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27 September 2019
Term 3 Week 10
From the Principal 
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From the Principal 


Dear Parents and Caregivers, Konnichiwa!

External School Review


Every state school F-12 participates in an External School Review (ESR). The ESR for Grange Primary School was conducted in week 5 of this term. The full report of the review is now on our school website and I have also attached a copy to this edition of the newsletter. Part of each school review is an assessment of the school being on track or requiring further intervention and support to get it back on track. Schools on track will have their next review in three year’s time, while those requiring further interventions will be reviewed again the following year.


Grange PS was assessed as being on track and our next ESR is scheduled for 2022.


From our ESR the review report summary and three directions for Grange to work and focus on are-


“Grange Primary School has a strong, positive culture and an embedded focus on wellbeing, which is supported by a clear set of values and is apparent throughout the school. Leaders are respected and trusted by staff, students and parents and provide a strong focus on learning. Students display great pride in their school and are provided with rich learning opportunities and extra curricular activities. Grange Primary School has a strong sense of community and the support of a pro-active Governing Council.


The principal will work with the education director to implement the following directions:


1. Enact Performance and Development Program (PDP) processes to provide a cycle of focused observations and feedback, building consistency and further improve teacher practice to deliver improvement goals.

2. For all students to receive differentiated learning with appropriate stretch and challenge, strengthen teachers’ capacity in learning design and use data for intentional teaching.

3. Provide consistency and accountability in effective pedagogical practice through the development, implementation and monitoring of whole school expectations.


The review provides excellent direction in enabling us to accelerate improvement and achieve our aim of moving Grange from a good and great school to one that is consistently outstanding.


Regards, Grant

Grant Small

Grange Primary School


School Activities

Sports Day 2019

On Friday the 13th of September - after a week’s delay due to weather - Grange Primary School held its annual sports day. Students showed up in their house colours to take part in the day’s activities such as: long jump, tug of war, relay races and many more. Even some teaches came dressed quite quirky to join in on the teacher and sports day captain race at the end of the day. Students could indulge in donuts or snow cones and parents would be thankful for the presence of coffee. Mr. Potter - a retired (and very loved) P.E teacher - made an appearance just as the announcement that yellow came 1st, green came 2nd, blue was 3rd which left red as 4th.



Congratulations James

Recently James McManus travelled to Wollongong as part of the Under 12 South Australian Cross Country team for 2019. Amongst the picturesque setting of the coastal city of New South Wales, James ran well and made his school, family and state proud. He wasn't far off of his Personal Best time and certainly saw some of the best runners in the nation for his age group. He came out of the event now knowing what it is going to take to get to the next level and has been back in training in readiness for the next chapter in his running career. Great job James, we are looking forward to following your progress. 


Kind Regards,

Nick Warren

Senior Leader



Public Primary Schools’ Festival of Music


On Wednesday, 11th September. the 47 students from the Year 5 choir performed on stage at the Adelaide Festival Centre, as part of the Public Primary Schools’ Festival of Music. Our students were excited from the time teachers travelled with them on the bus to the concert destination.  Spending time learning lyrics, melodies and knowing key entry points in the songs had paid off!


The Primary Schools Festival of Music, an official state icon, is a public school-based music education program which is a collaboration between the Department for Education and the SAPPS Music Society, which gives all SA public primary students the opportunity to perform at a prestigious venue.

The commissioned work was entitled “Dear Pen Pal” which was a series of songs composed by local musician Robyn Habel about Adelaide’s sister cities and having a pen pal. The concert ended with a spectacular sea of colour.


During the concert there were a number of Guest Artists from public primary and secondary schools, other choir items that presented different musical genres and two pieces that specifically showcased the talents of the orchestra.

It was a spectacular event that our students enjoyed being a part of and are looking forward to participating again in 2020.


Here is the website link to purchasing your photo or DVD:


If your child is keen to audition for orchestra,  troupe, compere or soloist please contact Diana Busolin or Jonathon Webb.


2019 Deadly Fun Run on August 24th

The years 4, 5, 6 and 7 Indigenous students attended the annual Deadly Fun Run in Port Adelaide at Harts Mill.

It was a fantastic day with Jai and Axel leading from the front, running all the way and becoming one of the first 10 to finish.

There were many educational stalls and give-a-ways that promoted and encouraged healthy living. Eddie Betts joined us for a free BBQ lunch. Eddie came with his family, it was such a great event and always good catching up with other schools and the community. I would like to let everyone know that anyone is welcome to come next year not just the Indigenous people. This is a Cultural event but open to everyone!


A big special thank you to our teacher Irene Zarlenga for coming with us on the day.



Rebecca Bennetts




Year 1 Zoo Trip

Last Thursday, all 4 of our Year 1 classes went on an excursion to the Adelaide Zoo to celebrate and consolidate a term of amazing learning! We enjoyed seeing the animals up close and were all superstars in the ‘Habitat’ learning sessions. Our trip to the Zoo allowed us to further explore our understanding of animal features and what their habitats must include. It also gave us the chance to use our map reading skills when navigating our way around the Zoo. It was a fun day in the beautiful sunshine!





Each year, Grange Primary School students enter into the SA Debating Competition. The competition runs for 15 weeks and students plan, write and deliver 5 debates to an audience of their family, peers and to an accomplished debating chairman. Our students competed against other schools in the Western Adelaide region.  Two of the Year 5 Grange Teams placed in the top 10 teams in the State and should be very proud of this accomplishment.  

Debating SA offers an amazing opportunity to do debating to all years from 5 all the way to 7. Not only is debating good for debating all the fun topics but it also teaches you really good life lessons such as public speaking.  Debating SA is an amazing and fun way to teach your child the ways on how to debate as well as teaching them important life skills. Once you stop debating it will always be a part of you.

By former debater’s

Ruby and Jazzmin 


 “Debaters go on to be our leaders in society and business, and for some it is the stepping-stone that changes their life.” Said by the head of debating SA.


More information can be found on the Debating SA website:


Tournament of the Minds (TOM)

Congratulation to the following students who competed in the 2019 Tournament of the Minds competition at Flinders University on the 8th October, 2019. All teams showed excellence in teamwork, perseverance and higher order thinking.


Crickey Mate

The Witches of Uluru


Fin Bolton

Brian Christian

Cooper Donald

Ruby Dowsett

James McManus



Anita Bazalicki

Sarah Bransden

Charlee Goble

Chloe Middleton

Posie Potter-Fenech

Arabella Thomas

Kyra Utting


Maggie Joyes

Lucija Kolar

Greti Mucsi

Petra Mucsi

Ella Whittaker

TOM was an amazing experience in which students in grades 5-7 were posed a question that they had 6 weeks to find a solution to and we did this in the form of a play. Three teams from Grange Primary went to Flinders University to take part in TOM 2019. Two of which did the Wizard of Aus question, our team did this question as well.  We had to create a script, backdrops, 2 original songs, costumes, props, and memorise the script, all in 6 weeks. The 3 winners of TOM 2019 were flown interstate to Darwin to compete in the finals. Many students that did it last year joined in again this year as they liked it so much, and lots took part for the first time. Everyone enjoyed it. We would definitely recommend this experience to anybody that will be in year 5-7 next year.

By Brian and Fin


Sir Oliphant Competition

At this year’s Sir Oliphant Competition, Grange Primary School enter an amazing 72 entries from 80 students. Students could choose to work independently or as a team to fill entries in all different categories, growing crystals, creating scientific displays, creating a digital game and many more. Several students were highly commended for their efforts by the competition organisers. 

These students:

Katarina Erakovic
Elena Erakovic
Jovan Erakovic

Olivia Lymn

Max Blairs

Shamika Gorey

Brodie Benfield


Several students have won an award and will receive this in a ceremony on the 20th September at Brighton High School.

These students:

Shamika Gorey

Stephanie Delgadinho

Eloise Powell
Maisie Lewis


We would like to congratulate all involved and look forward to next year’s competition.


Susan Wilson



Sir Oliphant is a great opportunity to make something that could impact our society and help sustain our environment. There is so much fun in doing it because you get to be creative, innovative and inventive. You get to catch up with your friends after school or at recess to build your creation and you can get your hands dirty and messy. Kolya and I made a model of a solar powered, remote controlled car. Towards the end of the time given, we met up almost every day after school to work on our model. We need to thank Bev, a parent and Science teacher of a child in Room 12 who helped us after school to draw up our design. She worked many Wednesday afternoons to help students with their entries. I am

definitely proud of our entry and I would recommend students think about entering the competition next year.


Kobi and Kyra S


Australia Math Competition

Back in August, 31 students from Years 2 to 7 competed in the Australian Mathematics Competition. These students were asked to answered 30 math related questions. As the students progressed through the test, the questions increased in difficulty. It was wonderful to see all students persevere through the tricky questions.


Below are the results of the students.


High Distinction – Students whose results are within the top 3% to 5% of students who sat the test.

Year 3 - Samuel Lawrence


Distinction - Students whose results are within the top 20% to 25% of students who sat the test.

Year 3 - Oliver Bolton

Year 5 - Daniel Keany

Year 6 - Pria Bholanat, Fin Bolton, Kelly Worthley, Isaac Lacquiere

Year 7 - Dylan Berggren-Levitt


Credit - Students whose results are within the top 55% to 60% of students who sat the test.

Year 3 - Evie Martin, Metehan Nazli, Zac Bryans

Year 4 – Cadence Murdoch, Samuel Ho

Year 5 – Anelise Bewry, Ethan Lacquiere, Shamika Gorey, Elisabetta Alluigi

Year 6 – Jamie Ho, Jack Coleman-Jardine, Bethany Lindsay

Year 7 – David Jansen


Proficiency – Students who scored greater than 32 points.

Year 2 – Sarah Howard

Year 3 – Natasa Hercegovac, Kylie Thomas, Zeke Lindsay

Year 4 – Oliver Haddow, Jacob Prow, Kayla Shepherd

Year 5 – Natalie Howard, Anastasia Hercegovac, Joshua Stemmer


Royal Adelaide Show

Congratulations to Room 15 students who entered sewing items into the Royal Adelaide Show.  All items were of such a high standard that they were on display.  The children won prizes, certificates and ribbons for their cushions, library bags, bears, mice and pincushions.

The results were:

1st Prize – Matilda Schicker, Ayrton Fruy, Rianna Tremonte, Tomas Bozo, Odin Swan, Louie Cook, Lexi Potter-Fenech and Billee Barlow (x2).

2nd Prize – Matilda Schicker (x3), Lui Mackay, Arabella Jenkin, Maci Stokes, Juliette Lawler,  Louie Cook.

3rd Prize – Maci Stokes, Maiya Cakebread, Juliette Lawler, Tomas Bozo, Harper Schell-McGillivray

Commended – Anabelle Ingram, Benjamin Romero Victorica, Odin Swan,

Most outstanding in their section – Matilda Schicker, Ayrton Fruy


‘On Tuesday I was really excited because we were going to the show for an excursion to see our sewing. I got 1st prize, 3rd prize and 2 certificates’ – Tomas Bozo


‘We went to the Duncan Gallery to look at our pillows and library bags.  ‘Wow’, I said with excitement, ‘I got 1st prize for my library bag’.  I looked at my pillow but didn’t come first.  That doesn’t matter. I looked some more and saw a certificate.  ‘Wow’.  We moved to the other side and I saw a trophy.  Our class won a trophy for the Most Successful School.  -Rianna Tremonte


At the last aisle there was our sewing.  Ms Henry took photos of us with our sewing. – Zara Newmarch.


My mum spotted a trophy in a little box.  It was for my library bag!!! I got 1st prize for my library bag and also a special prize for that and my cushion. My mouse and bear got a certificate.  -  Matilda Schicker.


I won 3rd prize for my cushion.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!!  - Harper Schell-McGillivray


My pillow was there.  It came 4th place.  I was so so happy.  -  Benja Romero Victoria



School News

Canteen News

Canteen volunteers are always welcome. Please see Jo in the canteen to register your interest.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. 


Term 3

Week 10

Monday - Petrina Young

Tuesday - Helen Orfanidis

Wednesday - Zina Spridonoff

Thursday - Helen Orfanidis

Friday - Kelly Miige

Term 4

Week 1

Monday - Diane Davies

Tuesday - Jamie Wood

Wednesday - Zina Spridonoff

Thursday - Helen Orfanidis

Friday - Kelly Miige


Westside Schoolwear

Westside Schoolwear will be open during the October holidays.

Open hours 10.00 am until 5.00 pm Monday to Wednesday and Thursday open 10.00 am until 7.30 pm.

Address: Shop 6 corner Falkirk Ave and Grange Road in a group of shops next door to the travel agency.

The website has a photo of the shop and a map. Go to

Westside Schoolwear will be closing on the 13th December 2019 and re-open on the 6th January 2020.

Due to the high volume of orders at this time of year, orders in before the 8th of January 2020 will be ready to collect or delivered the week before the start of school.   

Orders after the 8th January 2020 may not be ready until the end of February 2020.

Order online at any time.

Orders may also be taken in the shop during open hours.

Phone:  0450224887 for enquires.                         

Dates to Remember

Term 3 2019

Week 10

27th September - Last day of term Early School Closure 2.05pm

Term 4

Week 1

14th October - Students return

15th October - Yr 5 Bike Ed

17th October - Yr 5 Bike Ed

Week 2

21st October - 5pm Governing Council Finance Meeting

21st October - 6pm Governing Council Executive Meeting

22nd October - Instrumental Music Concert 6.30pm

23rd October - 9am Parent Literacy/Numeracy Workshop

23rd October - Rm 8 Migration Museum

2019 School Terms

Term 4                           14th October - 13th December

Term 4 Planner


Community News

Literacy and Numeracy Morning


Have you lost your keys?

A set of keys were handed in at the St Clair venue canteen on the last day of the regular soccer season 7/9/19, the week before the carnival. 

No one has approached the association regarding these keys either on the day or at the carnival.

They are keys that are important. If someone from your school has lost keys they should contact me direct on my mobile.


Kind Regards,

Lou Tramontin (Chairperson)
0402 158 731

Fulham Cricket Club


Netball Academy


Woodville Little Athletics


SA Dental Service


Soccer Coaching coaching is holding a FREE come and try for Reception - Year 4 aged children on Sunday October 6th. Learn and improve technique in a fun environment. Bookings essential / 0435461181. 


Will Bergus


Western Strikers Soccer Trials


Free tennis lesson!

Grange Lawn Tennis club has appointed a new head coach, John Hosking. John is a qualified junior development coach who has coached tennis all around Australia for the last 8 years. If you would like to book your free tennis lesson in or book a spot in for term four coaching which starts on October the 14th 2019, Call John on 0413 165 262 or email


Lacrosse SA


Rams Baseball Club


Learning Through Music


Little Athletics


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