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22 June 2017
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Principal's Report

Term Two

Dear Families,

It has been a busy Term Two with much more important learning to occur in the last week. As a community, we have achieved many successes and I thank the students for their extraordinary learning and growth. We feel privileged to work with such wonderful students each day. Congratulations to the staff for their teaching expertise, particularly with the extra work required to complete Reports. Thankyou to the Deputy Principals, Mrs Burns & Mrs Gerecke, who have made an outstanding impact upon the learning of our students, in only one semester. Their care, hard work, communication and professionalism have been acknowledged by many. Thankyou to Social & Fundraising group who have worked tirelessly for our school community. They deserve much credit for the increased engagement of our parents/guardians, together with Paul Mapley (D.O.G.s) our Parents Reps and Parent Partnership Leaders (Miss Evans & Miss Fahy). I thank Jess Conway (Family Liaison) and all the families that have supported those in need. It has shown the strength of our Galilee community. Thankyou to Donna McMaster and the outstanding School Education Board. While all members make a valuable contribution, I would like to particularly thank Donna for the generosity of time she contributes to Galilee. Donna is a parent who contributes greatly to our community and I recommend you read her report later in this newsletter.


Congratulations to our students who successfully showcased their skills at our Musical Soirees over the previous two nights. On Tuesday we were thrilled to see the Voice and Drum performers. I was fortunate enough to be present and witness the startling performances of our students. The evening was facilitated by Anita and Richard and I thank them for their time. On Wednesday night we were again enthralled by the students' performances in Violin (Lynette), Keyboard/Piano (Tim) and Guitar (Trent).  I congratulate the students on the confidence and skill to be able to perform in front of such a large audience and thank the teachers again for their dedication.

Over one third of our students participate in our instrumental/voice program. Performing Arts is a valued part of our curriculum and also led by Mrs Reid and Miss Carnovale. 

The willingness and ability to speak or perform in front of an audience is considered a challenge to many adults who did not have the opportunities when at school, that we provide at Galilee. We are proud of our students always looking for opportunities for them to show their learning. 


21st Century Learning

At Galilee we recognise that change for improvement is a necessary part of education in the 21st century. As you are aware, we have submitted a MasterPlan to apply for funding for buildings and playground space. How many parents can remember this scene from their own schooling? Individual desks, talking to peers was considered copying, writing with fountain pens, using chalkboards, learning was about memorising facts, individual talents were rarely explored and the teacher did all of the talking... It was not an environment that necessarily developed: social justice, connections with community, social emotional skills, confidence in public speaking etc. Fortunately priorities have changed and schools recognise the need to prepare students with the skills to flourish in an ever-changing world. Learning can take place in all environments and not just in the classroom. That is why it's important to develop our environment to keep pace with student learning as they: conduct science experiments, use the computers to learn about other cultures, learn mathematical skills to solve problems, feel safe, are provided with opportunities to speak publicly, use their creativity to make inventions and learn at their own rate. 

The Building Committee are continuing to make contact with politicians to hopefully increase our chances of funding new buildings that will keep pace with the learning of our students.

Student Safety

Currently the playground equipment is allowed to be used at recess and lunchtime with teacher supervision but not before school. Once collected after school, students are not kept off the equipment if under parental supervision or attending GOSH Club. Please encourage your children to play safely to minimise the risk of injury. During recess and lunch breaks there are many provisions to increase the safety of our students while playing outside:

  • teachers on duty in all areas,
  • split play areas,
  • extra indoor spaces opened,
  • the playground equipment is only allowed to be used during recess & lunch (not before school),
  • soft balls made available for playing 
  • playground expectations on display. 

Funding for Catholic Schools


Recently there have been media reports on the amount of funding offered to Catholic Education for the upcoming ten years. If the Bill is passed in the Senate, Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM) estimate that our system will receive less money for education in comparison to the Independent and State Government Schools. The government is planning to fund each school based upon their SES (Socio-Economic Status) score.  The SES score is based upon the wealth of a suburb and not those attending a school in a suburb. The video above shows the inaccuracy in using a school's SES to determine it's level of funding. CEM receives funding from the government collectively and distributes the money throughout the system according to each school's needs and population. We are hopeful that the issue is resolved providing in an equitable funding model for all students attending Catholic schools. Families are encouraged to read the email I sent home yesterday and send information to the appropriate Senators, in support of Catholic Education. The dialogue in my email may help you to phrase a message. Our system has asked us to encourage families to send their support in the hope of influencing a better deal for Catholic schools.


For the first week of Term Three Mrs Burns will be on Long Service Leave to visit her husband's family overseas. I will also be away for the first week on Long Service Leave visiting my daughter in Canada. Mrs Gerecke with be Acting Principal and Mr Coaley, Acting Deputy Principal. Together with the other school leaders, Galilee will make an excellent start to Term Three.

Student Led Conferences

Student-led Conferences will be on Monday 26th June from 2:00pm-7:30pm (school finishing at 1:30pm) and Wednesday 28th June from 2-5pm (school will remain open as normal on this day) with specialist teachers supervising classes during an assembly. Please note that Semester One Reports are now accessible electronically.  Please refer to the full letter emailed home this week for more information regarding the Student Led Conferences. 


An important letter was emailed home last week explaining changes to the Reporting against the new Victorian Curriculum. Please ensure you have read it thoroughly to avoid confusion with your child's Report. We have trialled a new method for you to access your child's report, through a Parent Portal. Please read the instructions carefully before contacting the school office, if you are experiencing difficulty. We are proud of the student learning in Semester One. A major focus is on growth but this won't be evident with the introduction of the new Victorian Curriculum.In Semester Two, we will be working with the staff to report against a greater number of skills to increase the amount of information parents/guardians receive about their child's progress.


Don't forget to come dressed as a Mad Scientist tomorrow for the Galilee Science Day.


Peace & Blessings,

Simon Millar

Upcoming Dates

**Dates and times may change

Term Dates 

Term 2  April 19 - June 30

Term 3 July 17 - September 22

Term 4 October 9 - December 19 


Fri 23  Science Day at Galilee (Parade 9am)

Mon 26  Students finish 1.30pm - Student Led Conferences 2pm - 7.30pm

Tue 27  Year 4 Excursion & Year 6 Leadership Conference

Wed 28  Students finish 3:25pm - Student  Led Conferences 2pm - 5pm

Fri 30  End of Term Mass at Ss. Peter and Paul 9.30am

Term 2 concludes at 1.30pm


Mon 17 First day of Term Three

Tue 18 Whole school Feast Day Mass at OLMC 9:30am

Wed 19 Assembly 3C

Mon 24 Year 4 Parents Morning Tea

Thur 27 Principal Network

School Closure Dates

Friday August 25

Monday November 6

Friday December 1

Sacrament Dates


Sept. 14  Confirmation Faith Night at Galilee Hall at 6:30pm

Sept 14. Parent Information Night OLMC 7:30pm after Faith Night 

Parent Information Night Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall TBC by Parish

Nov. 4  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Nov. 8  Sacrament of Confirmation Rehearsal with Bishop Elliot at OLMC

Nov. 11  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Nov. 11  Sacrament of Confirmation OLMC (time TBC)

Nov. 18  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Nov. 25  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Dec. 3  Sacrament of Confirmation  Ss. Peter and Pauls 10-11am

Public Holidays

29 Sep   AFL Grand Final Friday (during school holidays)
7 Nov     Melbourne Cup Day


28 June  Wednesday 2.40pm - Singing

19 July Wednesday 3:40pm - Year 3C

26 July Wednesday 3:40pm - Year 1C

Second Hand Uniform

Open Fridays 8:40am-8:55am & afternoons are available by appointment (3:30pm-3:40pm) please SMS Kate on 0419 384 471 to arrange.

Located in Prep Building

Clean uniform donations appreciated

Lunch Orders

Available to order Wednesdays and Fridays only


Education in Faith

End of Term 2 Mass celebrating the Feast of Sacred Heart

Feast of the Sacred Heart occurs on Friday 23rd June. As a school, we will be celebrating this special Feast Day at our End of Term Mass on Friday 30th June at 9:30am. At our End of Term Mass, we will celebrate the love that Jesus has for us and the love and compassion we are called to show to others, especially those who are most in need. Our Social Justice Leaders will be reading at the Mass and the whole school will be attending. The School Choir, led by Anita, will be singing during our Mass. We would like to extend an invitation to our wider Galilee community to join us at Mass and in celebrating the Feast of the Sacred Heart. We hope to see lots of you join us  for our End of Term Mass at 9.30am on Friday 30th June at Ss. Peter and Paul Church.

Prayer to the Sacred heart of Jesus

O most holy heart of Jesus, fountain of every blessing,

I adore you, I love you

and with lively sorrow for my sins I offer you this poor hear of mine.

Make me humble, patient and pure.

Grant, good Jesus, that I may live in you and for you.

Protect me in the midst of danger.

Comfort me in my afflictions.

Give me health of body and your blessing on all that I do.


First Eucharist

We would like to congratulate all students who received the Sacrament of Eucharist for the first time last Saturday at Our Lady of Mount Carmel. It was wonderful to see so many families and staff at Mass to witness this special occasion in the faith journey of our students. We would like to thank the parents, parish staff and Year 4 teachers who prepared the children so well.

'In the Catholic tradition, the central celebration is the Eucharist. It nourishes and deepens our unity, our fellowship, by eating and drinking together and reflecting on our great stories. Celebrating the Eucharist is a way of entering into Jesus' challenge to be transformed, like him, to a qualitatively different kind of life. This is a challenge to the community to be changed ourselves as well as to be transformers of the world in which we live',  

                                                                                                                           Words of Denis Fitzgerald and Michael Yore

Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Mass

On Tuesday 18 July from 9:30am, we will be celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel with a whole school Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Middle Park.  

According to the traditions of the Carmelite order, on July 16, 1251, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to St. Simon Stock, a Carmelite. During the vision, she revealed to him the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, popularly known as the “Brown Scapular.” A century and a quarter later, the Carmelite order began to celebrate on this date the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.


The Year 5 students will be reading at the Feast Day Mass and the whole school will be attending.  We would like to extend the invitation to all within our community to join us at this special Mass. Students will be travel by bus to and from the Church the morning of the Mass. Information regarding travel to and from the Mass will be sent home via CareMonkey. 

Social Justice Winter Appeal

The Social Justice Leaders are in the middle of collecting donations for their Winter Appeal. They are asking all in our community to give what they can. They are collecting non-perishable foods such as canned food. Each class has a box for you to put your donations into. There is also a tub in the office. Donations will be accepted up until Thursday 29th June. We thank everyone who has donated to help those in need within our community.


We thank everyone who has supported these initiatives in our school and parish life.


We wish you many blessing in the week ahead,

Amy Burns and Brittany Ford

Leaders in Faith

Leadership and Management

Reporting in Semester One

Semester One Reports were electronically sent home to families yesterday, along with a letter outlining the format for Student-Led Conferences next Monday and Wednesday.   All students have been working on self-reflections and evaluating their learning in Semester One, in order to prepare for their conversations in the conference.

Therefore, it is compulsory for all students to attend.


As stated in the Reporting letter that went home last week, you may notice some changes to our student reports this semester in line with the implementation of the new Victorian Curriculum in all government and Catholic schools from the beginning of 2017. The Victorian Curriculum replaces the previous AusVELS curriculum.


The Victorian Curriculum is structured as a single developmental learning continuum and is organised by levels not years of schooling. The curriculum consists of Towards Foundation Levels A to D and Levels Foundation to 10. All curriculum areas have achievement standards, describing what students are able to understand and do.


All students progress along the learning continuum at their own rate and from their own starting point. Students are taught at the level that suits their needs, rather than being taught to the year level and age group they are in. Teachers provide learning opportunities to support the learning for all students, including those students with additional learning needs or a disability.


Please keep in mind that as this is a new curriculum this Report is not designed nor should be compared to previous years’ reports. We can, however, show your child’s progress in English and Mathematics in Semester 1 as these learning areas were introduced and taught in 2016. For all other curriculum areas being introduced with the new curriculum, student progress can only be shown in reports from Semester 2, 2017 onwards.


Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA)

Schools under Review undergo an initial assessment by the VRQA.  All registered schools must participate in reviews, including providing the VRQA with evidence of compliance.


Registered schools must meet the requirements of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (the Act) and the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2007.

The minimum standards for registration address:

  • School governance (democratic principles, structure, probity, philosophy and not-for-profit status democratic principles, structure, probity, philosophy and not-for-profit status)
  • Enrolment (student enrolment numbers, enrolment policy, register of enrolments)
  • Curriculum and student learning (curriculum framework, student learning outcomes, monitoring and reporting on students' performance)
  • Student Welfare (care, safety and welfare of students, discipline, attendance monitoring, attendance register)
  • Staff employment (teacher registration requirements, compliance with the Working with Children Act 2005
  • School infrastructure (buildings, facilities and grounds and educational facilities).

Over the past month, we have been working closely with a consultant, Jan Kozak, to collate the documents required for compliance with the VRQA.  She will return in August to continue this part of the Review process. 

Learning and Teaching

Term 3 STEAM

The focus for STEAM next term is The Arts.  The link below outlines the curriculum outcomes for all year levels.

The Arts enable students to develop their creative and expressive capacities by learning about the different practices, disciplines and traditions that have shaped the expression of culture locally, nationally and globally. Students are both artist and audience in the Arts. They make and respond and learn to appreciate the specific ways this occurs in different disciplines.


Teachers have been busy planning many exciting learning opportunities for the students to engage  in next term. If you are able to offer any special talents or experiences in the area of The Arts, please let your child's teacher know.  


Science Day

This Friday 23rd June, is Galilee Science Day.  The students are invited to dress like a scientist/mad scientist.  If your child does not wish to dress in the theme of science, they are required to wear their school uniform.  A parade will take place from 9:00am - 9:30am on the basketball court and all parents/guardians are welcome to attend.  The students will participate in science experiments throughout the day, including an incursion facilitated by Supreme Incursions.  Thank you to Miss Hart and her STEAM Team, Mrs Reid, Mrs Burns, Miss Otte and Miss Smith, for organising the activities for the day.


Classroom Helpers 

The classroom helpers have been a wonderful help to students and teachers this term.

We love having you in the classroom and it is a great benefit to the students learning.

Thank you for all your help and support this term and we look forward to seeing you in the classroom next term.



Premier's Reading Challenge

Galilee is progressing very well in the Premier's Reading Challenge.  We have 120 registered students, 752 books are listed as being read or completed and 5 students have completed the challenge.  Keep up the fantastic effort everyone!

Number Intervention

Thank you and Congratulations!

As we come to the end of a fabulous term in Number Intervention, there are many people I would like to mention. Most importantly, I’d like to say thank you to the 24 children who have worked so hard in our Number Intervention sessions. The progress you have made is a credit to you all!  Congratulations! Thank you also to the teachers of Years 3 and 4 for your flexibility and support, and to our wonderful LSOs, who have put so much work into helping our Year 3 and 4 students improve in Maths.

Special mention to Marco and Aleeya (4R), Kaavya (4G), Kiera, Claire and Thomas (3C) and John-Paul and Violet (3R), who have completed their intensive Number Intervention course with me. You have each shown remarkable growth and it’s lovely to know that you feel more confident and capable in Maths in your classrooms. I look forward to seeing your continued progress next term during our weekly lessons.

After completing her assessments this week, Kiera had this to say: ‘Number Intervention has really helped me.  It’s helped me to figure out problems in my head instead of using my fingers; it’s helped me to read and write big numbers and count big numbers.  Now I feel confident in Maths.  Mrs Ferris has helped me to not feel anxious about Maths.  She helps me to calm down and get the right answer.  I’m really glad that I was put into Number Intervention because I’ve learnt a lot more with Mrs Ferris about Maths.

Mathemagicians of the Week!

Each week, one of our wonderful students is chosen for an award for application and progress in Maths.  The award is presented at Assembly, and the child’s photo is displayed on my door in the main office as well as in the newsletter.  Our ‘Mathemagicians’ are:  Week 9 - Remy (3C) and Week 10 - Kiera (3C).  Congratulations to you both!

How Parents/Carers Can Help at Home

Many parents/carers want to help their children with school work and in particular to help their children with Maths. Often, the most successful way for parents/carers to help is to include Maths as part of everyday activities and just have fun:

Board games and card games usually involve counting and often scoring which the child can be encouraged to keep. 

Pocket money is a great way for parents to help the child to budget and learn how to spend and check change in the local shop. 

Practical activities in the home like cooking, model making, using the washing machine and gardening can all involve Maths in a fun way and help link numeracy to everyday activities. 

Make sure that your child has a watch/clock that has both analogue and digital display. 

Reading with your child increases language awareness and can help in relation to the language of Maths. 

Suggest that your child plays some computer games which encourage reasoning and logical thinking. 

Encourage your child to make use of calendars, visual time-tables and planners at home to improve organisational skills and independence. 

An additional set of Mathematics equipment kept for use at home can reduce anxiety. These may be standard resources e.g. ruler, protractor etc home made e.g. wipable boards, memory cards etc. 

Celebrate successes with your child! 

Liaise with the teacher to ensure that you offer support in the most appropriate way.

In our next newsletter, I will set out examples of how to work with your child specifically with addition and subtraction.

Jane Ferris (Number Intervention Leader)

[email protected]



A big thank you and congratulations to Gypsy in 5F for the winning entry in the Cyber Safety competition. A reminder to everyone that our Galilee Cyber Safety Day will be held on Wednesday August 2nd (Term 3, Week 3).


On this day, students in Years 3 to 6 will be attending a presentation on Cyber Safety from Susan McLean, who is an award winning Cyber Safety specialist. Students will also be completing activities relating to Cyber Safety throughout the day.


We will still be having our regular assembly at 2:40pm to 3:25pm, with a class presentation and student awards. In addition, we will have a short morning assembly in the hall, that parents are also welcome to attend.


We are in the final stages of planning for our Parent Information Session. The session will be hosted by Susan McClean and will begin at 7:00pm in the hall. Tickets will be available shortly using a TryBooking link that will be available to all parents.


I would like to introduce you to Susan McLean with the following information:

  • Susan was the first Victorian Police Officer appointed to a position regarding Cyber Safety

  • She has written and conducted extensive research about Cyber Safety in the UK as well as the USA

  • Susan has presented at a variety of schools, as well as bodies such as AFL, GPS and both Federal and State Parliaments

  • She is a member of the Australian Cyber Safety Working Group

  • She has written a book relating to Cyber Safety.


With such an award-winning expert attending our school, we are asking parents to purchase a $10 ticket to attend the event (due to the cost). This subsidy is a small cost for the invaluable information that Susan will present on the evening. The Information Session will be for adults only. To allow parents to attend, we will be offering supervision of school-age children by Galilee teachers, for those who are unable to make other arrangements. 


We strongly recommend all families to attend this Information Session, as Cyber Safety is a big part of our technological lives; particularly families in Years 3-6 who have greater access to devices in our school.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].


Joss Coaley

eLearning Leader


Student Wellbeing

Friendship Groups

On Monday, we met once again with our Friendship Groups.

This session’s focus was RESPECT - We are learning to respect all of God’s creations.

We discussed what RESPECT means to us at our school:

  • looking after each other

  • looking after the library books and the sports equipment

  • making our friends happy when they are sad

  • picking up rubbish in the yard

  • playing with children in the yard if they haven’t got a friend

  • watering the plants

We then together watched : A Day in the Life of St Francis


The students discussed how St. Francis cared for the environment, animals and the people he met and then how they can care for the environment, our school and each other.

They then created their own promise of how they can care for others in our school.

The students brought their promise home to discuss with you. We hope you have had the opportunity to do so.

What can we do, as parents and teachers, to encourage children to be respectful?

  • Don’t expect children to just know the rules - Before an occasion, parents should explain the expected behaviour in a noncritical way. (When we see Mr. Millar today, I’d be so pleased if you shook his hand, looked him in the eye and said, "Hello, Mr. Millar.")

  • Teach your child to say a simple please and thank you from an early age.

  • Treat even the littlest child with the same respect you would treat an important adult.

  • Help children to learn empathy.

  • Pass on compliments about your child’s positive behaviour toward others.

  • Help your child behave in public places.

  • Children can begin writing thank you notes for presents or special occasions from a very early age.

  • Agree on family rules for behaviour that are particularly important to you (perhaps on speaking politely & not swearing; table manners; inclusion of everyone; telling the truth; being on time). Say, "It’s a family rule that we don’t allow swearing in our house." 


 If you have any concerns or inquires please do not hesitate to contact me.


Julianne Price

Student Wellbeing /Student Services Leader

Ph. 96992928

email: [email protected]


Prep and Year One Parent Information Session

All Prep and Year One Parents/Guardians have been invited to attend an Information Session on Thursday June 29th from 9:00am-10:00am in the School Hall, presented by Patrice Wiseman. Patrice is a Learning Consultant in Behaviour with Catholic Education Melbourne. She will be working with the staff on the implementation of a positive approach to supporting and managing student behaviour.


During this session, parents will: reflect on their own parenting style, learn some great simple strategies and understand the behavioural support processes that are being implemented within the school environment.

This is a wonderful opportunity so please respond on CareMonkey as soon as possible.

Medical Consent

Students who need to take antibiotics, panadol, creams or any other one off medicines, must have a medical consent form filled out by a parent and given to the office with the medication. These forms are valid for one week and can be found on the website under the Student Wellbeing section or at the office.

School Community

SEB Message

It is hard to believe that we are almost at the halfway mark of our 2017 school year.

On behalf of the School Education Board, I would like to wish all students, staff & their respective families a lovely break over the school holidays.


We have been working closely with the School Leadership Team on a range of matters including the Master Plan, School Improvement, Uniform Development & Funding.

As foreshadowed in previous correspondence, we have aligned around a robust set of objectives in 2017 and I have attached them for your information.

I would like to thank the School Education Board for their time and diligence.


We would also like to acknowledge the efforts of a key member of staff, Mr. Shaun Tobin.

Our progress in Sport & Physical Education has been tremendous and it’s no surprise that this progress coincided with his appointment to lead P.E. at Galilee.

We are participating in a wide range of activities that enable our students to keenly develop their skills in a wide range of sports.

We now have students participating and succeeding in more District & Regional competitions than ever before and without the facilities that many other schools enjoy.

This only encourages the Board to work hard on delivering the Master Plan so that our Outdoor Active Play Spaces can be doubled and the efforts and results for our students can be maximised.

Well done and thank you Shaun.


The Music Soiree’s have been well attended and our students are developing beautifully under the guidance of our Instrumental Staff.

It might interest parents to know that Australian Researchers have found there to be a link between musical training and statistical learning, the latter being a key building block for language development and reading.  So, whilst the idea of learning keyboard, violin, flute etc....sounds like a fun, it may also be helpful academically. 

As a Board, we are delighted that it forms a key part of our extra-curriculum at Galilee.

It really does take a village to help raise and educate children.  We are blessed with wonderful leaders and staff at Galilee who help us do that.


It is a partnership with Parents/Guardians and there are many, who make such wonderful contributions to our school.

To that end, I would like to acknowledge Brett Todd for the gift of Cecilia.

Thankfully, he managed to drag her away from her home in Texas and into so many of our hearts at Galilee.

Her personal efforts to make our children’s lives so much fun and memorable are amazing. 

From Halloween Parties to Easter Egg Hunts to Baby Showers and Farewell Cards/Gifts, she is truly exceptional. 

We are also blessed to have you and know you Cecilia.  Thanks for all that you do, we appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.



Donna McMaster

Chair/ School Education Board

Open Morning Survey


We were thrilled with the community response about the Open Morning initiative that started at Galilee this year. We had over 90 responses from families which has given us data to analyse over the last few weeks. Below we have listed the main findings from the Open Morning Survey.

  • We had a spread of families visiting each year level, with Prep, Year One and Year 3 being the most frequently visited classrooms.

  • Monday was the most popular day to attend Open Mornings.

  • The structure that the community preferred was one Open Morning per week.

  • The effectiveness of Open Mornings was ranked at a 4 out of 5 for creating positive partnerships between the school, students and families.

Again, thank you to those families who contributed to the survey. We will continue Open Mornings in Term 3. We encourage families to walk their children to class on a Monday morning and engage with them in their learning.

Year Three Morning Tea

Thank you to the Year 3 Class Reps for organising morning tea on Monday. There was a healthy participation with some mums and dads catching up before the end of term.

Trivia Night


Trivia Night planning is well under way with the Social and Events Committee working hard to organise food, drink, raffle items and entertainment. We need as many donations as possible. Experiences are a great idea, such as dinner vouchers, tours, holiday stays etc.


Each class will also be making donations for a hamper. Any donation can be placed in the basket at the front office. Please see your Class Reps if you are unsure of what to donate.


There is a CareMonkey form to fill out if you can help on the day. Please fill this out as soon as possible...many hands make light work!


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Social and Events Committee for their hard work and effort in getting the Trivia Night organised. We know there have been some late nights already!


For updates and information about the Trivia Night and Galilee events, click on the Facebook link:


ATTENTION! An extra day of drum lessons at Galilee about to become a reality in Term 3  (with your help)..

Dear parents,

As you may or may not be aware, I currently teach an extremely full day of drum lessons on a Tuesday.

Seeing I love working at this school so much, I really want to try and get enough new students to warrant me coming in on another day.

I already have a couple of students on the waiting list but if I could get another 8 or so students, it would enable me to stop at one of my other schools and dedicate more time to Galilee.


If your child is interested, please give me a call or send me a text on

0403 176 652 to have a chat.

Alternatively you can email me at: [email protected]





Family Liaison Volunteer

My name is Jess and I am mum to John (Year 3) and Eva (Year 1) at Galilee and a 3 year old George.  This year I am the Family Liaison Volunteer.  This is something new at Galilee and it is an evolving role.  The purpose is to be a point of contact for families at the school who may need support and to be a parent contact that the school can use to reach out to families.  It might simply be organising flowers for a new baby, a card for an injured child, acknowledging the passing of a loved one, making a phone call to see how a family is travelling after an illness, or to be a point of contact for new families to Galilee.  


So far this year I have had the privilege to witness the many wonderful families we have at Galilee rally around those who need extra support whether it be some meals to help a family, a sympathetic ear or some kind words.  A huge thank you to Helen (2C Rep) for her initiative earlier this year coordinating meals and support for one of our family’s and to our Year 4 Parent Reps, Lissette and Meegan who are currently coordinating meals for another of our families.   We are lucky to be part of a generous and caring school community.


Sometimes we hear about families at school that may need some extra support or simply for someone to reach out to a family, but unless we are made aware things can be overlooked.  If there is a way any one thinks I can help, please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected] or phone me on 0404531629.  

Student Reports

Year 3 News

In 3C we have been learning about how to be a steward of God’s creations. We’ve also linked this with our STEAM topic, to help the animals and our environment.

We have been watching the ABC TV series War on Waste and it has made us aware that we now have to make sure that we do our part to help the environment.


Some of the facts we have learnt are:

  • By 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish
  • You can recycle scrunchable plastics (soft plastics)
  • If we don’t recycle, rubbish ends up in the sea and endangers the lives of sea creatures
  • You can recycle plastic bottles BUT the lid has to go in the bin
  • Coles and Woolworths in South Melbourne have soft plastic recycling bins
  • Recycled soft plastics can be made into other objects such as park benches, sports equipment, tables and even building blocks for houses!!!
  • Supermarkets won’t allow ‘ugly’, too big, too small, too curvy, too flat or too fat bananas on our shelves. This means that lots of bananas are going to landfill!

In 3C we have started doing our part and have already reduced the amount of soft plastics coming to school! When we surveyed our class last week we had 49 pieces of soft plastics in our lunchboxes. Today we have 25! That’s a reduction of 24 pieces of soft plastics – and that’s in our class alone!

We have been designing a program to recycle soft plastics at Galilee and are a few steps away from hopefully introducing this to the school so keep your eyes peeled! (By the way, peels go in the compost!)


In 3R we have been watching the ‘War on Waste’ on Channel 2. We have learnt how to take better care of our environment. Did you know that many things that don’t go into the recycling or the rubbish bin end up in the sea? We have seen a picture of a dolphin who ate plastic bags because it thought they were jellyfish! We all need to put our rubbish in the bin!


We learnt how to reduce, repair, recycle and reuse our waste products. For example, we can bring our own bags when we go shopping, adults can use their own coffee cups and we can reuse items like yoghurt containers to store things. We can even use coffee for compost.


We have learnt how humans are ‘Stewards of God’s Creation.’ We need to look after all the animals, plants, humans and the environment. We studied an animal that is endangered and how we can help them to survive. We can do this by supporting charities, not buy anything made from that animal, send emails and support the WWf-World Wildlife Fund that protects animals.


We also welcomed Charles into our class from St. Mary’s St. Kilda and he has settled in really well!


We have had a great term of Teaching and Learning!


Netball Lightning Premiership

On Thursday the 15th June, a select amount of students went off to the Netball Lightning Premierships. Unfortunately, the downside to going was we had to be at school no later than 8:15. That's when I eat my breakfast! Anyway, we got onto the bus and began the journey to Springvale. The A/1 team (which I was on) had two byes first of all. We had our first game, but sadly we lost. The score was 4/7. After a short 'Twisties-filled' break we had our second game, which we won! These score was 7/6. A few more breaks and games, a few ice cream cones and we saw the final scores. Our Galilee A-Grade team came a three-way-tie in fourth place!


Meanwhile, the B grade team was playing. It was hard, but Galilee didn't give up! We kept running and intercepting the ball but it wasn't enough. They won 2-1.
Then came the second game. It was a really tough game, but after a short period of time the other team scored and it wasn't long until we scored. The team that we played were really good and excellent at defending our shots and in the end, Galilee won the game. The score was 4-1. 
A few games later, it ended up with us getting 3/9 wins but 6 losses and in total we got 20 points! Which is a great achievement when most of us had not played a game of netball before.


Meanwhile, the C grade team was ready to play and feeling excited then realised that there was a bye. Then we had our first game and sadly lost to St Mary's Malvern East 1-7 then we played about another 5 games, losing but learning from mistakes and waiting for the moment that we could win a game. We finally won our first game by five points 7-2 and won our last game 5-1!


By Roxy, Isabella and Gwen

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