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08 February 2018
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Principal's Update


Dear Families, Students and Community members,

Welcome to the 2018 school year, and a special welcome to all of our Year 7 students and 30 new students at other year levels who either joined us during headstart towards the end of last year or are joining us this year for the first time.  I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday break with family and friends and look forward to a positive and productive year ahead.
We have seen a significant increase in our Year 7 enrolments over the last four years and this year with 180 Year 7 students starting with us, it will make a Middle School of over 500 students and our total school enrolment of approximately 850 students. Year 11 and 12 are the only two smaller year levels left in the school. As these year levels move through the school and the larger intakes at Year 7 continue, it is anticipated that the school will grow to over 1000 students by 2020.

Positive Start


We have had a smooth start to the year, with Year 7 and 12 students commencing last Wednesday to undertake a special program for these year levels; and then all students resumed on Thursday 1st February. 
The first day for our Year 7 students involved rotations between ICT set up, developing their codes of cooperation, relational activities to get to know their new classmates and home group teacher, locker allocation and use of the Resource Hub. A highlight as always was the BBQ lunch with Year 12 students and staff!
Our Year 12 students spent their first day rotating between sessions on careers and pathways, edrolo and wellbeing. After the BBQ lunch the whole cohort came together to listen to motivation and goal setting speakers, Nikki Wynd winner of the Badwater ultra marathon in 2015 and her partner David Eadie “the running man”, also an elite distant runner. It was inspirational to hear about Nikki only taking up running eight years ago and now competes at the elite level in ultra marathons. The Badwater event is over 217 kms through California’s valleys and mountain ranges reaching altitudes of 2500m above sea level and daytime temperatures of mid 40 degrees! It is one of the most demanding and extreme running races in the world. Only 100 people from across the world can enter the race each year, with an average finishing time of 40 hours. When Nikki won the race in 2015, she crossed the finishing line in 27 hours and 23 minutes. Nikki talked to the Year 12 students about all of the strategies which led to her success and how these can all be applied to their current situation. 

  • Have a goal of what you want to achieve at the end of Year 12.
  • What Planning and Preparation is required to achieve this goal?
  • Build a team around you – supportive peers, your teachers and family all have a role.
  • Look after yourself in terms of your well being, have strategies to manage the stressful periods.
  • Visualisation – keep dreaming and believing in yourself that you can do it.
  • Determination – be hungry for personal success.
  • Overcoming failure – its ok to make mistakes, learn from them and have strategies in place to build your resilience. 
  • Stay humble – always treat people nicely and with respect!

Thanks to our Year 7 Coordinator, Liz Evans and Director of Senior School, Jo Greenhalgh for their organisation of these programs and the staff involved in teaching the sessions for the day.


Regional Director visit

On Monday, Regional Director Stephen Gniel and Senior Education Improvement Leader, Jen McCrabb visited the school to take a tour with me to see the school in action and speak to students and teachers as they visited classrooms. Mordialloc College has been identified as a leading school in the region due to our significant achievements over recent years and a number of successful programs in operation.

We have been asked to enter a School Improvement Partnership with another school to support their improvement journey over the next 12 months, with funding support for both schools available from the department.

Welcome to new staff
We again have a large number of new staff starting with us this year, to cover the staff on leave and a number of extra staff to cater for our increase in student numbers. We welcome the following staff to Mordialloc College:
Sally Mitchell – Leading Teacher – Director of Student Engagement – Humanities teacher
Julie Chambers – Leading Teacher – Director of Numeracy Improvement (includes Maths LAL)
Leah Bright – Art/Technology
Kate Daly – English/Humanities
Georgia Davey - English/Humanities
Peter Vicary – Humanities/English
Kim Lenc – VCAL/PE 
Tahn Watson – French
Maria Bitzios – Digi Tech/Science/Maths
Sharonne Crossley – returning from family leave – PE/VCAL/Food/Health
Alana Singh – returning from family leave – Maths/Science
Tanya Reimers – returning from leave – Lab Technician
Kelly Roberts, Sharon Wienert, Maria Roman – Integration Aides
Beth Glover – Middle School Teacher Assistant
Lauren Sinclair – Reception
We have eight Monash pre-service teachers here for the year as part of our Curiosity and Powerful Learning initiative and our role as a teaching academy – Susie He, Georgia Keating, Yang Yang, Lauren Oliver, Justin Barry, Emily Dawkins, Ruochen Li and Hongbin Li

Introducing the College Leadership Team
Please don’t hesitate to contact us here at the College, if you need to speak to someone.
Principal – Michelle Roberts
Assistant Principal – Jennifer Roep. Jennifer is on leave this term, and Jo Greenhalgh is Acting Assistant Principal.
Assistant Principal – Andrew Moffat
Director of Middle School (includes 6-7 transition) Years 7 - 9 – Daniel Williams
Director of Senior School Years 10-12 – Jo Greenhalgh
Director of eLearning and STEM – Justin Wischusen
Director of Numeracy Improvement Years 7-12 (includes Maths LA leader) – Julie Chambers 
Director of Literacy Improvement Years 7-12 (includes English LA leader) – Andrew Mc Conchie
Director of Pedagogy and Innovative Programs 7-10 (includes SEAL coordination) – Alice Leppin
Director of Student Engagement (includes House system, MEX 2.0 and My mentor programs) – Sally Mitchell
Director of Wellbeing and Counselling Services (includes students with disabilities) – Di Douglas
Learning Specialists – Instructional Coach – Bryony Lowe and Amy Webber
Business Manager – Yvonne Aird

Introducing the Year Level Coordinators
Senior School – Tim Randell Yr 12; Robyn Wilson Yr 11; Rachael Pierce Yr 10

Middle School – Matina Karamanis Yr 9; Simon Cummins Yr 8; Liz Evans Yr 7

Introducing the Learning Area Leaders
Maths – Julie Chambers 
English – Andrew Mc Conchie
Humanities – Amy Webber
Science – Mathew Brooks
Health/PE – Katie Loynes
The Arts/Technology – Stuart McIntyre
LOTE – Sehenaze Peerbux
EAL – Vicky Vrettos
VCAL – Ariana Nickou

Uniform and Jewellery
Our uniform is a very important part of the image we project of our college community and therefore I expect all students to wear their uniform correctly and with pride to, from and at school. I would like to congratulate the majority of students who have started off the year in a positive way in the wearing of the correct college uniform and I thank all parents for your support with this. A reminder that all boys should be wearing the short sleeve business shirt with college logo. 
For PE and Sport, a reminder that students are required to be Sunsmart and wear a broad brimmed or bucket hat when participating in outdoor activities. If they don’t bring a hat, they will be given one from our PE department to wear for the lesson. 
All students must also be using the official Mordialloc College school bag available from Dobson’s.
A reminder of the rules outlined in the college uniform policy regarding jewellery. Jewellery is not to be worn apart from a wristwatch and a plain stud or sleeper for students with pierced ears. Piercing of other body parts must not be visible. 

Year 7 Camp
This week our Year 7s headed off to The Summit in Trafalgar for a three day adventure camp. The aim of the camp is for students and teachers to get to know each other better and for team building. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a range of adventure type activities. Thanks to the following staff who are attending: Daniel Williams, Meaghan Baker, Kate Daly, Laura Gorman, Alice Leppin, Liz Evans, Loretta Ilott, Julie Pretty, Peter Walters, Mick Haber, James Sadler, Ariana Nickou, James Nicklen and Kelly-Anne Roberts. Thanks to Liz Evans for organising the camp and the Year 7 team for their support of our new cohort of students into Year 7. 

Privacy Policy
The Department has developed a new Schools' Privacy Policy and related documents for all Victorian government schools. The new Schools’ Privacy Policy will be implemented over term one of 2018 and will replace any existing privacy policies used by schools. As such please see click the following link for further information for parents/guardians.


College Council Elections
College council elections are approaching.  Further information will be in the newsletter next week and nomination forms available from reception.  Please give some thought to contributing to the College by participating in College council – there are generally two evening meetings per term, and it can be very rewarding.  College council decides, to a large extent, the policies and direction the College takes and is therefore a most important part of the College community.


I am proud to be the Principal of Mordialloc College and I hope you are all proud to be a part of the Mordialloc College community. I am looking forward to the year ahead and hope that all students make the most of the opportunities and challenges that are presented to them.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me. 



Ms. Michelle Roberts




Important Dates


Wednesday 7 -Friday 9

  • Year 7 Camp at The Summit

Monday 12

  • Mex Year 9 Looking Out Community Placements
  • Mex Looking Around Data Collection
  • House Swimming and Athletics sign up House assemblies 

Thursday 15

  • Senior Boys and Girls Cricket R/R
  • Advance Year 9 Snorkelling at Pope's Bay
  • VCE Drama Malthouse Theatre Excursion








Monday 19

  • Finance sub committee Meeting 4pm
  • Intermediate Boys and Girls cricket
  • Year 7 Parent Information Evening 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Tuesday 20

  • Mex Looking out  Community Placements

Thursday 22

  • Whole school House Swimming Sports
  • School Council meeting 5pm

Monday 26

  • Whole School Leadership Induction Assembly
  • Kingston Lawn bowls day
  • MEX Looking out Community Placements

Tuesday 27

  • School Photo Day


Chaplain's News

A Warm Welcome Back

Welcome back to school to our previous college students and families and I offer a warm welcome to our new students, Year 7’s and their families.

On Monday the school community came together and celebrated our first school assembly for the year and were joined by 180 of our new Year 7’s.  The Year 7 students were the last to

enter the assembly and were greeted to a loud applause as the older students clapped them in.  


Our new Year 12 leadership team made their first addresses to the school community and School Captains, Sabrina Berg and Bailey Bocksette expressed positive messages of hope and encouraged students to make the most of 2018.  They highlighted the positive outcome of students participating in the many extra and co-curricular programs offered by the College in the areas of sport, music, art and drama.  We wish our school leadership team the best this year in guiding and inspiring our students.       


Below is the a copy of Sabrina and Bailey’s  presentation to the students.


Bailey Bocksette:  "As the new school year commences, it is exciting to see a lot of familiar faces, as well as many new ones. As we embark on our final year of our schooling, we are determined to succeed, and encourage everyone to make good decisions about their learning, and use all of the resources that the school provides them with. I’d like to personally congratulate all of the Year 12's who completed a year 12 subject last year, it is great to see that your hard work has paid off, and you have created an excellent opportunity to build upon these results in year 12.


Both Sabrina and I are eager to work alongside the very capable and fastidious leadership team for 2018. The enthusiasm that has already been displayed by our leaders is admirable, with many ideas already being presented in discussions. We will work diligently and enthusiastically throughout the year to continue fostering the positive development of our school."


Sabrina Berg:  "As school leaders we are looking forward to the exciting opportunities of this year. I hope we can all stick together to overcome any challenges this year may throw at us; learning is about difficulty, but with strong relationships and determination I know every one of us will succeed this year.  I hope every student can realise their dreams, whatever form they may take. 

There are so many opportunities to get more out of your school experience, and we encourage you to take at least one of them, if not all. The school production, sporting events, art events and a few more that we are hoping to introduce.  This is our school, and this is our year, and it is up to us to make it amazing.


Bailey and I are so grateful to be working with a really strong and ambitious leadership team this year, and we are all aiming to make some real changes to help you out, to make this the school that can raise you up to your full potential, to make this the place where you know you are going to be happy, inspired and successful.


So, while we are working to do this, we need your help. I know you all have ideas; ideas about things we could do better. Ideas for new programs, activities, processes and roles. I really hope that you can come talk to us, let us know about those incredible ideas and together we can make them happen.

I wish every student the best of luck for this year and enjoy it as it comes."


Lana Paten



School Swimming and Athletic Carnivals

Sign Up, Sign Up, Sign Up....


House Swimming Carnival

House Swimming Sports 22 February

Don't forget to sign up for the annual College House Swimming Sports on Monday 12 Feb in your house assembly.



SEAL Registrations for 2019 are now open

We are very excited to announce that applications are now open for our 2019 SEAL Program Entrance Exam. Please visit the College website to access the registration portal Registrations will close on Friday 27 April 2018.


In 2018, we will continue to use Edutest as our testing provider for their extremely comprehensive aptitude and ability based tests. Edutest also provides online practice tests for students, to help you and your child gain a better understanding of the style and format of the exams, and to make them feel more comfortable with the style of questions presented


Alice Leppin

Careers News

The Latest Careers News

Mastering the VCE

“Mastering the VCE” is an annual fundraising event designed to raise much needed funds for The Fred Hollows Foundation, and to provide students with the skills and information they need to maximise VCE marks. Featuring a unique range of guest speakers and VCE exam markers, this exclusive event is a must for students studying Year 11 or Year 12 in 2018!

Don’t Miss Out on the Following FREE* Lectures & Notes:

  • Specialised Subject Lectures

Benefit from in-depth subject specific advice from select VCE teachers (and exam markers) from top ranking schools in Victoria.

Work through a key topic that will form an important component of the examinations and gain advance exposure to potential sources of errors as well as the tricks and traps that could appear in the exams.

  • Excelling in SACs & Exams

Discover the biggest mistakes made by students when preparing for tests and examinations as well as strategies that can be implemented now, so as to reduce stress and workloads in the challenging weeks leading up to the exams.

  • Playing the ATAR Game

If you know where to look, you can find many opportunities to take advantage of to improve your VCE marks. Join our ATAR experts and explore some of the more contentious issues surrounding the ATAR and the VCE.

  • The UMAT

This interactive lecture will answer all your questions about getting into a medical degree and the medical profession from a holistic perspective. Students will also receive advance exposure to the types of questions that appear in the UMAT and exclusive advice regarding how to best prepare for this important assessment. This session is run exclusively for TSFX by MedEntry.

  • Advanced Time Management Skills Lecture

Learn how to get the most from your day and how to work smarter, not harder. This valuable lecture will reveal powerful and effective time management strategies that are guaranteed to reduce stress levels and study loads.

  • Mathematical Methods Exam 2

This lecture is designed to provide students with advance advice regarding how to best prepare for the challenging open book examination. You will learn the skills required to address the multiple choice, short answer and analysis-style questions and obtain proven advice on how you should orientate your efforts so as to secure every possible mark in the examinations.

  • Writing A+ Prac Reports (Biology and Chemistry)

This lecture will set out systematic strategies that may be applied to produce insightful, well-structured reports. Each of the necessary skills will be reinforced using examples from average and A+ samples.

  • Delivering A+ English Oral Presentations

This lecture is designed to provide students with the skills and information required to prepare and deliver effective oral presentations.

Valued at over $250 “Mastering the VCE” is FREE OF CHARGE*. Students attending this program are, however, required to make a *minimum $10 donation to The Fred Hollows Foundation representatives on the day.

To date, TSFX lectures have raised over $350,000 for charity!

TSFX’s fundraising success is thanks to the support and contributions from the students who have attended our fundraising lecture series over the years.

100% of the donations collected at our fundraising lectures are donated to charity. The costs of these programs are subsidised in full by TSFX.


Read what past students have said about ‘Mastering the VCE’


Please also read below the following Newsletters from Career News for more information in the world of Careers.




Jane Jamieson

Careers and Pathways Coordinator

Community News

Dobsons  School Uniform Shop Trading Hours for Term 1 2018

Monday 8:30 am - 11:30 am

Wednesday 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm 


Phone 9587 0738

Located on the corner of the main building, near the staff car park.

Chelsea Calisthenics Club


Edithvale Fire Brigade Fun Run


Edithvale-Apsendale Junior Football Club Registration Day


Mordialloc Sailing Club - Learn to Sail


Chelsea Football Club


Chelsea Heights Community Centre News

Welcome back to Term 1 and 2018.


Chelsea Heights Community Centre have lots of exciting new activities on offer for Term 1 including; Infant/child First Aid, 4 Week Watercolour Classes, Meditation and more of our popular Floristry workshops.  Playgroup gets underway and always makes new families welcome.  Also there are spaces in our Wednesday and Thursday morning child care sessions. Please contact the community centre if you have any questions on the following number 9772 3391 or or pop in and see us at 160 Thames Promenade Chelsea Heights, 3196.



Mordi Brae Season Pack Collection Date


College News
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