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12 August 2016
Issue Nine
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Principal's News

From Mr Phillips

This season of Anything Goes is proving to be a wonderful showcase of the talents of our students and staff and an outstanding production. Even better it has sold out! Everyone is looking forward to the final performances this week. Congratulations to all involved and especially the Producers and Directors in Mr Ben Moody, Mr Michael Kent and Ms Gaynor Borlase.


The focus now turns to our music students who will be performing at Victorian Schools Music Festival and the South Street Competitions in Ballarat during the next few weeks. The Gala concert is to be held on Thursday September 15, at the George Wood Theatre. It is always one of the highlights of the annual calendar.


Subject selections and arrangements for 2017 are now being finalized. It is important that community coordinators are provided with details of any student who is changing schooling arrangements next year. We often have requests for enrolment and the offering of new places is always dependent on vacancies. 


Parents of students in Years 7 and 9 will, in the next few weeks, receive an individual report of their child’s results for the NAPLAN tests that they sat in May. These results enable parents and teachers to view how students are progressing against national standards. We are also trialing the online version of NAPLAN in readiness for changes in 2017.


Another event that features our students is being staged in September. The Victorian State Schools Spectacular features many of our students in lead roles as well as other featured dancers and musicians. Tickets are available for performances on Saturday September 10 at:


Despite some inclement weather during recent weeks the building program continues to progress and is slightly ahead of schedule. We hope to commence concrete foundation and structural work in the coming week.

Assistant Principals

Senior School


Students are fully aware that the Senior School study centre is open until 5 PM every night after school. This is a great opportunity for our VCE cohort to use this time to revise the day’s work and complete any outstanding tasks. I have often spoken to all our VCE students about the importance of the time betwixt 3.30 and dinner time… opportunity that many students often fail to utilise. Ideally, the books can come out and revision of the day can begin:


  1. What did I learn today?
  2. What did I understand?
  3. What do I need to follow up on?
  4. What didn’t I understand today?


An hour before dinner can alleviate pressure on a learner and it allows for down time without guilt or feelings of negativity. One more hour later on in the evening and this VCE business isn’t so bad after all……


On a planning front, VCE subject selection for 2017 is nearing completion. Thank you for being a part of that process and discussing future pathways with your son/daughter. To keep the process moving, please check and sign the provisional subject selection form and have your son/daughter return same to the Senior School office.



Edrolo is a self paced revision package that offers most VCE subjects in Year 11 and Year 12. It can be accessed on any format and is available for use 24/7 and is constantly updated. For some students in Year 12, payment is now overdue and we ask that you log onto Compass and pay by the end of August. Unfortunately, after this time, accounts that have not been paid for will have limited access. Year 11 students have had free access for a limited time, but this offer ends soon. I am negotiating with Edrolo to ascertain settlement of accounts and Year 11 students and parents will be notified of this outcome.


On a separate note, congratulations must go to all our VCE students who are involved in this year’s production of ‘Anything Goes’. Our students continue to inspire us.


James Barut

Assistant Principal


Middle School

Middle School students have completed the arduous task of submitting their 2017 subject selection over the past few weeks. The process this year went very smoothly and I congratulate the students, parents and staff for giving up their time to ensure there were no delays. This will help the College with the planning for 2017. We had a record number of Year 9 Students this year that met the criteria to undertake an early entry VCE subject. I wish them the best of luck in their studies.


I have had the pleasure to watch our College production of ‘Anything Goes’ on multiple occasions and am extremely impressed with the high level of stage presence by our students. The seamless performance between students in all Sub-Schools is amazing with high energy and enthusiasm clearly on display. Congratulations to Mr Ben Moody, Mr Michael Kent and Ms Gaynor Borlase and their team for the dedication to the students.  I am sure you have helped create lasting memories for everyone involved, that tap scene was incredible!


The Ringwood Secondary College Heritage Committee is running a BBQ at the new Bunnings Warehouse in Ringwood Square on Sunday the 21st of August. The Heritage Committee provide valuable support to the College and it would be great to see parents and students supporting this event.


Middle School Students are extremely privileged to be undertaking a number of special educational programs at the moment, each with a different focus and intended outcome. In the coming weeks, a group of Year 10 students will be holding a video conference with a Scientist, who liaised with NASA, to help with their understanding of the many facets involved in space travel. Year 9 students are working their way through their ‘Make a Difference’ campaign before embarking on their week long City project. Opportunities like these expose our students to a different form of learning, I hope they appreciate  the efforts their teachers make to provide an engaging curriculum.


A reminder to all students that it is their responsibility to pick up their litter and place this in the rubbish bins provided. Most students are doing their bit to maintain the cleanliness of the yard, however it would be great if everyone stepped up to ensure staff are not asking students to pick up after others.


Jonathon Rogers

Acting Assistant Principal

Junior School

Congratulations to the Year 7 and 8 students who received acknowledgement for excellent semester one results at the recent junior awards afternoon. It was a wonderful event filled with musical items from the Training Stage Band conducted by Ms Elizabeth Grinter and Mr Phillip Binotto, and an inspiring piano solo performance by Year 7 student, Shijie Huang.

Thank you to the prefects, Rebecca Allsop, Caleb Lindner, Olivia Akururu and Stephanie Roberts for assisting with the presentations and providing some interesting questions for Larissa Wrigley, Iokia Bongers, Daniel Watson, Emilie Young to reflect upon. Thank you to Abbey Hepworth, our year 7 level leader for concluding the event.


The College is very proud of these students and their conscientious approach to balancing their study with co curricular activities and we hope that they will continue to strive for excellence in the future. These students are leading by example and are our future leaders. Parents, you are the vital element in supporting your son or daughter to achieve excellence and we thank you for your ongoing support.


Avril Henry, a global expert on leadership, has an interesting perspective on leadership development that reflects on the necessary support for people to reach their dreams.


“I believe that inspiring leaders enable ordinary people to do extraordinary things through their unwavering belief in the abilities and goodness of their people. There is nothing more motivating to human beings than having someone truly believe in you, and it only takes ones person to believe in someone for them to achieve their dreams. What a gift to another human being!”




Year 7:


Academic Distinction

Clinton Bouphasavanh

Taylor Boyles

Alanah Brewster

Joshua Clements

Flynn Commins

Meg Ditchfield

Audrey Goodman

Vithara   Gunawardena

Mieke Hansen

Olivia Henry

Shijie Huang

Isuri Jayasinghe

Samuel   Kirchner

Tara Mcpherson

Tia Olsen

Lucy Philp

Daniel Watson

Mikayla Whitten

Erin Wynne

Emilie Young


Academic Excellence

Shaeden Bakker

Kyle Charles

Scarlett Cuthbert

Jada Gunstone

Tiffany Hayes

Abbey Hepworth

Brynn Jacka

Kirrilee Knipping

Holly Manuel

Emily Nancarrow

Lachlan O'Donnell

Kate O'Meara

Hannah Peake

Samuel Rhodes

Kate Rotow

Kayla Tomlinson

Jaiden Tully

Patrick Wallace


Year 8:


Academic Distinction

Richa Aji

Nikki Anderson

Kiarna Aronleigh

Tarni Cavanagh

Alana Couper

Sarah Flanagan

Jamie Garcia

Jasmin Hass

Peri Hine

Angela Infanti

Jasmine Lacy

Rhian Lumsden

Lily Moroney

Abigail Ngo

April O'Neill

Alana Purcell

Emily Vains

Grace Veenman

Shan Wang

Felicity Watts

Matilda Wilson

Ryley Young


Academic Excellence

Chloe Andrews

Tahlia Antrobus

Billie Blythe

Iokia Bongers

Sahana Dana

Caitlin Dellow

Jack Downard

Olivia Dyson

Jenna Edwards

Tahlia Fraser

Nicholas Freeman

Madison Groves-Berry

Kate Hine

Isabella Hunt

Suki Marsden

Daniel Mcarthur

Eliana Mueller

William Newey

Ellie Preston

Keyna Smith

Maxim Somerville

Sara Tabikh

Larissa Wrigley


Year 9 Subject Selection

Year 8 students are currently involved in selecting 2017 subjects. It is an exciting time with a large range of subjects on offer. Students do need to select their electives carefully, keep a broad range of options open and seek assistance from College career practitioners if the need arises.


Upcoming events…

Parent teacher day/evening-August 18th



Mrs Maria Allison

Assistant Principal

From Mrs Stathatos


Our recent Curriculum Day was spent planning, designing and improving processes around Learning Tasks and Continuous Feedback so that our teaching and learning program is enhanced. Staff enjoyed working collaboratively and used this valuable time with their peers in their areas of specialization. Thank you must be given to the Teaching and Learning Leaders as well as the Heads of Learning for all their work.



I was fortunate to be a presenter at the recent Internationalising Forum held at the MCG. The department’s foray into preparing our young people to be globally ready and for schools to be globally minded is strengthened by the evidence and data that suggests schools must emphasise internationalising practices in order to best prepare students for their environment. The quality indictors of an internationalising school include: Vision, Mission and School Culture; Teaching and Learning; Relationships and Engagement; Teacher Capacity and Measuring Impact. While my presentation centred around Teaching and Learning, and specifically the Year 9 Global Project, our International Admissions and Marketing Manager, Leah Pritchard presented on our International program. It was a rich and rewarding experience shared by many educators from around Victoria.


Victorian Curriculum

At our last Curriculum Committee meeting, our Heads of Learning familiarised themselves with one of the capabilities of the Victorian Curriculum- Critical and Creative Thinking. This capability is organised into three interrelated strands: Questions and Possibilities, Reasoning and Meta-Cognition. We are committed to incorporating this capability into our Teaching and Learning program so that students have the opportunity to explore the nature of questioning, engage in deep thinking and evaluate arguments and reasoning.


Online NAPLAN trial

The first of the online NAPLAN trials has concluded and the process was successful. Families will be notified if their child is involved in the trials which will provide valuable information to the department in preparation for the on line pilot program in 2017. Thank you to all involved.

Clean school

A great learning environment is improved by a clean school. Community Service students help keep our school rubbish free, but it is the responsibility of everyone to place their rubbish in the bins provided.

Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal

From the Office

Ringwood Training Open Night


From the College Chaplain

What an awesome time for humanity and solidarity as we come together and watch and compete in the Olympic games.  It has been a real positive boost I feel to morale as we can celebrate greatness, hard work and perseverance.


There has already been some interesting stories evolve with many more to come as fellow human beings compete and are pushed to their limits.  One story which I thought could have unfolded differently was the crash of Annemiek van Vleuten in the women’s road race.  Annemiek van Vleuten was leading the race during the down hill section but had a horrific crash as she lost control on one of the corners. Annemiek was still lying motionless one minute later when American Mara Abbott rode past and into first place.

This got me thinking? What would I have done? Would I have stopped? It’s interesting to think what actually does make history. Sometimes it’s the winning of a race but more often it’s the stories of human resilience and overcoming obstacles. In the 1992 Olympics it was watching Derek Redmond’s father basically carry him over the the finish line after he had torn his hamstring part way through. In 2000 it was “Eric the Eel” an African swimmer who was entered into the 100m Freestyle through a wild card system. Eric’s pool experience was limited to the one and only pool in his country that was 12m long. He had to swim alone due to disqualifications in his heat and finished his race for his country even though it was a struggle. 


Marra Abbott came fourth.  Now with all the training and struggle athletes have to make it to the Olympics I am not surprised by Marra’s choice at all. I think almost anyone probably would have done the same.  But I do wonder if the American had stopped that day if, rather than a fourth place that will probably never be remembered, she would have gone down in the history books like one of the others I mentioned in an event that stopped the Olympics.


Food for thought as we each think about what mark we want to leave on society.  Will I stop for that person to go in front of me in the supermarket line? Will I give up that carpark at Eastland?  These might seem like little things but you never know the influence they will have people and actions and attitudes towards a more compassionate world.


Adam Bryant




•             A child’s education depends on regular school attendance

•             Students develop good habits by coming to school that are important later in life

•             Missing school will impact not only academically but can affect the relationships with their peers and the general school community

•             Students who regularly miss school may have lower levels of achievement in literacy and numeracy



Please contact the school as soon as possible and let your child’s year level

Coordinator or other relevant staff members know.  The school can only help if we know about any problems or issues affecting regular attendance



•             Always call the attendance line or update Compass on the day of an absence

•             Only allow a student to stay home for legitimate reasons this is particularly important for VCE students who must maintain an 80% or above class attendance for all subjects

•             Notify the school at least 2 weeks before taking any holidays outside of term breaks so that any important work that may be missed can be given to the student beforehand

•             For long term medical/illness absences make contact with the school as soon as possible and in most cases a medical certificate will be required



Please update July absences on Compass as soon as possible.


Kay Priestley

Attendance Officer

Careers News

Please read information from our Careers Department



Thursday 8th September @ lunchtime


WANTED - Enthusiastic volunteers willing to join in this fun filled event by running an international themed food stall at our upcoming International Food Festival! (French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, English….)

We would love to see as many of our different cultures at RSC represented.


To express your interest and all general enquiries, please email Leah Pritchard at [email protected]

Around the School

2017 School for Student Leadership

The School for Student Leadership is a Victorian State school with three different campuses where a group of four Year 9 students are sent to for a whole term to learn leadership and outdoor skills.

Year 8 students interested in applying for the 2017 School for Student leadership, either download the attached application form, see Mr Jamieson in the middle school office or explore the following



Benn Jamieson

Sustainability at RSC

This year has been a productive time for the RSC Green Team. As part of the Year 9 Intergreat Community Engagement program, a group of Year 9’s designed, prepared, built and planted an Edible Garden near the Food Technology rooms. Materials were donated or heavily discounted by local businesses, namely Daisy’s Garden Supplies in Ringwood. Our students were able to experience pruning plants, building a garden bed from scratch, choosing plants and planting them with correct spacing. These skills will enable students to grow their own food at home; a rewarding venture.

As of this week, all external student toilets are running on tank water! This means that we are using an average of 2 litres per student, per day, which is fantastic for a school of our size. We will continue to seek ways of saving more water.


The new construction of the Junior School facility will include energy saving design and the use of solar panels to power the building. This will significantly reduce our electricity usage.


The RSC Green Team have won a Maroondah City Council Community Grant to continue work in the Edible Garden area and are currently looking at establishing a composting site for recycling food scraps throughout the school.


Follow @rscsustainability on Instagram to keep track of our achievements to becoming a Resource Smart School and to share how your home is being sustainable. If your child is interested in joining our Green Team or if your workplace could help us with our endeavours, email Mrs Godfrey at [email protected]


Mrs. Jacqui Godfrey

Sustainability Coordinator

'Daisy's Garden Supplies'

proudly supporting Ringwood Secondary College’ 


Language Perfect World Championships

Pictured are our Year 7 award recipients. Congratulations to all students who challenged themselves through the French and Indonesian activities.


A massive congratulations to Josh Clements (7I) who received a Gold award, putting him in the top 2% of the world!


Jessica Lundie

Head of Languages

7B Water Wise

7B have been learning about water this semester. We now know that water is a renewable resource, which means that it can be replenished within certain timeframes. We have also been learning how to analyse charts, graphs, weather maps and Infographics. We will have a skills test for this in Geography next week.


Below are images of 7B students with their creative water photos.


Jack C & Lachlan O 7B

RSC Odyssey tour 2017

In December 2017 RSC will run its third tri-annual Odyssey tour. The tour has been designed to offer students the opportunity to enhance their school studies through a cultural travel experience. Sights visited are chosen to compliment the subjects being taught in humanities subjects across a variety of year levels.


The first Odyssey trip took place in Dec 2011 and travelled to Greece and Italy. Four staff and 17 students travelled for 2½ weeks visiting Athens, Delphi, Olympia, and Mycenae in Greece and Naples, Rome, Florence and Venice in Italy.


Three years later, in Dec 2014 the second Odyssey tour travelled to Turkey, Greece and France. It was decided that France and Turkey were more suitable for the existing curriculum than Italy was. This time 25 students and three staff spent 21 nights visiting similar places in Greece but this time also enjoyed sights in Paris, Caen and Normandy in France and Izmir, Istanbul and Anzac cove in Turkey.


In 2017 the tour will visit France, Germany, Greece and Poland. Highlights will include Paris, Disneyland Paris, Normandy, Berlin Wall, Reichstag Dome, Acropolis, Delphi, Olympia and Auschwitz. We are aiming to take 40 students who will be in years 9-12 in 2017.


There is a parent information evening on Monday 22nd August in the RSC Library at 6pm. Please contact Ms Kim Watson at [email protected] for further details or to register your interest.


Kim Watson


Coldstream Animal Shelter Donation Drive

Last term four Year 9 students went to the School for Student Leadership at the Snowy River Campus. While there, they created a Community Learning Project or CLP.


They plan on helping the team and animals at the Coldstream Animal Aid Shelter with their Community Learning Project and here’s how you can help.


If you could please donate any items, such as blankets that your family know longer need, towels and quilted (not feathered) doonas. Also new animal toys for dogs and cats and Cat and Kitten meatloaf variety wet food.


Please put any donations into specially marked boxes in the Library foyer or Middle School office.


That would be great!


Thank you.

Leadership and Summit

On Friday 1st July, we attended a 5 day Leadership and Business Summit run by the Magic Moments Foundation in Sydney. Amongst a large number of other youth sponsored generously by Bendigo Bank.

We heard from a range of inspiration experienced speakers from around the world, that shared life skills and their own experience on how to achieve success, and find the greatness within yourself. We built leadership and team working skills, that we can continue on using, as well as the opportunity to start a business, Bizsocial, with our team to help small businesses to connect through social media.


We participated in personal development activities, that allowed us to grow, and learn more about ourselves and to use that in real world situations to help change the world. We also got to make heaps of new friends, that we can call a family and where we can support and care for each other. 


This was one of the few life changing experiences that we will get to experience, and we learnt so much, did so much and grew so much. It was so incredible that we got the opportunity through Bendigo bank to attend such an amazing experience.


Bec Hall, Priya Manders and Henry Heather


A Work in Progress

Thank-you to all the parents and students who attended our recent working bee. A small but dedicated group managed to plant 14 beautiful gum trees on the oval banks and we look forward to their rapid growth over the coming months. As you are possibly aware, many gums were recently removed due to the arborist declaring them unsafe and it was a pleasure to replace them.

On another note, the building project is progressing very well and the team is making excellent progress with all the preparation stages. Currently storm water drains and communications conduit are being installed as we inch closer to the main slab being poured. 


Other recent activities:

  • New reverse cycle heater installed in room 413 (due to the loss of gas in the area)
  • Additional improvements to the electrical layout in the hall
  • Sold the old hall hoist
  • New white board installed in Room 812
  • Purchased new staff shelving
  • Purchased 2 replacement stoves for Food Technology
  • Additional air conditioners serviced
  • Serviced the hall fan/heater system

 OH & S

  • New Exit lights in the hall
  • New extinguishers on the hall stage and in the biobox
  • Dangerous trees removed from the Hill Street naturestrip

Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager


Sports News


Term 3 has been off to a busy start with a large number of Ringwood teams competing in Eastern Region finals. Highlights have included the Junior Girls, Year 7 Boys and Senior Boys all making their Region grand finals. After the Junior Girls beat arch rival Norwood at the Division stage for the first time in over a decade, they continued their good form winning through the Region pool matches to make it to the grand final against Mt Waverley. In a hard fought contest, the girls ended the day 4 goals behind and finished runners up in the Region. Both the Year 7 boys and Senior boys also progressed through their Region pool matches to their respective grand finals, only to fall agonisingly short of victory, with both teams losing by less than a goal.


Junior, Intermediate and Senior Boys netball also competed in their Region finals in the past fortnight, with the Junior and Senior boys making the semi final stage, whilst the Intermediate boys progressed all the way to the grand final, finishing runners up on the day. Last week saw the Year 7 and Year 8 girls travel to Waverley netball centre to compete in their region finals. The Year 7 girls played well, making it to the semi-final stage, whilst the Year 8 girls made the final and won our first region title of the year. The Year 8 girls will now play in the State finals in early September.


For more details from some of these region finals, please see the coaches reports included later in this article.



In week 2 of this term, all Year 7 students competed in Discus, Javelin and High Jump, whilst students from Year 8 to Year 12 that signed up, competed in Javelin and Discus. This completed the last part of our Athletics carnival, which meant final house standings and age group champions can be calculated. Age group champions will be awarded at upcoming year level assemblies, but the overall winning house was Jackman house claiming the athletics title, with Mabo second, Freeman third and Frazer fourth.

The results from the throwing events were:

13 Discus Boys – 1st Charlie Collins, 2nd Sam Nicholson, 3rd Sahaf Ali

13 Discus Girls – 1st Soraya Maclean, 2nd Mikaela Haw, 3rd Nikke Anderson


Discus Winners: Jackson Weatherill (14B), Niamh Mebalds (14G), Ben Hickleton (15B), Charlie Guillou (15G), Lee Fletcher (16B), Rebecca Battersby (16G), Ben Akaruru (17B), Connor McGrath (20B)


13 Javelin Boys – 1st Jake Seeber, 2nd Sam Nicholson, 3rd Lachlan Stewart

13 Javelin Girls – 1st Soraya Maclean, 2nd Anne Hager, 3rd Finlay Kelly


Javelin Winners: Jackson Weatherill (14B), Jordyn Sullivan (14G), Cameron Brown (15B), Imogen Hansen (15G), Blake Watson-Karpinsk (16B), Rebecca Battersby (16G), Pwa Ku Htoo (17B), Julian Malander (20B)


13 High Jump: 1st Sahaf Ali, 2nd Jake Seeber, 3rd Jasper Thornton

Girls: Final to be held


14 High Jump: Boys. 1st Riley Baldwin, 2nd Benjamin Herring

Girls: 1st Jenna Edwards, 2nd Isabella Reynolds-Wilson, 3rd Jasmin Hass




Congratulations to Bianca Hansen who, in late July, represented Australia at the World Junior Championships in Discus. Bianca threw a distance of 47.06 metres, which placed her 17th in the world for Under 20 Women’s discus.  Given many of her competitors were 2 years or more older than and her personal best would have put her in the top 10, the future certainly looks bright for Bianca.



Congratulations are also due to Charlie Collins of Year 7, who competed in the National Under 15 Baseball championships in Adelaide and was named Most Valuable Player of the tournament. As a result of his outstanding performances, Charlie has been invited to compete in a tournament in Sydney in September. We wish him all the best for this competition.



This year’s Sporting Hall of Fame breakfast promises to be another exciting event, and will be held in the college hall from 7.30am on Thursday 8th of September. The inductee this year is Ian Holland, who attended Ringwood between 2005 and 2008. Ian made his debut with the Victorian Bushrangers this year, after an extremely successful 2014/15 season at premier cricket level, where he won both the John Scholes and Jack Ryder medals for best player of the season and best player of the final.

The guest speaker for the event is David Richards, a previous inductee into Ringwood’s Sporting Hall of Fame, who has had a very significant involvement in playing and administrating cricket at the highest levels. David played cricket for Ringwood Cricket Club, worked with the Victorian Cricket Association and then was CEO of the Australia Cricket Board. Following these roles, David was appointed as the first CEO of the International Cricket Council and has been honoured with the Order of Australia medal for his work in cricket administration.


All students and parents are welcome to attend what promises to be a great morning.




Kicking into a strong breeze, we got off to a great start. Sahaf Ali dominating in the ruck and when not winning the clearance himself, he was providing first option to our on ballers. Mitch Brooker was lively at half forward causing havoc for the Rowville defence with two running first quarter goals. A huge mark to Lachie Saunders-Emerson and a great running goal to Judson Clark gave us a handy 4 goal to 1 lead at quarter time. A mighty effort kicking into a 4 goal breeze.


In the second, Rowville started to slowly work their way back into the game getting their hands on the ball more in the middle. Giving away some careless free kicks did't help our cause. A late captains goal to Juddy giving us some breathing space at half time and a four goal lead despite probably conceding the quarter.


An ankle injury late in the first half to our dominant player Sahaf, was a big blow and he was unable to ruck in the third quarter. Rowville had all the momentum and only some strong work down back from Dylan Coppin kept us from being blown away. Their mids and tall marking forwards starting to dominate. A late Rowville goal saw them hit the front by 4 points at 3 quarter time.


Coming home with a strong breeze and with Sahaf back in the ruck, the boys were still confident of getting the win. Rowville continued to win the clearances and managed to keep the game mainly on their terms for the first half of the quarter. A goal extending their lead to 10 points. The Ringwood boys dug deep and started to pull back some of the ascendency in the middle. Tyson Petrie and Lachie Stewart leading by example and driving us forward. A couple of near misses brought the margin back to 8 with only minutes left to play. Sam Nicholson who had worked tirelessness at Centre half back and in the Ruck all day, was shifted forward and kicked the goal of the day late from a boundary line set shot. This brought us within 2 points. We attacked relentlessly over the closing 2 minutes but Rowville's defence stood tall. The siren sounded with the ball camped in our forward pocket. 


Despite such a heart breaking loss, the team has been magnificent getting so far in the competition, after 6 straight victories. Hopefully there is better to come over the next few years.


Mr Scott/ Mr Johnson



On the 25th of July the Senior boys netball team travelled to Waverley Netball Centre to compete in the regional finals. The boys managed to make it all the way to the semi-finals undefeated, playing some excellent games across the way. Unfortunately we went down to Camberwell High School in the semi-final game. They were an extremely tough team and played a tight, controlled game. Huge credit must be given to our two defenders, James Sutton and Joel Gosbell, who worked so hard to keep us in the semi-final and keep Camberwell’s goalers from scoring. They worked unbelievably well together and it was fantastic to watch them play with such determination. Ryan Mangold in goals also played outstandingly and is worthy of a mention. It has been a pleasure coaching these boys, all of whom kept me laughing and on my toes and this year and I am so proud of what they have achieved. 


Ms Ford



On Friday the 8th of August the Intermediate girls netball team braved their day off and travelled to Waverley netball centre to play in the regional finals. They came up against some tough competition but managed to qualify for the semi-final game. Going into the semi against Rowville was intimidating, but the girls worked hard and managed to play commendably. Unfortunately they lost the game but came away laughing and smiling. Special mentions must go to Taylah Barr for her excellent shooting, as well as Becky Hine, Chelsea Weatherill and Chloe Burns for their unbelievable defence. The girls were superstars and I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching such a talented group of players throughout the year.


Ms Ford





Friday 19th – Year 8 Boys Badminton Eastern Region final



Friday 2nd – Year 8 Winter 2 Round Robin – Basketball, Table Tennis, Hockey

Monday 5th – Year 8 Girls Netball State final

Tuesday 6th – Year 7 Winter 2 Round Robin - Basketball, Table Tennis, Hockey

Thursday 8th – Sporting Hall of Fame breakfast

Friday 9th – Maroondah Division Athletics Carnival


Kyle Simkin

Director of Sports

Performing Arts

Anything Goes - what a Success!


Please read the  Stage Whispers’ review of Sunday’s performance, courtesy of Coral Drouyn.

This review will also appear in the printed magazine on September 1. 


Ben Moody

Director of Performing Arts



Anything Goes

Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter. New Book by Timothy Crouse and John Weidman. Ringwood Secondary College. Aug 5th-13th, 2016

Musical Theatre has never been healthier within the community. Many high schools now have a performing arts centre and a curriculum to match. School productions are now so sophisticated, that they’re capable of winning awards and putting out House Full signs. Indeed, last year, the Music Theatre Guild of Victoria awarded its Junior Production of the year to Ringwood Secondary College for their marvellous version of Oliver! Small wonder that their 2016 production of Cole Porter’s Anything Goes has been eagerly awaited.


Porter is a legendary composer but it’s fair to say that his vision of 1930s USA is a long way from what students experience in 2016 Ringwood. Double credit then for this amazing production, somehow managing to imbue the cast with an understanding of that past era, along with a natural affinity for the lyrics and style of  older times.

Directors Michael Kent and Gaynor Borlase, along with Music Director (and Director of Performing Arts) Ben Moody, have crafted a show that zings with energy and vitality. The band is excellent, the costumes are luscious and the choreography is always on point. True, not all voices are as strong as they might be, and there are some pitch problems, but there are also great comic moments, performers oozing stage presence, and tap routines to delight the most fastidious of fans.

The show’s madcap storyline of mistaken identity and escaping criminals all takes place on an ocean liner and the set works a treat.


Two casts alternate at performances, and although the photos feature Maddi Riley, I had the pleasure of seeing Kirsten Manuel play Reno Sweeney, a role that the great Caroline O’Connor made her mark with only last year at Melbourne’s Arts Centre. Kirsten has a lot in common with Ms O’Connor, but even more with a great Broadway star of yesteryear, Ethel Merman. Kirsten is brash, full of confidence, has charisma on stage and great comic timing. She is a force to be reckoned with. While she doesn’t have sweet head notes or a great top register to her voice (neither did Merman) she knows how to belt a number and connect with the audience in a way far beyond her years and experience.

Sam Clarke is an adorable Billy Crocker who knows exactly where to place a line and get a laugh. His voice is passable and he is endearing, but it’s simply cruel to put him in a tails suit which is as least two sizes too big. He deserves better.


Harley Pettet was terrific as Lord Evelyn and Caleb Lindner showed real comic chops as Moonface Martin. All of the principals showed great energy and stage presence but the show was almost stolen by Patrick Masterlerz as the Purser. He showed a level of professionalism which is ready made for a career in Musical Theatre if that’s his desire, and he already knows how to work an audience. The rest of the cast are a delight, and a special mention must go to Denise Rash for the stunning costume design and wardrobe.

This is not just a production for family and friends. All the creatives have worked hard to create a production that is highly entertaining for the entire community, and they’ve succeeded. And it’s an added bonus that we all know the great Cole Porter songs.


Anything Goes runs at the Ringwood Secondary College Performing Arts Centre until Saturday 13th August.


Coral Drouyn

Anything Goes 2016

It's All About The Kids!

Enjoy some of these Back stage shots!


Homework dosen't stop for the Production Kids!

Thanks to the amazing team behind the show the kids have gone above and beyond on stage this year!


Under the skillful Direction of Ms Gaynor Borlase and Mr Michael Kent, The Music Direction from Mr Ben Moody, the support from our Principal Mr Michael Phillips, the amazing sets by Mr Kevin Lewis, Makeup Costumes Lighting and Sound - and the enormous commitment from the 82 students in cast plus the many band members - this years ANYTHING GOES has been amazing!


Special mention also to all the parents who volunteer each year to help with costumes and Extra Parts, we say thank you!


The memories will be forever with them!




Music Report

We are just about to embark on the busy part of Term Three. Victorian Schools Music Festival has commenced with Junior Concert Band receiving Silver and Junior and Senior Choirs performing this week. Please see below dates and times for upcoming performances for Victorian Schools Music Festival.


Next week also includes Intermediate and Senior Stage Bands’ Master classes with John Morrison. For any who recently viewed the Australian Story program about Don Burrows and James Morrison, they would be aware that John is James’ brother, who is a renown jazz drummer and educator. Both bands are looking forward to working with John next week.


On Thursday 25 August, 7.30pm, is our Almost Spring Concert, featuring all our Concert Bands, Orchestras and Jazz Combo. This concert is a showcase of what each ensemble will be presenting at the Royal south Street Competitions over the following week. Tickets are at the door. Adults $8, Concession $5, Family of four $20.


Also during that week all our stage bands will be performing at Victorian Schools Music Festival. Please note the performances will be at The Australian Institute of Music in King Street Melbourne. Those parents who are dropping off and picking up please allow extra time. This part of Melbourne is congested at the best of times.


Junior and Senior Choirs will be starting off our Royal South Street performances on Monday 22 August and we wish them well.


Finally don’t miss our Gala night at Yarra Valley Grammar, Thursday 15 September, 7.30pm. Details regarding this evening will be published soon via Compass.



Upcoming Victorian Schools Music Festival dates:


Intermediate Concert Band Tuesday 16 August 7.40 – 10.00pm


Symphonic Band Wednesday 17 August 6.10 – 9.45pm


Intermediate Stage Band Tuesday 23 August, 6.20- 9.15pm


Senior Stage Band Wednesday 24 August 7.30- 10.30pm


Training Stage Band  Friday 26 August 8.00am- 2.00pm


Junior Stage Band: Friday 26 August, 11:00am – 5.00pm


Royal South Street Competition, Ballarat: 


Please note times stated are departure from and arrival back to school.


Monday 22 August

Junior Choir & Senior Choir   7.45am- 4.45pm.


Friday 26 August

Symphony Orchestra   1.30pm - 10.15pm


Saturday 27 August 

Training and Intermediate Strings    6.15am - 2.45pm

Senior Strings   1.30pm - 10.15pm


Monday. 29 August 

Training Band   7.00am - 2.30pm

Junior Concert Band   9.15am - 5.00pm

Jazz Combo   2.00pm - 10.30pm


Wednesday. 31 August

Training and Junior Stage Bands 6.30am - 2.45pm


Thursday 1 September

Intermediate Concert Band 8.00am - 2.30pm


Friday 2 September

Intermediate Stage Band   7.15am - 4.00pm

Senior Stage Band   1.30pm - 11.15pm


Saturday 3 September

Symphonic Band   9.30am - 6.00pm


Ms Janine Pero

Director of Music


Free IT Clinic

The Active & Healthy Ageing Initiative in conjunction with Ringwood Secondary College invites you to participate in our new, monthly free community program called the I.T. Clinic.


We are coordinating an information evening in September that provides relevant data and advice for families to keep their children safe online (the information is attached in our flyer). 


As part of the eSmart initiative, we aim to engage with the community as a whole and would therefore like to extend the invitation to parents and families beyond our immediate school community. 

Baseball Registrations

Looking for a Great Sport - Try Baseball!


Basketball Registrations


Netball Registration

Registrations are now open to join South Croydon FLAMES Netball Club


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