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18 October 2019
Bulletin 31

Students are at the Heart of everything we do!

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A Week in the life of Sacred Heart School 
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Principal News

Dear Sacred Heart Community

Last Monday, I had the privilege of being invited to the Year Three/Four classrooms, and participate in the show case of their learning from their inquiry research. As a result of the experience, I came away with a heightened understanding of the fragile nature of our environment, in particular, around the crucial role bees have in the production of much of the food we eat. As a classroom teacher, I always made my class aware of the fact, that there was not one teacher in the classroom, but that in fact every member of the class was also a teacher. I would constantly remind my class, that if my students didn't take the opportunity of learning from each other, they were denying themselves many opportunities for learning that take place among their peers. I was reminded of this last Monday, even as a middle aged man, with over thirty years experience in education, that I am still learning. On Monday, my learning was as a result of the time I spent in the Year Three/ Four classrooms. Thank you to all these students.


Blessing of the Pets

Last Friday night, over fifty members of our school and wider parish community came together to celebrate the unconditional love of our pets. The animals and their owners were incredibly well behaved and apart from my dog Harvey, who nearly upended Katelin's goldfish, the cats, birds, bunnies, fish and dogs whilst being inquisitive of each other , kept a respectful distance. Thank you to those students who played a role on the night in the blessing.



Music from the Heart

Those parents who follow our school facebook page (if you do not, I encourage you to do so, as it is a great way to see what's happening in our school), will be aware that late last week and on Monday of this week, our students have been involved in recording a CD of their beautiful singing. A selected number of students spent some time last week in a recording studio in Thornbury. On Monday, the technicians from the studio came to the church, and all the students were recorded. It has been a very exciting and busy time for the students. I would like to express my appreciation to Kate our brilliant music teacher who has done so much work with great passion, organising this wonderful experience for our students.

A detailed letter will be sent home on Monday outlining information about the CD, and arrangements for our school concert on the 21st November.


Dinner Dance Hampers

Currently there is a display of hampers in the foyer of the school, which will be silent auction items at our upcoming school dinner dance. As of next week, all families are invited to make a bid on these items. Bids will close during the dinner dance. Thank you to Jodi and her helpers for all their work wrapping the items and setting up the display. Remember  the dinner dance is on Friday 15th November and tickets can be booked through the Trybooking link


Before School Supervision

A reminder as detailed in the letter that went home earlier this week, that the school gates will not be opened until  8.30am each morning. Students using the before school program will be able to access the yard up until 8.15am. Parents of students using the before school care program and needing to enter the school after 8.15am will have to ring Kartia to be let through the gate.



Congratulations to our two star athletes, Aleisha and Sienna who represented our school at the Region Athletics Championship at Meadowglen on Wednesday. You did really well girls, we are very proud of you.

Also to Jayden in Year Prep on the arrival late last week, of his new baby brother Sunny. Jayden's dad Peter has informed us that both Joyce and Sunny are doing well.


Yours sincerely,

Mark Tierney


Special Events  

Sacred Heart Parish Dinner Dance

Do you have past or present connections with Sacred Heart Parish?

On Saturday 26th October 2019, at 7pm, we are celebrating with:

A Family Dinner Dance  


At Sacred Heart Hall, 85 David Street Preston

Buffet Dinner, Raffle/Trivia/and Fun Events

Band: Sentimental Journey


Adults:$35,Pensioners/Concessions $25

Children 5-12 $15, Children under 5 free

Soft Drinks provided, BYO Alcohol


Form a table: with family, friends or individually.

Tickets on Sale from now.


Classroom News 

3/4 Reminder 

Reminder that 3/4 students have their 'Mini beast' excursion Friday 18th of October. Please pack a small bag (no school bags) with 'wrapper free' snack and lunch. Students will need a water bottle and hat. If the weather is looking like it may rain please pack a rain coat for your child as they will be doing some activities outdoors. Parents who are helping please bring something to eat as well! 

3/4 News  

The 3/4 students were so excited Monday morning to showcase their 'Bring Bee's Back to the City' Inquiry unit. This unit took students on a journey where they became the scientist. The unit involved researching, planing and designing, making a prototype and model, evaluating and reflecting during the making process and the final product. We are confident to say they loved it! 


We are so proud of all of our students hard work and the way they presented their work to the school. They did a fantastic job sharing their learning and articulating their ideas and how their model works to the P-2 and 5/6 students. 

Thank you to all the Parents/Guardians who were able to come to view our students work. 


Congratulations 3/4's on a fantastic showcase! 




A Week in the life of Sacred Heart School 

 Photos from our recording sessions



Dinner Dance Silent Auction Items 


Photos from our "Blessing of the Pets" Liturgy


Dates to Remember  

Term 4 - 7th October - 18th December


21st October - Monday  9am - 10am

Year Prep 2020 Transition No. 2

28th October - Monday  10am - 11am

Year Prep 2020 Transition No. 3





15th November - Friday 

Dinner Dance 

21st November - Thursday 

Music from the Heart CD Launch

26th November - Tuesday

School Closures Day - Planning for 2020

School Year


16th December - Monday 

Y6 Graduation 

17th December - Tuesday 

Year 6 Funday, Last Day. 

18th December - Wednesday 3:15pm 

P- 5 Last Day Term 4.

OHSC by Extend

Out of Hours School Care by Extend 


The Extend Superstar is…

    Connor for showing good initiative!                     


What’s Been Happening?

What a wonderful start back to the term we are having at Extend. 


Our fruit smoothie’s were refreshing and delicious! We love making healthy burrito wraps at After School care. Everybody loved our yummy chocolate cookies we baked.Our group trivia really made us think! We had endless fun with our ball in cup craft and we learnt how to marble paint in a tray.It was interesting to see what happened when we dipped coins into a vinegar mixture. 

Outside, we love playing team games together and improving our hand-eye coordination skills. 


In before school care we practiced our STEM science skills and made some colourful bath salts!

Please may students bring their hats into after school care from their classroom, as we are in term 4 and approaching the warmer months. 


 As stated by the Cancer Council “UV levels can still be 3 and above during OSHC hours, placing children and staff at risk of skin damage.



Arriving at Before School Care

As the school gates will be locked before 8:30, if you are arriving at before school care between 8:15-8:30 Contact us on 0439 555 704 so we may open the gate for you.

Next week's activities!…


Science-Invisible ink writing



Sport- Pass the water challenge!



Cooking-Honey Joys



Science-Elephants toothpaste experiment



Friday- Fantastic Foamy fountain experiment



Sacred Heart Primary School 1 Clifton Grove Preston Newsletter