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26 June 2017
Issue 9
YEAR 8 Significant Person Project
Lilydale High School
9735 5644
25 Melba Ave
Lilydale, VIC, 3140




Lilydale and Upper Yarra Education Plan

Lilydale High School has been included in state government planning money to develop an 'education plan' for the Yarra Valley with a view to maximising educational opportunities for all students.  


Over the course of the next few months, public consultation will take place including parent, student and teacher focus groups.


The aim is to make sure that we have a great state school system in place with access for all students, improved resources and sharing of best educational practice.


More information will be provided as I am updated.

Tech School Update

The Year 8 Science teachers have undertaken training at the Tech School to enable them to take their classes over to experience the program in Term 3.


The program at the Tech School begins with online learning in the preceding weeks followed by a visit to participate in activities.

The unit of work is then completed with post online work back at school, including relocation activities.  


We are looking forward to seeing how our students enjoy the experience.

Child Safe Guidelines

In the latter part of 2016,  I reported that all schools from the independent, catholic and government sector, had to comply with new child safe policies to ensure a safe and secure environment exists for all students.


Lilydale High School is compliant with both policy and procedures.  A statement of zero tolerance of child abuse in any form is on the school website, with links to policy and other information.


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to ensuring that we have everything in place to create a safe and secure environment.

Instrumental Music Evening

My thanks to Kate McAlister our Instrumental Music Coordinator, teachers, students and parents for a wonderful Mid Year Instrumental Music concert held on Wednesday 21 June.  Over 80 students from Years 7 – 12 performed on the night.   


Kate and the team of Instrumental Music teachers, Clancye, Stephen, Malcolm, Kent and Bronwyn, do a great job with the dedicated students taking them for lessons and lunchtime rehearsals.


Thanks also to Amy Cumming who contributes her time and talents to assisting with the program.

School Uniform - Hoodies

Lilydale High School is a school with a prescribed uniform.  Part of the expectation of students is that they are in uniform everyday. ‘Hoodies’ are not part of the uniform.


Lilydale High School jumpers, windcheaters and spray jackets can be purchased at our supplier, Lowes.


Parent and carer assistance in ensuring students are in uniform is greatly appreciated.  Any families who need assistance with uniform items should contact the Year Level Coordinators or Wellbeing team who will be happy to help. 

End of Term 2

As the term draws to a close this Friday, I’d like to thank staff, students and parents for another great term of learning and extra curricular activities at Lilydale High.  


Please enjoy a well deserved break and we’ll see students back at school on Monday July 17.


Wendy Powson




Tuesday 27

OE Two Bays Walking Track Excursion (27 to 30)


Wednesday 28

10 Athlete Development Excursion to Deakin University

Year 7 & 8 Pizza Lunch (Attendance Winners)


Friday 30

VCE Awards Assembly

End of Term 2 - 2.30 pm Finish



Wednesday 12  

Production Rehearsal (school holidays)


Thursday 13  

Production Rehearsal (school holidays)


Monday 17

Start of Term 2

Years 10 - 12 Immunisations


Friday 21

VCE Awards Assembly


Sunday 23​

Visit from Celebes Global School, Makassar (23 to 5 August)


Monday 31

Middle School & VCE Information Night

Year 10 into 11 Course Counselling

Year 11 into 12 Course Counselling

2018 Online Subject Selection OPENS



Thursday 3

Athletics Carnival


Monday 7

Year 10 MIPs Interviews


Tuesday 8

Year 11 MIPs Interviews


Tuesday 15

Year 9 Careers Day - Periods 1 to 4


Thursday 17

Year 9 Careers Day - Periods 1 to 4


Friday 18 

Student Free Day -  Staff Professional Development Day


Monday 28

Year 12 - Ross Huggard Visit


Thursday 31

Year 10 History Holocaust Museum Excursion

School Production - 7 pm

School Calendars

The following calendars are also available on our school website homepage from the News and Events tab;

  • Whole School Calendar
  • Junior School Calendar
  • Middle School Calendar
  • Senior School Calendar
  • Sports Calendar



2017 Term Dates

Term 2:  18 April (Tuesday) to 30 June

Term 3:  17 July to 22 September

Term 4:   9 October to 22 December



End of Term 2 - 2.30 pm FINISH

Student FREE DAY

Friday 18  August

Staff Professional Development Day.  Students are NOT required at school on this day.


Please note, this day was originally arranged for Monday 14 August, which is now a NORMAL school day for ALL students.

School Tour

Lilydale High School welcomes prospective families to visit and tour our School on Monday 24 July.


Scheduled school tours are conducted during normal school hours starting at 9.00 am to 10.20 am from the School Administration Office


Bookings are essential by calling 9735 5644.


Enquiries regarding transition to Year 7 should be directed to Tracey Hope or Jane Hemmings, Year 7 Transition Co-ordinators.

Immunisation Cards

Meningococcal W Vaccine

Students in Years 10 to 12

Monday 17 July


The Yarra Ranges Council immunisation service may contact you about the Secondary School Vaccine Program. 


Schools are authorised to provide basic parent/guardian contact details to local councils for this purpose. 


Please contact the school, via the General Office, as soon as possible, if you do not want your contact details given to the Yarra Ranges Council Immunisation service.



Years 7 to 10 Lockers

A reminder to all  students in Years 7 to 10,  school lockers will be painted over the holidays.  

Students must take home all their belongings including their padlock by Friday 30 June, last day of Term 2.


At the start of Term 3, students must remember to bring their padlock back to school, to secure all belongings.


If students have any questions, or forget their combination or their locker/padlock is faulty, they must see Mr Bechaz in the pod located in Room 63 or send an email. 


Robert Bechaz

Free Youth and Family Counselling Services

Inspiro provides a free generalist youth counselling service for young people aged between 12 to 25 years who live, work or study in the Yarra Ranges.


For more information contact 03 9738 8801 or speak with a Student Wellbeing Coordinator at school.


Year 8 SEALP - 8.69

This week Mr Breukers kindly allowed us into his classroom to see what his Year 8 SEAL students were completing in class.


Practising their mathematical thinking and tactics to play their games, students were heard saying;


“I have found the winning position”, meaning they had worked out how to manoeuvre their opponent into losing.


“I’ve found the pattern to winning”, suggesting they could block their opponent into losing each round if they went first.


The class then played a class knockout tournament game.   Xander Beattie came out on top,  to win the challenge. 


The students loved the fun and engaging ways to improve their strategic thinking in Mathematics.



Liz Rundell

Assistant Head of Maths


2018 LHS Tour of France

Information Evening

Tuesday 27 June

7 pm

Plans are underway for the 2018 Sister School Exchange with Lycée Darchicourt in Henin-Beaumont, France for students of French, History and Art who will be in Years 10 to 12 in 2018.


The students from Lycée Darchicourt are planning to arrive in Melbourne in early February (dates to be confirmed), and will be hosted by Lilydale High School students for three weeks.


There will be the opportunity for students who are unable to participate in the return visit to France to host the French students while they are in Australia.


At this stage, we are planning to travel to France in March/April 2018 for approximately three weeks. The dates are yet to be finalised, however we are hopeful of a departure close to the end of March 2018, during the last week of term.


The study tour will be booked through Travel Managers who will organise flights, and accommodation in Paris before we head to Hénin-Beaumont for the homestay portion of our tour, and then our homeward departure from Paris.


A meeting will be held on TUESDAY 27 JUNE at 7.00 pm in Room 27 at Lilydale High School attended by a representative of Travel Managers.


If you are unable to attend the meeting, please contact Sharon Stoyanoff by Thursday 29 June, if your child is interested in either going on the tour to France and/or hosting a French student.

Celebes Global School Makassar -Indonesia

There are still one or two opportunities for hosting the Indonesian students from Celebes Global School during their two week visit to Lilydale.


There are also younger students coming from a Junior High school, so the age range of the students is 12 – 17 years.


This is a great opportunity for your son or daughter to get to know a student from another country and to learn something about their culture.  Hosting opportunities are not limited to students who are studying Indonesian.


Please contact Sharon Stoyanoff for more information.

Year 7, 8 and 9 French Curriculum Update

This semester is fast coming to an end and the Year 7 and 8 classes are looking forward to spending the last week watching a French movie.


The Year 9s are working on a mini project about the new regions of France. This mini project will be presented to the class in the last week of school.


This semester in French, students have been studying a range of topics;

  • Year 7s have covered things such as greetings, introductions, counting and pets. They have learned to describe themselves, others and some animals.
  • Year 8s have learned how to talk about houses and the school day, including telling the time.
  • Year 9s have learned about the weather, clothing and holiday activities.

Counting is a very important aspect of any language; we use numbers every day. Below please find some links to help your child(ren) revise and practise counting in French.



Sharon Stoyanoff

Head of Languages



Semester 1, 2017

Exciting news for first year students of the VET Acting course, as they were able to spend their first excursion at the iconic Athenaeum Theatre in Collins Street.  This informative and exciting industry time was spent with well-known agent, Ian White of Centrestage Agency and Ian White Management, who spoke to them about how to get an agent, current trends, how to audition and screen-test.


Second year students worked with the following five industry guests on their elective filming project;


Declan Eames -  Neighbours Director

Jan Russ - Casting Consultant

Warren Parrot- TV Producer

Hannah Pierce-  Former LHS student (on makeup)  

Bill Robinson - How to shoot TV content


All students worked with Warren (Television Producer), who talked about industry needs and how to present on screen, how to communicate effectively for interviews and auditions. This was a great session for confidence building.


Chris Peters, Stunt Coordinator, inducted as an Australian Film Industry pioneer, delivered a very practical session on 'Action Acting' for the first year students. This session helps actors extend their physicality within scripted work.


More industry sessions for Year 1 and Year 2 students are planned for August, with ex-Neighbours Casting Director Jan Russ, who will speak about how to screen-test and how to chat to camera. This is a very hands on session giving students the knowledge of what they have to do when first applying to an agent and/or a casting consultant. This is just one of the industry experts  that will be at the excursion.


The course continues to give the students current information, knowledge and skills with its connections to Melbourne’s Film and Television industry, maintaining real industry exposure.  We look forward to another exciting semester ahead.



Angela Louis

Significant Person Project

Significant Person Project Presentations

A very big thanks and congratulations to all Year 8 students and staff who have excelled this year with the Significant Person Project.


All students had selected a person in their lives who has had a significant influence on them, wrote about them and then created an artistic representation of them.


The biographies, art pieces, drama and music performances that were displayed in the PAC demonstrated the amazing work that has been completed to ensure this project was a success.

The presentations that took place on Tuesday 13 June and Wednesday 14 June were inspirational.


Special thanks to our Year 8 Captains Lara, Sienna, Zac and Tyler who did a wonderful job at hosting the event.  


To those students who read out their significant person biographies, congratulations to you for your courage to read those heartfelt essays in front of your peers and audience, we are very proud of you all.


To the families, friends and significant people who attended the presentations, thank you for your support of this special event.


Thanks to Assistant Principal Melissa McMillan, Head of Arts Sarah Hardy and Head of English Ben Taylor for leading the event.  To Amy Cumming and her student team for the theatre set up and finally a huge thanks to the Arts and English teaching staff and Year 8 students who enthusiastically committed to making this a success!


Wendy Powson










What's been happening!

Students have begun laying the groundwork for a 'Sticker Printing business' at Steamworks.


They continued to design and 3D print chess pieces and modifications for Nerf blasters.


Daily meditations at Steamworks has helped keep the end of semester nerves at bay for some students.


More classes are booking time at Steamworks to do creative and collaborative investigations.


Images show Year 7 SEALP students presenting their recycling machine prototypes to the class.


Year 8 students recently programmed Sphero robots to act as blood cells travelling through a giant heart that they made.


Everyone is welcome at Steamworks, our door is always open.



Tony Vallance


From little things big things grow....

Last fortnight we spoke about the little gem of a garden behind Student Services. This week the gardening team and Student Services have had a great leap in the right direction and received some very exciting news.  Two local businesses have come on board to support this fantastic space, which will be used as a productive chill out space for students.


The Ranges Wholesale Nursery – 170 Graham Rd Silvan with their amazing donation of vouchers to buy tools and a big bag full of gardening gloves.


Bunnings Lilydale – 118 Main St Lilydale 9713 7800, really came to the table and are donating some much needed raised garden beds, tools and manpower to help give this area a big facelift.


A massive thank you to both businesses for helping out the school and allowing this space to grow!



Candice Richards

Student Services and Careers Assistant

Garden accessories or soil


We welcome you to make contact with the school if you have any garden accessories or soil that you would like to donate to our Gardening Team!

It's a WRAP!

Every now and then you come across something that makes you step back and just say wow. We invite you to go ahead and have one of those moments with an incredible green thinking product!



This awesome product, produced by Mel Joy from the Yarra Valley, has the ability to replace cling film, baking paper and aluminium foil in your home thus reducing household wastage dramatically!


You might remember our recent 'Waste Audit' on our VCE students at school.  A staggering 6.23 tonnes of general waste is produced annually by our student population alone each year. Of that, we estimate up to 90% was soft plastics from food packaging and wraps! That’s not to mention all the baking paper and foil used in the average household preparing the daily meals. When the numbers are added up, the waste volume produced from throw away used once packaging, must be unimaginable.  These are the things that make us really stop and think “do I need to waste that?”


Being made from from 100% pure silicone, agreena is good for the earth and good for us!


Think reusable sandwich wraps, baking those cookies at home again and again without needlessly throwing away unrecyclable waxed paper.  And instead of throwing away foil after a single use, reuse agreena as many times as you need.


By purchasing and using products like agreena you are supporting locals and supporting a greener future.


Use the link below to find out more!




Gardening Club Raffle

The Gardening Club is holding a raffle to raise money to create special gardens around the school.

Tickets will be on sale at Student Services or you can get tickets through a Gardening Club Rep.


Ticket prices are as follows;  $1 each or 3 for $2.


The prize will be drawn at the end of the day, on Friday 21 July, 


Greenest Regards

The Green Team


Managed Individual Pathways (MIPs) 

 Year 10 and 11 students
Interview Days  


Lilydale High School is committed to ensuring that each student chooses their VCE Course appropriately and develops a Managed Individual Pathway to achieve their personal education and career goals. 


A compulsory VCE Course Selection / Managed Individual Pathways interview is required as part of the VCE Course Selection Process.


Year 10 students will be interviewed on Monday 7 August and Year 11 students will be interviewed on Tuesday 8 August, at the Lutheran Church Centre, North Road, Lilydale.


Students are not required at school on this day but are expected to attend a 15 minute interview at a specified time.  


Parents/Guardians are encouraged to attend the interview with their son/daughter if possible.


Letters with interview times will be posted home shortly.

Year 12 Tertiary Information Session

On Friday 4 August, ALL Year 12 students will be involved in a tertiary information session at Lilydale High School,  during Period 6.


The session will present an overview to students outlining the tertiary application process; such as applying for courses through VTAC, applying for SEAS and Scholarships.

Year 9 Careers Action Day


All Year 9 students will participate in a Careers Action Day in August, designed to assist them entering part time work and preparing them for their future aspirations. 


Students will;

  • Develop a Career Action Plan
  • Create an individualised Resume
  • Engage in job matching to individual style and skills
  • Discover where to search and research jobs
  • Learn how to choose the right referees
  • Learn how to highlight "you" in a cover letter
  • Understand the importance of body language (and practise introducing themselves)
  • Explore the 'do's and don'ts' of an interview
  • Create a list of interview tips
  • Perform a careers interests profiler test
  • Attend a mock job interview

The Careers Action Day will be held on;

Tuesday 15 August

915, 916, 917, 918, 919, 920, 921, 922


Thursday 17 August

965, 967, 9P3, 9P5, 9P6, 9P7


Students are to come dressed appropriately for a job interview e.g. black polished shoes, black slacks, white shirt and dress coat.


More information and payment details can be found on Compass.

Experience La Trobe

Attend workshops, lectures and seminars, find out about career options, areas of study, pathways and student life.   Come with your friends and parents and chat with our 'Student Ambassadors' about what to expect at university.


Experience La Trobe is a free event – with lunch and entertainment on us!


Thursday 6 July

La Trobe University, Melbourne 


For public transport options click on the link;


How to REGISTER: Click here.


Parents are also welcome to attend.  Please make sure you register for the event.  We have designed a session called Secret Parents Business, which outlines the process from high school to university, VTAC, pathways and special entry schemes that LA Trobe offers.


A Day at Melbourne University

Choosing your degree is a big decision.  With a program designed to help make your decision easier, a Day at Melbourne features opportunities, such as hearing how others picked their pathways to success.


It’s a day to meet university staff and talk about all aspects of life and study at Melbourne, including how a University of Melbourne course can lead to your future career.


You’ll be able to find out more about;

  • How the Melbourne Model works
  • Undergraduate degrees and pathways to Postgraduate study at Melbourne
  • Entry requirements and admissions information
  • Accommodation options
  • Access Melbourne
  • Scholarships
  • Opportunities to enhance your study, such as concurrent degrees, Study Abroad and Exchange, Clubs and Societies and more

Friday 7 July

9.00 am – 3.30 pm

The University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus


To REGISTER, open the link below;




Maroondah Careers Group EXPO

Box Hill Institute

Lillydale Lakeside Campus


Tuesday 1 August

3.30 pm to 7.30 pm


OPEN DAYS - 2017





Tim Kogelman and Craig Harris

Career Practitioners



Monday 26 June

EMR Year 7/8 Girls Football

Tuesday 27 June

EMR Year 7 Boys Football


Wednesday 28 June

Year 7 & 8 Pizza Lunch (Attendance Winners)


Friday 30 June

End of Term 2 - 2.30 pm Finish


Monday 17 July

Start of Term 3


Monday 31 July

​Middle School & VCE Information Night


Monday 24 July

Year 8 Wellbeing Day


Thursday 3 August

School Athletics  Carnival


Friday 18 August

Student Free Day Staff Professional Development Day 


Please also refer to the Junior School Calendar available on the school website for the full list of important dates/events.







Year 7 News

It has been a busy wind up to the end of Term 2 down in Junior School.


Over the last few weeks, Year 7 students have been focussing on how they can practice EMPATHY successfully during their Home Group activities.



Last week, Home Groups were asked to complete a poster on what Empathy is and how we can practice it at school and at home.


Here are a couple of standout posters;



Since this, students have been focusing on how random acts of KINDNESS can brighten up someone’s day.



Year 7 & 8 Boys Football

The Year 7 and  8 boys had a practice football game last week during lunchtime to prepare both teams for the next rounds.


There was plenty of support shown by the rest of the school with students from all the other sub schools coming down to the oval to watch and cheer.



Year 8 
Wellbeing Activities


8.69's Random acts of Kindness


Year 8 Wellbeing Day


Monday 24 July

Lilydale High School 

Cost $5 

(Payment made via Compass or paid directly in cash to the Main Office by Friday 30 June)


As part of our Health and Wellbeing Program for students, we have introduced a full day that will be dedicated to working with our students on many aspects of their own health and wellbeing.


The program involves a guest speaker from The Resilience Project who will talk to students about the importance of being resilient and therefore able to 'bounce back' from difficult situations.


There will also be a range of other activities and opportunities for small group discussion on topics such as: friendships, dealing with conflict, relaxation and information on nutrition.

End of Term

With school winding down for the term, there are some important dates moving forward;


Friday 30 June -  Final day of Term 2

Monday 17 July - Start of Term 3

Thursday 20 July -  Year 7 Awards Assembly  

Thursday 3 August - School Athletics  Carnival


The whole Junior School team wishes everyone a safe and happy holidays coming up, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the start of Term 3.


Junior School Coordinators



Friday 30 June

End of Term 2 - 2.30 pm Finish


Monday 17 July

Term 2 Starts

Year 10 Immunisations


Monday 31 July

Middle School & VCE Information Night

2018 Online Subject Selection OPENS


Thursday 3 August

Athletics Carnival


Monday 7 August

Year 10 MIPs Interviews


Tuesday 15 August

Year 9 Careers Day - Periods 1 to 4


Thursday 17 August

Year 9 Careers Day - Periods 1 to 4


Friday 18 August

Student Free Day - Staff Professional Development Day


Thursday 31 August

Year 10 History Holocaust Museum Excursion

School Production - 7 pm



Please refer to the Middle School Calendar on the school website for the full list of important dates/events.





Year 9 Tasmania Camp

We are excited to announce that Year 9's will be heading to Tasmania in November (Monday 13 to Friday 17) for a five-day camp.   


The cost of the camp is $800 (subject to change, depending on student interest).

Places are limited, so if your son/daughter would like to attend, a deposit of $300 is necessary to secure their place by Friday 28 July.


Attached below is a letter outlining details and important information regarding the camp.


Please contact the Middle School Office with any questions or concerns.



Year 9 Girls PE

Students in Mrs Crotty's Year 9 Girls PE class have been engaging in recreational and lifestyle activities within the local community.



Below  is some lovely feedback from the Group Fitness Instructors  who took the girls for their sessions.


'So proud of all the girls that participated! They were all so willing to give it a go experiencing all of the different styles of exercise we took them through the last few weeks. Go girls! Strong, fit and trying new things!'


'All of the girls did so well today! It was a tough session and they all put in 110%. Very proud of them all!'

Year 9
Health and Wellbeing Day

Thursday 8 June

What a fantastic success Health and Wellbeing Day was. I would like to offer huge congratulations to every Year 9 student who was happy to move out of their comfort zone and involve themselves in all aspects of the day.


It was wonderful to observe the camaraderie that was developed immediately between the ‘old codgers’ (bowls club members) and the ‘young bucks’ (LHS boys) on the bowling green and the vision board that the girls created showed great insight to the high expectations and aspirations our students wish to achieve.


The discussions surrounding resilience, mindfulness, empathy and gratitude were in depth and thoughtful.  Students displayed a level of maturity rarely displayed at the intermediate level and this is a true testament to the wider school community and work we are undertaking in this space.


Thank you to the many staff involved in the day, it was a wonderful experience and this was largely due to the enthusiasm and willingness to be involved in all aspects of the day.  Liz Nevins, Lauren Kelso, John Box and Tyler Phillips worked hard behind the scenes in the Middle School Office and the work of Amy Walton and Michael Bourne as Year 9 Coordinators throughout not only the day, but in the planning period leading up to the day should certainly not go unnoticed.


Finally, a huge thank you to Riana Asta, who worked tirelessly on all aspects of the Health and Wellbeing Day and without her dedication, the day could not have been the success it was.


Daniel Toma

Head of Year 9



Year 9 Captains Report

This is our last Captains Report for the semester.  A lot of things have happened over the past two terms but we are here to acknowledge what has happened since our last report.


Students that are participating in the World Challenge have recently begun raising money for their travels to Vietnam and Laos in 2018, which will be very exciting.


On Tuesday 20 June, students that finished in the top 10 in their age group at the Yarra Cross Country competed in the EMR 2017 Cross Country at Yarra Glen Racecourse.  


The Year 9 City Experience Metro Police talk was held during Period 6 on Wednesday 21 June, in the Performing Arts Theatre.  Students learnt about City Experience and their expectations on public transport and how to be safe while using it.


The Instrumental Music Mid-Year Concert was held on Wednesday 21 June, where concert bands, funk band, choirs, guitar ensembles and percussion ensembles performed.


Information about the 2017 Year 9 Camp, has now been revealed.....TASMANIA here we come!


But....don't get caught up in all the excitement, because Semester 1 reports will be coming out very soon!  Because of this, students are not required to attend school on Friday 23 June - Report Writing Day.


Good luck with the rest of the semester.


Reuben and Keira

Year 10 Confidential Records

We have recently posted out to parents/ guardians  confidential details for our Year 10 students. 


As it is very important that these details are current, accurate and relevant, I would be most obliged if you would read them carefully and return the record to the school with any adjustments clearly detailed on the sheet.


Also enclosed is a DET Data Collection Form; this information is collected so that Lilydale High School receives appropriate resource allocation for its students.


It would be appreciated if you would return the student record and the data collection form to the office or the form teacher in a clearly labelled, sealed envelope to ensure absolute privacy and confidentiality of the information.  Please return the forms even if there are no changes so we can verify our records and data.


Thank you to parents who have already returned this important information.


Wendy Powson


Final week - Term 2

Normal timetabled classes are running for all Year 9 and 10 students this WEEK;  Monday 26 June to Friday 30 June .

All students are expected to attend classes, as per normal school arrangements.


Middle School Coordinators



Friday 30 June

End of Term 2 - 2.30 pm FINISH


Monday 17 July

Term 2 Starts

Year 11 - 12  Immunisations


Monday 31 July

VCE  Course Selection Information Evening - 7.30 pm

 2018 Online Subject Selection OPENS


Thursday 3 August

Athletics Carnival


Tuesday 8 August

Year 11 MIPs Interviews


Friday 18 August

Student Free Day - Staff Professional Development Day


Monday 28 August

Year 12 - Ross Huggard Visit


Thursday 31 August

School Production - 7 pm



Please refer to the Senior School Calendar available on the school website for the full list of important dates/events.





Teachers v Students Basketball match

A reminder that in the grand Lilydale High School tradition, a celebration of sporting prowess will take place on the last day of Term 2.  The Year 12s will take on the teachers in BASKETBALL.


Each year there is a great turnout and atmosphere built around some amazing on-court plays, backed up by sweet beats and digital commentary from DJ Bleaks.


While the teachers have a great track record in recent years, the competition will surely be fierce. See you on the court!


VCE Leader's Report

The VCE students have had a very hectic and challenging time over the last couple of weeks, with SACs, mid-year exams and the GAT all occurring over a short period of time.


Students in both Year 11 and 12, who are studying a Unit 3/4 subject underwent the General Achievement Test (GAT) on Wednesday 14 June. The GAT is an external assessment conducted by the VCAA that is a vital aspect of completing VCE.


Furthermore, the Y ear 11 and 12 students have begun their endeavours into Unit 2 and Unit 4 studies, after having just completed Units 1 and 3. This provides students with a high workload and a fresh start as they continue their school year.


With the last week of Term 2 approaching fast, we would like to remind all students to use their holidays as a time to relax, complete holiday homework and revise their Unit 1 & 3 content.


Have safe holidays!


Abbey McMahon and Will Pleming


Improved Performance Time (ITP)

This year all VCE students have study periods together on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Periods 5 and 6 and Friday Period 6.


The aim is to run all SACs, examinations, level assemblies, guest speakers and other activities during this time to minimise class disruption. If there are no relevant activities for your child during this time, they are free to go home to study.  However, students are more than welcome to stay at school and study.



A reminder that if your child misses a School Assessed Coursework (SAC) they must get a medical certificate to enable them to sit the SAC in the next available IPT time slot.


Students will not be granted SAC redemption unless they have a medical certificate or it is a school-approved absence. If there are extenuating circumstances please let us know and we will make a decision based on the VCAA guidelines.


Once a student has been approved for SAC redemption, they will be required to sit the SAC the next available time slot. 


The times for SACs are:

Monday - SAC Redemption 3 pm - 4.30 pm

Tuesday - Periods 5 and 6

Thursday - Periods 5 and 6

Friday - Period 6 (one period SAC only)


VCE Attendance

It is a requirement at Lilydale High School that students attend all timetabled classes so that teaching and learning opportunities can be maximised.


If students have reached their limit for absences from class there is an opportunity for this time to be redeemed. Students can speak to their Year Level Coordinator to discuss making this time up at lunchtime, during afternoon study periods, or after school.


Coming toward the end of term,  it is imperative that students make up classes they have missed.


Furthermore, it is a requirement that students attend Home Group, even if they have Study periods, Periods 1 and 2.


VCE Cars

Some students will acquire a car and licence in 2017.    PARKING is available in the Stadium Car Park.




Students may obtain their parents’ permission to be driven to and from school in another student’s car.  A written note from both students’ parents must be given to the VCE Coordinators before driving another student or siblings.


Students must inform the VCE Coordinators of their licence plate numbers and car make and colour.


Student Absences

Any absences from school must be parent/guardian approved – you can do this through a signed note or you can approve your child’s absences via the 'Parent Approval' button on Compass. 


If you have forgotten the parent Compass username and password, please contact Jenny McLean in the Senior School Office.


VCE Coordinators






Lilydale High School News
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