity in a whole school celebration as well as upholding the sense of belonging and respect for everyone.


On Wednesday 21 March the College will host a number of activities that identify the various cultures of the world. The events include a liturgical service, an International Food Fair and a World Cultural Performance. Staff and students can purchase samples of food from various countries at their designated food stalls. Food tokens will be on sale a week before the event outside the Student Ministry office during the lunch break. Each sample serve will be $1. A recommendation of $5 per student will be sufficient.


A senior student and a staff member will share stories about their heritage, giving an insight to their cultural identity and their journey to Australia. Students are encouraged to wear their traditional dress to school on Harmony Day.


We are looking forward to receiving food contributions for the International Food Fair from the College community. An email will be sent next week asking for your generous contributions.


Mrs C Miranda (Harmony Day Coordinator)

Where's My Bus App

New Bus Tracking App Available

Horizons West have recently started to use the ‘Where’s My Bus’ app, which allows parents and students to track the location of their school bus in real time. You can also use the app to calculate the best stop for you to catch the bus and to find out how soon you need to start walking. The app tracks each bus on the St Norbert College Bus service in the mornings and in the afternoon.


The app is for iPhones and iPads only at this stage, and can be downloaded for free from:


You will need to login with the following credentials:

Username: [email protected]

Password: snc1234


If you have any problems downloading, installing or using the app, please contact me via email: [email protected].

Mr M Biddle (Community Relations and Marketing)

YMCA Youth Parliament

YMCA Youth Parliament

The Western Australian YMCA Youth Parliament is an annual youth leadership forum that allows people aged 15-25 to talk about issues important to them in Parliament. Participants include people from all walks of life and from all corners of the State – anyone who has an opinion and wants to share it!


Participants become Youth Members of Parliament, charged with representing their peers from across Western Australia with some members having the opportunity to act in a leadership role as Premier, Leader of the Opposition, their Deputies as well as Ministers and Shadow Ministers. Youth Members work in Committees to write Youth Legislation, and then share that legislation with Members of the Western Australian Parliament. In essence, the Youth Parliament places young people in a forum where their opinions and concerns can be heard by the people who have the power to make change happen.


You don’t need to know anything about politics, governance or the parliament to be involved in the program, you just need to be passionate about youth issues – we will teach you the rest.

Please see the attached application pack.

If you have any further queries please don't hesitate to contact the Humanities Office on 9350 5433.


Dr A Runco (Head of Learning Area - HASS)



Uniform Shop


All New Students Only in Years 7-12


Tuesday 13 March       3.30pm - 6.30pm

Tuesday 20 March        3.30pm - 6.30pm

Tuesday 27 March        3.30pm - 6.30pm

Tuesday 10 April           3.30pm - 6.30pm

Please call or email uniform shop on a Monday morning or Thursday afternoon to make your appointment.



Thursday         19 April            1.00pm - 6.00pm

Monday            23 April            9.00am – 2.00pm

Thursday         26 April            1.00pm – 6.00pm


Extra Opening Hours

First Week Term Two

Monday 30 April                      9.00am - 12 Noon

Tuesday 1 May                         8.00am – 9.00am


Winter Trading Hours

Term Two and Term Three

Mondays         8.30am – 11.30am

Thursdays      1.00pm – 4.00pm

Coder Dojo

Come along to the Br Pat Forum after school on Tuesday afternoons (of each odd numbered week), from 3:30pm-4:30pm, and have some fun investigating the resources we have for you. There’s Sphero, Lego EV3 and Edison programmable robots, 3D drawing pens, Makey Makeys, and a whole trolley full of other good stuff to fire up your interest in programming and STEM-related projects. The Dojo is open to ALL year levels, and NO EXPERIENCE is necessary for any of it – that’s the whole point in the Dojo. Come and see how much fun you’re missing out on…Next one will be next Tuesday Week 8, 20 March and then on the following week as well, Week 9 – Tuesday 27 March.

Mrs S Mark  (Head of Learning Area – Technologies)

Mathematics Tutoring


Year 12 ATAR Enrichment Program at UWA


Class of 2008 Reunion

When: Saturday April 14, 2018

Where: The Merrywell, Crown Casino at 6.00pm

No booking or tickets required.

More information: [email protected]

Canning Districts Hockey Club


Perth Japan Festival


Coles Sports for Schools

At St Norbert College, we’re passionate about helping kids in our community lead a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we’re launching the Coles Sports for Schools program. During the Sports for Schools program, students' families will be able to collect Coles Sports for Schools vouchers for their school from Coles stores across Australia. When the program ends, schools can exchange those vouchers towards sporting equipment to encourage all kids to get healthy and active at school.

Spend and Collect - Every $10 spent at Coles during the program will earn a Coles Sports for Schools voucher. The more vouchers we collect, the more gear we could receive. The collection box has been placed in Student Services.

Mr S Hodgen (Head of Learning Area - Health and Physical Education)

Cyber Safety Parent Information Session

St Joseph’s School Queens Park


Paul Litherland from Surf Online Safe

An important information session for parents on how to protect our children in this modern age delivered by one of Australia’s leading experts in this field.

Monday 14 March 2018

6.30pm – 8.00pm

in St Joseph’s School Hall

We have been very fortunate to book Paul Litherland to talk to our school community again in 2018. Paul is a highly sought after expert in this field and he will discuss some very important topics related to keeping our children safe online. There was a lot of positive feedback from Paul’s parent session last year and we are looking forward to having more parents come along in 2018. All parents of St Joseph’s School,  St Norbert College and the local community are welcome

WA State Schoolboy and Girl Football (Soccer) Trials


Girls AFL - Talent Search


Studying in the USA


ACC All Stars - Netball Team 2018


Important Assessment Dates.pdf
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CANNING DISTRICTS HOCKEY CLUB notice for schools 2018.pdf
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WA State Schoolboy and State Schoolgirl Football Team Trials 2018.pdf
Talent Search 2018 - Female AFL.pdf
Studying in the USA.pdf
Netball player flyer 2018.pdf
2018 April School Holidays.pdf
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YMCA Application Pack 2018.pdf
YMCA Application Pack 2018.pdf
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