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26 February 2019
Issue Two
Diary Dates
From the Principal, Linda Jones
Meet the 2019 Captains
Parenting Ideas by Michael Grose
Students of the Week
What's happening
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Diary Dates

For Your Diary


Wednesday 27th February

"You Tell Us" afternoon - Preps


Thursday 28th February

Year 6 Excursion to Immigration Museum


Monday 4th March

District Swimming


Tuesday  5th March

Prep Picnic


Monday 11th March

Labour Day holiday-no school


Wednesday 13th-Friday 15th March

Year 6 Camp


Thursday 14th March

Year 3/4 Excursion to Scienceworks


Wednesday 20th March

School Council Meeting (AGM) 7pm


Thursday 27th March

School photo Day

From the Principal,
Linda Jones




The school congratulates Nia G and Oliver M on being elected as our School Captains for 2019. Charli M-F and Noah W are also to be congratulated for being elected as Vice Captains. These students are excited about this responsibility and are looking forward to supporting the students, parents and staff throughout the year in many ways. Our other school leaders for 2019 are listed below:-


Wellbeing                                                  Tayla B

Discovery                                                  Jade M

Numeracy                                                 Mack O

LOTE                                                            Liam I-L

Literacy                                                      Anushka  J

Arts                                                              Isabel L

PE                                                                 Rory W

ICT                                                               Shreevidya P

Kokaribb (Green)                                   Addison H and Lily M

Neerim (Red)                                           Charlotte and  Oisin O

Truganini (Blue)                                     Tom R and Giaan N

Koornang (Yellow)                                Gregory V and Gigi W


As the weeks go by, children are getting to know their new teacher and classmates. Each year presents new opportunities and challenges that we look forward to sharing with our families as the year unfolds. It was so nice to see so many parents able to attend our “Meet The Teacher” sessions and “You Tell Us” afternoons. Valuable information was shared and this home school partnership ensures the very best outcomes for your child. All parents should have received a 2019 Information Booklet (via email) from their child’s teacher outlining specific details pertaining to your child’s class. If for some reason you haven’t received this information please make contact with your child’s teacher. 


A reminder that School Contributions are now due. Thank you to those families who have already settled this with Bruce, Pip or Annie. If payments are causing any concern please contact our office to make alternative arrangements for payment. If you are unclear about any of these payments, then please call in to the office for further details.


Nominations for 2019 School Council closed on Monday 4th March  and our new School Council will be formed prior to our next School Council meeting is on Wednesday 20th  March, commencing with the Annual General Meeting at 7.00pm. Interested parents are always welcome to attend.  Information pertaining to the 2019 election process was distributed to families last week via our Compass app. Information is also available at our office.


Children who are sick during the day are sent to the First Aid room. If children need to go home parents or carers are informed and children are collected from school.

If children are very sick or more seriously injured and parents or their emergency contact person cannot be contacted by phone we are obliged to ring an ambulance to take the child to the doctor or hospital.

DEECD does not provide personal accident insurance for students. Parents and guardians are generally responsible for paying the costs of medical treatment for injured students including medical transport. Teachers cannot take children to the doctor or hospital in private cars. The cost of the ambulance will be the responsibility of the parents.

This can be very expensive unless parents have an ambulance subscription. It is very important parents consider taking out ambulance cover. Health Care Card holders receive free ambulance service (children’s names must be on the Health Care Card)


If you have any pre loved sandpit toys eg cars, trains, trucks etc that are looking for a good home we’d love to have them at school. We try to maintain some outside toy boxes which the younger children really enjoy playing with at recess and lunch breaks. I can assure you that additional goodies would be put to good use.


Humility is not thinking less of yourself. It’s thinking of yourself less


Attached is a great article which has some suggestions on supporting children who are grieving. For more information go to:


Meet the 2019 Captains

School Captains


School Vice Captains


Neerim House 


Kokaribb House


Truganini House


Koornang House


















Parenting Ideas
by Michael Grose



The requirements for effective parenting are changing rapidly, just as the profile of parents is changing. If you add to this mix that children are growing up at the speed of light, information technology can make parents seem redundant, and increasingly parents claim lack of time is their biggest impediment to effective parenting. So what is a parent to do?


Here are 5 golden rules to guide you along your parenting journey in 2019:

1. Build confidence

With so many parents reporting that they have a child experiencing anxiety it would seem that we are currently experiencing a crisis in children’s confidence.  It would also seem that we have somehow forgotten how to absorb children’s fears, insecurities and anxieties, and instill a sense of confidence that these can be overcome. Using a mixture of coaxing, coaching and cajoling parents need to find a way to impart in children a sense of courage to put themselves in new or potentially awkward social situations; to have a go at activities where failure is a real option; and to contribute to the wellbeing of others, which reduces anxiousness and fear.



2. Build developmental knowledge

Many challenges parents experience with their children are due to a developmental mismatch. That is, parents raising their ten year old as if they are eight. The nuances of parenting are age-related, yet due to inexperience we so often don’t read the cues. Recently, I witnessed a mum and dad tearing their hair out trying to communicate with their nine-year-old son. For the first time he was saying no to them. They thought him stubborn and disobedient. I thought him normal, as nine can be a problematic age, where usually malleable children suddenly start changing. Puberty is stirring. When this couple’s second child turns nine she will experience the benefits of her elder brother paving the way and breaking her parents in for her.

3. Swim against the tide

Listen to talkback radio, read the headlines of a newspaper or watch a current affairs TV program and you’ll realise that, right now, we live in an incredibly judgemental society. Parents are harshly judged as well. Allow your kids to walk to school and you risk being judged as negligent. Drive your kids to school and you risk being told that you are spoiling them and neglecting their physical wellbeing. It takes a strong parent to swim against the tide of popular opinion. It also takes a strong parent to deny her child say a mobile phone when every other child has one. It helps to say “This is the way we do it in our family.”


4. Be brave

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing parents, and their children, is the ability to let go of their parental reigns and give kids the freedom they need to develop autonomy. It’s relatively easy to develop children’s independence at home as the stakes aren’t as high. If they can’t cook a meal then you just have to do it for them. However, developing children’s independence outside the home is a different story. Granting kids freedom has an element of risk; that’s why parents need to be brave. Having the courage to let go is a basic requirement of parenting. It won’t stop you worrying, but that’s part of the game.

5. Add emotional intelligence to your parenting mix

With kids experiencing mental health challenges at a depressingly high rate it’s time to add some emotional intelligence to the parenting mix. While many schools are now introducing emotional and social programs on the curriculum, it’s important that parents develop a deep understanding of how emotions work: how emotions can be recognised; how they can work for us and against us; how we can regulate our emotions so they don’t overwhelm us; and how to recognise and respond to the emotions of others. These sound like life-changing skills that if learned, are capable of impacting significantly and positively on future generations.


Students of the Week

Monday 18th February

Vaika R    1C       For being such a proactive and responsible member of the Year One learning area.

Eliza L     1B        For your proactive approach to your learning and your caring attitude towards all the

                                year 1s

Prisha J   2B       For settling in so beautifully in Grade 2. You are a positive role model for all students. 

                                Keep up the great work.

Tvisha P   2A      For always being kind and caring to those around you. What a fantastic start to the year!

Oliver S    3B      For his outstanding class behaviour, being both proactive and eager to learn.

                                You are a super role model, Oliver! Well done.

Harper S  3A       For being a positive and responsible role model in the Grade 3 area.

Ruby P     4D      For being a super proactive learner and for being welcoming to our new students.

Matilda O  4A    For your positive, proactive attitude to all your tasks during start up and synergising

                               to assist her peers!

Nikunj S   5C    For always making excellent learning choices and doing the right thing without

                              being asked.

James W 6B     For being such a welcoming and inclusive member of our Grade 6 family-what a

                              wonderful friend you are! 

What's happening

Birthday Books

Alana M    2C  Pearl the Flying Unicorn

Caspar D  5C   Timmy Failure, It's the End When I Say it's the End

Freya G    1B  The Great Big Enormous Book of Tashi

Paloma S  1B  The Squawking Talking Parrot

Ursula LM 1D    Ottoline goes to School

Saba P  PC        Jemima Puddle-Duck

                                                                        Slava K  PA    Old MacDonald had a Farm


Thank you for these great books and many happy birthday wishes for all at Carnegie Primary!

Start Up Program

Thanks to everyone who was able to pay a visit to school and see some of the fantastic Start Up activities completed in the first two weeks of term.  The Start Up program is a great way to ensure that each school year begins with a focus on the CPS vision of providing an engaging, supportive and inclusive learning environment.


PFA News

PFA Representatives

We still need a lot more volunteers to be class reps for 2019. If you are able to help in that role please contact me contact me on

Joining the PFA

If you would like to join the PFA please email me on I will add you to the mailing list of PFA updates. You don't have to come to meetings all the time but you can keep up to date with what's happening via the emails.

Fete for 2019

I'm pleased to announce we will be having a Fete this year early in Term 4. It will be held on Saturday 12th October. We are currently putting together a Fete subcommittee to start organising the event so if you are able to help out please let me know!


Aftercare News

Youth Leadership Victoria

Carnegie Primary School OSHC

Opening Hours:  Before School Care 7am-8.45am

           After School Care 3.30pm-6.30pm

Vacation Care 7am-6pm




email: /

A copy of the enrolment and booking form can be downloaded through our website on:

Prices for the Program:

Before School Care

Permanent Booking: $14

Casual Booking: $17

After School Care

Permanent Booking: $15

Casual Booking: $20


As our numbers at the service continue to grow, it is imperative that we have a system in place to ensure that the program runs smoothly and effectively


Could I please ask all of our casual families of the service, to contact the service, either by:

Mobile Phone: 0402043810


or directly by person, to inform us of their child's expected attendance for a particular session.


This will enable the staff to ensure and implement steps for the safe arrival of your child at our service.


As always, the service appreciates the support of our families and the community.


Thank you
















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Giaan and Tom
Gigi and Gregory
Charlotte and Oisin
Noah and Charli
Addison and Lily
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