01 June 2017
Issue Sixteen
Important Dates & Correspondence
Principal's Report
Infant Jesus School
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Important Dates

Important Dates and Correspondence

Term 2 2017                                                  


Monday                             Public Holiday WA Day

5 June


Tuesday                            Lifelink Gold Coin Donation

6 June                                Free Dress


Thursday                         Parish Mass Yrs 2 and 5

8 June


Friday                                Confirmation Retreat

9 June


Saturday                          Confirmation Masses 12 noon

10 June                             and 3pm


Thursday                           Class Assembly Yr 4

15 June


Friday                                  Faction Cross Country

16 June


Tuesday                              P & F Meeting

20 June


Thursday                           Parish Mass Yrs 3 and 4

22 June                               Interschool Winter Carnival 


26-28 June                          Parent/Teacher Interviews


Thursday                              Whole School Mass Yr 1

29 June


Friday                                    End of Term 2

30 June



Uniforms can be purchased from Lowes located at the Mirrabooka Square Shopping Centre.


For opening times and online orders go to


Student Free Days 2017

Our tentative dates for Student Free Days for 2017 are as follows:


Term 2 - Monday 24 April      

Term 3 - Monday 17 July

Term 3 - Friday 22 September

Term 4 - Monday 9 October


Parents need to note that these days may change, due to availability of PD requests for staff.




Principal's Report


Dear Parents,


Each year Infant Jesus School selects priorities in different learning areas to enhance the learning and development of all students and staff. It is envisioned that the learning will be of benefit to the whole school community. At the end of last year priorities for 2017 at Infant Jesus School were presented to the community.



One of these areas chosen to enhance development is the area of Mathematics.  Mathematics knowledge and skills are needed and used everyday – not only during school but also in life. Mathematics is used across curriculum areas and is an essential element of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics) approach. It is envisioned that though guidance and planned activities, and with much practice (and sometime patience) children will develop into proficient mathematicians.


At Infant Jesus School we follow the Western Australian Curriculum in all learning areas. The Mathematics learning area aims to ensure that students:

  • are confident, creative users and communicators of mathematics, able to investigate, represent and interpret situations in their personal and work lives and as active citizens
  • develop an increasingly sophisticated understanding of mathematical concepts and fluency with processes, and are able to pose and solve problems and reason in Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability
  • recognise connections between the areas of mathematics and other learning areas and appreciate mathematics as a useful and enjoyable.


In Mathematics, in each year level, students are provided with the opportunity to engage fully with the concepts they are expected to develop; they observe other people engaged in the processes which they are to learn; and are shown examples of high-quality experiences of those processes, so they can see what it is they are aiming to achieve.


We recognise that students are more likely to understand and make sense of mathematical knowledge, concepts, skills and ideas if the information and experiences they engage with are purposeful, meaningful and interesting. 


Across the year level children participate in a variety of experiences to further enhance their mathematical skills and understanding. Experiences are planned across the year level to introduce new concepts, revisit concepts already taught, and to apply concepts, skills and knowledge to solve purposeful mathematical problems. Students may also be expected to work independently, in small groups or in a larger group. Technology has also been incorporated into many of the mathematical tasks and is used as a tool to enhance the learning. 


Children document and share their learning using various resources and parents may have seen mathematical work in an exercise book, stored in their iPad or displayed on see-saw.


Over the remainder of the term the newsletter will include some of the concepts that are used in the classroom.


What is a Number Talk?

Number Talks are short, daily exercises aimed at building number sense. Number sense is the ability to play with numbers meaning students can visualize problem solving, perform calculations quickly, and are flexible in their mathematical strategy. During a number talk, students are thinking, asking their peers questions, and explaining their own thinking all while the teacher records the thinking. Students who have strong number sense solve problems in more than one way and check that their answers make sense. 


Number talks engage students in “mental math” through grappling with interesting mathematics problems. Educators can use number talks regularly as introductions to the day’s mathematical practice, as “warm ups” for other lessons, or as stand-alone extended engagements with mathematical concepts.


Students can see that there are MANY ways of seeing the problem and finding the answer. It also helps students to communicate about mathematics — which is a very important skill — and to become more confident in class. In fact, number talks are a great way to help students to overcome a fear of presenting their solutions to others, because the tasks are short and open-ended ensuring success for all students.



Over the next few weeks, I will be reading every student Semester One report. I look forward to seeing the improvement by individual students and reading the comments that teachers make about their performance and the achievement of the various outcomes.  This week, I would like to share with you some information on the curriculum within Catholic schools, and ways parents can support their children through school.


As has been highlighted many times before, collaboration between home and school is vital in providing our students at Infant Jesus School with the best possible educational advantages and it is an area that we are always endeavouring to improve.


The curriculum is the program of teaching and learning that leads to desired educational outcomes. Catholic schools follow the same curriculum as government schools; however, there is a religious dimension in everything that is taught in a Catholic school.  This creates the additional and most important learning area of Religious Education.


How is the Curriculum Organised?

Infant Jesus School implements the Kindergarten to Year 10 Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline (the Outline) at to meet the learning needs of all students. Subjects are grouped in key learning areas and teachers within our Catholic schools refer to the Western Australian Curriculum (English, mathematics, science and history) and other documents to develop their teaching programs.



Subjects and courses taught in schools today are outcomes based; that is, they are given direction by clear descriptions of what students should know, understand and value and be able to do as a result of the learning experience provided by the teachers at the school.


Outcomes are explicit statements of what students must demonstrate to show they have achieved the required knowledge and skills. Each learning area lists specific outcomes that students must cover over the years of K - 12. Teachers then use a range of fair, valid, explicit and comprehensive assessment processes to inform and evaluate the progress of student learning against the outcome prescribed for the particular learning area. This is how the students achievement levels are determined  for each learning area. Teachers also make comment on the effort a child has applied to their learning for a particular learning area.


The Student Report will look a little different this year so it is important for parents to read the explanatory information  included with the reports.

Infant Jesus School
A LEADing Learning School

Living, Leading and Learning in a 21st Century school places technology at the forefront. At Infant Jesus School, we have a fundamental belief in the value of innovation and technology and the positive impact it has on student learning. We believe that technology is used as a tool to enhance learning and the use of Apple technology assists in this process. Download our book today!


This book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. Multi-touch books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. Books with interactive features may work best on an iOS device. iBooks on your Mac requires OS X 10.9 or later.




WA Week

Western Australia (WA) Day is held on the first Monday in June each year and is a State holiday only. It commemorates the foundation of the Swan River Colony near Perth by British settlers in 1829, although sightings and landings occurred as far back as 1616.


Originally Albany, on the south coast, was to be the capital of WA, but better resources for shipping and farming were found on the Swan River so Perth became the capital.


WA Day was previously known as Foundation Day, but to recognise the Aboriginal people as the original owners of the land, the name was changed in April 2012.


WA was settled as a free colony, unlike some other parts of Australia like New South Wales and Port Arthur. It was the only British colony in Australia established with land grants to settlers. The settlers were given land in proportion to the quantity of people and goods they brought to the colony and were only given the full title to their land when it had been improved enough to be considered established and sustaining.


A reminder that this Monday 5 June is a Public Holiday.

Life Link Day

As previously mentioned to parents, our school has decided to celebrate Lifelink Day on Tuesday 6 June. This year for LifeLink Day, we will be holding a free dress day with a gold coin donation. The children from Pre-Primary to Year Six will be allowed to wear free dress with the few restrictions of: tied up hair, closed shoes or sandals and appropriate length shorts. Money raised on this day will go towards the many charitable works of the many Lifelink Organisaitons of the Catholic Church – supporting over 34 000 Western Australians annually.


Following our school based LifeLink Day on Tuesday 6 June, Archbishop Costelloe has invited representative’s from every primary school to join him at Newman College Auditorium for the launch of LifeLink 2017. All schools have been asked to bring their hearts and display them to present a powerful and visual demonstration of our young people joining together to help people in need.



Best Wishes

As many parents would be aware, tomorrow is Mrs Tara Johsnton's last day at Infant Jesus School as she takes parental leave commencing next week. Mrs Johsnton and her husband Damain are expecting their first child in June this year.

Tara has been working at Infant Jesus School since 2014, where she worked across the school in a relief capacity before taking the temporary Year One position. Tara has been very flexible in her work in all the year levels and always puts her heart and soul into her teaching. We are sure that she will make a wonderful Mum. 


We wish her and Damian all the very best for the as they embark on this new chapter in their life.



On the night of the Last Supper

you gave us yourself in the Eucharist

to unite us with you and with one another.

You teach us with your Word,

you nourish us with Holy Communion,

you strengthen our faith in you, Lord.

You help us to serve others as you did,

you listen to our prayers and petitions,

you bless us with grace in abundance,

you forgive us our faults and our wrongdoings,

you bring us your life and your love.

Through our celebration of this sacrament,

may we come to you in thankfulness.

May we never forget your great love.

Draw us closer to you, fill us with your love

and help us to serve you in those we meet.




Infant Jesus Family

Our prayers are with the Gibson Family (Sebastian 3W and Maria Fe 2B) and the McDonnell Family (Emma 4B and Kaelen 1B) in the loss of their beloved Great Grandmother recently.  Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord and may perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.



Did you know?

  • A hardboiled egg will spin. An uncooked or soft boiled egg will not.
  • Your skin is the largest organ making up the the human body.
  • It takes a plastic container over 50,000 years to start decomposing.
  • The human eye blinks an average of 4,200,000 times a year.

Thought for the Week

A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles



God Bless,


Paul Hille








In Religious Education we begun the term exploring the human experience of love and how we can show our love by doing things for others. This unit enhances the children’s understanding of Confirmation and also explores the strength the Holy Spirit gave to Mary, the mother of Jesus. We are also looking at ways Christians are called to love their parents.  This unit assists the children to recognise that people sometimes need to show love in ways that do not please others.


The second part of the term focuses the children’s attention towards the beauty of creation and how this helps us to discover that God is more beautiful than we could ever imagine. We will be learning about ways to appreciate beauty in creation and care for the gift that was given to us. Through this unit the children will further explore how God lives in people through the Sacrament of Baptism.


In English we will continue to focus and foster the children’s learning in Reading, Writing and Word Study. Individual reading goals have been set with each child according to their current needs and skills. Some of these goals include: reading with expression, decoding unfamiliar words, developing pace and reading for meaning (comprehension).


Term Two will see us further developing the children’s knowledge and writing skills of different text types. Structures for each text type are explored and re-visited on a regular basis. This term we will be writing narratives, recounts, retells and procedures.


In Mathematics, to support the Number and Algebra learning from last term we will be exploring the connection between addition and subtraction. The children will partition numbers and develop the skill of identifying the missing element in an additive problem. We will explore a range of mental strategies for both addition and subtraction problems, such as bundling to ten, doubling, halving and 10 facts.  Our exploration of place value is ongoing. In Measurement and Geometry the children will be comparing measurement of objects, such as length, mass, volume and capacity.  They will further develop their Mathematical language skills using words such as ‘more’, ‘less’, and ‘about the same’. In the Location and Transformation strand of this learning area we will work on developing and enhancing skills that enable us to interpret simple maps of familiar locations and identify relative positions of key features.  We will also be learning how to display collected data relevant to the children.  This will include tally tables, bar graphs and pictographs.


In Integrated Studies we are looking at how the places in which we live have cultural and spiritual significance to the people who inhabit them, paying particular attention to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We will explore the social connections that these people maintain to country and place.


Our specialist Science teacher Mr Rocco Capolingua and the children will focus on the Earth and space sciences.  The children will be learning how the Earth’s resources are used in a variety of ways.


In Health the children will continue to work on explaining and demonstrating how being fair and respectful contributes to class health and wellbeing. We are exploring how rules will keep us safe both inside and outside of the classroom. Some of the strategies they will be exploring include resilience, assertiveness, empathy and positive self-image.


During our STEAM sessions, facilitated by Miss Mitzi Phoebe, the children will be further developing their information technology skills, by showcasing their learning from our Integrated Studies programme, in a variety of ways.  We will be exploring different apps allowing the children to experience a range of different media presentations.


This term we will also participated in a virtual reality incursion to enhance the children’s understanding of Aboriginal culture.  This fantastic incursion will took place on Thursday, 18 May.


On Wednesday 28 June we will be travelling to the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre in Fremantle to view a performance entitled ‘The Arrival’.  




Library News

Scholastic Book Club Issue 4 is now open, catalogues have been sent home today.
Closing date is Wednesday 14 June 2017.


Sport News


As our Year 1-6 children prepare to challenge themselves at the end of the term with our Faction Cross Country Carnival I would like to introduce our Infant Jesus Running Club. This provides the children an opportunity to improve their fitness to give themselves the best opportunity to achieve their goals at the carnival and it is also a great way to improve their physical and mental health. Running Club will occur on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 8am on the oval right up until the carnival. All children are invited to come and challenge themselves. If you are wearing your winter uniform then wear your sport shoes and change into your black shoes ready for class. In the event of rain we will cancel for that day.


When: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8am starting Week 5 
Where: School Oval
Who: Year 1-6 (Pre Primary are welcome to come and challenge themselves as well)
What to bring: White sport shoes if you are not wearing sport uniform
Why: To improve fitness for the Cross Country Carnival


This year our Cross Country Carnival will be held at Lightning Park in Noranda on Friday 16 June (A map has been included in the newsletter). This provides the children with a larger space to run on and a similar environment to the Interschool Carnival. A permission slip has been sent home and I ask that these be returned to your classroom teacher ASAP.


I am very excited about the Cross Country Carnival and I have also been impressed by the children’s commitment to their fitness in our PE Lessons and Running Club. It should be a very fun and competitive day!

2017 Winter Lightning Carnival


Once again our Year 6 children will be competing in Football, Soccer and Netball against other schools in our Association. This carnival will be held on Thursday 22 June with Netball at Noranda Netball Courts and Football and Soccer at Carine Open Space. The Year 6 children have already chosen their sports and are beginning to prepare for the day. A permission slip has been sent home asking for parent help with coaching and umpiring for the different sports. Please advise if you are able to help on the day (No experience needed for coaching and minimal experience needed for umpiring). Please return the signed notes to your classroom teacher ASAP.
Mr Sheridan

Physical Education Teacher



There are four children from Infant Jesus school who have been selected to represent East Perth Eagles District Basketball Association at the Western Australian Basketball League (WABL) competition for 2017.   They are :
Allyra Quartermaine – U12s Girls Championships Division
Krystelle Marion – U 12s Girls Championships Division
Akiena Gunawardene – U12s Girls Championships Division
Ethan Gonsalves – U14s Boys Division 3.

Congratulations we are very proud of you all.


P&F News


Infant Jesus School is raising funds. Here's how you can help...

We are raising as much as we can to support our technology and Innovation Centre, and we need your help! Order your NEW 2017/2018 Entertainment Book or Entertainment Digital Membership now. You'll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and help our fundraising at the same time!


"The Entertainment Book is such a great way to try new restaurants. It’s also a great opportunity to help community organisations."


A Sample Book and Order Forms are available in the Front Office if you wish to have a look. 


MEDIA RELEASE - Catholic School Parents left in the dark around school funding


Well done to the 3W class for winning the Loose Change Challenge! Your Pizza Party is tomorrow! Parents of 3W children, if you have not completed the catering form for your child, please do so tonight by following the below link.

Nicola Cecchele - P&F President



If you would like a copy of all the photographs taken over the MAD Camp weekend by our photographer, Maria Bellesini, please drop a USB into the school office in a bag labelled with your name. You will be notified when it is ready for you to collect. 


Some photos from MAD Camp last weekend.


Family Camp is a great opportunity to make new friends, experience a bit of the Infant Jesus tradition and this year's theme is "Heroes and Villains".

Venue: Point Peron, Rockingham.

Date: Friday 29 September to Sunday 1 October. (not the long weekend and 2 nights only).

Anticipated cost of $350 per family (this may change after budget confirmation) includes accommodation, all meals, all indoor/outdoor activities and of course lots of fun and laughter. 


Places are limited. To secure your place and in fairness to everyone wanting to attend, this will be a first come first serve basis on receipt of non-refundable $50 deposit on or before 19 June 2017. 


Please take your slip and the $50 deposit in an envelope with your name to the school office. The date and time will be noted on the slip. We are also asking if anyone has any items (figurines, posters, etc) in relation to the Heroes and Villains theme that you no longer use or need and are willing to donate. We will gladly collect. Please contact Ardrian on 0403439888. 


We look forward to seeing you all there, especially NEW families, so start spreading the word! Any queries please don't hesitate to contact

Linda Prestianni 0433 925 857
Ardrian Gonsalves 0403 439 888


3 YEAR OLD  (Pre Kindy) DINNER

Venue:  The Queens

Date:  Friday 9 June

Time:  7.30pm 

RSVP: 6 June to Justyna or Facebook



When:    Saturday 1 July

Time:      8pm

Venue:    Minq Bar Burswood Crown   

Cost:       $40 PP Nibbles/Drinks provided

Contact:   Nicole 0400266755 or Maree 0412336965 for payment

RSVP and Payments by 16 June


Friday 23 June at Our Table, 180a Grand Promenade, Bedford at 10.30am. 
Please RSVP to Justine or Sherrie for booking numbers
All welcome, see you there!


Thursday 22 June at 6.30pm
Inglewood Hotel, 803 Beaufort Street, Inglewood.
Come join us for a catch up, something good to eat and a drink or two.
Please RSVP to either Simone or Tash to let us know if you will be there.


Canteen Roster


Friday 2 June

Billie Dewitt, Pauline Spence, Rosanna Monastra

Monday 5 June


Wednesday 7 June

Sara McMenemy, Alison Wilathgamuwa, Justine Scriva


If you cannot do your Roster please arrange with another Parent to do your Roster as a swap. Please also see the attached Canteen Winter Menu for Term 2 and 3.




Please do not pick up or drop off students in the Admin Carpark. This Carpark is for office business and visitors to the school only. It is not a safe area for students to be at anytime due to the amount of traffic and delivery trucks using the space. Please use the designated pick up and drop off areas.



Please consider others and park correctly along Lovegrove Way to help with the flow of traffic in that area.



To assist with school based events, please ensure that both of these have been completed. 

1. Complete the Volunteer Workshop 

2. Read and Sign the Code of Conduct which is new in 2017.  


It is a requirement that not only the Parent Volunteer Workshop has been completed, but the school based Code of Conduct has been signed and returned to the office.  


Copies of the Code of Conduct are available from the front office or online. 




Feastday of  St Justin - 1 June

Justin, born in Palestine at the start of the second century, searched everywhere for truth. He traveled to big cities, where he talked and studied with wise teachers. One day, a stranger told Justin to read the Old Testament prophets, who had foretold the coming of Christ. He did this, and it led him to see that the Christian religion taught the truth. He was baptized.


Justin began to speak and write in defense of Christianity, since some people were attacking it. His books give us insight into the early Church. In one of them he described the ceremony of Baptism around the year 160. It was similar to the ceremony today. In another place, he wrote that the Sunday meetings of the Christian community included readings from Scripture, a homily, offering of bread and wine, and giving Holy Communion.


In about 165, Justin was arrested for being a Christian but refused to give up his faith. The judge asked him, “Do you have an idea that you will go to heaven and receive some suitable rewards?” Justin answered, “It is not an idea that I have; it is something that I know well and hold to be most certain.” 


Lifelink Day

Please see attached a letter to Parents in regards to Lifelink Day 2017.


A Leader for our time

We are living in a time when many people feel unmoored and uncertain. Backlash and resentment are fuelling a populist rejection of the status quo. Many are dissatisfied with their lot in life and are looking for models of leadership which are authentic and transformative and ones they feel they can trust. This has been reflected in voting patterns across the globe.


We need to find a model of leadership that offers a graced alternative that espouses love, justice and inclusiveness for all.

We need Mary.


We need her more than ever to remind us of a leadership that is universal, profound and world-changing. We need a model of leadership that is gentle, wise and enduring; a leadership that is not shrill or shallow, a leadership that offers hope not hatred.

As the first disciple of Jesus she led by example. Hers was a devoted motherhood as she pondered and puzzled over the future of her beloved heaven and earth child. In leading others to love she knew the heartbreak of seeing her son die cruelly and ignominiously as she watched from a distance.


Yet, after his crucifixion and death – and Resurrection – she did not turn to bitterness or a withering of heart at her loss, but continued to be the woman of good counsel for those left bereft by the death of Jesus and unsure of what to do. She kept Jesus’ followers together, mothering them and binding them in love and memory until the Spirit empowered them to go out to all nations with the message of the Good News.


Mary offers us a leadership that is unambiguous. The only agenda is God and good. Her leadership offers comfort, solidarity, intercession and perhaps a certain spiritual stoicism that goes with knowing that a "yes" in a "no" world needs unwavering courage and conviction.

Her leadership is not about power or position, but about the truth of her son’s salvation message. She does not need a leadership manual or management guide. She does not need power dressing, glib slogans or sycophantic acolytes. All she needs is love. (


Parish News



Friday, 9 June starts at 9:00am at Infant Jesus Parish Centre

Attendance is a MUST! 

Please remember to bring a plate to share. Children will be having shared morning tea and lunch. Drinks will be provided.   Please ensure that all food that your children will bring on the retreat day are nut free. 

Food Suggestion: girls to bring sweets and boys to bring savoury food.    

Please remind your children to bring their pencil case and jacket.

At the conclusion of the retreat, Infant Jesus School Students will return to school with their teachers at 2:45pm, PREP students (Catechist school children) will need to be collected from the parish centre.  



Saturday, 10 June at 12.00pm and at 3.00pm

·  Please arrive at least 1 hour before the Mass.
·   For parents who will serve in the Mass, (readers, collectors, and offertory) please see one of our Sacramental team members with yellow badge as soon as you arrive.
·  Please bring your child's Confirmation sash.
·   For those who ordered the embroidery service from Tony Nguyen, please contact him directly to arrange time and day for collection, as we do not keep your sash in the parish office. Tony Nguyen’s contact number: 0432 106 404. 

For your child’s allocated Mass time, please check your enrolment confirmation email or ring the parish office at 92768500 from Monday to Thursday 9.30am-12.30pm.  

Please check your email for all  other important reminders about the Confirmation Retreat and Mass.
Yours in Christ,
Faith Rico



Infant Jesus Parish 24:7 Morley Youth Group
All youth in Years 6-12 are invited
Join us this Friday night, 6-8pm in the Parish Hall
For more info call Roger 0434 988 711 or Elizabeth 0410 554 393


Archdiocese of Perth



Local news from across our parishes, agencies, schools and organisations can be delivered weekly directly to your inbox via The eRecord. It contains the latest news, events and photos from the Archdiocese. Parishes receive a PDF copy of the e-newsletter to print off and distribute for those who don’t have or don’t use email. Subscribe to the e-newsletter by sending details to

Further info: Jamie O’Brien 08 9220 5900.


City of Bayswater
School Parking Schedule


City of Bayswater
Book Week Program - August 2017


Mercedes College

Mercedes College is proud to present its 2017 Production of The Little Mermaid. Based on the Hans Christian Anderson story, this is the Broadway version of the story of Ariel – a mermaid who desires to be human. Her wish is eventually granted, although with dire consequences. A cast of over 80 feature in this spectacular production with lots of colour, singing, dancing, puppetry and under the sea frolic. Coming to the Regal Theatre in Subiaco for 4 performances only, from Friday 28 July. Tickets are available at


Relationships Australia

Please find attached a flyer outlining our Parenting related Courses running in June 2017.
Go to or ring 6164 0200 to enrol


Infant Jesus Soccer Club

Welcome to Infant Jesus Soccer Club Fostering and promoting community, friendship and team work while having fun. Enclosed is our website to stay in touch. The aim of the website is to aid in the awareness of the club and the community participation it provides and fosters.


Perth College

The Imaginarium July school holiday courses have been designed specifically for gifted girls of very high ability. Our courses for the April holidays sold out with outstanding feedback from participants and their parents. See attached.


Family Fun Day - East Perth Football District

 On behalf of the East Perth Football District I would like to invite your school to attend the 2017 Royals District Family Fun Day held at Leederville Oval on Monday 5 June for the big WAFL WA Day clash between East Perth and West Perth.


Our Lady Assumption

Our Lady's Assumption School 50th Anniversary Commemorative Pavers
As part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations for Our Lady's Assumption School in Dianella, past students and their families are invited to purchase a commemorative paver, which will be placed in the school grounds. 
The pavers may include individual names, family names and years of attendance at the school. 
To take advantage of this unique opportunity to commemorate your family's connection to the school, simply download the order form on the OLA school website at:


Forms must be returned by post or email no later than the 9 June, 2017. Each paver costs $50.
To keep up to date with OLA's 50th Anniversary celebrations, follow the dedicated facebook page:






2017 Calendar Terms 1-4 (updated 1 June).pdf
2017 Calendar Terms 1-4 (updated 1 June).pdf
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Children's Book Week 2017.pdf
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Family Fun Day Free Pass.pdf
Family Fun Day Free Pass.pdf
Pavers Registration.pdf
Pavers Registration.pdf