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08 March 2019
Issue Three
Principal's Report
Year Prep - Year 2 Assistant Principal's Report
Year 3 - Year 5 Assistant Principal's Report
Year 6 Assistant Principal's Report
Upcoming Events
Community News
National Day of Action against Violence and Bullying
Parking Restrictions Around the School
Learning in J01
Learning in M22
Learning in S17
OSHClub News
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Principal's Report


Pakenham Springs Primary School acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Owners of the land on which the School stands.


Let me start by sharing an encounter I overheard this week that made me smile.  I passed two office monitors returning to class after their morning trip to the office. Tia from J01 and a classmate passed me and I heard Tia say to her friend 'Quick! We have to get back to our learning!'.  It is so pleasing that after 5 weeks of schooling our preps know the expectations we have on the importance of learning time and are so keen. Well done to our prep teachers for inspiring and motivating their students in their learning. 

School Council

As you will be aware we have held our School Council nominations over the past few weeks and we have not required an election this year.  We welcome back to the School Council Michael Whiting and Alicia Keyzer.  We also welcome staff members Kirsty Manning and Danny Forster.  Our first meeting of the new School Council will be on Tuesday 12th March. 

National Day of Action Against Bullying

Next Friday the 15th of March is the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.  Once again we will be taking part in the day and taking the opportunity to bring our whole school community together to send a powerful message that bullying and violence are not okay and to promote our school's bullying prevention strategies.

Term 1 Open Afternoon

Please save the date - Wednesday the 27th March is our first Open Afternoon.  This is a great opportunity to visit your child's class and see what they have been learning.

Worlds Greatest Shave

As you may have heard our STEM teacher, Tanjil-Lea Delport is participating in the Worlds Greatest Shave this year.  At our end of term 1 assembly Tanjil-Lea will be shaving her hair if she raises $1500 or colouring her hair if she doesn't quite make her goal.  

Thanks to Shenea from Madison Hair who is donating her time to create the new hairstyle.  Support Tanjil-Lea and the Leukaemia Foundation by donating.  Click here to donate.


It has been a big week at Pakenham Springs and throughout our community with the Bunyip State Forest fires.  We have seen a wonderful side of  our community and beautiful examples of support. The long weekend is well timed, enjoy the extra day to rest and spend time with your loved ones.  


Kerryn Baillie


Year Prep - Year 2
Assistant Principal's Report

Junior School News

Welcome back to week six! It's hard to believe that we are now past the half-way point of term one. I hope that everyone has stayed safe over the weekend, through the near-by bushfires and that all loved ones have also remained safely out of harms way. There have been a number of staff affected, but I am pleased to report that there has been no loss of property and it has been very touching to see the way that the school community has banded together and supported one another.


I am also pleased to report, that learning has continued uninterrupted and the quality of the teaching and learning over these past two weeks continues to be very impressive.  Walking through classrooms, I can see that our new whole-school approach to teaching reading is evident in all classrooms from Years 1 - 6. In 2019 we are using the 'Readers Workshop' model, and I would encourage you to talk to your children about their Readers Workshop books, how they use these, about Independent Reading time and what a 'good-fit-book' means. You may also notice that your child wants to record their thoughts on post-it notes when reading at home. This too is a part of the Readers Workshop model and again, I would encourage you to ask them about what they record on the post-it notes.


Our Prep students have just completed their very first five day week, now that they attend school on Wednesdays. They have continued their very settled start to the year, and have now completed stage one of our Leveled Literacy Program, which means that they should know at least 8 letters and matching sounds. We have now moved onto stage two, so the students will continue to learn more letters and meet more of Milo the Monkey's friends.


In Year One, students have been learning to summarise a text during their Readers Workshops, by listing the key events. Using post-it notes has really supported students in identifying and remembering these key events. Our persuasive writing is well and truly underway, which is a new text type for our Year One students. However, this has been approached very enthusiastically and students have been creating some fantastic texts about which season of the year is best, with some very persuasive arguments.


Year Two students have also commenced their persuasive writing, and really hit the ground running, after having learned about persuasive texts in Year One. In Numeracy, students are learning all about the length of objects and how we might measure these, as well as the place-value of 3 and 4-digit numbers.


Just a reminder that we have our first out-of-uniform day for 2019 on Thursday, March 21 with a gold coin donation required for students out of school uniform.  Also, our very first open afternoon will be on Wednesday, March 27th, I look forward to hopefully seeing plenty of parents in attendance to share in and celebrate all of the awesome learning that has been taking place.


Until next time, take care!



Danny Forster 

Assistant Principal in Junior School


Year 3 - Year 5
Assistant Principal's Report

Middle School News

The learning across Years 3/4/5 has certainly proven to be of a high standard.



In writing, the students have moved into a persuasive genre focus with teachers explicitly teaching the processes of writing, including the importance of writing conferences for learning growth and targeted individualised teaching. The use of emotive language to persuade the audience will also be a focus during these next few weeks. Follow this link to understand how persuasive text is used in our TV commercials:

(Please note that whilst every care has been taken to ensure that this 2.27min selected video is of G content, it is recommended that parents always watch YouTube with their children. It has been noted, in recent media, that some highly inappropriate materials are being leaked through clips)



Reading is so much more than the basics of decoding letters to make words.  Here at Pakenham Springs Primary, we are teaching students to think and question what they read.  Teachers in Years 3/4/5 are providing explicit teaching as well as charts and other visual supports that will help our students to think more deeply about what they read.  Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, thinking, connecting and/or visualising, what we read creates a love of reading. We recognise reading as a necessary skill in learning for life. Thank you to Leanne Jager, Year 5 Team Leader, for sharing her reading support stems below:



As discussed in the last edition, Place Value remains a big focus across the Middle Years and Year 5. If you want to strengthen your child’s understanding of place value, have them read 3-7 digit numbers (appropriate to their age and year level) and ask about the value and the place each digit holds.

For example:

6,324 is 6000 + 300 + 20 + 4

Q) What value does the ‘2’ have        A) The ‘2’ has a value of 20

Q) What place does the ‘2’ hold         A) The ‘2’ holds the tens place

This understanding is a super strategy for addition and subtraction.


Good luck and have a wonderful two weeks ahead.


Kindest Regards

Jane King

Assistant Principal in Middle School

Year 6
Assistant Principal's Report

Senior School News 

At Pakenham Springs, our mission statement says that we are striving for our students to become 'responsible and informed members of the local and global community'.   In previous newsletters, we have heard about some of the different initiatives we have introduced to broaden the minds of our students and help them develop the skills they will need to thrive in the 'big, wide world'.   Another initiative we have introduced for our Year 6 students this year is the opportunity to participate in the Rotary Junior Community Award.

14 students (and their families) have committed to completing this award in 2019.  They will track their progress in their Rotary Diary and will give up significant time to complete the requirements for this award.


Students will complete tasks and participate in activities to develop themselves in different ways, including challenges in:  Community Service, Physical Recreation, Social Experience and the development of a new skill.  They will have each task signed off by a supervisor and also externally assessed at the completion of the award by a member of Rotary.  It is a massive task to undertake, however,  these students have shown great confidence, determination and the desire to make a difference in the wider community.  I am so proud of them all!



Two of our Rotary Junior Community award participants gave up their time last weekend to take part in Clean Up Australia Day.  In 38 degree heat, they joined the Lakeside Residents group in cleaning up around Lakeside - collecting a huge amount of rubbish!  Thomas commented that he was both surprised, yet disappointed about the amount of rubbish there was to collect.  He found many glass bottles, McDonald's wrappers and even a mop handle!  With socially responsible young people like Thomas and Jacinta around, the message about disposing of rubbish correctly and caring for the environment will be spread Pakenham wide and Clean Up Australia Day will hopefully not be needed in the future!



Have a great week!

Renee Cotterell

Assistant Principal 

Upcoming Events

Term 1:

The following events are scheduled for the next few weeks.  Make sure you are aware of the ones which are applicable to you:


Monday 11th March:

Labour Day Holiday - No students attend school today


Tuesday 12th March:

  • Finance and School Council Meetings

Wednesday 13th March:

  • Division Swimming Carnival - Select students

Thursday 14th March:

  • Year 6 Buddy Breakfast (Apologies for a "typo" in the Parent Calendar - the Year 6 Buddy Breakfast is listed twice.  The correct date is Thursday 14th March)

Friday 15th March:

  • Year 6 Interschool Sport - Home
  • House Meetings
  • National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence

Wednesday 20th March:

  • Prep Responsible Pet Ownership

Thursday 21st March:

  • Out of Uniform Day - Gold Coin Donation (Easter Raffle)

Friday 22nd March:

  • Easter Raffle tickets due back
  • Year 6 Interschool Sport 
  • SRC Meeting 2.30pm
  • Springers 2.30pm

Tuesday 26th March:

  • School Tours for prospective families - 9.30am

Wednesday 27th March:

  • Term One Open Afternoon and Community Picnic 
  • Easter Raffle Drawn



Tuesday 29th January 2019 - Teachers return

Thursday 31st January 2019 - Students return  

Monday 11th March - Labour Day Public Holiday

Friday 5th April - End of Term 1

(Students dismissed at 2.30pm)



Tuesday 23rd April 2019 - Students return

Thursday 25th April 2019 (ANZAC Day Public Holiday)

Friday 26th April 2019 - Curriculum Day - no students attend on this day

Monday 10th June 2019 - Queens Birthday Public Holiday

Friday 28th June 2019 - End of Term 2

(Students dismissed at 2.30pm)



Monday 15th July 2019 - Curriculum Day - no students attend on this day

Tuesday 16th July 2019 - Students return

Friday 20th September - End of Term 3

(Students dismissed at 2.30pm)



Monday 7th October 2019 - Students return

Tuesday 5th November 2019 - Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday

Friday 20th December 2019 - End of Term 3

(Students dismissed at 1.30pm)




School Wide Positive Behaviour



Notices recently published:

The following notices have been distributed over the last fortnight.  If you missed them copies are available from Compass or the school’s website 


Some new resources have been added to the school website, check them out by clicking here

Junior School

  • Prep Responsible Pet Ownership

Middle School

  • Year 4 Camp - Expression of Interest form

Senior School:

  • Lakeside College Scholarships - Applications close Thursday 14th March 2019.

Whole School:

  • School open Monday 4th March 2019 - information regarding the fires over the weekend
  • House T-Shirt orders
  • Easter Raffle tickets
  • Fun Run 



The Education Department will continue to offer CSEF (Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund) for families who are entitled to a Health Care or Pension Card.

If you hold a current Health Care or Pension Card and would like to apply for CSEF please see the ladies in the office.

Please note these funds can ONLY be used for School Camps, Sports or Excursions.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school.


Contact the school office to obtain a CSEF application form or download from


If you applied for the CSEF at your child’s school in 2018, you do not need to complete an application form in 2019 unless there has been a change in your family circumstances.

You only need to complete an application form if any of the following changes have occurred:

  • New student enrolments;  your child has started or changed schools in 2019 or you did not apply in 2018.
  • Changed family circumstances; such as a change of custody, change of name, concession card number, or new siblings commencing at the school in 2019.

Check with the school office if you are unsure.


Applications for 2019 CSEF funding close on Friday 28th June.




Community News





Moonlit Sanctuary Keeper Club

Kids enjoy environmental activities, animal encounters and native animal care.

Day includes: interactions with dingo, python, off-limits animals, feeding animals & food prep, animal enrichment activities. Learn about our animals, their conservation and the environment. For ages 7-14 years.


Autumn 2019 school holiday dates:

  • Week 1: 8 April, 9 April, 10 April, 11 April, 12 April
  • Week 2: 15 April, 16 April, 17 April, 18 April



$80.00 per day, or $220 for 3 days (pro rata for additional days).

Maximum 16 children per day.


Bookings essential as spaces are limited

Dress for the weather and wear closed-toe shoes, long pants and remember your hat or raincoat. BYO lunch or purchase at the café.


Moonlit Sanctuary

550 Tyabb-Tooradin Rd, Pearcedale

Phone 5978 7935


Open daily between 10am and 5pm


National Day of Action against Violence and Bullying

Pakenham Springs Primary School says NO!

At PSPS we take the health, safety and well being of our students and staff extremely seriously - bullying in any shape or form is unacceptable. 


In 2019, we will again join in the National Day of Action against Violence and Bullying - this will see Pakenham Springs take part in activities and discussions relating to issues around bullying and violence.


All students will receive a Bullying, No Way! wristband early in the week and will be encouraged to wear this all week to show that they are against bullying and violence. We will be sharing information around defining bullying, parent tips on how to deal with situations where you think your child may be getting bullied, or conversely, where you think your child may be participating in bully-like behaviour.  Students will be given tips on how to identify and take action against bullying and also on how to stand up and help if they witness someone else being bullied.


The is a fabulous source of information for parents around bullying, also including links to sites such as Beyond Blue and Kids Help Line for support if required.



Parking Restrictions
Around the School


The parking and traffic regulations are enforced around the school. 







The indented parking in this street is restricted to

two minutes only.


This means you can park and get out of your car to walk your child into the school (if it takes no longer than two minutes), but if possible to maximise turn over it would be great if it was used as a ‘stop and drop’ zone.



The indented parking in this street is restricted to

ten minutes only.

This means you can park and get out of your car to walk your child into the school.


The indented parking in this street is restricted to not restricted.

This means you can park here longer term.


Parents driving children to or collecting children from school are asked not to park in the school's car park.  The Department does not provide on-site parking for parents.  The on-site car park is restricted to staff, handicapped parking, official school visitor use and allocated parking for the kindergarten and maternity centre users.  It should be noted that the number of spaces for kindergarten and maternity centre users is limited to 21.  These spaces are clearly marked.  If these spaces are full then other spaces in the car park cannot be used as these are allocated for staff. 


Complex legal and insurance issues arise if parents park in incorrect car parking spaces should an accident occur.  To avoid these issues parents are strongly advised to follow these parking restrictions.  If all the kindergarten and maternity centre allocated car parks are full, the only other option is to park in the street.


The car park and car park entrance is not a public entrance to the school.   Please do not use this entrance as a pedestrian entrance to the school as this presents safety issues for our students.


Learning in J01

Junior School J01 Dougall is sharing the learning taking place in their class…

It has been so exciting to see our new Prep student’s settling into school!  In J01 we have been busy learning all about being school students.


We have been learning to understand the 3 Values at Pakenham Springs Primary School - Respect, Responsibility and Resilience and have been very excited about receiving Froggy Dollars for showing these values.

We have been reading a story called ‘Milo’s Birthday Surprise’ which has introduced us to different characters that help us remember the names and sounds of the letters of the alphabet.   Here are some of the things we have made to help us with our learning.   It is exciting to be able to put together the letters we know to make words!



Another big focus in J01 has been learning to write our names ‘the school way’.   We have been practicing this a lot by tracing our names, ordering the letters in our names and learning the difference between upper and lower case letters.



Learning in M22

Middle School M22 Babak is sharing the learning taking place in their class...

In M22, we have had a great start in our journey as Middle School students.   We have been busy setting up our classroom expectations, getting to know each other and making our classroom feel like a family by being kind and supportive towards one another.


We have been learning all about the Reader’s Workshop and setting up our Reading Journals.  We have particularly enjoyed receiving our brand new book boxes and exploring what it means to read a 'Just Right' book.



We have also had a big focus on consolidating our School Wide Positive Behaviour System (SWPBS) Matrix and we can display our 3 R’s; Respect, Resilience and Responsibility.   We have created class charts and have been playing lots of games focussed towards building up our resilience within our self and respect towards one another.   We have also created personal goals based on our 3 R’s to ensure we continue to strive to achieve our best in 2019!


We are looking forward to a great year in M22 


Learning in S17

Middle School S17 Ryan is sharing the learning taking place in their class...

It’s a Mystery Update…


The Forensic Science group are still hot on the tail of the person who stole Mrs. Cotterell’s beloved bulldog’s teddy bear. We have been gathering a list of suspect who were linked to the crime scene.  This week’s focus was Chromatography. We analyzed the ink used in the ransom note against various suspects’ pens in order to look for a match.


Next we will be analysing fingerprints, handwriting and fabric samples found at the scene of the crime!



S17 Class Mission

This term we have been working on creating a class mission. After many draft and lots of collaboration we have come up with a mission to be proud off!

Real Vs. Fake Reading

As part of our school wide Reader’s Workshop we have been discussing what real reading looks like in the workshop.  It is important to identify the behavior of real reading so that we can focus during our Independent Reading time.


Can you spot the real reading?



6 Sport

This week in our Interschool Sport schedule we had a bye. We used that time to practice our skills ready for our game next week. So far we have played John Henry PS, Pakenham Hill PS and Beaconsfield PS. It has been wonderful to see our leaders of the school using our 3R’s while versing other schools!


OSHClub News


Vacation Care is just around the corner and bookings are now open. We have brochures of what’s happening on the OSHClub website, or drop into the service for a copy.


Please ensure all children needing to use the service this year are enrolled and booked in using the online booking system. For any children with medical conditions, please come and see us before your first visit to ensure all necessary documents are completed and medication is dropped off before your child's first session. 


Remember - if your child/ren are at school before 8:30am, they will need to be attending our BSC.

Enrolment is free and easy, visit our website for get the process started.


Remember Term 1 is a Sun Smart term. As per Sun Smart guidelines and OSHClub's Sun Smart Policy, all children wishing to participate in outside play will need to apply sunscreen and wear a wide brimmed hat.


We do supply sunscreen (Coles brand 50+), however if your child had a sensitivity to sunscreens and needs a specific brand, please ensure they have a tube packed in their bag for use at after care.


This year we are sticking with our theme selection throughout the week;

Monday - Dance

Tuesday - Athletic Challenges

Wednesday - Cooking Class

Thursday - Science Experiment

Friday - Music Lessons

We also have homework time every afternoon from 3.30pm. This is a great opportunity for your children to complete their homework while in our care.


This is an exciting time for our OSHClub Coordinator, Kristen Askew as she is taking part in this year’s WORLDS GREATEST SHAVE. On April 6 she will be braving the razor and shaving her locks. If you want to support Kristen please visit and make a donation. Every dollar goes towards fighting Blood Cancer.



Please ensure that your account details are up to date. It is a requirement that there are 3 contact details on your account in case of an emergency. If you have changed employment, moved to a new house or changed phone numbers if is very important that these details are up to date.


It would also be much appreciated if your child is not going to be attending ASC that you

send a text to the service mobile, 0438 564 038. This saves a lot of time when signing the children in the afternoon and means that we do not have to go through the process of contacting families or in the event of not being able to contact you.


Program's Direct Contact Number: 0438 564 038   

OSHClub Head Office: 1300 395 735

Program Coordinator:  Kristen

Program Assistant: Patricia

Pakenham Springs Newsletter
Year 6 students receiving their Rotary diaries