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23 June 2016
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What's coming up?

Term 2 & Term 3

21 June - 01 July - Year 11 Central Australia


23 June - Newsletter Issue 10 distributed

24 June - School reports on Parent Portal by



11 July - Year 10 Work Experience & Futures


12 July - Year 9 into 10 Information Evening,


12-15 July -  Music Camp 

13 July - Year 8 Global Leaders Session 1,                           8.30am

15 July - Year 9 Brainstorm Productions                             'Cheap Thrills' 9.00am

18 July - Music Soirée

               - Year 8 Museum Excursion

19 July - Parent Teacher Interviews Units 3&4                    only

19 July - Year 8 Museum Excursion

Unit 3 & 4 Parent Teacher Student Interviews

Parent/Teacher/Student interviews for students undertaking Unit 3 & 4 subjects have been set for Tuesday 19 July 2016 from 4.00pm to 8.00pm.


Appointments for interviews are to be made via the College’s online booking system. Instructions for making bookings can be found on the Parent Portal.


Bookings Open: For Unit 3 & 4 subjects on Wednesday 22 June 2016 at 9:00am


Bookings Close: For Unit 3 & 4 subjects on Friday 15 July 2016 at 4:00pm.

Attendance Line

For student attendance, whether late or absent, please call 9581 7770 and leave a message on the Attendance Line.

Kilbreda Past Pupils Make a Difference Launch

Coming up in Term 3 the Kilbreda Past Pupils Network Committee will be hosting their major event.  Please click on the following links for further information:

Bookings are via


Second Hand Uniform

Please check your daughter's uniform. If she needs an item of green uniform to be replaced, please contact Mrs Angela Tracey on with details of the uniform item required.


Alternatively the Second Hand Uniform Shop will be open 3.00-4.00pm on Wednesdays access doors near front office entrance.

Illness of students during the day

If a students is not well, her teacher will write a note in her planner, which she takes to the Sickbay in the General Office. Depending on circumstances the following action/s may be taken:

  • Students are offered alternatives for pain management – water, fresh air, hot drinks and heat or cold pack.
  • The student may be permitted to spend a limited time in the Sick bay.
  • If illness persists, a member of the staff may ring parents/carer, or other contacts given on the Update Information Form, and appropriate arrangements made to collect the student from the General Office.

Students are NOT permitted to telephone and make their own arrangements for going home. If your daughter is not well please tell her to follow the procedures and go to Sickbay in the General Office.

Co-Principals' News

Term 2 Update

Through the media we often receive mixed messages about adolescents today. For those of us gifted the privilege of engaging with adolescents on a daily basis through education, we see great hope for the future. Recently we had the opportunity to attend the St Brigid’s and St Louis' Year 5 Faith Formation evening. It was a joy to listen to Caoimhé Conlon (Kilbreda College Captain, 2013) speak of her experiences at Kilbreda that have contributed to her passion to make a difference in the world. She spoke of her time in the rural mountain village of Remexio (East Timor) and the words of Padre David, "We may not be from the same place, we may not speak the same language, but we all have one thing in common, and that is love". Caoimhé continued to say, “It was as true for me then as it is now. How else could we have bonded with those children that made saying goodbye so heart-wrenching, when neither of us nor the kids spoke a common language? It was love that took us to East Timor in the first place, it was love that bonded us and it is love that continues to drive us to do good for others. Love is truly at the core of it all.”  Along with Caoimhé, Sharon Stynes (mother of Ashlinn Reilly, Year 7), spoke of her lived faith through her work with the Reach Foundation and more recently as Manager of Very Special Kids. Kilbreda girls are called to be girls of action.


We have also had other opportunities over the last couple of weeks to visit and learn about our feeder Catholic primary schools. St Patrick’s recently held staff and parent Cyber Safety information sessions which some of our staff attended. On Wednesday we attended the induction of the FIRE Carriers (Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education) at Our Lady of Assumption (OLA). Year 7 classes have commenced their visits to OLA to join with parishioners and primary students there for Wednesday morning Mass. We are grateful to these schools and parishes for welcoming us into their communities and look forward to opportunities to visit other schools next term.


We extend a heartfelt thank you and congratulate all staff, students and parents on the outstanding performances of The Little Mermaid. There are so many people to thank for their time, effort, commitment and energy that contributed to the success of this year’s junior school production. Co-curricular opportunities help build community and friendships and allow our girls (and the St Bede’s boys) to develop confidence in and extend their own abilities, share their talents and develop new skills which will benefit them in the years to come. The feedback received both in writing and verbally has been glowing of all involved. The production team and students led by our talented Director and Producer, Ms Keryn Holden, can all take a bow on this wonderful achievement!

Arts Week was held last week and along with the many engaging activities offered, it was wonderful that past students had the opportunity to be welcomed back to the College again and present on their chosen studies across the areas of visual arts at the Art Soirée. We are sure the audience of current Visual Art students were inspired by what they had to share. On the same evening in the Music Room, the VCE musical recitals were also happening and provided an amazing showcase of talent and commitment from music students in Years 10-12.

This week we farewell Chris Ryan as he begins his role as 7-10 Curriculum Leader at Parade College. We are thankful to Chris for his care, support and encouragement of Kilbreda students and staff particularly in his role as Year 9 Coordinator since commencing in 2013. Chris has made a significant contribution to developing and implementing the BRIDGES Program in its current format.  Next term we will welcome Ms Jaime Wallace to this role. Jaime brings to this role leadership experience in both year level coordination in a Catholic girls’ school and experiential based learning programs. We are confident that Jaime’s experience, energy and enthusiasm will be a valuable asset to the Wellbeing Team and college community. We look forward to welcoming her into our community when she commences at the start of Term 3.


As we head into our holiday period we think of our Central Australia tour group and thank Mrs Sue Dempster, Ms Catherine Scott, Mrs Trish Moloney and Ms Bernadette Joseph for making this experience possible for our girls. We wish safe travels to all in our community who will be travelling at this time and look forward to our return on Monday 11 July.


Brigidine schools are known and stand out for their compassion for the marginalized. This week we recognize Refugee Week (19-25th June). This year’s theme, ‘With courage let us all combine’, celebrates the courage of refugees and of people who speak out against persecution and injustice. The United Nations' (UN) World Refugee Day is observed on June 20 each year. This event honors the courage, strength and determination of women, men and children who are forced to flee their homeland under threat of persecution, conflict and violence. We are reminded of our College theme for 2016, Welcome All, and our call to action and to advocate strongly for justice in response to this global concern.


The links below are to two powerful videos related to the refugee crisis:


“The refugee boat hero who saved a child and stirred a continent” (TED talk by Melissa Fleming)

“The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained”



Loving and compassionate God,

No one is a stranger to you and no one is ever far from your loving care.
Watch over those who are separated from their loved ones and homeland;
those who fear persecution and hope for a better life in our community.
May we reach out in welcome to all those who arrive as refugees,
embracing one another so that together

your hope, O God,
will be our future.
We make this prayer through Christ our Lord.



At this time we remember in our prayers and thoughts the terrible events in Orlando last week as well as the continual loss of innocent lives around the world.

We pray for...

We ask for your prayers for members of our community and their families who have recently lost loved ones:


Berna Hutchins

Grandmother of Dakota Duffus Year 10


We pray that our loving God hold her gently in the palm of His hand.

Before and after school supervision

Before and after school supervision

Parents should be aware that whilst staff may arrive at the College before 8:00am and stay back at the end of the day, students are under supervision from 8:30am till 3:30pm each school day.


Whilst the safety and wellbeing of all students is our primary concern, the college does not provide supervision outside these hours, except if working in the library or on a particular program that is being run and supervised by staff.


If your daughter would like to work in the library, please note the official opening hours are:

Monday to Thursday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm


I thank you for your support.


Louis Papadimitriou

Assistant Principal Operations

College Uniform Expectations


Thank-you to all families and students who consistently meet the College's expectations with respect to the correct wearing of the summer and winter uniforms. The transition period between old and new uniform has presented its challenges and as always we are grateful for the support that we receive from our families.


School holidays provide time to take stock and tend to the tasks that busy terms sideline. Therefore we encourage all students to review their winter and summer uniforms, ensuring that skirt and dress lengths are no shorter than above the knee, blazers are clean and pressed and shoes polished.


A reminder that all students in Years 7 to 10 are required to wear the new uniform from the beginning of 2017. 


Joanne Kanigowski

Assistant Principal Student Wellbeing

Fee News

Financial Assistance – Have you recently received a Health Care Card?

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides payments for eligible students to attend camps, sports and excursions.


If you are a new holder of a Health Care Card or other Concession Card you may be eligible to apply for this subsidy of $225 per year for eligible secondary school students. Payments are made directly to the school and are deducted from the Fees.


The CSEF policy document which provides more detailed information for schools is also available from this website:


An information Flyer and CSEF Application Form are attached and can also be found on the CSEF website.


For further information, you can contact Sr Lia in the Office. 




Library News

Makerspace and Forthcoming Book Week

The girls have been enjoying the new Makerspace – creating and crafting origami, lego, woven bookmarks and more.  We are looking forward to using this space more in the 3rd and 4th weeks of next term as we celebrate “Book Fortnight” (Double the activities of past “Book Weeks” - there was too much to fit into a single week!) The official slogan of the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book Week is “Australia! Story land.” 


Reading Program

The Reading Program remains fun, educative and highly relevant to your girls’ future academic success.  A pizza lunch was awarded to Room 70 as the prize to the Year 7 class which won the Term 2 Reading Challenge.  It was a very close finish in the end with the winning class having to drag a member away from The Little Mermaid rehearsals to submit her reading record sheet which provided them with just enough points to cross the line in front.


Room 70              526 points

Room 75              514 points

Room 73              473 points

Room 74              410 points

Room 72              385 points

Room 71              335 points


We have added a large number of new fiction and ‘True Reads’ books to our collection; many of these have been requested by the students or have been purchased to complete or update series.  The feedback we get from the students on what they want to read is extremely helpful – and it also means that when we buy a recommended book then at least one person will read it!

VCE and open hours over these holidays

To the VCE students – remember we are open during the second week of these holidays (8.30 – 3.30) if you want to come in and use the resources.  ALSO a reminder to VCE students who have borrowed VCE resources for the first week of the holidays – they are due back on the first day of the second week when we open so that your study buddies can also use them.


Thank you all students for using the library for study and fun over Term 2 – and looking forward to more next term.


Angus Pearson

LRC Coordinator

Curriculum News

Subject Selections

Term 3 is when students from Years 7 to 11 make choices about their elective subjects for the following year. Important considerations in this process are your daughter’s interests, aspirations and broad skill set. She should take the opportunity to discuss her options with a wide range of people: her parents, of course, but also the Careers Coordinator, Loretta Cormick, her teachers and those who teach the subject/s under consideration, family and friends with particular interests or expertise and so on. For students in senior years, research the requirements for particular course pathways and ensure that these will be met.


To assist students in this important process a number of Parent Information nights will be conducted across Term 3. Subject Handbooks for Years 9, 10 and VCE are being prepared and will be available to students and parents shortly. All subject selections will be undertaken online via the student or parent portal to the Kilbreda College website. The cut-off dates by which selections must be made are provided below. Note that your daughter may change her selections as many times as she wishes up to the cut-off date. After this date, access will be denied.


Year 12 VTAC Information Evening

Thursday 28 July at 7.00pm

No cut off application for subject selection


Year 11 into 12 

No Information Evening

Cut off date for subject selection Thursday 18 August 


Year 10 into 11 Information Evening

Wednesday 27 July at 7.15pm

Cut off date for subject selection Thursday 18 August 


Year 9 into 10 Information Evening

Tuesday 12 July at 7.00pm

Cut off date for subject selection Thursday 18 August


Year 8 into 9 Information Evening

Wednesday 24 August at 7.00pm

Cut off date for subject selection Friday 9 September


Year 7 into 8 Information Evening

No Information Evening

Cut off date for subject selection Friday 9 September


At Years 10 and 11, students are selecting subjects for their final years of secondary education in either the VCE or VCAL program.


At Year 9, selections are made from a range of elective subjects as well as from a limited number of Accelerated (VCE and VET) studies. An Application form must be completed by the student if she wishes to be considered to be given access to an Accelerated study in Year 10.


Year 8 students may choose from a variety of semester length elective subjects, including the option of continuing with their chosen language.


The choice for Year 7 students is which of the two languages, Italian or Japanese, they wish to pursue into Year 8.

Parent teacher Interviews

Parent teacher Interviews will take place on Tuesday 19 July for students undertaking Unit 3&4 studies. A further session will be made available on Thursday 8 September for students from Years 7 to 11. All parents are encouraged to make appointments with their daughter’s teachers online and to come along to discuss how the year is progressing and what strategies might be put into place to support her learning. We encourage students to attend these forums with their parents so that a clear understanding can be shared across all parties. If you have more serious or complex concerns about your daughter’s academic progress or pastoral wellbeing, an extended interview can be organized through either her Homeroom mentor or directly with the teacher.


Brian Ellett

Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning

Year 8 News

In and around Year 8

Congratulations to the students who have worked tirelessly at their school work this term and have experienced their first ever ‘exam’, completing the Semester 1 Maths exam this week.  Girls have been busy preparing their study material for the exam with the support of their Maths teachers.  During this time Homework Club has been well attended and I would like to thank Mrs Liberatore for coordinating Year 8 Homework club every Wednesday at lunchtime.  Mrs Liberatore has supported students with their Maths, providing one on one help and many students have found this help invaluable.  Thank you Mrs Liberatore.


I was tremendously proud to attend the junior production of The Little Mermaid and witness the amazing efforts and achievements of our students, led by our dedicated Performing Arts department.  I was blown away with the talent and I congratulate each student who was involved either on stage, back stage, dressing rooms with costume and makeup and the technical students with sound and lighting. 


High Resolves resumed on Wednesday this week with the focus on students beginning to work on their Community Action Project. Their aim is to inspire the community and to make a change for the better, centred around the focus of Gender Inequality.


Next term girls will change electives.  Food Technology and Art students will swap to Drama and Dance and vise versa.  The students have thoroughly enjoyed their electives which provide an insight and a taste for subject offered in Year 9 and beyond.

Food Technology in Year 8

As one of the semester subjects of Year 8, Food Technology is a great opportunity for students to learn how to cook, what tools to use, what ingredients, basic measurements and the background of food.


Food technology consists of two sections: - practical and theory.  In practical classes in the kitchen we have successfully made a variety of meals including taco boats, chicken stir fry, pasta bake, fruit salad, spaghetti and muesli slice just to name a few.

We also learn the theory side of food technology which teaches us about the origin of food, the healthy food groups, taste testing various foods and the food hierarchy.

All in all it is one of my favourite classes of this Semester as I do a lot of cooking at home and I have enjoyed sharing what I have learned with the remainder of the class.


Morgan Galea


Foreshore Program

Congratulations to the students who have committed to and enjoyed the Foreshore Programme. These girls have worked enthusiastically every session we have attended and they have been a pleasure to work with.  Congratulations to:

  • Isabella Afferi
  • Samantha Bortoli
  • Mia Canestra
  • Sommer Dew
  • Emily Dunne
  • Poppy Egan
  • Lily Freeman
  • Katelyn Goulas
  • Brianna Horvantinic
  • Anya Jansen Van Rensburg
  • Llelarni Mitchell
  • Matilda Perrett
  • Paris Pym
  • Katie Walker


My name is Isabella Afferi and I am a part of the 2016 Foreshore Program. Here is an update about what we have been doing for the past few weeks.


On 16 May we met at Mentone beach and as we walked down to the foreshore we saw hundreds of plants set out on the hill. We were excited to find out that today we were going to plant to help with the erosion of the cliff face. We dug holes where the plants were placed then we put a clear jelly substance into the hole.  The jelly substance was moisture for the plant’s roots so that it could establish itself in the coming weeks.  We took the plant out of its container and put it into the hole then we filled it up with soil. That day we planted over 200 plants. After we finished planting, we watered all the plants and created a half circle with all the containers from the plants. We all had a fun time.

On 30 May we went down to the nursery in Bonbeach operated by the City of Kingston. While we were there we separated large parent plants and re-potted them into smaller containers. It was really hard trying to separate some plants as their roots were fiercely connected to each other but we had a fun time and I think we all separated about 4 or 5 parent plants each creating close to 150 smaller plants that will one day be used at the foreshore. We had a really good day and we all had fun because we knew we were helping.

Thank you.

Isabella Afferi 8/50

What is happening in the Science Laboratory?

This term in Science we have been studying a Chemistry unit on the Elements and the Periodic Table and an Earth Science unit called Rocks. For the elements we looked at the Periodic Table and also investigated mixtures and compounds. But we are now doing a really fun topic which is Rocks! We did a prac where we made crystals (I won’t spoil it for anyone) and the results really surprised me. Next term we are going to the Melbourne Museum to have a look at rocks but we are also going to see a film in IMAX! This term has been really fun and I am actually starting to enjoy science.


Sarah Murray




Term 2

This term has been a busy one and next term’s calendar is full of opportunities for Year 8. 


Kilbreda’s Science Department believes learning should be engaging, challenging, interesting and, above all, fun. Next term students will be participating in an excursion to the Melbourne Museum.  The aim of this excursion is to assist students in their understanding of the topics ‘Rocks’ and ‘Cells’. Students will participate in a number of activities including a museum facilitated session entitled ‘Rocks, Camera, Action’ and a special viewing at IMAX experiencing the wonders of the ‘Unseen World’.  Experiences like this excursion extend and support the learning experience in the classroom. Click on the link for the trailer to the IMAX movie The Unseen World Trailer


Of course the highlight of next term is the Year 8 Camp to Valley Homestead.  We have confirmed the date your daughter will be attending camp and a detailed information pack will arrive home this week. Valley Homestead provides a large range of adventure and team building activities including Abseiling, Climbing, Vertical Challenge, Power Poles, Dual Flying Fox, Free Fall Slide, Aerial Obstacle Course and Bush Survival Day.  The camp programme aims to develop self-discipline and resilience and to enhance positive relationships.

Dates for your diary:

Museum excursion: 

  • Monday  18th July, 2016 for Rooms 49, 51 & 52
  • Tuesday 19th July, 2016 for Rooms 45, 47, 48 & 50

Year 8 Camp: 

  • Camp 1 - 15-17 August for Rooms 50, 51, 52 & ½ Room 45
  • Camp 2 - 17 – 19 August for Rooms 47, 48, 49 & ½ Room 45

Yr 8-9 Subject Selection Parent Information Evening:    Wednesday 24th August 7pm. (Please note the change of date)

A Focus on Rest

Holidays are a time to rest and re-energise ready for the next term.  As part of this relaxation I encourage students to read daily for mental stimulation and stress reduction.  Reading improves knowledge, expands vocabulary and develops writing skills.  So get organised, visit the library and enjoy free entertainment in the tranquillity of a book.


Have a safe and happy holiday and I look forward to welcoming students back to school on Monday 11 July.


Suzanne Grima

Year 8 Coordinator 

Year 9 News

Country Study Tour to Ararat

After two days of intensive study during our Bridges days, our heads were full of facts and information ready to explore several farms in Western Victoria. The first part of our learning was that a book cannot fully prepare you for a piggery. The aroma was breathtaking and the white quarantine suits were cutting edge fashion. Max was very welcoming and accommodating as he spoke to us and led us around his piggery. We saw sows and their new litters of piglets in a special climate and disease controlled area, much like a maternity ward for pigs. We saw how sow stall free pigs are kept and learnt that too much noise scares the pigs. We were able to ask many questions and really broaden our understanding of pigs and work in a piggery. This really added to the learning we had already done at school.

We also went to a cattle, wool and crop farm where we met Keith. Keith gave us an amazing presentation on wool and keeping sheep healthy, showing us many tools of the trade. Some were a little frightening. We saw a sheep be crutched and got to hold some new lambs. The cattle around his property on the day were bulls. We learnt about how there is always a dominant bull in a herd and that the bull sulking in the corner had tried to fight for dominance the previous day and lost. It was very interesting to see that bulls exhibit some similar traits to humans in groups. The crop that Keith farms is canola. He had just sown his crop the week before we arrived in the hope of rain, and that week it did rain. There wasn’t much to see of the crop as it hadn’t started to grow but Keith did show us a range of grains and tested our knowledge asking us to name them. I am happy to say that the book work we had done helped us not to look like city kids!


Our final farm experience was a turkey farm. Darryl was very enthusiastic about his free range turkeys and it wasn’t hard to be caught up in his passion for healthy turkeys. We got to hold week old poults (baby turkeys) and then see the turkeys that were still living in enclosures at a few months old before heading out to the fields to see a wide range of commercial and specialist breed turkeys. We were particularly surprised by Darryl’s own breed of turkey that had blue eyes and beautiful feathers. It would be great to see what that bird looks like when it is fully grown. There wasn’t anything that Darryl didn’t know about turkeys and he led us around his farm answering questions and helping us to understand turkey farms. They aren’t the prettiest birds but they really do have intelligence and personality. Turkeys can warn Darryl of predators in such a way that he knows if it is a snake, fox or eagle just by their gobble and their behaviour. We thought that was pretty amazing.


There were many other experiences that we had on the country trip such as meeting our pen pals from Marian College, Ararat and participating in local tourist activities such as Gum San Chinese Heritage Centre and the boomerang throwing and cultural talk at the Brambuk Indigenous Centre in Halls Gap but the main feature of the tour were the farms and the farmers. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to meet farmers who willingly give up their time to show us what they do so that we in the city can have food on our plates. It really becomes clear why buying Australian food and keeping Australian farmers on the land, healthy and supported, should be a priority for all Australians.


Abbey G. and Indigo


Year 10 News

End of Term 2

At the beginning of next semester, all Year 10 students  have the opportunity to undertake Work Experience and Futures Week. Work experience takes place over one week, either the first or second week back after the Term 2 holidays. Then the week before or after is Futures Week. This will be an amazing experience for the students and we are lucky to have this opportunity to work with our desired employers or just to have an insight of what full-time work might be like in the future. Futures Week is an excellent program run by teachers and guest speakers, with plenty of opportunity to spend time in the city for various activities, such as breakfast at the Langham, tours at the Aquarium and a trip to the National Gallery Victoria. We also have the opportunity to go on a tour while listening to an educational podcast of Melbourne’s past tragedies and murders or Melbourne’s food. We are so excited to participate in this wonderful program and cannot wait for Term 3!!!


Taylor Donlon, Abbi Brown, Charlotte Henderson

Year 11 News

Year 11 Report

It has been a very busy term for the girls. It was most pleasing to see such a large number of students involved in the athletics. The exam week provided the students with an opportunity to sit in the Hall and experience formal procedures. They have welcomed feedback from their teachers and we have a few ideas to support their learning next semester such as: study groups after school and trialling different types of study techniques. We have been fortunate to have a representative from Disability Sport and Recreation to speak to the girls and participate in a workshop about responsibilities around car use. This week, 32 students have headed north to the Top end. We look forward to hearing all about their trip when they return.

Fit To Drive Workshop

On Thursday 16 June the Year 11 students were visited by Fit to Drive. Firstly we spit up into homeroom groups and participated in many activates which explored the types of distractions that a driver can face. In the first activity students passed around one ball in a specific order, it became more of a challenge however as more balls were added to the circle. This demonstrated the many tasks a driver has to deal with at once. Secondly, we split up into pairs and were each given a distraction, which they had to rank as a class in order from lowest risk to highest risk. Students worked together to order themselves and then had to explain why they chose to put their distraction in that certain place. We then looked at a real case study which involved two cars of teenagers, one with an underage driver and passengers under the influence of alcohol. The second had a designated driver.  However, his passengers were also under the influence of alcohol. Although the second car’s driver was safe according to the law, they crashed with only one survivor. This made us aware that no matter how safe you are, you can never be certain of what can happen on the road. We received a police talk on the statistics behind the danger on our roads, and were shocked by some of the TAC advertisements. Lastly, we went back to our homeroom groups to discuss the ways which we can spread the word around our community on how to approach certain situations and risks in the car. Some of the Community Plan ideas were:


Community Plan Ideas

  • Writing an article for the newsletter
  • Spreading safe messages and facts through word of mouth
  • Put messages in the bulletin
  • Making movies about road safety
  • Allow Year 11 students to teach younger students about speaking up
  • Educate others through the school radio show
  • Make sure friends have plans before you go out
  • Speak at a school assembly
  • Create advertisements and posters with statistics, strategies and slogans i.e. “it’s better to arrive late than not at all”
  • Use social media to spread awareness i.e. #staysafe #arrivealive #f2d #dontcrash


Year 11

Wheelchair Basketball

On Tuesday 14 June, we Year 11 students at Kilbreda were lucky enough to have a special guest. His name was Jeremy. At the age of 15 he suffered a motor cross accident, was run over by 4 bikes and broke a vital section of his back. The vertebra that was affected by the accident was the T10 vertebra, and this horrible event left him paralysed from around the belly button down. Jeremy, who is now 21, has an extremely positive outlook on life. He works for a company called Disability Sport and Recreation (DSR) and is a part of the National Wheelchair Basketball team. DSR is a program run to get disabled people of all ages involved in physical activity, alongside educating people about disability. We were greeted with a talk about DSR and the great work they do, followed by a surprise 1 hour of wheelchair basketball. Many girls, including myself, got involved in the game, which proved to be pretty hard, but extremely fun and rewarding. The visit by Jeremey was an eye opener.  It helped us see how fortunate we are. The main message I got from Jeremy was that no matter what life throws at you, to always be positive and find ways to have fun.



Year 11

Year 12 News

Term 3

As students refresh over the break they need to return ready and prepared for 10 weeks in Term 3 and 2.5 weeks in Term 4. To help students get the full advantage of completing Unit 3 we are running revision lectures at school during our assembly period. 12 July- Mathematical Methods + Health and Human Development and 26 July- Further Mathematics + Physics. These lectures will be $5 per student, the money going to the Asha Charity providing education for young people in difficult circumstances.


The lecturers are all recent graduates who have excelled in their own Year 12 results. Recently our Careers teacher, Ms Cormick, spoke to the year level about their VTAC online application.  If any families have concerns over this process please contact us. I recommend all families attend the VTAC information session being held here at Kilbreda on Thursday 28 July at 7.00pm.


Kate Whisson 

Year 12 Coordinator 

Languages' News


On Wednesday 8 June, Kilbreda staff and students celebrated Italian Day! There were many activities planned for each year level.

The students in all the Italian classes throughout the week had the wonderful opportunity to immerse themselves in some Italian culture. The Year 7 students participated in an Italian Cultural Quiz and Tombola. The Year 8 students took part in Bocce (similar to lawn bowls) and experienced Italian culture through song or film. The Year 9 students decorated bookmarks and danced the traditional Tarantella and the Year 10 students watched a film called Love’s Brother. The Year 11 students played a typical Italian card game, Scopa, while the Year 12 Italian Class were lucky enough to share pizza from La Porchetta during one of their classes.


There were wonderful Italian decorations around the school made by students and Italian food was sold at the canteen. Students had the opportunity to buy ice-cream from a gelati van and the film ‘Pinocchio’ was shown in the Meeting Room at lunchtime.

Overall it was an eventful week, full of varied cultural activities. I sincerely would like to thank all Language teachers involved for preparing and devoting time to this day.


Angela Di Bari

Italian Language Leader

Italian Day Kilbreda Year 8

On Friday 10 June we participated in some traditional Italian games as part of Italian Day. In Period 1 we went onto the oval and played Bocce. In small groups of four we took turns to play. It is debatable on where and when Bocce started, but some suggest that it started as early as 5200BC. The aim of Bocce is to get as close as you can to the white ball, which you throw at the very beginning of the game. Whoever gets the closest to the white ball wins. Bocce is quite a simple game which creates a great atmosphere, but it can be very competitive at times. Overall, we as a class had lots of fun and we look forward to playing it again.


Here is a video explaining how to play Bocce:

In small groups, we also taught each other Italian children’s songs. Some of these songs were: Fra Martino, Brilla and Brilla la Stellina.


Alicia, Casey & Kaya 8/45

Year 8 Italian Day activities

This year, the Year 8 girls celebrated Italian day by playing ‘Bocce’. Bocce is a fun game which originated in Italy. The objective of Bocce is to roll or throw a ball which is quite heavy and make it stop as close as possible to a small white ball which in Italian is called “il pulino”. Everyone had a great time playing bocce and we all learnt some new skills on the day. Afterwards, we were shown a short episode of Peppa Pig in Italian. It was quite funny!


Natalie Meyer and Simone Mottuaplly


Year 8 ITALIAN Poetry Competition, Swinburne University

On Wednesday 15 June, 21 students from Year 8 attended the Italian Poetry competition at Swinburne University in Hawthorn. Signora Padovan and Signora Bogovic accompanied us on this event. After leaving school, we were transported by the school buses with our fantastic bus driver Michael there to lead the way. The day consisted of no rain and a perfect amount of sunshine but there was a cold chill in the air.


Three girls from each class were selected by our Italian teacher to perform different poems. Our class recited “Siamo Andati In Tutto il Mondo” .

Sitting in a classroom at Swinburne we were nervously waiting to be called to present. As we made the walk down to the judging room the nerves kept building up but as we entered the room there was a sigh of relief and everything was okay.


The judge was a lady and was very nice and supportive.  After reciting our poems individually in front of the judge we came back upstairs into our classroom and completed a worksheet on greetings and phone numbers. We were taught new things one after another from Professoressa Maria.


We were then greeted by Professor Simon who spoke to us about Italy and languages at Swinburne, then continued to take us on a very informative and exhilarating tour around the campus. We came across a glass bridge way up high in the building that looked out onto the rest of the university.


We then ate our lunch in a peaceful atrium and hopped on to the bus to come back to school.


This day was a great opportunity and a different experience that we all enjoyed. We will receive our poetry results in the first week back of Term 3 which we are all quite excited and nervous to hear.


Thank you to our Italian teachers who taught us the poems and the kind staff at Swinburne.


Hannah Yates and Keely Ortland


Italian Day activities – Year 9

On Friday we celebrated Italian day in class. Firstly, we learnt a traditional dance called the Tarantella, led by two of the students in our class, Emma and Orla. We learnt that legend tells us that someone who had been bitten by a spider had to dance fast like the Tarantella to sweat the poison out. It was a lot of fun and the music was quite fast and upbeat. Afterwards, we went to the library and designed an Italian bookmark each and printed, cut and laminated it. It was really fun experiencing some Italian culture as we further our studies.


Madison Carty, Keely Farrell, Emma Carroll, Erin Jones, Olivia Booth

Year 11

To celebrate Italian Day the Year 11 class looked at how Italians pass their leisure time. In this instance it was playing cards.  These cards are not the ones we are accustomed to seeing in Australia. We played several rounds of Scopa and developed an appreciation of spade, coppe, bastoni and denari.

The Year 11 Italian Class


Dante Alighieri Poetry Competition

On 20 June, 32 students from Years 9, 10 and 11 who are learning Italian this year went to Melbourne University to compete in this year’s Dante Alighieri Poetry Recitation competition. We took the train to the City, and then the tram up Elizabeth Street to The Spot. We were there to recite a poem that we had been practising in class and at home all during Term 2.


As we sat down in the huge auditorium, we saw many other students from different schools who were also there to compete. Once we had all settled down a bit, our names were called out, group by group. We were then taken into a hallway with many different small rooms. Each student was welcomed in Italian by very kind examiners who were sitting in each of the rooms. It was quite nerve racking for all the Year 9s, as we had never done it before. There were some Year 10 and Year 11 students who did compete last year. They helped us, by telling us that we shouldn’t be scared, as the examiners are very nice and welcoming. Once we finished reciting our poem, we found ourselves saying the same things to other students waiting to have their turn.


Overall, we had an amazing time and we all can’t wait for next year! We would also like to say a huge thankyou to Ms Weberruss and Mr Gallo who made this experience possible.


Sofia Bevacqua and Genevieve Gori

Year 9

Justice and Democracy

Jessica Hackett

“As I was living my life, I couldn’t help but think that someone else out there, just like me, could be sleeping in a detention centre tonight. Someone else, the same age as me, could be fleeing their country, in the hopes of finding a better place. Someone else out there is suffering, so what can I do to help them?”

– Jessica Hackett


Jessica Hackett is a young Melbourne teacher who believed in her ability, and knew that she could help the thousands of refugees seeking asylum in Australia. Determined to prove her beliefs, Jessica walked 710 kilometres to hand deliver a petition with 17,000 signatures on it to Parliament House, Canberra. The petition was designed to raise awareness about asylum seekers. It also requested better conditions for refugees and for Australia to reconsider their refugee policy which contravenes both United Nations agreements and human rights. Her story had an impact on all of the students attending the Justice and Leadership day at the Australian Catholic University, inspiring us to become not only young people with thoughts and beliefs, but young people of action.

Jess sharing her incredible adventure was only the beginning of the day. It was followed by workshops with many representatives from places like Caritas Australia, St Vincent de Paul Society, and Indigenous communities of Australia. It was encouraging for us to meet new people and become familiar with other students just as passionate as us about justice within our society.  We were split into different groups and collaborated with students from all over Victoria. We addressed current issues, and worked together to find ways that we, as young people, could help in solving them. After the workshops, we were treated to a lunch made by refugees now working in Australia. This enlightened us and helped us to see that refugees should be embraced and have a place in our evolving society.

Whilst we enjoyed the food, we had the opportunity to learn some simple songs from two enthusiastic drum players from South Africa. There was a great sense of community as we played the songs together and the feeling was overwhelming as we were opened to new experiences and different cultures.


It was a fantastic experience and very beneficial to all of us. We now better understand the plight of the refugees and the struggles all people in our world face, including those in our own communities. We hope to share what we learnt with everyone and empower more students with the knowledge we gained. We’ve learnt that we can make a difference, and as young Kilbreda girls, we have the will and the ability to make our world a better place.


Kate Blain

Year 10

For Justice & Democracy and RE

Creative Arts News

Art Classes

Throughout June the Creative Arts area has been a hub of activity. All VCE classes have been finalising their work for the semester with some VCE Unit 3/4 subjects submitting final artworks. Last Wednesday the senior Arts students shared their folios with their peers at our annual Art Soirée.  The evening gave students the opportunity to present and explain their work to an audience. Most students got a bit nervous leading up to their turn but they all spoke extremely well and were generous with the sharing of their work and ideas.

Last week was Art Week at Kilbreda and we had various lunchtime activities run by Arts Leaders and teachers from Studio Art, Art, Textiles and Visual Communication.


Semester 2 will be an exciting and busy time as the Year 12 classes refine their ideas and complete their finals. Their design processes indicate the work will be creative, skilful and aesthetically appealing.


The Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students have been doing great work in ceramics and painting. Some Year 8 ‘Aquatic’ themed ceramics were on display during The Little Mermaid  production.

Well done to all the art students on their great work in Semester 1.


Camille Riordan

VCE Art/Studio Art

Year 8 Art Ceramic sculptures

Year 8 Art ceramic sculptures inspired by Fiona Murphy's installation 'Reef Lab'  became part of the foyer display for the production of The Little Mermaid.




VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING (VET) is designed to expand opportunities and pathways for senior secondary students, and improve educational outcomes in line with the Victorian Government's objective to increase the number of young people completing Year 12 or equivalent. VET also addresses the skills and employment needs of industry in Victoria.


VET comprises nationally recognised VET certificates undertaken by secondary school students as part of their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). VET provides a vocationally oriented program of studies leading to a senior secondary certificate. VET programs are typically delivered through partnership between schools, industry and Registered Training Organisations, and often include opportunities for students to participate in structured workplace learning.


Students enrolled in VET may also combine study and employment through School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships which allow students to do an apprenticeship or traineeship while they undertake their VCE or VCAL.


VET Programs overall:

  • contribute to the satisfactory completion of VCE/VCAL
  • may also include studies at a TAFE College or a group training provider
  • usually involve a two year program
  • may include work placement, undertaken during the school week

VET studies available at Kilbreda College:

  • VCE VET Certificate II in Business
  • VCE VET Certificate III in Catering Operations
  • VCE VET Certificate III in Sport and Recreation
  • VCE VET Certificate III in Community Services

Some of the VET Certificates studied externally to Kilbreda College are:

  • VET Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance
  • VET Certificate III in Events
  • VET Certificate III in Tourism
  • VET Certificate III in Media
  • VET Certificate III in Laboratory Skills
  • VET Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology
  • VET Certificate III in Interior decoration Retail Services
  • VET Certificate II in Engineering Studies
  • VET Certificate II in Animal Studies
  • VET Certificate II in Equine Industry

Other VET studies available to VCAL students as part of their program:

  • VET Certificate II in Retail Make-up and Skin Care
  • VET Certificate III in Beauty services
  • VET Certificate II in Hairdressing

Full details of all external VET courses available to Kilbreda students are on the following websites:


Holmesglen TAFE:


Chisholm TAFE:


GOTAFE: For VET Certificate II in Equine Studies and Certificate II in animal Studies only. These VET Certificates are studied online via modules/partial attendance during the year.


Please note: External VET enrolments are processed through the VET/VCAL Coordinator, Mrs Laura Lunardi.


If you have any queries, please email or call 9581 7825.


Laura Lunardi

VET/VCAL Coordinator 

My journey at MSAC

This year I am completing the VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) Senior Certificate which is an alternative Victorian hands-on Year 12 Certificate to VCE. Late last year, Mrs. Lunardi organised a Traineeship at MSAC (Melbourne Sporting and Aquatic Centre) for me, and I chose to study VET Certificate III in Sport and Recreation at MSAC Institute of Training. This all takes place every Wednesday, where in the morning I make my way into the city by train to Southern Cross and then tram 12 to Albert Park.

I’ve made a bunch of friends.  It’s great because we all share the same interests in the sporting field. In regards to my traineeship I also undertake paid work. I am now a certified swim teacher and in the process of becoming a life guard.


Being a swim teacher is extremely rewarding.  We have a major impact on these kids' lives. The fact that the skills we teach them in class may one day save their lives really inspires me to excel in my job.


MSAC is a huge sporting venue with basketball courts, badminton courts, café, shops, Sydney Swans head office and so much more. In the Easter holidays I dedicated my two weeks to MSAC, undertaking an AUSTSWIM course, which qualified me to become a swim teacher. The AUSTSWIM accreditation is the industry standard for Swimming and Water Safety Teachers™ and is delivered and recognised in each state and territory of Australia and many countries overseas. During the second week of the school holidays, I shadowed a full time swim teacher.  It was so much fun learning what these people teach kids and how to deliver the skills to them in the way they would understand. All of the kids were so much fun to work with and really made the experience enjoyable.


I’m really excited about my future at MSAC.  I can’t wait for the amazing career opportunities MSAC will open up for me.


Maddison Herbert

Year 12

Noble Park English Language School’s Visit To Kilbreda College

Noble Park English Language School (NPELS) visited Kilbreda College on Monday, 6 June 2016. This project was part of our Year 12 Senior VCAL Personal Development Skills Strand, developing our understanding of diversity in our community. Noble Park English Language School, in the South Eastern Victorian Region Metropolitan, is a Prep to 10, multi-campus, co-educational school with an overall enrolment of approximately 600 students. The school provides an intensive English language course for newly arrived migrants, refugees and international students from non-English speaking backgrounds. The students are also introduced to the Victorian education system and are assisted with settlement in Australia. Many students have been displaced by war, economic hardship or political persecution.

Throughout the term, the Year 12 VCAL Kilbreda girls organised NPELS, Grade 6 students, to visit Kilbreda College, including activities they were to undertake during their visit and their meals, taking in consideration cultural and dietary requirements. The NPEL students were taken on an in depth tour of the College, also observing and interacting with Year 7 and 8 classes to get a feel of the Victorian mainstream education system. We loved their stay here at Kilbreda College and can’t wait for them to visit us again. The project encompassed developing leadership qualities, decision making, communication, and teamwork skills, and was especially fun for us all working in a diverse environment.  


We organised the students to visit some classes after the tour. We choose classes for both Periods 2 and 3 for them to go and observe. Prior to the day, we emailed the teachers asking permission for 10 minutes at a time for the students to participate and get the feel of a secondary school classroom environment. We visited dance, science, food technology, art, English and computer studies classes. The students were intrigued and amazed to see what it is all like. I think it’s safe to say that the students enjoyed all of the classes that we chose, especially dance! A BIG thank you to all of the teachers who gave us the permission to visit their classes, the Year 12 VCAL students really appreciated it!


Prior to preparing the food, we researched cultural backgrounds of the students to understand their dietary requirements. Then, we went to Coles to find prices, we looked up food menus at our local restaurants, even organised with the school canteen to prepare mini muffins and a fruit platter so that it would be ready for the day. As a group, we came up with a food list and went to purchase the food ourselves and ready to place orders. For morning tea, we provided fruit, biscuits and juice boxes. Then for lunch, we ordered pizzas, some garlic, herb and plain ingredients. We also got vegetarian fried rice, dips, hot chips, fruit and cordial. Thank goodness we ordered the right amount of food and everyone was happy with what we had provided for them.


Towards the end of the day, we took the Grade 6 students down to the back oval and the basketball courts where we got into two groups, teaching the children how to play soccer and basketball. The children thoroughly enjoyed it.  Most of them have previously been involved with these sports back in their own countries.


The Year 12 VCAL girls enjoyed themselves and felt a sense of accomplishment throughout their big day. The NPELS students loved the day at Kilbreda College so much that on the way back to their school, they couldn’t stop talking about how much they enjoyed it and wanted to come back to visit. Thanks to Mrs. Lunardi, our VCAL teacher and VET/VCAL Coordinator, for overseeing the whole project. What a great day!


Maddison Herbert

Year 12 VCAL Leader

English News

Inspiration: The Early Years At Malory Towers

Year 7 Students selected an image that reminded them of the novel they were reading, then wrote a descriptive piece based on that image. We call this ‘Snapshot Writing.’ Ebony was reading the Malory Towers series and cleverly wrote her snapshot from the point of view of the school building.


The Pastel Walls

As the children approach my grand entrance I can hear their mumbles and remarks. They walk with hesitation as I swallow them whole. From this point on I watch their every move as they scutter along these hallways like innocent mice. Floorboards creak and whisper as the students wear me out. My walls are a pastel blue and hold many secrets which are to remain sacred. As I see the children work, I am not just seeing heads in books, I am witnessing the students painting their future. Now as the sun runs away, the chatter diminishes but the smell of the sweat and hot bodies reminds me of the journey each child had today.


As the yellow yolk on the horizon rises, I watch the students ruffle in their blankets, hiding from the mounting light. Observing the children taking their first step onto the cold rough surface of the old oak floor is like watching a repeated scene of a baby's first step. The not yet exuberant students take each stride as if the floor is pulling at their heels. As the students leave their dormitories, my door is once again struck with a sharp pain, as the latch grabs onto the door frame. Today the presence of the children won’t possess me. I only hear the treacherous noises of girls playing sport fiercely. I may not be able to see them, but I imagine them battling against friends who are now enemies, waiting in the firing line. The green blanket hugging the earth is their battlefield.

Watching them return, they walk like zombies, their bodies fatigued from their day of solid camaraderie. As tired as the girls look, I have never envied them more than now. I long for a friend and I wish to feel the cool breeze spiking up the hairs on my arm - as it does to them. Knowing that I will never experience the outside world frustrates me. I am not willing to accept the fact that I'm a prison keeping myself hostage.  


Ebony McCarthy


Science News

STEMM Pilot Program

Congratulations to Yashodara Dabare (Year 9) who has been successful in her application to participate in the Girl Power in STEMM Pilot Program being run by Melbourne University over the next four years. The first part of the program will be a camp held during the upcoming school holidays. The three night, all expenses paid camp will involve

  • Presentations by academics
  • Panel discussions with industry partners
  • Hands on, interactive workshops

With only 30 places available for the program and over 400 applicants, Yashodara is among a talented cohort of students who will also be invited for a work experience placement in Year 10. They will be placed at the University of Melbourne and the workplaces of the program’s industry sponsors. In her final two years of high school, Yashodara will also be supported through ongoing academic and industry mentorship, peer mentor support and special events to further strengthen her interest and to help ease and assist the transition to university life.


Simon Gurowski

Science Coordinator

PE News

SCSA Cross Country

Last Tuesday the Kilbreda Cross Country Team headed off to Yarra Bend to compete in the SCSA Cross Country Competition. After weeks of training the girls were raring to go and we were extremely lucky to have a beautiful, sunny (albeit a little cold) day for the 3km event.

All our girls performed exceptionally well with Kilbreda performing strongly in the individual and teams event. In the overall teams event we were extremely unlucky to finish runners-up to Avila College by 1 point!


Individual results

Juniors- Clara McEvoy 4th, Charlotte Gilley 5th, Ebony McCarthy 9th, Abbey Kearney 11th, Natalie Meyer 13th, Jerzie Vernall 14th

Intermediates – Jessica Welford 5th, Evie Oats 7th, Tara Van Der Linden 9th

Seniors – Chloe Hicks 3rd, Mia Ciganini 11th


Team Results:

Juniors - 1st

Intermediates – 2nd

Seniors – 3rd


Overall – 2nd place (1 point behind 1st)

Congratulations to all girls for your commitment to training throughout the term and your awesome effort on the day.


Team members: Ebony McCarthy, Megan Golby, Bridgette Gilley, Emily Brennan, Jerzie Vernall, Ashleigh Clark, Elly Antoniadis, Clara McEvoy, Natalie Meyer, Abbey Kearney, Tasha Sampieri, Evie Oats, Holly Davies, Nadia Johnson, Naomi Russo, Jessica Welford, Tara Van Der Linden, Molly Rowe, Siobhan Kyberd, Eliza Maine, Mia Ciganini, Chloe Hicks, Essy Mitchell and Kali Dunlea.

Sportswomen of the Week

Congratulations to Abbey Kearney (Year 8) and Amberlea Scott (Year 12) who have both been selected by School Sports Victoria to represent Victoria at the Australian Swimming Championships in Darwin in September.

Both girls have a very full program with Abbey being selected in the: 50m, 100m and 200m Backstroke, and the 50m, 100m, 200m and 400m Freestyle. 


Amberlea will be competing in the 50m, 100m and 200m Backstroke, and the 50m and 200m Butterfly.


A fantastic achievement girls and a great reward for your dedication and hard work.


Do you know someone that could be our next Sportswoman of the Week?? We would love to hear from you. Email with the details.

Physical Activity

With winter upon us and the holidays approaching sometimes exercise is the last thing we feel like doing. But did you know that young people aged 13 – 17 years should engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity EVERY day? The National Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines also recommend limiting the use of electronic media for entertainment (e.g. television, seated electronic games and computer use) to no more than two hours a day! So get up and get moving. It’s the best way to stay warm and you can achieve health benefits at the same time.


Joanne Wood

PE Coordinator 

SCSA Hockey

On Friday 17 June we took two teams to play Hockey at the Footscray Hockey Centre. The day began well and we thought we may actually have a year where we stayed “dry” all day. This was not the case and the heavens opened up and it rained for the next 6 games. The seniors played against Mt Saint Joseph’s and Presentation College Winsor. They played each team twice. Esperence Mitchell scored a great goal against Presentation College. The seniors finished 3rd.

The Juniors played against Mt Saint Joseph, Presentation College Winsor and St Columba’s. They drew 1-1 against Presentation, with Liana Tyrrell scoring the goal. They defeated St Columba’s 1-0, with Holly Davies scoring the winning goal. They drew two games and won one game. They played Mt Saint Joseph in the semi-final but lost this game 2-0.


Congratulations to the following SCSA Hockey players: Emma Morley; Liana Tyrrell; Emma Cacciottolo; Alyssa Mulcahy; Rebecca Strom; Abbey Kearney; Jorja Azzopardi; Bridget Lefoe; Indiana Peterson; Llelarni Mitchell; Chloe Purtell; Holly Davies; Alana D’Aquino; Evie Oates; Jess Welford; Claudia Papatsikas; Molly Rowe; Ariana Katsaras; Siobhan Kyberd; Rhiana Du; Rebecca Ambler; Tara Van Der Linden; Jess Clark; Shannae Fiddyment; Millie Boltwood; Elyse Congues; Esperance Mitchell; Bridget Hanrahan; Sarah Martinelli; Caitlyn Doyle


Mrs Maree Clark & Miss Loretta Cormick

Hockey Coaches

SESG Sport

This Wednesday we played in three Grand Finals.

The results were:

Indoor Soccer:                                                   Kilbreda 10  SHGC  7

Junior Basketball B team:                             Kilbreda  43  OLSH  16

Intermediate Basketball A team:              Kilbreda  30  SHGC 38

Congratulations to all of the girls who played throughout the term and especially to all of the girls who played in the Grand Final teams above.


Maree Clark

SESG Coordinator


Careers News

Careers appointments

Appointments are available throughout the year to assist students with their subject and course planning as well as navigating the challenging tertiary system.


Parents/guardians are welcome to make an appointment with your daughter. To minimise disruption to learning, these appointments must be kept to before and after school, recess and lunchtime or schedule free periods for senior students.


You can book an appointment by clicking here

Parents as Career Transition Support

The PACTS program has been specifically designed to help provide parents and guardians with up-to-date information about educational pathways that enables them to support young people effectively when they’re making career transition decisions during the adolescent years and beyond.  The PACTS program has been successfully delivered in a range of schools and community environments.


Mrs Laura Lunardi (VET/VCAL Coordinator) and Miss Loretta Cormick (Careers Coordinator) will be hosting this event on Monday 25th July from 2.30-4.30pm. Tea, coffee and refreshments will be provided.


Numbers for this event are limited and consequently are open to parents/guardians of Year 9, 10 and 11 students only. To secure your place, please contact

Physiotherapy: Is it for me? 

Physiotherapy is a popular choice of career, with many aspiring physiotherapists hoping to become sports physiotherapists. The reality is of course, that many physiotherapists work in other settings such as hospitals, community health centres, in mental health, and in rehabilitation, often with elderly patients.

In Victoria, physiotherapy is taught at La Trobe, Melbourne and Monash Universities, and, from 2017, at Australian Catholic University (ACU) in Ballarat. The ATAR required for entry to physiotherapy is very high due to the popularity of the course, and the fact that places are limited. La Trobe uses the ATAR for selection, Monash uses the ATAR and an interview, while at Melbourne Univeristy, as with many of their degrees, physiotherapy is studied as a post-graduate degree. Applicants for Melbourne must have completed an undergraduate degree with human anatomy and human physiology subjects.


The aim of ACU offering physiotherapy in Ballarat is to help tackle the shortage of healthcare professionals in the Ballarat region by offering local training opportunities for up to 50 students. Purpose-built facilities will be available on campus and there will be access to laboratories, hospitals and health services in the region.  Prerequisites for the ACU course are: Units 3 and 4 – a minimum Study Score of 30 in English (EAL) or 25 in any other English, and a minimum Study Score of 25 in one of Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

ACU Early Achievers Program

The Early Achievers Program is for students that have demonstrated community involvement throughout their time at school.  If you have been involved in any of the following and you are applying for a course at ACU, you may be eligible for an early offer:

  • Social justice/community service/community group activities
  • School leadership and/or service roles
  • Parish or church group activities
  • Sporting or cultural/performing arts group activities where you contributed to the organisation or running of the activities or to coaching/tuition

One of the biggest benefits of the program is that successful applicants receive an offer well ahead of the usual tertiary admissions announcements.

Applications Open:    8th August
Applications Close:   17th October
Offers released:         End of November

Monash University Computer Games Boot Camp (CGBC)

Tuesday 5 July - Thursday 7 July, 2016

The CGBC - Computer Games Boot Camp is an interactive event for students in years 9-12 to engage with like-minded people and find out what their career could look like after completing studies with the Faculty of Information Technology. It's a great opportunity for students to learn about areas such as Graphic Design, 3D Animation, Software Development, Web Design, Multimedia Development, Data Science and Cyber Security.

Registrations close 24th June. Register here:

VCE Winter School at the University of Melbourne

This winter the University of Melbourne offers VCE students an unparalleled opportunity to prepare for History Revolutions, Australian History and Literature exams with scholars who are experts in their fields. This VCE Winter School is open to Year 10, 11 and 12 students. 

Cost $30 per lecture, $35 per tutorial

More information available here

Morrisby testing - Year 10

To book an appointment, please contact Miss Loretta Cormick or click here.


Please note appointments cannot be made during class time.  You can access or download your report by logging into the Morrisby site.

Please note that Morrisby appointments are for the discussion of your report results as well as subject planning for Year 11 and 12.

Australian Jobs Publication

In 2016 the Australian labour market is markedly different from that experienced in past decades. The Federal Government’s Department of Employment has a publication called ‘Australian Jobs’, presenting an overview of the current labour market and highlights the major changes which have occurred. It is useful for those exploring careers and those wanting a better understanding of the labour market.

You can view the publication online here: or hard copies are available in the careers section of the library. 

Open Days

Sunday 31st July

Swinburne University (Hawthorn)


Saturday 6th August

Monash University (Peninsula)


Sunday 7th August

Deakin University (Warnambool)

Monash University (Caulfield and Clayton)

La Trobe University (Melbourne – Bundoora)


Sunday 14th August


La Trobe University (Bendigo)


Saturday 20th August

Chisholm TAFE


Sunday 21st August

Monash University (Parkville)

Deakin University (Geelong)

University of Melbourne (Parkville/Southbank)


Saturday 27th August

Australian Defence Force Academy


Sunday 28th August

Deakin University (Burwood)

Australian Catholic University (Ballarat)

Federation University

Victoria University

Ads & Announcements

Rotary Club of Cheltenham

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St Bede's Mentone Tigers presents Tillerman Pete

Please click on the following link for further information:


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