Kilsyth Primary School

30 June 2017
Issue Eleven
Kilsyth Primary School
9725 4320
Durham Road
Kilsyth, Victoria, 3137


Fundraiser Opportunity for our School

A fundraising opportunity has been offered to us. 


We all enjoy going to a movie now and then... with the holidays coming up it might be an family activity you are considering.


Reading Cinemas in Chirnside Park will provide our school with free movie tickets for us to use in raffles and other fundraising events.  


It works like this ...

1.  Print this page of coupons...

2.  When you attend Reading Cinemas, please present one of these coupons to go towards our fundraiser.

3.  For every 10 coupons handed in, we will receive a free movie ticket to go toward future fundraising activities.


Thank you for your support



From The Fundraising Team

Kilsyth Primary School
Reading Cinemas.pdf