ST MARK'S KEYSTONE     "Keep on Keeping on"

20 July 2017
Volume Twenty One
Dates to Remember
Principal's Report
R.E. News....
Students of the Week
Foundation 100 Days
School Concert
Science Project
Tuckshop News
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School Rewards - Parkmore Shopping Centre
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Dates to Remember

PLEASE NOTE: A friendly reminder that St Mark's has a school rule of NO dogs on the school premises, 
thank you for your co-operation.




If children and parents wish to borrow books, the library is open Tuesday and Thursday. Before and after school.  


Friday 21st July - Foundation 100 Days of School.

Tuesday 25th July - Education Board Meeting 7.30 to 8.30pm.

Monday 31st July - Thursday 3rd August - Lamont Boor Fair - Sales on Before and After school.                                            #The Book Fair will be open from 8:15am -8:40am and 3:25pm -3:50pm each day.

If children and parents wish to borrow books, the library is open Tuesday and Thursday. Before and after school.  

Monday 31st July - Resilience Parent Information session - School Hall - 7pm.


Tuesday 1st August to Thursday 3rd August -  Dental Van

Saturday 12th August Year 5/6 Family Mass 6pm.

Tuesday 15th August - Feast of the Assumption - Whole school mass 9am.

                                                    Year 1/2 at Moonlit Sanctuary Excursion.

Friday 18th August - Interhouse Athletics Carnival.

Saturday 19th August - St Mark's Parents Association Dinner Dance at Dingley International  7pm                                                            Forum Room - Cover  Band "The Gap".

Tuesday 22nd August - Education Board Meeting 7.30 to 8.30pm.

Friday 25th August - Eucharist Reflection Day.

Sunday 27th August - Sacrament of First Eucharist Masses at 9.30am & 12.30pm.


Friday 1st September - Father's Day breakfast and stall.

Tuesday 5th  & Wednesday 6th September - School Concert at Moorabbin Town Hall 7.30pm.

Friday 8th September - Confirmation Reflection Day.

Tuesday 12th September - Bishop Elliott visiting the Confirmation candidates at 11am.

Wednesday 13th September - Sacrament of Confirmation 7pm.

Tuesday 19th September - Education Board Meeting 7.30pm.

Friday 22nd September - End of Term 3 - School finishing 2.30pm.

Principal's Report

Dear Families

Welcome back to Term 3. We hope that all the families had a safe and happy holiday. We have a lot of events occurring this term which will keep the children and staff very busy.


Some of the activities are: School Concert, preparing for the Sacrament of Eucharist and Confirmation, Sacramental masses (Eucharist and Confirmation), Feast of the Assumption Mass, Inter-house Athletics Carnival, District Athletics Carnival, Father's Day breakfast and stall and many more activities. We appreciate your ongoing support for all members of our school community.


In line with the new Child Safety policies we are currently trialing for the next month, a computer sign in and sign out program which will be located in the school office. If your child is late to school then a parent/child must come to the office first and fill out the information onto the computer. The office staff will then give the parent/child a small green piece of paper that they will need to give to the classroom teacher. If a parent is taking their child out of the school early then they need to come to the office first and then fill out the details onto the computer. The office staff will then give the parent a small yellow piece of paper that they will need to give to the classroom teacher. For any parents that are helping in the classroom or  volunteering in school activities they will need to come to the office first and fill in their details onto the computer. They will also need to have their Working with Children's card number ready so they can fill in these details as well.


Andrew Davies

Deputy Principal, REL and Student Wellbeing Leader

Parent Resilience Information Session Monday July 31st at 7pm

Reminder: John Hendry is a facilitator with Resilient Youth Australia and his passion is wellbeing. The focus on kindness and forgiveness provides a way to manage mistakes, resolve conflicts and repair relationships, thereby enhancing wellbeing. This presentation is free, and will be held at St Mark’s and will include parents from Kingswood and Dingley Primary schools. If you would like to attend this session, please enrol with the booking form below. Bookings open Tuesday 25th July and close on Monday 31st July.



We appreciate that many parents are obtaining or updating the Working With Children Check verification. Please give a copy of the card to the office so it can be kept on file for audit purposes.


Each child was sent home last term with an information and patient detail form for the dental clinic. The "Dental Van"  will be at St Mark's school on July 31st, August 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Forms must be returned immediately.

Parkmore Shopping Centre School Rewards Program

A BIG REMINDER: The school rewards program is still on. St Mark's has a chance to win a share of $10,000 by families collecting points by shopping at Parkmore Shopping Centre and submitting receipts. For more information see the advertising section of the newsletter. The competition runs from June 19th – 23rd July. 

R.E. News....

Important RE Dates

Saturday 12th August - Year 5/6 Family Mass (6pm)

Tuesday 15th August - Feast of the Assumption  

(whole school mass at 9am)

Friday 25th August - Eucharist Reflection Day.

Sunday 27th August - Sacrament of First Eucharist

masses at 9.30am & 12.30pm.


Wednesday 8th September - Confirmation Reflection Day.

Tuesday 12th September - Bishop Elliott visiting the Confirmation candidates 

Wednesday 13th September - Sacrament of Confirmation (7PM)


Social Justice - SRC Fundraising Event

 On Friday 30th June the SRC held a fundraiser for the Orange Sky Laundry Group. It was wonderful to see so many children and staff wearing a splash of orange. It was a very successful day and the children seemed to really enjoy the activities. Thank you the SRC children for organising and running all the events. They did a magnificent job. Thank you to Carmel and her sister for organising companies to donate food items for the day and for providing cupcakes to sell on the day. They were greatly appreciated. We have not yet counted the money but when we have a total we will let you know. We will also inviting a member from the Orange Sky organisation to come out to one of our assemblies so we can present them with a cheque. More details to come. 



Seasons is a unique peer support program developed to help children cope with the grief and feelings of loss resulting from separation, divorce or the death of a significant family member or friend.  The group provides an opportunity for children to express, acknowledge, normalise and integrate their grief.

The program will be starting in Week 3 of Term 3.

If you are interested in your child/ children attending the Seasons Program held at school, please email Andrew Davies by Friday 21st July [email protected] with the following information – parent’s name/s, child/s names attending, grade and reason for attending. If you would like more information about the program, please come in and see me.

Andrew Davies

Seasons Co-ordinator

Praying the Rosary

Due to the increasing amount of children attending the Rosary, Mrs Stella Constantio will be continuing with praying the rosary on  Tuesday's at 11:00am, next term. Any children that are interested need to meet Mr Davies in the office with their own Rosary beads.

Students of the Week

Congratulations to the Student of the Week Awards
​"I Believe"

Foundation  A

Madison Kaneleas for demonstrating perseverance and patience when logging in to the Seesaw Computer Program.

Foundation K

Darius Rambharuth for returning to school in a fresh and focused way. Let's have a great term 3!

Foundation M

Madison Eam for persevering and working diligently when learning on the iPads.

Year 1/2 B

Joshua Holden for his continued hard work and effort shown in class time. Well Done Josh!

Year 1/2 L

Jonah Mansour for recognising and sharing helpful ways to live in peace and harmony.

Year 1/2 M

Two awards will be presented next week.

Year 1/2 P

Gabrielle Nguyen for demonstrating active listening skills during class discussions and focusing on learning tasks. Keep up the great work!

Year 1/2 R

Isabella Duong for giving her best effort when working on her descriptive writing tasks.

Year 1/2 XR

Teagan Swanson for the kindness she shows in the classroom and the way she willingly helps those around her.

Year 3/4 C

Kara Scott for continually challenging herself in all areas. Keep it up!

Year 3/4 DC

Deanna Maglaras for always working hard in class and having a go at new things.

Year 3/4 F

Thomas Giuliano for always being persistent with his tasks until completion.

Year 3/4 KU

Joseph Morrissey for persevering with his learning tasks.

Year 3/4 N

Seth Francis for his persistence and patience during our writer's notebook lesson. Well done Seth!

Yr 5/6 D

Thu Vu for her hard work and persistence when working on tasks and sharing this with her peers. Congratulations Thu!

Yr 5/6 H

Katie Sinlee for  continuously demonstrating your ability to work in all classroom environments with determination to improve in all curriculum areas.

Yr 5/6 L

Flynn Groves for continuing to display leadership skills with enthusiasm and confidence. Well done Flynn!!!

Yr 5/6 P

Jayda Borg for beginning  Term 3 in an organised manner by completing homework early.

Yr 5/6 S

Cailani Sollis for working with confidence whilst reaching your goals! Embracing mistakes & challenges along the way to succeed in your learning.

Foundation 100 Days

Tomorrow, Friday, 100th Foundation Days .....


School Concert

St Mark's School Concert 5th & 6th September

We welcome Maria who is helping us choreograph our dances for each item.

The students are very excited and are looking forward to the "The Lucky Country"   performance.

The dates for the concerts are: Wednesday 5th   September and Thursday 6th September, beginning at 7.30pm. Both concerts will take place at Kingston City Hall on Nepean Highway, Moorabbin. We are looking forward to a super concert.

We will be sending more information about the concert and Ticket Sales soon.


Thank you

Susie Podesta

Performing Arts



Dates to Remember


Inter House Athletics- 18th August

Mordialloc District Athletics Championships- 4th September

Kingston Division Athletics-  11th September (been moved into Term 3 from Term 4).                                 

*Parents of dedicated athletes please don’t book those early holidays!



Just a reminder that our SEABL teams have a  double header this Saturday night women at 5pm and men at 7pm.


Also our VYC women have made the finals and have a home final which we will be played at 3pm on Saturday afternoon against Bendigo before our SEABL double header.

Remember to wear your ORANGE!!!





Science Project

Conservation Science Program

Hi our names are Angela and Giulia and we are doing a Activating Conversion Science project. The Melbourne Zoo has a conservation science program for 7 animals. One of them is for the gorillas and it is called ‘they’re calling on you’. You can help by donating any old phones that no one uses anymore. By doing this you are helping the gorillas be one step closer to not being endangered.


How does this help the gorillas?


Gorillas are losing their habitat because of the mining and deforestation to find the ore coltan. This ore is used in our phones and if we recycle them the gorillas will not be endangered because there will be no need to deforest or mine for coltan. The phones are being donated to the Melbourne Zoo conservation science program for the gorillas.


If you have any phones that you would like to donate please put them in the box at the office.

Any non working or cracked phones are also accepted.

Thank you!


Tuckshop News

Tuckshop Tuesday

Next Tuesday's special is Fried Rice and a piece of fruit  $4.00.

Thanks Carm.



Office News-College Tours

Quote of the Week..

We are all gifted. Some just take longer to open their package.

School Fees

Could all school fees be finalised by Wednesday 31st August 2017.  If you are experiencing financial difficulties please contact the office to arrange a meeting with the Principal, Debbie Darvell. 



Thank you to those families that have returned these forms. These forms ensure that your families details are updated and teachers have up to date information to contact you when required.

If you have not returned these forms, please send them to the office by Monday 17th July .

Enrolments for Yr 7 2019


Uniform Shop...

Uniform Shop

Please Note: Many students have lost their jumpers and jackets. Could all parents please check that your child has their correct jacket and jumper. If you find that you have other students' property could you please return to the Parent's Room.  Alternatively if you have lost your jumper please check in lost property.


Dear Parents,

St Mark’s School, uniform shop will only be available online for orders.

  • Orders can be placed anytime online and will be processed on Wednesdays. Payment can now be made online with order via PayPal button to pay with credit card OR PayPal.
  • The uniform shop will still operate on Wednesday mornings, 9 – 9.30am in Parents room for cash/card sales.
  • The school office will NO LONGER be taking orders or payments.
  • A new supplier has been engaged so there may be a delay with some stock. We are working closely with the Supplier in order to limit our delays.
  • Please Note: Some sizes may vary from the previous brand.
  • All current stock from PSW, the old supplier, has been marked down to clear. This stock is limited.
  • NO EXCHANGE or REFUND will be given on any PSW stock.
  • Any Beleza Uniform stock requiring an exchange/refund must be returned in original packaging, tags still on garments within 14 days of purchase with receipt.


Jo & Maree



The Uniform Shop is open on Wednesday mornings 9 -9.30am. 

School Uniform can also be purchased from :

Beleza School Uniforms

162 Cheltenham Road


Trading hours are: Monday to Friday - 10am to 5pm (Closed Wednesday)




Parent's Assoc...

St Mark's Parent's Association.


Chocolate Drive Fundraiser

Cadbury Chocolates Fundraiser drive is on! 

Please remember to return all money or unsold chocolates to the office!

We appreciate that not everyone has the opportunity to sell the boxes so this year we have included an option to make a cash donation instead of taking a box.  The cash donation is $20 which is the profit we make from selling the whole box.

Please if you would like extra boxes please text me on 0417 565 522.

Kind regards,

Nadia Gillam

Parents Association of St Mark's


Entertainment Books

Thank you for all the families who have bought or returned their Entertainment Books, we still have about 20 outstanding please return your book or payment, immediately.


Catholic Secondary Schools 


Scholastic Book Club - Issue 5
The book order forms will be sent home next week!
Last Orders to be returned by Friday 4th August.

The book order forms will be sent home next week!

A great Fundraiser...



School Rewards -
Parkmore Shopping Centre

Parkmore Shopping Centre’s exciting ‘School Rewards’ Campaign!

REMINDER:    Parkmore Shopping Centre is conducting a ‘School Rewards’ promotion in June / July 2017.  Customers who shop at Parkmore Shopping Centre can allocate every dollar they spend as points towards their nominated participating school.  The local schools with the most points win!


Campaign Dates: Monday 19 June – Sunday 23 July 2017

The prizes for the winning Schools are:

·         First prize: $5,000

·         Second Prize: $3,000

·         Third prize: $2,000


We also have Individual prizes available for shoppers that include:

·         $100 Parkmore Shopping Centre weekly gift card – selected at random.

·         $500 Parkmore Shopping Centre gift card for the shopper who donates the most points during the campaign.


The promotion will be advertised throughout the centre and will be run through our campaign website. Customers are encouraged to sign up and upload their receipts and nominate the school of their choice to donate to – each dollar spent equals 1 ‘School Rewards’ point.


All participating schools will appear on the ‘School Rewards’ Leader board on the campaign website which will chart each school’s place, with live updates throughout the campaign.


The final ranking of each school will be determined by the school’s overall participation in the promotion (the total number of points tallied will be divided by the number of pupils enrolled at the school to establish a participation percentage). In the event that two schools have earned the same amount of total points per member the prize pool will be added together and divided between the two (2) schools.

So please remember to shop at Parkmore Shopping Centre for all your shopping......

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