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07 February 2017
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Principal's Report

Welcome back to another school year to all Marlborough families and a warm welcome to all of our new families. It has been extremely pleasing to see how well all of our students have begun the year and  how engaged all of the students are throughout all of our learning areas.

Professional Development

On the student free days at the beginning of this year, the professional development focus for our teachers was on using evidence to better differentiate teaching and learning for all students at Marlborough.  Our vision for the school is one where day-to-day learning is always at point-of-need for each student and they are all being challenged and extended in their learning every day.

To achieve this vision it is crucial that in our teams (Foundation, 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6), teachers work together, look at student data/assessment/evidence together and set differentiated learning tasks for all students. To enable this team-work, we have re-structured our Specialist timetable so that each time can get a block of time together to do this work.

We are aware that students master different skills and understandings at a different pace from each other and it is crucial that our instruction, learning tasks and learning environment can cater to this. At the beginning of our Professional Development day we watched this video below that spoke perfectly to how we view our aim for teaching and learning at Marlborough.

Family Fun Night

Next week, on Thursday 16th of February at we will be holding our Family Fun Night. There is further information in the PA section of the newsletter. I encourage everyone to come along to the night as it is a great way to meet other families in the community, welcome new families into our school and meet the staff in a casual and fun setting. I hope we get some nice weather and we have a great evening.

Information Nights and meeting your child’s teacher

At the start of the school year there is always a lot of information to pass on to families. In addition to fortnightly class letters via Compass, we feel it is important to have Information Nights in each learning area to share our plans, goals and expectations for the year and to give parents the opportunity to find out what your children will be learning. We have spread our Information Nights over 2 nights, so you will be able to attend different sessions if you have more than one child at the school.


Wednesday 22 February

5:00-5:45pm              5/6

6:00-6:45pm              3/4


Thursday 23 February

5:00-5:45pm              Foundation

6:00-6:45pm              1/2


In addition to the Information Nights, staff will be available over the next few weeks for 10-minute parent meetings when required.  If you don’t know the teacher well, you have particular issues/concerns or have some important information to share about your child then please contact your child’s teacher (in person or through Compass email)to make an appointment time.


As a leadership team we decided to do the start of the year meetings more informally than in previous years, and not have a set day for Parent-Teacher Interviews. The rationale for this is that many teachers already know the parents and students very well, other families will meet with the teacher for Student Support Group Meetings (SSG) and some parents are happy to just chat informally after school with their teacher. We are also mindful of the workload on our teachers and we want to make sure they are available to be at the Family Fun Night and Information Nights. We will still be having Parent-Teacher Interviews at the end of Term 2, following the end of semester report.

Naming the School Buildings

As mentioned at the end of last year, we are holding a competition to name our school buildings. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to use your creativity and  have some impact on the legacy of our school. These are the details of the competition:

  • The ‘Name the Buildings’ competition is open to all members of our school community, it could be a great family activity to brainstorm name ideas and work on this together
  • We have 5 buildings to name (formerly known as the ELC, Middle Unit, Senior Unit, Admin and Art building)
  • The names of the building have to be timeless, have some connection with who/where/what we are as Marlborough Primary School
  • The names of the buildings should not refer to the subjects or year levels in those buildings as these can change from year to year
  • The entries will be short-listed by myself and then go to School Council to make the final decision
  • Signs will be made to go on to each building and we will present a certificate to the winning entrants at Assembly
  • All entries should be delivered in hand to the office or sent to my email [email protected] with the subject hedaer ‘ Name the Building’ by Friday 4th March

Dates to remember


Wednesday 8th

  • PA Meeting - 7.30pm

Thursday 16th 

  • Family Fun Night - 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Wednesday 22nd

  • Grade 5/6 Information Night - 5pm to 5.45pm
  • Grade 3/4 Information Night - 6pm to 6.45pm

Thursday 23rd

  • Foundation Information Night - 5pm to 5.45pm
  • Grade 1/2 Information Night - 6pm to 6.45pm


Monday 13th

  • Labour Day Public Holiday

Wednesday 15th

  • Preps attend fulltime from today

Sunday 19th

  • Family Portrait Fundraiser










Pupils of the Week

The following students will be rewarded certificates at the next assembly on

Monday 13th February.


Congratulations to:


All of Prep A

For the amazing start to their first year at school.  I am so proud of how well you’ve settled in.  Awesome effort!

All of Prep B

For settling in SO well during their first week of school.  We are going to have a fantastic year!

All of 12A

For an amazing start to 2017.  You have all shown great enthusiasm and Mutual Respect to each other.  I know we will have a great year!

Oliver A    12B  

For being an excellent role model during independent reading.  You organise yourself quickly and show Mutual Respect by staying focussed on your reading.

All of 12C

A fantastic beginning to 2017. You are so clever, enthusiastic and ready to learn. What stars you are!

All of 34A 

For an awesome start to 2017! You are action packed academic apprentices that have already amazed us with your achievement in settling into our grade!

Soha V    34B

For settling in to school life at Marlborough Primary School, gaining confidence and making new friends!

All of 34C

For the most wonderful start to 2017.  We have all settled in so well to our new class and I know we are going to learn SO MUCH together.  You’re all superstars!

Taylor S    56A

For the enthusiastic way he has settled into our class and his new school. Taylor has wonderful manners.  A super start!

Annabelle C    56B
Nathan A
Callum K 

For a fantastic start to 2017 and the beginning of Grade 6. You have settled into 56B like you have always been at Marlborough Primary School. We love having you here.


The following students will be rewarded certificates at the following assembly on
Monday 20th February.


Congratulations to:


Xanthe N    00A

For her amazing reading skills. Xanthe was very brave to read in front of all the ‘Preparoonies’ as we searched for clues from the Gingerbread Man! What a superstar!

Jade S    00B

For always using her Attentive Listening skills and following the Safety First guideline in the classroom and playground. You’re a star, Jade!

Cooper F    12A    

For being a great role model in the classroom by doing his Personal Best and helping others to do the same. Great job, Cooper!

William M    12B

For remaining persistent when working on your calendar.  It was fantastic to see the high quality illustrations you drew to match your favourite month December and represent the season Summer.

Abbey S    12C

For showing her Personal Best by taking pride with all areas of her work.  Keep up the amazing work!

Emily B    34A

For having the confidence to share a ‘Success’ poem with the class.  Emily recited the poem fluently, clearly and engaged the class. Well done, Emily – you are a real asset to our class.

Salafai S    34B    

For being a cheerful, caring and thoughtful class member at all times!

Shannon C    34C

For being a fantastic Grade 4 role model. Shannon has helped teach everyone about our classroom and always looks for ways to make his peers feel included. Thank you so much, Shannon!

Zoe L    56A

For the fantastic start she has had to the year. Zoe has been so helpful and reliable in our class. Super start!

School News

Lost & Found

A small change purse made from a baby sock has been handed in at the office.  Please let us know if you can help find the owner.

Chaplain's Note

In my first Chaplain’s Note for the year, I would like to thank the school community for your ongoing support of the chaplaincy program.


Families who are new to the school may not know that the purpose of the chaplaincy program is to offer support to members of the school community including staff, students, parents and guardians. Primarily a pastoral care role, I use my counselling skills to assist children and adults with issues such as anxiety, self-esteem, family, friendship, social skills, grief and loss, school issues and more. I am employed at the school three days a fortnight, being every Thursday and every second Friday.


When seeking chaplaincy services for your child, parents and guardians are required to sign a Consent Form which is available from the office.


If you have questions about the chaplaincy program and the support being offered to our school community, please do not hesitate to contact me directly or to speak with your child’s teacher.

Dorothy Dullege
School Chaplain


2017 Camps, Sports, Excursion Fund

Attached is a copy of the application form for the 2017 Camps, Sports, Excursion Fund (CSEF).  Please note that even if you have applied for this in the past, a new application must be made each year.


If you have a current Health Care Card you may be eligible for this - please complete the form and return to the school office.  Hard copies are available from the office if you prefer.


Parent's Association

Next Meeting

Our first PA meeting will be held on Wednesday 8th February at 7.30pm in the school staff room.  This will be an informal meeting and we welcome any new families who would like to come along and see how the PA operates and contributes to our school community.  Wine and cheese provided!!


Family Fun Night

There will be a Family Fun Night on Thursday 16th February.  We will be having a sausage sizzle and some fun family activities.


Portrait Fundraiser

Due to the previous success of our Portrait Fundraiser, we have organised another this year to take place on Sunday 19th February.  Further details will follow shortly.


2017 Events

So far we have scheduled the following events for 2017:


Family Fun Night - 16th February

Family Portraits - 19th March

Easter Raffle - April

Mother's Day/Father's Day Stalls

Adult only night - event type to be confirmed - 17th June

Disco - 4th August

Car boot/Craft Market - 22nd October 


Shopping Tour - 11th November


If you would like to be part of any of the these events by helping our coordinators please contact Dora (please note that dates may change).



Out of School Hours Care







Community News






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