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27 February 2017
Issue Two
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Principal's Patch

Dear Parents

Last Friday we held the 2017 Leadership Badge Ceremony. We were thrilled to have support from many special guests including both of our local high school principals, Mr Stephen Loggie (PBC) and Mr Cameron Hodges (Elanora SHS), Mrs Nikki Robinson (our P&C president), Mrs Daphne McDonald (Division 13 Councillor), a rep for Mr Michael Hart (State member for Burleigh) and our inspiring guest speaker Olympic cycling gold medallist, Sara Carrigan OAM.  It was a special morning for the entire school to witness our 2017 student leaders receive their badges. Congratulations to all of these students. 


Drop Off & Pick Up

Thank you to everyone for following road safety rules and committing to keeping all of our PBSS students safe at these busy times of the day.  Recently the traffic at the front gate has been quite heavy and I urge everyone to please be patient and courteous to other drivers. Alternative meeting places for you and your child are at the back gate near the C&K Kindy or near the cricket nets on Lind Street. 

Please be aware that the local police and the council parking officers will continue to do checks around the school to enforce road safety.

Mathletics & Literacy Apps

The last payment of $25 for your child to access Mathletics and Spellodrome (Reading Eggs in Prep) is tomorrow, Tuesday 28th February. Non paying students will unfortunately have their current access removed by the end of this week. These programs are used for both homework and classroom tasks.  To this date there are only 254 students who have paid and this does not cover what the school has already paid out, or planned for with other apps such as Raz Kids. 

We were hoping  that the response would be much higher than this and ongoing support of these programs may have to be re-evaluated in future years. 

Random Reward Days

Last week on assembly we rewarded all Year 4 and Year 5 students with 100% attendance so far this year with a certificate.  We also did the same for any student who participated in the Waste Free Wednesday challenge. 

Throughout the year we will continue to select random rewards for attendance goals, classes/students in 100% correct uniform, and other guidelines that support PBSS policies. 

The smiles on faces with these surprise rewards are golden!


Principal's Conference

This Thursday and Friday I will be attending the Queensland State School Principal's Conference at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. This is held every second year and focuses on the vision and future direction of DET and best practice in education.  

Term 2 Interschool Sport

Year 4 - Year 6 Interschool sport is a feature of the curriculum that PBSS values. In recent years the cost of this has been restrictive for some families. As with everything we do at PBSS we aim to ensure that all educational experiences are as affordable and inclusive as possible, and therefore Term 2 interschool sport will be offered slightly differently in 2017 to ensure maximum participation for all interested students. 

The idea we are currently planning for is that all students pay a fee of $40, which is significantly lower than previous years. This includes all students who choose to participate in our school offered Learn to Surf program, and those selected to represent the school in netball, soccer and rugby league.  

We are able to offer this through the use of parent transport for soccer and rugby league. This should also alleviate the issues with buses running late each week as the bus will not need to go to three different venues across the coast on very busy Friday afternoons. 

Surf Option Clarification

At this stage we are investigating the option for two surf programs. The school offered Learn to Surf program will definitely go ahead at the $40 cost. This will involve the basic fundamentals of surfing and is not for experienced surfers as it will be held in thigh deep water. 

For more advanced surfers we are currently receiving prices from externally run surf schools. It is envisaged that the cost of this program will be significantly more than the $40 for the school programs. We will provide parents with more details about this as soon as possible. 


PBSS Facilities Parent Survey 

This week all families will receive a survey asking for parent input into the continued improvement of facilities at PBSS both in and out of the classroom.  Please take the time to complete this as it is important that we have as much input as possible to ascertain the preferences of the school parent community. Future fundraising by the P&C and the school facilities budget will be influenced by these suggestions.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey.

Baby Addison Upton

Congratulations to our Year 2/3 TLC Tyson Upton and his wife Susie on  the safe arrival of their first child, Addison.  


Kind regards


Sandra Thompson


Deputy's Desk

Year 6 Camp

The Year 6 students have reported that they thoroughly enjoyed their time at Lake Ainsworth. Tyreece from 6C said, "The experience was really enjoyable because of all the interactive activities that helped me learn more about teamwork." 

I was lucky enough to spend the Thursday night and Friday visiting the camp.  I was impressed by the facilities and the efforts of both the PBSS staff and camp staff who kept our students engaged and on the go. From lively night activities to energetic days and great food, our students did not stop the whole time! Student highlights included high ropes, sailing and the shopping fair.

Maddie from 6C reported that, "I found the camp really interesting because I got to try a variety of new things and we got to have one giant sleep over with our friends." I'm sure this experience will remain as a favourite memory for many years to come.

Waste Free Wednedsay

Last Wednesday was the first Waste Free Wednesday at PBSS. The sustainability education initiative was widely supported with teachers giving out 'Thank you' tokens to those students who participated. Every Wednesday we ask that your child's lunch contain as few items as possible that must be thrown away.  Reusable containers are a handy way to pack a waste free lunch and, as I walked around school last Wednesday, I observed a notable absence of litter AND very little rubbish in our bins.  By making this small change and participating in Waste Free Wednesdays, our students will have a better understanding of how we can take action to reduce our impact on the environment.

Thank you for your support in making sustainability a priority at PBSS.

Borobi Visit

On Friday, we are looking forward to hosting the 2018 Commonwealth Games mascot Borobi at our school.  Borobi will arrive at 9:30 and we will have a whole school assembly to welcome him to PBSS.


Gold Coast Suns visiting PBSS

Our grade 4-6 students are eagerly awaiting the Gold Coast Suns visit on Friday.  This week, the Friday sport program will involve a visit and workshops with GC Suns players. From 2pm, the players will run a community camp with our students.  This visit falls perfectly as The Suns players will be reinforcing the message given by Ms. Sara Carrigan OAM who spoke to our students about following dreams, persisting through challenges and setting personal short and long term goals.  

Student's of the Week

Prep G  - Jack

Prep N - Olive & Lucas

Prep S - Aurora  & Lily

1/2B  - Eve & Viktoria

1D - Jazaiah & Poppy

1K - Matt & Brayson

1R - Max & Josie

2E - Matthew & Olivia

2H - Kodi & Sari

2T - Kyle & Maya

3B - Matthew & Emilia

3M - Taj & Tahlia

3T - Leon & Jessicac

4H - Cameron & Grace

4L - Summer & Hudson

4S - Chelsea & Mia

5B - Anaya & Luke

5H - Isaiah & Jye

5P - Ezra & Kiarah

6B - Layla & Yoshimi

6C - Maddie & Kalani



Sport and Music News

Music Camp 


In week 10 of term two, SER Music offers advanced students from primary schools across the region to participate in a music camp at Tallebudgera Beach School.


Students go through a nomination process, and are then selected based on their ability, and what is required to create balanced ensembles.


The camp gives advanced students the opportunity to work in high level ensembles, and to learn more difficult repertoire than what we are usually able to use in school bands.


This recruitment process is currently underway and parents will be contacted in the near future if their child has been nominated. 

Thank You to Patrick

A huge thank you to Patrick, one of our very talented Year 5 students, who entertained us at the Leadership Badge ceremony with his piano recital of 'I'm a Believer'! 

Senior Singers

In 2017 we have advocated for a larger school choir. We currently have approximately 40 Year 4 and Year 5 students who attend practice regularly! 

Their singing of the Palm Beach State School song last Friday was wonderful and they presented themselves impeccably as a choir should. We look forward to more performances at future school events. 



Library and ICT News

CME Web... Making our school library resource catalogue available online!

Our students have access to the school library catalogue AND thousands of websites selected by educational staff from home.


What can CME - Web do?

  • Catalogue Searching – CME Web includes the AWESOME 'Partial Word Suggestions' search… you just type in a few letters of several words and it will prompt you with ideas… AND all the normal catalogue search tools you would expect to allow our students to search the resource catalogue by Subject, Title, Author and Series.  CME Web also contains powerful 'Related Topics' option to help researchers explore entire areas of interest and knowledge all starting with just a simple subject search...


  • Online Reservations – Our older student’s can send reservation notices  via a clickable 'Reserve' link on each catalogue item.  This function has no password protection.
  • GoTo links – Our catalogue includes links to various online resources that we think our researchers will find useful! Links include the Gold Coast library, BTN, Australian Museum, The Learning Place, ABC Splash, BBC Schools and even Google Safe Search right from our catalogue with a click!

View cmeweb online

P & C News

AGM 17 March, 5:00pm ( general meeting 5:30pm)

All welcome!

Did you know that as a parent of a student at our school, you are not automatically a member of the P&C? For P&C’s throughout the nation, to become a member you must first attend a general meeting (these are typically held on the third Wednesday of each month during school term) and present your membership application form in person, which is approved at the end of that meeting.


This means that should an issue arise during the school year which you feel strongly about, and you are not yet a member, you will not be able to vote on the matter until you have attended a general meeting first… i.e. you will qualify to vote at your second meeting.


The Annual General Meeting is the only meeting where a person may apply to become a member without being present.


We are fortunate at Palm Beach State School to have a P&C Assoc. and school administrators who take a consultative and cooperative approach.  To become a part of the process and ensure you’ll have your say, please either join us at our AGM, or submit a membership application beforehand.  Forms will be available at both the school website and the office, and you should receive a form home with your child this week. Alternatively, please contact us anytime at [email protected].

Book Club

Issue 2 flyers will be sent home this week with each student.  Did you know you can order Book Club products through the Scholastic LOOP app?  Download for FREE at the App Store or Google Play, follow the steps to register, place order and make secure payment – there’s no need to return the Order Form to school! 

By purchasing books through Book Club the school receives 20% to spend on resources for the school!  Please ensure you place your order by Wednesday 8th March.

Short on time?

Want to help out but don’t have time?  Busy parents don’t forget that even if you can’t volunteer your time in Tuckshop or at fundraising events, you can still help out by buying a coffee at school drop off, or ordering a meal deal for your child on special days.  Every little bit counts, and your contribution helps to ensure the survival of a quality Tuckshop at Palm Beach.

The Farmers Shed

The Farmers Shed is now open on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 2:15 – 3pm and on Friday mornings from 8:15 – 9:15am.  Have you got any costume jewellery or watches (that are in good condition/not broken) that you no longer need?  We’d love to see them donated to The Farmers Shed for us to sell! All funds raised go back to the school!  Pop by and see our wonderful volunteers Samantha and Bazil.


Kind Regards,


PBSS P&C Executive committee




Our Tuckshop is open Monday – Friday for both first and second break.


To place orders and to see the healthy menu options that are available, please visit  We do have a small menu available for those orders that need to be placed on a brown paper bag; this can be done in the morning before school starts at the tuckshop window.


We are open for over the counter snack sales during both Lunch and Afternoon tea breaks

Here are some of the items we sell:


20c for fruit pieces Watermelon, Apple and Orange

50c buys a Date and Oatmeal Cookie, Tortilla Chips, Choc Brownies, Apricot Bites, Yoghurt pops, popcorn bags, GF Banana Muffins all made in the tuckshop


$1.00 for Lemon Fizz iceblocks and Tuckshop made Watermelon and Mango Peach Ice Blocks

Whats New on the Flexischools Menu

  • Taco Tuesdays are back! Choose from Beef, Shredded Chicken and Salad Tacos
  • Thursdays is Sushi Day ... Avocado, Chicken Avocado, Chicken Teriyaki and Tuna
  • We also have Chicken San Choy Bau, available every day.

Volunteer Roster Tuckshop


Thursday       2nd March      Sue 

Friday             3rd March        Teneil le and Katie


Monday          6th March      Help needed

Tuesday         7th March      Yulia

Wednesday   8th March      Help needed

Thursday       9th March      Sue

Friday             10th March    Teneille


Monday          13th March    Help needed

Tuesday         14th March    Yulia

Wednesday   15th March    Help needed


Start typing your article in here...

How can I help?

Not sure how you can help in Tuckshop?  If you can make a sandwich then we need you!  Volunteers prepare food (such as sandwiches), place orders in bags, put all the orders in class Tuckshop boxes and; if you can stay for first break; help serve children.  We would love to hear from you, please come and see Cheryle at the Tuckshop.

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop

Our Uniform shop is open every Monday and Thursday from 8.30 – 9.00am, or order at your convenience anytime through Flexischools and your order will be delivered to your child’s classroom the following school day.


Uniform pricing –

Jackets $50.00

Polos $30.00

Shorts $30.00

Skorts $30.00

Hats    $15.00


If you’ve got just 30 minutes to spare in the mornings (8:30am-9:00am) we’d love to have some help in our uniform shop!  Tasks are to serve parents and students who are purchasing uniforms and filling any online orders.  Volunteering looks great on a resume, and you’ll get to make new friends while you’re at it, so if you can help out we would love to hear from you! Please come and see Cheryle at the Tuckshop for more info.


Winter Uniform

This week we have had a cooler day and therefore it is timely to revisit our winter uniform policy. To keep costs at a minimum these items are readily available at K Mart, Target, Big W etc  

  • In winter months students may wear the official school jacket or a plain navy blue sweatshirt (no hood) over the official school uniform and plain navy tracksuit pants.
  • Navy leggings and tights may be worn under the skort NOT on their own


Events Calendar



Photo: Advertisments

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Mateship Fundraiser


PBC Selective Entry Information Night


Free Breast Screening


Elanora State High SelectiveEntry Information Night


PBC Open Day (parents only)


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