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09 February 2018
Term One   Issue One
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                                                             Principal's Message

From the Principal's Desk......

Dear Parents


             “It takes a whole village to educate a child” - African Proverb


Children love to be praised. It is one of the joys of living and working with them to see them display pride and happiness when they do something well and we, whether parent or educator, observe their achievements. Most importantly, children love to please those they care about the most - their Mums and Dads! As parents, this can be difficult to remember at times, particularly after our children have done something mischievous or wayward; or we’ve had a busy, demanding and tiring day; or we are just not feeling that well. The task of being a parent is to say the least - quite a challenge! There is no instruction kit available, user manual, or teachers’ guide to follow that comes with the privilege of being a parent. However, what is available is the support and experience of those we love and trust, our parents, grandparents, friends and neighbours who, through their life experiences, may be able to assist us with the challenges we face each and every day.


OLA can also play a helping hand in the development of our children. Our role, as Catholic educators and leaders, is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout our community, while preparing our children to live full and productive lives as members of society. Barry Dwyer, a leading education writer, presenter, consultant and regional director within the Catholic sector, writes in his book The Catholic School – A Guide for Parents, that a Catholic School is not a shop where education is sold to the customer. Rather, it is:

  • A family-like place where each child is helped to grow towards maturity.
  • A meeting place for people who share particular beliefs, values and hopes for their children.
  • A community where both children and adults care for each other, and in particular, for those most in need.
  • A religious place where everyone can experience a living faith.
  • Most importantly, primary schools are part of the life and structure of the parish community.

This is very much what we are striving to create at OLA.


Commencing a new principalship, in a new school, is always difficult and long hours for the first few months. Talking and listening to people about the school, reviewing the school’s processes, taking the time to meet the children and working with classroom teachers can be draining, but very rewarding at the same time. This is now week two and I am still learning!


Over the last couple of months, I have reflected upon what I wanted to bring to OLA, what I wanted to see at OLA, what others could bring to OLA and how we were going to implement the changes. With new leadership comes changes! OLA is a great school and the previous principals, mainly David Barass, should be complimented for the wonderful work completed and achieved over many years. Having stated this, and as a new leader at the school, I hope to build upon the wonderful work and make OLA a great school – A School of Choice and Excellence.


At the beginning of the year, I met with the staff at OLA and outlined my vision and expectations. I presented and we discussed what I/we wanted to see and experience at OLA. From our discussions, the key element that came out was transformation – transforming OLA into a school that was safe, happy and conducive to learning.  With time we will unpack each domain and explore the best way forward to transforming OLA. Changes to be implemented will be communicated to all community members – communication and clarity are the key to a school that is being transformed.

As I continue to take the pulse at OLA, I am proud to say that the staff, and I am hoping the community, are on the OLA bus and will be assisting me, as educators and leaders, in working through each domain and implementing change that will build on what has already been established at OLA. At times I will be driving the bus, on other occasions it will be someone else – we’re all leaders. Transforming OLA into a school of excellence and what this looks like will be shared with time - I will keep you all well informed.





You would have noticed a change with the newsletter format. All future newsletters will have valuable information about what's happening in the school as well as important dates and class blogs. The contemporary approach to disseminating information to the community will be emailed to all families as a link. This new format will be both mobile phone and device friendly. 

The newsletter will continually evolve... watch this space ! 


Ash Wednesday


Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday.  We will gather together as a school and parish community to celebrate the Eucharist together and to give thanks to God for the many blessings in our lives.  It is an important way to commence the academic year together – to acknowledge the importance of God in our lives, and that we will always strive to be a faith filled community.  All parents and carers are invited to attend Mass with us, mass commence at 9.00am.


Ash Wednesday is one of the most popular and important holy days in the liturgical calendar. Ash Wednesday opens Lent, a season of fasting and prayer. Ash Wednesday takes place 46 days before Easter Sunday. Ash Wednesday comes from the ancient Jewish tradition of penance and fasting. The practice includes the wearing of ashes on the head. The ashes symbolize the dust from which God made us. As the priest applies the ashes to a person's forehead, he speaks the words:


"Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return." Alternatively, the priest may speak the words, "Repent and believe in the Gospel." Ashes also symbolize grief, in this case, grief that we have sinned and caused division from God.  Writings from the Second-century Church refer to the wearing of ashes as a sign of penance.  Priests administer ashes during Mass and all are invited to accept the ashes as a visible symbol of penance. Even non-Christians and the excommunicated are welcome to receive the ashes. The ashes are made from blessed palm branches, taken from the previous year's Palm Sunday Mass.  It is important to remember that Ash Wednesday is a day of penitential prayer and fasting.  Ashes will be taken to the Pre Primary classrooms after Mass for distribution by Father Ken.


Important information

Photographs, Video, Social Media Permission 

At certain times throughout the year, our students may have the opportunity to be photographed or filmed for our school publications, such as the school’s newsletter or website and social media, or to promote the school in newspapers and other media. Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) may also wish to use student photographs/videos in print and online promotional, marketing, media and educational materials.


The school requires parent permission to use their child’s photographs, video or other media platforms.


Permission forms will be sent home this week and there is also a form attached for you to print.


Please return the completed form to your child’s class teacher no later than Wednesday 14th February.


Medical Conditions

If your child requires medication to be taken during school hours, it is important that you complete a ‘Student Medication Request Form’ which is available from the front office.

  • Medication is to be delivered to the School Office by the parent/guardian in its original pharmacy labelled container. Please be aware that parents are responsible for delivering prescribed medications to the school and collect it at the end of the day.
  • The label on the original medication or a special letter outlining medication from the doctor   must clearly state:

(i) the name of the child
(ii) the dosage and times required
Please ask your pharmacist for this information when the medication is issued.

  • All medications are stored in the school’s First Aid cabinet in the Medical Room except where either refrigeration is required (e.g. antibiotics) or in the case of self-administered asthma reliever medication.
  • Asthma medication (reliever puffers only) may be held by a child for self-administration, only when parents/guardians have notified the school and given permission via a Asthma Action Medication Form. Preventer medications will be held in the Medical Room.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to collect any ‘out of date’ medication for safe disposal. It is also a parent’s responsibility to collect any unused medication at the completion of treatment.
  • Medication Administration Forms for children receiving medications on a regular basis are to be reviewed each term, with a new permission form completed at the start of each year.
  • Parents/guardians must notify the School Office and complete a new Medication Administration Form if there are any changes to details such as dosage or type of medication.

If any details have changed, including emergency contacts, medication or amounts of medication to be given, please make us aware of these details at your earliest convenience. 


The form is attatched or available from Mrs Chris Balen at the administration office.


Altar Server Roster

Saturday 10 February 6.00pm            Ella Minniti

Sunday 11 February 9.30am               Abner Melder


School Banking

School Banking has started again this year and you can find us on Tuesday mornings 8.00am-8.45am in the Pre-Kindy room.  Don't forget for every 10 deposits made your child can choose a reward such as earphones, handballs and pencil cases!  If you are new to the school or are Interested in starting all you need to do is open an account for your child at the Commonwealth Bank in Dianella Plaza then bring their account number to us and start saving!  Remember the school earns commission from every deposit your child makes which goes back into the school to fund things like books, resources and equipment!

We are also looking for 2 new volunteers to take over the role of School Banking Co-Ordinators. It only takes a couple of hours once a week and is really simple to do, you can even change the banking day to suit your schedule!  Please see Mrs Rosie Samuels in the canteen on Monday or Thursday or see both co-ordinators on Tuesday morning during banking time.  Alternatively you can contact Julia Sertorio at [email protected] for more information or with any questions you may have about the role.


Mrs Rosie Samuels &  Mrs Julia Sertorio

School Banking Co Ordinators



Parish information

Parish Priest:  Fr Ken D’Souza

Phone:  (08) 9276 0600
Email:[email protected]


Parish Mass Times

Weekdays:  8.00am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Wednesday 9.00am
Saturday—Vigil Mass  6.00pm

Sunday—Mass 7.30 a.m.  and 9.30 a.m.
Parish Youth Mass—Last Saturday of each month.


Be Allergy Aware !

Families are reminded that Our Lady’s Assumption is an Allergy-friendly school.  Please DO NOT bring nuts or nut by-products onto the school grounds.  Some of the foods to avoid are Muesli Bars with peanuts, Nutella products, peanut butter and any other foods containing traces of nuts.


Sports News

News from Sport ...

As the new year begins, we turn our attention to Swimming and the upcoming Carnivals. I can confirm that the date for the Junior Swim Carnival (Yr 1-2) is Tuesday 27 February from 12.30-2.30pm and the Senior Swim Carnival (Yr 3-6)  is Wednesday 7 March from 9.30-2.30. Yr 3 will return to school at 11.30. Both Carnivals will be at Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre. If you are able to help with the Senior Swim Carnival please let me know.

Sporting Schools Clubs for this Term will be Tennis for Year 1 and 2 on a Monday afternoon, commencing week 5 and Triathlon for Year 3-6 on a Wednesday afternoon commencing week 6. Both programs last for 4 weeks. Expression of Interest Letters will go out next week. Please look out for these. 


Mrs Jodie Stewart



 Class News

Year 6M Class News

Firstly – THANK YOU to the OLA School community, in particular the Year 6M students and families, for the friendly and welcome to the school year.  6M will be leading Friday’s assembly focusing on the value of Compassion. Students will read out a prayer from Mother Teresa on Compassion, which I would like to share…

Lord, open our eyes
that we may see you in our brothers and sisters.
Lord, open our ears

that we may hear the cries of the hungry,

the cold, the frightened, the oppressed.
Lord, open our hearts
that we may love each other as you love us.
Renew in us your spirit.

Lord, free us and make us one.






Exciting news also this week, after much discussion and tweaking of ideas the class has chosen a Year 6 motto for 2018 for their leaver’s shirts, reflecting their aspirations and way forward.............


                          IMAGINE, BELIEVE, SUCCEED !      


 Good luck to the Year 6M and 6G class in 2018, enjoy the great year together.


From the Library

Library News

Our annual Scholastic Book Fair will be held during Week 3.

It will be held in the school library during the following times:


Week 3 School Library 2018

  • Monday 12th February  3:05 - 4:00pm
  • Tuesday 13th February 8:15 - 8:40am / 3:05 - 4:00pm
  • Wednesday 14th February  8:15 - 8:40 / 3:05 - 4:00pm 





Keep reading!

Mrs Luisa Durkin      




Music News

Tuition is available in a number of instruments at OLA – piano, flute, violin, drums, clarinet and saxophone. An information circular was  provided to the students at the end of the last school year,  and was also available on the school website. However, if you did not get a copy, or are new to our school community, please call to the Music Room for further details.







Donation of music equipment.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to Keyed Up Music for a donation of music equipment to our Music Room at the end of 2017 -  two ukuleles, twenty sets of drum sticks (for bucket drumming!) and extra percussion instruments and sheet music.  These resources will be enjoyed by all our students during their weekly class music lesson.  Keyed Up Music manages the piano lessons at OLA, and in 2018, will also provide drum and clarinet lessons.


Mrs Mary McAuliffe


Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours

Tuesday 8:15am—10:30am

Friday     1:30pm—3:30pm


Mrs Tania Longman


Order Form & Price List



Community News

Keyed up Music

Keyed Up Music will be teaching Keyboard lessons Monday to Friday during school times. Lessons start from $17.50 for a group lesson. If you are interested please ring Therese on 1300 366 243 or enrol at www.keyedupmusic.com.au/enrolment-form


Mercedes College, Perth

Early in 2018, Mercedes College will commence interviewing Year 5 students who are due to start Year 7 in 2020.  If you are considering enrolling your daughter at Mercedes College and have not yet requested a Prospectus, please contact Mrs Julie Lamb on 9323 1340 as soon as possible.  Further information about the enrolment process is available on our website at www.mercedes.wa.edu.au.


Chisholm College, Perth

The College’s annual Open Day will be held on Thursday 15 March 2018.  Guided Tours will begin at 8.45am, 11am and 1.15pm from the Performing Arts Centre.  Bookings for tours are essential and close on Friday 8 March 2018.  To book please contact our administration office on 9208 2500.         Applications for College Scholarships and Bursaries can be found on the College website under        Enrolments.  Requests for application forms should be directed to the College Enrolment Registrar, Mrs Anne Balmer on 9208 2516.  Please note that applications for scholarships close on Monday 12 March 2018.



Family Fun Night


Merit Certificates

Merit Certificates... coming soon

Pre Primary:

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6



Dates to remember 

Friday  9 February

8.50am Merit Award

Assembly 6M


Monday 12 February

Book Fair


Tuesday 13 February

Book Fair

7.00pm Board Meeting


Wednesday 14 February

9.00am Ash Wednesday Whole School Mass Yr 1-6

Book Fair


Friday 16 February

8.50am Merit Award

Assembly 6G


Sunday 18 February

First Sunday of Lent

9.30am Commissioning Mass Staff/Board


Monday 19 February

CEWA Leaders Forum


Wednesday 21 February

7.00pm P&F Meeting


Friday 23 February

8.50am Merit Award

Assembly 5M


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